June 1, 1957 : SAM COOKE records the single that will turn his career
around : "You Send Me"/"Summertime". Specialty boss Art Rupe, who arrives
halfway through the session, doesn't like it at all and makes a big scene,
after which producer Bumps Blackwell takes the masters to a new record
company, Keen Records. Release on Keen 3-4013 follows on September 7,
after complicated negotiations. A third, unissued track from this session
is "You Were Made For Me", to which Sam will return in August.
Personnel : Clif White (guitar) ; Rene Hall (rhythm guitar, arranger) ;
Ted Brinson (bass) ; Earl Palmer (drums) ; The Pied Pipers (vocal chorus).
Location : Radio Recorders, Hollywood.

June 1, 1957 : The backing tracks are laid down for two FATS DOMINO
titles : "It Must Be Love" (Imperial 5537, August 1958) and "Sailor Boy"
(first issued on the LP "Walking To New Orleans", Imperial LP 9227, in
January 1963). Fats will overdub his vocals a year later, on June 2, 1958.
Personnel : Herb Hardesty (tenor sax) ; Clarence Ford (baritone sax) ;
Ernest McLean (guitar) ; Frank Fields (bass) ; Fats Domino (piano) ;
Cornelius Coleman (drums). The backing track for "I Still Love You" is
recorded on June 5, and is separately mastered (but not released) as
"Apple Honey", credited to Dave Bartholomew. On June 5, Fats records
"The Big Beat" (Imperial 5477, December), soon to be featured in a film
of the same name. Personnel is the same as above, plus Lee Allen on tenor
sax. Produced by Dave Bartholomew in New Orleans. See also June 13.

June 4, 1957 : GEORGE HAMILTON IV records his new single, "Everybody’s
Body"/"High School Romance" (ABC-Paramount 9838, July), at U.S. Recording 
Corporation in Washington, D.C. Unissued from this session is "Trouble".
Backing by Jimmy Dean’s Wildcats : Billy Grammer (lead guitar) ; Herby 
Jones (rhythm guitar) ; poss. Mary Klick (bass).

June 4, 1957 : In New York City, WILBERT HARRISON records material
for two singles : "I Know My Baby Loves Me"/"My Love Is True" (Savoy
1517, August) and "Baby Don't You Know"/"My Love For You Lingers On"
(Savoy 1531, February 1958).
Personnel : Kenny Burrell (guitar) ; Leonard Gaskin (bass) ; Barry
Galbraith (mandolin) ; Nat Pierce (piano) ; Bobby Donaldson (drums).
Arranged by Billy Verplanck, produced by Fred Mendelsohn.

Wednesday June 5, 1957 : The following musicians are gathered at 706 Union
Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee : BILL JUSTIS (tenor sax) ; Sidney Manker,
Roland Janes (guitars) ; Sid Lapworth (bass) ; Jimmy Wilson (piano) ;
Jimmy Van Eaton (drums). Two titles are recorded : the Justis-Manker
composition "Raunchy" and "Midnight Man", the latter with a vocal by
Roger Fakes and the Spinners. They will see a release in October, on
Sun's new Phillips International subsidiary (3519). 

June 5, 1957 : BARBARA PITTMAN is also recording in the Sun studio on
this day. The harvest is the single "I'm Getting Better All the Time"/
"Two Young Fools In Love" (Phillips International 3518, October). "Take
My Sympathy" is eventually released in 1990 on Barbara's LP "I Need A Man"
(Bear Family BFX 15359). "Careless Love" is incomplete and unissued.
Personnel : Barbara Pittman (double tracked vocals) ; Jack Clement
(acoustic guitar, producer) ; Billy Riley (bass) ; Jimmy Wilson (piano) ;
Jimmy Van Eaton (drums) ; Hank Byers (harmony vocal).
Engineered by Roland Janes (who forgets to switch on the echo machine).

June 5, 1957 : JUSTIN TUBB records three tracks at Bradley Studio in
Nashville, of which only "The Party Is Over (For Me)" is released at
the time (Decca 30408, December). "Tears Of Angels" and the excellent
"Bachelor Man" are saved from oblivion by Bear Family in 1993, when
they are included on the 2-CD "Rock It Down To My House" (BCD 15761).
Personnel : Grady Martin, Harold Bradley, poss. Pete Wade (guitars) ;
Don Helms (steel guitar) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ;
poss. Jerry Rivers (fiddle) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ; The Anita Kerr
Singers (vocal chorus). Produced by Paul Cohen.

June 5, 1957 is also the recording date of the LOWELL FULSON single
"You're Gonna Miss Me"/"Don't Drive Me, Baby" (Checker 865, August).
Backing by Choker Campbell (tenor sax) and his band. Location : Los

June 7, 1957 : Four hours of recording by MARVIN RAINWATER result
in only two tracks : "My Love Is Real" (MGM 12511, July) and "Lucky
Star" (MGM 12586, November). Personnel and producer unknown.
Location : Bradley Studio, Nashville.

June 8, 1957 : JIMMY WILLIAMS records his sole Sun single release,
"Please Don't Cry Over Me"/"That Depends On You" (Sun 270, September).
Also recorded are "All I Want Is You" and "My One Desire", which are
first released on the Various artists LP "Rockin' Rollin' Country 
Style" (Sun LP 1030) in 1985 and "Tomorrow", first issued on LP 3 of
the 12-LP box-set "Sun Records : The Rocking Years" (Charly Sunbox 106)
in 1986, which also includes the other four tracks. "Why Don't She
Notice Me" remains unissued.
Backing by : Roland Janes (guitar) ; Stan Kesler (steel guitar) ;
Billy Riley (bass) ; Jimmy Van Eaton (drums).

June 9, 1957 : ANDY STARR's only session for the Kapp label yields
the single "Do It Right Now"/"I Waited For You To Remember" (Kapp
190, August). Two other tracks, "Somali Dolly" and "I'm Seeing Things
(I Shouldn't See)" stay in the can until they appear on the Bear
Family CD "Dig Them Squeaky Shoes" (BCD 15845) in 1995.
Musicians : J.B. Brinkley (guitar) ; George Burns (tenor sax) ;
Jack Petersen (piano) ; Lonnie Mitchell (unknown) ; Tom Gwin (drums,
arranger) ; Unknown (backing vocals). Produced by Joe Leonard at the
Clifford Herring studio in Fort Worth, Texas.

Monday, June 10, 1957 : JOE BENNETT and the Sparkletones are at Bell
Sound Studios in New York City for their very first recording session.
"Black Slacks" and "Boppin' Rock Boogie" are selected for single release
(ABC Paramount 9837, July), while "Sugaree" and "Just Rock" remain
The Sparkletones are : Joe Bennett (vocal / guitar) ; Howard Childress
(vocal / guitar) ; Wayne Arthur (bass) ; Jimmy Denton (drums).
Produced by Don Costa. 

June 11, 1957 is the recording date of the PAT BOONE single "Remember
You're Mine"/"There's A Goldmine In the Sky" (Dot 15602, June 17).
Personnel : Bill Pitman, Tony Rizzi (guitars) ; Roland Bundock (bass) ;
Milton Rogers (piano) ; Frank Leitner (organ) ; Dick Shanahan (drums).
Plus a vocal chorus. Location : Radio Recorders, Hollywood.
Arranged and conducted by Billy Vaughn. Produced by Randy Wood. 

June 12, 1957 : LINDA HOPKINS records her only single for Atco : "Rock
And Roll Blues"/"Shiver And Shake" (Atco 6096, August). Two attempts
at "I Wanna Move A Little Closer" are also mastered, but rejected by
Atlantic. Location : 1850 Broadway, New York City.
Backing by : Taft Jordan, Jimmy Nottingham (trumpets) ; Jesse Powell
(tenor sax) ; Jerome Richardson (baritone sax) ; Al Caiola (guitar) ;
Milt Hinton (bass) ; Ernie Hayes (piano) ; Panama Francis (drums).

June 13, 1957 : FATS DOMINO is back at Cosimo Studio in New Orleans.
Three tracks are recorded : "Little Mary" (Imperial 5526, June 1958),
"Stack and Billy" (included on "Let's Play Fats Domino", Imperial LP
9065, in September 1959) and "When I See You", the new single (Imperial
5454, July). The female voice on "When I See You" has been identified
as belonging to Ann Cole, after decades of speculation. The honky tonk
pianist on this track is still a mystery. The Bear Family discographers
(who locate this session "possibly" in Hollywood) put their money on
Paul Gayten, which seems highly unlikely to me. Apart from this mystery
guest, the personnel is the same as on June 1.
Produced by Dave Bartholomew.

June 13, 1957 : LITTLE WILLIE JOHN alternates his sessions between
Cincinnati and New York City. This time it is NYC, where three songs
are cut at an unknown studio. "If I Thought You Needed Me"/"Young Girl"
comes out on King 5066 in July and "Person To Person" on King 5091 in
late November.
Personnel : Hal Singer, Lowell Hastings, Budd Johnson (tenor saxes) ;
Dave McRae (baritone sax) ; Skeeter Best (guitar) ; Carl Pruitt (bass) ;
Kelly Owens (piano) ; Panama Francis (drums).
Produced by Henry Glover.

June 14, 1957 : ART NEVILLE and LARRY WILLIAMS are at Cosimo’s Studio in
New Orleans. Together they duet on a cover of "Rockin’ Pneumonia and the
Boogie Woogie Flu", which is held in the can until 1974, when the track
is included on the LP "The Unreleased Larry Williams" (Specialty SP 2158).
On his own, Art Neville records "The Dummy" (which Larry Williams would 
record six days later) ; this track stays in the vaults until 1987, when
Neville’s LP "That Old Time Rock and Roll" (Specialty SP 2165) is released.
Larry Williams records several versions of "Oh Baby", one of which will be
released on the aforementioned album "The Unreleased Larry Williams" in 
Personnel : Art Neville, Larry Williams (vocals / piano) ; Alfred August,
Roy Evans (guitars) ; Lee Allen, Edward Jordan (tenor saxes) ; Frank Fields
(bass) ; Leo Morris (drums).
Produced by Harold Battiste.

June 16, 1957 : TERRY NOLAND lays down four tracks. "Come Marry Me" is
selected for the LP "Terry Noland"(Brunswick BL 54041, March 1958), "She's
Gone", "My Teenage Heart" and "Leave Me Alone" will be included on his
Bear Family CD "Hypnotized",(BCD 15428, 1990). 
Backup vocals by the Picks (Bill Pickering, John Pickering, Bob Lapham) ;
more details unknown. Produced by Norman Petty at his studio in Clovis,
New Mexico. 

Tuesday, June 18, 1957 : JOHNNY BOND records his next two singles at
Bradley Studio in Nashville. A cover of Wayne Walker's "All I Can Do
Is Cry" is coupled with "Sale Of Broken Hearts" for release on Columbia
40973 (July). "That's Just What I'll Do"/"Broken Doll" follows in October
(Columbia 41034).
Backing by : Grady Martin (guitar, arranger) ; Harold Bradley, Little
Jimmy Dickens (guitars) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Jimmie Riddle (harmonica) ;
Farris Coursey (drums). Produced by Don Law.

June 18, 1957 : YOUNG JESSIE has his only session for Atco/Atlantic,
at Radio Recorders in Hollywood. Six tracks are recorded. "Shuffle
In the Gravel"/"Make Believe" sees a release on Atco 6101 in October.
"Margie"/"That's Enough For Me" will have to wait until October 1958
to come out on Atlantic 2003. "One On Me" and "Time Was" remain
unissued until today.
Personnel : Plas Johnson (tenor sax) ; Unknown (baritone sax) ; John
Anderson (trumpet) ; Ernie Freeman (piano, arranger) ; Barney Kessel
(guitar) ; Carson Smith (bass) ; Earl Palmer (drums) ; Sharkey Hall
(drums on "Shuffle In the Gravel") ; Lester Sill (shuffling feet on
"Shuffle In the Gravel") ; The Sharps (vocal group).
Produced by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.

June 18, 1957 : JIMMIE RODGERS records his second single, "Honeycomb"/
"Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring" (Roulette 4015, July). A # 1 hit. 
The location is New York City, probably Bell Sound Studio.
Produced by Hugo Peretti and Luigi Creatore.

June 19, 1957 : GENE VINCENT is in the Capitol Tower in Hollywood,
with his Blue Caps : Johnny Meeks (lead guitar) ; Bobby Jones (bass) ;
Dickie Harrell (drums) ; Tommy Facenda and Paul Peek (aka the clapper
boys, backing vocals). Also present are Buck Owens (rhythm guitar) and
producer Ken Nelson. The four tracks recorded are : "Lotta Lovin'"/
"Wear My Ring" (the new single, Capitol 3763, July), "I Got It" and
"Rollin' Danny". The latter two will be included on Gene's third LP,
"Gene Vincent Rocks And the Blue Caps Roll" (Capitol T 970, March 1958).
On June 20, Gene and Co lay down another four tracks : "Dance To the
Bop" (Capitol 3839, October, b/w "I Got It" from the previous day),
"Time Will Bring You Everything" and "In My Dreams" (both on Capitol
T 970) and the future B-side "True To You" (Capitol 3959, April 1958).

June 20, 1957 : THE FOUR PREPS record their new single, "Promise Me Baby"/
"Again ’n’ Again ’n’ Again" (Capitol 3761, July). A third track, "Too Young
For Love", will be included on their first LP, simply titled "The Four Preps"
(Capitol T 994) in February 1958. Location is the Capitol Tower in Hollywood.
The Four Preps are : Bruce Belland, Ed Cobb, Marvin Inabnett and Glen Larson.
Arranged and conducted by Lincoln Mayorga. Produced by Voyle Gilmore.

June 20, 1957 : LARRY WILLIAMS also takes a trip to Hollywood, just as his
"Short Fat Fannie" enters the Billboard Top 100 (at # 87). Three tracks are
committed to tape. "You Bug Me Baby" will become the B-side of "Bony Moronie"
in October (Specialty 615). "The Dummy" is saved until June 1958 for release
on Specialty 634. "Hey Now Hey Now" (aka "Jockomo") is eventually released as
a single in 1986 (Specialty 744), coupled with Larry’s duet with Art Neville
("Rockin’ Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu") from six days earlier.
Personnel : Larry Williams (vocals / piano) ; Plas Johnson (tenor sax) ;
Jewell Grant (baritone sax) ; Rene Hall (guitar) ; Ted Brinson (bass) ; Earl
Palmer (drums).
Produced by Art Rupe.

June 20, 1957 : IVORY JOE HUNTER waxes five tracks in New York City.
"If Only You Were Here With Me" is first coupled with "All About the 
Blues" (from a January 1957 session), later with "She's Gone" from this
session (Atlantic 1164, November). "Yes I Want You" will be a single in
June 1958 (Atlantic 1191) and "Someone" ends up on the LP "Ivory Joe
Sings the Old And New" (Atlantic LP 8015). The fifth track, "You've
Got Me Cryin'" remains unissued.
Session personnel : Urbie Green, Frank Rehak, Frank Saracco (trombones) ;
Budd Johnson (tenor sax) ; Leon Cohen (alto sax) ; Dave McRae (baritone
sax) ; Moe Wechsler (piano) ; Allen Hanlon, Billy Mure (guitars) ;
Hayward Cheeks (bass) ; Joe Marshall (drums).
Arranged and conducted by Ray Ellis.

June 20, 1957 : In Chicago, LITTLE WALTER waxes a new version of
"Temperature" (previously attempted in March), which comes out on
Checker 867 in August. The two other tracks from this session, "Ah'w
Baby" and "I Had My Fun" stay on the shelf until February 1960, when
they are released back to back on Checker 945.
Personnel : Little Walter (vocals / harmonica) ; Robert Lockwood, Jr.,
Luther Tucker (guitars) ; Willie Dixon (bass) ; Fred Below (drums).

Friday, June 21, 1957 : ROY BROWN returns to Cosimo's Recording Studio
in New Orleans for another Imperial session. "I'm Convicted Of Love"
and "I'm Ready To Play" are selected for the next single (Imperial 
5455, July). "Sail On Little Girl" is coupled with the previously 
recorded "Ain't Gonna Do It" for release on Imperial 5489 in February
Personnel : Herb Hardesty (tenor sax) ; Clarence Ford (baritone sax) ;
Ernest McLean (guitar) ; Frank Fields (bass) ; Fats Domino (piano) ;
Cornelius Coleman (drums).
Produced by Dave Bartholomew.

June 21, 1957 : JANIS MARTIN records in New York City (RCA Victor
Studio 3) this time. The harvest is one single, "Love And Kisses"/
"I'll Never Be Free" (RCA 6983, July) and one EP titled "Just Squeeze
Me" (RCA EPA 4093, August) with the following tracks : "Just Squeeze
Me", "My Confession", "I Don't Hurt Anymore" and "Half Loved".
Personnel : George Barnes, Al Chernet (guitars) ; Sam Bruno (bass) ;
Andy Ackers (piano) ; George Berg (tenor sax) ; Bunny Shawker (drums).
Plus a 4-piece vocal chorus. Arranged by Hutch Davie, produced by
Steve Sholes.

June 22, 1957 : TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD records the single "In the
Middle Of An Island"/"Ivy League" (Capitol 3762, July) at the Capitol 
Tower in Hollywood. It will be Ford's last major hit (# 23).
Orchestra conducted by Jack Fascinato. Produced by Lee Gillette.

June 23, 1957 : JOHNNY CARROLL does a four-song session at the
Cliff Herring Studio in Fort Worth, Texas. The masters are sold to
Sam Phillips, the owner of Sun Records. Phillips issues "That's the
Way I Love"/"I'll Wait" on his Phillips International subsidiary
(3520) in October. "Rock Baby Rock It" and "You Made Me Love You"
are held in the can until they appear on a French single (Sun 603),
circa 1975.
Personnel : Johnny Carroll (vocals / guitar) ; Jay Salem (lead guitar) ;
Billy Buntin (bass) ; Bill Hennen (piano) ; George Jones (drums).
Probably produced by Joe Leonard.

June 23, 1957 : In Chicago, JOHN LEE HOOKER cuts "Little Wheel"/
"Rosie Mae" for release on Vee-Jay 255 in September. Also recorded
are "You Can Lead Me Baby"  (Vee-Jay 265, February 1958) and "Little
Fine Woman", which is first released on the LP "Dimples" (DJM 28026)
in 1977.
Personnel : John Lee Hooker (vocals / guitar) ; Eddie Taylor (guitar) ;
Everett McCrary (bass) ; Frankie Bradford (piano) ; Richard Johnson

June 24, 1957 : HOWLIN' WOLF waxes four tracks in Chicago. "Nature"/
"Somebody In My Home" will soon appear on Chess 1668 (August), but
"Who's Been Talking" and "Tell Me" have to wait until February 1960
for release on Chess 1750.
Musicians : Howlin' Wolf (Chester Burnett) (vocals / harmonica) ; Billy
Dockins (tenor sax) ; Hosea Lee Kennard (piano) ; Willie Johnson, Smokey
Smothers (guitars)  ; Alfred Elkins (bass) ; Earl Phillips (drums).

June 25, 1957 : EDDIE BO is at Cosimo's Recording Studio in New Orleans,
where he records four tracks. "Indeed I Do"/"Every Day, Every Night" is
chosen for single release (Checker 877, October). "Walk That Walk" is
first legally released on the Various artists LP "New Orleans Rhythm and
Blues" (Chess CH 9174, 1984). "Hip Hip Hooray" stays in the can for even
longer, until 1995 (2-CD set "Chess New Orleans" on MCA).
Personnel : Eddie Bo (vocals / piano) ; Unknown (saxes) ; Justin Adams
(guitar) ; Frank Fields (bass) ; Charles 'Hungry' Williams (drums).
Produced by Paul Gayten.

June 26, 1957 : DON GIBSON does another session at RCA Victor Studio
in Nashville. "Blue Blue Day"/"Too Soon To Know" is selected for the
next single (RCA 7010, July). "Pretty Rainbow" and "Tell It Like It Is"
stay in the can until the release of the Bear Family LP "Rockin' Rollin'
Don Gibson" (BFX 15089) in 1982.
Personnel : Don Gibson (vocals / guitar) ; Chet Atkins (guitar, producer) ;
Junior Huskey (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Troy Hatcher (drums) ; The
Jordanaires (vocal chorus).

June 26, 1957 : JIMMY DONLEY also records in Nashville on this day,
but at Bradley Studio (20:00-23:00). "South Of the Border"/"The Trail
Of the Lonesome Pine" becomes his next single (Decca 30392, July).
"I Gotta Go" sees a single release in December (Decca 30519), coupled
with the previously recorded "Baby How Long".
Backing by : Chet Atkins, Grady Martin (guitars) ; Bob Moore (bass) ;
Prof Carpenter (sax) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Lloyd Swetman (drums) ;
The Anita Kerr Singers (vocal chorus). Produced by Owen Bradley.

June 26, 1957 : At Reco-Art Sound Recording studio in Philadelphia
CHARLIE GRACIE records "Wandering Eyes" and "I Love You So Much It Hurts"
for his next single (Cameo 111), "Tryin'" will be used for a future
release (Cameo 141).
Around the same time a session is held at an unknown studio in New York
to record "Cool Baby", a track to be featured in the motion picure
"Jamboree". It becomes the A-side of another single (Cameo 118, b/w
"You Got A heart Like A Rock", to be recorded in October).    
Personnel : Charlie Gracie (vocals / lead guitar) ; Joe Sgro (rhythm
guitar) ; Joe Macho (bass) ; Jerry Kilgore (drums) ; Bernie Lowe (piano) ;
Dave Appell and the Applejacks (backing vocals). Produced by Bernie Lowe.    

June 28, 1957 : HANK LOCKLIN lays down material for two singles at 
RCA's Nashville studio. "Geisha Girl"/"Livin' Alone" is released on
RCA 6984 in July and "Send Me the Pillow You Dream On"/"Why Don't You
Haul Off And Love Me" on RCA 7127 in December.
Personnel : Chet Atkins, Grady Martin (guitars) ; Bob Moore (bass) ;
Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Buddy Harman (drums).
Produced by Chet Atkins.

Saturday, June 29, 1957 : RONNIE SELF is at Bradley Studio in Nashville
for a four-track session. "Ain't I'm A Dog"/"Rocky Road Blues" is chosen
for single release (Columbia 40989, late August). The other two tracks,
"Too Many Lovers" and "Do It Now" finally see the light of day in 1990,
when Bear Family issues the Ronnie Self CD "Bop-A-Lena" (BCD 15436).
Personnel unknown, probably members of the Nashville A-team.
Produced by Don Law.

June 29 - July 1, 1957 : BUDDY HOLLY and the Crickets need three
days at Norman Petty's Nor Va Jak studio in Clovis, New Mexico, for
four songs. It is time well spent : the results are "Peggy Sue", "Oh
Boy", "Listen To Me" and "I'm Gonna Love You Too". The release dates
for these songs are as follows : "Peggy Sue" (b/w "Everyday") is issued
on September 20 (Coral 61885), "Oh Boy" (b/w "Not Fade Away") on October
27 (Brunswick 55035, credited to The Crickets) and "I'm Gonna Love You
Too"/"Listen To Me" on February 5, 1958 (Coral 61947).
Musicians : Buddy Holly (vocals / lead guitar) ; Joe B. Mauldin (string
bass) ; Jerry Allison (drums). Produced by Norman Petty.

June 30, 1957 : CLYDE McPHATTER covers "Long Lonely Nights" (first
recorded by Lee Andrews and the Hearts), for release on Atlantic 1149
in July. Produced by Ahmet Ertegun and Jerry Wexler at the Atlantic
studio in New York City.

June 1957, unknown date : In New Orleans, BOBBY CHARLES waxes what
will turn out to be his final Chess single, "One Eyed Jack"/"Yea Yea
Baby" (Chess 1670, September).
Accompaniment by : Lee Allen (tenor sax) ; Red Tyler (baritone sax) ;
Edgar Blanchard (guitar) ; Edward Frank (piano) ; Frank Fields (bass) ;
Charles Williams (drums). Produced by Paul Gayten.

June 1957, unknown dates : Probably scattered over several sessions,
THE DEL VIKINGS record 16 tracks this month. Most of these end up on
the LP "The Del Vikings - They Sing...They Swing" (Mercury MG 20314,
October) : "I'm Sitting On Top Of the World", "Is It Any Wonder", 
"Somewhere Over the Rainbow", "Summertime", "Heart And Soul", "My
Foolish Heart", "Now Is the Hour" and "A Sunday Kind Of Love" (also
released as a single in 1963, Mercury 30112). Five other tracks will
appear on the album "The Swinging Singing Del Vikings Record Session"
(Mercury MG 20353, May 1958) : "The Big Beat", "I Need Your Kisses
(Oh Baby")", "There I Go", "What You Have Done To Me" and "String
Along". "Can't Wait" is a B-side in January 1958 (Mercury 71266),
while "No Huhu" and "The Gates Of Paradise" remain unissued till 1995.
The(se) Del Vikings are : Gus Backus, William Blakely, Clarence Quick,
Norman Wright and David Lerchey. Arranged and conducted by Carl Stevens
(aka Chuck Sagle) at Universal Recorders in Chicago.

June 1957, unknown date : DUANE EDDY's first recording session
(disregarding the Jimmy & Duane session from 1955) results in the
single "Ramrod"/"Caravan" (Ford 500, July). Though Al Casey plays
lead guitar on both sides, label credit goes to "Duane Eddy and
the Rock-A-Billies". "Ramrod" will be overdubbed on July 28, 1958,
with Plas Johnson's sax and rebel yells by the Sharps for release
on Jamie 1109 in August 1958. There also exists a slightly edited
version of "Ramrod", credited to 'Frantic' Johnny Rogers (Cindy
3010, 1958), b/w "Sassy" from a later session (without Al Casey / 
Duane Eddy involvement).
Personnel : Duane Eddy, Al Casey, Corky Casey (guitars) ; Buddy
Wheeler (bass guitar) ; Bob Taylor (drums) ; poss. Ronnie Luplow
(baritone sax).
Produced by Lee Hazlewood at Ramsey Recorders in Phoenix, Arizona.

June 1957, unknown date : CLARENCE 'FROGMAN' HENRY's second session
yields the single "It Won't Be Long"/"I Found A Home" (Argo 5273,
August). "Lady With the Hat Box" will turn up on disc 2 of the 4-CD
box "Chess Rhythm & Roll" on MCA in 1994. "You're Part Of Me" remains
unissued. Location : Cosimo Recording Studio, New Orleans.
Personnel : Lee Allen, Eddie Smith (tenor saxes) ; Big Boy Miles
(trombone) ; Walter Nelson (guitar) ; Frank Fields (bass) ; Paul
Gayten (piano, producer) ; Charles 'Hungry' Williams (drums).

June 1957, unknown date : SLEEPY LABEEF records the single "All the Time"/
"Lonely" (Mercury 71179, August 16) at Gold Star Studio in Houston.
He is credited on the label as Sleepy LaBeff.
Musicians : Sleepy LaBeef (vocals / guitar) ; Charlie Busby (lead
guitar) ; Wendall Clayton (bass) ; Unknown (drums).

June 1957, unknown date : NED MILLER records the single "From A
Jack To A King"/"Parade Of Broken Hearts" in Hollywood, produced by
Fabor Robinson, who does not release the record on his own Fabor label,
but leases it to Dot (15601, June 17). It does nothing, but a rerelease on
Fabor 114 in late 1962 results in a # 6 pop hit in the USA and a # 2
hit in the UK (London HL 9658). Backing musicians include Roy Lanham
and Bonnie Guitar on guitar. More details unknown.

June 1957 : WAYNE WALKER delivers three tracks at his second Columbia
session. "Just A-Walkin' Around"/"Sands Of Gold" is issued on Columbia
40979 in August and "Come Away From His Arms" on Columbia 41042 in 
November (B-side of "Bo-Bo Ska Diddle Daddle", which will be recorded
at Wayne's next session, in October).

(Circa) June 1957, unknown date : EDDIE BOND records four tracks at Gold
Star Studio in Houston. "Lovin’ You, Lovin’ You"/"Hershey Bar" is released
on Mercury 71153 in July. "Love, Love, Love" will appear on November 14
(Mercury 71237, c/w "Backslidin’", from a session on January 10, 1957).
"One Step Closer To You" will get a place on the Various artists album
"A Night At the Louisiana Hayride" (Mercury MG 20360) in 1958.
Personnel : Eddie Bond (vocals / guitar) ; Phil Baugh (lead guitar) ;
Hal Harris (rhythm guitar) ; Herb Remington (steel guitar / bass) ; Link
Davis (sax) ; Jimmy Smith (piano) ; Doc Lewis (organ) ; Pee Wee Wamble 
(trumpet) ; Unknown (drums).
Produced by Pappy Daily.

Produced by Don Law at Bradley Studio in Nashville.

With thanks to Steve Walker, Mike Thompson, Willem Moerdijk and Henk Gorter.

Additions and corrections welcome.

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