August 1, 1955 : THE CHEERS record the single "Black Denim Trousers and
Motorcycle Boots"/"Some Night In Alaska" (Capitol 3219, late August), a
# 6 hit. Also recorded is "Que Pasa Muchacha", which will come out on
Capitol 3409 in April 1956. Unissued from this session is "Unconditionally
The Cheers are : Bert Convy, Gil Garfield and Sue Allen.
Backing by Les Baxter’s orchestra and chorus.
Produced by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller in Los Angeles.

August 3, 1955 : LOWELL FULSON does a session in Los Angeles, from
which "Trouble, Trouble" and "I Still Love You Baby" are issued on
Checker 829 in December. Two other tracks, "It's A Long Time" and the
instrumental "Rollin' Blues" are first issued on the 2-LP "Chess
Blues Masters" (Chess 2A CMB-205) in 1976.
Fulson (vocal / guitar) is supported by Earl Brown (alto sax) ; Eddie
Chamblee (tenor sax) ; Lloyd Glenn (piano) ; Billy Hadnott (bass).
Unknown : trumpet, drums, baritone sax.

Friday, August 5, 1955 : BIG JOHN GREER lays down four tracks in New
York City, credited to "Big Boy And His Combo". "Come Back Maybellene"
is an answer record to Chuck Berry's "Maybellene" and released on
Groove 0119 in September, coupled with the instrumental "Night Crawlin'"
from the same session. "Blam" is issued on Groove 0131 in December and
"Can't Stand It Any Longer" is first released on Bear Family (BCD 15554)
in 1992.
Personnel : John Greer (vocals, tenor sax) ; Budd Johnson (tenor sax) ;
Ernie Hayes (piano) ; Mickey Baker (guitar) ; Lloyd Trotman bass) ;
Sticks Evans (drums)

August 9, 1955 : MARTY ROBBINS records four tunes in Nashville. A cover
of Chuck Berry's "Maybellene" (Columbia 21446) is rush released. "Pretty
Mama" (Columbia 21461) follows in October and "Mean Mama Blues" in
December (Columbia 21477, on the flip of "Tennessee Toddy"). The fourth
track, Hank Williams's "Long Gone Lonesome Blues" ends up on the 6-track
release "Rock 'n Rollin' Robbins" (Columbia CL-2601) in August 1956.
Personnel : Marty Robbins (vocals, guitar) ; Ray Edenton (guitar) ;
James Farmer (steel guitar) ; James Roye Hall (piano) ; Donald Slayman
(fiddle) ; Floyd Chance (bass) ; Farris Coursey (drums).
Produced by Don Law.

August 11, 1955 : The vocal group THE CUES has two recording sessions
this month. On this day they record the original version of "Burn That
Candle" (Capitol 3245, October) and "Charlie Brown" (not the later
Coasters song), which is issued on Capitol 3310 in January 1956. "Poppa
Loves Momma" is first released on the CD "Why" (Bear Family BCD 15510)
in June 1991.
The Cues are Jimmy Breedlove, Ollie Jones, Abel De Costa, Robie Kirk
and Eddie Barnes. 
Location : Capitol studio, New York City.

August 11, 1955 : In Nashville, WILEY BARKDULL records four songs for
two singles : "I'll Give My Heart To You"/"Pencil And Paper Love"
(Hickory 1034, October) and "Me, You And My Heart"/"'Cause You're Always
On My Mind" (Hickory 1044, March 1956). 
Personnel :  Wiley Barkdull (vocals, piano) ; Rufus Thibodeaux (fiddle) ;
Chet Atkins (guitar) ; Ray Edenton (rhythm guitar) ; Bob Foster (steel
guitar) ; Ernie Newton (bass).

August 12, 1955 : The same personnel accompanies RUSTY AND DOUG (Kershaw)
in the Hickory Studio on "Look Around (Take A Look At Me)"/"Can I Be
Dreaming" (Hickory 1036, November) and "Your Crazy, Crazy Heart" (Hickory
1048, May 1956). "(I'm Gonna Gonna) See My Baby" is first issued on a
Bear Family LP (BFX 15141) in 1984.

August 12, 1955 : First Chess session for SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON (Rice
Miller). "Don't Start Me Talkin'"/"All My Love In Vain" is selected for
his first Checker single (824), released in September with great success
(# 3 R&B). Three other tracks, "Good Evening Everybody", "Work With Me"
and "You Killing Me" stay in the can until 1975, when they are released
on the LP "One Way Out" (Chess CHV-417).
Personnel : Sonny Boy Williamson (vocal / harmonica) ; Muddy Waters and
Jimmy Rogers (guitars) ; Otis Spann (piano) ; Willie Dixon (bass) ; Fred
Below (drums).

August 12, 1955 : is the recording date of "I"/"Nite Owl" by TONY ALLEN,
released on Specialty 560 in November. Label credit goes to "Tony Allen
and the Champs", but this is a misprint and should have read "Tony Allen
and the Chimes". The Champs of "Tequila" fame did not yet exist at this
Personnel : William Pyles (guitar) ; Duke Harris (bass) ; Hubert Myers
(tenor sax) ; Zebedee Kindred (piano) ; Roy Porter (drums) ; The Chimes
(vocal group).
Arranged by Bumps Blackwell, produced by Art Rupe at Master Recorders in

August 17, 1955 : WYNONA CARR records four tracks in Hollywood, but only
"Heartbreak Melody" will be released during her lifetime, on Specialty
600 in April 1957. (Wynona died in 1976.) "Ding Dong Daddy" and "Act
Right" are first released on the LP "Jump Jack Jump" in 1985 (Specialty
SP 2157) and "If These Walls Could Speak" on the extended CD version of
that LP (Specialty SPCD 7048 / Ace 513) in 1993. 
Produced by Art Rupe.

August 19, 1955 : PEE WEE CRAYTON is at the J&M Studio in New Orleans to
record two tracks. "Don’t Go" will be issued in October (Post 2007, c/w 
"I Must Go On", recorded on April 14). The instrumental "Blues Before
Dawn" is eventually released on a French LP with the same title (Imperial
1566341) in 1986.
Produced by Dave Bartholomew.

August 19, 1955 :  HARDROCK GUNTER and his Pebbles have a session at the
King Studio in Cincinnati, Ohio. Two singles are the result : "I'll Give
'em Rhythm" c/w "I Put My Britches On Just Like Everybody Else" (King
1505, October) and "Turn the Other Cheek"/"Before My Time" (King 4858,
Musicians : Hardrock Gunter (vocal, guitar) ; Jerry Byrd (steel guitar) ;
Zeke Turner (guitar) ; Louis Innes (rhythm guitar) ; Vik Willis (piano) ;
Lightnin' Chance (bass) ; Unknown (drums, sax).

August 23, 1955 : JIMMY HAGGETT is in Memphis to record "No More"/"They
Call Our Love A Sin" for Sam Phillips (Sun 236, his sole record on the
yellow label).
Personnel : Jimmy Haggett (vocal / acoustic guitar) ; J.L. "Speed" Moody
(guitar) ; Billy Springer (steel guitar) ; J.G. "Gabby" McKinn (bass) ;
Bernie Gwatney (fiddle) ; Edwin "Red" Mansfield (drums).      

August 24, 1955 : The second August session for THE CUES, again at Capitol
Recording Studios in New York, yields three tracks : "Oh My Darling",
which becomes the B-side of "Burn That Candle" (3245), "You're On My Mind"
(B-side of "Charlie Brown", 3310) and "Much Obliged", which is first
issued on Bear Family BFX 15309 in 1988.

August 25, 1955 : CLYDE McPHATTER records "Seven Days"/"I'm Not Worthy Of
You", for release on Atlantic 1081 in December. A third track from this
session, "My Definition Of the Blues" has never been issued. Produced by
Ahmet Ertegun and Jerry Wexler at Capitol Studio in New York City. Four
days later, on August 29, Clyde records two duets with RUTH BROWN, "Love
Has Joined Us Together"/ "I Gotta Have You", issued on Atlantic 1077 in

August 25, 1955 : In Memphis, SMOKEY JOE (Baugh) is in the Sun studio
to record "The Signifying Monkey", which will be released twice (!) by
Sam Phillips, Sun 228 (September 15, 1955) and Sun 393 (May 1, 1964).
"Listen To Me" (from an unknown 1955 session) is chosen for the B-side on
both releases. Two versions of "Hula Bop" will stay on the shelf for many
years, until they are finally released on the album "Country Rock" (Sun
LP 1021, 1985) and the LP boxset "The Sun Country Years" (Bear Family BFX
15211, 1986).  
Personnel : Joe Baugh (vocal / piano) ; Buddy Holobaugh (guitar) ; Stan
Kesler (guitar / steel guitar) ; Johnny Bernero (drums).   

August 26, 1955 : At Capitol´s New York studio, THE FIVE KEYS record four
songs : "Gee Whittakers" (Capitol 3267, November), "You Broke the Rules
Of Love"/"What Goes On" (Capitol 3318, January 1956) and "Shook My Head"
The Five Keys are : Rudy West, Bernie West, Maryland Pierce, Ramon Loper
and Ripley Ingram.

August 26, 1955 : In Los Angeles, THE PENGUINS lay down material for two
singles : "Devil That I See"/"Promises, Promises, Promises" (Mercury
70703, September) and "She's Gone, Gone"/"My Troubles Are Not At An End"
(Mercury 70799, February 1956).
The Penguins are : Curtis Williams, Cleve Duncan, Dexter Tisby and Bruce

August 27, 1955 : GEORGE JONES is at the Gold Star Recording Studio in
Houston to record four songs. "Why Baby Why" is coupled with "Seasons Of
My Heart" for release on Starday 202 in September. It will become his
first chart entry, peaking at # 4 on the country charts. The follow-up is
"What Am I Worth" (Starday 216, January 1956, b/w "Still Hurtin’" from his
March 1955 session), which also charts (# 7).
"Mexican Boogie (Boogie Boogie Mexican Boy)" is first released on the LP 
"White Lightning" (Ace CH 117, UK) in 1984.
Personnel : George Jones (vocals / guitar) ; Herb Remington (steel guitar) ;
Lew Frisby (bass) ; Doc Lewis (piano) ; Tony Sepolio (fiddle).
Produced by Pappy Daily.

Saturday, August 27, 1955 : THE SPIDERS, with Chuck Carbo as lead singer,
record "Witchcraft"/"Is It True" for release on Imperial 5366 (October).
It will be their last charting single. "You Don't Love Me" is held in the
can until April 1961, when it sees a release on Imperial 5739. "You
Played the Part" is first released on the LP "Rhythm n' Blues, Vol 1 -
The End of an Era" (Imperial LM-94003) in 1974.
Produced by Dave Bartholomew, whose band supplies the backing. 
Location : J&M Studio in New Orleans.

August 31, 1955 : at Jim Beck's studio in Dallas, MERLE KILGORE records
"Everybody Needs A Little Lovin'"/"Funny Feeling" for his next single 
(Imperial 8300). "Now That You Are Leavin'" and "That's When My Blues
Began" will stay in the can until 1991, when they are selected for
"Teenager's Holiday" (Bear Family BCD 15544).
Merle Kilgore (vocal / guitar) is backed by Jim Landry (guitar) and
(possibly) Sonny James' band. 
Producer : Lew Chudd.

August 1955, unknown date : BUDDY HOLLY records four demos at KDAV radio
station in Lubbock, Texas : "You And I Are Through", "Baby It's Love",
"Memories" and "Queen Of the Ballroom". Musicians : Buddy Holly (vocals,
guitar) ; Bob Montgomery (lead vocal, acoustic guitar) ; Sonny Curtis
(guitar, fiddle) ; Don Guess (string bass).
All four tracks are overdubbed by the Fireballs on June 26, 1964 and
first released on the LP "Holly In the Hills" (UK version, Coral LVA
9227) in June 1965.

With thanks to Steve Walker and Mike Tobin and Henk Gorter.

Additions and corrections welcome.

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