December 1, 1957 : In Philadelphia CHARLIE GRACIE records "Yea Yea (I'm
In Love With You)" at Reco-Art Sound Recording. This medium-paced rocker
will stay on the shelf for almost half a century until the release of
the CD "The Best Of Charlie Gracie - Cameo Parkway 1956-1958" (US ABCKO
7192382, 2006).
Personnel : Charlie Gracie (vocals / lead guitar) ; Fred Nuzzullio aka
Dan Daily (sax) ; Joe Sgro (rhythm guitar) ; Joe Macho (bass) ; Jerry
Kilgore (drums) ; Bernie Lowe (piano).
Produced by Bernie Lowe. 

December 2, 1957 : FERLIN HUSKY records the rocker "Wang Dang Doo", issued
on Capitol 3862 in January 1958. The other side is What’Cha Doin’ After
School", recorded on November 13, 1957. "Somewhere There’s Sunshine" is
an EP track, while "When It Rains It Pours" and "Don’t Walk Away" haven’t 
been released at all.
Personnel ; Hank Garland, Jack Shook (guitars) ; Lightnin’ Chance (bass) ;
Marvin Hughes (piano) ; Rufus Long (sax) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ; The Anita
Kerr Singers (vocal chorus).
Produced by Ken Nelson at Bradley Studio in Nashville.

December 2, 1957 : FARON YOUNG records two tracks at Bradley Studio in
Nashville that stay in the can for quite some time. "When It Rains It 
Pours" is first released on the LP "Falling In Love" (Capitol DT 2307)
in 1965 and "The Face Of Love" on the album "Faron Young" (Hilltop JS
6073) in 1966.
Personnel : Hank Garland, Jack Shook (guitars) ; Lightnin' Chance (bass) ;
Marvin Hughes (piano) ; Rufus Long (tenor sax) ; The Anita Kerr Singers
(vocal chorus).
Produced by Ken Nelson.

December 2, 1957 : THE MOONGLOWS cut the single "Ten Commandments Of 
Love"/"Mean Old Blues", which is credited to Harvey and the Moonglows
and issued on Chess 1705 in August 1958. A third track, "Don't Be Afraid 
To Love" is saved until April 1959 (Chess 1725) and is credited to Harvey 
Fuqua only, though the whole group is present.
Location : Chicago.

December 2, 1957 : KIP TYLER does a session in Los Angeles, resulting
in the single "She Got Eyes"/"Shadow Street" (Challenge 1014, January 
1958). Tyler (vocals / bongos) is not backed by his own group, the Flips, 
but by unknown studio musicians on guitar, bass and drums.
Probably also in December (exact date unknown), Tyler records "Wail Man
Wail", "Nothing But Tough" and "Hello Mr. Dee-Jay", which are first
issued on the Various artists LP "Rock and Roll Cannibals" (Bear Family
BFX 15233) in 1987. This time the Flips are present : Steve Douglas
(sax) ; Larry Knechtel (piano) ; Mike Deasy (guitar) ; Mike Bermani

Tuesday, December 3, 1957 : DON GIBSON waxes the single "Oh Lonesome Me"/
"I Can't Stop Loving You" (RCA 7133, late December), which will give him
his first pop hit (# 7, also # 1 C&W). "It Has To Be" will be included on
the LP "That Gibson Boy" (RCA LPM 2038, 1959) and "Tell It Like It Is"
stays in the can until 1982, when it appears on the LP "Rockin' Rollin'
Don Gibson, Vol. 2" (Bear Family BFX 15097).
Personnel : Don Gibson (vocals / guitar) ; Velma Smith (guitar) ; Joe
Zinkan (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; The Jordanaires (vocal chorus) ;
Troy Hatcher (drums).
Produced by Chet Atkins at RCA Victor Studio in Nashville.

December 3, 1957 : GLEN GLENN records two songs at Garrison Studio in
Long Beach, California. "One Cup Of Coffee And a Cigarette" will come
out on Era 1074 in June 1958. "Kathleen" is first issued on the Dutch
LP "Rocking From Hollywood To Groningen" (Dial LP-002) in 1977.
Personnel : Gary Lambert (guitar) ; Wynn Stewart (rhythm guitar) ;
Johnny Mosby (bass) ; Helen Peaches Price (drums) ; Jean Smith, Glenda
Smith, Beverly Stewart (vocal chorus).

December 3, 1957 : THE JODIMARS do a 4-track session for Imperial in
Hollywood. All the tracks - "Hip Shakin' Baby", "Be My Love", "Honey
Baby" and "Bring Along Your Lovin'" - remain in the can until 1994 when 
they are released on the Jodimars CD "Let's All Rock Together" (Rockstar
RSRCD 007, UK). Credit in the Imperial files goes to Marshall Lytle and 
the Jodimars, though the other two Jodimars (Joey D'Ambrosia and Dick
Richards) were probably absent.
Personnel : Marshall Lytle (vocals) ; Joe Maphis (guitar) ; Gene Garf
(piano) ; James Kirkland (bass) ; Richie Frost (drums).
Produced by Jimmie Haskell.

December 3, 1957 : PERRY COMO records his big hit "Magic Moments" (# 4 US,
# 1 UK) at RCA Victor Studio A in New York City. It is a one-song session.
The reverse, "Catch A Falling Star", was recorded on October 9, 1957. Both
sides are arranged by Joe Reisman, produced by Joe Carlton and accompanied
by the Mitchell Ayres orchestra with the Ray Charles Singers. Released on
RCA 7128 at the end of the month.

December 3, 4 and 6, 1957 : Three days of sessions for THE PLATTERS at
Mercury Sound Studio in New York City. The four tracks from December 3
("Try A Little Tenderness", "My Old Flame", "Sleepy Time Gal" and "Don't
Blame Me") are released on the LP "The Flying Platters Around the World"
in April 1958 (Mercury MG 20366) ; "My Old Flame" is also issued as a 45
(Mercury 71320, May 1958). Four songs are also recorded on the 4th :
"Helpless" (Mercury 71246, January 1958), "I Wish" (Mercury 71353, August
1958), "No Matter What You Are" (Mercury 71383, November 1958, B-side of
"Smoke Gets In Your Eyes") and "Wish Me Love". The latter was scheduled
for release on Mercury MG 20541 (Platters Greatest Hits) in 1959, but this
LP was withdrawn and the track stayed in the vaults until the release of
the 9-CD Bear Family box in 1994 (BCD 15741).
Finally, on December 6, the group waxes the future number one "Twilight
Time" (Mercury 71289, April 4, 1958) and two more tracks for the "Flying
Platters Around the World" LP : "My Serenade" and "That Old Feeling".

December 4, 1957 : THE COASTERS have their first session in New York
City, at Capitol Studios. Bobby Nunn has already left the group, but Will
'Dub' Jones has not yet joined ; the bass vocalist here is probably Tommy
Edwards. "Gee Golly"/"Dance" is chosen for their next single (Atco 6111,
February 1958). The Bobby Darin composition "Wait A Minute" is kept on the 
shelf until January 1961 (Atco 6186). The fourth song from this session,
"I'm Fallin'", remains unissued until today.
Personnel : Carl Gardner, Billy Guy and Tommy Edwards (vocals) ; Al Caiola
and Adolph Jacobs (guitars) ; Lloyd Trotman (bass) ; Mike Stoller (piano,
arranger) ; Jesse Powell (tenor sax) ; Joe Marshall, Alvin Stoller (drums) ;
Harry Breuer (tambourine).
Produced by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.

December 4, 1957 : JOHNNIE AND JACK (Johnny Wright and Jack Anglin) record
the single "Stop the World (And Let Me Off)"/"Camel walk Stroll" at the
RCA Victor Studio in Nashville (RCA 47-7137, January 1958). A # 7 country
Personnel : Hank Garland, Velma Smith (guitars) ; Joe Zinkan (bass) ; Floyd
Cramer (piano) ; Andrew Goodrich (sax) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ; The Jorda-
naires (vocal chorus).
Produced by Chet Atkins.

December 5, 1957 :  Time for another RUTH BROWN session. Two songs are
selected for her next single, "Just Too Much"/"Book Of Lies" (Atlantic
1177, February 1958). A third track, "Pity Pity On Me", is consigned to
the vaults.
Personnel : Jerome Richardson (alto sax) ; Dick Hyman (piano) ; Al Caiola,
Allen Hanlon, Mundell Lowe (guitars) ; Lloyd Trotman (bass) ; Joe Marshall
(drums). Plus a 4-piece vocal chorus.
Produced by Ahmet Ertegun and Jerry Wexler in New York City.

December 5, 1957 : JOE BENNETT and the Sparkletones record "I Dig You
Baby" for their next single (ABC-Paramount 9885, February 1958). The
reverse, "Cotton Pickin' Rocker", was recorded on November 27.
Only one other track is recorded, namely "Maybe Baby", which stays in
the vaults until the release of the "Black Slacks" LP in 1983 (MCA 1553).
Produced by Don Costa in New York City, probably Bell Sound Studio. 

December 6, 1957 : CARL PERKINS cuts "Look At That Moon" (originally
unissued, but included on the 5-CD Bear Family box-set "The Classic Carl
Perkins", BCD 15494, in 1990) and "Lend Me Your Comb" at the Sun studio.
On December 11 Carl is back for his final Sun session. "Glad All Over"
(featured in the movie "Jamboree") is coupled with "Lend Me Your Comb"
(a duet with brother Jay Perkins) for release on Sun 287 in the first week
of 1958. According to Hank Davis, "Right String Baby, Wrong Yo-Yo" from 
Carl's 1958 Sun LP (1225) was also recorded on December 11, but this is 
not confirmed by other sources.
Produced by Sam Phillips and Jack Clement.

December 6, 9, 10 and 15, 1957 : Busy times for GENE VINCENT and his Blue
Caps at the Capitol Tower in Hollywood. Unless otherwise indicated, the 
tracks appear on Gene's third LP, "Gene Vincent Rocks And the Blue Caps 
Roll" (Capitol T 970, March 1958).
Tracks recorded on the 6th : "Your Cheatin' Heart", "Baby Blue" (first 
version, Capitol 3959, April 1958), "It's No Lie" and "Walking Home From 
School" (Capitol 3874, January 1958). On the 9th : "Should I Ever Love 
Again", "Flea Brain", "Brandnew Beat" and "Frankie And Johnnie".
On the 10th : "You Belong To Me", "Keep It A Secret" (LP "A Gene Vincent
Record Date", Capitol T 1059, November 1958) and "Yes I Love You Baby"
(Capitol 4010, July 1958). Finally on the 15th : "By the Light Of the 
Silvery Moon", "Right Now" (Capitol 4237, June 1959), "You'll Never Walk 
Alone" and "I Got A Baby" (Capitol 3874, January 1958).
Personnel : Johnny Meeks (lead guitar) ; Max Lipscomb (rhythm guitar /
piano) ; Bobby Jones (bass) ; Dickie Harrell (drums) ; Paul Peek, Tommy
Facenda (clapper boys / backing vocals).
Produced by Ken Nelson.

December 8, 1957 : JIMMY DELL does a four-track session at Ramsey's
Recording Studio in Phoenix, Arizona. "Teeny Weeny"/"She Won't Pet" is
selected for single release (RCA 7134, first week of 1958). "The Message"
becomes the B-side of his next single (RCA 7194, March 1958). "Oh Oh Baby"
stays on the shelf for 52 years, until 2009, when the song is included on
Jimmy's Bear Family CD "Cool It, Baby" (BCD 16508).
Backing by the Jimmy Wilcox orchestra : Al Casey (lead guitar) ; Corki 
Casey (rhythm guitar) ; Jimmy Wilcox (bass) ; Howard Crook (piano) ; 
Darrel Macey, Ronnie Luplow (saxophones) ; Bob Taylor or Jimmy Troxel
Produced by Connie Conway and Floyd Ramsey.

December 10, 1957 : CARL SMITH has a recording session at Bradley Studio
in Nashville. "You're So Easy To Love" and "Your Name Is Beautiful" will
be selected for his next single (Columbia 41092, January 1958) while "Dry
Your Darling's Eyes" remains unissued until the release of the CD boxset
"Satisfaction Guaranteed" (Bear Family BCD 15849).
Personnel : Harold Bradley, Hank Garland and Grady Martin (guitars) ;
Bob Moore (bass) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ; Marvin Hughes (piano).
Produced by Don Law.

December 11, 1957 : MARVIN AND JOHNNY (Marvin Phillips and Emory Perry)
lay down their next single at  Radio Recorders in Hollywood : "You're
In My Heart"/"Smack Smack" (Aladdin 3408, January 1958).

December 11, 1957 : RAY PRICE is at Bradley Studio in Nashville to record
three tracks. "Curtain in the Window" is chosen as his new single, issued
on January 20, 1958 (Columbia 41105, c/w "It’s All Your Fault", recorded
on May 24, 1957). A # 3 country hit. "Wall of Tears" will be used as the
B-side of "Heartaches By the Number" (from a session on January 29, 1959), 
which comes out on Columbia 41374 in April 1959. "Talk To Your Conscience" 
stays in the vaults until it is included on the 10-CD box-set "Honky Tonk 
Years" in 1995 (Bear Family BCD 15843).
Personnel : Harold Bradley, Grady Martin, Hank Garland , Pete Wade (guitars)
; Jimmy Day (steel guitar) ; Lightnin’ Chance (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; 
Tommy Jackson (fiddle) ; Buddy Harman (drums).
Produced by Don Law.

December 12, 1957 : ROY HALL does a demo session for Sun Records in
Memphis, Tennessee. The three tracks, "Lost My Baby", "Sweet Love On My
Mind" and "Christine", linger in the Sun vaults until they are released
on the Various artists LP "Sunset Special" (Sun LP 1035, UK) in 1986. 
On December 10, Hall had already waxed "My Girl And His Girl", which was
previously recorded for Decca, but went unissued until 1984. This new
version sees its first release on the UK CD "Essential Sun Rockabillies -
volume 4" (Charly CPCD 8236, 1996).
On both days Hall is backed by : Reggie Young (guitar) ; Stan Kesler
(bass) ; Jimmy Smith (piano) ; Otis Jett (drums).

December 12, 1957 : In Los Angeles, THE HOLLYWOOD FLAMES record "Two 
Little Bees" and "It's Love", intended for release on Ebb 143 in March
1958, but this disc was either never issued or very quickly withdrawn.
First release of "Two Little Bees" on Specialty LP 2166 (LP "Buzz Buzz
Buzz") in 1988, and of "It's Love" on P-Vine PCD-2155 in 1990 ("The Ebb
Rhythm and Blues Masters", a Japanese release).

December 12, 1957 : GEORGE JONES is at Bradley Studio in Nashville to
record two tracks that will both end up on the LP "The Crown Prince Of 
Country Music" (Starday SLP-125) in 1960 : "Maybe Little Baby" and "Rain,
Rain". A few days earlier (exact date unknown), Jones was at Gold Star
Studio in Houston where he also cut two tracks : "Eskimo Pie" (his next
single, released January 15, 1958, Mercury 71257) and "I'm With the
Wrong One", a duet with Jeanette Hicks (Mercury 71339, June 1958).
Both sessions produced by Pappy Daily.

Friday, December 13, 1957 : JOHNNY HORTON is in excellent form on "Honky
Tonk Hardwood Floor"/"The Wild One" (Columbia 41110, February 1958). A 
third track, "Every Time I'm Kissing You" will end up as a track for the
LP "Honky Tonk Man" (Columbia CS-8779), which is posthumously released
in March 1962.
Personnel : Johnny Horton (vocals / guitar) ; Grady Martin (guitar /
electric bass) ; Tommy Tomlinson (guitar) ; Jesse Sparks (bass) ; Allen
Harris (piano). No drummer!
Produced by Don Law at Bradley Studio in Nashville.

December 13, 1957 : PATSY CLINE is also at Bradley Studio where she cuts
four tracks, all released as singles. "Stop the World (And Let Me Off)"/
"Walking Dream" (Decca 30542) is chosen as her next single, released on 
January 13, 1958. "If I Could See the World (Through the Eyes Of A Child)"
appears in September 1958 (Decca 30746) and "Cry Not For Me" in February
1959 (Decca 30846).
Backing by unknown members of the Nashville A-team and the Anita Kerr
Singers (vocal chorus).
Produced by Owen Bradley.

December 14, 1957 is the recording date of the JERRY KENNEDY single
"Teenage Love Is Misery"/"Oo-Wee Baby" (Decca 30577, March 1958).
Personnel : Hank Garland, Grady Martin, Harold Bradley (guitars) ; Bob
Moore (bass) ; Owen Bradley (piano) ; Farris Coursey (drums) ; The Anita
Kerr Singers (vocal chorus).
Produced by Paul Cohen at Bradley Studio in Nashville.

Monday, December 16, 1957 : RONNIE SELF records from 14:00 till 17:00
at Bradley Studio, turning in two of the most frenetic performances from 
the early days of rock 'n' roll. "Bop-A-Lena"/"I Ain't Going Nowhere" is 
issued on Columbia 41101 in the last week of January  1958, and sees a
rather belated release in Holland (CBS 1.209, October 1963). Ronnie's own 
composition "You're So Right For Me" (just as wild as "Bop-A-Lena") will
follow in August 1958 (Columbia 41241).
Personnel : Ronnie Self (vocals / guitar) ; John T. Hill, Ray Edenton
(guitars) ; Ike Inman (bass) ; Marvin Hughes (piano) ; Buddy Harman
Produced by Don Law.

December 16, 1957 is also the date of the very first recording session
of THE KALIN TWINS (Herbert and Harold Kalin). "Jumpin' Jack"/"Walkin'
To School" becomes their first single (Decca 30552, January 1958). "The
Spider And the Fly" stays in the can until the release of the Bear Family
CD "When" (BCD 15597) in 1992.
Arranged and conducted by Jack Pleis.
Location : Decca Studio A, New York City.

December 17, 19, 1957 : BUDDY HOLLY pays another visit to the Nor Va Jak
Studio in Clovis, New Mexico, where he records "Little Baby". Two days 
later he cuts "Look At Me" and "You're So Square (Baby I Don't Care)".
All three tracks will appear on the LP "Buddy Holly" (Coral CRL 57210,
release date February 20, 1958).
Personnel : Buddy Holly (vocals / guitar) ; Joe B. Mauldin (bass) ;
C.W. Kendall, Jr. (piano on December 17) ; Vi Petty (piano on December
19) ; Jerry Allison (drums / cardboard box percussion).
Produced by Norman Petty.

December 18, 1957 : During an afternoon session, BILLY BROWN records
three tracks, all released as singles. "Meet Me In the Alley, Sally"/
"I Wanted You" appears on Columbia 41100 in January 1958 and "Flip Out"
on Columbia 41297 in November 1958.
Personnel : Harold Bradley, Jerry Reed (guitars) ; Lightnin' Chance
(bass) ; Ray Stevens (piano) ; Dutch McMillin (sax) ; Buddy Harman
Produced by Don Law at Bradley Studio in Nashville.

December 18, 1957 : RODDY JACKSON waxes his first single : "Love At First
Sight"/"I've Got My Sights On Someone New" (Specialty 623, January 1958).
In Belgium, Fonior is the new Specialty-licensee, and a quick release is
the result (London 9.5.010, February 1958). 
Also recorded is an incomplete version of "Lend Me Your Comb", which is
included on Roddy's CD "Central Valley Fireball" (Ace CDCHD 1101) in 2007.
Personnel : Roddy Jackson (vocals / piano) ; Rene Hall (guitar) ; Earl
Palmer (drums) ; Unknown (bass, backing vocals).
Location : Hollywood, unknown studio.

December 18, 1957 : LaVERN BAKER is in New York City for a four-track
session. "Substitute" becomes the next single (Atlantic 1176, c/w the
previously recorded "Learning To Love"), to be released in February 1958.
"Whipper Snapper" will follow in June 1958 (Atlantic 1189, c/w "Harbor 
Lights" from an October 1956 session) and "It's So Fine"/"Why Baby Why"
in September 1958 (Atlantic 2001).
Personnel : Taft Jordan, Red Solomon (trumpets) ; Sam Taylor (tenor sax) ;
Allen Hanlon (guitar) ; Wendel Marshall (bass) ; Mike Stoller, Moe Wechsler
(piano) ; Harry Breuer (xylophone) ; Joe Marshall (drums).
Arranged and directed by Howard Biggs.
Produced by Ahmet Ertegun and Jerry Wexler. 

December 18, 1957 : Another big-voiced lady, TINY TOPSY, commits her
next single to tape : "You Shocked Me"/"Waterproof Eyes" (Federal 12315, 
January 1958), at the King Studio in Cincinnati.
Backing by : John Faire, Clifford Bush (guitars) ; Edwyn Conley (bass) ;
Jon Thomas (piano) ; Edison Gore (drums) ; Unknown (vocal chorus).

December 18, 1957 : TOMMY SANDS rerecords "Sing Boy Sing" (in a faster
version) and "Crazy Cause I Love You" for single release (Capitol 3867,
January 1958). Backing by Bob Bain's Music : Bob Bain (lead guitar) ;
Buck Owens (rhythm guitar) ; Merrill Moore (piano) ; Unknown (tenor sax,
bass, drums).
Produced by Ken Nelson at the Capitol Tower in Hollywood.

December 19, 1957 : DAVE RICH does a three-track session at RCA Victor
Studio in Nashville. "School Blues"/"I've Thought It Over" is his next
single (RCA 7141, January 1958), "Rosie Let's Get Cozy" (RCA 7334) will
appear in September 1958.
Personnel : Dave Rich (vocals / guitar / leader) ; Hank Garland, James
Rich (electric guitars) ; Velma Smith (rhythm guitar) : Junior Huskey 
(bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ; Unknown (vocal 
chorus), possibly the Jordanaires.
Produced by Chet Atkins.

December 19, 1957 : Guitarist IRVING ASHBY waxes his version of the
much-recorded instrumental "Big Guitar", which is coupled with "Motatin'"
from the same session (Imperial 5485, January 1958).
Location : Los Angeles.

December 20, 1957 : Tenor saxophonist PLAS JOHNSON records the single
"Hoppin' Mad"/"Popcorn" (Capitol 3875, January 1958), at the Capitol Tower
in Hollywood, under the supervision of Tom Morgan. It is a split session
with THE BLOSSOMS, who lay down "Have Faith In Me"/"Little Louie" (Capitol
3878, January). It is the first Blossoms single featuring Darlene Wright
(the later Darlene Love), but she does not yet sing lead here. That honour
is bestowed upon Fanita Barrett. The other group members are Gloria Jones
and Nannette Williams. Backing by Eddie Beal and his orchestra.

December 20, 1957 : FRANKIE LYMON, now officially departed from the
Teenagers, does a four-track session in New York City. "Thumb Thumb"/
"Footsteps" is released on Roulette 4044 in January, "Portable On My 
Shoulder" follows in April 1958 (Roulette 4068). "That's the Way Love
Goes" stays in the can until it is saved by Bear Family in 1994 (Frankie
Lymon and the Teenagers : Complete Recordings, 5-CD set, BCD 15782).

December 22, 1957 : BOBBY HELMS cuts his next two singles at Bradley 
Studio in Nashville : "Love My Lady"/"Just A Little Lonesome" (Decca
30557, January 1958) and "Jacqueline"/"Living in the Shadows of the Past"
(Decca 30619, April 1958).
Personnel : Harold Bradley, Hank Garland, Grady Martin, Ray Edenton
(guitars) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Owen Bradley (piano) ; Buddy Harman (drums)
; The Anita Kerr Singers (vocal chorus).
Produced by Paul Cohen.

December 23, 1957 : First recording session of THE CHAMPS, at Gold Star
Studio in Hollywood. At this point the group, as yet unnamed, consists of
Dave Burgess (guitar) ; Danny Flores aka Chuck Rio (sax, piano) ; Buddy
Bruce (guitar) ; Cliff Hills (bass) ; Gene Alden (drums). Most of the
three-hour session is spent on "Train To Nowhere", followed by "Night
Beat" (which will become the closing track of their first LP, "Go Champs
Go!", Challenge CHL-601, June 1958) and "All Night Rock" (never issued
and untraced). As an afterthought, "Tequila" is recorded in three takes.
On January 15, 1958, it is released on Challenge 1016 as the B-side of
"Train To Nowhere". That's exactly where "Train" went, until some DJ
flipped the record over … "Tequila" tops the Billboard charts for five 
Produced by Joe Johnson.

December 23, 1957 : Also in Hollywood (Radio Recorders), GENE AND EUNICE
record their next single, "The Angels Gave You To Me"/"I Mean Love", for
release on Aladdin 3414 in March 1958.
Produced by Earl Palmer.

Friday, December 27, 1957 : LOWELL FULSON records his most rocking tune,
"Rock This Morning", and its flip, "I Want To Make Love To You" (Checker 
882, January 1958). Also recorded at this L.A. session are "That's All 
Right" (Checker 937, December 1959) and "Rock 'Em Dead", which is first
issued on the double LP "Lowell Fulson" (Chess 2ACMB-205) in 1976. 

December 27, 1957 : T-BONE WALKER does a session in Los Angeles. Three
tracks end up on the LP "T-Bone Blues" (Atlantic LP 8020, 1959) : "Two
Bones And A Pick", "Evenin'" and the instrumental "Blues Rock". "How
Long Blues" stays on the shelf until 1972 (Various artists LP "Texas
Guitar : From Dallas To L.A.", Atlantic SD 7226), while an untitled
instrumental is consigned to the vaults.
Musicians : T-Bone Walker (vocals / guitar) ; Barney Kessel, R.S. Rankin
(guitars) ; Joe Comfort (bass) ; Plas Johnson (tenor sax) ; Ray Johnson
(piano) ; Earl Palmer (drums).

December 28, 1957 : GENE MALTAIS records his second single, "The Bug"/
"Lovemakin'" (Regal 7502, April 1958), at Ramsey's Recording Studio in
Phoenix, Arizona. Unissued from this session are "Rock and Roll Beat"
and "I'm In Love", the tapes of which are lost.
Backing by : Al Casey (guitar) [according to the session log files ;
Gene recalls Duane Eddy as being the guitarist] ; Jimmy Wilcox (bass) ;
Unidentified (drums, vocal group).
Produced by Joe Sedar.

December 29, 1957 : CHUCK BERRY is back at the Chess Studio in Chicago to
record six tracks. Selected for single release is "Sweet Little Sixteen"/
"Reelin' and Rockin'" (Chess 1683, late January 1958), which will reach # 1
on the R&B charts and # 2 on the pop charts. "Rockin' at the Philharmonic"
and "Guitar Boogie" are tracks for the LP "One Dozen Berrys" (Chess LP 1432,
April). "Night Beat" stays on the shelf until 1964 (LP "Saint Louis to
Liverpool", Chess LP 1488). A slow version of "Time Was" is first issued on
the 3-CD set "Chess Box" in 1988 (MCA CHD3-80).
Personnel : Chuck Berry (vocals / guitar) ; Lafayette Leake (piano) ; Willie
Dixon (bass) ; Fred Below (drums).

December 29, 1957 : Pianist FLOYD CRAMER does his first solo session for
RCA. "Flip Flop and Bop"/"Sophisticated Swing" becomes his first single
for the label (RCA 7156, February 1958), which will peak at # 87 on the
Billboard charts. "Theme From A Dream" and "Shaggy Bop" stay in the can 
until June 1967, when they are issued on the LP "Night Train" (RCA Camden 
Produced by Chet Atkins at RCA Victor Studio in Nashville.

December 29, 1957 : MAC CURTIS, recently enlisted into the US Army,
records his final King session during Christmas home leave. The results
are "You Are My Very Special Baby"/"What You Want" (King 5107, January
1958) and "Little Miss Linda"/"Missy Ann" (King 5121, March 1958).
Personnel : Mac Curtis (vocals / acoustic guitar) ; Jay Brinkley (lead
guitar) ; Kenny Cobb (bass) ; George Campbell (piano) ; Bill Peck (drums) ;
Bob Kelly (backing vocals).
Produced by Ralph Bass at Clifford Herring Sound Studio, Fort Worth, TX.

December 30 : At the RCA studio in Nashville HAWKSHAW HAWKINS records
"It's Easier Said Than Done"/"Guilty Of Dreaming" for his next single
(RCA 7145, January 1958). A third track, "I'll Get Even With You" (c/w
"I Don't Apologize For Lovin' You" from his April 13 session) will be
used for a subsequent single (RCA 7222, April 1958).
"Thank You For Thinking Of Me" remains unissued until the release of
the CD boxset "HAWK" (Bear Family BCD 15539, 1991).
Personnel : Hawkshaw Hawkins (vocals) ; Leon Richardson (electric guitar) ;
Jimmy Selph (guitar) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Farris Coursey (drums) ; Floyd
Cramer (piano) ; Jordanaires (vocal chorus).
Session produced by Chet Atkins.

December 1957, unknown date : JIMMY McCRACKLIN's debut session for
Chess-Checker Records will bring him his first hit. "The Walk"/"I'm
To Blame" (Checker 885, January 1958) reaches a peak position of # 5
on the R&B charts and # 7 on the pop charts. "Take Care Of Yourself"
is first issued in 1962 on the LP "Jimmy McCracklin Sings" (Chess LP
1464) and "Minnie Lee" stays on the shelf until 1985 when it becomes
the opening track of the Japanese LP "The Best Of Jimmy McCracklin With
Lafayette Thomas" (P-Vine 6033).
Personnel : Jimmy McCracklin (vocals / piano) ; Lafayette Thomas (guitar) ;
Unknown (bass) ; Johnny Parker, Willie Cowart (tenor saxes) ; Raymond Boyd
(alto sax) ; Ray Cotton (drums).
Location : Chicago.

December 1957, unknown date : HARDROCK GUNTER records the single "Boppin'
To Grandfather's Clock"/"Beggars Can't Be choosers" (Island IR-6, January
1958) at WWVA radio station in Wheeling, Virginia. Label credit goes to 
Sidney Jo Lewis, a pseudonym of Gunter.

December 1957, unknown date(s) : DALE HAWKINS records at Sheldon Studio
in Chicago under the supervision of Leonard Chess. "Tornado"/"Little Pig"
is chosen for single release (Checker 892, April 1958). "Juanita" and
"Heaven" end up on Dale's LP "Oh! Suzie-Q" (Chess LP 1429, 1958). Three
other tracks, "Boogie Woogie Teenage Girl", "Teenage Dolly" and "Sweetie
Pie" gather dust in the vaults until the release of the CD "Rock 'n' Roll 
Tornado" (Ace CDCHD 693, UK) in 1998.
Personnel : Dale Hawkins (vocals / guitar) ; Carl Adams, Kenny Paulsen
(guitars) ; Unknown (bass) ; Marc Mathis (piano) ; Ronnie Lewis (drums) ;
Margaret and Rose Lewis (vocal chorus).
An alternate version of "Little Pig" is recorded on December 16, 1957, in
Shreveport, Louisiana (first released on the LP "Oh Suzie-Q : The Best of
Dale Hawkins, Vol. 1", Checker 6467301, UK, 1976) by Dale Hawkins (vocals /
guitar / producer) ; Carl Adams (guitar) ; Sonny Trammell (bass) ; Nick 
Roppolo (drums) ; Margaret Lewis (second vocal).

December 1957, unknown date : MARVIN RAINWATER cuts "Whole Lotta Woman",
which will top the UK charts, though it is only a minor hit (# 60) in the
USA. Release on MGM 12609 in January. The George Jones composition "That's 
the Way I Feel" is first  issued on Marvin's Bear Family LP "With A Heart, 
With A Beat" (BFX 15132) in 1984. The flip of "Whole Lotta Woman", "Baby 
Don't Go", is also laid down sometime in December, but at a later date and 
with a different drummer (Ray Rainwater).
Personnel : Hank Garland, Grady Martin (guitars) ; Lightnin' Chance (bass) ;
Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Buddy Harman (drums). 
Produced by Jim Vienneau at Bradley Studio in Nashville.

With thanks to Steve Walker, Peter Stoller, Tapio Väisänen, Mike Thompson
and Henk Gorter.

Additions and corrections welcome.

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