March 1, 1958 : Ex-Cricket NIKI SULLIVAN records the single "It's All
Over"/"Three Steps To Heaven" (Dot 15751, April 7). The B-side is not the
same song as later recorded by Eddie Cochran, but Niki's own composition.
Personnel : Niki Sullivan (vocals / guitar) ; Jack Davies (guitar) ;
Cearcy Andrews (bass) ; Unknown (sax) ; Bob Tate (drums).
Location : Hestor Studio, Lubbock, Texas.

March 2, 1958 : PIANO RED does his last session for RCA, which results
in six songs. "One Glimpse Of Heaven" is coupled with the instrumental
"Comin' On" for release on RCA 7217 in April. The catalogue number 7217
was originally also assigned to "Eighter From Decatur", but this track
is withdrawn on March 28 and gets its first release in 1993, along with
"Blues Blues", "Work With It" and "Please Come Back Home" (Bear Family
4-CD set "The Doctor's In!", BCD 15685).
Personnel : Willie Perryman aka Piano Red (vocals / piano) ; George Adams,
Wesley Jackson (guitars) ; Kid Miller (bass) ; Horace Prayor, Clyde 'Blow 
Top' Lynn (saxes) ; Marion Booker, Bobby Lee Tuggle (drums).
Produced by Chet Atkins at RCA Victor Studio in Nashville.

March 3, 1958 : At Liberty Custom Recorders in Hollywood, California
EDDIE COCHRAN records "Teresa", for release on Liberty 55138 in May
(b/w "Pretty Girl" from the session on January 12).
Personnel : Eddie Cochran (vocals / guitar) ; Connie 'Guybo' Smith
(electric bass) ; unknown (drums) ; unknown (female chorus). 

March 3 or 5, 1958 : DICKEY LEE is in the Sun Studio in Memphis, to
record his second single for the label, "Fool, Fool, Fool"/"Dreamy Nights"
(Sun 297, May). A third track, "Hey Heart", eventually sees a release in
1990 on the LP "I Saw Linda Yesterday" (Star Club 33-8039, Sweden).

Tuesday, March 4, 1958 : THE DIAMONDS cover the Gene Summers number 
"Straight Skirt". It is released as a single in Canada and the United
Kingdom (c/w "Patsy"), but not in the US, where it appears on an EP
(Mercury EP 1-3392). Also recorded is "Chicklets (Don't Let Me Down)",
which will become the B-side of "High Sign" (Mercury 71291) in April. 
The backing is provided by Herb Hardesty and his orchestra.
Location : Mercury Sound Studio, New York City.

March 5, 1958 : ROY BROWN's last Imperial session yields four tracks.
"Hip Shakin' Baby"/"Be My Love Tonight" is released on Imperial 5510 in
April. "We're Goin' Rockin' Tonight" and "I Love You, I Need You" stay
in the vaults until the release of Brown's CD "The Complete Imperial
Recordings" (Capitol 7243 8 31743 2 4) in 1995.
Personnel information is contradictory. On the authority of Bill Millar :
Howard Roberts, Neil Levang (guitars) ; John Kelleher (bass) ; Ernie
Freeman (piano) ; Earl Palmer (drums).
Produced by Jimmie Haskell at Master Recorders in Hollywood.

March 5, 1958 : BOBBY LORD records "The Fire Of Love"/"'Sack" for his
next single (Columbia 41155, early April) and "Party Pooper" for a future
single (Columbia 41352, March 1959, b/w "What A Thrill", to be recorded
on October 7). 
Personnel : Bobby Lord (vocals / guitar) ; Hank Garland and Harold
Bradley (guitars) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Buddy
Harman (drums) ; Jack Gregory (sax).
Produced by Don Law at Bradley Studio in Nashville.

March 5, 1958 : IVORY JOE HUNTER does his final session for Atlantic,
in New York City. He bows out in style with two great up-tempo tracks,
"Shooty Booty" (Atlantic 1183, April) and "You Flip Me Baby" (Atlantic
1191, June). Also recorded are the flip of "Shooty Booty", "I'm So Glad
I Found You" and "I Just Want To Love You" (Atlantic 2020, March 1959).
Personnel :  Sam Taylor (tenor sax) ; Budd Johnson (tenor sax, baritone
sax) ; Dick Hyman (organ) ; Mike Stoller (piano) ; Everett Barksdale,
Kenny Burrell (guitars) ; Lloyd Trotman (bass) ; Joe Marshall (drums).
Plus a 4-piece (male) vocal chorus. 

March 6, 1958 : THE EVERLY BROTHERS lay down their next single, "All
I Have To Do Is Dream"/"Claudette" (Cadence 1348, April). The A-side is
written by Boudleaux and Felice Bryant, the B-side by Roy Orbison.
Personnel : Don and Phil Everly (vocals) ; Chet Atkins, Hank Garland and
Ray Edenton (guitars) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Junior Huskey (bass) ;
Buddy Harman (drums).
Produced by Archie Bleyer at RCA Victor Studio in Nashville.

March 6, 1958 : MARTY ROBBINS records an entire album on this Thursday.
Simply titled "Marty Robbins", it will be released on Columbia CL 1189
on December 20. The tracks are : "Kaw-Liga", "Jodie", "Nothing But Sweet
Lies", "Oh How I Miss You", "Baby I Need You", "Shackles And Chains",
"Waltz Of the Wind", "Paper Face", "Then I Turned And Walked Slowly Away",
"Wedding Bells", "A House With Everything But Love" and "The Hands You're
Holding Now".
Backing by : Hillous Butrum, Grady Martin, Jack Pruett (guitars) ; James
Farmer (steel guitar) ; Lightnin' Chance (bass) ; Floyd Cramer, Marvin
Hughes (piano) ; Louis Dunn (drums). 
Produced by Don Law at Bradley Studio in Nashville.

March 7, 1958 : On this day BIG DANNY OLIVER records the single
"Sapphire"/"I Wanna Go Steady" (Trend 30.012, June). Both sides are
Jack Hammer compositions. The pianist is almost certainly David Clowney,
aka Dave "Baby" Cortez. Produced by Goldie Goldmark in New York City.

March 10, 1958 : JODY REYNOLDS debuts as a recording artist, with
"Endless Sleep"/"Tight Capris" (Demon 1507, March). A # 5 pop hit is
his reward. The location is Gold Star Recording Studios in Hollywood.
Backing by : Al Casey (lead guitar) ; Howard Roberts (rhythm guitar) ;
Irving Ashby (bass) ; Raymond Martinez (drums).

March 10, 1958 : TOMMY SANDS, who usually records in Hollywood, does a
New York session. His next single will become "Hawaiian Rock"/"Teenage 
Doll" (Capitol 3953, April). Backing by Rudy Traylor's Music.

March 11, 1958 : LLOYD COPAS, aka Cowboy Copas, records "Circle Rock"/
"(Won't You Ride In) My Little Red Wagon" for his next single (Dot
15735, March 18). The A-side is by far the wildest recording of Copas's
career. A third track, "Cryin' Doll", will stay on the shelf until
the release of the album "Shake A Hand" (Starday LP 371) in 1966.
Personnel : Cowboy Copas (vocals) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Hargus 'Pig'
Robbins (piano) ; The Jordanaires (vocal group). More details unknown.
Produced by Mac Wiseman at RCA Victor Studio in Nashville. 

March 11, 1958 is also the recording date of the RENE HALL single
"Thunderbird"/"When the Saints Go Marchin' In" (Specialty 629, April).
Both sides are instrumentals.
Personnel : Rene Hall (guitar / arranger) ; Plas Johnson (tenor sax) ;
Jewell Grant (baritone sax) ; Ted Brinson (bass) ; Possibly H.B. Barnum
(piano) ; Earl Palmer (drums).
Produced by Sonny Bono in Los Angeles.

(Circa) March 12, 1958 : BOB DENTON records the single "Playboy"/"Skinny
Minnie" (Dot 15743, April) at the Gold Star Recording Studio in Hollywood.
"Playboy" will be released again in September on Dot 15833, with a new
flip-side, "24 Hour Night", on which Eddie Cochran plays guitar.

March 13, 1958 : THE BOBBETTES record their next Atlantic single, "Zoomy"/
"Rock and Ree-ah-zole" (Atlantic 1181, April). Unissued from this session 
is "Skippy Doo-Wah".
Personnel : Allen Hanlon, George Barnes (guitars) ; Lloyd Trotman (bass) ;
Reggie Obrecht (piano / arranger) ; King Curtis (tenor sax) ; Joe Marshall 
Produced by Ahmet Ertegun and Jerry Wexler in New York City.

March 14, 1958 : AL HENDERSON waxes his first single "Ding Dong Dandy"/
"Mary Jane" (East West 113, May) in Nashville. Backing probably by Boyd
Bennett and his band. East West is a division of Atlantic Records.

Saturday, March 15, 1958 : THE HOLLYWOOD FLAMES, now without Bobby Day, 
cut their new single, "Frankenstein's Den"/"Strollin' On the Beach" (Ebb
144, April). Produced by Lee Rupe and J.J. Jones in Los Angeles.
At this time the Hollywood Flames are Earl Nelson, David Ford, Clyde
Tillis and Don Wyatt.

March 15-16, 1958 : TOMMY BLAKE is back in the Sun studio in Memphis to
record his next single, "Sweetie Pie"/"I Dig You Baby" (Sun 300, June).
Credit for both tunes goes to "Blake-Ross", but "Sweetie Pie" is clearly
based on the then unissued Dale Hawkins composition of the same name.
Also recorded are "You Better Believe It" and "Shake Around", which are
held in the can until they appear on a French single (Sun 614) in 1977.
Personnel : Tommy Blake (vocals / guitar) ; Roland Janes, Carl Adams
(guitars) ; Eddie Hall (bass on March 15) ; Stan Kesler (bass on March
16) ; Jimmy Wilson (piano) ; Jimmy Van Eaton (drums / cowbell).
Produced by Sam Phillips.

March 17, 1958 : Carl Gardner and Billy Guy of THE COASTERS have 
relocated to New York City, leaving Bobby Nunn and Leon Hughes behind
in California. Their replacements are Will 'Dub' Jones (from the Cadets),
bass, and Cornel Gunter, tenor. This is now known as the classic line-up
of the Coasters (1958-61). Their first NYC session, produced by Jerry
Leiber and Mike Stoller, results in the # 1 hit "Yakety Yak" (Atco 6116,
May), its flip, "Zing! Went the Strings Of My Heart", "Three Cool Cats"
(the later flip-side of "Charlie Brown", Atco 6132, January 1959) and 
"Stewball", which will become the B-side of "Wake Me, Shake Me' in June
1960 (Atco 6168).
Supporting the Coasters are : Adolph Jacobs, Clifton Best, Allan Hanlon
(guitars) ; Lloyd Trotman (bass) ; King Curtis (tenor sax) ; Mike Stoller
(piano) ; Joe Marshall (drums) ; Francisco Pozo (bongos).

March 17, 1958 : RUSTY AND DOUG record two of their best singles in a
convincing rockabilly style, "Hey Mae"/"Why Don't You Love Me" (Hickory
1077, April) and "Hey Sheriff"/"Sweet Thing" (Hickory 1083, July). The
first single will also be released in the UK (Oriole 1510), "surely one
of the rarest of all UK original rockabilly releases", according to Tony
Rounce, staff employee at Ace (UK). 
The location is RCA Studio B in Nashville.
Personnel : Rusty and Doug Kershaw (vocals) ; Chet Atkins, Ray Edenton,
Hank Garland (guitars) ; Lightnin' Chance (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ;
Buddy Harman (drums).
Produced by Wesley Rose.

March 17, 1958 : At the Sun studio in Memphis, WARREN SMITH records a 
first version of "Goodbye Mr. Love" (to which he will return in January
1959) and a second version of "Uranium Rock". Both are first released
on the Bear Family CD "Classic Recordings / Warren Smith" (BCD 15514)
in 1992.

March 18, 1958 : A four-track session for THE CADILLACS in New York
City results in the single "Speedo Is Back"/"A' Looka Here" (Josie 836,
April). The other two tracks, "Great Googly Moo" and "It's Spring" are
first released on the Murray Hill LP box set (MH 61285) in 1983.
The Cadillacs are : Earl Carroll (lead), James Bailey, Bobby Phillips,
Bobby Spencer and Earl Wade.
Arranged by Jesse Powell.

March 18-19, 1958 : After a recording career of eight years, SKEETS
McDONALD finally gets the chance to record an LP. "Goin' Steady With
the Blues" is released on Capitol T 1040 in July. Tracks : "Goin'
Steady With the Blues", "Gone And Left Me Blues", "Yard And A Half Of
Blues", "You're There", "Hawaiian Sea Breeze", "Tomorrow Never Comes",
"Blues In My Mind", "My Room Is Crowded", "I'll Sail My Ship Alone",
"Lost Highway", "I'm Sorry Now" and "Fort Worth Jail". EMI decided to
release this album in the UK on its budget label Music For PLeasure
(MFP 1055, 1965). 
Personnel : Skeets McDonald (vocals / leader) ; Joe Maphis, Buck Owens
(guitars) ; Allen Williams (bass) ; Billy Liebert (piano) ; Pee Wee
Adams (drums).
Produced by Ken Nelson at the Capitol Tower in Hollywood.

March 19, 1958 : JOE JONES is in New Orleans for a recording session
paid by Sylvia Vanderpool (of Mickey & Sylvia fame). "Every Night About
Eight" and "A-Tisket A-Tasket" are selected for his first Roulette single
(4063, April). "I'm Glad For Your Sake" and the instrumental "Indian Love
Call" will stay on the shelf until the release of the CD "You Talk Too
Much : The Best Of Joe Jones" (UK Sequel NEM CD 672, 1994).
Later in the month (exact date unknown), another session follows. "To 
Prove My Love To You"/"The Prisoner's Song" becomes his next single
(Roulette 4087, July). A second attempt at "I'm Glad For Your Sake" and
"I Cried For You" remain unissued.
Personnel : Joe Jones (vocals / piano) ; Sylvia Vanderpool (additional
vocals on "A-Tisket A-Tasket") ; Charles Fairley (tenor sax) ; Teddy
Riley (trumpet) ; James Fairman (bass) ; Charles Williams (drums).

March 19, 1958 : RAY SMITH's third Sun session results in his first
single for the label : "Right Behind You Baby"/"So Young" (Sun 298,
June). "Break-Up" and "Two Pennies And a String" stay in the vaults
until 1988 (LP "I'm Right Behind You Baby!", Sun LP 1009, UK).
Personnel : Stanley Walker (lead guitar) ; Dean Perkins (rhythm guitar);
Charlie Rich (piano) ; James Webb (bass on March 19) ; Stan Kesler
(bass on March 26-27) ; Gary Diamond (drums).
Produced by Sam Phillips at the Sun studio in Memphis. 

Wednesday, March 19, 1958 : TINY TOPSY has her penultimate Federal date,
out of which comes the single "Western Rock 'n' Roll"/"Cha Cha Sue", to 
be issued on Federal 12323 in April.
Backing by the Johnny Pate Quintet : Ronald Wilson (tenor sax) ; William
Wallace (piano) ; Wilbur Wynne (guitar) ; Johnny Pate (bass) ; Donald
Clarke (drums) ; Unknown (vocal chorus). Location : Chicago, unknown

March 20, 1958 : CAROLE KING makes her debut as a recording artist. Her
single "Goiní Wild"/"The Right Girl" is released on ABC-Paramount 9921 
in the first week of May.
Arranged and conducted by Don Costa in New York City.

March 24-25, 1958 : FRANKIE LYMON records an LP made up of covers of
rock n roll material by other artists. Title is "Frankie Lymon : Rock 'n'
Roll" (Roulette R 25036, June). Tracks : "Waiting In School", "Wake Up
Little Susie", "Silhouettes", "Next Time You See Me", "Send For Me",
"It Hurts To Be In Love", "Jailhouse Rock", "Diana", "Buzz Buzz Buzz",
"Searchin'", "Short Fat Fannie" and "Little Bitty Pretty One". This last
track is issued as a single in June 1960 (Roulette 4257) and reaches
# 58 on the Billboard Hot 100.

March 25, 1958 : SANFORD CLARK has another session at Audio Recorders in
Phoenix, Arizona, as usual produced by Lee Hazlewood, with Al Casey on
guitar. The new single (Dot 15738, March 25) is "Modern Romance" (written
by Danny Wolfe and originally recorded by Huelyn Duvall) b/w "Travelin'
Man" (not the same song as the Ricky Nelson hit). The third track, Ray
Sharpe's "That's the Way I Feel (Ooh Wee)" is perhaps the best of the trio,
but stays in the can until the Bear Family LP "Rockin' Rollin' Sanford
Clark, Vol. 1" (BFX 15198) is released in 1986.

March 25, 1958 : RONNIE SELF is recording in Nashville (Bradley Film
and Recording Studio) at a time that his "Bop-A-Lena" is in the charts.
For the follow-up, producer Don Law selects "Date Bait"/"Big Blon' Baby"
(Columbia 41166, early May). The third track, "Petrified", ends up on
the B-side of "You're So Right For Me" (Columbia 41241, August), which
was recorded at the "Bop-A-Lena" session of December 1957.
Personnel : Ronnie Self (vocals / guitar) ; John Hill, Jack Pruett
(guitars) ; Joe Zinkan (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Andrew Goodrich
(sax) ; Buddy Harman (drums).

March 25-29, 1958 : Busy days for GENE VINCENT and the Blue Caps, at
the Capitol Tower in Hollywood. The superb "Rocky Road Blues" (Capitol
4010, release date July 7) and "Git It"/"Little Lover" (Capitol 4051,
September) are released as singles. "Dance In the Street" and "Lovely
Loretta" are included on the EP "Hot Rod Gang" (Capitol EP 985, May).
"Teenage Partner", "Five Feet Of Lovin'" (both remakes of the 1956
recordings), "I Love You", "Peace Of Mind", "Somebody Help Me", "Look
What You Gone And Done To Me", "Hey Good Lookin'", "Summertime", "I Can't
Help It" and "The Wayward Wind" are all selected for Gene's fourth album,
"A Gene Vincent Record Date" (Capitol T 1059, September). Finally, "Now
Is the Hour" ends up as a track for the LP "Sounds Like Gene Vincent"
(Capitol T 1207, June 1959).
Personnel : Johnny Meeks (lead guitar) ; Grady Owen (rhythm guitar) ;
Bobby Jones (bass) ; Cliff Simmons (piano) ; Juvey Gomez (drums) ; Tommy
Facenda, Paul Peek, aka The Clapper Boys (handclapping / backing vocals) ;
Eddie Cochran (backing bass vocals on some tracks).
Produced by Ken Nelson.

March 26, 1958 : ERNIE FREEMAN and his Combo record their biggest seller
since "Raunchy" : the Billy Vaughn-styled "Indian Love Call"/"Summer 
Serenade" (Imperial 5518, April, peak position # 59 pop). "Estrellita"
and "Celebration" are tracks for the LP "Ernie Freeman" (Imperial LP
9057, September), which also includes the two songs on the single.

March 26, 1958 : The second session of THE KALIN TWINS yields their
biggest hit : "When"/"Three O'Clock Thrill" (Decca 30642, release date
May 12). "Tag-A-Long" will be included on their LP "The Kalin Twins"
(Decca DL 8812, November).
Orchestra conducted by Jack Pleis.
Location : Decca Studio A, New York City.

March 26-27, 1958 : RAY SMITH is back at the Sun studio in Memphis where
he cuts "Shake Around" and "Willing and Ready". Both numbers will get 
their first release on the Various artists LP "Raunchy Rockabilly" (Charly 
CR 30147, UK) in 1978. Also recorded is a first (unissued) attempt at "You
Made A Hit". Ray will return to this song on May 13.
Personnel : Stanley Walker, Dean Perkins (guitars) ; Stan Kesler (bass) ;
Charlie Rich (piano) ; Gary Diamond (drums).

March 27, 1958 : DON AND DEWEY are in great form on this four-track 
session at Master Recorders in Hollywood. "Justine"/"Bim Bam" comes out 
in the first week of May on Specialty 631. "Koko Joe" follows in late
July (Specialty 639, c/w "The Letter" from an October 1957 session).
"Day By Day" gets its first release on the LP "Bim Bam" (Ace CH 151,
UK) in 1985.
Personnel : Dewey Terry (piano / leader) ; Don Harris (bass) ; Plas 
Johnson (tenor sax) ; Jewell Grant (alto sax) ; Rene Hall, Melvin
Jaye Glass (guitars) ; Earl Palmer (drums).
Produced by Art Rupe.

March 27, 1958 : JOHN D. LOUDERMILK's first session for Columbia yields
two singles : "Susie's House" (another song written by Danny Wolfe
and originally recorded by both Huelyn Duvall and Tooter Boatman) b/w 
"Yearbook" (Columbia 41165, April) and "Yo-Yo" b/w "Lover's Lane"
(Columbia 41209, July). 
Backing by : Harold Bradley, Ray Edenton (guitars) ; Lightnin' Chance
(bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Buddy Harman (drums).
Produced by Don Law at Bradley Studio in Nashville.

March 27, 1958 : SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON II does another session for Chess
in Chicago. "Your Funeral And My Trial"/"Wake Up Baby" is selected for
the next single (Checker 894, June). "She Got Next To Me" and "Keep Your
Hand Out Of My Pocket" have to wait until 1969 for a release on the LP
"Bummer Road" (Chess LP 1536).
Personnel : Rice Miller aka Sonny Boy Williamson (vocals / harmonica) ;
Robert Lockwood, Jr, Eugene Pierson (guitars) ; Otis Spann (piano) ;
Willie Dixon (bass) ; Fred Below (drums). Some sources credit Lafayette
Leake on piano.

March 27, 1958 : SHEB WOOLEY records the future # 1 hit "The Purple
People Eater"/"I Can't Believe You're Mine" (MGM 12651, May) at Radio
Recorders in Hollywood during a four-hour session (18:30-22:30).
Personnel : Howard Roberts, Bobby Gibbons (guitars) ; Red Callender
(bass) ; John Williams (piano) ; Plas Johnson (sax) ; Earl Palmer (drums).
Arranged by Neely Plumb, produced by Jesse Kaye. 

Friday, March 28, 1958 : EDDIE COCHRAN delivers a true rock 'n' roll 
classic in the shape of "Summertime Blues" (Liberty 55144, release date
June 11), recorded at Gold Star Recording Studio in Hollywood.
Personnel : Eddie Cochran (vocals / guitar / guitar overdubs) ; Guybo
Smith (electric bass) ; Earl Palmer (drums).
The handlcapping is either by Sharon Sheeley and Jerry Capehart (say
Sharon Sheeley and Derek Glenister), by Capehart, Cochran and Smith
(says Jerry Capehart) or overdubbed by Cochran himself (say Darrel
Higham and Julie Mundy in their Cochran biography).

March 28, 1958 : THE SHIELDS record their only hit, "You Cheated" (# 12
pop) and its much more interesting flip, "That's the Way It's Gonna Be",
in Los Angeles. First release on Tender 513 in June, then on Dot 15805
in August. The Shields are : Frankie Ervin (lead), Jesse Belvin (falsetto),
Johnny 'Guitar' Watson, Mel Williams and Buster Williams.
Backing by : Ernie Freeman (piano) ; Rene Hall (guitar) ; Irving Ashby
(bass) ; Davis Williams (drums).
Produced by George Motola.

March 28, 1958 : CARL SMITH does a three-track session at Bradley Studio
in Nashville. "Goodnight Mister Sun"/"Guess I'ver Been Around Too Long"
is issued on Columbia 41170 in the first week of May. "We're Not Going
Steady Anymore" remains unissued until it is included by Bear Family on
the 5-CD set "Satisfaction Guaranteed" (BCD 15849) in 1995.
Personnel : Hank Garland, Grady Martin, Sammy Pruett (guitars) ; Tom
Pritchard (bass) ; Marvin Hughes (piano) ; Delwyn Murphy (drums).
Produced by Don Law.

March 28, 1958 : KIP TYLER and the Flips cut their second and last
single for Challenge : "Jungle Hop"/"Ooh Yeah Baby" (Challenge 59008,
April). Location is Gold Star Studio in Hollywood.
Personnel : Kip Tyler (vocals) ; Mike Deasy (guitar) ; Steve Douglas
(sax) ; Larry Knechtel (piano) ; Mike Bermani (drums).

March 28, 1958 : JACKIE WALKER records two compositions by the Burnette
brothers, Johnny and Dorsey. "Good Good Feeliní"/"Eternally (Wanting You,
Needing You)" is released in May on Imperial 5521.
Personnel : James Burton (guitar) ; James Kirkland (bass) ; Gene Garf 
(piano) ; Ritchie Frost (drums).
Produced by Jimmie Haskell in Hollywood.

March 29, 1958 : SCREAMIN" JAY HAWKINS is at Columbia Recording Studio
in New York City, where he records his next single, "Alligator Wine"/
"There's Something Wrong With You" (Okeh 7101, April). "Knock-Kneed
Nana" has to wait until 2008 for a first release on Bear Family BCD
16687 (CD "Screamin' Jay Rocks").
Personnel : Everett Barksdale, Kenny Burrell, Al Casamenti (guitars) ;
Milt Hinton (bass) ; Moe Wechsler (piano) ; Romeo Penque (sax) ; Panama
Francis (drums).
Arranged by Leroy Kirkland.

March 1958, unknown date : AL CASEY cuts a vocal single, "(Got the)
Teen-Age Blues"/"Give'n Up" (Highland 1002, April). "Teen-Age Blues"
was originally issued as the flip of "The Adventures Of Frank N Stein"
(Highland 1001), but seemingly this single was soon withdrawn.
Credit goes to Al Casey and the Bats : Al Casey (vocals / guitar) ;
Corky Casey (guitar / second vocal on "Give'n Up") ; Buddy Wheeler
(bass) ; Bob Taylor (drums) ; Unknown (piano).
Produced by Lester Sill and Lee Hazlewood at Audio Recorders in
Phoenix, Arizona.

March 1958, unknown date(s) : DUANE EDDY records his first Top 10 hit
at Ramsey Recorders in Phoenix, Arizona : "Rebel Rouser"/"Stalkin'" (Jamie
1104, May). Production is in the hands of Lee Hazlewood and Lester Sill.
Also present are : Corky Casey, Donnie Owens (guitars) ; Buddy Wheeler
(electric bass) ; Alvin Simmons (string bass) ; Al Casey (piano) ; Bob
Taylor (drums). The sax of Gil Bernal and the rebel yells / handclaps of
The Sharps will be overdubbed at a later date, in Hollywood.

(Circa) March 1958, unknown date : PAUL GAYTEN records the follow-up to
"Nervous Boogie", an instrumental called "Tickle Toe" (Argo 5300, May).
Personnel is probably the same as on "Nervous Boogie" (see March 1957).
The reverse, "Windy", is laid down on the same day and also credited to 
Paul Gayten, though it is in fact by the Ramsey Lewis Trio, augmented
by a flute. Surprisingly, this is the side that charts (# 78 pop).

(Probably) March 1958, unknown date(s) : In Bel Air, West Hollywood
JAN and ARNIE record their demo of "Jennie Lee" at the garage of Berry's
parents. When the tape is brought to Radio Recorders to make an acetate
disc, Joe Lubin (A & R man for Arwin) insists to re-record the track,
together with the quickly written "Gotta Getta Date". Martin Melcher
(owner of Arwin, and husband of Doris Day) decides to overdub both tracks
using the Ernie Freeman Combo before releasing the single in the fourth
week of April (Arwin 108). It will become a phenomenal success : #3 on
the Cash Box charts (June 21) and #8 on the Billboard charts (June 30).
Personnel : Jan Berry and Arnie Ginsberg (vocals) ; Rene Hall (guitar) ;
Ernie Freeman (piano) ; Plas Johnson (sax) ; Earl Palmer (drums).
Overdubs arranged by Don Ralke, produced by Joe Lubin.

March 1958, unknown date(s) : JERRY LEE LEWIS records eight tracks in
the Sun studio during this month. "Jambalaya" and "It All Depends" (aka
"Who Will Buy the Wine", later overdubbed with backing vocals) will find
a place on Jerry's first LP (Sun LP 1230, May). "Big Legged Woman", with
its raunchy lyrics, stays on the shelf until 1969 (LP "Rockin' Rhythm and
Blues", Sun LP 107). In the same style, but with more acceptable lyrics,
is "Hello Hello Baby", which is included on Lewis's second Sun album
("Jerry Lee's Greatest", Sun LP 1265, December 1961), as is "Frankie and
"Friday Night", "Lovesick Blues" and "Your Cheatin' Heart" will not see
a release until the 1970s, on three different LPs.
Musicians : Jerry Lee Lewis (vocals / piano) ; Roland Janes (guitar) ;
Billy Riley or Jay W. Brown (bass) ; Jimmy Van Eaton (drums).
Produced by Sam Phillips and Jack Clement in Memphis.

March 1958, unknown date : PAUL PEEK, a member of Gene Vincent's Blue
Caps, records the first single for the new NRC label : "Sweet Skinny
Jenny"/"The Rock-A-Round" (NRC 001, April). In Belgium both tracks will
become available the same month (Hit-tune 5042)!
Location is WGST radio station in Atlanta, Georgia.
Personnel : Joe South, Jerry Reed (guitars) ; Bill Mack (upright bass) ;
Ray Jones (sax) ; Ray Stevens (piano) ; Esquerita (second pianist on
"The Rock-A-Round") ; Nelson Rogers (drums).
Produced by Bill Lowery.

(Probably) March 1958, unknown date : J.P. RICHARDSON (aka The Big
Bopper) records his second Mercury single, "Monkey Song"/"A Teen-Age
Moon" (Mercury 71312, release date May 23). Label credit goes to 'Jape
Richardson with the Echoes'. The guitarist is Sonny Burns, more personnel
details unknown.
Produced by Pappy Daily at Gold Star Studio in Houston, Texas.

March 1958, unknown date : BOBBY LEE TRAMMELL is at Western Recorders
on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood to record his second single, "You Mostest
Girl"/"Uh Oh", both his own compositions. Release on Radio 102 at the end
of March. Personnel includes a black male chorus of four singers, details
Produced by Fabor Robison.

With thanks to Steve Walker and Henk Gorter.

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