January 1-4, 1958 : At Joe Boles studio in West Seattle WA
BIG JAY McNEELY records "There Is Something On Your Mind" c/w "Back
...Shack...Track" (Swingin' 614), a top 5 R&B hit, also reaching the
top 50 in both Cashbox and Billboard. In Holland it deserves a release
on the newly formed Top Rank label (HTR 515). More tracks from these
sessions will be used for future singles : "I Got The Message" (Swingin'
618), "Minnie" c/w "My Darling Dear" (Swingin' 622). 
Personnel : Big Jay McNeely (tenor sax) ; Bob McNeely (baritone sax) ;
Wendell Johnson (guitar) ; Dillard McNeely (bass) ; Leonard Hardiman
(drums) ; Haywood "Little Sonny" Warner (vocals).     

January 3, 1958 : THE RIO ROCKERS record two tracks at Porter Studio
in Phoenix, Arizona : "Mexicali Baby" and the instrumental "Mexican
Rock 'n' Roll", produced by Frank Porter, who sells the tapes to Tom
Morgan of Capitol Records. Release on Capitol 3884 in February.
The Rio Rockers include : Rusty Isabell (vocals / piano) ; Don Cole
(guitar) ; more details unknown.

January 4, 1958 : ROY ORBISON is still contracted to Sun Records at this
time. On this day he cuts "You Tell Me" (also recorded by Johnny Cash
later in the year), "I Give Up" and "One More Time" and on January 10 
"Lovestruck", "The Clown" and "Claudette" (soon to be recorded by the 
Everly Brothers). None of these six songs (all Roy's own compositions) 
is issued at the time, but they all appear on the 2-CD "The Sun Years - 
Roy Orbison" (Charly/Sun CDX 4) in 1984. Location : Sun studio, Memphis.

January 4, 1958 : MACK SELF is also in the Sun studio to cut two of 
his own compositions, "Vibrate" and "Little One". Sam Phillips stores 
the tape box, which stays closed until 1982 when Charly releases the 
Various artists LP "Hillbilly Rock" (CFM 509, UK), which includes
"Vibrate". "Little One" makes its first appearance on the 10-LP box-set
"Sun Records : The Country Years, 1950-1959" (Bear Family BFX 15211) in
1986. An alternate version of "Vibrate", also from this session, appears
on "Mack Self : Easy To Love : The Sun Years, Plus" (Bear Family BCD
16519) in 2007.
Personnel : Mack Self (vocals / guitar) ; Thurlow Brown, Roland Janes
(guitars) ; Jimmy Evans (bass) ; Jimmy Van Eaton (drums).

January 4, 1958 : LITTLE WILLIE JOHN records his next single : "Talk To
Me, Talk To Me"/"Spasms" (King 5108, February, a Top 20 pop hit) and
"Don't Be Ashamed To Call My Name", which is released on King 5147 in
August. Location : New York City.
Musicians : Hal Singer (tenor sax) ; Bill Graham (baritone sax) ; Kelly
Owens (piano) ; Everett Barksdale, George Barnes (guitars) ; Al McKibbon
(bass) ; Panama Francis (drums) ; Unknown (vocal chorus).

January 6, 1958 : CHUCK BERRY records his masterpiece, "Johnny B. Goode".
The released version (Chess 1691, first week of April) is an overdubbed
take, with additional guitar by Berry. The reverse is "Around and Around",
recorded on February 28, 1958. "Johnny B. Goode" reaches # 8 on the pop
charts and # 2 on the R&B lists.
Personnel : Chuck Berry (vocals / guitar / overdubbed guitar) ; Johnnie
Johnson (piano) ; Willie Dixon (double bass) ; Jasper Thomas (drums).
Location is the new Chess Studio in Chicago (Sheldon Recording Studio,
2120 South Michigan Avenue).

January 6, 1958 : JOHNNY OTIS and his Revue are at the Capitol Tower
in Hollywood. "Well Well Well"/"You Just Kissed Me Goodbye" has Mel 
Williams as the vocalist on both sides (Capitol 3889, February), while 
"The Light Still Shines In My Window" is sung by Marie Adams (Capitol
CL 14837, UK, February). Otis himself takes the lead on "Lonesome Train",
but this track remains unissued. Produced by Tom Morgan.

January 6, 1958 : LARRY WILLIAMS records at Radio Recorders in Los
Angeles (Hollywood). "Make A Little Love" and "Little School Girl" are
first issued on the LP "Here's Larry Williams" (Specialty SP 2109,
October 1959). "Little School Girl" is also released as a single in
January 1960 (Specialty 682). "Marie Marie" and "Baby (You're Driving
Me Crazy)" stay in the vaults until 1974 (first release on the LPs
"The Unreleased Larry Williams", Specialty SP 2158 and "Hocus Pocus",
SP 2162 respectively).
Personnel : Larry Williams (vocals / piano) ; Rene Hall (guitar) ;
Ted Brinson (bass) ; Plas Johnson (tenor sax) ; Jewell Grant (baritone
sax) ; Earl Palmer (drums) ; The Blossoms (vocal chorus, overdubbed on
"Make A Little Love" in August 1959). Produced by Art Rupe.

January 6, 1958 : at Bradley Film & Recording Studio in Nashville, 
JIMMY 'C' NEWMAN records four tracks during his last session for Dot
Records. "Step Aside Shallow Water (Let The Deep Sea Roll" b/w
"With Tears In My Eyes" becomes his next single (Dot 15704, January 31),
followed by a great version of "Carry On" (earlier recorded by Clarence
Garlow) b/w "Hula Bop" will be used for his final release on the label
(Dot 15766, June).
Personnel : Jimmy 'C' Newman (vocals) ; Hank Garland (guitar) ; Ray Edenton
(rhythm guitar) ; Jerry Byrd (steel guitar) ; Floyd Chance (bass) ; Buddy
Harman (drums) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; The Jordanaires (vocal chorus). 

January 6, 10, 12, 20 1957 : Busy days for CHARLIE GRACIE. At Reco-Art
Sound Recording studio in Philadephia, "Dressin' Up" is recorded on
January 6 & 10, followed by a guitar-overdub two days later. On January
10 "Crazy Girl" is put on tape, with a piano-overdub on January 12. Both
tracks will be used for his next single (Cameo 127, February).
Also this month, but at an unknown date / recording studio, "Love Bird"
is recorded and a female chorus (Vivian Dix, Blanche Norton and Mary Wiley)
is added on January 20. "Tryin'" (from a previous June 26, 1957 session)
gets a similar treatment that day, and the overdubbed titles will be used
for Charlie's final Cameo release later this year (141, June). 
Personnel : Charlie Gracie (vocals / lead guitar) ; Joe Sgro (rhythm
guitar) ; Joe Macho (bass) ; Jerry Kilgore (drums) ; Bernie Lowe (piano) ;
Dave Appell and the Applejacks (backing vocals). Produced by Bernie Lowe.   

Wednesday, January 8, 1958 : The OWEN BRADLEY Quintet records what will 
turn out to be the best selling cover-version of "Big Guitar" (Decca 30564,
end of January), originally recorded by Frank De Rosa and his D-Men.
The reverse, "Sentimental Dream", is also laid down at this session, at
Bradley Studio in Nashville.
Personnel : Hank Garland and Grady Martin (guitars) ; Owen Bradley (piano,
producer) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Dutch McMillin (tenor sax) ; Buddy Harman

January 8, 1958 : this is also the recording date of the GLEN GLENN single
"Everybody's Movin'"/"I'm Glad My Baby's Gone Away" (Era 1061, end of
February). A third track, "Would Ya", appears on Era 1086 in November
(coupled with the yet-to-record "Blue Jeans And A Boys' Shirt").
Personnel : Gary Lambert (lead guitar) ; Wynn Stewart (rhythm guitar) ;
Guybo Smith (bass) ; Joe O'Dell (drums).
Location : Gold Star Recording Studios, Hollywood, California.

January 8, 1958 : In Chicago, MEMPHIS SLIM records material for two singles.
"Stroll On Little Girl"/"Guitar Cha Cha Cha" is released on Vee-Jay 271 in
February, "This Time Iím Through"/"Whatís the Matter" on Vee-Jay 294 in 
Credited to Memphis Slim and his House Rockers.

January 9, 1958 : ERNIE FREEMAN and his combo cut "The Tuttle"/"Leaps
And Bounds" (Imperial 5486, rush-released). The B-side is a cover of a
Bill Doggett number. The combo includes Plas Johnson on tenor sax and
Earl Palmer on drums. Location : Los Angeles.

January 10, 1958 : 17-year old LAURA LEE PERKINS records four tracks
in Hollywood. "Kiss Me Baby"/"I Just Don't Like This Kind Of Livin'" is
released in February on Imperial 5493. The two other tracks from this
session, "Gonna Rock My Baby Tonight" and "Come On Baby", stay in the
can until 1988, when Bob Jones issues them on his Detour label (Detour 
DT-45-02, UK). 
Personnel : Joe Maphis (lead guitar) ; James Burton (rhythm guitar) ;
James Kirkland (bass) ; Gene Garf (piano) ; Richie Frost (drums) ;
Jimmie Haskell (producer).
Although Imperial 5493 was Laura Lee's first release, it was not her
first session. In late 1957 she had recorded "Don't Wait Up" and "Oh
La Baby" in Cleveland, on which she played the piano herself. These 
tapes were purchased by Imperial and released on Imperial 5507 in March.

January 10, 1958 : First ever session for RAY SMITH, at the Sun studio
in Memphis, supervised by Sam Phillips, who does not release any of the
four tracks recorded : "I Want To Be Free", "Little Girl", "Breakup"
and "Forever Yours". In 1988 they are included on the LP "I'm Right 
Behind You Baby! : Sun Sessions 1958" (Sun LP 1009, UK). There is also 
a first attempt at "Why, Why, Why" (unissued).
Personnel : Stanley Walker, Dean Perkins (guitars) ; James Webb (bass) ;
Charlie Rich (piano) ; Gary Diamond (drums).

Second week of January 1958 : DAVID SEVILLE records the future number one 
"Witch Doctor" and its flip, "Donít Whistle At Me Baby" (Liberty 55132, 
released April 1).
The location is Los Angeles.

January 12, 1958 : EDDIE COCHRAN goes into Liberty's Custom Recorders
studio in Hollywood to record the two wildest tracks he had done up till
then. "Jeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie" is rush released on Liberty 55123, c/w
"Pocketful Of Hearts" from a session in the summer of 1957. "Pretty Girl"
is used  for the next single (Liberty 55138, May). Two other versions of
"Pretty Girl" will be kept on the shelf for many years.
Musicians : Eddie Cochran (vocals / guitar) ; Guybo Smith (bass) ; Ray
Johnson (piano) ; Earl Palmer (drums).

January 12, 1958 : FULLER TODD does a four-track session at the King
studio in Cincinnati. "Top Ten Rock"/"Jeanie Marie" comes out on King
5111 in February. The other two tracks, "Cuddle Up" and "You Baby",
stay unissued till 2003, when they are included on the Various artists
CD "King Rock 'n' Roll" (Ace CDCHD 975, UK). Produced by Louis Innis.

January 13, 1958 :  At Bradley Studio in Nashville, Tennessee, MEL TILLIS
records "Teenage Wedding" and "Lonely Street" for his next single (Columbia
41115, February).
Personnel : Mel Tillis (vocals) ; Aubrey Richardson, Floyd Robinson and
Lightnin' Chance (guitars) ; Marvin Hughes (piano) ; Buddy Harman (drums).
Produced by Don Law.

January 14, 1958 : HOMER AND JETHRO record four tracks at RCA Victor
Studio in Nashville. Their version of "At the Hop", which they call "At
the Flop" is selected as their new single (RCA 7162, February), coupled
with "My Special Angel", also from this session. "Rock Boogie" (RCA 7277,
June) and "Lullaby Of Bird Dog" (RCA 7342, September) are also released
as singles later in the year.
Personnel : Homer Haynes (vocals / guitar) ; Jethro Burns (vocals / 
mandolin) ; Hank Garland (guitar) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Floyd Cramer
(piano) ; Dutch McMillin (sax) ; Buddy Harman (drums).
Produced by Chet Atkins.

January 14, 1958 is also the recording date of the JACKIE WALKER single
"Only Teenagers Allowed"/"Oh Lonesome Me" (Imperial 5490, rush released).
Backing by : James Burton (guitar) ; James Kirkland (bass) ; Gene Garf
(piano) ; Richie Frost (drums). Produced by Jimmie Haskell in Hollywood.

January 15, 16 and 23, 1958 : The induction of ELVIS PRESLEY into the US
Army is imminent, so this is a busy month for him. The entire soundtrack
for the movie "King Creole" (RCA LPM 1884, August) is recorded during
these three days : "King Creole", "As Long As I Have You", "Hard Headed 
Woman", "Trouble", "Dixieland Rock", "Don't Ask Me Why", "Lover Doll",
"Crawfish", "Young Dreams", "Steadfast Loyal And True" and "New Orleans".
"Hard Headed Woman"/"Don't Ask Me Why" is selected for single release
(RCA 7280, June).
Personnel : Scotty Moore (guitar) ; Bill Black (bass) ; Neal Matthews
(bass guitar) ; D.J. Fontana (drums) ; Dudley Brooks (piano) ; Teddy
Buckner (trumpet) ; Mahlon Clark (clarinet) ; Justin Gordon (tenor sax) ;
Ray Siegel (tuba / bass) ; Elmer Schneider (trombone) ; Gordon Stoker
(bongos) ; Hoyt Hawkins (bongos) ; The Jordanaires (backing vocals).
Produced by Walter Scharf at Radio Recorders in Hollywood.

January 16, 17, 21, 1958 : At 706 Union Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee,
JERRY LEE LEWIS is in the Sun studio to record "Cool Cool Ways" (his
self-invented title for "Sexy Ways"), "Milkshake Mademoiselle" (six
complete takes), "Down the Line" and "Sorry I'm Not Sorry". On the 21st
he records the definitive take of "Breathless", which is selected as the
follow-up to "Great Balls Of Fire" (Sun 288, February, b/w "Down the 
Line"). The other tracks stay in their tape boxes until the 1970s,
after the Sun catalogue has been sold to Shelby Singleton.
Personnel : Jerry Lee Lewis (vocals / piano) ; Billy Riley (guitar) ;
J.W. Brown (bass, now Jerry's father-in-law) ; Jimmy Van Eaton (drums).
Produced by Sam Phillips and Jack Clement.

January 16-17, 1958 : TERRY NOLAND is at Bell Sound Studio in New York
City where he cuts seven tracks for his forthcoming LP "Terry Noland"
(Brunswick BL 54041, March) : "Oh ! Baby Look At Me", "Oh Judy", "Let
Me Be Your Hero", "Puppy Love", "You And I", "Teenage Teardrops" and
"Forever Loving You". Also released as a single are "Oh ! Baby Look At
Me"/"Puppy Love" (Brunswick 55054, February) and "Teenage Teardrops"
(Brunswick 55122, March 1959).
Arranged and conducted by Milton DeLugg. Produced by Bob Thiele.

January 17, 1958 : After recording the LP "Honey!" (Capitol T 988, April)
on January 8, 9 and 10, SONNY JAMES is back at the Capitol Tower to lay
down his next two singles : "Kathleen"/"Walk To the Dance" (Capitol 3888,
February) and "Let's Play Love"/"Are You Mine" (Capitol 3962, April).
Personnel : Bob Bain (guitar, arranger) ; Red Callender (bass) ; Ray
Sherman (piano) ; Raymond Martinez (drums) ; Frank Flynn (percussion).
The female voice on "Are You Mine" belongs to Darla Daret (overdubbed
on March 27). Produced by Ken Nelson in Hollywood.

January 17, 1958 : LEROY VAN DYKE records the single "Leather Jacket"/"My
Good Mind (Went Bad On Me)" in Hollywood. Release on Dot 15698, February 3.
Musicians unknown. Produced by Randy Wood.

January 18, 1958 : FARON YOUNG waxes the single "I Can't Dance"/"Rosalie
(Is Gonna Get Married)" (Capitol 3898, February). "Rosalie" is also
known under the title "Teenage Wedding". A third track from this session,
"Once In A While", is first released on the 5-CD set "Faron Young" : The
Classic Years" (Bear Family BCD 15493) in 1991.
Personnel : Hank Garland, Jack Shook (guitars) ; Buddy Emmons (steel
guitar) ; Lightnin' Chance (bass) ; Marvin Hughes (piano) ; Buddy Harman
(drums) ; The Jordanaires (vocal chorus). 
Produced by Ken Nelson at Bradley Studio in Nashville.

January 20, 1958 : For the first time in more than a year GLENN HONEYCUTT
is back in the Sun studio in Memphis. None of the recorded songs see the
light of day at the time. "Skylark Baby" is released on the album "Rock
Around The Town" (Dutch Bop Cat LP 700, 1979), "Campus Love" waits till
1998 for release on the CD "Unissued Sun Masters" (UK Charly CPCD 8137)
and "On Mobile Bay" appears on the CD boxset "Sun Rockabilly Meltdown"
(UK Charly SNAJ 743, 2009).
Personnel : Glenn Honeycutt (vocals / guitar) ; Roland Janes (guitar) ;
J.M Van Eaton (drums). 

January 20, 1958 : WARNER MACK records "That's My Heart's Desire" and
"Falling In Love" for his next single (Decca 30587, March 3).
Personnel : Warner Mack (vocals) ; Harold Bradley, Hank Garland and
Grady Martin (guitars) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Farris Coursey (drums) ;
Owen Bradley (piano).
Produced by Owen Bradley at Bradley Studio in Nashville.

Monday, January 20, 1958 : Drummer EARL PALMER cuts the single "Drum 
Village, Parts 1 and 2" (Capitol 3899, February) in Hollywood. Label 
credit goes to "Earl Palmer and his Ten Piece Rockin' Band" (6 horns, 
piano, guitar, bass, drums). Arranged and composed by Bill Holman.
Part 2 was possibly recorded on January 21, after the Stan Freberg 
session mentioned below.

January 20/21 1958 : STAN FREBERG records two sides, for which he
needs six hours (19:00-22:00 and 22:30-01:30). "Ya Got Trouble"/"Gary,
Indiana" is released on Capitol 3892 in February. Orchestra and chorus
arranged and conducted by Billy May. Produced by Ken Nelson at the
Capitol Tower in Hollywood.

January 22, 1958 : JOE TURNER is back at Atlantic's NYC studio. Five
tracks are recorded, some very good ("Jump For Joy", Atlantic 1184,
April), some very bad ("Sweet Sue", Atlantic 2072, August 1960). The
reverse of "Jump For Joy", "Blues in the Night" is also recorded at
this session. "Switchin'" and "Go Red Go" have never been issued.
Personnel : King Curtis (tenor sax) ; Hilton Jefferson (alto sax) ; 
George Barnes, Billy Mure (guitars) ; Lloyd Trotman (bass) ; Howard
Biggs (piano, arranger) ; Mike Chimes (harmonica) ; Panama Francis
(drums) ; Unknown (female vocal chorus).
Produced by Ahmet Ertegun and Jerry Wexler.

January 22, 1958 : JACK CLEMENT and an anonymous group of singers and
session players are in the Sun studio in Memphis to record the single
"The Minstrel Show"/"Three Little Guitars" (Phillips International 3536,
February 1959), which is credited to The Clement Travelers. The B-side
is an instrumental.

January 22, 1958 : GUITAR SLIM does another session for Atco in New
York City. "If I Had My Life To Live Over"/"When There's No Way Out"
is released in July (Atco 6120). "Along About Midnight" stays in the 
can until 1972, when it comes out on the Various artists LP "Texas 
Guitar : From Dallas To L.A." (Atlantic SD 7226). "My Time Is Expensive"
has never been issued.
Personnel : Eddie Jones aka Guitar Slim (vocals / guitar) ; Joe Morris
(trumpet) ; Matthew Gee (trombone) ; Johnny Griffin (tenor sax) ; Elmo
Hope (piano) ; Percy Heath (bass) ; Philly Joe Jones (drums).
Arranged and directed by Lloyd Lambert.

January 23, 1958 : DEAN MARTIN waxes his next single, "Return To Me"/
"Forgetting You" (Capitol 3894, February 17), which will bring him back in
the Top 10 (peak position # 4). Also recorded are "Angel Baby" (Capitol
3988, June), "Tu Sei Bella Signorina" (Capitol 4518, February 1961) and
the LP track "Buona Sera" (Capitol T 1047, "This Is Dean Martin", 1958).
Orchestra (29 musicians!) and chorus conducted by Gus Levene. Location :
Capitol Tower, Hollywood.

January 23, 1958 : BOBBY NORRIS is also at the Capitol Tower where he
records the excellent double-sider "I Went Rockin'"/"Rock-A-Bye Me Mama"
(Capitol 3945, March). Session musicians include the Johnson brothers
(Plas on sax, Ray on piano), more details unknown.
Produced by Ken Nelson.

Friday, January 24, 1958 : BOBBY DARIN is still searching for a hit. 
This session won't bring it, but the next one will. "Brand New House" 
and "Actions Speak Louder Than Words" will end up on Bobby's first LP,
simply titled "Bobby Darin" (Atco 33-102, September). "All the Way
Home" and "You Never Called" are temporarily shelved and used for the 
LP "For Teenagers Only" (Atco SP-1001), which is released in September
1960. Produced by Herb Abramson in New York City.

January 25, 1958 (and the early hours of January 26) : Two producers
(Norman Petty and Bob Thiele) are in attendance as BUDDY HOLLY records
"Rave On" and "That's My Desire" at Bell Sound Studio in New York City.
"Rave On" is released on April 20 (Coral 61985). "That's My Desire" is
eventually issued on "The Complete Buddy Holly" (MCA Coral 8071-76, UK)
in 1978, a 6-LP set.
Backing by : Al Caiola (lead guitar) ; Don Arnone (rhythm guitar) ; Joe
B. Mauldin (string bass) ; Norman Petty (piano) ; Jerry Allison (drums) ;
The Jivetones (backing vocals).

January 26, 1958 : EDWIN BRUCE waxes the A-side of his second Sun single,
"Sweet Woman" (Sun 292, April), plus "That's Good", which stays in the
can until Richard Weize releases it on Bear Family BFX 15194 (LP "Rock
Boppin' Baby") in 1986.
Backing by : Billy Riley (guitar) ; Stan Kesler (bass) ; Jimmy Wilson
(piano) ; Jimmy Van Eaton (drums).
The B-side of "Sweet Woman", "Part Of My Life" will be recorded on March 5,
with Roland Janes and Roy Orbison on guitars instead of Billy Riley.

January 27, 1958 : HUELYN DUVALL has his second session for Challenge,
this time at Gold Star studios in Hollywood. "Hum-Dinger"/"You Knock Me 
Out" is selected as his new single (Challenge 59002, March). "Friday Night
On A Dollar Bill" follows in September (Challenge 59025, b/w "Juliet", to
be recorded on May 25) and an overdubbed version of "Fools Hall Of Fame"
will be included on the various artists LP "Tennessee" (Design 611, 1962).
Bear Family issues two different takes of this latter song on the album
"The Challenge Masters" in 1987 (BFX 15200).
Personnel : Huelyn Duvall (vocals) ; Dave Burgess (guitar) ;Ralph Mooney
(steel guitar) ; Clifford Hils (bass) ; Danny Flores (piano) ; Gene Alden
Produced by Danny Wolfe.

January 27, 1958 : JOHNNY HORTON records a 10-track LP for the SESAC
label (A 1201), designed for airplay only. After Horton's death, Columbia 
purchased the SESAC masters, added two tracks and issued them as the LP
"I Can't Forget You" (Columbia CL-2299, March 1965).
Tracks : "Hot In the Sugarcane Field", "Lonesome And Heartbroken", "Seven
Comes Eleven", "I Can't Forget You", "Wise To the Ways Of A Woman", "Out
In New Mexico", "Tetched In the Head", "Just Walk A Little Closer", "Don't
Use My Heart For A Stepping Stone", "I Love You Baby".
Personnel : Johnny Horton (vocals / guitar) ; Tommy Tomlinson (guitar) ;
Tillman Franks (bass) ; Sonny Harville (piano) ; The Four B's (vocal group).
Location : KWKH Studio, Shreveport, Louisiana.

January 27-29, 1958 : LaVERN BAKER cuts the LP "LaVern Baker Sings Bessie 
Smith" (Atlantic LP 1281, May). Tracks : "Nobody Knows You When You're Down
And Out", "Gimme A Pigfoot", "Baby Doll", "On Revival Day", "Money Blues",
"Empty Bed Blues", "I Ain't Gonna Play No Second Fiddle", "There'll Be A Hot 
Time In the Old Town Tonight", "Back Water Blues", "After You've Gone",
"Young Woman Blues" and "Preaching the Blues".
Arranged and conducted by Phil Moore. Produced by Ahmet Ertegun and Jerry
Wexler in New York City.

January 28, 1958 : FATS DOMINO returns to Cosimo Recording Studio in
New Orleans to lay down "Yes My Darling" (clearly sped up on its released
version) and "Don't You Know I Love You", for release on Imperial 5492 in
February. Fats may not have been present at the session ; his vocals were
probably overdubbed at a later, unknown date.
Personnel : Lee Allen, Herb Hardesty (tenor saxes) ; Walter Nelson (guitar) ;
Frank Fields (bass) ; Allen Toussaint or Edward Frank (piano) ; Cornelius
Coleman (drums) ; Dave Bartholomew (producer).

January 28, 1958 : GLENN REEVES records the single "Rock-A-Boogie Lou"/
"Betty Bounce" (Decca 30589, March) at Bradley Studio in Nashville. The
third track from this session, "Rock Around the World" is first released
in 1979 on the LP "Rare Rockabilly, Vol. 4" (MCA MCF 3035, UK).
Personnel : Grady Martin, Hank Garland, Harold Bradley (guitars) ; Bob Moore
(bass) ; Owen Bradley (piano) ; Augie Clevanger, Robert Young (tenor saxes) ;
Farris Coursey (drums). Produced by Vic McAlpin.

January 29, 1958 : this is the recording date of the WYNONA CARR single
"Touch And Go"/"The Things You Do To Me" (Specialty 628, April). Produced
by Sonny Bono in Hollywood. Personnel unknown.

January 29, 1958 : Six-track session for BO DIDDLEY in Chicago. "Dearest
Darling"/"Hush Your Mouth" is a single release in June (Checker 896). "The
Great Grandfather" (Checker 924, June 1959) and "Say Man"/"The Clock Strikes
Twelve" (Checker 931, September 1959) will appear much later. Finally, "Bo's 
Guitar" is a track for the LP "Go Bo Diddley" (Checker LP 1436, July 1959).
Personnel : Bo Diddley (vocals / guitar) ; Jerome Green (maracas, co-lead
vocal on "Say Man") ; Peggy Jones (guitar) ; Lafayette Leake (piano) ;
Frank Kirkland (drums).

January 29, 1958 : THURSTON HARRIS does a four-track session at Capitol
Studios in New York City. "I'm Out To Getcha"/"Be Baba Leba" is selected
as his next single (Aladdin 3415, March). "Only One Love Is Blessed" will
follow in June (Aladdin 3428, B-side of "Smokey Joe's") and "You're Gonna
Need Me" in July (Aladdin 3430, B-side of "Over And Over").

January 29, 1958 : First solo session for pianist ALLEN TOUSSAINT, who
records two instrumentals : "Whirlaway"/"Happy Times" (RCA 7192, March).
On the label he is credited as 'A. Tousan'.
Personnel : Allen Toussaint (piano) ; Red Tyler (baritone sax) ; Nat
Perrilliat (tenor sax) ; Justin Adams or Roy Montrell (guitar) ; Frank
Fields (bass) ; Charles 'Hungry' Williams (drums).
Produced by Danny Kessler at Cosimo Recording Studio, New Orleans.

Thursday, January 30, 1958 : Saxophonist-singer JIMMIE MADDIN records his
version of "Jeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie" (originally recorded by the G-Notes
as "Johnny, Johnny, Johnny" ; see also January 12). The flip, "Party Line", 
also comes from this session. Release on Imperial 5494 in February.
Location : Los Angeles, unknown studio.

January 1958, unknown date : HOWARD CROCKETT's second Dot session yields
the single "Branded"/"Night Rider" (Dot 15701, February 3).
Backing by : Grady Martin, poss. Chet Atkins (guitars) ; Bob Moore (bass) ;
Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Buddy Harman (drums).
Produced by Mac Wiseman in Nashville, probably Bradley Studio.

January 1958, unknown date : In Dallas, BIG AL DOWNING waxes his first
single : "Down On the Farm"/"Oh! Babe", which is first issued on White Rock 
1111 in March, then (for national distribution) on Challenge 59006 in April.
Label credit goes to Al Downing with the Poe Kats. The other vocalist of the
Poe Kats, BOBBY POE (aka Bobby Brant), also cuts two tracks, "Rock & Roll 
Boogie" and "Rock & Roll Record Girl", which come out on White Rock 1112 in
Personnel : Big Al Downing (vocals / piano) ; Bobby Poe (vocals / guitar) ;
Vernon Sandusky (guitar) ; Joe Brawley (drums). Produced by Lelan Rogers.

(Circa) January 1958, unknown date : LEE HAZLEWOOD records his first
single, under the name Mark Robinson : "Pretty Jane"/"Want Me" (Jamie 1103,
March). The backing band consists of Duane Eddy (lead guitar) and other
members of The Rebels. Produced by Lee Hazlewood and Lester Sill at Ramsey
Recorders in Phoenix, Arizona.

January 1958, unknown date : MICKEY GILLEY's only single for Dot, "Call
Me Shorty"/"Come On Baby" (Dot 15706, February 3) is committed to tape
at WMPS Studio, 112 Union Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee. At least, that is
the location according to Gilley himself ; some other sources mention
the Sun studio. A third track, "Wolfhound", has never been issued.
Produced by Charles 'Red' Matthews.

January 1958, unknown date : THE PLATTERS record their versions of two
foreign hits. The Italian song "Come Prima" becomes "For the First Time" and 
will be included on their LP "The Flying Platters Around the World" in April
(Mercury MG 20366). "It's Raining Outside" ("Chove La Fora" from Brazil) is 
released in September as the B-side of "I Wish" (Mercury 71353).
Produced by Buck Ram.

With thanks to Steve Walker, Stuart Colman, Mike Thompson and Henk Gorter.

Additions and corrections welcome.

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