December 1, 1958 : JACKIE WILSON does a four-song session at the Pythian
Temple (Decca Recording Studio) in New York City. "Thatís Why (I Love
You So)"/"Love Is All" is released on Brunswick 55121 in March 1959.
A # 13 hit. "You Better Know It" is also issued as a 45 (Brunswick 55149,
August 1959, c/w "Never Go Away" from a session on May 21, 1959) and will
peak at # 37 in Billboard. "Each Time (I Love You More)" is a track for
the LP "Lonely Teardrops" (Brunswick BL 54045, February 1959).
Orchestra conducted by Dick Jacobs.

Tuesday, December 2, 1958 : WANDA JACKSON records the following four songs
at the Capitol Tower in Hollywood : "Savin' My Love" (released in January
1959 as Capitol 4142), "You're the One For Me" (Capitol 4207, May 1959)
and "Reaching"/"I'd Rather Have You" (Capitol 4286, October 1959).
Personnel : Billy Strange, Howard Roberts (guitars) ; Skeets McDonald
(bass) ; Gordon Terry (fiddle) ; Merrill Moore (piano) ; Pee Wee Adams
Produced by Ken Nelson.

December 2, 1958 : LITTLE WILLIE JOHN also records four songs on this 
day (at Cosimo Recording Studio in New Orleans), all of which will appear
on the LP "Little Willie John In Action" (King LP 691, May 1960) : "The
New Thing", "Do You Love Me" (also a single, King 5356, May 1960), "It
Only Hurts A Little While" (also King 5870, April 1964) and "Write Me A
Personnel : Melvin Lastie (trumpet) ; Grady Gaines, Clifford Burke (tenor
saxes) ; Milton Hopkins (guitar) ; Olsie Robinson (bass) ; Wilbert Lee
Smith (piano / guitar) ; James Booker (piano) ; Emile Russell (drums).

December 2, 3, 1958 : At Bradley studio in Nashville LEFTY FRIZZELL
re-records several of his old hits for a forthcoming album ("The One And
Only Lefty Frizzell", Columbia CL 1342, August 1959) : "My Bucket's Got
A Hole In It" plus another six tracks which also see a surprising single
release in Holland afterwards, "Mom And Dad's Waltz" b/w "I Want To Be
With You Always"(Philips 322524, December 1959), "Always Late (With Your
Kisses)" b/w "I Love You A Thousand Ways" (Philips 322603, September 1960),
"If You've Got the Money, I've Got the Time" (Philips 32668, December 1960,
b/w "Release Me" from a February 1958 session) and "If You're Ever Lonely,
Darling" (Philips 322783, September 1961, b/w "Why Should I Be Lonely"
from a February 1958 session).
Personnel : Lefty Frizzell (vocals / guitar) ; Grady Martin, Harold
Bradley (guitars) ; Don Helms (steel guitar) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Tommy
Jackson (fiddle) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ; Unknown
(vocal chorus).
Arranged by Grady Martin, produced by Don Law, at Bradley Studio in

December 3, 1958 : Sax man KING CURTIS cuts five tracks at the Atlantic
studio in New York City. "Chili"/"Castle Rock" is picked for the next 
single (Atco 6135, January 1959). The other three tracks remain in the
vaults : "King's Walk", "Jay Walk" (first version) and "Night Train". 
Personnel : King Curtis (tenor sax / leader) ; poss. Noble 'Thin Man'
Watts (second sax) ; Herman Foster (piano) ; Al Casey (guitar) ; Jimmy
Lewis (bass) ; Belton Evans (drums).
Produced by Nesuhi Ertegun.

December 3, 1958 : THE SKYLINERS record their first single, "Since I 
Don't Have You"/"One Night, One Night" at Capitol Studios in New York,
backed by no less than eighteen musicians, including a string section,
quite an innovation for those times. The 45 is released on Calico 103,
the day after Christmas and will peak at # 12 on the Billboard Hot 100.
Lead vocal by Jimmy Beaumont.
Produced by Joe Rock.

December 3, 5, 8, 1958 : BUDDY HOLLY (vocals / acoustic guitar) records 
the first of what has become known as the "Apartment tapes" at Apartment 
4H, The Brevoort, 11 Fifth Avenue in New York City. On the 3rd he tapes 
"What To Do" and "That's What They Say", on the 5th "Peggy Sue Got Married" 
and on the 8th "That Makes It Tough". All four songs are released on the 
LP "The Buddy Holly Story, Vol. 2" (Coral CRL 57326) in March 1960 ; 
prior to that, "Peggy Sue Got Married" comes out as a single (Coral 62134) 
on July 20, 1959, after being overdubbed on June 30, 1959 by : Don Arnone
(guitar) ; Sanford Blocke (bass) ; Andrew Ackers (piano) ; Panama Francis 
(drums) ; The Ray Charles Singers (vocal chorus).
Jack Hansen was the (overdub producer).
The same personnel overdubs the other three tracks on January 1, 1960,
at Coral Studio A in New York City.

December 4, 1958 : LLOYD PRICE, whose "Stagger Lee" is about to enter 
the charts, records the future single "Where Were You On Our Wedding Day"/
"Is It Really Love" (ABC-Paramount 9997, February 1959) and a remake of 
"Lawdy Miss Clawdy", which will be included on the LP "The Exciting Lloyd 
Price" (ABC-Paramount LP 277), also in February 1959. At the request of 
Dick Clark, Lloyd also records a new, "Bandstand-friendly" version of 
"Stagger Lee", with toned down lyrics.
Personnel : Charles McClendon, Eddie Saunders (tenor saxes) ; Unidentified
(baritone sax) ; Ted Curson (trumpet) ; Clarence Johnson (bass) ; John 
Patton (piano) ; Sticks Simpkins (drums) ; The Ray Charles Singers (vocal
Produced by Don Costa at Bell Sound Studios in New York City.

December 4, 1958 : CHARLIE RICH records a second version of "Stay", which
was previously attempted on May 13, 1958. This version is also rejected by
Sam Phillips, but it is included on the 3-CD box "The Sun Years, 1958-1962"
(Bear Family BCD 16152, 1998). Also recorded is an unissued instrumental
version of "I've Lost My Heart To You".
Produced by Jack Clement at the Sun studio in Memphis.

December 4, 1958 : Last session by RUSTY AND DOUG before their service
in the US Army. Six tracks are laid down, which are used for their next
three singles. "Kaw-Liga"/"Never Love Again" is released on Hickory 1095
in March 1959, followed by "Dancing Shoes"/"I Like You (Like This)" in
July 1959 (Hickory 1101). Finally, "Oh Love"/"The Love I Want" comes out
in November 1959, on Hickory 1110.
Personnel : Doug Kershaw, Rusty Kershaw (vocals) ; Wiley Barkdull (harmony
vocal / piano on some tracks) ; Chet Atkins, Ray Edenton, Hank Garland 
(guitars) ; Lightnin' Chance (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Buddy Harman 
Produced by Wesley Rose at Bradley Studio in Nashville.

December 4, 1958 : WILEY BARKDULL also gets the chance to cut a single
of his own at the Rusty and Doug session. "Keep-A Lovin' Me Baby" and
"Lonesome Journey" are coupled for release on Hickory 1092 in January
1959. Lead vocal by Wiley Barkdull, background vocals by Rusty and Doug
Kershaw, personnel and producer same as above.

December 5, 1958 : BOBBY DARIN is at the Atlantic studio in New York 
City to record his next single, "Plain Jane"/"While I'm Gone" (Atco 6133, 
first week of 1959). Two other songs, "Hush, Somebody's Calling My Name" 
and "I Ain't Sharin' Sharon" are saved for release in September 1960 on
the LP "For Teenagers Only" (Atco SP 1001). A fifth song, "Didn't It Feel
Good", remains incomplete but was included on the bootleg CD "Rare, Rockin'
And Unreleased" (Ring of Stars 1001) in 1997.
Personnel : Bobby Darin (vocals / piano) ; Billy Mure (guitar) ; Everett 
Barksdale (bass guitar) ; Lloyd Trotman (bass) ; King Curtis (tenor sax) ;
Jesse Powell (baritone sax) ; Belton Evans (drums).
Arranged by Ray Ellis, produced by Ahmet Ertegun and Jerry Wexler.

December 6 (?), 1958 : THE DIAMONDS lay down three tracks at Mercury Sound 
Studio in New York City. Their next single is "She Say (Oom Dooby Doom)"/
"From the Bottom Of My Heart" (Mercury 71404, late December), a # 18 hit. 
"The Pencil Song" is released on Mercury 71633 in May 1960.
The Diamonds are : Dave Somerville, Mike Douglas and new members Evan
Fisher and John Felten.

December 7, 1958 : DON GIBSON is at Nashville's RCA Victor studio for a
four-track session. His new single is "Who Cares (For Me)"/"A Stranger
To Me" (RCA 7437), released just before the end of the year. "As Much"
will be included on the LP "That Gibson Boy" (RCA LPM 2038) in September
1959. "Love Will Find Out the Way" remains unissued until the release of
the 4-CD set "Don Gibson 1949-1960 : The Singer, the Songwriter" (Bear
Family BCD 15475) in 1991.
Personnel : Don Gibson (vocals / guitar) ; Hank Garland, Rusty Kershaw, 
Jimmy Selph (guitars) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Buddy
Harman (drums) ; The Jordanaires (vocal chorus).
Produced by Chet Atkins.

December 8, 1958 : For the first and last time in his career, DUANE EDDY 
does a session in New York City, at Regent Recording Studio on 56th Street. 
He records the basic track of "Yep!" ; the sax of Plas Johnson and the 
rebel yells of the Sharps will be overdubbed on December 20, at Master 
Recorders in Hollywood. "Yep!" is issued in March 1959 on Jamie 1122 (with 
an edited version of "Three-30 Blues" on the flip). In Europe, "Yep!" will 
be coupled with "Peter Gunn". Duane also records various early versions of 
"Dixie" on this day. Two of them are included on the Bear Family 5 CD-set 
of 1994 ("Twangin' From Phoenix To L.A.", BCD 15778).
Personnel : Duane Eddy (guitar) ; Ike Clanton (bass) ; Steve Douglas (sax) ;
Moe Wechsler (piano) ; Mike Bermani (drums) ; John Pacheco (percussion).
Produced by Lee Hazlewood and Lester Sill.

December 8, 1958 : JOE MAPHIS records the LP "Hi-Fi Holiday For Banjo"
(Harmony HL 7180, June 22, 1959) at Radio Recorders in Hollywood, under the
supervision of Don Law. Tracks : "Oh Susannah", "Bye Bye Blues", "Little
Liza Jane", "Over the Waves", "Barbara Polka", "The World Is Waiting For
the Sunrise", "Marching To Pretoria", "Camptown Races", "Missouri Waltz",
"When You And I Were Young", "Maggie", "Under the Double Eagle" ands "You
Are My Sunshine".

December 8, 17, 1958 : THE FOUR PREPS record the A-side of their next 45,
"She Was Five And He Was Ten" (Capitol 4126, January 1959). "Memories, 
Memories" will become the B-side of the yet-to-record "I Ain't Never"
(Capitol 4256, August 10, 1959. "The Word Got Around" remains unissued.
The flip of Capitol 4126 is "The Riddle Of Love", recorded on December 17, 
along with the unissued "I Used To Be".
Arranged and conducted by Lincoln Mayorga at the Capitol Tower in Los

December 9, 1958 : Second session for LITTLE WILLIE JOHN this month, this
time in New York City. "No Regrets" is rush released as his new single
(King 5170, c/w "I'll Carry Your Love Wherever I Go" from a session on
September 21, 1956). "Made For Me" follows soon in February 1959 (King
5179, c/w "No More In Life", recorded on September 18, 1956).
Personnel : Alfred Cobbs (trombone) ; Bellino Ramaglia, Skippy Williams
(tenor saxes) ; Mickey Baker (guitar) ; Unknown (bass) ; Ernie Hayes
(piano) ; Emile Russell (drums) ; Unknown (vocal chorus).

Thursday, December 11, 1958 : JOHNNY BURNETTE has an evening session 
at Gold Star Studios in Hollywood, with an all-star cast : Eddie Cochran 
(guitar) ; Joe Maphis (guitar / banjo) ; 'Guybo' Smith (bass) ; Ray Johnson 
(piano) ; Plas Johnson (sax) ; Earl Palmer (drums). Only Johnny's own "Me 
And the Bear" has survived and is released on Freedom 44011 on March 6, 
1959, coupled with "Gumbo" from an August session. Three compositions by 
Jerry Capehart, who probably produced this session ("Remember", "Dutchman's 
Gold" and "The Table"), are unissued and lost.

December 11, 1958 : THE COASTERS cut their next single, "Charlie Brown"
(Atco 6132, January 19, 1959, c/w "Three Cool Cats" from a session on
March 17, 1958), in New York City. "Hey Sexy" remains in the vaults until 
the Rhino 2-CD set of 1992 ("50 Coastin' Classics") and can also be found 
on the mysterious "Charlie Brown" CD from 2001 (Mr. R&B CD-102), together 
with a longer alternate take of the song.
Personnel : Carl Gardner, Billy Guy, Cornel Gunter, Will 'Dub' Jones
(vocals) ; Mike Stoller (piano / arranger) ; Don Arnone, Adolph Jacobs
(guitars) ; Milt Hinton (bass) ; King Curtis (tenor sax) ; Taft Jordan
and Red Solomon (trumpets on "Hey Sexy") ; Eddie Bert (trombone on "Hey 
Sexy") ; Belton Evans (drums).
Produced, as always, by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.

December 11, 1958 : Meanwhile in Hollywood, THE FOUR DOTS do a session
at Gold Star Studio. None of the five tracks is originally issued.
"Fontella", "Bread Fred", "Once More" and "Hide & Go Seek" are first
released on the Eddie Cochran LP "The Hollywood Sessions" (Rockstar 
RSR-LP 1009, UK) in January 1986. "If I Were Dying" is included on the 
UK album "The Many Styles Of Eddie Cochran" (Conifer CFRC 505) in November
Personnel : Albert (Jerry) Stone and Jewel Akens (lead vocals) ; Eddie
Cochran (guitar / guitar overdub) ; Plas Johnson (sax) ; probably Earl
Palmer (drums) ; Unidentified (piano, electric bass, background vocals).

December 11, 1958 : JIMMY McCRACKLIN is now contracted to Mercury. His
first single for the label is "The Wobble"/"With Your Love" (Mercury
71412), released in February 1959. "Georgia Slop" will follow in October
1959 (Mercury 71516). "Hitched" is first released on the Bear Family CD 
"Jimmy McCracklin : The Mercury Recordings" (BCD 15558) in 1991.
Produced by Clyde Otis at Bell Tone Studio in New York City.

December 12, 1958 : PAT BOONE does a New York session, at the Capitol 
studio. "With the Wind And the Rain In Your Hair"/"Good Rockin' Tonight"
is rush released as his new single (Dot 15888, December 17). "Rock Boll
Weevil" will end up on the B-side of "Twixt Twelve and Twenty" (from a
later session) in May 1959 (Dot 15955). There's also a first attempt
at "Brightest Wishing Star" (the "bollweevil" version, included on Pat's
12-CD Bear Family box), to which Boone will return in July 1959.
Produced by Randy Wood. Arranged and conducted by Billy Vaughn.

December 12, 1958 : BRACEY EVERETT (aka Bobby Wall) records the single
"The Lover's Curse"/"I Want Your Love" in New York City. It is released
in February 1959 on Atlantic 2013.
Personnel : Billy Mure (guitar) ; Lloyd Trotman (bass) ; King Curtis
(saxophone) ; Sy Mann (piano) ; Belton 'Sticks' Evans (drums).

December 13, 1958 : A live performance by LONNIE DONEGAN of "Does Your
Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour (On the Bedpost Overnight)" at the New
Theatre in Oxford is recorded by Pye Records and released on Pye N 15181
in January 1959. It results in a # 3 UK hit. In February 1959 the record
is issued in the USA on Dot 15911 without any chart impact. Then suddenly
in the summer of 1961 it starts to sell and goes all the way to # 5 on 
the Billboard Hot 100.

December 13, 1958 : ROGER MILLER has a recording session at Bradley
studio in Nashville. Backed by various members of the Nashville A-team
"A Man Like Me" c/w "The Wrong Kind Of Girl" will become the first single
for his new label (Decca 30838, January 1959).
Personnel : Roger Miller (vocals) ; Hank Garland, Donny Young (guitars) ;
Jack Evans (steel guitar) ; Joseph Zinkan (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ;
Buddy Harman (drums) ; Tommy Jackson (fiddle) ; Owen Bradley (leader).
Produced by Paul Cohen.

December 14, 17, 1958 : BUDDY HOLLY continues to record "Apartment Tapes" 
on his Ampex tape machine. "Crying, Waiting, Hoping" is taped on the 14th, 
overdubbed on June 30, 1959, and first issued as the B-side of "Peggy Sue 
Got Married" on Coral 62134 on July 20, 1959. "Learning the Game" dates 
from December 17, is overdubbed on January 1, 1960 and first released on 
the LP "The Buddy Holly Story, Vol. 2" (Coral CRL 57326) in March 1960, 
followed by a single release in the UK on Coral Q 72411 (October 1960).
For overdub personnel see entry for December 3, 5, 8.

December 16, 1958 : Busy days for HANK THOMPSON. On December 16 and 17
he records twelve songs for the LP "Songs For Rounders" (Capitol T 1246,
August 1959). During the late hours of December 17 and the early hours of
December 18, four further songs are laid down : "Total Strangers" (Capitol
4182, April 1959), "I Guess I'm Getting Over You" (Capitol 4269, September
1959), "What Made Her Change" (Capitol 4334, January 1960) and "Lost John"
(Capitol 4649, October 1961). The session is continued on December 18 with
"Cocoanut Grove"/"Tuxedo Junction" (Capitol 4138, February 1959), "Just 
One Step Away" (Capitol 4502, January 1961) and "Give the World A Smile"
(Capitol 4605, July 1961).
Personnel : Hank Thompson (vocals / guitar) ; Billy Gray (guitar / band
leader) ; Merle Travis (guitar) ; Floyd White (steel guitar) ; Pete Burke 
(bass) ; Billy Armstrong, Bob White, Henry Boatman (fiddles) ; Joe Losciuto
(piano) ; Dubert Dobson (trumpet) ; Gwin Nichols (drums).
Produced by Ken Nelson at the Capitol Tower in Hollywood.

December 16, 1958 : THE CRICKETS (without Buddy Holly) record "Love's
Made A Fool You" at Norman Petty's studio in Clovis, NM. Coupled with 
"Someone, Someone" from a session on November 21, it is released as a
single (Brunswick 55124) on February 27, 1959.
Personnel : Earl Sinks (lead vocal) ; Sonny Curtis (guitar) ; Joe B.
Mauldin (bass) ; Jerry Allison (drums) ; The Roses (vocal chorus).
Produced by Norman Petty.

December 17, 1958 : CARL BELEW records four songs at Bradley Studio in
Nashville. "Am I That Easy To Forget"/"Such Is Life" (Decca 30842, March
1959) will give him his first chart entry (# 9 country). "I Know, But Tell
Me Dear" will be coupled with "I Wish Iíd Never" (recorded on June 2, 1959).
This single is released in November 1959. Unissued from this session is
"Iím Gonna Stay Awake Tonight".
Produced by Owen Bradley.

December 18, 1958 : LaVERN BAKER pays another visit to the Atlantic
studio in New York City. "You're Teasing Me" will become the B-side of
"I Waited Too Long" (yet to record) in March 1959 (Atlantic 2021).
"He's A Real Gone Guy" is eventually included on the LP "See See Rider"
(Atlantic LP 8071, January 1963), while "Danny Boy" and "I Can't Go 
Through Life Alone" are consigned to the vaults.
Personnel : Billy Mure, Everett Barksdale (guitars) ; Wendell Marshall
(bass) ; King Curtis (tenor sax) ; Ernie Hayes (piano) ; Belton Evans
(drums) ; Unknown (vocal group).
Arranged and directed by Phil Moore, produced by Ahmet Ertegun and 
Jerry Wexler.

December 18, 1958 : JAMES BROWN does a session in Hollywood, at Master
Recorders. "I Want You So Bad" is his next single (Federal 12348, February
1959, c/w "There Must Be A Reason" from a session exactly three months
earlier). "Got To Cry" and "It Was You" will be released back to back on
Federal 12364 in October 1959.
Brown (lead vocal) is accompanied by : Bobby Roach (guitar) ; Bernard Odum 
(bass) ; J.C. Davis (sax) ; Nat Kendrick (drums) ; The Famous Flames
(background vocals). The Famous Flames are : Bill Hollings, J.W. Archer,
Johnny Terry and Lewis Madison (who also plays piano on the session). 

December 18, 1958 : ROY ORBISON records his second (and last) single
for RCA : "Almost Eighteen"/"Jolie" (RCA 7447, January 1959). Unissued
from this session is the instrumental "Happy Little Bluebird".
Produced by Chet Atkins at the RCA Victor Studio in Nashville.

December 19, 22, and 24 : In New York City, BOBBY DARIN records his 
second LP, "That's All" (Atco 33-104, release date March 23, 1959), 
produced by Ahmet Ertegun, Jerry Wexler and Nesuhi Ertegun. Aimed at 
an adult audience, the set includes ten standards and two new songs : 
Woody Harris's "Was  There A Call For Me" and Bobby's own "That's the 
Way Love Is". These two end up on the B-sides of the two singles taken 
from the album : "Mack the Knife" (Atco 6147, August 1959, nine weeks 
at # 1) and "Beyond the Sea" (Atco 6158, January 1960, peaks at # 6). 
Arranged and conducted by Richard Wess.

December 20, 1958 : Second December session for KING CURTIS, again at
the Atlantic studio in New York City. Both "Train Song" and "Splankin'" 
stay in the vaults until 2000, when Ace Records in the UK releases them 
on the CD "Hot Sax, Cool Licks" (Ace CDCHD 757).
Personnel : King Curtis (tenor sax), with probably : Everett Barksdale,
Billy Mure (guitars) ; Ernie Hayes (piano) ; Wendell Marshall (bass) ;
Belton Evans (drums).

Monday, December 22, 1958 : HANK SNOW is at the RCA Victor Studio in 
Nashville where he records material for two singles : "Doggone That Train"/
"Father Time And Mother Love" (RCA 7448, January 1959) and "Chasin' A 
Rainbow"/"I Heard My Heart Break Last Night" (RCA 7524, May 1959).
Personnel : Hank Snow (vocals / guitar) ; Chet Atkins, Velma Smith
(guitars) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Chubby Wise (fiddle) ; Marvin Hughes
(piano) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ; The Anita Kerr Singers (vocal chorus).
Produced by Chet Atkins.

December 23, 1958 : BOBBY HELMS waxes his next single, "New River Train"/
"Miss Memory" (Decca 30831, January 1959), which will reach # 26 on the
Billboard country charts. Location is Bradley Studio in Nashville.
Personnel : Hank Garland, Grady Martin, Ray Edenton (guitars) ; Harold
Bradley (electric bass) ; Bob Moore (standup bass) ; Owen Bradley (piano / 
producer) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ; The Anita Kerr Singers (vocal chorus).

December 29, 1958 : A Los Angeles session for THE PLATTERS (Tony Williams,
David Lynch, Paul Robi, Zola Taylor and Herb Reed). All four songs will
come out on singles : "Enchanted" (Mercury 71427, February 1959), "Love
Of A Lifetime" (Mercury 71467, May 1959, B-side of "Remember When" from 
a session on September 25) and "Where?"/"Wish It Were Me" (Mercury 71502,
August 1959). Produced by Buck Ram.

December 31, 1958 : In London, England, BILLY FURY records "Gonna Type 
A Letter" and together with "Maybe Tomorrow" (recorded on November 26), 
this will become his first single (Decca F 11102, January 18, 1959).
Produced by Harry Robinson.

December 1958, unknown date : BROOK BENTON does his second session for
Mercury. "Endlessly"/"So Close" will be released in March 1959 on Mercury
71443. Both sides will chart, peaking at # 12 and 38 respectively. "So 
Many Ways" will appear in September 1959 (Mercury 71512, c/w "I Want You 
Forever", recorded in June 1959). A # 6 hit. "How Many Times" will be used
as the B-side of "This Time Of the Year" (also recorded in June 1959) in 
November 1959 (Mercury 71554).
Arranged and conducted by Ray Ellis. Produced by Clyde Otis at the Mercury
Sound Studio in New York City.

December 1958, unknown date : BO DIDDLEY does a five-track session at
the Chess Studio in Chicago. "I'm Sorry"/"Oh Yea" is selected as his new
single (Checker 914, January 1959). "Crackin' Up" will follow in June 1959
(Checker 924, c/w "The Great Grandfather" from a January session).
"Don't Let It Go" ends up on the LP "Go Bo Diddley" (Checker LP 1436,
July 1959). "Blues Blues" is first released on Bo's 12-CD box-set "The
Chess Years, 1955-1973" (Charly CD RED BOX 8) in 1993.
Personnel : Bo Diddley (vocals / guitar) ; Willie Dixon (bass) ; Jerome
Green (maracas) ; Lafayette Leake (piano) ; Frank Kirkland (drums) ;
Unknown (vocal group).

December 1958, unknown date : JERRY LEE LEWIS (vocals / piano) waxes 
his next single, "Lovin' Up A Storm"/"Big Blon' Baby" (Sun 317, February 
15, 1959) at the Sun Studio in Memphis, backed by : Roland Janes (guitar) ; 
Billy Riley (bass) ; Jimmy Van Eaton (drums).
"Sick And Tired", "Release Me" and "Just A Shanty In Old Shanty Town"
were either laid down in December 1958 (but not at the same session) or
in January 1959, with the same musicians. The first two will appear on
the LP "Rockin' And Free" (Sun 6467029, UK) in 1974 and "Shanty Town"
on Charly CR 300002 (LP "Jerry Lee Lewis And His Pumping Piano") in 1975.
Produced by Sam Phillips and Jack Clement.

December 1958, unknown date : TRINI LOPEZ has his first session for the
King label, in Dallas, Texas. "Yes You Do"/"My Runaway Heart" is chosen
for his first single on the label (King 5173, January 1959). This is
followed by "Here Comes Sally" in April 1959 (King 5198, c/w "Love Me
Tonight" from a later date). The fourth track from this session is "Don't 
Treat Me That Way", released on King 5418 in October 1960.
Produced by Syd Nathan.

December 1958, unknown date : CONWAY TWITTY does another MGM session at
Bradley Studio in Nashville. "Make Me Know You're Mine" becomes the
B-side of the previously recorded "The Story Of My Love" (MGM 12748,
January 1959). "I Need You So" stays on the shelf until September 1960
for a single release on MGM 12943. "First Romance" gets a place on the
LP "Conway Twitty Sings" (MGM E 3744, March 1959). A new try at "Judge
Of Hearts" ends up on the LP "Saturday Night With Conway Twitty" (MGM
E 3786, September 1959).
Personnel : Grady Martin, Ray Edenton (guitars) ; Lightnin' Chance
(bass) ; Harold Bradley (electric bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Jack
Nance (drums); The Jordanaires (vocal chorus).
Produced by Jim Vienneau.

December 1958, unknown date : LINK WRAY and the Wraymen cut two tracks
at the Edgewood Studio in Washington, D.C. : "Raw-Hide" and "Dixie-Doodle".
The masters are sold to Epic Records and released in January 1959 on
Epic 9300, resulting in a # 23 hit.
Personnel : Link Wray (guitar) ; Shorty Horton (bass) ; Vernon Wray
(piano) ; Doug Wray (drums).

(Probably) December 1958, unknown date : EDDIE BO records his next single,
"I Love To Rock And Roll"/"I'll Keep On Trying" (Ace 555, January 1959)
at Cosimo Recording Studio in New Orleans.
Personnel : Eddie Bo (vocals / piano) ; Lee Allen (tenor sax) ; Red Tyler 
(baritone sax) ; Melvin Lastie (trumpet) ; Edgar Blanchard, Earl King 
(guitars) ; Frank Fields (bass) ; Charles 'Hungry' Williams (drums).

(Probably) December 1958, unknown date : First Sun session for CARL
MANN, produced by Cecil Scaife and/or Jack Clement, at 706 Union Avenue
in Memphis. "Mona Lisa"/"Foolish One" is released with some delay on
Phillips International 3539 (March 15, 1959). A # 25 hit. The third track
from this session, "Look At That Moon", is first issued on the Various
artists LP "Sun Rockabillys, Vol. 2 : Carryin' On" (Charly 6467027) in 
Personnel : Carl Mann (vocals / piano) ; Eddie Bush (guitar) ; Robert
Oatsvall (bass) ; W.S. Holland (drums).

(Circa) December 1958, unknown date : JOHNNY PRESTON makes his debut as
a recording artist. The release of "Running Bear"/"My Heart Knows" is
postponed until June 1959 (Mercury 71474), after J.P. Richardson's will 
has been probated. (Richardson, aka The Big Bopper, who died on February 3,
1959, wrote both sides.) 
Personnel : Hal Harris (guitar) ; Buck Henson (bass) ; Link Davis (sax) ;
Doc Lewis (piano) ; Bill Kimbrough (drums) ; Bill Hall, George Jones, The
Big Bopper (Indian chants).
Produced by Bill Hall at Gold Star Studio in Houston, Texas. 

(Probably) December 1958, unknown date : JACK SCOTT does a four-track
session at Universal Sound Studio in Detroit. "Bella"/"I Never Felt Like
This" is selected as his next single (Carlton 504, February 1959). "What
Am I Living For" is released on Guaranteed 209 in May 1960 and "Go Wild
Little Sadie" on Guaranteed 211 in August 1960.
Personnel : Jack Scott (vocals / guitar) with Stan Getz and his Tom Cats :
Dave Rohillier (lead guitar) ; Stan Getz (bass) ; Dominic Scafone (drums) ;
The Chantones (vocal chorus).
Produced by Joe Carlton.

With thanks to Steve Walker, Tony Watson, Mike Thompson and Henk Gorter.

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