October 2, 1958 : LITTLE ANTHONY and the Imperials record the Neil
Sedaka composition "The Diary" (End 1038, January 1959). The reverse 
is a new version of "Cha Cha Henry", previously attempted during the
"Tears On My Pillow" session of May 29. The third track from this session
is "Traveling Stranger", first released on the LP "We Are the Imperials,
Featuring Little Anthony" (End LP 303, May 1959). The single version of 
"Traveling Stranger" (End 1091, May 1961) is a different recording.

October 3, 1958 : Second recording session for CLIFF RICHARD at EMI's
Abbey Road studio in London, resulting in his next single, "High Class
Baby"/"My Feet Hit the Ground" (Columbia DB 4203, November 14). A third
track, "Don't Bug Me Baby", is shelved until 1997, when Cliff's CD "The
Rock 'n' Roll Years" (EMI 8 59309 2) hits the market.
Personnel is probably : Ernie Shear and Ian Samwell (guitars) ; Frank
Clarke (bass) ; Terry Smart (drums).
Produced by Norrie Paramor.

Monday, October 6, 1958 : The CHARLIE BOP TRIO records the single "Mr. 
Big Feet"/"Tokyo Queen" (Capitol 4100, December 1) at the Capitol Tower in 
Hollywood. The vocal is by Jimmy Kersey, accompanied by Charles Johnston 
and his band.
Produced by Ken Nelson.

October 6, 1958 : RON HARGRAVE is also in Hollywood on this day, at the 
RCA Victor studio, where he cuts the single "Drive In Movie"/"Buttercup" 
(Cub 9025, February 1959), both sides his own compositions.

October 6, 1958 : JERRY WALLACE records the follow-up to his hit "How the
Time Flies", which is called "Diamond Ring" (Challenge 59027, October 15,
peak position in Billboard # 78). The reverse, "All My Love Belongs To You",
had been recorded one week earlier. Also laid down are "Open Sesame" (for
the LP "Just Jerry", Challenge CHL 606) and "Mystic Moonlight Night" (first
issued in 1998 on the Collectables CD "Primrose Lane : The Best Of Jerry 
Wallace", COL 6035).
Produced by Joe Johnson.
Location is probably Gold Star Studio in Hollywood.

October 7, 1958 : BOBBY LORD does an evening session (19:00-22:00) at
Bradley Studio in Nashville. "When I've Learned"/"Walkin' Alone" is his
next single (Columbia 41288, November). "What A Thrill" is released in
March 1959 on Columbia 41352.
Personnel : Bobby Lord (vocals / guitar) ; Harold Bradley, Grady Martin,
Hank Garland (guitars) ; Joe Zinkan (bass) ; Marvin Hughes (piano) ;
Buddy Harman (drums).
Produced by Don Law.

October 7, 1958 : MERRILL MOORE records another four tracks for an LP
of piano instrumentals (see also September 15 & 23, 1958) : "Nobody's 
Sweetheart", "Jumpin' At the Woodside", "Somebody Stole My Gal" and
"Lazy River" (the latter was probably laid down on October 8). Capitol 
decides not to release the album and the twelve tracks will stay on the 
shelf until Merrill's Bear Family 2-CD "Boogie My Blues Away" (BCD 15505)
appears in 1990.
Personnel : Merrill Moore (piano) ; Howard Roberts (guitar) ; Unknown
(rhythm guitar) ; Morty Korb (bass) ; Ted Kovar (drums).
Produced by Buck Stapleton at the Capitol Tower in Hollywood.

October 8, 1958 : Final Capitol session for SKEETS McDONALD, after an
association of seven and a half years. It yields four tracks, released
on two singles : "What Am I Doing Here"/"What I Know About Her" (Capitol
4095, November) and "Baby Wait"/"What A Lonesome Life It's Been" (Capitol
4147, February 1959).  
Personnel : Skeets McDonald (vocals / leader) ; Joe Maphis, Roy Nichols
(guitars) ; Allen Williams (bass) ; Billy Liebert (piano) ; Pee Wee Adams
Produced by Ken Nelson at the Capitol Tower in Hollywood.

October 8, 1958 : One-track session for BOBBY MITCHELL at Cosimo Recording
Studio in New Orleans. "Hearts Of Fire" will come out on Imperial 5558 in
January 1959, coupled with "You're Going To Be Sorry" from a session on
October 6, 1957. Justin Adams is the guitarist, more details unknown.
Produced by Dave Bartholomew.

October 8 and 15, 1958 : JOHNNY OTIS is in the studio (Capitol Tower,
Hollywood) with his orchestra and vocalists Mel Williams and Marie Adams.
None of the six tracks is originally issued. "Little Angel", sung by Mel
Williams, is eventually released on the CD "Johnny Otis : The Capitol 
Years" in 1990 (Capitol CDP 7 92858 2) ; this is the same song that Eddie
Cochran will record in October 1959. Also included on that 1990 CD is
"I Wonder", recorded on the 15th, sung by Marie Adams. Unissued are the
songs "Couples Only", "My Dear" and "My Heart Tells Me" (all with a vocal
by Mel Williams) and a first attempt by Marie Adams at "What Do You Want
To Make Those Eyes At Me For".

October 9, 1958 is the date of BUCK OWENS' only session in 1958. It will
yield two singles : "Walk the Floors"/"I'll Take A Chance On Loving You"
(Capitol 4090, November 10) and "Second Fiddle"/"My Everlasting Love"
(Capitol 4172, March 23, 1959). 
Personnel : Buck Owens (vocals / guitar / leader) ; Ralph Mooney (steel 
guitar) ; Al Williams (bass) ; George French (piano) ; Jelly Sanders 
(fiddle) ; Pee Wee Adams (drums).
Produced by Ken Nelson at the Capitol Tower in Hollywood (1750 North Vine

October 10, 1958 : RUTH BROWN records rock 'n' roll versions of her
1952-53 R&B hits "Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean" (Atlantic 2008,
November) and "5-10-15 Hours" (Atlantic 2015, February 1959). The flip-
sides of these two singles, respectively "I'll Step Aside" and "Itty 
Bitty Girl", are also laid down at this session.
Personnel : King Curtis, Seldon Powell (tenor saxes) ; Sy Mann (piano) ;
Everett Barksdale (guitar) ; Wendell Marshall (bass) ; Belton Evans
(drums). Plus a 5-piece vocal chorus (3 women, 2 men).
Produced by Ahmet Ertegun and Jerry Wexler in New York City.

October 10, 1958 : EDDIE COCHRAN does an evening session at the Gold Star 
studio in Hollywood. After finishing "Let's Get Together", the feeling is 
that the song isn't dynamic enough. Eddie and Jerry Capehart retitle the 
song "C'mon Everybody" and a new backing track is recorded, this time with 
stops at the end of each verse to emphasize the song's new title. The sped-
up master of "C'mon Everybody" is rush-released on Liberty 55166 on October 
14 (coupled with "Don't Ever Let Me Go" from a session on July 7). "Let's 
Get Together" survived as a master and was released on the 1962 Liberty LP 
"Cherished Memories" (LBY 1109, UK), as was "I've Waited So Long", which 
Eddie had recorded on October 1, 1958.
Personnel : Eddie Cochran (vocals / guitar / guitar and drum overdub) ;
Guybo Smith (electric bass) ; Ray Johnson (piano) ; Earl Palmer (drums) ;
possibly Jerry Capehart (tambourine).

Saturday, October 11, 1958 : A rare Hollywood session for MARTY ROBBINS, 
at Radio Recorders Annex Studio. Only two tracks are recorded, which are 
released back to back on January 12, 1959 : "The Hanging Tree"/"The Blues 
Country Style" (Columbia 41325). 
Peak chart positions : # 15 country, # 38 pop.
Personnel : Marty Robbins (vocals / guitar) ; Bill Pitman, Allan Reuss,
Trefoni Rizzi, Hilmer Trimbell (guitars) ; Philip Stevens (bass) ; Ted
Romersa (drums) ; Si Zentner (trombone).
Produced by Don Law, arranged by Ray Conniff.

October 13, 1958 : Four-track session by THE CADILLACS in New York City. 
"Peek-A-Boo"/"Oh Oh Lolita" is their next single (Josie 846, late October) 
and will become their second biggest hit, peaking at # 28 (pop). "Copy Cat" 
is released on Josie 857 in February 1959. "Jelly Bean" is first issued in 
1983 on the 5-LP box-set "The Cadillacs : For Collectors Only" (Murray Hill
M 61285).
Arranged by Jesse Powell. The Cadillacs are : James Bailey, Earl Carroll,
Bobby Phillips, Bobby Spencer and Earl Wade.

October 13, 1958 : THE EVERLY BROTHERS, Don and Phil, record their next 
single, "Problems"/"Love Of My Life" (Cadence 1355), to be released in 
The usual Nashville session men are present at Nashville's RCA Victor
studio : Chet Atkins, Hank Garland, Ray Edenton (guitars) ; Lightnin'
Chance (bass) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ; (and this time no Floyd Cramer,
but) Marvin Hughes (piano).
Produced by Archie Bleyer.

October 13-17, 1958 : GENE VINCENT and his Blue Caps have recording 
dates on no less than seven days this month.
"You Are the One For Me", "Maybe", "I Got To Get To You Yet", "My Heart",
"In Love Again", "Maybelline" and "I Can't Believe You Wanna Leave" will 
appear on the LP "Sounds Like Gene Vincent" (Capitol T 1207, May 1959). 
"Say Mama"/"Be-Bop Boogie Boy" is selected as the next single (Capitol 4105, 
release date December 1), followed by "Who's Pushing Your Swing" (Capitol 
4153, March 1959). "The Night Is So Lonely" will be used for the single
after that (Capitol 4237, June 1959, c/w "Right Now" from a December 1957 
session). "Anna Annabelle" is saved until September 1960 for release on
a 45 (Capitol 4442, b/w "Pistol Packin' Mama" from a May 1960 UK session).
"Lonesome Boy", "Rip It Up", "High Blood Pressure" and "Gone Gone Gone"
will find a place on the LP "The Crazy Beat Of Gene Vincent" (UK Capitol
T 20453, March 1963). Finally, "Beautiful Brown Eyes" is first released on
the LP "The Gene Vincent Story 6 : A Tribute To My Best Friend" (Capitol
2C 066-81618, France) in 1974.
Personnel : Johnny Meeks (lead guitar) ; Grady Owen (bass guitar) ; Cliff
Simmons (piano) ; Jackie Kelso (tenor sax) ; Plas Johnson (baritone sax) ;
Clyde Pennington (drums).
Produced by Ken Nelson at the Capitol Tower in Hollywood.

October 14, 1958 : The instrumental group THE CHAMPS cuts three tracks 
at Hollywood's Gold Star studio, all of which remain unissued until the 
release of the CD "Wing Ding!" (Ace CDCHD 460) in 1993. The titles are 
"Roughneck", "Baja" and "Istanbul". 
Personnel : Dave Burgess, Dale Norris (guitars) ; Van Norman (bass) ;
Jimmy Seals (sax) ; Dean Beard (piano) ; Dash Crofts (drums).
Produced by Joe Johnson.

October 14, 1958 : The final Decca session of GLENN REEVES yields three
tracks. "Tarzan"/"Born To Cry" is released on Decca 30780 in November.
"I Can't Love You (Like You Want Me To Do)" is rescued from the vaults
by Bear Family in 2011 (CD "Johnny On the Spot", BCD 16658).
Personnel : Harold Bradley, Hank Garland, Grady Martin (guitars) ; Bob
Moore (bass) ; Hargus 'Pig' Robbins (piano) ; Boots Randolph (saxophone) ;
Buddy Harman (drums).
Produced by Vic McAlpin at Bradley Studio in Nashville.

October 15, 1958 : MICKEY AND SYLVIA record their last single for RCA /
Vik : "Oh Yeah Uh Uh"/"To the Valley" (RCA 7403, November), in New York
Personnel : Mickey Baker (vocals / guitar) ; Sylvia Vanderpool (vocals /
guitar) ; Charles Macey (guitar) ; Lloyd Trotman (bass) ; Panama Francis

October 15, 1958 : SHEB WOOLEY returns to the subject of his biggest hit
with "Santa And the Purple People Eater" (MGM 12733, November, c/w "Star
Of Love" from a session two days later). Also recorded is the later single
"Deep Goes My Love" (MGM 12778, March 1959).
Personnel : Rene Hall and Bill Pitman (guitars) ; Carson Smith (bass) ;
Ernie Freeman (piano) ; Plas Johnson (sped-up sax) ; Jack Sperling (drums).
Produced by Jesse Kaye at Radio Recorders in Hollywood.

October 16, 1958 : THE FOUR DOTS cover "Don't Wake Up the Kids" by Otis
Williams and the Charms. Release date is December 15 (Freedom 44005).
It's not clear when the reverse, "Pleading For Your Love" was recorded,
somewhere between September and December 1958, but probably not at this 
Personnel : The Four Dots, featuring Albert 'Jerry' Stone and Jewel Akens
on vocals ; Eddie Cochran (guitar / electric bass overdub) ; Johnny Meeks 
(guitar) ; Cliff Simmons (piano) ; Clyde Pennington (drums). 
Produced by Jerry Capehart at Liberty Custom Recorders in Hollywood. 

October 19, 1958 : At Bradley Film & Recording Studio in Nashville,
BRENDA LEE records six tracks during two three-hour sessions. The Xmas
single "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree"/"Papa Noel" (Decca 30776) will
chart in 1960, 1961 and 1962, but not after its first release on November
25, 1958. Her next single is "Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home"/
"Hummin' the Blues Over You" (Decca 30806, January 5, 1959), followed
by "Let's Jump the Broomstick" (Decca 30885, April 27, 1959). The sixth
song, Buck Ram's "Heading Home", ends up on the LP "Miss Dynamite" in
August 1960 (Decca DL 7-4039).
Personnel : Hank Garland (guitar) ; Harold Bradley (electric bass) ; 
Bob Moore (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Boots Randolph (sax, his first
of many appearances on a Brenda Lee session) ; Doug Kirkham (drums) ;
The Anita Kerr Singers (vocal chorus).
Produced by Owen Bradley.

October 20-21, 1958 : GENE VINCENT continues his sessions at the Capitol
Tower in Hollywood, delivering six more tracks. "I Might Have Known", "My 
Baby Don't 'Low" (October 20), "Ready Teddy" and "Vincent's Blues" (Oct.
21) are tracks for the LP "Sounds Like Gene Vincent" (see October 13-17). 
"Over the Rainbow" becomes the flip of "Who's Pushing Your Swing", recorded 
on the 17th (Capitol 4153). A new version of "Important Words" will be 
included on the LP "The Crazy Beat Of Gene Vincent" (see October 13-17).
Personnel and producer are the same as on October 13-17.

October 21, 1958 : BOBBY CHARLES cuts his second single for Imperial,
"Oh Yeah"/"Since I Lost You" (Imperial 5557, December). "Always" remains
unissued from this session. 
Produced by Dave Bartholomew at Cosimo Recording Studio in New Orleans.

October 21, 1958 : Unaware that this will be the last formal recording
session of his life, BUDDY HOLLY (sans Crickets) enters the Pythian
Temple in New York City for his "string session", produced by Dick
Jacobs. Four tracks are laid down. Paul Anka's "It Doesn't Matter
Anymore" (a last-minute addition) is recorded in one take. It will be
released on January 5, 1959 (Coral 62074), coupled with the Boudleaux/
Felice Bryant song "Raining In My Heart". "True Love Ways" and "Moon-
dreams" come out on one 45 in the UK in 1960, but in the US "True Love
Ways" is paired with "That Makes It Tough" from a later home session 
(Coral 62210, release date June 29, 1960), while "Moondreams" is first 
released on the LP "The Buddy Holly Story, Vol. 2" (Coral CRL 57326) in 
March 1960.
Personnel : Al Caiola (guitar) ; Sanford Bloch (bass) ; Ernie Hayes
(piano) ; Abraham 'Boomie' Richman (sax) ; Doris Johnson (harp) ;
Cliff Leeman (drums). Plus a string section (8 violins, 2 violas,
2 cellos) recruited from the New York Philharmonic and the NBC Symphony 

October 21, 1958 : RICKY NELSON records two Dorsey Burnette compositions,
"It's Late" and "One Of These Mornings". Both are included on Ricky's third 
LP, "Ricky Sings Again" (Imperial LP 9061, December). "It's Late" is also
released as a single in February 1959 (Imperial 5565) and will peak at # 9
in the Billboard charts.
Personnel : Ricky Nelson (vocals / rhythm guitar) ; James Burton (lead
guitar) ; James Kirkland (bass) ; Gene Garf (piano) ; Richie Frost (drums) ;
The Jordanaires (vocal chorus, overdubbed at a later date).
Arranged and produced by Jimmie Haskell at Master Recorders in Hollywood.

October 21, 1958 : RAY STEVENS does his last session for Capitol, at the
Capitol Tower in Hollywood. The harvest is one single, "The Clown"/"School"
(Capitol 4101, December) and one unissued track, "Your Kisses".
Personnel unknown. Produced by Ken Nelson.

October 27, 1958 : STAN FREBERG records a controversial Christmas single,
"Green Chri$tma$"/"The Meaning Of Christmas" (Capitol 4097, December 1).
The label of "Green Chri$tma$" says : "Stan Freberg as Scrooge with the
Jud Conlon Chorale and Billy May's Music. Featuring Daws Butler as Crotchet 
with Marvin Miller and Wil Wright."
Produced by Ken Nelson and Stan Freberg at the Capitol Tower in Hollywood.

October 27, 1958 is also the date of NEIL SEDAKA's first session for RCA.
Two versions of "No Vacancy" are recorded. One ends up on the B-side of
"The Diary" (see October 30), the other (in stereo) remains unissued until
the release of the 8-CD set "Oh Carol : The Complete Neil Sedaka 1956-1966"
(Bear Family BCD 16535). "All I Need Is You" is included on Neil's first
LP, "Neil Sedaka" (RCA LPM 2035, June 1959). There is also a first attempt 
at "The Diary" (available on the Bear Family set), previously recorded by
Little Anthony & the Imperials (see October 2 - Neil disliked their version).
Personnel : King Curtis (sax / leader) ; Everett Barksdale, Kenny Burrell
(guitars) ; Milt Hinton (bass) ; Ernie Hayes (organ) ; Sticks Evans (drums).
Plus a six-piece vocal chorus.
Produced by Bob Ballard at RCA Victor Studio A on 24th Street in New York City.

October 27, 1958 : First Sun session for VERNON TAYLOR. "Breeze"/"Today
Is A Blue Day" comes out on Sun 310 on November 12. "Your Lovin' Man"
sees its first release on a French Sun single (Sun 601) in 1975.
Personnel : Vernon Taylor (vocals / guitar) ; Roland Janes (guitar) ;
Cliff Acred (bass) ; Jimmy Wilson (piano) ; Jimmy Van Eaton (drums) ;
The Anita Kerr Singers (vocal chorus).
Produced by Jack Clement at the Sun studio in Memphis.

October 28, 1958 : RAY CHARLES waxes four tracks in New York City, which
will be released on four different singles : "The Right Time" (Atlantic 
2010, December), "Tell Me How Do You Feel" (Atlantic 2022, April 1959),
"Early In the Morning" (Atlantic 2094, February 1961) and "Carryin' That
Load" (Atlantic 2174, December 1962).
Personnel : Ray Charles (vocals / piano / organ) ; Marcus Belgrave, John
Hunt (trumpets) ; David Newman (tenor sax) ; Bennie Crawford (baritone sax) ;
Edgar Willis (bass) ; Teagle Fleming (drums) ; The Raelettes (vocal group).

October 29, 1958 : BOBBY DARIN does another session at the Atlantic
studio in New York. Three of the four songs are saved until September 1960,
when the LP "For Teenagers Only" is released (Atco SP 1001) : "Here I'll
Stay", "A Picture No Artist Could Paint" and "That Lucky Old Sun". The
fourth track from this session is an unissued version of "Some Of These
Days", a song to which Darin will return in December.
Produced by Ahmet Ertegun and Jerry Wexler.

October 29, 1958 : JUSTIN TUBB is at Bradley Studio in Nashville where
he waxes four tracks. "Mine Is A Lonely Life"/"Almost Lonely" is selected
for the next single (Decca 30792, December). The other two tracks, "Give
Away Girl" and "Heart's Command" stay in the vaults until they are issued
by Bear Family on the 2-CD "Rock It On Down To My House" (BCD 15761) in
Personnel : Roger Miller (guitar / duet vocal on "Mine Is A Lonely Life") ;
Grady Martin, Harold Bradley (guitars) ; Buddy Emmons (steel guitar) ; Bob
Moore (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Shorty Lavender (fiddle) ; Buddy
Harman (drums).
Arranged by Owen Bradley, produced by Paul Cohen. 

Thursday, October 30, 1958 : JACK CLEMENT waxes his second solo single for 
the Sun label, "The Black Haired Man"/"Wrong" (Sun 311, November 20), at 
the Sun studio in Memphis. Surprisingly, the record also sees a belated 
release in the Netherlands on London FL 1943 in January 1960.

October 30, 1958 : While touring on the West Coast, FATS DOMINO does a
session at Master Recorders in Hollywood, accompanied by two members of 
his own band and three ace Los Angeles session men. First recorded is a 
new version of "If You Need Me", which will become the B-side of "Country 
Boy" (Imperial 5645) in January 1960. "Hands Across the Table", a second 
attempt at "The Sheik Of Araby" and "So Glad" end up on three different 
LP's in 1959, 1960 and 1963 respectively. "Margie" (previously attempted 
on September 23) is selected for single release in April 1959 (Imperial 
5585). For some obscure reason, the excellent "Darktown Strutters' Ball" 
stays on the shelf until 1987, when it first comes out a Dutch Liberty LP 
called "Don't You Know" (BOSP 10). First CD release on the EMI 4 CD-set 
"They Call Me the Fat Man ..." in 1991.
Personnel : Fats Domino (vocals / piano) ; Herb Hardesty (tenor sax) ; 
Plas Johnson (tenor and baritone sax) ; Walter 'Papoose' Nelson (guitar) ;
Red Callender (bass) ; Earl Palmer (drums).
Produced by Dave Bartholomew.

October 30, 1958 : THE IMPALAS record their hit single "Sorry (I Ran All 
the Way Home)"/"Fool, Fool, Fool" (Cub 9022, January 1959). Together with
"Chum" and "All But the Memory Of You", also recorded on this day, these
titles also appear on the EP "Sorry (I Ran All the Way Home)" (Cub CX 5000).
Arranged and conducted by LeRoy Holmes at Metropolitan Studio in New York.

October 30, 1958 : MARVIN RAINWATER records his next single, "Lonely 
Island"/"Born To Be Lonesome" (MGM 12739, November) at RCA Victor Studio
in Nashville. Vocal backing by the Anita Kerr Singers, more details unknown.
Produced by Jim Vienneau.

October 30, 1958 : NEIL SEDAKA returns to NYC's RCA Victor Studio A to cut
a new version of "The Diary", which becomes the A-side of his first RCA 45
(RCA 7408, November, c/w "No Vacancy" from the session three days earlier).
The rocking "(Stop!) You're Knockin' Me Out" is also recorded on this day
and will get a place on Neil's first LP (see October 27).
Personnel : Neil Sedaka (vocals / piano) ; Everett Barksdale (guitar) ;
Carl Pruitt (bass) ; Sticks Evans (drums / leader). Plus a five-piece
vocal chorus.
Produced by Bob Ballard.

October 31, 1958 : THE FLAMINGOS have their second session for George
Goldner's End label, at Regency Sound Studio in New York City. It will 
bring them their biggest hit, "I Only Have Eyes For You" (End 1046, April
1959), peaking at # 11 pop and # 3 R&B. Only one other song is recorded,
"Without A Song", which remains unissued until this day. Lead vocal by
Nate Nelson
Arranged by Sammy Lowe, produced by George Goldner.

(Circa) October 1958, unknown date : THE BIG BOPPER (J.P. Richardson)
records four tracks that will be issued on his LP "Chantilly Lace" on
December 8 (Mercury MG 20402) : "Old Maid", "Preacher And the Bear",
"It's the Truth Ruth (version 2)" and "White Lightning".
Personnel : Jape Richardson (vocals) ; probably Hal Harris or Glenn Barber
(guitar) ; Buck Henson (bass) ; Doc Lewis (piano) ; Link Davis (sax) ;
Bill Kimbrough (drums).
Produced by Pappy Daily at Gold Star Studio in Houston, Texas.
Possibly from the same session are four further tracks for the LP :
"Strange Kisses", "The Clock" (also released as a single, Mercury 71482, 
June 1959), "Walking Through My Dreams (version 2)" and "Someone Watching 
Over You (version 2)" (also Mercury 71416, February 1959).

October 1958, unknown dates : DUANE EDDY records six tracks for his first
LP, "Have Twangy Guitar, Will Travel" (Jamie LP 3000, December) : "Detour"
(also issued as a single, Jamie 1117, in December, c/w "The Lonely One" from
a session during August), "The Lonesome Road", "I Almost Lost My Mind",
"Loving You", "Anytime" and "Three-30 Blues".
The latter took two and a half days to record, according to Steve Douglas,
and - abbreviated from 3:30 to 2:14 - became the B-side of "Yep!" in the
US (Jamie 1122, March 1959).
Personnel : Duane Eddy (lead guitar), Corki Casey, Donnie Owens (guitars) ;
Jimmy Simmons (string bass) ; Al Casey (piano) ; Steve Douglas (sax) ; Bob
Taylor (drums) ; The Sharps (vocal chorus).
Produced by Lester Sill and Lee Hazlewood at Ramsey Recorders in Phoenix, 

October 1958, unknown date : JIMMY ISLE records four tracks at the Sun
studio in Memphis. They will be released as his second and third/last Sun
single. "Time Will Tell"/"Without A Love" is released on Sun 318 on March
23, 1959, and "What A Life"/"Together" on Sun 332 on September 15, 1959.
Personnel : Billy Riley (guitar) ; Pat O’Neill (bass) ; Charlie Rich (piano);
Martin Willis (sax) ; Tommy Ross (drums) ; Unknown (vocal chorus).
Produced by Jack Clement.

October 1958, unknown date : JIMMIE AND THE NIGHTHOPPERS record the
instrumental single "Night Hop"/"Cruising" (Knight 2006, December) in
Hollywood. It is a collaboration between arranger Jimmie Haskell and
saxophonist Jimmy Maddin, who wrote both sides together.

(Circa) October 1958, unknown date : JACKIE WILSON records his next single, 
"Lonely Teardrops"/"In the Blue Of the Evening" (Brunswick 55105, last week 
of October). A # 7 pop hit (# 1 R&B).
Orchestra directed by Dick Jacobs. The location is the Pythian Temple in
New York City.

With thanks to Peter Stoller, Tapio Väisänen, Mike Thompson and Henk Gorter.

Additions and corrections welcome.

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