November 3, 1958 : BROOK BENTON has his first session for Mercury, in New
York City (Mercury Sound Studio). "It's Just A Matter Of Time"/"Hurtin'
Inside" is released in December (Mercury 71394) and will become the biggest
R&B hit of 1959 (9 weeks at # 1, also # 3 pop). "Hurtin' Inside" will chart
in its own right (# 23 R&B, # 72 pop). Rejected are "Hold My Hand", "Tell 
Me the Truth" and a first attempt at "I Want You Forever".
King Curtis plays the tenor sax, more personnel details unknown.
Arranged by Belford Hendricks, produced by Clyde Otis.

November 4, 1958 : Second Hollywood session for FATS DOMINO within a week,
again at Master Recorders. "When the Saints Go Marching In" is chosen for
the next single (Imperial 5569, January 1959). "Country Boy" will be issued
as a single in January 1960 (Imperial 5645). "I Hear You Knocking" and "My
Heart Is Bleeding" get their first release on the album "I Miss You So"
(Imperial LP 9138, January 1961), but are also issued as singles in November 
1961 (Imperial 5796) and May 1962 (Imperial 5833) respectively. "Li'l Liza
Jane" appears on the LP "Let's Play Fats Domino" (Imperial LP 9065, September
1959) and a new version of "Every Night About This Time" on "Twistin' the
Stomp" in February 1962 (Imperial LP 9170).
Personnel : Fats Domino (vocals / piano) ; Plas Johnson, Herb Hardesty
(saxes) ; Walter 'Papoose' Nelson (guitar) ; Adolph Alsbrook (bass) ; 
Earl Palmer (drums).
Produced by Dave Bartholomew.

November 4, 1958 : BILL PARSONS and his friend BOBBY BARE record several
tunes at the King Studio in Cincinnati. Which tunes is not exactly known,
but among them are "The All American Boy" (vocal by Bare) and "Rubber
Dolly" (vocal by Parsons). The next day the tapes are sold to Fraternity
Records, who release these two songs on a single in late November (# 835),
with credit going to Parsons on both sides. While Bare is in the US Army, 
"All American Boy" climbs to # 2 on the Billboard Hot 100.
It is possible that "Buddies With the Blues" by Bobby Bare (Fraternity
848, May 1959) was also recorded on this day.
Personnel : Luke Brandon (guitar) ; Sharrill Raper (bass) ; Kenny Walker

November 5, 1958 : While in Los Angeles, DAVE BARTHOLOMEW records "Button
Holes" (probably an instrumental), which will be released on Imperial 5560
in January 1959, c/w "Short Subjects" from a session on January 25, 1957.
Personnel : Dave Bartholomew (trumpet) ; Walter 'Papoose' Nelson (guitar) ;
Red Callender (bass) ; Earl Palmer (drums).

November 5, 1958 : Another one-track session for Imperial on this day :
MERLE KILGORE records "Tom Dooley, Jr." at KCIJ Radio Station Studio in 
Shreveport, Louisiana. Released on Imperial 5555 in December, coupled with
"Hang Doll" from a session in January 1956. On the A-side, label credit
goes to "Merle Kilgore & the 4 B's". 
J.D. Crowe plays banjo, more personnel details unknown.

November 5, 1958 : JERRY LEE LEWIS is back in the Sun studio at 706 Union
Avenue in Memphis. "I'll Sail My Ship Alone"/"It Hurts Me So" becomes his
next single (Sun 312), released on November 30. For his own pleasure, Jerry
turns to two songs he had already recorded before : "Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-
O-Dee" and "You're the Only Star In My Blue Heaven". These version remain
unissued until the release of the 12-LP set "The Sun Years" (Sun Box 102)
in 1982.
Personnel : Jerry Lee Lewis (vocals / piano) ; Roland Janes, Billy Riley
(guitars) ; Cliff Acred (bass) ; Martin Willis (sax) ; Charlie Rich (piano
on some takes of "It Hurt Me So") ; Jimmy Van Eaton (drums).
Produced by Sam Phillips and Jack Clement.

November 6, 1958 : PAUL ANKA records his next single, "(All Of A Sudden)
My Heart Sings"/"That's Love", rush-released in the third week of November
(ABC-Paramount 9987). Location : Bell Sound Studio, New York City.
Arranged, conducted and produced by Don Costa. Peak position : # 15.

November 6, 1958 : CONNIE FRANCIS records at Radio Recorders in Hollywood,
backed by 38 musicians : 2 guitars, 1 bass, 1 drummer, 1 piano, 1 sax 
(Plas Johnson), 2 trombones, 3 trumpets, 4 cellos, 1 harp, 4 violas and 18 
violins. The results are : the # 2 hit "My Happiness" (MGM 12738, release 
date November 24), "You're My Everything" and "Don't Speak Of Love" (both 
EP tracks), "Love Eyes", which is first released on the Bear Family 5-CD 
set "White Sox, Pink Lipstick And Stupid Cupid" (BCD 15616) in July 1993.
The B-side of "My Happiness" (at least in the US) is recorded on November 
13 in New York City (Metropolitan Studio) : "Never Before". 
Produced by Morty Craft and Jesse Kaye. Orchestras conducted by David Rose
(Hollywood) and LeRoy Holmes (New York).

November 6, 1958 : Four-track session by CARL PERKINS at Bradley Studio
in Nashville. "This Life I Live"/"Y.O.U." is selected for the new single
(Columbia 41296, late November). "Honey, Cause I Love You" is saved until
October 1960 for release on Columbia 41825. "Please Say You'll Be Mine"
is first released on the Bear Family box-set "The Classic Carl Perkins"
(BCD 15494, 5 CDs) in March 1990. Produced by Don Law.

November 7, 1958 : CARL DOBKINS Jr. records his biggest hit (# 3) : "My
Heart Is An Open Book"/"My Pledge To You" (Decca 30803, January 1959), at
Bradley Studio in Nashville.
Personnel : Grady Martin, Hank Garland, Harold Bradley (guitars) ; Bob
Moore (bass) ; Owen Bradley (piano / producer) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ;
The Anita Kerr Singers (vocal chorus).

November 10, 1958 : Yet another session by THE CHAMPS, their last one in
1958. "Beatnik" becomes the A-side of their next single (Challenge 59035,
December, c/w "Gone Train" from a session on September 12). "The Rattler"
ends up on the B-side of "Night Train" (yet to record) on Challenge 59049
in June 1959. "The Torch" from this session remains unissued.
Personnel : Dave Burgess (guitar / arranger) ; Dale Norris (guitar); Van
Norman (bass) ; Jimmy Seals (tenor sax) ; Dean Beard (piano) ; Dash Crofts 
Produced by Joe Johnson at Gold Star Recording Studios in Hollywood.

November 10, 1958 : During his first recording session, BEN HEWITT lays
down six tracks, four of which are released on two singles : "You Break 
Me Up"/"I Ain't Givin' Up Nothin'"(Mercury 71413, February 1959) and 
"Whirlwind Blues"/"The Queen In the Kingdom Of My Heart" (Mercury 71612, 
April 1960). The other two tracks, "Bundle Of Love" and "I Wanna Do Every-
thing For You" first see the light on a Bear Family LP, "They Would Call 
Me Elvis" (BFX 15150) in 1985.
Ray Ethier plays guitar and the vocal chorus is supplied by Frady Parris
and the Satins ; more personnel details unknown. Produced by Clyde Otis 
at Bell Sound Studio in New York City.

November 10, 1958 : In Los Angeles, THE HOLLYWOOD FLAMES record their 
next single, "I'll Be Seeing You"/"Just For You" (Ebb 153, January 1959).
Lead vocal by Earl Nelson.
Produced by Lee Rupe and J.J. Jones.

November 10, 1958 : JOHNNY HORTON also records his next single on this
day : "When It's Springtime In Alaska"/"Whispering Pines" (Columbia 41308,
December 8), at Bradley Film & Recording Studio in Nashville.
Accompaniment by : Harold Bradley (guitar / banjo) ; Grady Martin, Tommy
Tomlinson (guitars) ; Joe Zinkan (bass) ; Buddy Harman (drums).
Produced by Don Law.

November 10, 1958 : THE ROBINS do their second and last session for the
Imperial subsidiary Knight Records. "A Little Bird Told Me"/"It's Never 
Too Late" is issued on Knight 2008 in the last week of November, while 
"Talk, Talk, Talk" and "Sufferin'" are consigned to the vaults. 
Location : Los Angeles, unknown studio.
The Robins are : Bobby Sheen (lead vocal), Ty Terrell (tenor), Billy
Richards (baritone) and Roy Richards (bass).

November 11, 1958 : BILL JUSTIS and his orchestra record four tracks at 
the Sun Studio in Memphis. "Bop Train"/"String Of Pearls" is issued at 
the end of November (Phillips International 3535). "Begin the Beguine" is 
first issued in 2006 on an album of mp3 tracks called "Bill Justis Selected 
Hits" (Charly). "My Dance" has not been released until now.
Personnel : Bill Justis (tenor sax / arranger) ; Vernon Drane (sax) ; 
Jackie Thomas (trombone) ; Richard Mateller (trumpet) ; Sidney Manker 
(guitar) ; Cliff Acred (bass) ; Charlie Rich (piano) ; Keith Vann (drums).

November 11 and 13, 1958 : Two four-track sessions by HANK BALLARD and
his Midnighters at the King Studio in Cincinnati. The most famous of the
eight songs is undoubtedly the original version of "The Twist", but at 
the time it was only thought of as a B-side, with "Teardrops On Your
Letter" as the top side (King 5171, January 1959). Also released as 
singles are "Kansas City" (King 5195, March 1959) and "Cute Little Ways"/
"House With No Windows" (King 5245, August 1959). The remaining tracks, 
"I'll Pray For You", "So Good To Be Home" and "Everybody Does Wrong Some 
Time" end up on the LP "The One And Only Hank Ballard And His Midnighters" 
(King LP 674) in 1960.
Backing by : Cal Green (guitar) ; Navarro Hastings (electric bass) ; 
Edwyn Conley (bass) ; Sonny Thompson (piano) ; Hank Moore (tenor sax) ;
Ray Felder (tenor sax on November 11) ; George DeHart (drums).
Produced by Henry Glover and Syd Nathan.

November 11, 12, 14 and 16, 1958 : Four days of sessions for FARON YOUNG 
at Bradley Studio in Nashville. Twelve of the fifteen tracks recorded are
assembled on the LP "Talk About Hits!" (Capitol T 1245, October 1959) :
"Don't Let the Stars Get In Your Eyes", "I'll Go On Alone", "Almost", 
"Mom And Dad's Waltz", " I Don't Hurt Anymore", "Chattanooga Shoe Shine 
Boy", "Hey Good Lookin'", "Bouquet Of Roses", "Slowly", "Tennessee Waltz",
"Making Believe" and "Bimbo". On the 11th, Young cuts the single "A Long
Time Ago"/"Last Night At A Party" (Capitol 4113, December). "Let Old
Mother Nature Have Her Way", recorded on November 12, stays on the shelf
until April 1966, when it is included on the LP "If You Ain't Lovin', You
Ain't Livin'" (Capitol T 2536).
Personnel : Hank Garland, Grady Martin, Jack Shook (guitars) ; Ben Keith
(steel guitar) ; Lightnin' Chance (bass) ; Marvin Hughes (piano) ; Buddy
Harman (drums). Produced by Ken Nelson.

November 12, 1958 : MARIE ADAMS records her new single, "A Fool In Love"/
"What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For" (Capitol 4108, end of
November) with Johnny Otis and his orchestra.
Produced by Tom Morgan at the Capitol Tower in Hollywood.

November 12, 1958 : BILLY 'CRASH' CRADDOCK's second recording session
yields three tracks : "(For the Last Time) Am I To Be the One"/"I Miss
You So Much" (Columbia 41316, December 29) and "Blabbermouth" (Columbia
41367, March 1959, c/w "Sweetie Pie" from his first session on June 6).
Personnel : Billy Craddock (vocals / guitar) ; Grady Martin, Hank Garland,
Harold Bradley (guitars) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ;
Doug Kirkham (drums).
Produced by Don Law at Bradley Studio in Nashville.

November 12, 1958 : SONNY CURTIS records two tracks at the Norman Petty 
Studio in Clovis, New Mexico. The masters of "Talk About My Baby" and "Red 
Headed Stranger" will be purchased by Coral in January 1960 and released on 
Coral 62207 in May 1960.
Personnel : Sonny Curtis (vocals / guitar) ; Joe B. Mauldin (bass) ; Vi Petty
(piano) ; Jerry Allison (drums) ; The Roses (vocal group).

November 13, 1958 : PLAS JOHNSON does a session at the Capitol Tower in 
Hollywood. "Robbins Nest Cha Cha"/"Plaz Jazz" is his next single (Capitol 
4111), released in late November. "Downstairs" is also released as a 45 
(Capitol 4251, July 1959). A fourth track, "Main Drag", remains unissued.
Personnel : Plas Johnson (tenor sax) ; Jewell Grant (baritone sax) ;
Rene Hall, Irving Ashby (guitars) ; Red Callender (bass) ; Ray Johnson 
(piano) ; Raymond Martinez (drums / percussion). Produced by Buck Stapleton.

November 13, 1958 : First of three November sessions for RICKY NELSON.
Three of the four tracks get a place on Ricky's third LP ("Ricky Sings
Again", Imperial LP 9061, December) : "Trying To Get To You", "Be True To 
Me" and "Old Enough To Love" (also issued as a 45 in April 1963, Imperial 
5935). The fourth track, the controversial suicide song "Gloomy Sunday", 
does not see a release until 2000, on the 4-CD Capitol box-set "Legacy".
Personnel : Ricky Nelson (vocals / rhythm guitar) ; James Burton (lead
guitar) ; James Kirkland (bass) ; Gene Garf (piano) ; Richie Frost (drums) ;
The Jordanaires (vocal chorus, overdubbed on December 1).
Arranged and produced by Jimmie Haskell at Master Recorders in Hollywood.

November 14, 1958 : In London, England, CLIFF RICHARD records the A-sides 
of his next two singles, "Livin' Lovin' Doll" (Columbia DB 4249, January 23,
1959) and "Mean Streak" (Columbia DB 4290, May 1, 1959). The reverse of
"Livin' Lovin' Doll", "Steady With You" is laid down on November 19. 
Produced by Norrie Paramor at EMI's Abbey Road studio.

November 16, 1958 : FERLIN HUSKY records the single "Dragginí the River"/
"Sea Sand" (Capitol 4186). It is overdubbed on March 13, 1959 and released
in April 1959. A # 11 country hit.
Produced by Ken Nelson at Bradley Studio in Nashville.

November 17, 1958 : Three-track session for SONNY JAMES at the Capitol 
Tower in Hollywood. "Dream Big"/"Yo-Yo" is released in January 1959 (Capitol 
4127), while "Let's Make Up" stays in the vaults until the release of the 
6-CD Bear Family box-set "Young Love, 1952-62" (BCD 16373) in May 2002.
Personnel : Sonny James (vocals / guitar / leader) ; Danny Gould (piano) ;
Howard Heitmeyer (guitar) ; Ray Leatherwood (bass) ;  Irving Kluger (drums).
The next day, Sonny records three more tracks, all of which are originally
unissued, but included on the Bear Family set in 2002 : "You Don't Hurt Me 
Anymore", "Love Me Like I Am" and "Sweet Thing". Marty Corb replaces Ray 
Leatherwood on bass.

November 17, 1958 is also the date of WARNER MACK's final session for
Decca. "Yes, There's A Reason" is released on Decca 30841 in February 1959
(c/w "Too Bashful" from a session on July 9, 1958). "Anything For You" is
shelved for 53 years, but is now available on the Bear Family CD "Baby
Squeeze Me" (BCD 16525), released in 2011. "My Greatest Thrill" is unissued
and lost.
Personnel : Hank Garland, Grady Martin, Harold Bradley (guitars) ; Bob
Moore (bass) ; Lenny Dee (organ) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ; The Anita Kerr
Quartet (vocal chorus).
Produced by Owen Bradley at Bradley Studio in Nashville.

November 18, 1958 : JEAN SHEPARD is at Bradley Studio for a four-track
session. "Have Heart, Will Love" becomes her next single (Capitol 4129,
January 1959, c/w "I'll Take the Blame" from a session on May 16, 1958).
"Jeopardy"/"Better Love Next Time" will follow in April 1959 (Capitol 4191).
"Are You Certain" will end up on the LP "Heartaches And Tears" (Capitol T
1663) in January 1962.  
Personnel : Grady Martin (lead guitar) ; Ray Edenton (rhythm guitar) ; 
Walter Haynes (steel guitar) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; 
Buddy Harman (drums). Produced by Ken Nelson.

November 18, 1958 : RAY PRICE is at Bradley Studio in Nashville to cut two
songs for his new single. "Thatís What Itís Like To Be Lonesome"/"Kissing
Your Picture (Is So Cold)" is released on Columbia 41309 on December 10.
A # 7 country hit.
Personnel : Grady Martin, Velma Smith (guitars) ; Jack Evins (steel guitar) ;
Joe Zinkan (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Shorty Lavender, Dale Potter
(fiddles) ; Buddy Harman (drums).
Produced by Don Law.

November 19, 1958 : THE TEDDY BEARS, currently in the Top 10 with "To 
Know Him Is To Love Him", do their first session for Imperial. "Oh Why"/
"I Don't Need You Anymore" comes out on Imperial 5562 in January 1959, 
"You Said Goodbye" follows in March 1959 (Imperial 5581). All three tracks 
also appear on the LP "The Teddy Bears Sing!" (Imperial LP 9067, January 
The Teddy Bears are : Annette Kleinbard, Phil Spector and Marshall Leib.
Session personnel includes Red Callender (bass) and Earl Palmer (drums) ;
more details unknown. 
Produced by Phil Spector at Master Recorders in Hollywood.

November 19, 1958 : CHUCK BERRY cuts a Christmas single, "Run Rudolph Run"
/"Merry Christmas Baby" (Chess 1714, late November) and two other tracks.
"Little Queenie" will be used as the B-side of "Almost Grown" (recorded in
February 1959), which is released in March 1959 on Chess 1722. "Almost
Grown" peaks at # 32, but "Little Queenie" also enters the charts, reaching
# 80. "That's My Desire" ends up on the B-side of "Anthony Boy" (from a
session on September 26, 1958) and comes out in January 1959 (Chess 1716).
Personnel : Chuck Berry (vocals / guitar / overdubbed guitar) ; Lafayette
Leake (piano) ; Willie Dixon (double bass) ; Odie Payne (drums) ; Unknown
(tambourine on "That's My Desire").
Location is, as usual, the Chess Studio in Chicago.

November 21, 1958 : THE CRICKETS record "Someone Someone", at the Nor Va
Jak studio in Clovis, New Mexico. C/w "Love's Made A Fool Of You" (to be
recorded on December, 16) this will become their first single without
Buddy Holly (Brunswick 55124, February 27, 1959).
Produced by Norman Petty.
Personnel : Earl Sinks (lead vocal) ; Sonny Curtis (guitar) ; Joe B.
Mauldin (bass) ; Vi Petty (piano) ; Jerry Allison (drums) ; The Roses
(vocal chorus). 

November 21, 1958 : PAUL EVANS does his first and only session for the
Atlantic / Atco label, in New York City. Two singles are the result :
"At My Party"/"Beat Generation" (Atco 6138, February 1959) and "Long Gone"/
"Mickey, My Love" (Atco 6170, July 1960).
Personnel unknown.

November 21, 1958 is also the date of CONWAY TWITTY's second MGM session,
at Bradley Studio in Nashville, backed by the Nashville A-team. "When I'm
Not With You" will become the B-side of "Hey Little Lucy" (MGM 12785) in
April 1959. "Don't You Know" is included on Twitty's first LP, "Conway
Twitty Sings" (MGM E 3744, March 1959). "Judge Of Hearts" and a first try
at "The Story Of My Love" are unissued and lost.
On November 25, Conway records three more songs, all co-written with Jack
Nance : "The Story Of My Love" (this version is chosen for the new single,
MGM 12748, January 1959), "My One And Only You" (for the first LP) and
"Goin' Home" (for the second LP, "Saturday Night With Conway Twitty", MGM
E 3786, September 1959).
Personnel (probably) : Ray Edenton, Hank Garland, Grady Martin (guitars) ;
Harold Bradley (electric bass) ; Lightnin' Chance (bass) ; Floyd Cramer
(piano) ; Jack Nance (drums) ; Unknown (vocal chorus).
Produced by Jim Vienneau.

November 23, 1958 : BILLY VAUGHN and his orchestra record their next
single, "Blue Hawaii"/"Tico Tico"  (Dot 15879, December). It will peak
at # 37 on the Billboard charts.
The 18-piece orchestra includes Justin Gordon (lead alto sax, double
tracked), Barney Kessel (guitar), Joe Comfort (bass) and Milt Rogers 
(piano). Arranged and conducted by Billy Vaughn, produced by Randy Wood 
at Master Recorders in Hollywood, California.

November 24, 1958 : LARRY WILLIAMS is at Cosimo Recording Studio in New
Orleans. It is not a very fruitful session. Two tracks remain in the vaults,
"Be Sure" and "Mirror On the Wall", and a new attempt at "Bad Boy (Junior 
Behave Yourself)" is certainly no improvement on the earlier version, but
is eventually released in 1974 on the album "The Unreleased Larry Williams" 
(Specialty SP 2158).
Personnel : Nat Perrilliat, Charles Fairley (tenor saxes) ; Red Tyler 
(baritone sax) ; Lloyd Whitley (piano) ; Roy Montrell (guitar) ; Jesse 
Fairman (bass) ; Charles Williams (drums).

November 24-25, 1958 : RICKY NELSON returns to Master Recorders for more
recordings. On November 24 he waxes "Restless Kid" (penned by Johnny Cash) 
and "You Tear Me Up", both of which will be included on his forthcoming LP
("Ricky Sings Again", Imperial LP 9061, December). The third track of this 
day is "Never Be Anyone Else But You" (Imperial 5565, February 1959), a
future # 6 hit. Two tracks are laid down on the 25th : "I Can't Help It"
(for "Ricky Sings Again") and "Brand New Girl", first issued on the 4-CD
set "Legacy" (Capitol CDP 5-29521) in 2000.
Personnel : Ricky Nelson (vocals / rhythm guitar) ; James Burton (lead
guitar) ; James Kirkland (bass) ; Gene Garf (piano) ; Richie Frost (drums) ;
The Jordanaires (vocal chorus).
Produced and arranged by Jimmie Haskell.

November 25, 1958 : THE BROWNS are at the RCA Victor Studio in Nashville
to record their next single, "Beyond the Shadows"/"This Time I Would Know"
(RCA 7427, December). They are rewarded with a # 11 country hit.
Personnel : Jim Ed Brown, Maxine Brown, Bonnie Brown (vocals) ; Chet Atkins
(electric guitar / producer) ; Jimmy Day (steel guitar) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; 
Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Morris Palmer (drums).

November 25, 1958 : THE KALIN TWINS (Herbie and Harold) cut three tracks
at the Pythian Temple in New York City. "It's Only the Beginning"/"Oh! My
Goodness" is their next single (Decca 30807, January 1959), followed by
"When I Look in the Mirror" in April 1959 (Decca 30868, c/w "Cool" from a
session on August 6).
Arranged and conducted by Jack Pleis.

November 25, 1958 : In New York City, PAT AND THE SATELLITES record their 
only single : "Jupiter-C"/"Oh! Oh! Darlin'" (Atco 6131, December). The
A-side is an instrumental, which will peak at # 81 on the Billboard Hot 100,
the B-side is completely different and has a vocal.
Personnel : Pat Piccirillo, Otts Antonelli (guitars) ; King Curtis (sax) ;
Clyde Dickerson (bass) ; Wayne Lipps (drums).

November 25, 1958 : RITCHIE VALENS records at least two songs at Gold
Star studio in Hollywood. Both "Ooh My Head" and "In A Turkish Town" are
included on Ritchie's first LP ("Ritchie Valens", Del-Fi DFLP 1201, March 
1959). The latter also comes out as a single (Del-Fi 4114) in April 1959, 
two months after Ritchie's untimely death. "Ooh My Head" is released as a 
single in the UK in January 1962 (London HL 9494, B-side of "La Bamba").
Personnel : Ritchie Valens (vocals / guitar) ; Rene Hall (guitar /
arranger) ; Buddy Clark (standup bass) ; Earl Palmer (drums / bongos).
Produced by Bob Keane.

November 26, 1958 : BILLY FURY makes his debut as a recording artist, at
the Decca studio in London, under the watchful eye of musical director
Harry Robinson. "Maybe Tomorrow" becomes the A-side of his first single
(Decca F 11102, release date January 18, 1959). Also attempted is "Gonna
Type A Letter", to which Billy will return on December 30 and that new,
improved version ends up on the B-side. The single will also be issued in 
the USA (London 1857) in February 1959. Peak position in the UK : # 22.

November 28, 1958 : DEAN REED does his first session for Capitol, which
results in three tracks. "Annabelle"/"The Search" is a December release
(Capitol 4121). "Don't Let Her Go" is saved until June 1960 for release on
Capitol 4384. Location is the Capitol Tower in Hollywood.
Personnel : Joe Maphis, Leon Silby (guitars) ; Dale Warren (bass) ; Billy
Liebert (piano) ; Pee Wee Adams (drums).
Arranged and conducted by Lincoln Mayorga.

November 1958, unknown date : The instrumental group THE APPLEJACKS
records a follow-up to their hit "Mexican Hat Rock" : "Rock-A-Conga"/
"Am I Blue" for release on Cameo 155 in December. The sax section is
made up of Fred Nuzzullio (baritone sax), Buddy Savitt and George Young 
(tenor saxes). Arranged and conducted by Dave Appell.
A # 38 Billboard pop hit. Location is probably Reco-Art Sound Recording
in Philadelphia.

November 1958, unknown date : The FRANKIE FORD single "Sea Cruise"/
"Roberta" (Ace 554, mid-December) originates this month as "Sea Cruise" 
with a vocal by Huey 'Piano' Smith & Gerri Hall and "Loberta" with a vocal 
by Bobby Marchan. Producer Johnny Vincent decides to erase the vocals from 
both songs and overdub them with the voice of Frankie Ford (in late November
or early December), leaving the great backing track by Huey Smith and the
Clowns in tact. He also overdubs sound effects (fog horns, boat bells) on 
"Sea Cruise" and changes "Loberta" to "Roberta". "Sea Cruise" will peak at 
# 14 on the Billboard pop charts.
Personnel : Red Tyler, Robert Parker (saxes) ; Huey Smith, James Booker
(piano) ; Frank Fields (bass) ; Charles 'Hungry' Williams (drums).

November 1958, unknown date : JOHNNY FULLER does his first session for
Specialty, which results in the single "Haunted House"/"The Mighty Hand"
(Specialty 655, December). The location is an unknown Hollywood studio.
Produced by Sonny Bono.

November (or October) 1958, unknown date : DALE HAWKINS records at Sheldon
Recording Studio in Chicago. "Take My Heart"/"Someday, One Day" will be
his next single (Checker 913, January 1959). "Wild, Wild World" is a track
for the LP "Oh! Suzy-Q" (Chess LP 1429, November), which also includes
"Take My Heart". "Lulu" is first released on the LP "Dale Hawkins" (Chess
ACRR 703) in 1976. Three tracks remain unissued : "Baby Please", "Cry Baby"
and a first version of "Don't Break Your Promise To Me".
Personnel : Dale Hawkins (vocals / guitar) ; Roy Buchanan, Kenny Paulsen
(guitars) ; Dean Mathis (Fender bass) ; Marc Mathis (piano) ; Margaret 
Lewis (second voice on "Someday, One Day") ; Unknown (drums, sax on "Take 
My Heart").
Produced by Leonard Chess.

(Circa) November 1958, unknown date : SCREAMIN" JAY HAWKINS does a 
solitary session for the Red Top label in Philadelphia. "Armpit No. 6"/
"The Past" is issued on Red Top 126 in December, while "I'm So Glad" and
"Wake Up And Live" remain unreleased.
Producer and personnel unknown.

(Probably) November 1958, unknown date : PIANO RED does his only session
for Chess, at their studio in Chicago. Eight tracks are recorded, but
only "Get Up Mare"/"So Worried" is released at the time (Checker 911,
December). "Boogie Re-Bop" is first released on the Various artists LP
"Chess Golden Decade, Vol. 4" (Chess LP 6445 200, UK) in 1974 and "1-2-3" 
on a Dutch double-LP, "32 Rockers & Rollers" (Chess ELD-990) in 1978. 
The remaining four tracks appear eventually on Red's Bear Family 4-CD
set "The Doctor's In!" (BCD 15685) in 1993 : "My Baby", "Rock and Roll
Boogie", "Nighttime" and "Blues Blues".
Personnel : Piano Red (Willie Perryman) (vocals / piano) ; Willie Dixon
(bass) ; more details unknown.

November 1958, unknown date : KIP TYLER AND THE FLIPS have their first
session for Ebb Records, in Los Angeles. The result is the single "She's
My Witch"/"Rumble Rock" (Ebb 154, January 1959).
Personnel : Kip Tyler (vocals) ; Mike Deasy (guitar) ; Dave Shostal (bass) ;
Bruce Johnston (piano) ; Jim Horn (sax) ; Sandy Nelson (drums).

(Probably) November 1958, unknown date : Drummer CHARLES WILLIAMS records 
two vocal tracks for the Chess label, in New Orleans. Both "Rhythmatic
Rhythm" and "I Cried All the Way Home" see their first legal release on
the Various artists LP "New Orleans Rhythm and Blues (Chess CH 9174, 1984).
Personnel : Charles 'Hungry' Williams (vocals / drums) ; Edgar Blanchard
(guitar) ; Roland Cook (bass) ; Robert Parker and James Rivers (saxes) ; 
Warren Myles (piano) ; Unknown (vocal chorus).

With thanks to Mike Thompson and Henk Gorter.

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