July 1, 1955 : THE MILLER SISTERS have a recording session in Memphis.
"There's No Right Way To Do Me Wrong" and "You Can Tell Me" will be
chosen for their second single (Sun 230, January 1956), while "Look
What You've Done To My Heart", "Woody" and "I Know I Can't Forget You
But I'll Try" will remain in the can until they are selected for the
LP boxset "The Sun Country Years 1950-1959" (Bear Family BFX 15211).
Personnel : Elsie Jo Miller and Mildred Wages (vocal duet) ; Roy Miller
(guitar) ; Stan Kesler (steel guitar) ; Bill Diehl (bass).

July 5, 1955 : BOYD BENNETT and his Rockets record four tracks at the
King studio in Cincinnati. Selected for the next single are "My Boy
Flat Top" and "Banjo Rock 'n'Roll" (King 1494, September). "The Groovy
Age" is released on King 4925 in April 1956, while "Cool Disc Jockey"
is held in the can until November 1959, when it comes out on King 5282.
Personnel : Boyd Bennett (vocals, drums ) ; Bobby Jones (tenor sax) ;
Roy Ayres (guitar) ; Mickey Allen (rhythm guitar) ; Kenny Cobb (bass).

July 7, 1955 : RUTH BROWN covers "It's Love Baby (24 Hours A Day)" in
New York City, produced by Ahmet Ertegun and Jerry Wexler. Released on
Atlantic 1072 in the first week of August c/w "What'd I Say" from a
previous session (March 1, 1955).
Session personnel (tenor sax, baritone sax, piano, guitar, bass, drums)

July 7, 1955 : ELLA MAE MORSE does another session at the Capitol
Recording Studio in Hollywood. The four songs from this date are
collected on the EP "Ella Mae Morse Swings" (Capitol EAP 1-9126,
August): "Piddily Patter Patter", "Ain't That A Shame", "Seventeen"
and "Razzle Dazzle". The latter two songs are also released as a single
(Capitol 3199, August).
Personnel : Barney Kessel, Jack Marshall (guitars) ; Abe Siegel
(bass) ; Babe Russin, Ted Romersa, Charles Butler (tenor saxes) ;
Henry Gruen (alto sax) ; Milt Ruskin (piano) ; Bill Douglass (drums).
Arranged and conducted by Dace Cavanaugh.

July 8, 1955 : Sax man RED PRYSOCK lays down four titles in New York
City. "Hand Clappin'" is first released on Mercury 70674 in early
September, coupled with "That's the Groovy Thing", then withdrawn and
replaced a few weeks later by "Hand Clappin'"/"Jumbo" on Mercury 70698.
The fourth number, "Alright, Okay, You Win" gets a place on Red's LP
"Rock 'n' Roll" (Mercury MG 20088), along with the other three tracks.
Musicians : Red Prysock (tenor sax) ; Blue Mitchell (trumpet) ;
Clarence Wright (baritone sax) ; Joe Oliver Blair (piano) ; Raymond
Kitz (guitar) ; Herbert Gordy (bass) ; Purnell Rice (drums).

Monday, July 11, 1955 : ELVIS PRESLEY's last significant Sun session
results in the single "Mystery Tain"/"I Forgot To Remember To Forget"
(Sun 223, August). "Tryin' To Get To You" will not see a Sun release
and is first issued on Elvis's first LP ("Elvis Presley", RCA LPM 1254,
March 1956). Personnel : Elvis Presley (vocals, guitar) ; Scotty Moore
(guitar) ; Bill Black (bass) ; Johnny Bernero (drums). Produced by Sam
Phillips in Memphis.

July 11, 1955 : Another session for Sam Phillips this day, and this
time it's CARL PERKINS who lays down "Gone Gone Gone"/"Let The Jukebox
Keep On Playing" for his next single (Sun 224, August). Also recorded
are "Perkins Wiggle", "What Ya Doin' When You're Cryin'" and several
versions of "You Can't Make Love To Somebody", which won't be used
until the Shelby Singleton take-over. 
Personnel : Carl Perkins (vocal / guitar) ; Jay B. Perkins (guitar) ; 
Stan Kesler (steel guitar) ; Clayton Perkins (bass) ; W.S. Holland 
(drums). Quinton Claunch (guitar) and Bill Cantrell (fiddle) deliver 
support where necessary.

July 13, 1955 : FARON YOUNG records three tracks in Nashville. "It's A
Great Life (If You Don't Weaken)" b/w "For The Love Of A Woman Like You"
becomes his next single (Capitol 3258), while "Better Things Than These"
finds a place on on his very first album, "Sweethearts Or Strangers"
(Capitol LP T778, 1957).
Personnel : Faron Young (vocal) ; Hank Garland (electric guitar) ; Teddy
and Doyle Wilburn (guitars) ; Joe Vincent (steel guitar) ; Lightning Chance 
(bass) ; Gordon Terry an Dale Potter (fiddles) ; Marvin Hughes (piano).
Produced by Ken Nelson.

July 14, 1955 : LaVERN BAKER is back at the Atlantic studio in New York
City. Four tracks are recorded. "Play It Fair"/"Lucky Old Sun" is
selected for the new single (Atlantic 1075, September). "You Better
Stop" is first released on an EP ("All Star Rock And Roll", Atlantic
EP 575) and later (1962) on the LP "See See Rider" (Atlantic LP 8071).
"Fee Fi Fo Fum" remains unissued.
Personnel: Emmett Berry, Shad Collins (trumpets) ; Lawrence Brown
(trombone) ; Sam Taylor (tenor sax) ; Dave McRae (baritone sax) ;
Lloyd Trotman (bass) ; Unknown (piano, guitar, drums). Produced by
Ahmet Ertegun and Jerry Wexler.

July 14, 1955 : Another LITTLE WALTER session in Chicago. All three
tracks are held in the can for some considerable time. "Crazy For My
Baby" is released on Checker 986 in mid-1961. "Little Girl, Little
Girl" and "Can't Stop Loving You" see their first release on a French
LP (Le Roi Du Blues LP 2012) in 1989.
Personnel : Little Walter (vocals, harmonica) ; Robert Lockwood Jr
and David Myers (guitars) ; Willie Dixon (bass) ; Fred Below (drums). 
Willie Dixon's "Walking the Blues" (Checker 822, his only R&B chart
entry) may also have been recorded at this session, as the master
number (7873) immediately precedes those of the three Little Walter
tracks. It was belatedly released in the UK on London HLU 8297 (July
1956) and is considered to be the rarest London single.

July 14, 1955 : After Little Walter has left, BO DIDDLEY enters the
Chess studio. "Pretty Thing"/"Bring It To Jerome" is selected for
single release in November (Checker 827). The instrumental "Spanish
Guitar" is first issued on the album "Have Guitar, Will Travel"
(Checker LP 2974) in 1959 and "Heart-o-Matic Love" stays on the shelf
until the CD age (first release on Chess CHD-9331 in 1991). The date
given in Leadbitter / Slaven's "Blues Records, 1943 To 1970" (August
12, 1955) is the date of editing and remastering.
Personnel : Bo Diddley (vocal, guitar) ; Billy Boy Arnold (harmonica) ;
Willie Dixon (bass) ; Jerome Green (maracas, second vocal on "Bring
It To Jerome") ; Frank Kirkland (drums).

July 19, 1955 : EDDIE SNOW records "Ain't That Right" / "Bring Your
Love Back Home To Me'', his first and last single for Sam Phillips
(Sun 226, August). Eddie Snow (vocal / piano) is supported by :
Floyd Murphy (guitar) ; Jeff Greyer (drums) ; Eddie Davis (tenor 
sax) ; Bennie Moore (sax).

July 20, 1955 : LLOYD 'COWBOY' COPAS is in Nashville at the RCA Victor
studio. After recording for King since 1944 this will be his final
session for the label. "Tell Me More" becomes the A-side for his next
single (King 1507, b/w "Blue Yesterday", possibly from from this
session). "Don't Shake Hands With The Devil" will be used for a future
single (King 4865, b/w "Any Old Time", released in 1956). Session
details unknown, except for Cowboy Copas (vocal / guitar).

Sunday, July 24, 1955 : In New Orleans, SHIRLEY GOODMAN AND LEONARD
LEE record "Lee's Dream"/"I'll Do It" for their next single (Aladdin
3302, October), credited to Shirley & Lee. Two further tracks,
"Everything" and "Tell Me So" will remain unissued.  Various members
of Dave Bartholomew's Band supply the instrumental accompaniment.

July 25, 1955 : In Los Angeles, AMOS MILBURN records material for his
next two singles : "All Is Well"/"My Happiness Depends On You"
(Aladdin 3293, August) and "House Party"/"I Guess I'll Go" (Aladdin
3306, November). Musicians : Amos Milburn (vocal, piano) ; Eddie
Chamblee (tenor sax) ; Arnett Sparrow (trombone) ; Irving Ashby
(guitar) ; Unknown (bass, drums).

July 25, 1955 : PIANO RED has two sessions on this day, from 11.00-
14.00 and 15.30-18.30. All eight tracks will be released, first
"Goodbye"/"Six O'Clock Bounce" (Groove 0118, August), then "Gordy's
Rock"/"Red's Blues" (Groove 0126, October). "Jumpin' With Daddy"
comes out on Groove 0136 in January 1956 and "Peachtree Parade" on
RCA 6953 in July 1957. The other two tracks, "Real Good Thing" and
"Please Tell Me Baby" end up on two different Groove EP's (EGA 6,
EGA 7).
Personnel : Willie Perryman aka Piano Red (vocals, piano) ; Wesley
Jackson (guitar) ; Kid Miller (bass) ; James Jackson (drums) ; Clyde
'Blow Top' Lynn (tenor sax). Produced by Bob Rolontz at the RCA
Victor Studio in Nashville.

July 27, 1955 : Another Hollywood session by ELLA MAE MORSE. "Sing-
ing-ing-ing"/"When Boy Kiss Girl (Itís Love)" is released on Capitol
3263 in October. "Give Me Love" is also released as a single (Capitol
3320, January 1956, c/w "Wonít You Listen To Me Baby" from a later 
session). "Once Youíve Been Lovers" is first released in 1997, on the
5-CD set "Barrelhouse, Boogie and the Blues" (Bear Family BCD 16117).
Orchestra conducted by Dave Cavanaugh.

July 25, 1955 : In New York City, THE SPARKS OF RHYTHM (previously
known as the Berliners) record material for two singles : "Don't
Love You Anymore"/"Woman, Woman, Woman" (Apollo 479, August) and
"Hurry Home"/"Stars Are In the Sky" (Apollo 481, October). The lead
singer on all four tracks is Jimmy "Handyman" Jones.

July 28, 1955 : The second Columbia session by SID KING and the Five
Strings results in two singles : "Sag, Drag And Fall"/"But I Don't
Care" (Columbia 21449, late September) and "Purr, Kitty Purr"/"Mama
I Want You" (Columbia 21489, January 1956).
Personnel : Sid King (vocal, guitar) ; Billy King (lead guitar) ; 
Jimmy Rollins (guitar) ; Paul Buskirk (mandolin, guitar) ; Mel 
Robinson (steel guitar) ; Ken Massey (bass) ; Bill Simmons (piano) ;
Dave White (drums) ; Bill Pecchi (drums) ; Cecil Brower (fiddle).
Produced by Don Law at Jim Beck Studio in Dallas.

July 29, 1955 : THE SENSATIONS (featuring female lead singer Yvonne
Mills) record four tracks in New York City. "Yes Sir, That's My Baby"
/"Sympathy" is released on Atco 6056 in November. "My Heart Cries For
You" is saved for a later single (Atco 6075, August 1956) and "Right
Or Wrong" is not released at all.
Produced by Herb Abramson.

July 30, 1955 : JOHNNY CASH's second formal recording session yields
the single "Folsom Prison Blues"/"So Doggone Lonesome" (Sun 232,
December). The other two tracks stay in the can for several years.
"Luther Played the Boogie" sees a release in February 1959 (Sun 316),
as the B-side of "Thanks A Lot" and "Mean Eyed Cat" is released on
Sun 347 in October 1960. Cash (vocals, acoustic guitar) is backed by
Luther Perkins (electric guitar) and Marshall Grant (bass). Produced
by Sam Phillips in Memphis.

(Possibly) July 1955, unknown date : At 706 Union, Memphis TN, CHARLIE
FEATHERS records "Defrost Your Heart"/"Wedding Gown Of White" for Sam
Phillips, who decides to release the tracks on his major label (Sun
231, December), after Charlie's debut on Flip, earlier this year.  
Personnel : Charlie Feathers (vocal / guitar) ; Quinton Claunch
(guitar) ; Stan Kesler (steel guitar) ; Johnny Black or Bill Black
(bass) ; Bill Cantrell (fiddle). Both sides are mastered on November
1, 1955, which is sometimes mentioned as the recording date.

July 1955, unknown date : THE JODIMARS, freshly departed from Bill
Haley's Comets, record three demos in Camden, New Jersey : "Flip Flop
And Fly", "Rock-A Beatin' Boogie" and "The Big Beat", which will not
be commercially released until the 1990s, on the Rockstar label. The
Jodimars are : JOey D'Ambrosio (tenor sax) ; DIck Richards (vocals) ;
MARShall Lytle (vocals / double bass). Additional accompaniment by :
Chuck Hess (lead guitar) ; Bob Simpson (piano) ; Jim Buffington (drums).

With thanks to Henk Gorter and Steve Walker.

Additions and corrections welcome.

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