March 1, 1957 : THE EVERLY BROTHERS travel to Nashville's RCA studio to
record their debut session for the Cadence label. "Bye Bye Love"/"I Wonder
If I Care As Much" (Cadence 1315, April) provides their breakthrough into
the pop charts. A first attempt at "Should We Tell Him" will turn up in
1985 on the Rhino LP "All They Had To Do Was Dream" (RNLP 214).
Personnel : Don Everly (vocals / guitar) ; Phil Everly (vocals / guitar) ;
Chet Atkins, Ray Edenton (guitars) ; Jimmy Day (steel guitar) ; Lightnin'
Chance (bass) ; Buddy Harman (drums).
Produced by Archie Bleyer.

March 1, 1957 : WANDA JACKSON continues a two-day session with two tracks
for her next single, "Let Me Explain"/"Don'a Wan'a" (Capitol 3683, April).
Personnel : J.W. Marshall and Buck Owens (guitars) ; Rollie Bundock (bass) ;
Merrill Moore (piano) ; Jelly Sanders (fiddle) ; Roy Harte (drums).
Produced by Ken Nelson at the Capitol Tower in Hollywood.

March 1, 1957 : JOHN LEE HOOKER is at Universal Sound Studio in Chicago
for a four-track session. "I'm So Excited"/"I See You When You're Weak"
is selected for single release (Vee-Jay 245, April). "Everybody's Rockin'"
and "Crawlin' Black Spider" are first released on a French Top Rank EP
(EP 136), circa 1960.
Musicians : John Lee Hooker (vocals / guitar) ; Eddie Taylor (guitar) ;
Quinn Wilson (bass) ; Tom Whitehead (drums).

March 4, 1957 : THE PLATTERS lay down four further tracks for the LP
"The Flying Platters" (Mercury MG 20298) : "I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And
Write Myself A Letter", "Time And Tide", "Love You, Funny Thing" and
"In the Middle Of Nowhere". The final four tracks for the album are
recorded on March 6 : "Oh Promise Me", "Don't Forget", "Sweet Sixteen"
and "Only Because", which will also be issued as a single (Mercury 71184,
August 23), coupled with "The Mystery Of You" from this same session. 

March 5, 1957 : LITTLE WALTER is back in the Chess studio in Chicago
for a four-track session. "Everybody Needs Somebody"/"Nobody But You"
is chosen for the next single (Checker 859, April). The instrumental
"Shake Dancer" is finally released on Checker 1071 in February 1964,
while a first version of "Temperature" stays in the can until 1970,
when it comes out on the Canadian LP "Blue And Lonesome" (Le Roi du
Blues 33-2007).
Personnel : Little Walter (vocals / harmonica) ; Robert Lockwood, Jr.,
Luther Tucker (guitars) ; Willie Dixon (bass) ; Fred Below (drums).

March 5, 1957 is also the recording date of TOMMY SANDS's second single,
"Ring-A-Ding-A-Ding"/"My Love Song" (Capitol 3690, March). Later in the
month (on March 18, 19, 22 and 29) Tommy will record twelve songs for his
debut LP "Steady Date With Tommy Sands" (Capitol T 848, April 15). From
this album, "Goin' Steady" and "Ring My Phone" are selected for single
release (Capitol 3723, April).
Produced by Ken Nelson at the Capitol Tower in Hollywood.

March 6, 1957 : No rest for Ken Nelson : on this day he produces the
STAN FREBERG single "Banana Boat (Day-O)"/"Tele-Vee-Shun" (Capitol 3687,
release date April 1). Interruptions on "Banana Boat" by Peter Leeds.
Accompaniment by Billy May and his orchestra. "Tele-Vee-Shun" is an
updated version of a song Freberg first released in 1952 (Capitol 1962).
Location : Capitol Tower, 1750 North Vine Street, Hollywood.

March 6, 1957 : NAPPY BROWN does a four-track session in New York City.
"Pretty Girl (Yeah Yeah Yeah)"/"I'm Gonna Get You" is rush-released in
the same month (Savoy 1511). "Goody Goody Gum Drop" comes out on Savoy
1514 in June. "Most Every Time We Met" remains unissued.
Backing by the Billy Verplanck Septet : John Rains (trumpet) ; Billy
Verplanck (trombone) ; Count Hastings (tenor sax) ; Ernie Hayes (piano) ;
Sal Salvador (guitar) ; Aaron Bell (bass) ; Bobby Donaldson (drums).

Thursday, March 7, 1957 : At Cosimo Recording Studio in New Orleans, the
backing tracks are recorded for four FATS DOMINO tracks : "Valley Of Tears"
/It's You I Love" (Imperial 5442, April), "Wait And See" (Imperial 5467,
September) and "True Confession", which is held in the can until May 1963,
for release on both Imperial 5959 (single) and Imperial LP 9239 (album
"Let's Dance With Domino"). Fats will overdub his vocals at a later date.
Accompaniment by : Lee Allen and Herb Hardesty (tenor saxes) ; Clarence
Ford (soprano sax) ; Ernest McLean (guitar) ; Frank Fields (bass) ; Edward
Frank (piano, unamplified) ; Cornelius Coleman (drums). Produced by Dave

March 7, 1957 : In New York, GUY MITCHELL records "Rock-a-billy" and
"Hoot Owl" for his next single (Columbia 40877, April).
Backing is supplied by Jimmy Carroll and his Orchestra : Al Caiola,
Billy Mure, E. Ardi, J.B. Galbraith and D. Arnone (guitars) ; Frank
Carroll (bass) ; R. Rosengarden and J. Marshall (drums) ; Dick Hyman

March 7, 1957 : First Liberty session by BILLY WARD and the Dominoes, in
Los Angeles. "Stardust"/"Lucinda" is released on April 23 (Liberty 55071)
and reaches # 12 on the pop charts and # 5 on the R&B charts. Two other
songs are recorded, "Be Still, My Heart" and "Skid Row", but they have
never been released.
The lead singer on "Stardust" is Eugene Mumford.

March 11 and 13, 1957 : GENE AND EUNICE record material for two
singles. "Strange World"/"The Vow" (Aladdin 3374, May) is waxed on
the 11th and "Don't Treat Me This Way"/"Doodle Doodle Doo" (Aladdin
3376, August) on the 13th. Arranged and conducted by Ray Ellis.
Location : Capitol Studio, New York City.

March 12, 1957 : DAVE BARTHOLOMEW's session of  this day yields three
tracks. "The Monkey"/"The Shufflin' Fox" (the B-side is an instrumental)
is released on Imperial 5438 in April. "Love No More" stays in the
vaults until 1986, when it will appear on the LP "Shrimp And Gumbo"
(Pathe-Marconi LP 1566311).
Personnel : Dave Bartholomew (vocals / trumpet) ; Herb Hardesty, Lee
Allen, Clarence Hall (tenor saxes) ; Edward Frank (piano) ; Justin
Adams (guitar) ; Frank Fields (bass) ; Charles 'Hungry' Williams
(drums). Location : Cosimo Studio, New Orleans.

March 12, 1957 : BUDDY HOLLY and the Crickets record two demos at
Norman Petty's Nor Va Jak Studio in Clovis, New Mexico. "Last Night"
will be included on the LP "The Chirping Crickets" (Brunswick 54038,
November 27), after being overdubbed by the Picks on October 12 and/
or 14, 1957. A first attempt at "Maybe Baby" stays in the vaults until
1966, when it is overdubbed by the Fireballs (March 15) and released
on Coral 72483 (May 20, 1966, UK), while the undubbed version has to
wait until 1983, when it is included on the album "For The First Time
Anywhere" (MCA LP 27059).
Personnel : Buddy Holly (vocals / guitar) ; Niki Sullivan (rhythm guitar
/ second vocals on "Maybe Baby") ; Joe B. Mauldin (bass) ; Jerry Allison
(drums). Produced by Norman Petty.

March 13, 1957 : LEFTY FRIZZELL and JOHNNY BOND duet on "Sick, Sober 
And Sorry"/"Lover By Appointment" (Columbia 40934, June). It is a
split session (10.00-13.00) with FREDDIE HART, who records "Fraulein"/
"Baby Don't Leave" (Columbia 40896, April).
Personnel : Lefty Frizzell, Freddie Hart (vocals) ; Johnny Bond (vocals /
guitar) ; Joe Maphis (guitar) ; Marian Hall (steel guitar) ; Skeets
McDonald (bass) ; Pee Wee Adams (drums) ; William Wardle (piano).
Produced by Don Law at Radio Recorders in Hollywood.

March 13, 1957 : After his lunch break, Don Law continues at 14:00
with THE COLLINS KIDS, who record four numbers in three and a half
hours. "Hop, Skip And Jump"/"Young At Heart" is their next single
(Columbia 40921, May). "Shortnin' Bread Rock" and "Soda Poppin' Heart"
will have to wait until 1982 for release on the LP "Rockin' Rollin'
Collins Kids" (Bear Family BFX 15074).
Personnel : Lorrie Collins (vocals / guitar) ; Larry Collins (vocals /
guitar) ; Johnny Bond, Joe Maphis (guitars) ; Skeets McDonald (bass) ;
William Wardle (piano) ; Pee Wee Adams (drums). 

March 13, 1957 : EUGENE CHURCH is another visitor to a Hollywood
studio on this day. His one and only session for Specialty yields
four tracks. Art Rupe selects "Open Up Your Heart" and "How Long"
for release on Specialty 604 (July). "Don't Stop Loving Me" is first
released on the CD "Rock 'n' Roll Fever : The Wildest From Specialty"
(Specialty SPCD 7059-2) in 1994 and "Why Oh Why" on "vocals Groups :
Coast To Coast"(Specialty SPCD 7064-2) in September 1996.
Personnel includes : Rene Hall (guitar) ; Plas Johnson (tenor sax) ;
Jewell Grant (baritone sax) ; Earl Palmer (drums) ; Jesse Belvin, 
Alex Hodge, Gaynel Hodge (backing vocals). More details unknown.
Produced by Art Rupe.

March 13, 1957 : CONWAY TWITTY is now signed to Mercury and has his
first session for the label, at Bradley Studio in Nashville. After
seeing all his recordings for Sun go unreleased, he now has the
satisfaction of having all four tracks issued on two singles : "I
Need Your Lovin'"/"Born To Sing the Blues" (Mercury 71086, March 23)
and "Shake It Up"/"Maybe Baby" (Mercury 71148, June 24).
Backing by : Jimmy Ray Paulman (guitar) ; Jimmy Evans (bass) ; Billy
Weir (drums) ; prob. Martin Willis (sax) ; Unknown (vocals chorus).
Produced by Bob Shad.

March 14, 1957 : ONIE WHEELER's last Columbia session results in the 
single "Going Back To the City"/"Steppin' Out" (Columbia 40911, late
April). "Long Gone" and "I'll Love You For A Lifetime" stay on the
shelf until 1986 when Bear Family includes them on the 10-LP box-set
"The Sun Country Years, 1950-1959"(BFX 15211), even though these are
not Sun recordings. They appear also on the "Onie's Bop" CD (Bear
Family BCD 15542, 1991).
Personnel : Onie Wheeler (vocals / leader) ; Harold Bradley, Ray Edenton
(guitars) ; Lightnin' Chance (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Farris
Coursey (drums). Produced by Don Law at Bradley Studio in Nashville. 

March 14, 1957 : MARVIN AND JOHNNY (Marvin Phillips and Emory Perry)
do their second session for Aladdin Records. The resulting single is
"Yak Yak"/"Pretty Eyes" (Aladdin 3371, May).
Session personnel includes : Ernie Freeman (piano / arranger) ; Plas
Johnson (tenor sax) ; Earl Palmer (drums, probably also producer).
More details unknown. Location : Radio Recorders, Hollywood. 

March 15, 1957 : LaVERN BAKER records in Los Angeles this time instead
of New York City. "Jim Dandy Got Married" is chosen as the A-side of
her next single (Atlantic 1136, April). "Love Me Right" becomes the
B-side of the single after that (Atlantic 1150, July).
Personnel : Plas Johnson (tenor sax) ; Billy Johnson (alto sax) ; John
Anderson, Harry Edison (trumpets) ; Ernie Freeman (piano, arranger) ;
Irving Ashby (guitar) ; Joe Comfort (bass) ; Ray Martinez (drums) ;
Unknown (vocals group).
Produced by Ahmet Ertegun and Jerry Wexler.

March 19, 1957 : GEORGE JONES does a session at Bradley Studio in Nashville. 
"Too Much Water" is released on April 12 (Mercury 71096, c/w "All I Want To
Do" from a session in October 1956). "Flame In My Heart"/"No, No, Never" 
will follow on June 11 (Mercury 71141) ; both sides are duets with Virginia 
Spurlock. "Giveaway Girl" is first released on the LP "George Jones Sings" 
(Mercury MG 20477) in December 1959.
Lloyd Green plays steel guitar, more details unknown.
Produced by Pappy Daily. See also April 23.

March 20, 1957 : Both BUDDY KNOX and JIMMY BOWEN record with the
Rhythm Orchids in New York City. Buddy's songs are the single "Hula
Love" (Roulette 4018, August) and the album tracks "Rockabilly Walk"
(instrumental), "Rockhouse", "Maybelline" and "Rock Around the Clock"
(all on the LP "Buddy Knox", Roulette LP 25003). Jimmy waxes three
numbers, "Money Honey", "Last Night" and "Raggedy Ann", all included
on his LP "Jimmy Bowen" (Roulette LP 25004) later in the year.
Backing by : Donny Lanier (lead guitar) ; George Barnes (guitar) ;
Unknown (bass) ; Dave Alldred (drums).

March 20, 1957 : JIMMY NEWMAN records his only pop hit (# 23) : "A Fallen
Star"/"I Canít Go On This Way" (Dot 15574, April). One other track is laid 
down, "Need Me", first released on Bear Family BCD 15469 in 1990 (double
CD "Bop A Hula").
Personnel : Hank Garland, Ray Edenton (guitars) ; Lightniní Chance (bass) ;
Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Rufus Thibodeaux (fiddle) ; T. Tommy Cutrer (drums);
The Jordanaires (vocal chorus).
The location is Bradley Studio in Nashville.

March 22, 1957 : JOHNNY BURNETTE does a solo session after the recent
break-up of the Rock 'n' Roll Trio. The tracks will be released on
singles: "Eager Beaver Baby"/"Touch Me" (Coral 61829, May 5), followed by
"Butterfingers" (Coral 61869, August 20, b/w "Drinkin'Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee"
from the Trio's July 1956 session) and "If You Want It Enough" (Coral
61918, December 5, b/w "Rock Billy Boogie" from the July 1956 session).
Personnel : Johnny Burnette (vocals / guitar) ; Grady Martin (guitar) ;
Bob Moore (bass). Unidentified (vocals chorus).
Location : Bradley Studio, Nashville. Producer probably Henry Jerome. 

Friday, March 22, 1957 : First of a series of sessions by BILL HALEY
and the Comets at New York's Pythian Temple. On this day they record
their forthcoming single "(You Hit the Wrong Note) Billy Goat"/"Rockin'
Rollin' Rover" (Decca 30314, May 27), together with "Miss You". The latter
track will be included on the LP "Rockin' the Oldies" (Decca DL 8569,
August 12), along with "Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone","You
Can't Stop Me Dreaming", "I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself
A Letter", "Rock Lomond"(all recorded on March 25), "Ain't Misbehavin'",
"Carolina In the Morning","Is It True What They Say About Dixie" and
"The Dipsy Doodle" (recorded on March 29). From this LP, "The Dipsy
Doodle"/"Miss You" is selected for single release (Decca 30394, August 5).
Also recorded on the 29th is "The Beak Speaks", an instrumental that
will find a place on the LP "Rockin' the Joint" (Decca DL 8775, August 11
Personnel : Bill Haley (vocals / rhythm guitar) ; Franny Beecher (lead
guitar) ; Billy Williamson (steel guitar) ; Frankie Scott (tenor sax) ; 
Johnny Grande (piano) ; Al Rex (double bass) ; Ralph Jones (drums).
Produced by Milt Gabler.

March 25, 1957 : At Radio Recorders in Hollywood, PAT BOONE records
"Bernadine", which will be coupled with the previously recorded "Love
Letters In the Sand" for release on Dot 15570 (April 10).
Backing by : Howard Roberts, Tony Rizzi (guitars) ; Larry Breen (bass) ;
Frank Leitner (piano) ; Dave Peel (sax) ; Alvin Stoller (drums) ;
Unidentified (vocals chorus). 
Arranged and conducted by Billy Vaughn. Produced by Randy Wood.

March 26, 1957 : ROC LARUE records the single "Baby Take Me Back"/"Iím Not
Ashamed" (Rama 226, April) in New York City. Label credit goes to Roc LaRue
with the Three Pals. Later pressings have "Teenage Blues" (recorded at an
unknown date in April 1957) on the B-side.

March 26, 1957 : RICKY NELSON has his very first recording session, at
Master Recorders in Hollywood. A cover of Fats Domino's current hit
"I'm Walkin'" is coupled with "A Teenager's Romance" for release on
Verve 10047 in April. Both sides will go Top 10. The third track from
this session is "You're My One And Only Love" (Verve 10070, August).
Personnel : Barney Kessel (guitar / arranger / producer) ; Jack Marshall
(guitar) ; Tiny Timbrell (bass) ; Plas Johnson (sax) ; Paul T. Smith
(piano) ; Irving Cottler (drums) ; Irving Kluger (percussion) ; The
Four Preps (vocals group).  

March 27, 1957 : Second Vee-Jay session by BILLY EMERSON. "Somebody Show
Me"/"The Pleasure Is All Mine" is chosen as his next single (Vee-Jay 247, 
July). "Do the Chicken" and "Donít Be Careless" are first released in 1982
on the LP "Billy the Kid Emerson - Crazy ĎBout Automobiles" (Charly CFM
602, UK).
Personnel : Billy Emerson (vocals / piano) ; Lefty Bates (guitar) ; Quinn 
Wilson (bass) ; James Holloway (tenor sax) ; McKinley Easton (baritone sax) ; 
Hobart Dotson (trumpet) ; Al Duncan (drums).
The location is Chicago, unknown studio.

March 28, 1957 : BOB LUMAN's second Imperial session yields three tracks.
"Red Cadillac And a Black Mustache" is coupled with "All Night Long" from
the first session, for release on Imperial 8311 in July. The single (with
an overdubbed chorus on the A-side) will be re-released on Imperial 5705
in October 1960, after Bob scores his hit with "Let's Think About Livin'"
(Warner Bros. 5172). "Wild Eyed Woman" and "Blue Days, Black Nights" stay
in the can until the release of the UK album "Try Me" (Rockstar LP 1015)
in 1988.
Musicians : Bob Luman (vocals / guitar) ; poss. James Burton (guitar) ;
poss. James Kirkland (bass) ; poss. Butch White (drums) ; Unidentified
(piano). Location unknown.

(Circa) March 28, 1957 : CARL PERKINS records the single "That's Right"/
"Forever Yours" (Sun 274, August 15) and "Y.O.U.", which is first issued
on Carl's LP "Sun Sound Special" (Charly CR 30152) in 1979.
Personnel : Carl Perkins (vocals / guitar) ; Jay Perkins (rhythm guitar) ;
Clayton Perkins (bass) ; W.S. Holland (drums).
Produced by Sam Phillips at the Sun studio in Memphis.

March 28, 1957 : Also present in the Sun studio on this day is MACK SELF.
"Everyday" from this date is coupled with "Easy To Love" from a 1956
session, for release on single (Sun 273, June). "Mad At You" will stay
in the can for two and a half year, when it appears on single (Phillips
International 3548, October 10, 1959).
Personnel : Mack Self (vocals / guitar) ; Thurlow Brown (lead guitar) ;
Jimmy Ray Paulman (rhythm guitar) ; Jimmy Evans (bass / harmony vocals) ;
Jimmy Van Eaton (drums). Produced by Jack Clement.

March 28, 1957 : Second March session for BUDDY KNOX, again in New York
City (Bell Sound Studio). "Rock Your Little Baby To Sleep" will become
the A-side of his next single (Roulette 4009, April). "Devil Woman" ends
up on the B-side of "Hula Love" (Roulette 4018, August). "I'm In Love
With You" and "Mary Lou" are tracks for the "Buddy Knox" LP.
Personnel is the same as on March 20. 

March 29, 1957 : RIC CARTEY's second RCA session results in the single
"Born To Love One Woman"/"Let Me Tell You About Love" (RCA 6920, April).
Personnel : Ric Cartey (vocals / guitar) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Jerry Reed,
Jack Eubanks (guitars) ; Jeff Richards (drums) ; Sunshine Quartet (vocals
group). Produced by Chet Atkins at RCA Victor's Nashville studio.

Lots of "unknown dates" this month. In alphabetical order :

March 1957, unknown date : ROY BROWN does a two-track session in New
Orleans. "Ain't Gonna Do It" will be released in February 1958 on
Imperial 5489. "Ivy League" stays in the can until 1995, when it is
included on the Capitol CD "Roy Brown : The Complete Imperial Recordings".
Personnel : Lee Allen (tenor sax) ; Red Tyler (baritone sax) ; Justin
Adams (guitar) ; Frank Fields (bass) ; probably Charles 'Hungry' Williams
(drums). Produced by Dave Bartholomew.

March 1957, unknown date : for a change SANFORD CLARK now has a session
in Hollywood (his five previous sessions were all held in Phoenix) to
record four tracks. "Darling Dear"/"The Glory Of Love" becomes the next
single (Dot 15556, March 7). "A Cross-Eyed Alley Cat" and "Promise Me Baby"
will stay in the vaults until the appearance of the double album "Rockin'
Rollin' Sanford Clark" (Bear Family BFX 15198 / 15199) in 1986.
Backing by : Al Casey and Jerry Demar (guitars) ; Buddy Wheeler (bass) ;
Bob Taylor (drums). Produced by Lee Hazlewood.

March 1957, unknown date : back in Phoenix at Ramsey's Recording Studio
AL CASEY records "Come What May"/"Guitar Man" for his next single (Dot
15563, April 8). He's also the vocalist on the A-side, to be replaced by
none other than LEE HAZLEWOOD (although uncredited) for the B-side.
Personnel : Al Casey (vocals / guitar) ; Lee Hazlewood (vocals) ; Vivian
"Corky" Caswey (guitar) ; Jimmy Wilcox (bass) ; unknown (piano) ; 
possibly Ronnie Luplow (tenor sax) ; Conny Conway (drums).
Produced by Lee Hazlewood.    

March 1957, unknown date : EDDIE COCHRAN records his second Liberty
single, "Mean When I'm Mad"/"One Kiss" (Liberty 55070, May) at Gold
Star Recording Studios on Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood.
Musicians : Eddie Cochran (vocals / guitar) ; Guybo Smith (stand-up
bass) ; Unidentified (drums) ; The Johnny Mann Chorus (vocals backing).

March 1957, unknown date : In Chicago, BO DIDDLEY records the two
tracks for his next single, "Hey! Bo Diddley"/"Mona", for release on
Checker 860 in April.
Personnel : Bo Diddley (vocals / guitar) ; Otis Spann (piano) ; Willie 
Dixon (bass) ; Clifton James or Frank Kirkland (drums) ; Jerome Green
(maracas) ; The Moonglows (vocals group). 

March 1957, unknown date : RUSTY DRAPER records his new single, "Freight
Train"/"Seven Come Eleven" (Mercury 71102, April 23). A # 6 hit.
Backing by Carl Stevens and his orchestra and the Dick Noel Singers.
The location is Universal Recording, Chicago.

March 1957, unknown date : PAUL GAYTEN has one or more sessions at Cosimo
Studio in New Orleans. The instrumental "The Sweeper" is coupled with a
vocal version of "Old Buttermilk Sky" for release on Argo 5267 in April.
Another instrumental, "Nervous Boogie" comes out on Argo 5277 in August
(with "Flat Foot Sam" by Oscar Wills on the reverse) and becomes Gayten's
first entry into Billboard's pop charts.
"Everybody's Somebody's Fool" and two tracks by ROLAND COOK, "You Will Be
Satisfied" and "I Cried" remain unissued.
With CHARLES WILLIAMS as the vocalist, "Darling" b/w "So Worried" will
be released in July (Checker 866). 
Personnel : Paul Gayten (vocals / piano) ; Lee Allen (tenor sax) ; Red
Tyler (baritone sax) ; Edgar Blanchard (guitar) ; Roland Cook (vocals /
bass) ; Charles 'Hungry' Williams (vocals / drums). 

(Probably) March 1957, unknown date : JERRY LEE LEWIS records three
tracks that will remain in the can for many years. "Little Green Valley"
is first issued on the LP "Rockin' And Free" (UK Sun LP 6467029) in 1974.
Both "Love Letters In the Sand" and a first, fast version of "You Win
Again" see their first release in 1982, on the 12-LP box "Jerry Lee
Lewis : The Sun Years" (UK Sunbox 102).
Musicians : Jerry Lee Lewis (vocals / piano) ; Roland Janes (guitar) ; 
Jimmy Van Eaton (drums).
Produced by Sam Phillips and Jack Clement at the Sun studio in Memphis. 

March 1957, unknown date : PRETTY BOY (Don Covay) records two tracks at
an unknown studio in Washington, D.C., under the supervision of Little
Richard : "Bip Bop Bip" and "Paper Dollar". The masters are picked up by
Atlantic and released on Atlantic 1147 in August. 
Backing by the Upsetters : Clifford Burks, Wilbert Smith and Grady
Gaines (tenor saxes) ; Samuel Parker (baritone sax) ; Nathaniel Douglas
(guitar) ; Olsie Robinson (bass) ; Charles Connor (drums).

(Probably) March 1957, unknown date : JACK SCOTT records "Baby She's
Gone"/"You Can Bet Your Bottom Dollar", his first single (ABC-Paramount
9818, April 10). ABC-Paramount purchased the masters on April 4, 1957.
Scott (vocals / guitar) is backed by Stan Getz and his Tom Cats : Dave
Rohillier (lead guitar) ; Stan Getz (bass) ; Dominic Scafone (drums).
Location : Universal Sound Studio, Detroit, Michigan.

With thanks to Steve Walker, Mike Thompson and Henk Gorter.

Additions and corrections welcome.

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