May 1, 1958 : Third consecutive day of MOON MULLICAN's Coral sessions at
Bradley Studio in Nashville. "Moon's Rock" is a future single (Coral 62042,
October). "I'm Waiting For Ships That Never Come In" and "I Don't Know Why"
are tracks for the LP "Moon Over Mullican" (Coral CRL 57235, August). A new
version of "Pipeliner Blues" stays in the vaults until 1984, when Charly in
the UK issues the LP "Sweet Rockin' Music" (CR 30231).
Personnel : Moon Mullican (vocals / piano) ; Hank Garland (lead guitar) ;
Harold Bradley and Grady Martin (rhythm guitars) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Jack 
Gregory (sax) ; Farris Coursey (drums).
Produced by Owen Bradley.

May 2, 1958 : At Cosimo's Recording Studio in New Orleans, FATS DOMINO
does the vocal overdubs for "It Must Be Love" (Imperial 5537, August) and
the album track "Sailor Boy" (LP "Walking To New Orleans, Imperial LP 9227,
January 1963). These two songs had been recorded as backing tracks, without
vocals, on June 1, 1957.

May 3, 1958 : CHET ATKINS records "Slinkey" and "Jessie", which will see 
their first release on the LP "Mr. Guitar" (RCA LPM 2103, October 1959). 
"Slinkey" is subsequently released as a single in May 1960 (RCA 7747), 
coupled with "Rainbow's End" from an unknown session. Location : RCA Victor 
Studio, Nashville.
Musicians : Chet Atkins (guitar, producer) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Floyd Cramer 
(piano) ; Buddy Harman (drums).

May 4, 1958 : The instrumental group THE CHAMPS records six tracks at Gold
Star Studio in Hollywood. "Chariot Rock"/"Subway" is selected for single
release (Challenge 59018, July). "Ali Baba" and "Lavinia" will be used as
tracks for the second Champs LP, "Everybody's Rockin' With the Champs"
(Challenge CHL 605, December). The last two tracks from this session will
stay on the shelf until the '90's : "TNT" is issued on the Dutch CD "Tequila"
(Woodford Music 5659, 1992) and "Eternal Love" will be selected for the UK CD
"Wing Ding" (Ace CHCHD 460, 1993).
Personnel : Chuck Rio (sax, piano) ; Dave Burgess, Dale Norris (guitars) ;
Van Norman (bass) ; Gene Alden (drums).
Produced by Joe Johnson.

May 5, 1958 : The SCOTTY MOORE TRIO records the single "Have Guitar Will
Travel"/"Rest" (Fernwood 107, June) in Memphis.
Personnel : Scotty Moore (guitar / producer) ; Bill Black (bass) ; D.J.
Fontana (drums).

May 5, 1958 : Fourth and last instalment of the MOON MULLICAN sessions for
Coral. Mullican covers the Jan and Arnie hit "Jenny Lee" for rush release on
Coral 61994, coupled with "That's Me", also from this session. "Sweet Rockin'
Music" becomes the B-side of "Moon's Rock" (see May 1) and "My Love" is used
as a track for the "Moon Over Mullican" LP, mentioned above.
Personnel is the same as on May 1, minus the sax and plus Tommy Jackson (fiddle
on "My Love") and the Anita Kerr Singers (vocal chorus on the other three 
Again produced by Owen Bradley in Nashville.

May 6, 1958 : Between their fairly successful stints at Checker and End,
THE FLAMINGOS are contracted to Decca, where none of their records has any
chart success. On this day they record four tracks that will appear on two
singles : "The Rock And Roll March"/"Where Mary Go" (Decca 30687, July)
and "Kiss-A-Me"/"Ever Since I Met Lucy" (Decca 30880, June 1959).

May 6, 1958 : THE JAYE SISTERS record two compositions by Bobby Darin and
Woody Harris, "Schoolís Out" and "Real Love". They are coupled for release
on Atlantic 1190 in June. Also laid down is the Sedaka-Greenfield number
"Stop! Youíre Knocking Me Out" (Atlantic 2000, September, c/w "Little Daddy"
from a session on February 17, 1958).
Personnel : Kenny Burrell, Allen Hanlon (guitars) ; Wendell Marshall (bass) ;
King Curtis (sax) ; Howard Biggs (piano) ; Panama Francis (drums).
Produced by Ahmet Ertegun and Jerry Wexler in New York City.

May 6, 1958 : ROBIN LUKE makes his debut as a recording artist with the
single "Susie Darlin'"/"Living's Loving You", cut in Honolulu, Hawaii and 
first released on the Bertram International label (206) from Honolulu. Soon 
the distribution is taken over by Dot Records, which issues the disc on Dot 
15781 (June 9), scoring a # 5 hit in the process.
Personnel : probably Bill Lawrence (guitar) ; Sonny Lawrence (bass) ; Bob
Bertram (percussion, producer).

May 6, 1958 : JERRY REED is at Bradley Studio in Nashville for his final
Capitol session, supervised by Ken Nelson. "Your Money Makes You Purty"/
"How Can I Go On This Way" is issued on Capitol 3992 in June. "Heart Appeal" 
is first released on the French Capitol LP "Rock and Roll at the Capitol 
Tower" in 1975 and "You Make It, They Take It" on "Rock and Roll at the 
Capitol Tower, Vol. 2" in 1977. Personnel unknown, undoubtedly members of
the Nashville A-team.

May 7, 1958 : Freshly signed to MGM Records, CONWAY TWITTY has his first
session for the label, at Bradley Studio in Nashville, produced by Jim
Vienneau. "It's Only Make Believe" and "I'll Try" are selected for single
release (MGM 12677, July), a wise choice considering its # 1 chart success.
Also recorded are "I Vibrate (From My Head To My Feet)" and "Will You Love
Me Then As You Love Me Now". All four tracks will be included on Conway's
first EP ("It's Only Make Believe", MGM EP 1623).
Personnel : Grady Martin (electric guitar) ; Ray Edenton, Joe E. Lewis
(guitar) ; Lightnin' Chance (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Jack Nance
(drums) ; The Jordanaires (vocal chorus).

May 8, 1958 : BILL JUSTIS records four tracks for the album "Cloud Nine"
(Phillips International 1950, the first LP on that label, released in mid-
1959) : "Flip, Flop And Bop", "Moosejaw", "Rollin'" and "The Stinger".
Reportedly, "Fonkie", with Justis on glockenspiel, also stems from this 
session ; it is finally released in 2006 on an album of MP3 tracks, called
"Bill Justis Selected Hits" (Charly).
Personnel : Bill Justis (tenor sax / arranger) ; Vernon Drane (sax) ; Sid
Manker (guitar) ; Billy Riley (bass) ; Jimmy Wilson (piano) ; Jimmy Van
Eaton (drums).
Location : Sun studio, 706 Union Avenue, Memphis.

May 8, 1958 : BRENDA LEE was produced by Paul Cohen until now, but from
this session on production duties are taken over by Owen Bradley, who will
remain her producer until 1967. "Ring-A My Phone" is her next single (Decca
30673, June), coupled with "Little Jonah (Rock On Your Steel Guitar)", which
is recorded on May 15. The Wayne Walker tune "The Golden Key" (May 8) stays
on the shelf until 1985, when it is released on the LP "Brenda Lee : The
Early Years" (MCA MCL 1792, UK), while "My Baby Likes Western Guys", from
the pen of Jackie Dee (see below) and recorded on May 15, stays in the can 
until August 1960, for release on Brenda's second LP, just called "Brenda
Lee" (Decca DL 4039).
Personnel : Hank Garland, Grady Martin (guitars) ; Buddy Emmons (steel
Guitar) ; Harold Bradley (electric bass) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Floyd Cramer
(piano) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ; The Jordanaires (vocal chorus on May 8) ;
The Anita Kerr Singers (vocal chorus on May 15). Location : Bradley Studio,

May 8, 1958 : THE PONY-TAILS (sic) record the single "Born Too Late"/"Come 
On Joey, Dance With Me" (ABC-Paramount 9934, June), in New York City. It 
will reach # 7 on the Billboard charts. Unissued from this session is "Boom 
Dada Snap Snap".
The Poni-Tails are : Toni Cistone, Laverne Novak and Patti McCabe.
Arranged and conducted by O.B. Masingill.

May 8, 1958 : JACKIE DE SHANNON has a recording session in Nashville.
"Buddy" and "Strolypso Dance" are selected for single release (Liberty 55148,
July), while "I Need Lovin'" stays in the can until the release of the CD
"The Drugstore's Rockin', Vol. 2" (Bear Family BCD 16607) in 2002.
Label credit goes to 'Jackie Dee'.

May 8, 1958 : MEL TILLIS records his new single, "The Violet and the Rose"/
"No Song To Sing" (Columbia 41189, June) at Bradley Studio in Nashville.
Produced by Don Law.

May 9, 1958 : TONY ALLEN does his only session for Imperial, in Los Angeles.
Two singles are the result : "Strange Talk"/"Call My Name" (Imperial 5523,
June) and "Rockin' Shoes"/"Forgive Me" (Imperial 5547, September). 
Personnel includes : Rene Hall (guitar) ; Plas Johnson (tenor sax) ; Ray 
Johnson (piano) ; Earl Palmer (drums). More details unknown.

May 13, 1958 : SID KING and the Five Strings are without a recording
contract at this time. They go into Commercial Recording Studio in Dallas
on their own dime and record "I Cried" and "Oh, What You Do To Me". They
hawk the songs around, but can't find a buyer. In the end Bear Family will
release the two tracks on the CD "Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight" (BCD 
15535) in 1991.
Personnel : Sid King (vocals / guitar) ; Billy King (lead guitar) ; Mel
Robinson (steel guitar / harmony vocal) ; Ken Massey (bass) ; Dave White 
(drums / background vocals).

May 13, 1958 : First solo session for saxophonist BOOTS RANDOLPH, a mix 
of vocals and instrumentals. "Difficult"/"I'm Getting Your Message Baby" is 
chosen as his first single, credited to Randy Randolph (RCA 7278, June). 
"Hey Elvis" and "Little Big Horn" are shelved and eventually rescued by 
Bear Family in 1989 (CD "Yakety Sax", BCD 15459).
Personnel : Boots Randolph (vocals / sax) ; James Rich, Wallace Smithhart
(guitars) ; Chester Kenney (bass) ; Pete Dooley (piano) ; Buddy Harman
Produced by Chet Atkins at RCA Victor Studio in Nashville.

May 13, 1958 : Five-track session for MARTY ROBBINS at Bradley Studio in
Nashville. Three tracks will appear on the LP "Marty Robbins" (Columbia
CL 1189, December) : "Shackles And Chains", "Wedding Bells" and "Oh, How 
I Miss You". "It's Driving Me Crazy" and "Footprints In the Snow" stay in
the vaults until Bear Family issues them on the LP "Marty Robbins Sings" 
in 1982 (BFX 15045).
Personnel : Marty Robbins (vocals / guitar) ; Jack Pruett, Bobby Sykes
(guitars) ; James Farmer (steel guitar) ; Hillous Butrum (bass) ; Owen
Bradley (piano) ; Louis Dunn (drums).
Produced by Don Law.

May 13, 1958 : RAY SMITH records a new version of "You Made A Hit", after
a previous attempt in March. This time Sam Phillips gives the thumbs up 
and he will issue the song on Sun 308 in October (c/w "Why Why Why" from 
a later session).
Musicians : Stanley Walker (lead guitar) ; Dean Perkins (rhythm guitar) ;
James Webb (bass) ; Charlie Rich (piano) ; Gary Diamond (drums).

Wednesday, May 14, 1958 : At Mercury Sound Studio in New York City, THE 
GAYLORDS record the single "Ma Ma Ma Marie"/"Buona Sera" (Mercury 71337, 
June). It spends only one week on the Billboard charts (at # 97), but will 
become a # 2 hit in the Netherlands (Mercury 957067, 1959, b/w a different
flipside, "Flamingo L'amore", their US follow-up single Mercury 71369,
October) and also reaches the Top 10 in Belgium.

May 14, 1958 : Pianist / bandleader HUTCH DAVIE records his version of "In
the Mood", which is released on Atco 6123 in July, coupled with "Gwendolyn 
And the Werewolf", also from this session. Two other tracks, "Rock and Roll 
Party" and "Opus, No. 1" end up on the LP "Hutch Davie And His Swinging 
Piano - Much Hutch" (Atco 33-105, October).
Location : New York City.

May 15, 1958 : After JOHNNY CASH has made it clear that he will leave Sun
for greener pastures (Columbia Records), Sam Phillips tries to record as 
much material as possible and will continue to mine the Cash tape vault for 
the next six years. Johnny holds a marathon session on this day, from 10.30 
A.M. until 20.00. Recorded are the following songs :
- "Sugartime" (the McGuire Sisters hit). Will be overdubbed on March 27, 
1961 and released as a single on May 21, 1961 (Sun 363).
- "You're the Nearest Thing To Heaven". Is chosen for the next single, on 
the B-side of "The Ways Of A Woman In Love" (Sun 302, August 11).
- "Born To Lose". Will also be overdubbed on March 27, 1961 and released as
the B-side of "Blue Train" on April 27, 1962 (Sun 376).
- "Always Alone". An album track on "Original Sun Sound" (Sun LP 1275, 1964).
- "Story Of A Broken Heart". Will be released on June 14, 1960, on single
(Sun 343).
- "You Tell Me". A Roy Orbison composition and the second shortest Sun single
ever (1:17). Released on September 15, 1959 on single (Sun 331).
- "Life Goes On". This becomes the flip of "Oh Lonesome Me" (Sun 355), issued
on December 10, 1960 and Johnny's last hit on the old Sun label.
The evening session (17:00-20:00) is completely devoted to compositions by Hank 
Williams. "I Can't Help It" is first released on the LP "Johnny Cash Sings the
Songs That Made Him Famous" (Sun LP 1235, November). "You Win Again", "I Could
Never Be Ashamed Of You" and "Hey Good Lookin'" will appear on the LP "Johnny
Cash - Greatest!" (Sun LP 1240, January 1959) and "Cold Cold Heart" will not 
be released until 1971, after the Shelby Singleton takeover (Sun Int. 125).
On May 27 these last five tracks are overdubbed with : The Gene Lowery Singers
(vocal chorus) ; Jimmy Wilson (piano) ; Jimmy Van Eaton (drums).
Personnel (pre-overdubs) : Johnny Cash (vocals / guitar) ; Luther Perkins 
(guitar) ; Marshall Grant (bass).
Produced by Sam Phillips and Jack Clement at the Sun studio in Memphis.

May 15-16, 1958 : Two days of sessions for ESQUERITA (Steven Quincy Reeder),
his first for Capitol. On the first day he records the single "Oh Baby"/"Please 
Come On Home" (Capitol 4007, end of June) as well as "Sarah Lee" and the first
version of "I Live the Life I Love", which are first released in 1977 on the 
French Capitol double LP "Believe Me When I Say Rock 'n' Roll Is Here To Stay" 
(2S150-85370/71). The next day he cuts "Rockin' the Joint" (Capitol 4058, 
September), "Katie Mae" and "Wait A Minute Baby". The last two stay in the 
vaults until the release of the 1977 2-LP mentioned above.
Personnel : Esquerita (vocals / piano) ; Vincent Moses (guitar) ; Lightnin'
Chance (double bass) ; Andy Goodrich (tenor sax on May 15) ; Dutch McMillin
(tenor sax on May 16) : Ricardo Young (drums) ; The Gardenias (vocal group). 
Produced by Ken Nelson at RCA Victor studio in Nashville.

May 19, 1958 : PEGGY LEE records her million selling version of Little
Willie John's "Fever" (Capitol 3998, June), accompanied by only bass (Joe
Mondragon) and drums (Shelly Manne) and unknown finger snappers. Arranged
and conducted by Jack Marshall. The reverse, "You Don't Know" is laid down
on May 25.
Location : Capitol Tower, Hollywood.

May 20, 1958 : ERSEL HICKEY's second session yields the single "Goin' Down
That Road"/"Lover's Land" (Epic 9278, July). A third track, "Due Time", does
not arrive at a finished version, but an incomplete take is included on the
Bear Family CD "Bluebirds Over the Mountain" (BCD 15676, 1993). The song was
a traditional gospel number, "Wake Me, Shake Me, Don't Let Me Sleep Too Long",
recorded by the Wright Brothers Gospel Singers back in 1940 with earlier
variations waxed as far back as the '20s. 
Personnel : Billy Mure (lead guitar) ; Al Casamenti (guitar) ; Edward Goldberg
(bass) ; James Osie Johnson (drums).
Arranged and produced by Joe Sherman at Columbia Studio, 30th Street, New York

May 20, 1958 : At Gold Star studio in Hollywood THE TEDDY BEARS have their 
first session, and only one track is recorded. "Don't You Worry My Little Pet"
will be used as the b-side for their future millionseller "To Know Him Is To
Love Him" (Dore 503, August 1).
Personnel : Annette Kleinbard, Marshall Leib and Harvey Goldstein (vocals) ;
Phil Spector (guitar / piano / background vocals / producer).

May 21, 1958 : THE MORGAN TWINS, Jim and Bob, record material for two singles
at Nashville's RCA Victor studio : "TV Hop"/"This Feelin's Bound To Be Love"
(RCA 7300, July) and "Let's Get Goin'"/"While It Lasted" (RCA 7373, October).
Personnel : Chet Atkins (guitar / producer) ; Hank Garland, Velma Smith
(guitars) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Buddy Harman (drums).

May 21, 1958 : BILLY RILEY breaks away from Sun (temporarily) and does a one-
off session for Brunswick at Bradley Studio in Nashville. "Rockin' On the Moon"/
"Is That All To the Ball (Mr. Hall)" is released on Brunswick 55085 in August.
"Spook" and "Tranquillizer" (possibly instrumentals) from this session have never 
been issued.
Personnel : Billy Riley (vocals / guitar) ; Pat O'Neil (bass) ; Martin Willis
(sax) ; Jimmy Wilson (piano) ; Jimmy Van Eaton (drums).
Produced by Owen Bradley.

May 22, 1958 : CLINT MILLER records three tracks in New York City. "Teenage
Dance" is issued at the end of June on ABC-Paramount 9938 (c/w "Polka Dotted 
Poliwampus", recorded on June 10, 1958). "No Never My Love" will be coupled 
with "A Loverís Prayer" (from a session on May 16, 1958) for release on ABC-
Paramount 9979 in November. "The Rest Of My Life" remains in the vaults.
Arranged and conducted by O.B. Masingill.

May 23, 1958 : TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD is at the Capitol Tower in Hollywood
where he records material for two singles. "Love Makes the World Go Round"
(to be covered by Perry Como on September 16) is coupled with "Sunday Barbecue"
for release on Capitol 3997 in June. "Sleepin' At the Foot Of the Bed"/
"Glad Rags" is released on Capitol 4107 in December. Orchestra conducted by
Harry Geller.
Produced by Lee Gillette.

May 25, 1958 : During his third and last session for Challenge, HUELYN DUVALL 
cuts "Three Months To Kill"/"Little Boy Blue" (Challenge 59014, June) and 
"Juliet"(Challenge 59025, September, c/w "Friday Night On A Dollar Bill" from 
his session on January 27).
Location : Bradley Studio, Nashville.
Personnel : Huelyn Duvall (vocals) ; Hank Garland (lead guitar) ; Grady Martin
(rhythm guitar) ; Unknown (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Unknown (xylophone) ;
Buddy Harman (drums) ; The Jordanaires (vocal chorus).
Produced by Danny Wolfe.

May 25, 1958 : BUDDY HOLLY and the Crickets pay another visit to Norman
Petty's studio in Clovis, New Mexico. "It's So Easy"/"Lonesome Tears" is
released on September 12 on Brunswick 55094. Probably also from this session
comes "Heartbeat", which will appear on Coral 62051 on November 5.
Personnel : Buddy Holly (vocals / acoustic guitar) ; Tommy Allsup (lead guitar) ;
Joe B. Mauldin (string bass) ; Jerry Allison (drums).
Produced by Norman Petty.

May 27, 1958 : RUTH BROWN does a five-track session in New York City.
"Bewitched", "It Could Happen To You", "We'll Be Together Again", "Why Don't
You Do Right" and "Baubles, Bangles And Beads" are all rejected for release.
However, the first four titles will be rerecorded in February 1959, resulting
in release on the LP "Late Date With Ruth Brown". Personnel unknown.

May 28, 1958 : Another JOHNNY CASH session for Sun, but this time only two
tracks are recorded, with Luther and Marshall. "Katy Too" is first released
on the LP "Johnny Cash, Greatest!" (Sun LP 1240, January 1959) and then as a 
single in June 1959 (Sun 321, June 2, 1959). "Blue Train" will come out on
single (Sun 376, April 27, 1962), soon followed by a release on the album
"All Aboard the Blue Train" (Sun LP 1270).
Produced by Sam Phillips and Jack Clement in Memphis.

May 29, 1958 : THURSTON HARRIS does a six-track session at Radio Recorders in 
Hollywood. Five of the six songs will be released on singles. "Over Somebody 
Else's Shoulder"/"Tears From My Heart" is issued on Aladdin 3435 in September. 
"You Don't Know How Much I Love You" (Aladdin 3447) is a January 1959 release 
and "Recess In Heaven"/"Moonlight Cocktails" follows in November 1959 (Aladdin
3462). "Tell Me So" sees its first appearance in 1986 on the LP "Little Bitty
Pretty One" (EMI America SQ 17237).
Personnel includes : Rene Hall (guitar) ; Plas Johnson (tenor sax) ; Earl
Palmer (drums). More details unknown.

May 29, 1958 : One-track session for RAY PRICE who covers "City Lights"
(previously recorded by Dave Rich). Released on Columbia 41191 in June,
"City Lights" will top the country charts for thirteen weeks. The reverse, 
"Invitation To the Blues", was recorded on May 6.
Personnel : Ray Edenton, Roger Miller, Sammy Pruett (guitars) ; Jimmy Day
(steel guitar) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Tommy Jackson
(fiddle) ; Buddy Harman (drums).
Produced by Don Law at Bradley Studio in Nashville.

May 29, 1958 : LITTLE ANTHONY AND THE IMPERIALS record their million seller
"Tears On My Pillow" and its flip, "Two People In the World" (End 1027, July),
in New York City (1650 Broadway). A third track, "Cha Cha Henry", will be used
as the B-side of their third single, "The Diary" (End 1038, January 1959).
Initial pressings credit "The Imperials", but after Alan Freed starts announcing
the group as "Little Anthony and the Imperials" on his radio show, subsequent 
pressings are credited that way. The producer is Richard Barrett.
Little Anthony and the Imperials are : Anthony Gourdine (lead vocal), Ernest
Wright, Jr., Tracy Lord, Clarence Collins and Glouster Rogers.

May 30, 1958 : Faced with an ugly situation after the disastrous UK tour of
JERRY LEE LEWIS, Sun tries to deal with it humorously by compiling "The
Return Of Jerry Lee", with extracts from previously recorded titles by Jerry.
Credited to "George and Louis", this break-in novelty is written and produced
by Jack Clement and narrated by Clement and DJ George Klein (as "Edward R.
Edward"), though the idea came from Barbara Pittman, who gets a co-writing
credit. It is released as a single (Sun 301, June), coupled with "Lewis
Boogie" from an earlier session in the summer of 1957.
An entire May 1958 session (exact date unknown) of solo piano and vocal 
performances by Jerry Lee Lewis has been preserved for posterity. Probably
Jerry is just running through songs to be cut later at formal sessions.
Several versions of "Break-Up" and "I'll Make It All Up To You" are recorded,
but the issued 45 version comes from a later date. The session further includes
"Memory Of You", "Come What May", "Live And Let Live" (incomplete), "Crazy
Heart", "Settin' the Woods On Fire", "Crazy Arms" and "Johnny B. Goode". Some
of the raw takes will later be overdubbed with instrumental accompaniment and
all tracks will be released in the 1970s and 1980s on various compilations.

May 1958, unknown date : EDDIE BO is at Cosimo Recording Studio in New 
Orleans to record the single "Oh Oh"/"My Dearest Darling" (Chess 1698, July).
Personnel : Eddie Bo (vocals / piano) ; Edgar Blanchard (guitar) ; Roland
Cook (bass) ; Unknown (sax) ; Charles 'Hungry' Williams (drums).
Produced by Paul Gayten.

May 1958, unknown date : SANFORD CLARK is now contracted to the Jamie
label and does his first session for the company. The outcome is the single
"Still As the Night"/"Sing 'Em Some Blues" (Jamie 1107, July). 
Personnel : Duane Eddy (lead guitar on "Sing 'Em Some Blues") ; Al Casey
(lead guitar on "Still As the Night") ; Donnie Owens (rhythm guitar) ;
Unknown (bass) ; Mike Bermani (drums).
Produced by Lee Hazlewood at Audio Recorders in Phoenix, Arizona.

May 1958, unknown date : EDDIE COCHRAN records two songs that will be used
as B-sides : "Love Again" (flip of "Summertime Blues", Liberty 55144, June)
and "Lonely" (flip of "Sweetie Pie", Liberty 55278, August 1960).
Musicians : Eddie Cochran (vocals / guitar) ; Guybo Smith (electric bass) ;
Unidentified (drums).
Location : Gold Star studio, Hollywood.

May 1958, unknown date : BILLY "THE KID" EMERSON does his first session
for Chess, in Chicago. Two singles are the result : "Woodchuck"/"Give Me A
Little Love" (Chess 1711, November) and "Holy Mackeral Baby"/"Believe Me"
(Chess 1728, May 1959).
Personnel : Cliff Davis (tenor sax) ; McKinley Easton (baritone sax) ; 
Sonny Cohn (trumpet) ; Sleepy Anderson (organ) ; Lefty Bates (guitar) ;
Quinn Wilson (bass) ; Al Duncan (drums).
Arranged by Willie Dixon.

May 1958, unknown date : MICKEY HAWKS records the single "Bip Bop Boom"/
"Rock And Roll Rhythm", with Moon Mullins and his Night Raiders. It is first
(rush) released on the Robbins Red label (no catalogue number), a limited
edition of 500 copies. Almost simultaneously, there is a release on Mart
(45-113), a label from Martinsville, Virginia. A slightly remixed version
is issued on Profile 4002 (a Chicago label) in October ; this is the best
known version.
Personnel : Mickey Hawks (vocals / piano) ; Moon Mullins (sax) ; Bill 
Ballard (guitar) ; John Owens (bass) ; Leroy Butler (drums).
Location : Robbins Recording Studio, Greensboro, North Carolina.

(Circa) May 1958, unknown date : CLARENCE 'FROGMAN' HENRY records his next
single, "I'm In Love"/"Baby Baby Please" (Argo 5305, July), with unknown
musicians from Cosimo Matassa's studio band.
Produced by Paul Gayten at Cosimo Recording Studio in New Orleans.

May 1958, unknown date : Bill Haley's Comets minus Bill Haley masquerade as
THE KINGSMEN for a session at Haley's Basement Studio in Chester, Pennsylvania. 
Two tracks are recorded, "Weekend" (instrumental) and "Better Believe It"
(vocal), released on a single (East West 115, June). East West is a subsidiary
of Atlantic Records, which leased the masters on June 6, 1958.
Personnel : Franny Beecher, Bill Fisher (guitars) ; Billy Williamson (steel
guitar) ; Al Rex (bass guitar) ; Rudy Pompilli (tenor sax) ; Johnny Grande
(piano) ; Ralph Jones (drums).

May 1958, unknown date : LAZY LESTER (real name Leslie Johnson) is at J.D.
Miller's studio in Crowley, Louisiana. All four tracks are released as singles.
"I'm A Lover Not A Fighter"/"Sugar Coated Love" is issued in September (Excello
2143). "I Hear You Knockin'" comes out in May 1959 (Excello 2155) and "Late, 
Late In the Evening" in September 1959 (Excello 2166).
Personnel : Lazy Lester (vocals / harmonica) ; Guitar Gable, Al Foreman 
(guitars) ; Bobby McBride (bass) ; Warren Storm (drums).

May 1958, unknown date : LLOYD PRICE's KRC label is now being distributed by
Ace Records and starts a new numbering series. First single in this new series
is Lloyd's own "Such A Mess"/"No Limit To Love" (KRC 5000, July), which is
recorded in May or June 1958, at U.S. Recording Studio in Washington, D.C.
Probably from the same session is "Down By the River"/"Gonna Let You Come
Back Home" (KRC 5002, April 1959). Produced by Lloyd Price himself.

May 1958, unknown date : WARREN STORM's first session yields his debut single
and his only hit (# 81) : "Prisoner's Song"/"Mama Mama Mama" (Nasco 6015,
July). Produced by Jay Miller at his studio in Crowley, Louisiana.
Personnel : Warren Storm (vocals / drums) ; Al Foreman (guitar) ; Bobby
McBride (bass guitar) ; Merton Thibodeaux (piano).

With thanks to Steve Walker, Peter Stoller, Mike Thompson and Henk Gorter.

Additions and corrections welcome.

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