February 1, 1956 : NAPPY BROWN is in New York City for a five-track
session. "Open Up That Door"/"Pleasing You" is chosen for the next 45
(Savoy 1187, March). "Love Baby" is issued in June (Savoy 1187). The
other two tracks, "I Want To Live" and "Skiddy Woe" end up on the
album "The Right Time" (Savoy LP MG 14025), though "Skiddy Woe" will
see a belated single release in July 1958 (Savoy 1547).
Personnel includes Sam Taylor on tenor sax and Panama Francis on drums.
Arranged and directed by Leroy Kirkland.

February 1, 1956 : At the Sun studio in Memphis MACK SELF cuts three
songs. "Easy To Love" is saved until June 1957 for release on Sun 273 
(c/w "Everyday" from a session on March 28, 1957). "Mad At You" is first
issued in 1986 on Sunbox 106. "Goiní Crazy" is eventually released on
the CD "Mack Self - The Sun Years Plus" (Bear Family BCD 16519) in 2007.
Personnel : Mack Self (vocals / guitar) ; Thurlow Brown (lead guitar) ; 
Stan Kesler (steel guitar) ; Jimmy Evans (bass / harmony vocal on
"Mad At You") ; Johnny Bernero (drums).
Produced by Sam Phillips.

February 1, 1956 : THE SPARKS OF RHYTHM record the original version
of "Handy Man" and three other tracks. Though Jimmy Jones wrote the
song, he is no longer a member of the Sparks of Rhythm at this time.
The lead vocal is by Andrew Barksdale. This track stays in the can
until December 1959, after "Handy Man" by Jimmy Jones became a monster
hit. The original "Handy Man" is coupled with "Everybody Rock And Go"
(Apollo 541). The other two tracks from this session, "Cry On My
Shoulder" and "Somewhere" are first released on a Relic compilation
LP (5080) in 1989.

February 2, 1956 : First recording session by BOB GALLION, at the RCA 
Victor Studio in Nashville. He cuts two singles, "My Square Danciní
Mama (Sheís Done Learned To Rock and Roll)"/"Your Wild Lifeís Gonna 
Get You Down" (MGM 12195, March) and "Trademark On What Iíve Found"/
"A Fool In Love" (MGM 12327, August).
Producer and personnel not known.

February 2, 1956 : MALCOLM YELVINGTON records his next single, "It's
Me Baby"/"Rockin' With My Baby" (Sun 246, August). One of the versions
of "Rockin' With My Baby" is different enough for a separate title
("Gonna Have Myself A Ball") and a release on the 1973 album "Sun 
Rockabillys : Put Your Cat Clothes On" (Sun LP 6467025, UK), though it
is still titled "Rockin' With My Baby" there.
Personnel : Malcolm Yelvington (vocal / guitar) ; Gordon Mashburn
(guitar) ; Jake Ryles (bass) ; Billy Weir (drums) ; Reece Fleming or
Frank Tolley (piano). Produced by Sam Phillips in Memphis.

February 2, 1956 : On this same day in the Sun studio, SLIM RHODES
records the single "Gonna Romp and Stomp"/"Bad Girl" (Sun 238, April).
Personnel : Slim Rhodes (guitar) ; Dottie Rhodes-Moore (vocal A-side) ;
Dusty Rhodes (vocal A-side, guitar) ; Brad Suggs (vocal B-side, guitar) ;
John Hughey (steel guitar) ; Speck Rhodes (bass) ; W.S. Holland (drums).

February 2, 1956 : SAM COOKE and the Soul Stirrers record five tracks
at Master Recorders in Hollywood, all released as singles. "Wonderful"/
"Farther Along" is released on Specialty 892 in March and "Touch the 
Hem Of His Garment"/"Jesus Wash Away My Troubles" on Specialty 896 in
June. "Must Jesus Bear This Cross Alone" is saved until 1970, when it
comes out on Specialty 921.
Second lead voice : Paul Foster. Produced by Art Rupe.

February 3, 1956 : ELVIS PRESLEY records "Lawdy Miss Clawdy" and "Shake,
Rattle And Roll" in New York City, due for single release on August 31
(RCA 6642).
Elvis (vocal, guitar) is backed by Scotty Moore (guitar) ; Bill Black
(bass) ; Shorty Long (piano) ; D.J. Fontana (drums). Backing vocals will
be overdubbed later.

February 4, 1956 : JAMES BROWN and the Famous Flames have their first
recording session, in Cincinnati. "Please Please Please"/"Why Do You Do
Me (Like You Do)" becomes their first single (Federal 12258), released
on March 3. "I Don't Know"/ "I Feel That Old Feeling Coming On" from
the same session will be issued as the next single (Federal 12264, May).
Personnel : Clifford Scott, Wilbert Smith (tenor saxes) ; Ray Felder
(alto sax) ; Fats Gonder (piano) ; Clarence Mack (bass) ; Nafloyd Scott
(guitar) ; Edison Gore (drums) ; Johnny Terry, Bobby Byrd, Nashpendle
Knox, Sylvester Keels (background vocals).  

February 4, 1956 : THE SENSATIONS record four tracks in New York City.
"Ain't He Sweet"/"Please Mr. Disc Jockey" comes out on Atco 6067 in
April, "Cry, Baby, Cry" on Atco 6075 in August. A fourth track, "Please
Believe Me" remains unissued. Lead vocal by Yvonne Mills.

Sunday, February 5, 1956 : The first Sun session by WARREN SMITH yields
the single "Rock 'n' Roll Ruby"/"I'd Rather Be Safe Than Sorry" (Sun 239,
released on March 26). Personnel : Warren Smith (vocal / guitar) ; Buddy
Holobaugh (guitar) ; Stan Kesler (steel guitar) ; Smokey Joe Baugh
(piano) ; Jan Ledbetter (bass) ; Johnny Bernero (drums).
Produced by Sam Phillips at the Sun studio in Memphis.

February 6, 1956 : CONNIE FRANCIS records the single "My First Real Love"/
"Believe In Me" (MGM 12191, last week of February) at Coastal Recording 
Company in New York City. The A-side is co-written by Bobby Darin, his 
earliest recorded composition.
Orchestra conducted by Joe Lipman. Vocal support by the Jaybirds.
Produced by Harry Mayerson.

February 7, 1956 : After two earlier try-outs at sessions in 1955, 
LITTLE RICHARD delivers the definitive versions of "Long Tall Sally" and
"Slippin' And Slidin'" for his next single (Specialty 572, March).
In Belgium Albert van Hoogten makes a deal with Art Rupe, and the result
is a debut release for Little Richard in Europe (Ronnex 1142, March).
Also recorded is "Miss Ann", to be be used for a future single (Specialty
606, May 1957). All three tracks will also find a place on his first album
"Here's Little Richard" (Specialty SP 100, March 1957).
Musicians : Richard Penniman (vocal / piano ) ; Lee Allen (tenor sax) ;
Red Tyler (baritone sax) ; Edgar Blanchard (guitar) ; Frank Fields
(bass) ; Earl Palmer (drums). Supervised by Bumps Blackwell at J&M
Studio in New Orleans.

February 7, 1956 : In Los Angeles, GENE AND EUNICE record their next
single, "Hootchy-Kootchy"/"I'll Never Believe In You" (Aladdin 3315,
February 29), as well as "I'm So In Love With You" (Aladdin 3321, May 22)
and "Hi-Diddle Diddle" (Aladdin 3351, November 14, flip of "Bom Bom Lulu").

February 8, 1956 : FREDDIE BELL and the Bell Boys are recording in New
York City. "Giddy Up A Ding Dong"/"I Said It And I'm Glad" is released
on a single (Wing 90066, March), the other two songs, "Big Bad Wolf"
and "Rockin' the Polonaise" are tracks for the album "Rock & Roll ... 
All Flavors" (Mercury LP MG 20289).
Personnel : Freddie Bell (vocals) ; Frankie Brent (vocal / guitar /
bass) ; Jack Kane (tenor sax) ; Jerry Mayo (trumpet) ; Russ Conti
(piano) ; Chick Keeney (drums) ; Mickey Baker (guitar). 

February 8, 1956 : LLOYD PRICE is back in the studio, after serving
Uncle Sam for two years. "Woe Ho Ho"/"I Yi Yi Gomen A-Sai" is a strong
coupling, released on Specialty 571 in March. "Breaking My Heart (All
Over Again)" is saved until May 1957 for release on Specialty 602.
Personnel : Lee Allen (tenor sax) ; Red Tyler (baritone sax) ; Edgar
Blanchard (guitar) ; Edward Frank (piano) ; Frank Fields (bass); Earl 
Palmer (drums). Produced by Art Rupe at J&M Studio in New Orleans.

February 8, 1956 : SKEETS McDONALD is in Hollywood for a recording
session. "It'll Take Me A Long Time"/"Fallen Angel" becomes his next
single (Capitol 3378), the remaining tracks will be used for future
singles : "Somebody" (Capitol 3525) and "Don't Push Me Too Far" (Capitol
Personnel : Skeets McDonald (vocal) ; Joe Maphis and Lewis Talley
(guitars) ; Ralph Mooney (steel guitar) ; Clarence Dooley (bass) ;
Marion Adams (drums) ; J.R. Sanders (fiddle). Session produced by Ken

February 9, 1956 : Two days after a triumphant session, LITTLE RICHARD
undertakes more recording in New Orleans. "The Most I Can Offer" is
held in the can until 1959 for release on Specialty 686 and Richard's
third LP (overdubbed with a vocal chorus, the Stewart Sisters). "Oh Why" 
gets a place on his debut LP ("Here's Little Richard", March 1957). 
"Heeby Jeebies Love" remains unissued until circa 1984 (Specialty 736), 
probably because it sounds too much like "Tutti Frutti". A fourth track.
"Tell Me Why, is unissued and lost. Personnel same as on February 7, 
with the addition of Edward Frank on piano on the first two tracks.

February 9, 1956 : LOWELL FULSON is in the Chess studio in Chicago.
"Tollin' Bells"/"It's Your Fault" comes out on Checker 841 in July. "Took
A Long Time" stays on the shelf until late 1959 (Checker 937), while the
instrumental "Smokey Room" ends up on a German Chess LP in the 1980s.
Willie Dixon plays bass ; further session details unknown.

February 14, 1956 : THE PLATTERS lay down both sides of their new single
at Mercury Sound Studio in New York City : "(You've Got) The Magic Touch"
/"Winner Take All" (Mercury 70819, February 20).

February 16, 1956 : JERRY CAPEHART records "Rockiní & Flyiní" at the
Capitol Studio in Hollywood. It will stay in the can until 1998, when the
Eddie Cochran CD "Donít Forget Me" is released on Rockstar RSRCD 014.
However, an abbreviated version of the backing track will be released in
1956 under the title "Fast Jiviní", credited to Ernie Freeman, on an EP
called "L.A. Rockiní Instrumentals", (Hollywood 1068). The complete take
of "Fast Jiviní" is available on the "Donít Forget Me" CD. Capehart also
cuts a song called "Mary Jane", which has never been released.
Personnel : Eddie Cochran (lead guitar) ; Joe Maphis (second lead guitar) ;
Ernie Freeman (piano).

February 16, 1956 : Two-track session for THE DRIFTERS in New York City.
"I Should Have Done Right" is first released in 1971 on the album "The
Drifters : Their Greatest Recordings : The Early Years" (Atco LP SD
33-375). A second version of "Your Promise To Be Mine" remains unissued.
Lead vocals by Johnny Moore.

February 16, 1956 : FRANKIE LYMON and the Teenagers record their second
single, "I Want You To Be My Girl"/"I'm Not A Know It All" (Gee 1012,
April), in New York City. Produced by George Goldner.

February 17, 1956 : In Cincinnati, BOYD BENNETT and his Rockets record
one of many covers of Carl Perkins's "Blue Suede Shoes". Coupled with
"Mumbles Blues", this is issued on King 4903 in March. The third track
from this session is "The Groovy Age" (King 4925, late April).
Boyd Bennett (vocals, drums) is supported by : Bobby Jones (tenor sax) ;
Ron Ayres (guitar) ; Mickey Allen (rhythm guitar) ; Kenny Cobb (bass) ;
"Big Moe" Muzey (vocals on "Mumbles Blues").

February 23, 1956 : JIMMY AND JOHNNY record three tracks at Music City
Recordings in Nashville. "íTil the End of the World"/"Another Manís Name"
becomes their new single (Decca 29954, May). "Imagination" will be used
as the B-side of "Sweet Love On My Mind" (recorded on July 25, 1956), which
is released on Decca 30061 in October.
Personnel : Jimmy Lee Fautheree (vocals / guitar) ; Lynn Fautheree (vocals 
/ guitar) ; Hank Garland (guitar) ; Sonny Burnette (steel guitar) ; Tom
Pritchard (bass) ; Tommy Jackson or Dale Potter (fiddle).
Produced by Paul Cohen.
February 23, 1956 : In New York City, saxophonist RED PRYSOCK records six 
tracks for the album "Fruit Boots" (Mercury MG 20211, April 1957) : "The 
Shakers", "The Fox", "Lulu", "Rolling and Rocking", "Rock and Roll Party" 
and "Rock and Roll Mambo". The latter two tracks are also coupled for single
release on Mercury 70918 on July 11.
Personnel : Red Prysock (tenor sax) ; Herbert Gordy (bass) ; Oliver Blair
(piano) ; Frank Galbraith (trumpet) ; Clarence ĎZackí Wright (baritone sax) ;
Dicky Wells (trombone) ; Joe Livramento (flute) ; Roland Johnson (vibes) ;
Jerome Potter (drums).
February 24, 1956 : THE CUES do a four-song session at the Capitol Recording
Studio in New York City. "Donít Make Believe" is selected as the A-side of 
their new single (Capitol 3400, March, c/w "Destination 2100 and 65", recorded 
on March 1, 1956). "Crazy Crazy Party" will be released on the Prep subsidiary
(catalog nr 104) in May 1957 (c/w "I Pretend" from a session on September 20,
1956). "Roll íní Roll Mr. Oriole" is first released in 1988 on the LP "Crazy
Crazy Party" (Bear Family BFX 15309). Unissued from this session, and probably 
lost, is a first attempt at "Destination 2100 and 65". 
The Cues are : Ollie Jones, Abel De Costa, Jimmy Breedlove, Robie Kirk and
Eddie Barnes. 
February 24, 1956 : DORIS DAY records her biggest hit, "Whatever Will Be,
Will Be (Que Sera Sera)" from the Alfred Hitchcock film "The Man Who Knew
Too Much". Release on Columbia 40704 on May 21. # 2 in the USA, # 1 in the
UK. The other side, "Iíve Gotta Sing Away These Blues", was recorded at a 
later date. This single was preceded by two other songs from this session,
"Weíll Love Again" and "Rosabella Sings : Somebody Somewhere", released back
to back on Columbia 40673 in March.
Backing by Frank De Vol and his orchestra.
Produced by Mitch Miller in Hollywood.
Friday, February 24, 1956 : Another New York session for JOE TURNER.
"Corrine Corrina" (Joe's biggest pop hit) is released on Atlantic 1088
in March. "Lipstick, Powder And Paint"/"Rock A While" follows in July
(Atlantic 1100). "Nothing In Mind" from this session has never been
Personnel : Jimmy Nottingham, Dick Vance (trumpets) ; Earl Warren (alto
sax) ; Sam Taylor (tenor sax) ; Billy Mure, George Barnes (guitars) ;
Lloyd Trotman (bass) ; Panama Francis (drums) ; The Cookies (vocal
group). Produced by Ahmet Ertegun and Jerry Wexler.

February 26, 1956 : Recording date of "In the Still Of the Nite"/"The
Jones Girl" by THE FIVE SATINS. First released on Standord 200 in April,
then on Ember 1005 in June. Lead vocal by Fred Parris.

February 27, 1956 : ROY HALL does yet another cover of "Blue Suede Shoes".
His version is issued on Decca 29880 (March 12), coupled with "Luscious",
also from this session. "You Ruined My Blue Shoes" is first released in
1984 on the album "Diggin' the Boogie" (Charly CR 30227).
Produced by Paul Cohen in Nashville, with backing by (probably) Grady
Martin, Hank Garland, Lightnin' Chance and Buddy Harman.

February 27, 1956 : THE FIVE KEYS lay down four tracks at New York's
Capitol studio. "I Dreamt I Dwelt In Heaven"/"She's the Most" becomes
the next single (Capitol 3392, April). "That's Right" is probably better 
known in a later version by Billy Riley. The original by the Five Keys is
released on Capitol 3502 in August. "Boom Boom" doesn't come out until
August 1957, on Capitol 3786. "My Pigeon's Gone" is recorded on the 29th
(Leap day!) and released on Capitol 3455 in June.

February 28, 1956 : Second session by THE COLLINS KIDS, at Radio Recorders
in Hollywood, produced by Don Law. Two singles are the result : "The
Rockaway Rock"/"Make Him Behave" (Columbia 21514, April) and "I'm In My
Teens"/"They're Still In Love" (Columbia 21543, August).
Personnel : Lorrie Collins (vocal / guitar) ; Larry Collins (vocal /
guitar) ; Johnny Bond (guitar) ; Joe Maphis (guitar) ; Sammy Pruett 
(guitar) ; Johnny Sibert (steel guitar) ; Junior Huskey (bass) ; Margie 
Ann Warren (fiddle) ; Billy Lee Woods (piano) ; Marion "Pee Wee" Adams

February 28, 1956 : at the same studio JOE MAPHIS continues with a session
under his own name, which results in another two singles : "Guitar Rock
And Roll"/"Tennessee Two Step" (Columbia 21518, April) and "Floggin' The
Banjo"/"Bully Of The Town" (Columbia 21547, August). All four tracks will
also be selected for the album "Fire On The Strings" (Columbia CL 1005,
June 3, 1957).
Personnel : Joe Maphis (vocals / guitar) ; Rose Lee Maphis (guitar) ;
Marian Hall (steel guitar) ; Clarence Dooley (bass) ; Billy Hill and
Margie Ann Warren (fiddles) ; Jimmy Pruett (piano) ; Marion "Pee Wee"
Adams (drums).   

February 1956, unknown date : EDDIE BOND is in Memphis to record "I Got
A Woman"/"Rockin' Daddy" for his first Mercury single (70826, February 28).
In the UK both tracks will be selected for the now ultra rare 10 inch
album "First Rock 'n' Roll Party" (Mercury LP MPT 7512).
Personnel : Eddie Bond (vocal / rhythm guitar) ; Reggie Young (lead
guitar) ; John Hughey (steel guitar) ; Johnny Fine (drums). Location of
the session is the WMPS studio, and the producer is Dee Kilpatrick.

February 1956, unknown date : In Memphis at 706 Union, ROSCO GORDON 
records "The Chicken"/ "Love For You Baby", released by Sam Phillips on
both Sun 227 and Flip 227! "That's What You Do To Me" and "Let's Get High"
will see their first release on the album "Legendary Sun Performer"
(Charly LP CR 30133, 1977), "I Found A New Love" and "I'm Gonna Shake It"
will finally be selected for the album-boxset "The Blues Years" (Sun Box
105, 1986).
Personnel : Rosco Gordon (vocal / piano) ; Foree Wells (guitar) ; Tuff
Green (bass) ; Willie Wilkes (sax) ; Billy Duncan and Charles Taylor (alto
saxes) ; Richard Sanders (bartitone sax) ; John Murry Daley (drums).     

{Possibly) February 1956, unknown date : GEORGE AND EARL record material for
two singles in Nashville. "Done Gone"/"Better Stop Look and Listen" is an
April release (Mercury 70852). "Remember and Regret"/"Eleven Roses" follows
in August (Mercury 70935).
Personnel : George McCormick (vocals) ; Earl Aycock (vocals) ; Joe Edwards
(guitar) ; Ray Edenton (rhythm guitar) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Buddy Harman
Produced by Dee Kilpatrick.

With thanks to Steve Walker and Henk Gorter.

Additions and corrections welcome.

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