July 1, 1958 : DEE CLARK does his first session for the Abner label, in
Nashville. "Nobody But You"/"When I Call On You" becomes his debut single for
the label (Abner 1019, November), also his first chart entry, peaking at # 21
on the Billboard Hot 100. "If It Wasn't For Love" ends up on the B-side of
"Hey Little Girl" (from a later session) in August 1959.
Arranged and conducted by Riley Hampton. Background vocals by the Anita Kerr

July 1, 1958 : Saxophonist KING CURTIS records three tracks in New York City. 
"Ific"/"You Made Me Love You" is chosen for single release (Atco 6124, August), 
while "King" stays in the vaults.
Personnel : King Curtis (tenor sax) ; Wally Richardson, Al Casey (guitars) ;
Jimmy Lewis (bass) ; Herman Foster (piano) ; Belton Evans (drums) ; Unknown
(vocal chorus on "You Made Me Love You").

July 5 and 8, 1958 : During two sessions at Bradley Studio in Nashville, WEBB
PIERCE records his next two singles, "Tupelo County Jail"/"Falling Back To You"
(Decca 30711, August) and "Sittin' Alone"/"I'm Letting You Go" (Decca 30789, 
December), plus an unissued version of "Let Forgiveness In".
Personnel : Hank Garland, Mel Tillis (guitars) ; Sonny Burnette (steel guitar) ;
Lightnin' Chance (bass) ; Owen Bradley (piano / producer) ; Dale Potter (fiddle
on July 5) ; Tommy Vaden, Tommy Jackson (fiddles on July 8) ; Morris Palmer

Monday, July 7, 1958 : EDDIE COCHRAN records "Don't Ever Let Me Go" at RCA's
Hollywood studio. The track will be released as the flip of "C'Mon Everybody"
in October (Liberty 55166).
Personnel : Eddie Cochran (vocals / guitar) ; Connie 'Guybo' Smith (electric
bass) ; Unknown (drums and chorus).

July 7, 1958 : On the same day, JANIS MARTIN is in Nashville, at the RCA
Victor Studio. "Bang Bang"/"Please Be My Love" is chosen for her next single
(RCA 7318, August), credited to "Janis and her Boyfriends". "William" and
the Boudleaux Bryant composition "Love Me Love (Cha Cha)" will stay in the
vaults until 1979, when Bear Family releases the LP "The Female Elvis Sings
My Boy Elvis" (Bear Family BFX 15032).
Personnel : Hank Garland, poss. Grady Martin (guitars) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; 
Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Boyce Hawkins (organ on "William") ; Buddy Harman 
(drums) ; The Jordanaires (vocal chorus).
Produced by Chet Atkins.

July 8, 1958 : WEBB PIERCE records the A-sides of his next two singles :
"Tupelo County Jail" (Decca 30711, August, a # 7 country hit) and "Iím
Letting You Go" (Decca 30789, November, a # 22 country hit). In both cases
the B-side was recorded on July 5 : "Falling Back To You" (30711, charted
in its own right, # 10) and "Sittiní Alone" (30789). Also recorded on 8th
July is the unissued track "Let Forgiveness In".
Personnel : Hank Garland, Mel Tillis (guitars) ; Sonny Burnette (steel
guitar) ; Lightniní Chance (bass) ; Owen Bradley (piano / producer) ; 
Tommy Vaden, Tommy Jackson (fiddles) ; Morris Palmer (drums).
The location is Bradley Studio in Nashville.

July 8, 1958 : JODY REYNOLDS has his second recording session at Goldstar
Recording Studios in Hollywood. "Fire Of Love"/"Daisy Mae" becomes his next
single (Demon 1509, August), "Elope With Me" will be released as the B-side
of "Closin' In" (Demon 1511, November).
See also July, 29.

July 9, 1958 : Two-track session for WARNER MACK at Bradley Film & Recording
Studio in Nashville. "First Chance I Get" is issued on Decca 30714 in August,
coupled with "Going Away To School" from a session on June 30. "Too Bashful"
has to wait until February 1959 for a release on Decca 30841.
Produced by Owen Bradley.

July 9, 1958 : MICKEY AND SYLVIA do one of their last sessions for RCA / Vik 
in New York City. The single "It's You I Love"/"True True Love" is released 
in the second half of July on Vik 0334.
Personnel : Mickey Baker (vocals / guitar) ; Sylvia Vanderpool (vocals /
guitar) ; Lloyd Trotman (bass) ; King Curtis (tenor sax) ; Ernie Hayes
(piano) ; Panama Francis (drums).

July 10, 1958 : THE EVERLY BROTHERS lay down their next single, "Bird Dog"/
"Devoted To You" (Cadence 1350, rush released), at the RCA Victor Studio in
Nashville, Tennessee. It will give them their third # 1 hit.
Personnel : Don and Phil Everly (vocals / guitars) ; Chet Atkins, Ray Edenton 
(guitars) ; Jerry Byrd (bass) ; Buddy Harman (drums).
Produced by Archie Bleyer.

July 10, 1958 : SKEETS McDONALD approaches the end of his long tenure at
Capitol. None of the four tracks from this session are originally released.
"The Echo Of Your Footsteps" and "Let's Spend Some Time With Me" are first
issued on the LP "Rockin' Rockin' Skeets McDonald" (Bear Family BFX 15191)
in 1986. "I'll Make Believe" and "The All American Boy" (not the Bill Parsons
number) make their first appearance on the LP "Don't Let the Stars Get In
Your Eyes" (Bear Family BFX 15195, also 1986). The personnel information on
the sleeves of those two LP's is completely incorrect, though.
Personnel : Bob Bain, Merle Travis (guitars) ; Buddy Kendrick (bass) ; Dudley
Brooks (piano) ; PeeWee Adams (drums).
Produced by Ken Nelson at the Capitol Tower in Hollywood.

July 10, 1958 : At Gold Star studio in Hollywood THE TEDDY BEARS record their
million seller "To Know Him Is To Love Him" (Dore 503, August 1, b/w "Don't You
Worry My Little Pet" from their session on May 20). Also recorded is "Wonderful
Lovable You", which is released (with overdubs) in April 1959 on Dore 520.
By that time the group is already contracted to Imperial.
Personnel : Annette Kleinbard (lead vocal) ; Phil Spector (guitar / background
vocals / producer) ; Marshall Leib (background vocals) ; Sandy Nelson (drums).

July 10 and 17, 1958 : Before the expiration of his Sun contract, JOHNNY CASH
is brought into the Sun studio for two final sessions. On July 10 he records
"Fools Hall Of Fame" (first issued on "Rough Cut King Of Country Music",
Sun LP 122, 1970), "The Ways Of A Woman In Love" (his next single, Sun 302,
August 11) and "Thanks A Lot" (released as Sun 316 on February 15, 1959). 
On July 17 these are followed by "It's Just About Time"/"I Just Thought You'd
Like To Know" (Sun 309, issued November 12), "I Forgot To Remember To Forget"
(Sun 321, June 2, 1959) and "Down the Street To 301" (Sun 343, June 14, 1960).
Personnel : Johnny Cash (vocals / acoustic guitar) ; Luther Perkins (electric
guitar) ; Marshall Grant (bass) ; Jimmy Wilson (piano on July 10) ; Charlie
Rich (piano on July 17) ; Jimmy Van Eaton (drums). Some tracks are overdubbed
later with a vocal chorus (The Gene Lowery Singers) and an extra guitar (Billy
Produced by Sam Phillips and Jack Clement in Memphis.

July 11, 1958 : BILLY WALKER is at Bradley Studio in Nashville for a four-
track session. "It's Doggone Tough On Me"/"Ghost Of A Promise" will become
his next single (Columbia 41226, August 11). "Love's Got A Hold On Me" and
"I Dreamed Of An Old Love Affair" have to wait for a release until 1992,
on the Bear Family 6-CD box-set "Cross the Brazos At Waco" (BCD 15657).
Backing by : Grady Martin, Harold Bradley (guitars) ; Lightnin' Chance (bass) ;
Morris Palmer (drums). Produced by Don Law.

July 11, 1958 : SHEB WOOLEY records an unsuccessful follow-up to his # 1 hit 
"Purple People Eater", titled "Monkey Jive" (MGM 12704, August). Also waxed is
a first (unissued) attempt at "Star Of Love", to which Wooley will return in 
October. The reverse of "Monkey Jive", "The Chase", is laid down on July 16,
along with "A Love Like Mine" (MGM 12851, November 1959).
That session is conducted by Bob Porter.
Personnel on July 11 : Howard Roberts, Al Hendrickson (guitars) ; Red Callender
(bass) ; Ray Sherman (piano) ; Jewell Grant (sax) ; Charles Blackwell (drums) ; 
Louis Miranda (bongos).
Produced by Jesse Kaye, arranged by Neely Plumb at Radio Recorders, Hollywood.

July 14, 1958 : DEAN MARTIN covers Domenico Modugno's "Volare" (aka "Nel Blu Di
Pinto Di Blu"), which has not even entered the US charts yet. Martin's version, 
which will peak at # 12, is rush released on Capitol 4028. Orchestra conducted 
by Gus Levene.
Produced by Lee Gillette at the Capitol Tower in Hollywood.

July 14-15, 1958 : THE CHAMPS record (instrumental) tracks for their second 
LP, "Everybody's Rockin' With the Champs" (Challenge CHL 605, December) :
"The Toast" on the 14th and "Bandido" and "The Caterpillar" on the 15th. 
Apparently, "Club House" (laid down on July 15) is rejected for the album ; it 
will see a release in 1962, on the 10-track LP "Spotlight On the Champs and the 
Fabulous Cyclones" (Design DLP 159).
Personnel : Dave Burgess, Dale Norris (guitars) ; Van Norman (bass) ; Jimmy
Seals (sax) ; Dean Beard (piano) ; Dash Crofts (drums).
Location : Gold Star studio, Hollywood.
Produced by Joe Johnson.

Tuesday, July 15, 1958 : BOBBY CHARLES does his first session for the Imperial 
label, at Cosimo Recording Studio in New Orleans. Two singles are the result : 
"At the Jamboree"/"Since She's Gone" (Imperial 5542, September) and "What Can 
I Do"/"The Town Is Talking" (Imperial 5579, March 1959). 
Produced by Dave Bartholomew, who co-wrote all four songs.

July 15, 1958 : THE MONOTONES cut their third single, "Legend Of Sleepy
Hollow"/"Soft Shadows", in New York City. Release is postponed until December
(Argo 5321). The group also records the novelty "The Ride Of Paul Revere",
which is credited to the Terrace Tones and released on Apt 15037 in October.

July 16, 1958 : At New York's Atlantic studio BOBBY DARIN records "Lost
Love", which will become the B-side of the previously recorded "Queen Of the
Hop" (Atco 6127, September). The three other songs from this session, "Pity
Miss Kitty", "Keep A Walkin'" and "I Want You With Me", are shelved until
September 1960, when they are included on the album "For Teenagers Only"
(Atco LP 1001).  "Keep A Walkin'" will also be released as a single (Atco 6244)
in December 1962 (c/w "I Found A New Baby", recorded on February 1, 1960).
Personnel : Bobby Darin (vocals / piano) ; Al Caiola, Sal Salvador (guitars) ;
probably Wendell Marshall (bass) ; King Curtis (tenor sax) ; Panama Francis
Produced by Ahmet Ertegun.

July 16, 1958 : MARVIN RAINWATER is back at Bradley Studio in Nashville, for
a five-track session. "(There's Always) A Need For Love"/"Nothin' Needs Nothin'
(Like I Need You)" is his next single (MGM 12701, August). "(Don't Be) Late
For Love" is included on the LP "Marvin Rainwater Sings With A Heart / With A
Beat" (MGM E 3721) later in 1958. "The Last Time" is first released on the
Bear Family LP "With A Heart, With A Beat" (BFX 15132) in 1984 and "No Good
Runaround" on the box-set "Classic Recordings" (Bear Family BCD 15600, 1992).
Backing by : Grady Martin (guitar) ; Lightnin' Chance (bass) ; Floyd Cramer
(piano) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ; poss. The Jordanaires (vocal chorus).
Produced by Jim Vienneau.

July 16-17, 1958 : In the Sun studio in Memphis, JERRY LEE LEWIS records
many, many takes of the two Charlie Rich songs scheduled for his next single,
"Break-Up" and "I'll Make It All Up To You". Producer Sam Phillips is not
easily satisfied. Charlie Rich is brought in to help with piano work, so
that Jerry can concentrate on singing. "I'll Make It All Up To You" is 
overdubbed with an unknown vocal chorus on July 27. The single will come out
on August 10 (Sun 303).
Personnel : Jerry Lee Lewis (vocals / piano) ; Charlie Rich (piano on some
or all of the takes of "I'll Make It All Up To You") ; Roland Janes (guitar) ;
Billy Riley (bass) ; Jimmy Van Eaton (drums).
Co-produced by Jack Clement.

July 17, 1958 : DON GIBSON spends seven hours (14:00-17:00 and 18:30-22:30)
at Nashville's RCA Victor Studio to complete the religious album "No One
Stands Alone" (RCA LPM 1918, December, see also June 24). The nine tracks
recorded on this day are : "Faith Unlocks the Door", "Evening Prayer",
"Lord I'm Coming Home", "Satisfied", "Climbing Up the Mountain", "Where
No One Stands Alone", "Known Only To Him", "My God Is Real" and "That
Lonesome Valley".
Personnel : Don Gibson (vocals / guitar) ; Hank Garland, Velma Smith
(guitars) ; Joe Zinkan (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ;
The Jordanaires (vocal chorus).
Produced by Chet Atkins.

July 17, 1958 " Three-track session for FRANKIE LYMON in New York City.
"The Only Way To Love"/"Melinda" becomes his new single in August (Roulette 
4093). "No Matter What You've Done" will be used as the B-side of "Up Jumped
A Rabbit" (yet to be recorded) in January 1959 (Roulette 4128).
Backing by Rudy Traylor and his orchestra.

July 17, 1958 : RAY STEVENS cuts his next single, "Cat Pants"/"Love Goes On
Forever" (Capitol 4030, August), at the Capitol Tower in Hollywood. Two
tracks from this session remain unissued : "Cholly-Wholly-Chang-Chang" and
"Always On My Mind".
Produced by Ken Nelson. Personnel unknown.

July 22, 1958 : SONNY BURGESS cuts two instrumentals at the Sun studio in
Memphis : "Thunderbird"/"Itchy" (Sun 304, August 10). The two songs are filed
wrongly after the session. Jack Clement has confirmed that "Itchy" is the
faster side, and "Thunderbird" the mid-paced, brooding item (Martin Hawkins,
Personnel : Sonny Burgess (guitar) ; Jack Clement (bass / producer) ; Billy 
Riley (harmonica) ; Charlie Rich (piano) ; Jimmy Van Eaton (drums).

July 22, 1958 : Recording date of the single "Here I Stand"/"My Baby Likes
To Rock" by WADE FLEMONS and the Newcomers (Vee-Jay 295, October). Despite
a poor review in Billboard, the record is a minor hit (# 80) at the end of
the year.
Produced by Calvin Carter in Chicago.

July 24, 1958 : Only one week after his last Sun session, JOHNNY CASH has
his first appointment with his new label, Columbia. Six tracks are laid down.
"What Do I Care" becomes the B-side of his first Columbia single (41251,
September, b/w "All Over Again"). Three tracks end up on LP's : "Suppertime"
("The Fabulous Johnny Cash", Columbia CL 1253, January 1959), "It Was Jesus"
("Hymns By Johnny Cash", Columbia CL 1284, May 1959) and "Drink To Me"("Songs 
Of Our Soil", Columbia CL 1339, September 1959). "Oh What A Dream" and "I'll
Remember You" have to wait until November 1990 for a release on the 5-CD set
"The Man In Black, 1954-1958" (Bear Family BCD 15517).
Personnel : Johnny Cash (vocals / acoustic guitar) ; Luther Perkins (electric
guitar) ; Don Helms (steel guitar) ; Marshall Grant (bass) ; Marvin Hughes
(piano) ; Morris Palmer (drums); The Jordanaires (backing vocals).
Produced by Don Law at Bradley Studio in Nashville.

July 24, 1958 : Second session for THE CHAMPS this month, as usual at Gold
Star studio in Hollywood. "Mau Mau Stomp", "Turnpike" and "Rockin' Mary"
are tracks for the "Everybody's Rockin' With the Champs" LP, but "Turnpike"
is also issued as a single (Challenge 59026, October), coupled with a
version of "Rockin' Mary" that is different from the LP version. "Istanbul"
from this session remains unissued ; the group will return to this song
in October.
For personnel details see July 14-15.

July 24, 1958 : A new British singer, CLIFF RICHARD, records his first
single at EMI Studio nr 2 in London (19:00-22:00). The intended A-side is
"Schoolboy Crush", a cover of a Bobby Helms number, but the side that will
become the hit is the Ian Samwell composition "Move It". Release date is
August 29 (Columbia DB 4178). 
Personnel : Ernie Shear, Ian Samwell (guitars) ; Frank Clarke (bass) ;
Terry Smart (drums) ; The Mike Sammes Singers (vocal chorus on "Schoolboy
Produced by Norrie Paramor.

Friday, July 25, 1958 is the recording date of "Lazy Woman" by FATS DOMINO, 
which is held back until January 1963, when the LP "Walking To New Orleans"
is released (Imperial LP 9227). The personnel is unknown, except for Allen 
Toussaint (piano). According to Bear Family, only the backing track was 
recorded on this day and Fats overdubbed his vocals at a later, unknown date.
Location is Cosimo Recording Studio in New Orleans.

July 25, 1958 : In New York City THE KEYMEN record "Sentimental Journey" for
their first single (ABC Paramount 9976), and "Miss You" c/w "Isle Of Capri"
for a very quick follow-up (ABC Paramount 9977), both 45's being released
during October. Also recorded is "Drifting And Dreaming, not a single in
in the US, but released in Holland (c/w "Miss You", Artone AP 22052, January
1959). All four tracks will also appear on the album "Dance With Dick Clark -
Volume 1" (ABC Paramount ABCS 258, November).
Personnel of this instrumental group (initiated by Dick Clark) is unknown,
probably Billy Mure (guitar) was present at the session.       
Arranged and produced by Don Costa.

July 26, 1958 : TOMMY SANDS does another session at the Capitol Tower in
Hollywood, where he cuts his next single, "Blue Ribbon Baby"/"I Love You 
Because" (Capitol 4036, August). "Blue Ribbon Baby" started out as "Playin'
the Field" ; the version under that title is first released in 1992, on the
CD "That'll Flat Git It, Vol. 3" (Bear Family BCD 15624).
Label credit goes to "Tommy Sands and the Raiders". The Raiders are : Scotty
Turner (lead guitar) ; Eddie Edwards (rhythm guitar) ; Leon Bagwell (bass) ;
Hal Blaine (drums).
Produced by Ken Nelson.

July 28, 1958 : An overdub session is held at Master Recorders in Hollywood,
supervised by Lee Hazlewood. DUANE EDDY's name will appear on the label of
"Ramrod"/"The Walker" (Jamie 1109, rush released), though the contribution
of guitarist Al Casey is far more substantial. "Ramrod" had originally been 
recorded in July 1957 and was issued on Ford 500, without the sax of Plas 
Johnson and the rebel yells of the Sharps that were overdubbed on this day. 
The backing track for Al Casey's "She Gotta Shake" (Liberty 55117, recorded 
November 1957) is overdubbed to produce "The Walker".

July 29, 1958 : Sax player RED PRYSOCK does another session for Mercury,
in New York City. "Billie's Blues"/"Willow Weep For Me" is chosen as his
next single (Mercury 71358, September). "Chop Suey" comes out in February
1959 (Mercury 71411, c/w "Margie", recorded on December 10, 1957). "Ting 
Tang, Parts 1 & 2" remains in the vaults.

July 29, 1958 : JODY REYNOLDS returns to Goldstar Recording Studios for
another session this month. "Closin' In" becomes the A-side of his third
single (Demon 1511, November), "Beulah Lee" will be used for a future single
(Demon 1515, March 1959, b/w "Golden Idol", to be recorded on January 5, 1959)
just like "The Sorm" (Demon 1519, August 1959, b/w "Please Remember").
A fourth track, "Blue Moon", will finally be selected for his CD "The Complete
Demon & Titan Masters"(Ace 1474, May 2016).  
Backing musicians include the 15 (!) years old Don Cole on lead guitar!

July 30, 1958 : RUTH BROWN is at Atlantic's New York studio. Her next single
will be her biggest pop hit : "This Little Girl's Gone Rockin'" (co-written 
by Bobby Darin)/"Why Me?" (Atlantic 1197, August). "I Haven't Met" from the 
same session has never been released.
Personnel : Steve Lipkins, Joe Wilder (trumpets) ; King Curtis (tenor sax) ;
Everett Barksdale, Charles Macey (guitars) ; Lloyd Trotman (bass) ; Mike 
Stoller (?)(piano) ; Brad Spinney (percussion) ; Joe Marshall (drums) ; 
Unknown (vocal group).
Arranged by Howard Biggs, produced by Ahmet Ertegun and Jerry Wexler.
The presence of Mike Stoller on this session is disputed by his son, Peter.

Thursday, July 31, 1958 : JOHNNY OTIS visits the Capitol Tower in Hollywood 
to record his next 45, "Willie Did the Cha Cha"/"Crazy Country Hop" (Capitol 
4060, September). Personnel unknown, though the presence of Jimmy Nolen 
(guitar) and Earl Palmer (drums) is very likely.

July 1958, unknown date : HAROLD BURRAGE records his last single for Cobra :
"Betty Jean"/"I Cry For You" (Cobra 5026, August), in Chicago. The A-side is
a Little Richard-styled rocker.
Personnel : Otis Rush (guitar) ; Willie Dixon (bass) ; Harold Ashby, Abb
Locke (saxes) ; Henry Gray (piano) ; Odie Payne (drums). 

July 1958, unknown date : Drummer COZY COLE records the million selling
single "Topsy, Parts 1 and 2" (Love 5004, August), in New York City.
Personnel : Cozy Cole (drums) ; Dick Hyman (organ / arranger) ; Al Caiola
(guitar) ; Wendell Marshall (bass) ; Bert Farber (piano) ; Peanuts Hucko
(clarinet) ; Pepper Adams, Barney Bigard (saxes) ; Bernie Pervin, Joe
Wilder (trumpets) ; Urbie Green, Frank Rehak (trombones).
Produced by Alan Hartwell, owner of the Love label.

July 1958, unknown date : While on home leave from the U.S. Army, BOB DENTON
records "Pretty Little Devil" and "Thinkin' About You", with the help of Eddie
Cochran (guitar, harmony vocals). The songs are not released until September 
1961, when they appear on Crest 1086.
Location is Gold Star Studio in Hollywood, California.

July 1958, unknown date : FRANKIE FORD makes his debut as a recording artist,
at Cosimo Recording Studio in New Orleans. The harvest of his first session
is the single "Cheatin' Woman"/"Last One To Cry" (Ace 549, late July).
Personnel : Lee Allen, Robert Parker, Red Tyler (saxes) ; Walter 'Papoose'
Nelson (guitar) ; Frank Fields (bass) ; poss. James Booker (piano) ; Charles
Williams (drums).

July 1958, unknown date : JERRY NEAL (Jerry Capehart) does a one-off session
for Dot, out of which comes the single "I Hate Rabbits"/"Scratchin'" (Dot 
15810, release date August 8). The B-side is an instrumental. The studio is 
Gold Star in Hollywood.
Personnel : Eddie Cochran (guitar / guitar overdubs) ; Connie 'Guybo' Smith
(electric bass) ; Plas Johnson (sax) ; probably Ray Johnson (piano) ; Earl
Palmer (drums) ; Stan Ross (novelty vocal effects).

July 1958, unknown date : WYNN STEWART does a session for Challenge at Gold
Star Studio in Hollywood, under the supervision of Joe Johnson. All three tracks,
"Long Black Limousine", "Hungry Heart" and "I Sold the Farm" stay in the can
until they are released by Bear Family on Wynn's LP "The Challenge Years, 1958-
1963" (BFD 15261) in 1988.
This is the first recorded version of "Long Black Limousine", which was recorded
by Elvis Presley in 1969.

(Probably) July 1958, unknown date : BIG AL DOWNING records a follow-up 
single to "Down On the Farm" in Dallas, Texas. "Miss Lucy"/"Just Around the 
Corner" is first released on White Rock 1113 in August, then on Carlton 489 
in October. His backing group, Bobby Poe and the Poe-Kats, also records two 
numbers sung by Bobby Poe, "Piano Nellie" and "I Found A New Love". These 
are coupled for release on White Rock 1114 in October, subsequently leased 
to Atlantic, which reissues the single on its East West subsidiary (124) in 
February 1959. Label credit goes to Bobby Brant and his Rhythm Rockers.
Personnel : Bobby Poe (vocals on two tracks) ; Big Al Downing (vocals /
piano) ; Vernon Sandusky (guitar) ; Johnny Dumas (bass) ; Mitch Corday

With thanks to Peter Stoller, Steve Walker, Mike Thompson and Henk Gorter.

Additions and corrections welcome.

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