June 4, 1956 : JACK EARLS records at the Sun studio in Memphis. All tracks
will be held in the can by Sam Phillips. "Let's Bop" and "Sign On the Dotted
Line" are first released on the album "Sun Rockabillies, Vol. 3 : Rockin' And
 Boppin'" (UK Sun LP 6467028) in 1974. An alternate take of "Sign On the Dotted
Line" will be selected for the album "Rockabilly Blues" (UK Sun LP 1019, 1985),
"My Gal Mary Ann" finds a place on the album "Hot Southern Boppers" (UK Sun LP
1024, 1985), and "When I Dream" has to wait for a release until 1996, this time
on CD : "Hey Slim, Let's Bop - His Complete Sun Recordings"(UK Charly 8197).
Personnel : Jack Earls (vocals / guitar) ; Wareren Gregory (guitar) ;Johnny Black
(bass) ; Danny Wahlquist (drums).

June 7-8, 1956 : Spread over two days, THE CLOVERS commit three tracks to
wax. On the 7th they record "A Lonely Fool", which will come out in December
(Atlantic 1118). The next day they continue with "From the Bottom Of My Heart"
(Atlantic 1107, September) and the unissued "Springtime". Produced by Ahmet
Ertegun and Jerry Wexler in New York.

Friday, June 8, 1956 : WANDA JACKSON arrives at the Capitol Tower in Hollywood
for her first Capitol session, produced by Ken Nelson. "I Gotta Know"/"Half As
Good A Girl" is selected for her debut single release on Capitol (3485, July).
"Cryin' Thru the Night" becomes the B-side of her third Capitol single (3637)
in February 1957. "Step By Step" is first released on Wanda's 4-CD box-set
"Right Or Wrong" (Bear Family BCD 15629) in 1992.

June 8, 1956 : GLENN REEVES and HAL WILLIS have a split session for Atlantic
in Nashville. Reeves records "Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee"/"Rockin' Country 
Style" (Atco 6080, October) and Hal Willis "Bop-A-Dee Bop-A-Doo"/"My Pink
Cadillac" (Atlantic 1114, November).
Backing by : Harold Bradley, Hank Garland (guitars) ; Bob Moore (bass) ;
Owen Bradley (piano) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ; The Crescendos (vocal chorus).

June 9, 1956 : SANFORD CLARK's second session yields three tracks, of which
only "Usta Be My Baby" is originally released (Dot 15516, October 26). "Don't
Care" and "Why Did I Choose You" are first released in 1986 by Bear Family
(BFX 15198/151199). Backing musicians include Al Casey on guitar and bass guitar.
Produced by Lee Hazlewood at Audio Recorders in Phoenix, Arizona.

June 12, 1956 : STAN FREBERG records satirical versions of "Heart Break Hotel"
and "Rock Island Line" (Capitol 3480, July 9). Backing by Billy Liebert and his
orchestra. Interruptions on "Rock Island Line" (credited to Stan Freberg and his
Sniffle Group) by Peter Leeds. "Echo by Mammoth Cave" (on "Heartbreak Hotel").
Produced by Ken Nelson.

June 12, 1956 : RUTH BROWN is back in the Atlantic studio for a three-track
session. "I Want To Be Loved"/"Mom Oh Mom" is the resulting single, released on
Atlantic 1102 in the first week of August. "What Makes Me Want You" remains
unissued to this day.
Produced by Ahmet Ertegun and Jerry Wexler in New York City.

June 14, 1956 : Like Ruth Brown two days earlier, LaVERN BAKER records three
tracks for Atlantic, two of which are released on her next single ("I Can't
Love You Enough"/"Still", Atlantic 1104, August) and one that remains unissued
("Only A Fool"). Same producers. Arranged and conducted by Ray Ellis.

June 15, 1956 : In Los Angeles, WYNONA CARR records "Hurt Me", which will be
used as the B-side of the previously recorded "Jump Jack Jump" in July
(Specialty 580). Vocal backing by the Turks. Produced by Art Rupe.

June 15, 1956 : DAVE BARTHOLOMEW records the single "Lovin' You"/"Three Time
Loser" (Imperial 5408, September), in New Orleans.
Personnel includes Lee Allen (tenor sax) ; Ernest McLean (guitar) ; Edward
Frank (piano).

June 16, 1956 : BILL DOGGETT lays down his instrumental classic "Honky Tonk"
at King's New York studio on 31st Street. Released as "Honky Tonk, Parts 1 & 2"
on King 4950 in mid-July. Also recorded are "Hand In Hand", which becomes the
B-side of "Slow Walk" in November (King 5000) and "On the Sunny Side Of the
Street", an EP track. 
Personnel : Clifford Scott (sax) ; Bill Doggett (organ) ; Billy Butler (organ) ;
Carl Pruitt (bass) ; Shep Shepherd (drums). Produced by Henry Glover.

June 18, 1956 : Recording date of GEORGE HAMILTON IV's "If You Don't Know"/
"A Rose And A Baby Ruth". First released on Colonial CR 420 in late August,
then on ABC-Paramount 9765 (October 10). 
Personnel : George Hamilton IV (vocal / guitar) ; Joe Tanner (guitar) ; Henry
Heitman (bass) ; Dennis Beam (drums) ; The Blue Notes (vocal chorus).
Location : WUNC, Swain Hall, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC.

Wednesday, June 20, 1956 : On this day RAY HARRIS records the single "Come On
Little Mama"/"Where 'd You Stay Last Night" (Sun 254, September 24). An alternate
version of "Come On Little Mama" will appear on the album "Hot Southern Boppers"
(UK Sun LP 1024, 1985).
Personnel : Ray Harris (vocals / guitar) ; Wayne Cogswell (guitar) ; Joey
Reisenberg (drums); Unknown (bass).
Produced by Sam Phillips at the Sun Studio on 706 Union Avenue, Memphis.

June 20, 1956 : JERRY REED is in Nashville for a session produced by Ken Nelson.
"This Great Big Empty Room" is selected for the next single (Capitol 3504,
August). "You're Braggin' Baby"/"Too Busy Cryin' the Blues" becomes the single
thereafter (Capitol 3592, November). "Everywhere" is first released on the Bear
Family CD "Here I Am" (BCD 16306) in 1999.

June 21, 1956 : FATS DOMINO lays down "What's the Reason I'm Not Pleasing You",
which will become the B-side of "Blue Monday" in December (Imperial 5417). Also
recorded is "The Twist Set Me Free" (a remake of "Don't Know What's Wrong"),
which is held in the can until February 1962 when it is released on the album
"Twistin' the Stomp" (Imperial LP 9170).
Personnel : Fats Domino (vocals / piano) ; Walter Nelson (guitar) ; Lawrence
Guyton (bass) ; Eddie Sylvas (tenor sax) ; Cornelius Coleman (drums).
Location : Masters Recorders, Hollywood.

June 21, 1956 : DAVID HOUSTON has his first recording session for RCA in New
York City. "Sugar Sweet"/"Hasta Luego" becomes his his first single for the
major company (RCA 6611, August), "I'll Always Have It On Your Mind"/"Blue
Prelude" will be used for his next release (RCA 6696).
Personnel : George Barnes, Al Chernet, Johnny Jones (guitars) ; Bob 'Hutch'
Davie (piano) ; Frank Carroll (bass) ; Bunny Shawker (drums).
Produced by Steve Sholes, arranged by Charles Grean.

June 21, 1956 : Four-track session for THE DRIFTERS in New York City.
"I Gotta Get Myself A Woman"/"Soldier Of Fortune" is selected for the next
single (Atlantic 1101, end of July). "Sadie My Lady" and "Honky Tonky" are
first released on the LP "The Drifters' Greatest Hits" (Atlantic LP 8041) in
September 1960. At this time The Drifters are : Johnny Moore, Gerhart Thrasher,
Charlie Hughes and Bill Pinkney. Produced by Ahmet Ertegun and Jerry Wexler.

June 21, 1956 : DANNY DILL records the single "I'm Hungry For Your Lovin'"/
"The Stranger Of Abilene" in Nashville. Released on ABC-Paramount 9734 
(September 12). Further details unknown.

June 24-27, 1956 : Marathon session by GENE VINCENT and the Blue Caps, at
Bradley Studio in Nashville. Sixteen tracks are recorded, four on each day.
Twelve of these are used for Gene's first LP, "Bluejean Bop", which is released
in August (Capitol T 764) : "Blujean Bop", "Jezebel", "Who Slapped John",
"Ain't She Sweet", "I Flipped", "Waltz Of the Wind", "Up A Lazy River", "Bop
Street", "Jumps Giggles and Shouts", "Wedding Bells", "Jump Back Honey Jump Back",
"Peg O' My Heart". "Bluejean Bop"/"Who Slapped John" also gets a single release
(Capitol 3558, late September). Also recorded are "Gonna Back Up Baby" (Capitol
3530, late August), "Crazy Legs" (Capitol 3617, January 1957), "You Told A Fib"
(track for Gene's second LP) and "Well I Knocked Bim Bam" (first released on an
LP with Ferlin Husky, Sonny James and Tommy Sands called "Teenage Rock", Capitol
T 1009, 1958).
Blue Caps personnel : Cliff Gallup (lead guitar) ; Willie Williams (rhythm
guitar) ; Jack Neal (upright bass) ; Dickie Harrell (drums).
Produced by Ken Nelson.

Tuesday, June 26, 1956 : In New York City, THE FIVE ROYALES commit four tunes to
wax, released on two singles : "Come On And Save Me"/"Get Something Out Of It"
(King 4952, July) and "Just As I Am"/"Mine Forevermore" (King 4973, October).
The Five Royales are : Clarence Paul, Windsor King, Eugene Tanner, John Tanner
and Lowman Pauling.

June 26, 1956 : THE COOKIES record a follow-up to their hit "In Paradise".
"Down By the River"/"My Lover" is released on Atlantic 1110 in November.
The Cookies are Dorothy Jones, Beulah Robertson and Darlene McCrea.

June 26, 1956 : VARETTA DILLARD does another session for the Groove label
in New York City. "Got You On My Mind"/"Skinny Jimmy" is chosen as her new
single (Groove 0159, July). "I Canít Help Myself" will be released in 
December (Groove 0177, c/w "One More Time" from a later session). A fourth
track, "See See Rider", remains in the vaults.
Personnel : Mickey Baker (guitar) ; Lloyd Trotman (bass) ; George Rhodes
(piano) ; King Curtis (tenor sax) ; Heywood Henry (baritone sax) ; George
Berg (bass sax) ; Panama Francis (drums).

June 26, 1956 : Another Capitol session for THE FIVE KEYS, in New York City.
"Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind" is coupled with the previously recorded "That's
Right" in August (Capitol 3502). "Wisdom Of A Fool"/"Now Don't That Prove I
Love You" is released on Capitol 3597 in late November.

June 27, 1956 : Second Hollywood session for FATS DOMINO this month. Many takes
of "Blueberry Hill" are taped before producer Dave Bartholomew is satisfied.
As a result, only one other track comes out of this session : "Honey Chile".
The two songs end up on Imperial 5407 in September. 
Musicians : Fats Domino (vocals / piano) ; Walter Nelson (guitar) ; Lawrence 
Guyton (bass) ; Wendell Duconge (alto sax) ; Buddy Hagans (tenor sax) ; Eddie
Sylvas (tenor sax) ; Cornelius Coleman (drums).

June 28, 1956 : LITTLE WILLIE JOHN records his next single, "My Nerves"/
"Do Something For Me" (King 4960, August) in New York City.
Backing by Mickey Baker (guitar) ; Bill Graham (alto sax) ; Lowell Hastings and
Big John Greer (tenor saxes) ; Danny Banks (baritone sax) ; Ernie Hayes (piano) ;  
Carl Pruitt (bass) ; Panama Francis (drums).

June 28, 1956 : BOBBY LORD records his next single "Everybody's Rockin' But Me"/
"Without Your Love" (Columbia 21539, end of July), "Run, Honey Run" (finally
released in 2011 on the CD "Everybody's Rockin' But Me!", Bear Family 16524) and
"Try To Take It Like A Man" (unissued).
Personnel : Bobby Lord (vocals / guitar) ; Harold Bradley and Hank Garland
(guitars) ; Don Helms (steel guitar) ; Lightnin' Chance (bass) ; Farris Coursey
(drums) ; Tommy Vaden (fiddle).
Produced by Don Law at Bradley Studio in Nashville.

June 29, 1956 : The final Specialty session of LLOYD PRICE yields three tracks.
"I'm Glad, Glad"/"Forgive Me Clawdy" sees a release (Specialty 582) in September.
"Baby Please Come Home" will follow in May 1957 (Specialty 602).
Personnel : Edgar Blanchard (guitar) ; Frank Fields (bass) ; Lee Allen (tenor
sax) ; Red Tyler (baritone sax) ; Edward Frank (piano) ; Earl Palmer (drums).
Produced by Lloyd Price at Cosimo Recording Studio in New Orleans.

June 29, 1956 : JOHNNIE RAY records at the Columbia Recording Studio in
New York City. "Just Walking in the Rain"/"In the Candlelight" is selected
as his new single (Columbia 40729, July). The A-side (a cover of the original 
version by The Prisonaires for Sun) becomes a # 2 pop hit. "Look Homeward,
Angel" becomes the B-side of "You Donít Owe Me A Thing" (recorded on 15th
November) and released on Columbia 40803 on December 3. It charts in its
own right (# 36). "Weaker Than Wise" is an EP track and a first attempt at 
"If I Had You" remains on the  shelf until it is included on the Bear Family 
box-set "Cry" (BCD 16285) in 1999.
Arranged and conducted by Ray Conniff. Produced by Mitch Miller.

(Probably) Early June 1956 : RICHARD BERRY from L.A. does a session in New
Orleans, which produces "Yama Yama Pretty Mama"/ "Angel Of My Life" (RPM 465,
end of June) and "Mad About You" (first released in 1982 on Ace LP CH 59, UK).
Backing by Cosimo Matissa's studio band, including Lee Allen on tenor sax and
Earl Palmer on drums.

June 1956, unknown date : THE CADETS cover the Jayhawks' "Stranded In the
Jungle", which is rush released in the last week of June (Modern 994), coupled
with "I Want You" from the same session.
The Cadets are : Will 'Dub' Jones (lead vocal), Aaron Collins, Willie Davis,
Prentice Moreland and Pete Fox. Supervised by Maxwell Davis and Joe Bihari.

June, 1956, unknown date : ETTA JAMES has her only session in New Orleans,
supervised by Maxwell Davis. The harvest is the single "Tough Lover"/"Fools We
 Mortals Be" (Modern 998), released in August.
Backing musicians include Lee Allen on tenor sax and Earl Palmer on drums.
Two alternate versions of "Tough Lover" have been released on the CD's
"The Complete Modern And Kent Recordings" (Ace 1085, 2005) and "Holy
Mackerel : Pretenders To Little Richard's Throne" (Ace 1211, 2009).

June 1956, unknown date : JIMMY BEASLEY records material for two singles
in New Orleans. "Little Coquette"/"Don't Feel Sorry For Me" is released in
August on Modern 996, and "My Happiness"/"Jambalaya" on Modern 1009
in December.
In Belgium The Van Hoogten brothers will release both a-sides, coupled with
tracks by other artists from the Modern group op labels: "Little Coquette"
b/w "Long Gone Daddy" (Pat Cupp, Ronnex 1189, December) and "Jambalaya"
b/w "No Matter What You Do"(Danny Flores, Moonglow 5043, July 1957).
"Little Coquette" will be covered by Fats Domino in August 1958 as "Coquette"
(flip of "Whole Lotta Loving").
Jimmy Beasley is accompanied by Cosimo Matassa's Studio Band, including :
Lee Allen (tenor sax) ; Justin Adams (guitar) ; Frank Fields (bass) ; Earl
Palmer (drums).
Supervised by Maxwell Davis.

(Probably) June 1956, unknown date : FREDDIE BELL and the Bell Boys record
two singles in New York City : "The Hucklebuck"/"Rompin' And Stompin'"
(Wing 90082, June 5) and "Stay Loose Mother Goose"/ "All Right, Okay You Win"
(Mercury 70919, July 11). Their version of "Hound Dog" (first released on
the LP "Rock & Roll ... All Flavors", Mercury MG 20289) was probably also
recorded in June, but not at the same session.
Personnel : Freddie Bell (vocals) ; Mickey Baker (lead guitar) ; Frankie
Brent (vocals, guitar, bass) ; Jack Kane (tenor sax) ; Jerry Mayo (trumpet) ;
Russ Conti (piano) ; Chick Keeney (drums).

With thanks to Henk Gorter.

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