Saturday, February 1, 1958 : ELVIS PRESLEY does another session before
entering the US Army. "Wear My Ring Around Your Neck"/"Doncha' Think It's
Time" is chosen for the new single (RCA 7240, April). The third track,
"Your Cheatin' Heart" is first released on the "Elvis For Everyone" LP
in August 1965 (RCA LPM 3450). There are further attempts at "My Wish
Came True", but these are no improvement over the version of September 6,
1957, which is the version that eventually will be released in June 1959.
Personnel : Scotty Moore, Tiny Timbrell (guitars) ; Bill Black (bass) ;
Dudley Brooks (piano) ; D.J. Fontana (drums) ; The Jordanaires (vocal
group). Produced by Steve Sholes at Radio Recorders, Hollywood.
The same personnel minus Tiny Timbrell is present on February 11, for
the finishing touches of the film "King Creole". The movie version of
"Steadfast, Loyal and True" is recorded, plus "Danny", intended for the
film, but not used and first released on "A Legendary Performer, Vol. 3"
(RCA Victor CPL 1-3078) in 1978.

February 3, 1958 : CARL PERKINS enters the Quonset Hut in Nashville
(producer Don Law's preferred studio) for his first Columbia session.
"The facility was large enough to house two or three studios the size of
Sun's. There were two pianos. Extra guitars. And a clock - a clock in a
recording studio! This was a daunting place." (Carl's autobiography, "Go
Cat Go", 1996, page 261).
Four tracks are recorded, spawning one single. Released on March 10, "Pink
Pedal Pushers"/"Jive After Five" spends one week at # 91 on the pop charts
before dropping out of sight. "Rockin' Record Hop" does not see a release
until 1982 (LP "Rockabilly Stars, Vol. 3", Epic LP 37984), while "Just
Thought I'd Call" has to wait even longer, until the 5-CD box-set "The 
Classic Carl Perkins" (Bear Family BCD 15494, 1990).
Carl Perkins (vocals / guitar) is supported by : Jay Perkins (guitar) ;
Clayton Perkins (bass) ; W.S. Holland (drums) ; Marvin Hughes (piano).

February 4, 1958 : FATS DOMINO records "No No" and "Sick and Tired"
for release on his next single (Imperial 5515, April). The Bear Family
discography locates this session in Los Angeles (Master Recorders),
Michel Ruppli and others in New Orleans.
Personnel : Fats Domino (vocals / piano) ; Willie Jones (guitar) ; Jimmy
Davis (bass) ; Herb Hardesty, Buddy Hagans (tenor saxes) ; Clarence Ford
(baritone sax) ; Wendell Duconge (alto sax) ; Cornelius Coleman (drums).
Produced by Dave Bartholomew.

February 5, 1958 : After the split-up of the Rock and Roll Trio, JOHNNY
AND DORSEY BURNETTE team up without Paul Burlison for a four-track
session at Master Recorders in Hollywood. "Warm Love"/"My Honey" is
chosen for single release (Imperial 5509, April), while the equally
strong "Do Baby Do" and "Boppin' Rosalie" will stay in the vaults until
they are released on the LP "We're Having A Party" (Rockstar LP 1017, UK)
in 1988. All four tracks have excellent rockabilly guitar solos.
Backing by : Joe Maphis (guitar) ; Ray Siegel (bass) ; Gene Garf (piano) ;
Earl Palmer (drums). Produced by Jimmie Haskell.

February 5, 1958 : Sax player KING CURTIS does his first solo session
for Atco. "Birth Of the Blues"/"Just Smoochin'" is chosen for single 
release (Atco 6114, March), while "Strollin'" and "Walking With the King"
remain unissued.
Personnel : King Curtis (tenor sax) ; Mickey Baker (guitar) ; Bob Bushnell
(fender bass) ; Jimmy Lewis (bass) ; Herman Foster (piano) ; Ram Ramirez
(organ) ; Walter Spriggs (bongos) ; Belton Evans (drums). 
Audience sounds on "Birth Of the Blues" are overdubbed later. Produced
by Herb Abramson at Atlantic Studios in New York City.

February 5, 1958 : THE KINGSTON TRIO cuts four numbers for their first
album, called "The Kingston Trio" (Capitol T 996, release date June 2).
Three tracks will also be released as singles : "Three Jolly Coachmen"
(Capitol 3970, May), the # 1 hit "Tom Dooley" (Capitol 4049, September)
and "Scotch And Soda" (Capitol 4740, April 1962). The fourth track is
"Hard, Ain't It Hard". 
Personnel : Dave Guard, Bob Shane (both vocals / guitar / banjo) ; Nick
Reynolds (vocals / guitar / congas) ; Buzz Wheeler (bass). Produced by
Voyle Gilmore at Capitol Studio B, Capitol Tower, Hollywood.

February 5-6, 1958 : Two-day session for MARVIN RAINWATER. The first day
he records three duets with his sister Patty. "Because Iím A Dreamer" is
released on MGM 12625 in March (c/w "Two Fools In Love" from a session in
January 1958). Label credit goes to "Marv and Patty". "Down In the Cellar"
(without Patty) and "Crazy Love" will see their first release on the Bear
Family LP "Marvin Rainwater Sings With A Heart, With A Beat" (BFX 15132)
in 1984. "When Itís Lamplighting Time In the Valley" is unissued and lost.
The next day Marvin records "Moaniní the Blues" (MGM 12665, June), which 
will be paired - at least in the USA - with "I Dig You Baby" (recorded in 
London on April 15, 1958). Also laid down on February 6 is "Long Time No 
See", which is unissued and considered lost.
Grady Martin plays guitar, more details unknown.
Produced by Jim Vienneau at Bradley Studio in Nashville.

February 6-7, 1958 : BILL HALEY and his Comets also have a two-day
session. The harvest will be used for two subsequent singles, "Skinny
Minnie"/"Sway With Me" (Decca 30592, March) and "Lean Jean"/"Don't Nobody
Move" (Decca 30681, July). A fifth track, "The Walking Beat", is held back
until February 1963 (LP "Bill Haley And His Comets", Vocalion LP 3696).
The Comets at this time are : Bill Haley (vocals / rhythm guitar) ; Franny
Beecher (lead guitar) ; Billy Williamson (steel guitar) ; Al Rex (bass) ;
Johnny Grande (piano) ; Ralph Jones (drums).
Produced by Milt Gabler at the Pythian Temple in New York City.

February 7, 1958 : At 706 Union, Memphis Tennessee, former Drifters
member BILL PINKNEY records "After the Hop"/"Sally's Got A Sister" for
his sole Phillips International single (3524, May). "High School Rock",
the third track from this session, stays in the can until the release of
the album "After The Hop" (UK Sun LP 1037) in 1986. For some 
reason, Bill's surname Pinkney is changed to Pinky on the record label.
Personnel : Roland Janes (guitar) ; Stan Kesler (bass) ; Jimmy Wilson
(piano) ; Bill Justis (tenor sax, arranger) ; Jimmy Van Eaton (drums) ;
The Turks (vocal group).

February 7, 1958 : THE SHIRELLES have their very first recording session,
in New York City, under the supervision of Stan Greenberg. "I Met Him On
A Sunday"/"I Want You To Be My Boyfriend" is first (rush-) released on
Tiara 6112 and then on Decca 30588 in March for national distribution.
The result is a # 49 pop hit.
At this time the Shirelles are Shirley Owens (lead vocal), Doris Coley,
Micki Harris and Beverly Lee.

February 8, 1958 : JIMMIE & JOHNNY (Jimmy Lee Fautheree and Johnny
Mathis) record the single "I Can't Find the Doorknob"/"Keep Telling Me"
(D 1004, June) at Gold Star Studio in Houston, Texas.
Personnel : Jimmy Lee Fautheree (vocals / acoustic guitar) ; Johnny
Mathis (vocals) ; Hal Harris (lead guitar) ; Tillman Franks (bass) ; 
Doc Lewis (piano) ; Bill Kimbrough (drums). Produced by Pappy Daily.

February 9, 1958 : One week after his 17th birthday, JERRY BYRNE is at
Cosimo Recording Studio in New Orleans to record his first single. The
A-side, "Lights Out", is one of the most intense rockers of all time.
Coupled with "Honey Baby", it is released on Specialty 635 in June.
In Europe both tracks are licensed to Fonior at Brussels, Belgium for
a release in July (London 9-5.045).
Personnel : Edgar Blanchard, Justin Adams (guitars) ; Harold Battiste
(tenor sax, producer) ; Frank Fields (bass) ; Art Neville (piano) ;
Charles 'Hungry' Williams (drums).

February 11, 1958 : THE FIVE KEYS record four tracks at the Capitol studio
in New York City. First released is "Youíre For Me" (Capitol 3948, March,
c/w "With All My Love", recorded on September 9, 1957). "Emily Please" is
issued on Capitol 4009 in June (c/w "Handy Andy" from a session on September
10, 1957). "One Great Love" and "Really-O Truly-O" are coupled for release
on Capitol 4092 in November.
Lead vocals by Rudy West. Orchestra conducted by Dave Cavanaugh, who also
produced the session.

February 12, 1958 : DEAN BEARD records his third and last single for
Atlantic in New York City : "Take Time To Love Me"/"Hold Me Close".
Released on Atlantic 1182 in May.

February 12, 1958 : eight years after his first recording session for
Imperial, DUB DICKERSON returns to Lew Chudd in Hollywood. "Sugar Lips"
and "(I Think I'm) Falling In Love" will be used for his next single
(Imperial 5512, April), "Kiss Me With Your Eyes" and "The Girl In The
Cardigan Sweater" have to wait 42 years, until the release of the CD
"Boppin' In The Dark" (Bear Family BCD 16372, 2000).
Personnel : Joe Maphis (lead guitar) ; Ramez Idriss (guitar) ; Ray
Siegel (bass) ; Gene Garf (piano) ; Earl Palmer (drums).
Produced by Lew Chudd with leader Jimmy Haskell.

February 12, 1958 : The second RCA session of SAMMY SALVO results in two
singles. "She Takes Sun Baths"/"Julie Doesnít Love Me Anymore" is released
in March (RCA 47-7190). "Loviní At Night"/"Me And You" follows in June
(RCA 47-7272).
Personnel : Chet Atkins (guitar / producer) ; Hank Garland, Gerald Parker
(guitars) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Dutch McMillin (sax) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ;
Buddy Harman (drums) ; The Anita Kerr Singers (vocal chorus).
The location is the RCA Victor Studio in Nashville.

February 12-15, 1958 : BUDDY HOLLY and the Crickets spend four days
at the Norman Petty Studio in Clovis, New Mexico. "Take Your Time"
becomes the B-side of the previously recorded "Rave On" (Coral 61985,
April). "Think It Over"/"Fool's Paradise" is credited to the Crickets
(Brunswick 55072, release date May 27). "Well...All Right" comes out
on Coral 62051 on November 5 (B-side of "Heartbeat").
Personnel : Buddy Holly (vocals / guitar) ; Joe B. Mauldin (string
bass) ; Jerry Allison (drums) ; Vi Petty (piano, overdubbed) ; Norman 
Petty (producer / organ on "Take Your Time"). 

February 13, 1958 : PATSY CLINE cuts six numbers at Bradley Studio in
Nashville. A remake of "Come On In" is coupled with "Let the Teardrops
Fall" for release on Decca 30659 (June). "I Can See An Angel"/"Never
No More" follows in August (Decca 30706) and "Just Out Of Reach" in 
September (Decca 30746). "If I Could Only Stay Asleep" is first released
on the LP "In Memoriam Patsy Cline" (Everest 1217, April 1963).
Vocal backing by the Anita Kerr Singers, more personnel details unknown.
Produced by Owen Bradley.

February 13, 1958 : ERNIE FREEMAN and his Combo record the single
"Theme From Igor"/"Shape Up" in Hollywood (Imperial 5499, rush-released).
The A-side is based on the then-current hit "Dinner With Drac".

February 13, 1958 : Another Imperial single recorded on this day is
BILL ALLEN's "Please Give Me Something"/"Since I Have You" (Imperial
5500, March). Backing by the Backbeats (guitar, bass, drums). 
Location : Audio Recording Studio, Cleveland, Ohio.

February 14, 1958 : JERRY LEE LEWIS records no less than 14 takes of
"High School Confidential", but none of them is approved for release
by Sam Phillips. Neither are "Pink Pedal Pushers", "Jailhouse Rock"
(both first released on the "Monsters" LP, Sun 124, in 1971), "Hound Dog"
(first issued in 1974 on the LP "Rockin' And Free", Sun 6467029), "Good 
Rockin' Tonight" (this particular version has never been released) and
"Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You)", which is eventually included on
the LP "Jerry Lee Lewis And His Pumping Piano" (Charly CR 300 002) in 
1974. Only "Don't Be Cruel" gets the thumbs up and becomes the opening
track of Jerry's first LP ("Jerry Lee Lewis", Sun LP 1230) that will
appear in May 1958.
Produced by Sam Phillips and Jack Clement at the Sun studio in Memphis.

Friday, February 14, 1958 : Unaware that this will be the last recording
session of his life, CHUCK WILLIS records "What Am I Living For?"/"Hang
Up My Rock and Roll Shoes" (Atlantic 1179, March), a posthumous hit after
Chuck's untimely death on April 10, 1958. Both sides will chart, peaking at
# 9 and # 24 respectively (pop that is, # 1 and # 9 R&B). Also laid down
are "Keep-A Driving" and "You'll Be My Love" (Atlantic 2005, November).
Personnel : King Curtis (tenor sax) ; Sammy Price (piano) ; Al Caiola,
George Barnes (guitars) ; Lloyd Trotman (bass) ; Teddy Charles (vibes) ;
Joe Marshall (drums) ; The Cues (vocal group).
Arranged and directed by Reggie Obrecht, produced by Ahmet Ertegun and
Jerry Wexler at Atlantic Studio in New York City.

February 14, 1958 : CARL SMITH is at Bradley Studio in Nashville where
he records twelve tracks for his forthcoming album "Let's Live A Little"
(Columbia CL 1172, July). His cover version of "Honky Tonk Man" plus the
re-recordings of the album's title-track and "If Teardrops Were Pennies"
have a good rockabilly sound.
Personnel : Carl Smith (vocals / guitar) ; Sammy Pruett, Hank Garland and
Grady Martin (guitars) ; Tom Pritchard (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ;
Buddy Harman (drums).
Produced by Don Law.

February 15, 1958 : CHARLIE PHILLIPS records two tracks in New York City, 
at Bell Sound Studio. "Be My Bride"/"Too Many Tears" comes out on Coral 
61970 in the first week of April. 
George Barnes plays guitar and banjo ; more details unknown.
Orchestra conducted by Milton DeLugg. Produced by Bob Thiele.

February 16, 1958 : THE BOBBETTES record a future single, "The Dream"/
"Um Bow Wow" (Atlantic 1194, July) in New York City. The next day they
attempt three more numbers, "Woop", "Blessed Love" and "Zoomy Zoomy",
all unissued. See also March 13.
Personnel : Everett Barksdale, Kenny Burrell (guitars) ; Lloyd Trotman
(bass) ; Reggie Obrecht (piano / arranger) ; King Curtis (tenor sax) ;
Teddy Charles (vibraphone) ; Joe Marshall (drums).
The Bobbettes are : Reather Dixon, Emma Pought, Jannie Pought, Helen
Gathers and Laura Webb.
Produced by Ahmet Ertegun and Jerry Wexler.

February 17, 1958 : JOHN ASHLEY records "Born To Rock" at the Gold Star
Studio in Hollywood. It will coupled with "Pickiní On the Wrong Chicken"
from a later date (probably early May) and released on Dot 15775 on May 
27. Also recorded is an alternate take of "Believe Me", which is held in
the can until 2002, when it is included on the CD "Born To Rock" (Hydra
BCK 27114, Germany).
Orchestra conducted by Milton Rogers.

February 17, 1958 : At Master Recorders in Hollywood, RICKY NELSON
records his next single (considered by many as his best), "Believe What
You Say"/"My Bucket's Got A Hole In It" (Imperial 5503, March). Peak
positions in Billboard : # 4 for the A-side, # 12 for the B-side.
Ricky now feels confident enough to play rhythm guitar on his own records.
He is supported by : James Burton (lead guitar for the first time, instead 
of Joe Maphis) ; James Kirkland (bass) ; Gene Garf (piano) ; Richie Frost
(drums). Produced by Jimmie Haskell.

February 17, 1958 : JACK CLEMENT waxes his first Sun single, "Ten Years"
/"Your Lover Boy" (Sun 291, April). Unusual for Sun, the session recording
doesn't take place in Memphis, but in Nashville.
"Edge Of Town" and "Whole Lotta Lookin'" from this session remain unissued
(but they will be re-recorded for RCA the next year). 
Personnel : Jack Clement (vocals / guitar) ; Bob Moore (bass) : Jimmy
Wilson (piano) ; probably Buddy Harman (drums) ; The Anita Kerr Singers
vocal chorus).

February 17 and 24, 1958 : THE CHAMPS record nine tracks for their first
LP, "Go Champs Go" (Challenge CHL-601, June) : "Midnighter", "Robot Walk",
"What's Up Buttercup" (on the 17th) ; "El Rancho Rock", "Sky High", "Go
Champs Go", "I'll Be There" and "Lollipop" (on the 24th).
"El Rancho Rock" and "Midnighter" are picked for the follow-up single to 
"Tequila" (Challenge 59007, April). Both sides will chart (# 30, # 94).
Personnel : Chuck Rio (sax, piano) ; Dave Burgess, Dale Norris (guitars) ;
Joe Burnas or Cliff Hills (bass) ; Gene Alden (drums). Produced by Joe 
Johnson at Gold Star Studio in Hollywood. 

February 18, 1958 is the recording date of the JUSTIN TUBB single "Rock
It On Down To My House"/"Sugar Lips" (Decca 30606, March). Location is
Bradley Studio in Nashville.
Personnel : Grady Martin or Hank Garland (lead guitar) ; Harold Bradley 
(rhythm guitar) ; Buddy Emmons (steel guitar) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Owen
Bradley (piano) ; Jerry Rivers (fiddle) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ; The
Anita Kerr Singers (vocal chorus). Produced by Paul Cohen.

February 19, 1958 : IVAN (Jerry Allison) covers "Wild One", originally
recorded by Australian Johnny O'Keefe. The title is changed to "Real
Wild Child". Together with "Oh You Beautiful Doll", also from this
session, it is released on Coral 62017 in August and peaks at # 68 on
the Billboard charts. Location : Clovis, New Mexico.
Personnel : Jerry Allison (vocals) ; Buddy Holly (guitar) ; Joe B.
Mauldin (string bass) ; Bo Clarke (drums) ; The Roses (overdubbed
backing vocals, handclapping) ; Norman Petty (producer / wine glasses
on "Oh You Beautiful Doll").

February 19, 1958 : LARRY WILLIAMS does another session at Radio
Recorders in Hollywood. "Dizzy Miss Lizzy", with the now classic guitar 
intro by Rene Hall, becomes Larry's next single (Specialty 626, March),
coupled with the previously recorded "Slow Down". "Hootchy-Koo" will be
used as the B-side of "The Dummy" (Specialty 634, June), while "Heeby-
Jeebies" stays on the shelf until the release of the LP "Hocus Pocus!"
(Specialty SP 2162) in 1974.
Personnel : Larry Williams (vocals / piano) ; Rene Hall, Howard Roberts
(guitars) ; Ted Brinson (bass) ; Plas Johnson (tenor sax) ; Jewell
Grant (baritone sax) ; Earl Palmer (drums). Produced by Art Rupe.

February 20, 1958 : Same studio, the next day. THE COLLINS KIDS, Lorrie
and Larry, record four tracks with their Columbia producer, Don Law.
Two singles are the result : "Mercy"/"Sweet Talk" (Columbia 41149,
April) and "Rock Boppin' Baby"/"Whistle Bait" (Columbia 41225, August).
Personnel : Lorrie Collins (vocals / guitar) ; Larry Collins (vocals /
guitar) ; Leon Silby (guitar) ; Tiny Timbrell (bass) ; Dudley Brooks
(piano) ; Pee Wee Adams (drums).

February 20, 1958 : All five tracks from this day's RAY CHARLES session
are released as singles : "Yes Indeed"/"I Had A Dream" (Atlantic 1180,
March), "My Bonnie"/"You Be My Baby" (Atlantic 1196, late July) and
"Tell All the World About You" (Atlantic 2010, December).
Personnel : Ray Charles (vocals / piano) ; Marcus Belgrave, Lee Harper
(trumpets) ; David Newman (tenor sax, alto sax) ; Emmett Davis (baritone
sax) ; Edgar Willis (bass) ; Richie Goldberg (drums) ; The Raelettes
(vocal chorus). Produced by Ahmet Ertegun and Jerry Wexler in New York

February 21, 1958 : In New Orleans, TOMMY BROWN has his second and
last session for Imperial. "Just For You"/"Heart With No Feeling" is
released on Imperial 5533 in July, while "Walking With An Angel" and
"These Bones" are consigned to the vaults.
Personnel : Tommy Brown (vocals / whistling on "Just For You") ; Edgar
Blanchard (guitar) ; Frank Fields (bass) ; Edward Frank (piano) ;
Charles 'Hungry' Williams (drums).

February 22, 1958 : JIMMY DELL undertakes his second session for RCA.
"Cool It Baby" is chosen as the A-side of his next single (RCA 7194,
March). The other three tracks, "Chicken Hawk", "Left Right Here" and
"Me And My Big Mouth" stay on the shelf for 51 years, until they are
saved from oblivion by Bear Family (CD "Cool It Baby", BCD 16508) in
2009. Location is Audio Recorders in Phoenix, Arizona.
Personnel : Al Casey (lead guitar) ; Corky Casey (rhythm guitar) ;
Jimmy Wilcox (bass, arranger) ; Howard Crook (piano) ; Darrel Macey,
Ronnie Luplow (saxophones) ; Bob Taylor or Jimmy Troxel (drums).
Produced by Connie Conway and Floyd Ramsey.

Sunday, February 23, 1958 : WARREN SMITH is in the Sun studio in Memphis,
recording "Uranium Rock". This fine track, unissued for 15 years, sees
its first release in 1973, on the LP "Sun Rockabillys - Put Your Cat
Clothes On" (UK Sun 6467025).
Personnel : Al Hopson (guitar) ; Stan Kesler (bass) ; Jimmy Van Eaton
(drums) ; Jimmy Wilson (piano).

February 23, 1958 : REX ALLEN does a five-track session at Bradley
Studio in Nashville. "Knock Knock Rattle"/"Invitation To the Blues" is
released on Decca 30651 at the end of May. "A Woman (Can Change A Man)"/
"The Waltz That Never Ends" has to wait until January 1967 for a release
on Decca 32072. "Scarlet Woman" is not released at all.
Personnel : Hank Garland (guitar) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Further details
unknown. Produced by Paul Cohen.

February 24, 1958 : After recording four unissued tracks on February 19
(remakes of his 1950-51 hits), LEFTY FRIZZELL returns to Radio Recorders
in Hollywood for a nine-track session. "Silence" is released as a single
(Columbia 41161, April), "Why Should I Be Lonely?" (a single a-side in
Holland, Philips 322783, September 1961), "Nobody Knows But Me", "Signed,
Sealed And Delivered" and "Release Me" (a single b-side in Holland,
Philips 322668, December 1960) all end up on the album "The One And Only
Lefty Frizzell" (Columbia CL 1342) in August 1959.
"You Win Again", "Darling, Let's Turn Back the Years", "Our Love's No
Bluff" and "If You're Ever Lonely, Darling" are first released on the
Bear Family 12-CD set "Love's Like Poetry" (BCD 15550) in 1992.
Personnel : Lefty Frizzell (vocals / guitar) ; Kenneth Baker, Neil
Levang (guitars) ; Wayne Burdick (steel guitar) ; Paul Duffy (bass) ;
Edwin Carver (piano) ; Muddy Berry (drums) ; Unknown (vocal chorus).
Arranged by Bobby Bruce, produced by Don Law.

February 24, 1958 : WAYNE HANDY records the single "Betcha Didnít Know"/
"Donít Be Unfair" in Durham, North Carolina. It is first released on 
Renown 104 in March, later on Trend 30-006.
Billy Joe Austin is the saxophonist, more details unknown.

February 24, 1958 : BUDDY KNOX pays another visit to Norman Petty Studio
in Clovis, New Mexico. Two songs are laid down : "All For You" (a track
for the LP "Buddy Knox / Jimmy Bowen", Roulette R 25048, November) and
"Hey Love" (unissued).
Backing by : Sonny Curtis (guitar) ; Sid King (bass) ; Vi Petty (piano) ;
Bo Clarke (drums) ; The Roses (vocal chorus).
It is a split session with JIMMY BOWEN, who records "Can She Kiss"/"I'm
Keeping You" (Roulette 4057, March). George Atwood replaces Sid King on
bass. Produced by Norman Petty.

February 24, 1958 : BARBARA PITTMAN cuts her next single, "Cold Cold
Heart"/"Everlasting Love" (Phillips International 3527, June). "Hide My
Tears" and "I Wanna Be Loved" from this session are unissued and probably
lost. Location : Sun Studio, Memphis, Tennessee.
Backing by the Bill Justis band : Sid Manker, Roland Janes (guitars) ;
Bill Justis (sax) ; Jimmy Wilson (piano) ; Unknown (bass) ; Jimmy Van
Eaton (drums) ; The Gene Lowery Singers (vocal chorus).

February 24, 1958 : SHIRLEY AND LEE are at Cosimo Recording Studio in
New Orleans to record their new single : "Everybody's Rockin'"/"Don't
Leave Me Here To Cry" (Aladdin 3418, May). Backing by Cosimo Matassa's
studio band. Produced by Dave Bartholomew.

February 25, 1958 : At Nashville's RCA Victor Studio, MELVIN ENDSLEY
cuts his next two singles : "Let's Fall Out Of Love"/"I'd Just Be Fool
Enough" (RCA 7216, April) and "Getting Used To the Blues"/"Just Want To 
Be Wanted" (RCA 7312, August).
Personnel : Melvin Endsley (vocals / guitar) ; Hank Garland, Velma Smith
(guitars) ; Jerry Byrd (bass) ; Boyce Hawkins (piano) ; Buddy Harman
(drums) ; The Anita Kerr Singers (vocal chorus). Produced by Chet Atkins.

February 26, 1958 : CLYDE McPHATTER's next single is "Come What May"/
"Let Me Know" (Atlantic 1185, April), laid down on this day. The A-side
will later be recorded by Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis Presley. Two other
tracks are shelved for two years and coupled with 1953 tracks from
Clyde's period with the Drifters : "Just Give Me A Ring" (Atlantic 2049,
January 1960, c/w "Don't Dog Me") and what is probably McPhatter's most
rocking record, "Deep Sea Ball" (Atlantic 2060, April 1960, c/w "Let the
Boogie Woogie Roll").
Personnel : Steve Lipkins, Red Solomon (trumpets) ; Sam Taylor (tenor 
sax) ; Budd Johnson (baritone sax) ; Mike Stoller (piano) ; George Barnes,
Kenny Burrell (guitars) ; Lloyd Trotman (bass) ; Unknown (drums).
Arranged by Howard Biggs, produced by Ahmet Ertegun and Jerry Wexler at
Atlantic Studio in New York City.

February 26, 1958 : This is the last of MARTY ROBBINS' New York sessions
with Mitch Miller (producer) and Ray Conniff (arranger), before returning
to the Nashville studios. Four tracks are recorded in the evening. "Just 
Married"/"Stairway Of Love" (Columbia 41143, March) is a very successful
single, with the A-side peaking at # 1 and the flip at # 2 on the country
charts. Melvin Endsley's composition "Ain't I the Lucky One" will come
out in October (Columbia 41282). "Foolish Decision" will finally see the
light of day in 1991 (Bear Family BCD 15567, "Ruby Ann : Rockin' Rollin'
Robbins, Vol. 3"). 
Backing by : Tony Mottola, Billy Mure, Don Arnone (guitars) ; Frank
Carroll (bass) ; Ed Shaughnessy (drums) ; The Ray Conniff Singers (vocal

February 26-27, 1958 : ALLEN TOUSSAINT records ten tracks for the all-
instrumental LP "The Wild Sound Of New Orleans By Tousan" (RCA LPM 1767,
June) : "Up the Creek", "Tim Tam", "Me And You", "Bono", "Java", "Wham 
Tousan", "Nowhere To Go", "Nashua", "Po Boy Walk" and "Pelican Parade".
Personnel : Allen Toussaint (piano) ; Red Tyler (baritone sax) ; Nat
Perrilliat (tenor sax) ; Lee Allen (tenor sax on "Tim Tam" and "Wham
Tousan") ; Justin Adams or Roy Montrell (guitar) ; Frank Fields (bass) ;
Charles 'Hungry' Williams (drums). Produced by Danny Kessler at Cosimo
Recording Studio in New Orleans.

February 27, 1958 : In Nashville (RCA Victor studio) DON GIBSON cuts
eight tracks for his first RCA LP, "Oh Lonesome Me" (RCA LPM 1743, April) :
"Bad Bad Day", "I Can't Leave", "Take Me As I Am", "Heartbreak Avenue",
"We Could", "If You Don't Know It", "Blues In My Heart" and "Sweet Sweet
Girl" (soon to be covered by Warren Smith on Sun). Also recorded are the
future single "Look Who's Blue" (RCA 7330, September) and a first attempt
at "Give Myself A Party". "Heartbreak Avenue" will also be used as the
B-side of "Don't Tell Me Your Troubles" (from a session on June 15, 1959)
in July 1959 (RCA 47-7566).
Personnel : Don Gibson (vocals / guitar) ; Rusty Kershaw, Velma Smith
(guitars) ; Bob Moore, Junior Huskey (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Buddy
Harman (drums) ; The Jordanaires (vocal chorus). Produced by Chet Atkins.

February 27, 1958 : THE PLATTERS record four tracks at Mercury Sound
Studio in New York City, "Out Of My Mind" becomes the B-side of the
previously recorded "Twilight Time" (Mercury 71289, April 4). "You
Don't Say" is eventually used as the flip of "I'll Never Smile Again"
(Mercury 71847) in July 1961. "Don't Let Go" and "Are You Sincere" end
up on the low-priced LP "Encores" (Wing MGW 12112) in September.
Produced by Buck Ram.

February 27-28, 1958 : THE FOUR PREPS are at the Capitol Tower in Los
Angeles to record the follow-up to "26 Miles" (# 4 in Billboard at that 
time). "Big Man", recorded on the 27th (Capitol 3960, April), will peak 
at # 3. Its flip, "Stop Baby", is recorded the next day, along with
"Someday You'll Want Me To Want You" and "Somewhere Along the Line"
(both unissued).
Personnel : Bruce Belland, Don Clarke, Ed Cobb, Glen Larson (vocals) ;
Lincoln Mayorga (piano, arranger) ; Dudley Brooks (piano) ; Joe Maphis,
Leon Silby (guitars) ; Skeets McDonald (bass) ; Pee Wee Adams (drums).
Produced by Voyle Gilmore.

Friday, February 28, 1958 : Another CHUCK BERRY session at the Chess
Studio in Chicago. "Around and Around" becomes the B-side of Chuck's
next single, "Johnny B. Goode" (from a session on January 6) in April
(Chess 1691).  "It Don't Take But A Few Minutes" and the instrumental
"In-Go" end up on the LP "One Dozen Berries" (Chess LP 1432, April).
"Blues For Hawaiians" (a.k.a. "Surfing' Steel") will get a place on
the album "Chuck Berry Is On Top" (Chess LP 1435, July 1959). Unissued
from this session is "Do You Love Me" (lost).
Personnel : Chuck Berry (vocals / guitar / overdubbed second guitar /
steel guitar) ; Johnnie Johnson (piano) ; Bob Bushnell (bass) ; Jasper
Thomas (drums).

February 1958, unknown date : In Chicago, JIMMY McCRACKLIN cuts the 
follow-up single to his big hit "The Walk" : "Everybody Rock"/"Get Tough"
(Checker 893, April). "Later On" is saved until December 1961 for release
on Chess 1809. A fourth track, "Suffer", is first issued on the Japanese
LP "The Best Of Jimmy McCracklin With Lafayette Thomas" (P-Vine PLP 6033)
in 1985.

February 1958, unknown date : LINK WRAY and the Ray Men record "Rumble" 
and "The Swag" at the Ben Adelman Studio in Washington, D.C. These two
instrumentals are purchased by Cadence boss Archie Bleyer and paired for 
release on Cadence 1347 on March 17. "Rumble" will peak at # 16 on the
Billboard charts. This was probably a split session with Ray Vernon (aka
Vernon Wray, Linkís brother), who did his last session for Cameo.
Personnel : Link Wray (lead guitar) ; Vernon Wray (rhythm guitar) ; 
Shorty Horton (bass) ; Doug Wray (drums).

With thanks to Steve Walker, Mike Thompson and Henk Gorter.

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