June 1, 1955 : PATSY CLINE has her first recording session, at Bradley
Studio in Nashville. "A Church, A Courtroom And Then Goodbye"/"Honky-
Tonk Merry-Go-Round" becomes her first single (Coral 61464, July). The
other two tracks will be used for her next single, "Hidin' Out"/"Turn
the Cards Slowly" (Coral 61523, November). 
Session personnel : Harold Bradley (acoustic guitar) ; Owen Bradley
(piano, producer) ; Farris Coursey (drums) ; Don Helms (steel guitar) ;
Tommy Jackson (fiddle) ; Grady Martin (electric guitar) ; Bob Moore
(acoustic bass).

June 2, 1955 : THE CARDINALS record the single "Come Back My Love"/
"Two Things I Love" (Atlantic 1067, July) and two unissued tracks,
"Today, Tomorrow" and "You Won't Be True To Your Heart".
Produced by Ahmet Ertegun and Jerry Wexler in New York City.

June 6, 1955 : THE MIDNIGHTERS cover Louis Brooks's "It's Love Baby
(24 Hours A Day)" in Cincinnati. Their version comes out in the first
week of July (Federal 12227), a few days before Ruth Brown records it.
Also recorded is "Rock And Roll Wedding"/"That House On the Hill"
(Federal 12240, September). 
The Midnighters are : Hank Ballard, Charles Sutton, Henry Booth and
Sonny Woods. They are backed by Louis Stephens (tenor sax) ; Todd
Rhodes (piano) ; Cal Green (guitar) ; Joe Williams (electric bass) ;
George DeHart (drums).

June 7, 1955 : SONNY CURTIS records two demos at Nesman Recording
Studio in Wichita Falls, Texas. "Because You Love Me" and "I'll Miss
My Heart" are first released on the Vigotone CD "Buddy For Others" in
1995. Personnel : Sonny Curtis (vocal, lead guitar) ; Buddy Holly
(acoustic guitar, possibly lead guitar on "I'll Miss My Heart") ;
Larry Welborn (string bass) ; Jerry Allison (drums).

June 8, 1955 : In Los Angeles, ROLLEE McGILL records material for two
singles : "In My Neighborhood"/"Rhythm Rockin' Blues" (Mercury 70652,
July) and "There's Madness In My Heart"/"Blue Melody Moon" (Mercury
70725, October).
Personnel : Rollee McGill (vocal) ; Chuck Norris (guitar) ; Chuck 
Hamilton (bass) ; Peppy Prince (drums) ; Ernie Freeman (piano) ; 
Richard Brown (tenor sax) ; Walter Henry (baritone sax) ; Maurice
Simon (alto sax) ; Eddie 'Goo Goo' Hutcheson (trumpet).

June 8, 1955 : NAPPY BROWN has another Savoy session in New York City,
yielding four tracks. "Piddily Patter Patter"/"There'll Come A Day" is
selected for the next single (Savoy 1162, July), soon followed by
"Well Well Well Baby-La" on Savoy 1167 in August. The fourth number,
"Land I Love" ends up on the LP "Nappy Brown Sings" (Savoy MG 14002),
where the other three tracks also find a place. Nappy is backed by :
Budd Johnson and Al Sears (tenor saxes) ; George Berg (baritone sax) ;
Howard Biggs (piano, arranger) ; Everett Barksdale (piano) ; Milt
Hinton (bass) ; Connie Kay (drums).

June 8, 1955 : MICKEY AND SYLVIA record three tracks in New York City.
"I'm So Glad"/"Se De Boom Run Dun" is released on Rainbow 316 in July.
The third track, Peace Of Mind", is shelved until 1990, when Bear
Family includes it on the double CD "Love Is Strange" (Bear Family BCD
Personnel : Sylvia Vanderpool (vocal) ; Mickey Baker (vocal, guitar) ;
Heywood Henry (baritone sax) ; unknown (tenor sax) ; Ernie Hayes
(piano) ; Lloyd Trotman (bass) ; Dave "Specs" Bailey (drums).

June 9, 1955 : ROSCO GORDON records his next single : "Just Love Me Baby"/
"Weeping Blues" (Sun 227, August 1) at the Sun studio in Memphis.
Personnel : Rosco Gordon (vocals / piano) ; Pat Hare (guitar) ; Tuff Green
(bass) ; Harvey Simmons, Richard Sanders (saxes) ; Jeff Grayer (drums).
Produced by Sam Phillips.

June 9, 1955 : JOHNNY BOND has a recording session at Radio Recorders,
Hollywood. "Somebody's Pushin" is chosen for his next single (Columbia
21424, July) and "Livin' It Up" will be released soon thereafter
(Columbia 21448, September). Two further tracks may have been recorded
at this session.
Personnel : Johnny Bond (vocal / guitar) ; Joe Maphis and Wesley Tuttle
(guitars) ; "Fuzzy" Owen (bass) ; John Bert Dodson (bass) ; Margie Ann
Warren (fiddle) ; Eddie Forrest (drums) ;  Billy Lee Woods (piano).
Producer : Don Law.

Friday, June 10., 1955 : MARVIN AND JOHNNY (Marvin Phillips and Emory
Perry) record at an unknown location in Hollywood. "Ding Dong Baby"/
"Mamo Mamo" is the resulting single, released on Specialty 554 in July.
A third track, "What's the Matter" (a.k.a. "Hey Baby") stays in the can
until the release of the Marvin and Johnny CD "Flipped Out" in 1992
(Specialty SPCD 2176-2). Arranged and conducted by Maxwell Davis,
who also plays the tenor sax.

June 15, 1955 : PAUL GAYTEN has a recording session in New Orleans.
None of the four recorded tracks will be used at the time. "Needing
your love" (as by Bobby Blanquet, the vocalist on this track only)
will get a place on the album "New Orleans Rhythm And Blues" (MCA LP
9174, 1984), and "If You Love Me Tell Me So" is selected for the CD
boxset "Chess Rhythm And Roll" (MCA 9352) in 1994. The other tracks,
"Dirty Bird" and "You Shouldn't Say That" remain in the can.
Personnel : Paul Gayten (vocal / piano) ; Lee Allen (tenor sax) ; Red
Tyler (baritone sax) ; Ernest McLean (guitar) ; Frank Fields (bass) ;
Earl Palmer (drums).

June 15, 1955 : THE FLAMINGOS lay down four tracks in Chicago. "I Want
To Love You"/"Please Come Back Home" is released in July (Checker 821).
"Just For A Kick" comes out in December 1956 (Checker 853), "Whispering
Stars" will finally be released in February 1959 (Checker 915).
The Flamingos are : Jacob Carey, Zeke Carey, Paul Wilson, John Carter
and Nate Nelson.

June 16, 1955 : Final King session for ROY BROWN, whose next stop will
be Imperial Records. In Cincinnati, four tracks are recorded for two
singles : "Shake 'Em Up Baby"/"Letter To Baby" (King 4816, July) and
"She's Gone Too Long"/"My Little Angel Child" (KIng 4834, October).
Musicians : John Fernandez (trumpet) ; Earl Battiste (alto sax) ;
Julius Schedemayer (baritone sax) : Nat Perilliat (tenor sax) ; Frank
McClure (piano) ; Charles Grayson (guitar) ; Curtis Mitchell (bass) ;
Harry Nance (drums).

June 18, 1955 : LEFTY FRIZZELL is in Dallas (at Jim Beck Studio) to 
record two singles : "Sweet Lies"/"I'm Lost Between Right And Wrong" 
(Columbia 21433, August) and "Your Tomorrows Will Never Come"/"It Gets
Late So Early" (Columbia 21458, October).
Personnel : Lefty Frizzell (vocal / guitar) ; Jimmy Rollins (lead guitar) ; 
Joe Knight (rhythm guitar) ; Paul Buskirk (mandolin) ; Harland Powell 
(steel guitar) ; Paul Brawley (bass) ; Buddy Brady (fiddle) ; Bill Simmons 
(piano) ; William Pecchi (drums). Produced by Don Law.

June 18, 1955 : GENE SIMMONS records five songs at the Sun Studio in
Memphis, all originally unissued. All will make their first appearance
on UK Various artists LPs in 1985. "Mom and Pop", "Drinkiní Scotch" and
"Blues At Midnight" are included on "Rock-a-billy Blues" (Sun LP 1019).
"Juicy Fruit" gets a place on "Hop Flop and Fly" (Sun LP 1025) and "You
Canít Break the Chains of Love" on "Hot Southern Boppers" (Sun LP 1024).
Personnel : Gene Simmons (vocals / guitar) ; Carl Simmons (guitar) ;
Talmadge Hester (guitar) ; Jessie Carter (bass).
Produced by Sam Phillips.

Monday, June 20, 1955 : WILBERT HARRISON has a session in New York City,
resulting in "Darling Listen To This Song"/"Florida Special" (Savoy 1164,
July). Both songs had been previously attempted on June 8. These alternate
versions are first released on the 1987 LP "Listen To My Song" (Savoy Jazz
SJL 1182). "Florida Special" is an instrumental track.
Personnel : Wilbert Harrison (vocal, guitar) ; Willie Morgan (piano) ;
David Dixon (drums) ; Malachi Buckman (maracas) ; unknown : tenor sax,
guitar, bass. Produced by Fred Mendelsohn.

June 20, 1955 : In Hollywood, SKEETS McDONALD records "Strollin'" and 
"You Turned Me Down" for his next single (Capitol 3215, August), while
"I Got A New Field To Plow" will be used for a subsequent single in
January 1956 (Capitol 3312, b/w "Baby I'm Lost Without You" from an
earlier, November 1952,  session). A fourth track, "Your Sweet Love Is
Gone", will finally see the light of day in June 1957 (Capitol 3741). 
Skeets (vocal) is supported by : Lewis Augustin Talley (guitar) ; Ralph 
Mooney (steel guitar) ; "Fuzzy" Owen (bass) ; "Jelly" Sanders (fiddle) ; 
Bill Woods (piano) ; Al Kern (drums). Producer, as usual, Ken Nelson.

June 24, 1955 : WERLY FAIRBURN is recording in the Castle Studio at the
Tulane Hotel in Nashville. The harvest is four tracks, issued on two
singles : "I Guess I'm Crazy (For Loving You)"/"That Sweet Love Of Mine"
(Columbia 21432, August) and "Broken Hearted Me"/"Stay Close To Me"
(Columbia 21483, January 1956). 
Personnel : Werly Fairburn (vocal, guitar) ; Chet Atkins (guitar) ; 
Eddie Hill (guitar) ; Harold Cavallero (steel guitar) ; Ernie Newton 
(bass) ; Tommy Vaden (fiddle) ; Farris Coursey (drums).

June 24, 1955 : JESSE STONE records at the Atlantic studio in New York
City. All four tracks are released : "The Rocket"/"Night Life" on Atco
6051 in September, and "Hey Tiger"/"Barrelhouse" on Atlantic 1120 in
January 1957. Personnel includes Hal Singer (tenor sax) ; Mickey Baker
(guitar). Other details unknown. These records are issued as by Chuck
Calhoun and the Atlantic All Stars.

June 27, 1955 : In New York City, LITTLE WILLIE JOHN records his next
single, "All Around the World" (a cover of the Titus Turner number, not the
Little Richard song) b/w "Don't Leave Me Dear" (King 4818, September). On
June 29, he lays down "Are You Ever Coming Back" (King 4893, March 1956).
Session musicians : Willis Jackson (tenor sax) ; Jack Dupree (piano) ;
Mickey Baker (guitar) ; Ivan Rollie (bass) ; Calvin Shields (drums).
See also Jack Dupree below.

June 27and 29, 1955 : JACK DUPREE has two split sessions with Little Willie
John in NYC. On the 27th, Dupree records "That's My Pa" (King 4827, October)
and "She Cooks Me Cabbage" (King 4859, December), followed on the 29th by
"Failing Health Blues" (King 4876, February 1956), "Stumbling Block" (King
4827, October) and "Mail Order Woman" (King 4938, June 1956). Personnel same
as above.
With thanks to Steve Walker, Henk Gorter and Dave Penny.

Additions and corrections welcome.

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