August 1, 1957 : ERNIE FREEMAN and his combo record four tracks in Los
Angeles. "Dumplin's"/"Beautiful Weekend" (Imperial 5461) is rush released
in the second week of August and gives Freeman his first pop hit (# 75).
"Diane" is finally released in late 1961 on Ernie's LP "Twistin' Time"
(Imperial LP 9157), which also includes the two tracks from the single
mentioned above. A first attempt at "Indian Love Call" is rejected by
Lew Chudd and remains unissued.
Personnel : Ernie Freeman (piano, organ, arranger) ; Plas Johnson (tenor
sax) ; Jewell Grant (alto sax, baritone sax) ; Irving Ashby (guitar) ; 
Joe Comfort (bass) ; Sharkey Hall (drums) ; The Halloween Singers (vocal

August 1, 1957 : JERRY REED is contracted to Capitol at this time and
pays regular visits to Nashville studios (Bradley Studio in this case),
where his sessions are supervised by Ken Nelson. This particular session
results in one single, "Ba-bee"/"In My Own Backyard" (Capitol 3823,
November) and one track, "So In Love", that will remain unissued until
the appearance of the Bear Family CD "Here I Am" (BCD 16306) in 1999.

August 1, 1957 : RAY STEVENS, a good friend of Jerry Reed, is also in
Nashville on this day, at RCA Victor Studio. "Tingle"/"Five More Steps"
is released on Capitol's Prep subsidiary (F 122) in October. "Chickie-
Chickie Wah Wah" comes out on the parent label (Capitol 3967), in April
1958. Personnel and producer unknown.

August 2, 1957 : PEE WEE CRAYTON does his third and last session for
Vee-Jay in Chicago. Only "Is This the Price I Pay" is released (Vee-Jay
266, January 1958, c/w "Fiddle De Dee" from a September 1956 session).
The other three tracks, "Second Hand Love", "I Love Her Still" and a
new version of "Blues After Hours" are first released on the LP "Peace
Of Mind"  (Charly CFM 601, UK) in 1982.
Personnel : Pee Wee Crayton (vocals / guitar) ; Red Holloway (tenor sax) ;
McKinley Easton (baritone sax) ; Lefty Bates (guitar) ; Quinn Wilson
(bass) ; Horace Palm (piano) ; Al Duncan (drums) ; The Eldorados (vocal

Saturday, August 3, 1957 : FATS DOMINO is back at Cosimo's Recording
Studio in New Orleans for a three-track session. "Oh Whee" and "My Love
For Her" will not see a release until January 1963, on the LP "Walking
To New  Orleans" (Imperial LP 9227). "I Still Love You" (reportedly an
overdub of the Dave Bartholomew instrumental track "Apple Honey") will
become the B-side of his next 45, "Wait And See", from an earlier session
(Imperial 5467, September).
Personnel : Fats Domino (vocals / piano) ; Herb Hardesty (tenor sax) ;
Clarence Ford (baritone sax) ; Unknown (bass saxophone) ; Ernest McLean
(guitar) ; Frank Fields (bass) ; probably Cornelius Coleman (drums).
Production is, as usual, in the capable hands of Dave Bartholomew.

August 4, 1957 : JOHNNY CASH records seven tracks at the Sun studio in
Memphis. "Country Boy","Doin' My Time", "If the Good Lord's Willing",
"I Heard That Lonesome Whistle Blow", "Remember Me" and "I Was There
When It Happened" will all appear on the LP "Johnny Cash With His Hot
And Blue Guitar" (Sun LP 1220, November). "Leave That Junk Alone" will
stay in the can until 1984 (Sunbox 103, UK).
Musicians : Johnny Cash (vocals / guitar) ; Luther Perkins (guitar) ;
Marshall Grant (bass). Produced by Sam Phillips.

August 11, 1957 : JIMMY LLOYD (aka Jimmie Logsdon) is in Nashville for
a recording session at Bradley Studio. "Where the Rio de Rosa Flows"/
"The Beginning Of the End" is rush released at the end of August
(Roulette RCW-7001). Two other titles, "Lonesome For You" and "You're
Gonna Start Walkin' One Of These Days", will remain unissued and are
probably lost.
Personnel : Hank Garland, Grady Martin (guitars) ; Bob Moore (bass) ;
Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Buddy Harman (drums).
Produced by Vic McAlpin.

August 12, 1957 : SONNY JAMES waxes his next single at Bradley Studio
in Nashville : "Mighty Loveable Man"/"Love Conquered" (Capitol 3792,
September). Personnel unknown. Produced by Ken Nelson.

August 13, 1957 is the recording date of the FARON YOUNG single "Honey
Stop! (And Think Of Me)"/"Vacation's Over" (Capitol 3805, September).
Personnel : Hank Garland and Jack Shook (guitars) ; Lightnin' Chance
(bass) ; prob. Marvin Hughes (piano) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ; The
Anita Kerr Singers (vocal chorus).
Produced by Ken Nelson at Bradley Studio in Nashville.

August 13, 1957 : THE FIVE ROYALES record their next two singles at the
King studio in Cincinnati : "Say It"/"Messin' Up" (King 5082, October)
and "Dedicated To the One I Love"/"Don't Be Ashamed" (King 5098,
December). "Dedicated.." will be rereleased on King 5453 in January 1961
(to compete with the Shirelles version) and peaks at # 81 on Billboard's
pop charts.

August 14, 1957 : SONNY BURGESS does a three-track session at the Sun
studio in Memphis. "My Bucket's Got A Hole In It"/"Sweet Misery" becomes
Sonny's third single on the famous label (Sun 285, December). Both sides
are overdubbed at a later date. "My Babe" is first issued on the LP "Sun -
The Roots Of Rock, Vol. 8 : Sun Rocks" (Charly CR 30115, UK) in 1977.
Backing by : Jack Clement (guitar, producer) ; Ray Hubbard (bass) ; Jack
Nance (drums) ; Kern Kennedy (piano). 

August 15, 1957 : BO DIDDLEY records his next single in Chicago : "Say
Boss Man"/"Before You Accuse Me (Take A Look At Yourself)". Released
on Checker 878 in late November.
Personnel : Bo Diddley (vocals / guitar) ; Otis Spann (piano) ; Willie
Dixon (bass) ; Clifton James or Frank Kirkland (drums) ; Jerome Green
(maracas) : The Moonglows (vocal group).

August 15, 1957 : The second Decca session of THE FLAMINGOS yields two
singles : "Helpless"/"My Faith In You" (Decca 30454, October) and "Hey
Now!"/"Jerri-Lee" (Decca 30948, July 1959). Tommy Hunt is the lead
singer on "Hey Now!", Nate Nelson on the other three tracks.

August 15-16, 1957 : While "Bye Bye Love" is still at # 2 in the charts,
THE EVERLY BROTHERS are in Nashville's RCA Victor Studio for their 
second Cadence session, trying to find a follow-up to their big hit.
The first day produces "Wake Up Little Susie" and Don Everly's own
composition "Maybe Tomorrow", both of which will be used for their next
single (Cadence 1337, first week of September), followed by "Hey Doll
Baby". This song, previously recorded by the Clovers, is first issued
on an EP (Cadence CEP-107) in the summer of 1958. The harvest of August
16 is "Should We Tell Him", released as their third single in January 1958
(Cadence 1342) and "Brand New Heartache", a track for their debut LP,
called "The Everly Brothers" (Cadence CLP 3003, January 1958). "Brand
New Heartache" will also be released as a single (Cadence 1388) in
October 1960, as the B-side of "Like Strangers".
Personnel : Don Everly, Phil Everly (vocals / guitar) ; Chet Atkins,
Ray Edenton (guitars) ; Lightnin' Chance (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ;
Buddy Harman (drums).
Produced by Archie Bleyer.

Friday, August 16, 1957 : RICKY NELSON's first Imperial session takes
place at Master Recorders in Hollywood, under the supervision of Jimmie
Haskell and Ricky's father, Ozzie Nelson. The results are "Be-Bop Baby"/
"Have I Told You Lately That I Love You" (Imperial 5463, September) and 
"If You Can't Rock Me", which will get a place on Ricky's first album,
"Ricky" (Imperial LP 9048) in November 1957.
If You Can't Rock Me" will also be released as a single (Imperial 5935) in
April 1963 (c/w "Old Enough To Love", from a session on November 13, 1958).
Personnel : Bob Bain, Howard Roberts (guitars) ; Ray Siegel (bass) ;
Roger Renner (piano) ; Earl Palmer (drums) ; The Four Preps (vocal group).

August 18, 1957 : TOMMY BLAKE and the Rhythm Rebels cover "Flat Foot Sam"
(by T.V. Slim aka Oscar Wills) for release on Sun 278 in September. The
flip, "Lordy Hoody", is also recorded at this session.
Personnel : Tommy Blake (vocals / guitar) ; Carl Adams (guitar) ; Eddie
Hall (bass) ; Jimmy Van Eaton (drums) ; The Singing Sons (Eliah Franklin,
John Franklin, Andre Mitchell, Johnny Prior) (vocal chorus).
Produced by Jack Clement at the Sun studio in Memphis.

August 19, 1957 is the date of the first Capitol session by JOHNNY OTIS
(and his revue). All eight tracks will be released on the LP "The Johnny
Otis Show" (Capitol T 940) in February 1958, but several tracks from the
album will be pre-released as singles in September (Capitol 3799-3802).
"Can't You Hear Me Callin'" and "Hum Ding A Ling" are coupled on Capitol
3799, and "Ma (He's Making Eyes At Me)" & "(Romance) In the Dark" on Capitol
3800. The other tracks are : "Loop De Loop", "Lonely River", "Stay With Me"
(also on Capitol 3801), and "Good Golly" (also Capitol 3852, December).
These are studio recordings with (in the case of "Ma") overdubbed audience
noise, although they are presented as recorded live at the Orpheum Theatre.
Personnel : Johnny Otis (vocals / vibraphone) ; Marie Adams and the Three
Tons Of Joy (vocals on "Ma", "Loop De Loop" and "In the Dark"), Mel
Williams (vocals on "Stay With Me" and "Lonely River") ; Don Johnson,
Paul Lopez (trumpets) ; George Washington (trombone) ; Jackie Kelso,
Fred Harmon (saxes) ; Jimmy Nolen (guitar) ; Curtis Counce (bass) ; Ernie
Freeman (piano) ; Earl Palmer (drums). Plus strings on some tracks.
Produced by Tom Morgan in Los Angeles.
With the same crew, four additional tracks are recorded on August 20:
"Tell Me So" (Capitol 3801, vocals by Mel Williams), while Jeannie Sterling
and the Moonbeams supply the vocals on "It's Too Soon To Know" b/w "Star Of
Love" (Capitol 3802) and "A Story Untold" (LP Capitol T 940).
August 20, 1957 : During August, JOHNNY BOND records two tracks for the
Various Artists LP "Town Hall Party" (Columbia CL-1072, March 1958) :
"Oklahoma Waltz" on the 20th, and "Wait For the Light To Shine" on the
26th. Location : Radio Recorders on Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood.
Personnel on both days : Grady Martin (guitar, piano) ; Harold Bradley,
Joe Maphis (guitars) ; Ernie Newton (bass) ; Buddy Harman (drums).
Produced by Don Law.

August 20, 1957 : CHAMPION JACK DUPREE does one of his last sessions
for Vik, in New York City. Only "Shake Baby Shake" is issued at the time
(Vik 0304, November). The other three tracks, "The Wrong Woman", "Woman
Trouble Again" and "You're Always Cryin' the Blues" stay on the shelf for
50 years, until they are released on the CD "Shake Baby Shake" (SPV Blue
50812) in 2007.
Personnel : Jack Dupree (vocals / piano) ; Pete Brown (tenor sax) ; Larry
Dale (guitar) ; Al Lucas (bass) ; Willie Jones (drums).

August 21, 1957 : A productive afternoon for THE COLLINS KIDS : six
tracks are completed in three and a half hours. Two singles result from
this session : "Party"/"Heartbeat" (Columbia 41012, October) and "Hoy
Hoy"/"Mama Worries" (Columbia 41087, January 1958). "Hot Rod" and "Soda
Poppin' Around" are first released on the LP "Rockin' Rollin' Collins Kids"
(Bear Family BFX 15074) in 1981. "Just Because" (recorded the day before)
ends up on the LP "Town Hall Party" (Columbia CL-1072), mentioned above.
Personnel : Lorrie and Larry Collins (vocals / guitars) ; Johnny Bond,
Joe Maphis (guitars) ; Skeets McDonald (bass) ; Dudley Brooks (piano) ;
Muddy Berry, Pee Wee Adams (drums).
Produced by Don Law at Radio Recorders in Hollywood.

August 21, 1957 : BOBBY DARIN's second session for Atco yields four
tracks. "Pretty Betty" and "Don't Call My Name" are chosen for Bobby's 
next single (Atco 6103, November). "So Mean" is also released as a 45
(Atco 6109), in February 1958. It will be the last of his non-charting
singles for quite some time ; Bobby's luck is about to change. The fourth
track from this session, "(Since You're Gone) I Can't Go On" is saved for
Bobby's first LP, titled "Bobby Darin" (Atco 33-102, September 1958).
Produced by Herb Abramson in New York City.

August 22, 1957 : With "Raunchy" still unreleased, BILL JUSTIS is back
at 706 Union Avenue in Memphis, to record what will become the follow-up
to "Raunchy" in February 1958 : "College Man"/"The Stranger" (Phillips
International 3522). Even the single after that, "Wild Rice"/"Scroungie"
(Phillips Int. 3525, May 1958) is already recorded at this session,
though another source dates it on January 6, 1958. 
Colin Escott and Martin Hawkins give the following personnel info :
Bill Justis (tenor sax) ; Sidney Manker, Roland Janes (guitars) ; Sid
Lapworth (bass) ; Jimmy Wilson (piano) ; Otis Jett (drums) ; Jamieson
Bryant (unknown instrument).

August 23, 1957 : SAM COOKE waxes two tracks at Radio Recorders in
Hollywood, both of which will go Top 30 pop. "(I Love You) For Sentimental
Reasons" becomes the A-side of his second Keen single (Keen 3-4002, late
November). "You Were Made For Me" is released on Keen 3-4009 in February
Backing by : Clif White, George Collier (guitars) : Ted Brinson (bass) ;
Charles Blackwell (drums) ; Lawrence Bunker (vibes on "Made For Me").
Produced by Sam Cooke and Bumps Blackwell.

August 23, 1957 : JAMES "SUGAR BOY" CRAWFORD is in New Orleans for
his final Imperial session. "No One But You, Dear"/"She's the One" will
be used for his penultimate Imperial single (5468, January 1958). 
Huey 'Piano' Smith plays piano, other personnel details unknown,
probably members of Cosimo Matassa's studio band.

August 23, 1957 : Former Sun artist BILLY "THE KID" EMERSON has his
third and last session for Vee-Jay Records, in Chicago. "Do Yourself A 
Favor"/"You Never Miss Your Water" is issued in December on Vee-Jay 261.
Two other tracks, "Lucinda" and a remake of "When It Rains It Pours",
remain unissued.
Personnel : Sonny Cohn (trumpet) ; Lucius Washington (tenor sax) ; 
McKinley Easton (baritone sax) ; Earl Washington (piano) ; Matt Murphy,
Lefty Bates (guitars) ; Al Smith (bass) ; Al Duncan (drums).

August 24, 1957 : TIMMIE ROGERS cuts the single "Back To School Again"/
"I've Got A Dog Who Loves Me" (Cameo 116, September) at Reco-Art Sound
Recording in Philadelphia. It will become his only chart entry, peaking
at # 36 in Billboard. Produced by Bernie Lowe.

Monday, August 26, 1957 : Tenor sax man RED PRYSOCK is in New York City
at an unknown studio, where he records "What's the Word? Thunderbird!",
coupled with "Satellite" for release on Mercury 71214 in October. Three
other tracks from this session, "Danger", "Happy Walk" and "Sun Spot"
remain unissued.

August 27, 1957 : THURSTON HARRIS is rushed into the studio (Master
Recorders in Hollywood) to cover Bobby Day's "Little Bitty Pretty One"
(Aladdin 3398, September), coupled with "I Hope You Won't Hold It Against
Me", also from this session. While the Bobby Day version stalls at # 57,
the Harris version goes all the way to # 6 (pop). Two further tracks, "Do
What You Did" and "I'm Asking Forgiveness", will make up Thurston's next
single (Aladdin 3399) in December. 
Personnel : Pete Lewis (electric guitar) ; Plas Johnson (tenor sax) ;
Earl Palmer (drums, arranger) ; The Sharps (Al Frazier, Carl White, Sonny
Harris, Rocky Wilson)(vocal group). More details unknown.

August 27, 1957 : Three-track session by MELVIN ENDSLEY at Nashville's
RCA Victor Studio. "Lovin' On My Mind"/"Hungry Eyes" becomes his next 45
(RCA 7062, October). "Gettin' Used To the Blues" stays on the shelf until
the release of Melvin's Bear Family LP "I Like Your Kind Of Love" (BFX
15275) in 1987.
Musicians : Melvin Endsley (vocals / guitar / arranger) ; Jimmy Bryant 
(electric guitar) ; Chet Atkins (rhythm guitar, producer) ; Jerry Byrd 
(steel guitar) ;  Bob Moore (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Buddy Harman
(drums). Plus a 5-piece vocal chorus.

August 28, 1957 : LaVERN BAKER cuts three titles in New York City, but
only one of these, "St. Louis Blues", is judged worthy of release (Atlantic
1163, November). "Full Time Baby" and "You Love Me" stay in the can.
Personnel : Taft Jordan (trumpet) ; Jerome Richardson (tenor sax) ; Moe
Wechsler (piano) ; Allen Hanson, Charles Macey (guitars) ; Lloyd Trotman
(bass) ; Panama Francis (drums). And a six-piece vocal group.
Arranged and directed by Billy Mure.

August 28, 1957 : In Los Angeles, LOUIS JORDAN records an entire LP,
"Man, We're Wailin'" (Mercury MG 20331), for release in March 1958.
Tracks : "Saturday Night Fish Fry", "Sunday", "The Nearness Of You",
"Peace Of Mind", "I Never Had A Chance", "Got My Mo-Jo Working", "A Man
Ain't A Man", "The Slop", "Sweet Lorraine", "Route 66", "The Jamf" and
"I Hadn't Anyone Till You". One single is drawn from the LP, "I Never
Had A Chance"/"Peace Of Mind" (Mercury 71206, October).
Personnel : Louis Jordan (vocals / alto sax) ; Austin Powell (tenor sax) ;
Irving Ashby (guitar) ; Billy Hadnott (bass) ; Jackie Davis (organ) ;
Marvin Oliver (drums) ; Dorothy Smith (vocals on "Route 66").

August 29, 1957 is the recording date of the DALE HAWKINS single "Baby
Baby"/"Mrs. Merguitory's Daughter" (Checker 876, October). It is Dale's
first session in Chicago (Sheldon Recording Studio).
Personnel : Dale Hawkins (vocals / guitar) ; Carl Adams, Fred Carter,
Jody Williams (guitars) ; Lafayette Leake or Leon Post (piano) ; Unknown
(bass, drums) ; Margaret & Rose Lewis (backup vocals).
Produced by Leonard Chess.

August 29, 1957 : LITTLE WILLIE JOHN does another New York City session.
"Dinner Date"/"Uh Uh, Baby" is chosen as the new single (King 5083,
September). "Until You Do" follows at the end of November (King 5091).
"There's Someone New In This World For Me" has to wait until November
1961 for release on King 5577.
Personnel : Willis Jackson, Buddy Lucas (tenor saxes) ; Kelly Owens
(piano) ; Kenny Burrell, Bill Jennings, Chauncey Westbrook (guitars) ;
Al Lucas (bass) ; Solomon Hall (drums) ; Unknown (chorus).

August 30, 1957 : PIANO RED (Willie Perryman) waxes four tracks at RCA
Victor's Studio A in New York City. "South"/"Coo Cha" is selected for
single release (RCA 7065, October), while "Dixie Roll" and "Boston Scored"
stay on the shelf until the release of the Bear Family 4-CD box-set "The
Doctor's In!" (BCD 15685) in 1993.
Personnel : Piano Red (vocals / piano / conductor) ; Carl Lynch, Eddie
Thomas (guitars) ; Doles Dickens (bass) ; Budd Johnson (tenor sax) ;
Ben Smith (baritone sax) ; Gus Johnson (drums).
Produced by Brad McCuen.

August 30, 1957 : (Alvis Edgar) 'BUCK' OWENS has his first session at
the Capitol Recording Studio in Hollywood, in the afternoon (14:00-17:00).
"Come Back" and "I Know What It Means" are selected for his debut single
on the famous label (Capitol 3824, November), followed by "Sweet Thing"/
"I Only Know That I Love You" (Capitol 3957) in April 1958. Both records
sink without trace and Buck, disillusioned, asks producer Ken Nelson to
forget the contract ...
Personnel : Buck Owens (vocals / guitar / leader) ; Gene Moles, Ray Ernest
Nichols (electric guitars) ; Jelly Sanders (bass) ; Glen Ayers (drums).

August 30, 1957 : TOMMY SANDS is next at the Capitol Tower, during the
evening. He records the single "Man, Like Wow !"/"A Swingin' Romance"
(Capitol 3810, September). The next day he cuts "Don't Blame Me" and
"My Happiness", which will be used for his LP "This Thing Called Love"
(Capitol T 1123, February 1959).
Personnel : Bob Bain (guitar / leader) ; Buck Owens (rhythm guitar) ;
Merrill Moore (piano) ; Unknown (bass, drums, vocal chorus).
Produced by Ken Nelson.

(Probably) August 1957, unknown date : THE BIG BOPPER, aka J.P. Richardson,
records his first single for Mercury : "Crazy Blues"/"Beggar To A King"
(Mercury 71219, release date October 16). The label credit reads "Jape
Richardson and the Japetts". A first version of "Someone Watching Over
You" may also have been waxed at this session.
Musicians : Sunny Burns or Hal Harris (guitar) ; Herb Remington (steel
guitar) ; Doc Lewis (piano) ; Bill Kimbrough (drums) ; Unidentified (bass,
background vocals).
Produced by Pappy Daily at Gold Star Studio in Houston, Texas.

August 1957, unknown date : SANFORD CLARK waxes both sides of the single
"The Man Who Made An Angel Cry"/"Swanee River Rock" (Dot 15646, September
12), though probably not on the same day. 
Backing by : Al Casey, Corky Casey, Donnie Owens (guitars) ; Buddy Wheeler
(bass) ; Mike Bermani (drums).
Produced by Lee Hazlewood at Audio Recorders in Phoenix, Arizona.

August 1957, unknown date : In New Orleans, PAUL GAYTEN records the
instrumental "Tough Enough". It will be coupled with "Ol' Man River" by
the Tune Weavers, (for release on Checker 880 at the end of November),
which originally was the B-side of their big hit "Happy Happy Birthday
Baby" (Checker 872), until it was replaced as such by "Yo Yo Walk" by
Paul Gayten (in its turn a reissue of "Mother Roux", Checker 836).

(Probably) August 1957 : JERRY LEE LEWIS records five songs, four of 
which are owned by Sam Phillips's publishing company. "Ubangi Stomp"
and "Matchbox" will be used for Jerry's debut LP ("Jerry Lee Lewis", 
Sun LP 1230, April 1958). "Matchbox" will be overdubbed on April 8, 
1958. "Rock 'n' Roll Ruby" and "Solong I'm Gone" are first issued in
1974 on the "Rockin' And Free" LP (Sun 6467029). "Rockin' With Red" (aka
"She Knows How To Rock") sees its first release on the 10-LP set "Jerry
Lee Lewis : The Sun Years" (Sun Box 102) in 1982.
Musicians : Jerry Lee Lewis (vocals / piano) ; Roland Janes (guitar) ;
Billy Riley (bass) ; Jimmy Van Eaton (drums).
Produced by Sam Phillips and Jack Clement at the Sun studio in Memphis.

With thanks to Steve Walker, Mike Thompson and Henk Gorter.

Additions and corrections welcome.

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