Tuesday, September 2, 1958 : CONNIE FRANCIS records the follow-up to her 
two-sided hit "Stupid Cupid"/"Carolina Moon", at Metropolitan Studio in 
New York City. "Fallin'" (written by Neil Sedaka, who also penned "Stupid 
Cupid") is coupled with "Happy Days And Lonely Nights" for release on MGM 
12713 in the last week of September. Orchestra and chorus are conducted by 
Morty Craft, who also acts as producer.

September 2, 1958 : At Master Recorders in Hollywood, RICKY NELSON records
"It's All In the Game" (included on his LP "Ricky Sings Again", Imperial
LP 9061, December), a first version of "Restless Kid" (unissued and lost)
and two songs for the movie Rio Bravo, "Cindy" (a duet with Walter Brennan)
and "My Rifle, My Pony And Me" (duet with Dean Martin). The latter sees a
release in 1993 on a Various artists CD with the same title (Bear Family 
BCD 15625). Also cut is a second version of "Lonesome Town", which is
finally released in 2000, on the 4 CD-set "Legacy" (Capitol CDP 5-29521).
Personnel : Howard Roberts, Billy Strange (guitars) ; George DeNaut (bass);
Gene Garf (piano) ; Earl Palmer (drums) ; The Jack Halloran Singers (vocal
chorus). Arranged and produced by Jimmie Haskell. See also September 11.

September 3, 1958 : At Norman Petty's Studio in Clovis, New Mexico,
THE FIREBALLS record their first single, "Fireball"/"I Don't Know" (Kapp
248, December 1958). 
Personnel : George Tomsco (lead guitar) ; Danny Trammel (rhythm guitar) ;
Stan Lark (bass) ; Eric Budd (drums) ; Chuck Tharp (vocals on B-side).
(Probably) produced by Norman Petty.

September 4, 1958 : KEN COOK does his only session for Sun Records, at
their studio in Memphis. "Crazy Baby"/"I Was A Fool" (the latter a duet
with Roy Orbison) appears on Phillips International 3534 (October 15).
Three other songs from this session are issued much later, on UK Various
artists LP's. "I Fell In Love" is included on the LP "Sun : The Roots Of 
Rock, Vol. 5" (Charly CR 30105) in 1976. "Don't Be Runnin' Wild (Problem 
Child)" is first issued in 1977 on "Sun : The Roots Of Rock, Vol. 9" 
(Charly CR 30116) and "I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes" on the LP
"Rockabilly Tunes" (Sun LP 1026, 1985).
During this session ROY ORBISON records "Jenny", which is first released
in 1984 on the 2-LP "Roy Orbison : The Sun Years" (Charly CDX 4).
Personnel : Roy Orbison (guitar, second vocal on "I Was A Fool") ; Billy
Riley (guitar) ; Jack Clement (bass) ; Bill Justis (sax) ; Charlie Rich 
(piano) ; Jimmy Van Eaton (drums).

September 4, 1958 : ERNIE FREEMAN and his combo record "Blues After
Hours" (a # 1 R&B hit for Pee Wee Crayton in 1948), which is released on 
Imperial 5551 in October (c/w "School Room Rock" from a session exactly 
three months earlier). Also recorded is the Joe Liggins classic "The
Honeydripper", but this version remains unissued. Freeman will return 
to the song in February 1959.

September 4, 1958 : HAWKSHAW HAWKINS does his final session for RCA. 
Four tracks are recorded, resulting in two forthcoming singles :
"I've Got It Again"/"Freedom" (RCA 7389, October) and "Are You Happy"/
"She Was There" (RCA 7486, March 1959).
Personnel : Hawkshaw Hawkins (vocals) ; Chet Atkins, Hank Garland, Bennet
Schaeufule and Velma Smith (guitars) ; Jerry Byrd (bass) ; Buddy Harman
(drums) ; Floyd Cramer (piano).
Produced by Chet Atkins at the RCA studio in Nashville.

September 4, 1958 : Four-track session for AL TERRY at the Hickory studio 
in Nashville. "My Baby Knows" is chosen as the next single (Hickory 1088,
October, b/w "Your Sweet Lies" from a May 1957 session). "Watch Dog"/
"Passing the Blues Around" is shelved for a future single (Hickory 1111,
January 1960). "What A Fool I Was (To Fall For You)" stays in the can
until the release of the LP "Good Deal Lucille" (Bear Family BFX 15107,
Personnel : Grady Martin, Hank Garland, Ray Edenton (guitars) ; Lightnin'
Chance (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Buddy Harman (drums).
Produced by Wesley Rose.

September 5, 1958 : At the Capitol Tower in Hollywood, THE BLOSSOMS
record their third and last single for Capitol : "No Other Love"/"Baby
Daddy-O" (Capitol 4072, October). Unreleased from this session are
"I Don't Care How You Do It" and "'Deed I Do". Arranged and conducted
by Eddie Beal.
Darlene Wright (the later Darlene Love) takes her first lead as a 
Blossom. The other members are : Gloria Jones, Fanita Barrett and
Nanette Williams. 

September 5, 1958 : JERRY STONE records with the Four Dots at Liberty
Custom Recorders in Hollywood. The result is the single "My Baby (She 
Loves Me)"/"It's Heaven" (Freedom 44002, release date October 3).
Personnel : Albert 'Jerry' Stone (lead vocal) ; Jewel Akens (vocals) ; 
Warren Crosby (bass vocal) ; Eddie Cochran (guitar / electric bass over-
dub) ; probably Connie 'Guybo' Smith (electric bass on "It's Heaven") ; 
Earl Palmer (drums). Unidentified (other vocals).

September 8, 1958 : RODDY JACKSON arrives at Master Recorders in Los
Angeles (Hollywood) to record his second single, "Hiccups"/"There's A
Moose On the Loose" (Specialty 649, October).
Personnel : Roddy Jackson (vocals / piano) ; Jackie Kelso (tenor sax) ;
Jewell Grant (baritone sax) ; H.B. Barnum (second piano) ; Ted Brinson
(bass) ; Tommie Guthrie (drums) ; Sonny Bono (backing vocals / producer).

September 8, 1958 : BOOTS RANDOLPH's second session for RCA, in Nashville,
yields the single "Yakety Sax"/"Percolator" (RCA 7395, October), which
is credited to Randy Randolph. The A-side is an instrumental, which Boots
would re-record for Monument in 1963, with more success. "Percolator" has
a vocal by Boots. The third track recorded, "Betty", is unissued and lost.
Personnel : Boots Randolph (sax, vocals) ; James Rich, James Wilkerson
(guitars) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Buddy Harman (drums).
Produced by Chet Atkins.

September 8, 1958 : PEANUTS WILSON has his third session at Norman Petty
Studios in Clovis, New Mexico. "Paper Boy" and "You've Got Everything" 
will finally be included on the CD "West Texas Bop" (Ace 699,1999). 
Personnel includes : Johnny 'Peanuts' Wilson (vocal / rhythm guitar) ;
Tommy Allsup (guitar).
His version of "Paper Boy" predates the recording of its composer, Roy
Produced by Norman Petty.

September 9, 1958 : At Bradley Studio in Nashville, GEORGE JONES records
the future single "White Lightning"/"Long Time To Forget" (Mercury 71406,
January 1959). It will top the country charts for five weeks and will also 
give Jones his first entry into the pop charts.
The pianist is Hargus 'Pig' Robbins and the bassist probably Buddy Killen.
Other musicians unknown. Produced by Pappy Daily.

September 9, 1958 : Time for a new SONNY JAMES single. This becomes
"Let Me Be the One To Love You"/"I Can't Stay Away From You" (Capitol
4066, October), recorded on this day. A third track, "Sweet Thing",
stays in the vaults until the release of the 6-CD box-set "Young Love,
1952-62" (Bear Family BCD 16373) in 2002.
Personnel : Sonny James (vocals / guitar / leader) ; Howard Roberts
(guitar) ; Larry Breen (bass) ; Roy Harte (drums).
Produced by Ken Nelson at the Capitol Tower in Hollywood.

September 9, 1958 : JIM REEVES will score a # 1 country hit with the
Roger Miller composition "Billy Bayou" (RCA 7380, October). The reverse
is "I'd Like To Be", also recorded on this day.
Personnel : Jim Reeves (vocals / guitar) ; Hank Garland (guitar) ; Bob
Moore (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ; The Anita
Kerr Singers (vocal chorus). Produced by Chet Atkins at RCA Victor studio 
in Nashville.

Wednesday, September 10, 1958 : BUDDY HOLLY does his last session at 
Norman Petty's studio in Clovis, New Mexico, resulting in two tracks. 
"Reminiscing" is posthumously released on August 20, 1962 (Coral 62329, 
b/w "Wait Till the Sun Shines Nellie" from January 1959). "Come Back Baby" 
sees its first release on the album "Showcase" (Coral LP 57450) in May 1964.
Personnel : Buddy Holly (vocals / guitar) ; Joe B. Mauldin (string bass) ; 
King Curtis (tenor sax) ; Jerry Allison (drums). 

September 10, 1958 : Also present at Petty studio on this day is WAYLON
JENNINGS, who is just starting in the music business. His first single
will become "When Sin Stops"/"Jole Blon" (Brunswick 55130, May 1959).
An alternate take of the A-side can be found on the CD "Clovis to Phoenix -
The Early Years" (Zu-Zazz ZCD 2021), released by Bear Family in 1995.
Personnel : Waylon Jennings (vocals) ; Buddy Holly (guitar / producer) ;
George Atwood (string bass) ; King Curtis (sax) ; Bo Clarke (drums).

September 10, 1958 : THE KINGSMEN (Bill Haley’s Comets minus Haley) record 
their second single for the East West label, "The Cat Walk"/"Conga Rock" 
(East West 120, October). Both sides are instrumentals.
Personnel : Franny Beecher (guitar) ; Billy Williamson (steel guitar) ;
Al Rex (bass) ; Rudy Pompilli (sax) ; Johnny Grande (piano) ; Ralph Jones
The location in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

September 11, 1958 : Four-track session for LaVERN BAKER in New York City.
"I Cried a Tear"/"Dix-A-Billy" is chosen as her next single (Atlantic 2007,
November). It will be her biggest pop hit. The great "Voodoo Voodoo" is
held in the can until October 1961, when it comes out as the B-side of
"Hey Memphis". The fourth track is "I'm Leaving You", which ends up on
the LP "See See Rider" (Atlantic LP 8071) in February 1963.
Personnel : Al Caiola, Everett Barksdale (guitars) ; Milt Hinton (bass) ;
Urbie Green (trombone) ; Leon Cohen (alto sax) ; King Curtis (tenor sax) ;
Ernie Hayes (piano) ; Panama Francis (drums) ; Unknown (vibraphone).
Arranged by Reggie Obrecht, produced by Ahmet Ertegun and Jerry Wexler.

September 11, 1958 : COWBOY COPAS is in Nashville (RCA Victor Studio) to
record "You're Looking For An Angel" c/w "A World That's Real" for his next
single (Dot 15847, November). A duet with Cathy Copas "Just A Little Tiny Bit"
(aka "Hold Me Just A Little" will be included on the LP "Country and Western,
Volume 3" (Dot DLP 3702, 1966).
Personnel: Cowboy Copas (vocals / guitar) ; Cathy Copas (vocals) ; Hank
Garland and Randy Hughes (guitars) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Tommy Jackson (fiddle).
Producer: Mac Wiseman.

September 11, 1958 : RICKY NELSON returns to Master Recorders in Hollywood
and to the song "Cindy", the (unissued) movie version of which was laid
down on September 2. Three other versions of "Cindy" are recorded, this
time without Walter Brennan. All three are eventually released in 2001,
on the 6-CD box-set "The American Dream" (Bear Family BCD 16196).
Personnel : Ricky Nelson (vocals / rhythm guitar ) ; James Burton (lead
guitar) ; James Kirkland (bass) ; Gene Garf (piano) ; Richie Frost (drums).
Arranged and produced by Jimmie Haskell.

September 11, 1958 : LLOYD PRICE's first session for ABC-Paramount will
produce a million seller : "Stagger Lee"/"You Need Love" (ABC-Paramount
9972, late October). The location is Bell Sound Studio in New York City.
Personnel : Charles McClendon, Eddie Saunders (tenor saxophones) ; Ted
Curson (trumpet) ; Unidentified (baritone sax) ; Clarence Johnson (bass) ;
John Patton (piano) ; Sticks Simpkins (drums) ; The Ray Charles Singers
(vocal chorus). Produced by Don Costa.

September 11-12, 1958 : BAKER KNIGHT does a one-off session for the Jubilee 
label, probably in New York City. "Ain’t Nothin’ But Love"/"My Heart Cries
For You" is an October release (Jubilee 5342)."I Never Get To Kiss You 
Anymore"/"Wishing" will follow in January 1959 (Jubilee 5357).
Arranged by Rene Hall.

September 11-12, 1958 : TOMMY SANDS is back at the Capitol Tower in
Hollywood. "The Worryin' Kind" (Capitol 4082, November) is recorded on
September 11, its flip, "Bigger Than Texas", the next day. Also waxed 
on the 12th are another attempt at "Playin' the Field" (unissued) and
"Wicked Woman", which is eventually released in 1992 on the CD "The
Worryin' Kind" (Bear Family BCD 15643).
Sands is backed by the Raiders : Scotty Turner (lead guitar) ; Eddie
Edwards (rhythm guitar) ; Leon Bagwell (bass) ; Hal Blaine (drums).
Produced by Ken Nelson.

September 12, 1958 : THE CHAMPS have another session at Hollywood's
Gold Star studio. "Gone Train" will become the B-side of "Beatnik" (yet
to record) in December (Challenge 59035). "Percolator" and "Baja" stay in
the can until the release of the CD "Wing Ding!" in 1993 (Ace CDCHD 460).
Personnel : Dave Burgess, Dale Norris (guitars) ; Van Norman (bass) ;
Jimmy Seals (sax) ; Dean Beard (piano) ; Dash Crofts (drums).
Produced by Joe Johnson.

September 12, 1958 : LEFTY FRIZZELL does a four-track session at Bradley
Studio in Nashville. The great double-sider "Cigarettes And Coffee Blues"/
"You're Humbuggin' Me" is selected as his next single (Columbia 41268,
October 6). "She's Gone" is not released until April 4, 1960 (Columbia
41635), while "I Need Your Love" lingers in the vaults until 1992, when
Bear Family releases the 12-CD set "Life's Like Poetry" (BCD 15550).
Personnel : Lefty Frizzell (vocals / guitar) ; Grady Martin (guitar /
arranger) ; Hank Garland, Harold Bradley (guitars) ; Charles O'Neal
(steel guitar) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Jack Gregory
(sax) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ; Unknown (vocal chorus).
Produced by Don Law.

September 13, 1958 : RAY SMITH cuts two tracks at the Sun studio. "Why
Why Why" becomes the B-side of his next single (Sun 308, October 25, c/w
"You Made A Hit" from a session on May 13), after a vocal overdub by the
Confederates on September 19. "Life Is the Flower" stays in the vaults
until 1988, when it appears on the LP "I'm Right Behind You Baby" (Sun
LP 1009, UK).
Personnel : Stanley Walker (lead guitar) ; Dean Perkins (guitar) ; Stan
Kesler (bass) ; Charlie Rich (piano) ; Gary Diamond (drums).

September 15, 1958 : MERRILL MOORE starts recording an album of piano
instrumentals at the Capitol Tower in Hollywood. On this day Moore
completes "Music, Music, Music", "Sun Valley Walk" and "Back Home In
Indiana". Five further tracks will follow on September 23 : "South",
"Sentimental Journey", "Shanty In Old Shanty Town", "Sweet Georgia
Brown" and "Moore Blues". The remaining four tracks will be recorded
on October 7, 1958. For some unknown reason, Capitol decides not to
release the LP and all the tracks are shelved until Bear Family issues
the 2-CD "Boogie My Blues Away" (BCD 15505) in 1990, with the complete
Capitol recordings.
Personnel : Merrill Moore (piano) ; Cameron Hill (guitar on September 
15) ; Howard Roberts (guitar on September 23) ; Unknown (rhythm guitar) ;
Morty Korb (bass) ; Ted Kovar (drums). Produced by Buck Stapleton.

September 17, 1958 : THE FIVE ROYALES are at Cincinnati's King studio 
to record material for their next two singles : "The Slummer the Slum"/
"Don't Let It Be In Vain" (King 5153, October) and "The Real Thing"/
"Your Only Love" (King 5162, December).

September 17, 1958 : at Bradley Film & Recording Studio in Nashville,
BILLY BROWN records "Echo Mountain" which is coupled with the previously
recorded "Flip Out" (December 1957) for his next single (Columbia 41297,
November). "Run 'em Off" b/w "He'll Have To Go" (the original version,
later covered by Jim Reeves) will be used for his final Columbia single
(41380, April 1959), which also sees a belated release in Holland
(Philips 322549, May 1960).
Session details unknown.

September 18, 1958 : On the next day, at the same studio, JAMES BROWN
and the Famous Flames record "Try Me"/"Tell Me What I Did Wrong". 
Released in the first week of October (Federal 12337), it will become 
Brown's first pop hit (peaking at # 48) and his first R&B number one.
Produced by Andy Gibson.

September 18, 1958 : ART NEVILLE and WYNONA CARR have a split session
at Cosimo Recording Studio in New Orleans, under the supervision of
Sonny Bono. Neville's tracks are "Arabian Love Call" (Specialty 656, 
January 1959) and "Bella Mae" (first released in 1986 on the album
"That Old Time Rock 'n' Roll", Specialty SP 2165). Wynona lays down
"I'm Mad At You"/"If I Pray" (Specialty 650, November).
Personnel : Rufus Gore, Jr. and Red Tyler (saxes) ; Allen Toussaint
(piano) ; Roy Montrell (guitar) ; Frank Fields (bass) ; Ed Blackwell

Sunday, September 21, 1958 : CLIFF THOMAS is in the Sun studio at 706 
Union Avenue, Memphis, to record his second single, "Sorry I Lied"/
"Leave It To Me" (Phillips International 3531, September 20). Two other
tracks stay in the vaults for decades. "Dance Little Girl" is first
issued in 1995 on the CD "Unissued Sun Masters" (Charly CPCD 8137) and
"Mean Old World" on the CD "Sun Rock 'n' Roll, Vol. 1" (Charly CPCD 8277)
in 1997.
Personnel : Cliff Thomas (vocals / guitar) ; Barbara Thomas (background
vocals) ; Ed Thomas (piano) ; Billy Riley (guitar) ; Jack Clement (bass / 
producer) ; Jimmy Van Eaton (drums).

September 22, 1958 is the recording date of the first single of THE
FIESTAS : "So Fine"/"Last Night I Dreamed" (Old Town 1062). Released in
October, it takes six months before the disc enters the Billboard charts
and will peak at # 11 pop and # 3 R&B. Produced by Hy Weiss in New York
The Fiestas are : Tommy Bullock (lead) ; Eddie Morris (tenor) ; Sam
Ingalls (baritone) ; Preston Lane (bass).

September 22, 1958 : PEE WEE KING does his last session for RCA, after
having been contracted to the label for twelve years. "Unbreakable Heart"/
"Janie" is released in October (RCA 7375), while "Do You Remember" is 
consigned to the vaults. Location is the RCA Victor Studio in Nashville.
Personnel : Pee Wee King (accordion / leader) ; Hank Garland, Dick Glasser,
Gene Stewart, Redd Stewart (guitars) ; Chuck Wiggins (bass) ; Floyd Cramer
(piano) ; Boots Randolph (sax) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ; The Jordanaires
(vocal chorus). Produced by Chet Atkins.

September 22, 1958 : MARVIN RAINWATER cuts two duets with his younger
sister PATTY RAINWATER : "Can I Count On Your Love"/"Let Me Live Again"
(MGM 12728, October), with unknown musicians. The location is A & R
Recording Studio on 48th Street in Manhattan, New York City, and the
producer is Jim Vienneau.

September 23, 1958 : Another FATS DOMINO session at Cosimo Recording
Studio in New Orleans. "Whole Lotta Lovin'" is chosen for the new single
(Imperial 5553, October, b/w "Coquette", recorded in August). "I Miss You
So" and "I'll Always Be In Love With You" end up on the LP "I Miss You
So" (Imperial LP 9138), which is released in January 1961. A first stab
at "Margie" went originally unissued, but has been included on the 8-CD 
box-set "Out Of New Orleans" (Bear Family BCD 15541, 1993).
Personnel : Fats Domino (vocals / piano) ; Clarence Ford (alto and tenor 
sax) ; Warren Bell (tenor sax) ; Dave Bartholomew (trumpet / producer) ;
Ernest McLean, Walter Nelson (guitars) ; Frank Fields (bass) ; Charles
'Hungry' Williams (drums).

September 23 & 25, 1958 : RITCHIE VALENS is back at Gold Star studio in
Hollywood. At least four tracks are recorded. "La Bamba" is his next
single (Del-Fi 4110, late October), though it isn't even the A-side
(that honour goes to "Donna", from an earlier session). Both sides will
chart, "Donna" peaking at # 2 and "La Bamba" at# 22. "Hi-Tone" will be
included on Ritchie's first LP ("Ritchie Valens", Del-FiDFLP 1201, March
1959) and "Now You're Gone" and "Little Girl" on his second LP ("Ritchie",
Del-Fi DFLP 1206, December 1959). "Little Girl" is also released as a
single (Del-Fi 4117) in May 1959.
"Cry Cry Cry" is recorded on September 25, included on the second LP and
issued as a single (Del-Fi 4133) in February 1960.
Personnel : Ritchie Valens (vocals / guitar) ; Rene Hall (Danelectro six-
string bassguitar / arranger) ; Carol Kaye (rhythm guitar) ; Buddy Clark
(standup bass) ;Ernie Freeman (piano) ; Earl Palmer (drums).
Produced by Bob Keane.

September 24, 1958 : TOMMY EDWARDS cuts six tracks for his first LP,
"It's All In the Game" (MGM E 3732, November) : "Mr. Music Man" (also
released as the B-side of his next single, "Love Is All We Need", MGM
12722, October), "That's All", "The Morningside Of the Mountain" (also
MGM 12757, January 1959), "I'll Always Be With You", "My Sugar, My Sweet"
and "You Win Again" (also MGM 13317, January 1965). Some of these are 
re-recordings of songs that Edwards previously recorded in 1951-52.
Arranged and conducted by LeRoy Holmes, produced by Harry Myerson at
Metropolitan Studios in New York City.

September 24, 1958 : LITTLE WILLIE JOHN is in New York City to record
three tracks. "All My Love Belongs To You"/"Why Don't You Haul Off And
Love Me" is his next single (King 5154, October). "I'll Never Go Back
On My Word" is saved until January 1961, when it is used as the B-side
of the rerelease of "Leave My Kitten Alone" (King 5452).
Personnel : Roy Gaines, Kenny Burrell (guitars) ; Carl Pruitt (bass) ;
Hal Singer (tenor sax) ; Ernie Hayes (piano) ; Panama Francis (drums).

September 24-26, 1958 : During a long European tour, THE PLATTERS do a
three-day session in Paris, France. The future number one "Smoke Gets In 
Your Eyes", recorded on the first day, becomes the new single (Mercury
71383, November, b/w "No Matter What You Are" from a session on December
4, 1957). "If I Didn't Care" will be released on Mercury 71749 (November
1960). Also recorded on the 24th : the album tracks "Thanks For the
Memory", "I Can't Get Started" and "Somebody Loves Me" (LP "Remember
When", Mercury MG 20410, January 1959).
The second day also yields two future singles, "Remember When" (Mercury 
71467, May 1959) and "I'll Never Smile Again" (Mercury 71847, June 1961), 
plus more tracks for the LP "Remember When" : "My Blue Heaven", "Until
the Real Thing Comes Along", "Prisoner Of Love" and "Love In Bloom".
Two tracks are recorded on September 26 : "A-Tisket A-Tasket" (also for
the LP) and "Hula Hop", which will stay in the can until the 2-CD "The 
Magic Touch : An Anthology" hits the market in 1991 (Mercury 510314-2).
Produced by Buck Ram. Lead vocal on most tracks by Tony Williams.

September 25, 1958 : Pianist FLOYD CRAMER records his third solo single 
for RCA, "Rumpus"/"The Big Chihuahua" (RCA 7388, October). Also laid down 
is a new version of "Fancy Pants" (previously recorded for Abbott, 1953), 
which will get a place on the LP "Last Date" (RCA LPM 2350, November 1960).
The vibraphone player is probably Grady Martin. Produced by Chet Atkins at 
RCA Victor Studio in Nashville.

September 25, 1958 : CAROLE KING records her second and last single for the
ABC-Paramount label : "Baby Sittin’"/"Under the Stars" (ABC 9986, March 1959).
Arranged and conducted by Don Costa in New York City.

September 26, 1958 : CHUCK BERRY records four tracks at the Chess studio
in Chicago, all released as singles. "Sweet Little Rock and Roller"/"Jo Jo
Gunne" is an October release (Chess 1709). Both sides enter the charts :
the A-side peaks at # 47 pop (# 13 R&B), the B-side at # 83 pop. "Anthony
Boy" follows in January 1959 (Chess 1716, a # 60 pop hit) and is coupled
with "That's My Desire" (recorded on November 19, 1958). The fourth track
is the classic "Memphis Tennessee", which wasn't even the A-side (B-side
of "Back In the USA", recorded in February 1959, Chess 1729,
June 1959).
Personnel : Chuck Berry (vocals / guitar / overdubbed guitar) ; Willie
Dixon (double bass) ; Otis Spann (piano) ; Jasper Thomas (drums).

September 26, 1958 : DON GIBSON records five tracks at Nashville's RCA
Victor Studio. Only one of these is originally issued during the 1950s :
"Won't Cha Come Back To Me", on the LP "That Gibson Boy" (RCA LPM 2038)
in September 1959. The other four tracks have all been included on Don's
4-CD box "The Singer, The Songwriter, 1949-60" (Bear Family BCD 15495,
1991) and in some cases on earlier Bear Family LP's. First versions of 
"Who Cares" and "A Stranger To Me" are initially rejected ; the released
single comes from a later session in December 1958. Also recorded are 
"When Will This Ever End" and a new version of "Sweet Sweet Girl".
Personnel : Don Gibson (vocals / guitar) ; Hank Garland (guitar) ; Chet
Atkins (guitar / producer) ; Ray Edenton (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ;
Buddy Harman (drums) ; The Jordanaires (vocal chorus).

September 26, 1958 : THE PONI-TAILS do a two-track session in New York City.
"Close Friends" is selected as their next single, released on ABC-Paramount
9969 in November (c/w "Seven Minutes In Heaven", recorded on July 31, 1958). 
"Early To Bed" will be released in January 1959 (ABC-Paramount 9995, coupled
with "Father Time" from a session on December 30, 1958). It does not chart 
in the USA, but reaches # 26 on the UK charts (HMV POP 596).
Arranged and conducted by O.B. Masingill.

Monday, September 29, 1958 : ROY ORBISON has left Sun for RCA and records 
the first single for his new label, "Seems To Me"/"Sweet And Innocent" 
(RCA 7381, October), produced by Chet Atkins. A third song, "I'll Never 
Tell", from the pen of John D. Loudermilk, is rejected by RCA, but will 
later appear on the CD "The RCA Sessions", a joint release with Sonny 
James (Bear Family BCD 15407) in 1987. Personnel includes Dutch McMillin 
on sax and the Jordanaires on backing vocals. More details unknown.
Location : RCA Victor Studio, Nashville.

September 1958, unknown date : CHUCK BERRY records two long instrumentals
at Chicago's Chess studio : "Long Fast Jam" and Long Slow Jam", both co-
written by Berry and pianist Johnnie Johnson. The tracks are first released
on Chuck's 4-CD set "Johnny B. Goode : His Complete '50s Chess Recordings"
(Hip-O-Select B0009473-02) in 2007.
Personnel : Chuck Berry (guitar) ; Johnnie Johnson (piano) ; Willie Dixon
(double bass) ; Jasper Thomas (drums).

(Probably) September 1958, unknown date : THE BIG BOPPER records his 
next single, "Little Red Riding Hood"/"Big Bopper's Wedding" (Mercury
71375, late October) and "Pink Petticoats", which will be released
posthumously as a single in June 1959 (Mercury 71482). All three tracks
will also appear on the LP "Chantilly Lace" (Mercury MG 20402), issued
in January 1959.
Personnel : J.P. Richardson (The Big Bopper) (vocals) ; Hal Harris or
Glenn Barber (guitar) ; Buck Henson (bass) ; Doc Lewis (piano) ; Link
Davis (sax) ; Bill Kimbrough (drums). 
Produced by Pappy Daily at Gold Star Studio in Houston, Texas.

September 1958, unknown date : DUANE EDDY waxes "Cannonball"/"Mason Dixon 
Lion" for his next single (Jamie 1111, October), at Ramsey Recorders in
Phoenix, Arizona.
Personnel : Duane Eddy (lead guitar) ; Al Casey, Corki Casey, Donnie
Owens (guitars) ; Buddy Wheeler (bass guitar) ; Alvin Simmons (bass) ;
Steve Douglas (sax, his first appearance on a Duane Eddy record) ; Connie 
Conway (piano / percussion / maracas) ; Bob Taylor (drums) ; The Sharps
(vocal chorus). Produced by Lee Hazlewood and Lester Sill.

September 1958, unknown date : THURSTON HARRIS does a five-song session
in Los Angeles. All five tracks will be issued as singles. "Purple Stew"/
"I Hear A Rhapsody" is a November release (Aladdin 3440). "From the Bottom 
Of My Heart" follows in January 1959 (Aladdin 3447) and "Hey Little Girl"/
"My Love Will Last" in March 1959 (Aladdin 3450). Vocal backing by the 
Masters, who are in fact the Turbans.

(Circa) September 1958, unknown date : HOWLIN' WOLF cuts his next single, 
"I'm Leaving You"/"Change My Way" (Chess 1712, November) at the Chess studio
in Chicago. The other two tracks from this session, "Can't Put Me Out" and 
"Getting Late", are shelved until 1979, when the LP "Can't Put Me Out : 
Chicago 1956-1972" (Blues Ball LP 2002) hits the market.
Personnel : Howlin' Wolf (Chester Burnett) (vocals / harmonica) ; Hubert
Sumlin, L.D. McGhee (guitars) ; Hosea Lee Kennard (piano) ; S.P. Leary

September 1958, unknown date : ROBIN LUKE records the follow-up to his
big hit "Susie Darlin'" : "Chicka Chicka Honey"/"My Girl" (Dot 15839,
late September). Label credit goes to Robin Luke with the Jolly Drifters.
Arranged and produced by Bob Bertram in Honolulu, Hawaii. Also released
on Bertram International 208.

(Probably) September 1958, unknown date : EARL SINKS does his second 
session for Dot, and again the resulting single is credited to Earl Henry : 
"My Suzanne"/"Believe A Traveller" (Dot 15875, November).
Produced by Norman Petty at his Nor Va Jak studio in Clovis, New Mexico.

September 1958, unknown date : BOBBY LEE TRAMMELL does a session at 
Western Recorders on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. The single "Should
I Make Amends"/"My Susie J. - My Susie Jane" gets a rush release on
Radio 114.
Personnel : Bobby Lee Trammell (vocals / guitar) ; Joe Maphis (guitar) ;
more details unknown. Produced by Fabor Robison.

With thanks to Steve Walker, Mike Thompson and Henk Gorter.

Additions and corrections welcome.

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