April 1, 1958 : In Cincinnati, THE FIVE ROYALES lay down their next two
singles, "The Feeling Is Real"/"Do the Cha Cha Cherry" (King 5131, May)
and "Tell the Truth"/"Double Or Nothing" (King 5141, July). "Tell the
Truth" will be covered by Ray Charles in May 1959 (released August 1960).

April 1, 1958 : RODDY JACKSON does a four-track session in his hometown
of Merced, California. None of the tracks - "I Love Her Just the Same",
"Juke Box Baby", "Until the End Of Time" and "Cherry Pie" - is originally
issued by Art Rupe, but they finally see the light of day in 2007 on the
UK CD "Central Valley Fireball" (Ace 1101).
Personnel : Roddy Jackson (vocals / piano ) ; Kenny Craig (guitar / backing
vocal) ; Clarence Lewis (sax) ; Gilbert Fraire (bass) ; Buddy Wiggins

April 1, 1958 : THE LOUVIN BROTHERS record their next two singles at
Bradley Studio in Nashville : "My Baby Came Back"/"She Didn't Even Know
I Was Gone" (Capitol 3974, May) and "My Baby's Gone"/"Are You Wasting My 
Time" (Capitol 4055, September).
Personnel : Charlie Louvin (vocals / guitar) ; Ira Louvin (vocals) ; Hank
Garland, Paul Yandell, Ray Edenton (guitars) ; Junior Huskey (bass) ;
Marvin Hughes (piano) ; Buddy Harman (drums). Produced by Ken Nelson.

April 1, 1958 : During his first session for Capitol, BOB LUMAN records
"Try Me" and "I Know My Baby Cares" for his new single (Capitol 3972, May). 
"Everybody's Talkin'" and "Chain Of Love" will stay in the can until the
release of the UK album "Try Me" (Rockstar LP 1015, 1988).
Personnel : Bob Luman (vocals / guitar) ; Fred Carter, Connie 'Guybo' 
Smith (guitars) ; Merrill Moore (piano) ; Jackie Kelso (sax) ; Ritchie 
Frost (drums). After the session is finished, Ritchie Frost leaves the 
Capitol Tower in Hollywood, as Ricky Nelson needs him for an evening 
session at Master Recorders.

April 1, 11, 17 and 21, 1958 : It's a busy month for RICKY NELSON, with
four sessions, resulting in twelve tracks for his second LP, simply titled 
"Ricky Nelson" (Imperial LP 9050, July). On April 1 he records four covers
of rocking songs : "Down the Line", "Shirley Lee", "There's Good Rockin'
Tonight", "I'm Feelin' Sorry". On the 11th these are followed by "Someday
(You'll Want Me To Want You)" and "Unchained Melody" and on April 17 by
"Poor Little Fool" and "My Babe". The final session, on April 21, yields
"I'll Walk Alone", "I'm In Love Again" (also a single in February 1963,
Imperial 5910), "There Goes My Baby" and "Don't Leave Me This Way".
"Poor Little Fool"/"Don't Leave Me This Way" is chosen for single release
(Imperial 5528, June), resulting in a # 1 hit.
Personnel : Ricky Nelson (vocals / rhythm guitar) ; James Burton (lead
guitar) ; James Kirkland (bass) ; Gene Garf (piano) ; Ritchie Frost 
(drums) ; The Jordanaires (vocal chorus, overdubbed).
All sessions produced by Jimmie Haskell at Master Recorders in Hollywood.   

Wednesday, April 2, 1958 : ART NEVILLE is at Cosimo Recording Studio in 
New Orleans to record his next single, released in June : "Zing Zing"/"Cha 
Dooky-Doo" (Specialty 637). A third track is called "That Old Time Rock 'n' 
Roll", which is also the title of the LP on which this song will first
appear many years later (Specialty SP 2165, 1986).
Personnel : Art Neville (vocals / piano) ; Charles Fairley (tenor sax) ; 
Red Tyler (baritone sax) ; Irving Charles (guitar) ; Frank Fields (bass) ; 
Charles 'Hungry' Williams (drums). Produced by Harold Battiste.

April 2, 1958 : RAY SHARPE's very first recording session takes place 
at Audio Recorders in Phoenix, Arizona. Two of his own compositions,
"That's the Way I Feel" (already recorded by Sanford Clark the previous
month) and "Oh My Baby's Gone" will be first released on Hamilton 50002
in May, then scheduled as Dot 15788 (June 12, but cancelled) and finally
reissued (after the success of "Linda Lu") on Dot 15974 (August 1959).
Personnel : Ray Sharpe (vocals / guitar) ; Duane Eddy (guitar) ; Buddy
Wheeler (bass) ; Bob Taylor (drums) ; 'Easy Deal' Wilson (piano).
Produced by Lee Hazlewood and Lester Sill.

April 2, 1958 : NICK VENET does a four-track session in Hollywood,
probably at Master Recorders. "Love In Be Bop Time"/"Honey Baby" is 
issued on Imperial 5522 at the end of May. "Darlin' Sue" and "Baby Doll"
are consigned to the vaults. Joe Maphis plays lead guitar, more details 
unknown. Produced by Jimmie Haskell.

April 3, 1958 : HOWLIN' WOLF's next single is "Moaning For My Baby"/
"I Didn't Know" (Chess 1695, June), recorded on this day. "Howlin' Blues"
(aka "I'm Going Away") comes out on Chess 1726 in May 1959.
Personnel : Chester Burnett (Howlin' Wolf) (vocals / harmonica) ; Hosea
Lee Kennard (piano) ; Hubert Sumlin, Jody Williams (guitars) ; Alfred
Elkins (bass) ; Abb Locke (tenor sax) ; Earl Phillips (drums).
Location : Chess studio, Chicago.

April 3, 1958 : MICKEY AND SYLVIA lay down their new single, "Rock And 
Stroll Room"/"Bewildered" (Vik 0324, late April), in New York City.
Personnel : Mickey Baker (vocals / guitar) ; Sylvia Vanderpool (vocals /
guitar) ; King Curtis (tenor sax) ; Ernie Hayes (piano) ; Eric Dixon
(flute) ; Unknown (bass) ; probably Panama Francis (drums).

April 3, 1958 : JOHNNY OTIS records his biggest pop hit : "Willie and 
the Hand Jive"/"Ring-A-Ling" (Capitol 3966, third week of April), at the 
Capitol Tower in Hollywood. Personnel includes Plas Johnson on tenor sax 
and Jimmy Nolen on guitar, further details unknown. Produced by Tom Morgan.

April 4, 1958 : GLEN GLENN is at Gold Star Studio in Hollywood and
records many versions of two songs. "Laurie Ann" becomes the B-side of
the previously recorded "One Cup Of Coffee And A Cigarette" (Era 1074,
June). "Blue Jeans And A Boy Shirt" appears in November on Era 1086.
Personnel : Gary Lambert (lead guitar) ; Wynn Stewart (rhythm guitar) ;
Guybo Smith (bass) ; Joe O'Dell (drums) ; Jean Smith, Glenda Smith,
Beverly Stewart (vocal chorus).

April 7, 1958 : EDDIE COCHRAN does three different overdubs of take 32
of "Ah Pretty Girl" (originally recorded in September 1957). One is a
vocal overdub by Eddie and the Johnny Mann Singers (first issued on 
the "Eddie Cochran Memorial Album", Liberty LBY 1127 in 1963), the second
has an overdubbed guitar solo in mono (Liberty LIB 10032, Holland, 1962) 
and the third a guitar overdub in stereo (Rockstar LP 1008, 1984).
Location : Liberty Custom Recorders, Hollywood.

April 7-10, 1958 : WANDA JACKSON spends four days at the Capitol Tower
in Hollywood, accompanied by her new backing group, Bobby Poe and the
Poe-Kats : Bobby Poe (guitar) ; Vernon Sandusky (lead guitar) ; Big Al
Downing (piano) ; Joe Brawley (drums). As the Poe-Kats lacked a bass
player, producer Ken Nelson brings in Skeets McDonald to slap an old
upright bass and reportedly Buck Owens (guitar) and Merrill Moore (piano)
are also present.
Enough material is recorded for an entire album (her first), just titled
"Wanda Jackson" (Capitol T 1041, July) : "Day Dreaming", "I Wanna Waltz",
"Heartbreak Ahead", "Making Believe", Here We Are Again", "Long Tall Sally",
"Just Call Me Lonesome", "Let Me Go Lover", "Money Honey", "I Can't Make 
My Dreams Understand", "Happy Happy Birthday Baby" and - best of all -
"Let's Have A Party". This last track will be issued as a single in June 
1960 (Capitol 4397).
Also recorded are "Mean Mean Man"/"Our Song" for her next single (Capitol
4026, July), "Rock Your Baby"/"Sinful Heart" (Capitol 4081, October),
"You've Turned To A Stranger" (Capitol 4142, January 1959) and "A Date
With Jerry" (Capitol 4207, May 1959).

April 9, 1958 : JOHNNY CASH sings and plays acoustic guitar in the Sun
studio, backed by : Luther Perkins (electric guitar) ; Marshall Grant
(bass) ; Jimmy Wilson (piano) ; Jimmy Van Eaton (drums) ; The Gene Lowery
Singers (vocal group). Jack Clement acts as producer.
"Guess Things Happen That Way"/"Come In Stranger" is picked for release
on Sun 295 (May 20). "Oh Lonesome Me" stays in the can until December 10,
1960, when it is released on Sun 355, with plenty of overdubs.

April 10, 1958 : BOBBY DARIN has written a new song called "Splish Splash".
Atco boss Herb Abramson hates it and Jerry Wexler does not want to produce
it either. But Ahmet Ertegun is willing to give it a chance and supervises
three tracks : "Splish Splash"/"Judy Don't Be Moody" (Atco 6117, release
date May 19) and "Queen Of the Hop" (Atco 6127, September). Both singles
will become million sellers.
Personnel : Bobby Darin (vocals / piano) ; Al Caiola, Billy Mure (guitars) ;
poss. Wendell Marshall (bass) ; Jesse Powell (tenor sax) ; Panama Francis
(drums). Arranged by Ray Ellis.

April 10, 1958 : BOBBY HELMS is at Bradley Studio in Nashville where
he records four tracks. "Schoolboy Crush" (soon to be covered by Cliff
Richard) is released on Decca 30682 in June. "The Fool And the Angel"
follows in August (Decca 30749) and "I Guess I'll Miss the Prom"/"Soon
It Can Be Told" (Decca 30886) in April 1959. The reverse of "School Boy 
Crush", "Borrowed Dreams" is recorded on April 23.
Personnel : Harold Bradley, Hank Garland, Grady Martin, Ray Edenton
(guitars) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Owen Bradley (piano, producer) ; Buddy 
Harman (drums) ; The Anita Kerr Singes (vocal chorus).

April 11, 1958 : Orchestra leader BILLY VAUGHN records his next two A-sides,
"Singing Hills" (Dot 15771, May 19) and "La Paloma" (Dot 15795, June 30) at
Radio Recorders in Hollywood. In most European countries (not the UK), these
two tracks will be issued on the same single. "La Paloma" sells over a million
copies in Germany alone. Also recorded are the US EP tracks "Estrellita" and
"Mexicali Rose" (back to back released on single in Holland (London FL 1798,
December) plus "Cool Water" and "La Golondrina" (Dot DEP 1066, April 21).
Lead alto sax by Justin Gordon (double tracked).

April 14-17, 1958 : During a marathon session at Hollywood's Capitol Tower,
HANK THOMPSON records the LP "Favorite Waltzes By Hank Thompson" (Capitol 
T 1111, December) and two singles : "Squaws Along the Yukon"/"Gathering 
Flowers" (Capitol 4017, July) and "You're Going Back To Your Old Ways 
Again"/"I've Run Out Of Tomorrows" (Capitol 4085, November).
Personnel : Hank Thompson (vocals / guitar) ; Billy Gray, Merle Travis
(guitars) ; Billy Briggs Stewart (bass) ; Vic Davis (piano) ; Bob White,
Harold Hensley, Tom Camfield (fiddles) ; Butch White (drums).
Produced by Ken Nelson.

Tuesday, April 15, 1958 : Sax player PLAS JOHNSON records his next two 
singles : "Little Rockin' Deacon"/"Dinah" (Capitol 3977, May) and "Blow 
Your Blues Away"/"Everyone Knows" (Capitol 4029 August). Vocal chorus on 
the first single is the Corairs, on the second single the Evelyn Freeman 
Voices. Location : Capitol Tower, Hollywood.

April 15, 1958 : While touring the United Kingdom, MARVIN RAINWATER pays
a visit to EMI's London studio at Abbey Road, to record "I Dig You Baby"
and "Dance Me Daddy" with Ken Jones and his orchestra. "I Dig You Baby" 
is first released in the UK (MGM 980, May), then in the US (MGM 12665,
June). "Dance Me Daddy" is a single in the UK (MGM 988, September), in
the US it is included on the album "Marvin Rainwater Sings With A Heart/
With A Beat" (MGM LP E-3721).

April 16, 1958 : LITTLE JIMMY DICKENS does a four-track session at
Bradley Studio in Nashville. "(I Got) A Hole In My Pocket"/"Me And My
Big Loud Mouth" is picked as his new single (Columbia 41173, May). 
"Recipe For the Blues" and "Darling, My Darling" stay in the vaults until
the release of the 4-CD box-set "Out Behind the Barn" (Bear Family BCD
16218) in February 1998.
Personnel : Harold Bradley, Grady Martin (guitars) ; Buddy Emmons (steel
guitar) ; Lightnin' Chance (bass) ; Tommy Jackson, Tommy Vaden (fiddles) ;
Farris Coursey (drums). Produced by Don Law.

April 17, 1958 : Another FATS DOMINO session at Cosimo Recording Studio
in New Orleans. "Prisoner's Song" becomes the B-side of the previously
recorded "Little Mary" (Imperial 5526, June). "I'll Be Glad When You're
Dead You Rascal You" is used as an album track ("The Fabulous Mr. D.",
Imperial LP 9055, August), just like "One Of These Days" (LP "Walking
To New Orleans", Imperial LP 9227, January 1963).
Personnel : Fats Domino (vocals / piano) ; Herb Hardesty, Clarence Ford
(tenor saxes) ; Wendell Duconge (alto sax) ; Ernest McLean (guitar) ;
Frank Fields (bass) ; Cornelius Coleman (drums).
Produced by Dave Bartholomew, as always.

April 17, 1958 : MAD MAN TAYLOR (real name Wayne Taylor) records the single
"Rumble Tumble"/"Rock 'n' Roll Espanole" (East West 117, July). Besides
the vocalist, he is also the pianist, more personnel details unknown.
East West is a division of Atlantic, but this is not an Atlantic recording,
but a purchased master. Location unknown.

April 18, 1958 : JOEY CASTLE is at RCA Victor Studio B in New York City
for a four-track session. "That Ain't Nothing But Right"/"Come A Little 
Closer Baby" is released on RCA 7283 in June. "Please Love Me" and "Shake
Hands With A Fool" stay in the can until the release of the LP "Rockin' 
Rollin' High School, Vol. 6" (Bear Family BFX 15114) in 1983.
Personnel : James Liddle (guitar / leader) ; Dorsey Ray Beavers (guitar) ;
Victor Battista (bass) ; Greg Morabito (piano) ; Robert Freeman (drums).
Produced by Herman Diaz, Jr.

April 18, 1958 : FLOYD CRAMER cuts his second single for RCA, "Mumble
Jumble"/"Cryin'" (RCA 7250, May). "Cryin'" is a strange title for such a
happy uptempo number. Produced by Chet Atkins at RCA Victor Studio in

April 20-21, 1958 : JERRY LEE LEWIS is back at the Sun studio in Memphis
with : Roland Janes (guitar) ; Billy Riley or Jay W. Brown (bass) ; Jimmy
Van Eaton (drums) ; (and probably another guitarist on some titles).
Quite a few songs are laid down : "Put Me Down", "Fools Like Me", "Wild
One" (aka "Real Wild Child"), "Crazy Heart" : Carryin' On" ("Sexy Ways") ;
"Let the Good Times Roll", "Slippin' Around", the instrumental "I'll See
You In My Dreams" and the definitive version of "High School Confidential",
after many earlier attempts. "High School Confidential"/"Fools Like Me" is
chosen for single release (Sun 296, May). "Put Me Down" gets a place on
Jerry's first album ("Jerry Lee Lewis", Sun LP 1230) and the rest stays
in the can until the 1970s and 1980s.

April 21, 1958 : JESSE BELVIN is at Radio Recorders in Hollywood to record
his next single, "Sugar Doll"/"Let Me Dream" (Aladdin 3431, July). Credit
goes to 'Jesse Belvin with the X-Tones'. 

April 21, 1958 : DAVE RICH cuts three tracks at the RCA Victor studio in
Nashville during an afternoon session. The original version of "City Lights"
(soon to be covered by Ray Price) will appear on RCA 7247 in May, c/w "Burn 
On Love Fire", also from this session. "Sunshine In My Heart" becomes the 
flip of the previously recorded "Rosy Let's Get Cozy" (RCA 7334, September). 
Personnel : James Rich, Hank Garland, Chet Atkins (guitars) ; Jerry Byrd
(steel guitar) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ; The Anita
Kerr Singers (vocal chorus). Produced by Chet Atkins.

April 23-25, 28, and 29, 1958 : Spread over five days, TOMMY SANDS cuts an 
LP with his versions of R&B songs. The album gets the title "Sands Storm"
and is released on Capitol T 1081 in July. Tracks : "Maybelline", "Hearts
Of Stone", "Since I Met You Baby", "Oop Shoop", "Warm Your Heart", "Hey 
Miss Fannie", "Tweedle Dee", "Such A Night", "Honey Love", "Blue Velvet",
"Little Mama", "The Chicken And the Hawk". Also laid down is the single
"Big Date"/"After the Senior Prom" (Capitol 3985, May).
Backing by Bob Bain's Music : Bob Bain (guitar) ; Buck Owens (rhythm 
guitar) ; Merrill Moore (piano). More details unknown.
Produced by Ken Nelson at the Capitol Tower in Hollywood.

April 24, 1958 : Another session for BOBBY DARIN, but not for the label
(Atco) to which he is contracted at this time. His one-year contract had
become effective on May 1, 1957, so there is still one week to go. Atco
boss Herb Abramson had declined to produce "Splish Splash" and intends to
drop Bobby from the label. Fearing that his contract will not be renewed,
Bobby wants to have "something in the can for future release" and returns
to his former record company, Decca. With Dick Jacobs producing, he records
"Early in the Morning"/"Now We're One" (Brunswick 55073, credited to "The
Ding Dongs", late May), "Mighty Mighty Man" and "You're Mine". But Bobby's
contract is renewed (Abramson is overruled by Ahmet Ertegun) and Atlantic
threatens legal action against Decca. The Brunswick single is withdrawn,
followed by a rerelease on Atco (6121, July), while the remaining tracks
of the Decca session will be used for a future single (Atco 6128, October),
credited to Bobby Darin and the Rinky Dinks.
Personnel : Bobby Darin (vocals) ; George Barnes, Al Chernet (guitars) ;
Sanford Bloch (bass) ; Sam Taylor (sax) ; Ernie Hayes (piano) ; Panama
Francis (drums) ; Phil Krause (percussion) ; The Helen Way Singers (vocal
chorus). Location : Pythian Temple, New York City.

April 24, 1958 : LOUIS JORDAN's final Mercury session yields four tracks.
"Sweet Hunk Of Junk"/"Wish I Could Make Some Money" is released in June
on Mercury 71319. "I Love You So" and "That's What True Love Can Do"
are first released on Jordan's LP "Rockin' And Jivin', Vol. 1 : 1956-58"
(Bear Family BFX 15207) in 1986.

April 24, 1958 : FARON YOUNG records the biggest country hit of 1958 :
"Alone With You"/"Every Time I'm Kissing You" (Capitol 3982, May, # 1 
for 13 weeks). A third track, "Out Of My Heart" eventually ends up on 
the LP "Falling In Love" (Capitol T 2307) in 1965.
Personnel : Hank Garland, Chet Atkins, Jack Shook (guitars) ;  Buddy 
Emmons (steel guitar) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Tommy Jackson, Dale Potter 
(fiddles) ; Marvin Hughes (piano) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ; The Anita 
Kerr Singers (vocal chorus).
Produced by Ken Nelson at Bradley Studio in Nashville.

April 26, 1958 : TERRY NOLAND does a three-track session at Bradley
Studio in Nashville, produced by Paul Cohen. "Crazy Dream"/"Everybody
But One" is released on Brunswick 55069 in May. "One Sweet Kiss" stays
in the vaults until Bear Family issues the CD "Hypnotized" (BCD 15428)
in 1990. Vocal backing is supplied by the Anita Kerr Singers, more
details unknown.

Monday, April 28, 1958 : THE DRIFTERS at this time are Bobby Hendricks 
(lead), Gerhart Thrasher (tenor), Jimmy Millender (baritone) and Tommy 
Evans (bass). In New York City they cut "Drip Drop" c/w "Moonlight Bay" 
(Atlantic 1187, May) and "Suddenly There's A Valley" (the later B-side 
of "I Count the Tears", Atlantic 2087, December 1960), produced by Jerry 
Leiber and Mike Stoller. Soon the entire group will be fired by their 
manager, George Treadwell and replaced by the Five Crowns (with lead 
singer Ben E. King), who are renamed the Drifters.

April 29-30, 1958 : MOON MULLICAN does his first session for the Coral
label, produced by Owen Bradley at Bradley Studio in Nashville. All
eight tracks (some of them re-recordings of King material) are included
on the LP "Moon Over Mullican" (Coral LP 57235, August) : "You Don't 
Have To Be A Baby To Cry", "I'll Sail My Ship Alone", "Anything That's
Part Of You" (not the same tune that Elvis recorded), "Early Morning
Blues", "I Was Sorta Wonderin'", "Every Which-a Way", "Sweeter Than the
Flowers" and "The Leaves Mustn't Fall".
Personnel : Moon Mullican (vocals / piano) ; Hank Garland (lead guitar) ;
Grady Martin, Harold Bradley (rhythm guitars) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Farris
Coursey (drums) ; The Anita Kerr Singers (vocal chorus).

April 30, 1958 : One-track session for DON GIBSON. "Give Myself A Party"
will be issued as the B-side of the previously recorded "Look Who's Blue"
on September 5 (RCA 7330). Location is RCA Victor Studio in Nashville.
Personnel : Don Gibson (vocals / guitar) ; Autry Inman, Grady Martin,
Velma Smith (guitars) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Buddy
Harman (drums) ; The Anita Kerr Singers (vocal chorus).
Produced by Chet Atkins.

April 1958, unknown date : BOBBY CHARLES does his last session for Chess,
at Cosimo Studio in New Orleans. The two tracks are shelved for many years.
"Good Lovin'" is first released in 1977 on the LP "Chess Masters" (Chess 
Platinum CMP 2009, UK). "Your Picture" has to wait even longer, until 1996, 
for release on a CD also called "Chess Masters" (MCA MVCM 22078, Japan).
Personnel : Lee Allen (tenor sax) ; Red Tyler (baritone sax) ; Edward
Frank (piano) ; Justin Adams or Edgar Blanchard (guitar) ; Frank Fields
(bass) ; Charles 'Hungry' Williams (drums). Produced by Paul Gayten.

(Probably) April 1958, unknown date : JIMMY CLANTON records his first 
hit, "Just A Dream"/"You Aim To Please" (Ace 546, May) at Cosimo Recording
Studio in New Orleans.
Personnel : Lee Allen (tenor sax) ; Red Tyler (baritone sax) ; Earl King
(guitar, claims to have produced the session) ; Frank Fields (bass) ; Huey
'Piano' Smith (piano) ; Charles 'Hungry' Williams (drums); Unknown (female
vocal chorus).

(Circa) April 1958, unknown date : Former Crickets member SONNY CURTIS 
records his only single for Dot : "Laughing Stock"/"Wrong Again" (Dot 15754,
April 16), both his own compositions. The label says 'Sonny Curtis, vocal,
with chorus and orchestra directed by Milton DeLugg', which indicates that
it was probably a New York session.

April 1958, unknown date : JOHN AND JACKIE record two compositions by
Gene Maltais, "Little Girl"/"The Raging Sea" (Aladdin 3425, June), at
Master Recorders in Hollywood. "Little Girl" is an extraordinary track,
featuring orgasmic wailing by an unknown female. Maltais would later cut
"The Raging Sea" himself.

(Probably) April 1958, unknown date : At Detroit's Universal Sound Studio
JACK SCOTT records his first big seller, "My True Love"/"Leroy" (Carlton 
462, rush released). "Leroy" was previously recorded for ABC-Paramount as 
a demo, under the title "Greaseball".
Personnel : Jack Scott (vocals / guitar) ; Dave Rohillier (lead guitar) ;
Al Allen (guitar) ; Stan Getz (bass) ; Dominic Scafone (drums) ; The
Chantones (vocal group). Produced by Joe Carlton.

April 1958, unknown date : THE SHARPS record their second single for the
Jamie label : "Have Love, Will Travel"/"Look At Me" (Jamie 1108, July).
Personnel : Carl White, Al Frazier, Sonny Harris, Rocky Wilson (vocals) ;
Duane Eddy (lead guitar) ; Corki Casey, Donnie Owens (rhythm guitars) ;
Buddy Wheeler (electric bass) ; Jimmy Simmons (string bass) ; Al Casey
(piano) ; Bob Taylor (drums). A sax was overdubbed in Hollywood, possibly
by Plas Johnson. Produced by Lee Hazlewood and Lester Sill at Ramsey 
Recorders in Phoenix, Arizona.

April 1958, unknown date : EARL SINKS makes his debut as a recording
artist. "Whatcha Gonna Do"/"I Am the Man" is released on Dot 15756 (April
16) and credited to Earl Henry. Produced by Norman Petty at his studio in
Clovis, New Mexico. 

With thanks to Steve Walker, Mike Thompson and Henk Gorter.

Additions and corrections welcome.

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