April 1, 1959 : RONNIE AND ROY (Ronald J. Saunders and Roy Lee Lyons)
record the single "Big Fat Sally"/"Here I Am" (Capitol 4192, mid-April) 
and two unissued tracks, "Get Up And Let's Dance" and "Why Break My Heart".
"Big Fat Sally" is a "Bony Moronie" styled rocker, featuring Plas Johnson 
on tenor sax. Location : Capitol Tower, Hollywood.

April 1, 1959 : At RCA Victor Studio A in NYC NEIL SEDAKA records three
tracks for his first LP, simply titled "Neil Sedaka" (RCA LPM 2035, June) :
"Stupid Cupid", "Fallin'" and "I Waited Too Long".
Personnel : Neil Sedaka (vocals / piano) ; Everett Barksdale, Mundell 
Lowe (guitars) ; Carl Pruitt (bass) ; King Curtis (tenor sax / leader) ; 
Phil Bodner (sax) ; Sticks Evans (drums) ; Phil Kraus (percussion).
Plus a 6-piece mixed vocal chorus.
Produced by Al Nevins.

April 2, 1959 : JOHNNY FALLIN does his second Capitol session within a
week. "Wild Streak" becomes the B-side of "If I Could Write A Love Song",
recorded on March 26 (Capitol 4283, September). "Party Line" is first 
released on the CD "That'll Flat Git It, Vol. 3" (Bear Family BCD 15624) 
in 1992. "Left Out" stays in the vaults for even longer : it is eventually 
included on the Various artists CD "The Drugstore's Rockin', Vol. 4" (Bear 
Family BCD 16678) in 2003.
Backing by Johnny Carroll's band : Howard Reed (lead guitar) ; Johnny 
Carroll (rhythm guitar) ; Grady Owen (bass) ; Bill Hennen (piano) ; Royce 
McAffe (drums) ; Unknown (vocal chorus).
Produced by Ken Nelson at Bradley Studio in Nashville.

April 2, 1959 : Yet another Capitol session, by DEAN REED, his second one
for the label. It results in the single "A Pair Of Scissors (And a Pot Of 
Glue)"/"I Kissed A Queen" (Capitol 4198, late April). Location is the Capitol 
Tower in Hollywood.
Personnel : Joe Maphis, Johnny Bond (guitars) ; Skeets McDonald (bass) ;
Dudley Brooks (piano) ; Pee Wee Adams (drums).

Sunday, April 5, 1959 : ALTON AND JIMMY record the single "No More Crying 
the Blues"/"Have Faith In My Love" at 706 Union Avenue in Memphis, for 
release on Sun 323 on June 2.
Musicians : Alton Lott (vocals / guitar) ; Jimmy Harrell (vocals) ;
Roland Janes (guitar) ; Billy Riley (bass) ; Jimmy Van Eaton (drums).

April 6, 1959 : Three-track session for JOHNNY BOND at Radio Recorders
in Hollywood. "The Long Tall Shadow" is issued on 20th Century Fox 156
in July (c/w "Gold Rush" from a later session). "Jealous Lead"/"A Kid 
Named Bill" has to wait until November 1960 for a release on 20th Century
Fox 231. Producer and personnel unknown.

April 6, 1959 :  The third MGM session by JIMMY NEWMAN results in the single
"Lonely Girl"/"I’d Be Fool Enough" (MGM 12790, May). A # 30 country hit.
Produced by Jim Vienneau at Bradley Studio in Nashville.

April 7-8, 1959 : JERRY KELLER records four tracks over two days, probably
at the Capitol Recording Studio in New York City. "Here Comes Summer"/"Time
Has A Way" will be released in May on Kapp 277 and will reach # 14 in the 
USA and # 1 in the UK. "Lovable" will be used as the B-side of the follow-up
5Unissued from this April session is "My Rosemarie". 

April 7, 1959 : MARTY ROBBINS records an entire LP, "Gunfighter Ballads
And Trail Songs" (Columbia CL 1349, July) at Bradley Studio in Nashville. 
Tracks : "Big Iron", "Cool Water", "Billy the Kid", "A Hundred and Sixty
Acres", "They're Hanging Me Tonight", "The Strawberry Roan", "El Paso",
"In the Valley", "The Master's Call", "Running Gun", "The Little Green
Valley" and "Utah Carol". "El Paso"/"Running Gun" is released as a single
(Columbia 41511, # 1 pop and country) on October 26, followed by "Big Iron"/
"Saddle Tramp" (the latter song from a session on February 4, 1960) on
Columbia 41589 on February 22, 1960, three months after the UK / Dutch
coupling "Big Iron"/"Cool Water" (Fontana H 229 / TF 263088).
Personnel : Marty Robbins (vocals / guitar) ; Grady Martin, Jack Pruett
(guitars) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Louis Dunn (drums) ; The Glaser Brothers
(vocal chorus).
Produced by Don Law.

April 8, 1959 : THE FIESTAS record the follow-up to their current hit,
"So Fine". "Our Anniversary"/"I'm Your Slave" is released in July on Old
Town 1069. "Come On And Love Me" is first released on the LP "The Oh So
Fine Fiestas" (Ace LP CH 173, UK) in 1986 and "Things We Can't Forget" on
Ace CDCHD 382 in 1993, an expanded CD release of the 1986 LP.

April 8, 1959 : In London, BILLY FURY records his second single, "Margo
(Don't Go)"/"Don't Knock Upon My Door", for release on Decca F 11128 on
May 15. Producer : Jack Good ; musical director : Harry Robinson.

April 8, 1959 : JERRY MASON is at the Capitol Studio in New York City
where he records his first single, "Strange Feeling"/"Four Winds And Seven 
Seas" (Kapp 276, May). "Strange Feeling" is co-written by Paul Evans.

April 8-9, 1959 : Two days of sessions by JIMMY McCRACKLIN yield only
two releasable tracks : "Let's Do It (The Chicken Scratch)" is chosen as 
the B-side of "Georgia Slop" (from a session on December 11, 1958) and 
released on Mercury 71516 in October. "(I'll Be Glad When You're Dead)
You Rascal You" comes out in September 1960 on Mercury 71666 (c/w "No One
To Love Me" from a 1958 session). All other titles are unissued and lost : 
"I Know", "Why You Want To", "You're the One", "When I Grow Too Old To
Dream", "Straighten Up And Fly Right", "How Long" (an instrumental) and
"Jimmy's Blues".
Produced by Clyde Otis at Bell Tone Studio in New York City. 

April 9-11, 1959 : BILL DOGGETT and his combo record the instrumental LP 
"On Tour" (King LP 667, November). Most of the tracks are also released
as singles.
Four songs are cut on April 9 : "Ocean Liner" (King 5204, rush-released),
"Zee" (King 5281, October), "Hometown Shout" (King 5684, September 1962)
and "The Eagle Speaks" (King-7 1611, a 33 rpm single). The next day the
band waxes "Shoo", "The Madison" (King 5204, rush-released), "Backwards"
and "Mr. Ballard" (King-7 1611). Finally on April 11, the album is
rounded off with "Evening Dreams" (King 5310, December), "Raw Turkey"
(King 5319, February 1960) and "Yocky Dock, Parts 1 & 2" (King 5256,
September). Location is the King studio in Cincinnati.
Personnel : Glenn Childress (trombone) ; Clifford Scott (alto sax) ;
Ray Felder (tenor sax) ; Floyd Johnson (baritone sax) ; Bill Doggett
(organ) ; Billy Butler (guitar) ; Edwyn Conley (bass) ; Henry Parks
(bass on April 11) ; Calvin Shields (drums).

April 10, 1959 : THE PLAY BOYS record the instrumental single "Crazy
Daisy"/"Sweet Talk". First release on the tiny Zipp label (100 / 101)
from Akron, Ohio, but soon picked up by Imperial (5586, May). "Sweet
Talk" will soon be covered by Boots Randolph. It is possible that
April 10 is not the recording date, but the day that Imperial bought
the masters from Zipp.
Personnel : Dick Maloyan (sax, flute) ; Gene Fiocca (piano) ; Newman
Williams (bass) ; Tony Taormina (drums).

April 13, 1959 : DORSEY BURNETTE records material for two singles, in
Los Angeles, probably at Master Recorders. "Lonely Train"/"Misery" is 
a June release (Imperial 5597). "Way In the Middle Of the Night"/"Your
Love" will follow in May 1960 (Imperial 5668).
Personnel : James Burton (electric lead guitar) ; Eddie Cochran (acoustic
guitar) ; James Kirkland (bass guitar) ; Gene Garf (piano) ; Richie Frost
(drums) ; Unknown (banjo). 

April 13, 1959 : First Roulette session of RONNIE HAWKINS. "Forty Days"/
"One Of These Days" is selected for the first Roulette single (4154, May).
The two other tracks from this session ("Ruby Baby" and "Horace") get a 
place on the LP "Ronnie Hawkins" (Roulette R 25078, September).
Personnel : Ronnie Hawkins (vocals) ; Jimmy Ray Paulman (lead guitar) ;
Will 'Pop' Jones (piano) ; Levon Helm (drums) ; Unknown (chorus).
Location : Bell Sound Studio, New York City. See also April 29.

April 13, 1959 : MITCHELL TOROK is at Bradley Studio in Nashville to
record five songs. "The P.T.A. Rock and Roll"/"Teenie Weenie Bikini" is
his new single (Decca 30901, May). The other three tracks, "You Drive
Buddy", "Here I Come Cruel World" and "Cryin' Honky Tonk Blues" stay in
the vaults until 1996, when Bear Family includes them on the 4-CD box-set
"Mexican Joe In the Caribbean" (BCD 15906).
Personnel : Mitchell Torok (vocals / guitar) ; Hank Garland (guitar) ; 
Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Boots Randolph (sax) ; The Jordanaires (vocal
chorus) ; Unknown (bass, drums).

Tuesday, April 14, 1959 : Four-track session by GEORGE JONES at Bradley 
Studio in Nashville. "Who Shot Sam"/"Into My Arms Again" is chosen as his 
next single (Mercury 71464, June). "Candy Hearts" will end up on the flip-
side of "The Window Up Above" (from a later session) in October 1960.
"Mr. Fool" is not released until November 1963 (Mercury 72200).
Produced by Pappy Daily.

April 15, 1959 : CONNIE FRANCIS records three tracks during an evening
session at Metropolitan Studio in New York City. "Lipstick On Your Collar"/
"Frankie" is released on April 27 (MGM 12793) ; both sides will go Top 10,
peaking at # 5 and # 9 respectively. "You're Gonna Miss Me" will appear 
on August 17 (MGM 12824), coupled with "Plenty Good Lovin'" from a later
Orchestra and chorus (18 musicians) are conducted by Ray Ellis, who also
acts as producer. The fine guitar solo on "Lipstick On Your Collar" comes
courtesy of Bucky Pizzarelli.

April 15, 1959 is also the recording date of ARNIE DERKSEN's single
"She Wanna Rock"/"My Dancin' Shoes" (Decca 30906, May).
Personnel : Hank Garland, Grady Martin, Harold Bradley (guitars) ;
Don Helms (steel guitar) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ;
Buddy Harman (drums) ; Unknown (vocal chorus).
Produced by Owen Bradley at Bradley Studio in Nashville.

April 16, 1959 : Second session for NEIL SEDAKA this month. "Going Home
to Mary Lou" is first issued on the EP "Oh! Carol" (RCA EPA 4353) in 
January 1960, later as a single (RCA 47-9401, mid-1962) in Germany and
Holland. "Without Your Love" is saved until March 1964 for release on 
the LP "Three Great Guys : Paul Anka, Sam Cooke and Neil Sedaka" (RCA 
LPM 2720), after being overdubbed on February 5, 1964.
Personnel : Neil Sedaka (vocals / piano) ; Everett Barksdale, Mickey
Baker (guitars) ; Milt Hinton (bass) ; Frank Heyward Henry, Warren Luckey
(saxes) ; Sticks Evans (drums) ; Milt Schlesinger (percussion). Plus a
six-piece vocal chorus.
Arranged by Chuck Sagle, produced by Al Nevins at RCA Victor Studio A
in New York City.

April 16, 1959 : The final Decca session of JUSTIN TUBB yields three
tracks. The single "Buster's Gang"/"I Know You Do" is issued on Decca
30930 in June. "I Wish I Could Love That Much" stays in the can until
Bear Family releases the 2-CD "Rock It Down To My House" (BCD 15761) 
in 1996.
Personnel : Roger Miller (harmony vocals / guitar) ; Grady Martin, Harold
Bradley (guitars) ; Buddy Emmons (steel guitar) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Floyd 
Cramer (piano) ; Buddy Harman (drums).
Arranged by Owen Bradley, produced by Paul Cohen at Bradley Studio in

April 18, 1959 : At Abbey Road Studios in London, JOHNNY KIDD and the
Pirates record their first single, "Please Don't Touch"/"Growl" (HMV 
POP 615), for release on May 8.
Personnel : Johnny Kidd (vocals / guitar) ; Alan Caddy (lead guitar) ;
Tony Doherty (rhythm guitar) ; Johnny Gordon (bass) ; Ken McKay (drums) ;
Tom Brown (backing vocals).

April 20, 1959 : WYNN STEWART pays another visit to Gold Star Studios
in Hollywood to record his next single, "Open Up My Heart"/"Above And
Beyond (The Call Of Love)". Release on Jackpot 48019 on May 22.
Personnel : Wynn Stewart (vocals / guitar) ; Cecil Bays (guitar) ; 
Carl West (steel guitar) ; Bud Dooley (bass) ; Shirley Ash (piano) ;
Anthony Amico (drums).
Produced by Joe Johnson.

April 21, 1959 : ROSCOE GORDON has his first session for the Vee-Jay
label, in Chicago. He rerecords his 1952 hit "No More Doggin'", which
is coupled with "A Fool In Love" (Vee-Jay 316, June). "Goin' Home
(Tomorrow)", the old Fats Domino hit, is also released as a single 
(Vee-Jay 332, November), on the B-side of "Just A Little Bit" (from 
a later session).
Personnel : Lefty Bates, Classie Ballou (guitars) ; Quinn Wilson (bass) ;
Earl Washington (piano) ; Al Duncan (drums).

April 23, 1959 : MICKEY BAKER starts work on the instrumental LP "The 
Wildest Guitar" (Atlantic LP 8035, November). Four songs are laid down 
on this day : "Third Man Theme", "Baia", "Chloe" and "Milk Train". The 
first two tracks are also released on a single (Atlantic 2042, October), 
credited to Mickey "Guitar" Baker. Location : New York City.
Personnel : Mickey Baker (guitar) ; Everett Barksdale (bass guitar) ; 
Jimmy Lewis (bass) ; Herman Foster (piano) ; Sticks Evans (drums).

April 23, 1959 : EDDIE COCHRAN records two songs at United Recording
Corporation in Hollywood : "Weekend" and "Think Of Me". Neither song will
be released during his lifetime. "Weekend" is first released in the UK 
on London HLG 9362 (June 1961) and then (December 1961) on Liberty 55389 
in the USA. "Think Of Me" will be used as the B-side of "Never" (Liberty 
10049, UK) in October 1962.
Personnel on "Weekend" : Eddie Cochran (vocals / guitar) ; Guybo Smith 
or Dave Shriver (electric bass) ; Gene Riggs (drums) ; Unidentified 
(chorus and hand clapping). Personnel on "Think Of Me" unknown.

April 23, 1959 : MARV JOHNSON records his new single, "I’m Coming Home"/
"River of Tears" (United Artists 175, May 20), at Fine Recording Studios 
in New York City. A # 23 R&B hit, also # 82 pop.
Personnel : Marv Johnson (vocals / piano) ; Unknown (bass, tambourine,
flute) ; The Rayner Voices (Robert Bateman, Brian Holland, Raynoma Liles 
Gordy, Sonny Sanders), vocal chorus.
Arranged and produced by Berry Gordy.

April 23, 1959 : Final RCA session for ROY ORBISON. Both "Paper Boy" and 
"The Bug" are rejected, but they will be re-recorded for Monument in June.
The RCA versions were later released by Bear Family, first on a 6-track
vinyl EP (BFE 15019, circa 1978).
Personnel : Roy Orbison (vocals) ; Chet Atkins (guitar / producer) ; Bob
Moore (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Buddy Harman (drums).
Location : RCA Victor Studio, Nashville.

Friday, April 24, 1959 : Saxophonist KING CURTIS records four tracks for 
the LP "Have Tenor Sax, Will Blow" (Atco LP 33-113, November) : "Peter 
Gunn", "Lil Brother", "Cuban Twilight" and "Linda".
Personnel : King Curtis (tenor sax) ; Al Casey, Joe Puma (guitars) ;
Jimmy Lewis (bass) ; Herman Foster (piano, organ) ; Belton 'Sticks' Evans
Produced by Nesuhi Ertegun in New York City.

April 27, 1959 : One-track session for EDDY ARNOLD, resulting in the hit
single "Tennessee Stud" (# 5 country, # 48 pop). The reverse, "What's the
Good (Of All This Love) was recorded on April 24. Released on RCA 47-7542
at the end of May.
Personnel : Chet Atkins, John D. Loudermilk, Ray Edenton (guitars) ;
Jerry Byrd (bass) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ; Doug Kirkham (percussion).
Produced by Chet Atkins at RCA Victor Studio in Nashville.

April 27, 1959 : For their next single, BILL HALEY and the Comets couple
an instrumental ("Shaky") with a vocal number ("Caldonia"). Released on
Decca 30926 in June. Location : The Pythian Temple, New York City.
Personnel : Bill Haley (vocals / rhythm guitar) ; Franny Beecher (lead
guitar) ; Billy Williamson (steel guitar) ; Al Pompilli (bass guitar) ;
Rudy Pompilli (baritone sax) ; Johnny Grande (piano) ; Ralph Jones (drums).
Produced by Milt Gabler.

April 28, 1959 : CLIFF RICHARD records three tracks for the EP (and the
film) "Serious Charge" (Columbia SEG 7895, May) : "Living Doll", "Mad
About You" and "No Turning Back". (The fourth track on the EP is an
instrumental by the Drifters / Shadows, called "Chinchilla".)
"Living Doll" is subsequently released as a single on July 10 (Columbia
DB 4306), c/w "Apron Strings" from a later session on May 25, 1959. It
will become the biggest UK hit of 1959, topping the charts for six weeks,
and is also released in the USA, on ABC-Paramount 10042, in August.
Produced by Norrie Paramor at EMI's Abbey Road studio in London.

April 29, 1959 : LITTLE ANTHONY and the Imperials record their new
single, "A Prayer And A Juke Box"/"River Path" (End 1047, May), in New
York City. A minor hit (# 81 pop).
Produced by Richard Barrett.

April 29, 1959 : BILLY HARLAN records two tracks for RCA that will stay in
the vaults for decades. "Teen Jean Jive" is first released on the CD "The 
Drugstore’s Rockin’, Vol. 1 (Bear Family BCD 16339) in 2002 and "This Lonely
Man" on "The Drugstore’s Rockin’, Vol. 2" (Bear Family BCD 16607, also 2002).
Personnel : Billy Harlan (vocals / guitar) ; Don and Phil Everly (guitar on 
"Teen Jean Jive") ; Chet Atkins (guitar on "This Lonely Man") ; Jimmy Day
(bass) ; Hargus ‘Pig’ Robbins (piano) ; Jackie Moffet (drums).
Produced by Chet Atkins at the RCA Victor Studio in Nashville.

April 29, 1959 : RONNIE HAWKINS cuts eight tracks for his first LP,
simply titled "Ronnie Hawkins" (Roulette R 25078, September) : "Whatcha
Gonna Do", "Wild Little Willy", "Oh Sugar", "Odessa", "My Gal Is Red
Hot", "Dizzy Miss Lizzie", "Mary Lou" and "Need Your Lovin'". The last
two songs will also be released as a single (Roulette 4177) in August.
Backing by : Jimmy Ray Paulman (lead guitar) ; Will 'Pop' Jones
(piano) ; Sam Taylor (tenor sax) ; Levon Helm (drums) ; Unknown (chorus).
As on April 13, the location is Bell Sound Studio in New York City.

April 30, 1959 : At the Capitol Tower in Hollywood, THE FOUR PREPS cut
their new single, "Big Surprise"/"Try My Arms" (Capitol 4218, May).
The Four Preps are : Bruce Belland, Ed Cobb, Don Clarke and Glen Larson.
Arranged and conducted by Lincoln Mayorga, produced by Voyle Gilmore.

April 30, 1959 : Second Mercury session by BEN HEWITT. "Patricia June"/
"For Quite A While" becomes his next single (Mercury 71472, June). "You 
Got Me Shook" and "My Search" are first released on the Bear Family LP 
"They Would Call Me Elvis" (BFX 15150) in 1985.
Ray Ethier plays guitar, other personnel details unknown.
Produced by Clyde Otis in New York City.

April 30, 1959 : Ben Hewitt's guitarist, RAY ETHIER, gets a chance to
record an instrumental single of his own, when there is some time left 
at the end of the Hewitt session. "Slave Girl"/"President's Walk" is
released on Mercury 71518 in October.

April 30, 1959 : First RCA session for THE ISLEY BROTHERS, at RCA 
Studio B in NYC. "I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door" and "Turn To Me" (RCA 
47-7537, May) are coupled for their first single on the label. "Not One 
Minute More" stays in the vaults until the release of the Bear Family 
CD "Shout!" in 1988 (BCD 15425).
Personnel : Al Chernet, Billy Mure (guitars) ; Rufus Smith (bass) ;
Lou Stein (piano) ; Bunny Shawker (drums). Plus 7-piece string section.
Arranged by Hugo Peretti, produced by Hugo & Luigi.

April 30, 1959 : BILL JUSTIS and his orchestra have their their last
session for Sun / Phillips International, at the Pepper-Tanner studio in
Memphis. Four tracks are laid down : "Flea Circus"/"Cloud Nine" (Phillips
International 3544, July 16), "Country Rock" and "Little Sioux" (both still
Personnel : Bill Justis, Vernon Drane (saxes) ; Roland Janes, Sid Manker
(guitars) ; Cliff Acred (bass) ; Charlie Rich (piano) ; Jimmy Van Eaton
(drums) ; Billy Riley (unknown instrument).

April 1959, unknown date : JACKIE DE SHANNON cuts a single at the King
Studio in Cincinnati : "Trouble"/"Lies". It is first released on the PJ
label (PJ 101, June), co-owned by Pat (Nelson, Rusty York's manager) and 
Jackie (De Shannon), then picked up for national distribution by the Dot 
label (15980, August). There is a third release on Sand 330 in October 
1960. In all three cases label credit goes to 'Jackie Shannon'.

April 1959, unknown date : THE DIAMONDS lay down their next single,
"Sneaky Alligator"/"Holding Your Hand" (Mercury 71468, June), in New 
York City. Unissued from this session is "Never Ending Love".
The Diamonds are : Dave Somerville, John Felton, Mike Douglas and Evan
Fisher. The sax player on "Sneaky Alligator" is probably King Curtis.
Produced by Nat Goodman.

April 1959, unknown date : BO DIDDLEY cuts three tracks for the LP "Have
Guitar, Will Travel" (Checker LP 2974, January 1960) : the instrumental 
"Mumblin' Guitar", "I Love You So" and "Nursery Rhyme (Puttentang)".
Personnel : Bo Diddley (vocals / guitar) ; Peggy Jones (Lady Bo) (guitar) ; 
Willie Dixon (bass) ; Jerome Green (maracas) ; Unknown (tambourine) ; Frank
Kirkland (drums). Location : Chess studio, Chicago.

April 1959, unknown date : RON HAYDOCK and the Boppers have their first
recording session at a studio in Chicago's suburb Alsip, booked by Don
DeLucia who will release "99 Chicks"/"Be-Bop-A-Jean" on his own label
(Cha Cha 701, May).
Personnel : Ron Haydock (vocals / guitar) ; Joe Kadlubowski (guitar) ;
Wayne Lark (bass) ; Danny Hayes (piano) ; Al Eck (drums).

April 1959, unknown date : SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON (Rice Miller) records
his next single, "Unseeing Eye"/"Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide"
(Checker 927, June) at the Chess studio in Chicago.
Personnel : Sonny Boy Williamson II (vocals / harmonica) ; Luther Tucker,
Robert Lockwood, Jr. (guitars) ; Willie Dixon (bass) ; Otis Spann (piano) ;
Odie Payne (drums).

April 1959, unknown date : RUSTY YORK records his only hit, "Sugaree", and
its flip, the instrumental "Red Rooster", at the King Studio in Cincinnati.
The single is first rush-released on PJ 100, then on Note 10021 and finally
on Chess 1730 (June).
Personnel : Rusty York (vocals / lead guitar) ; Bill Lanham (bass) ; John
Bower (piano) ; Jimmy Risch (saxophone) ; Jim Lundy (drums).
Produced by Syd Nathan.

(Probably) April 1959, unknown date : JEFF DANIELS records the single
"Switch Blade Sam"/"You’re Still On My Mind" (Big Howdy 777, May 25) at
the Singing River Studio in Biloxi, Mississippi.
Personnel : Jeff Daniels (vocals / rhythm guitar) ; Pee Wee Maddux (lead
guitar / producer). More details unknown.

(Probably) April 1959, unknown date : At Master Recorders in Hollywood, 
WERLY FAIRBURN records three tracks for his own Milestone label. "Doggone
That Moon"/"Black Widow Spider Woman" is released on Milestone 2001 in June,
credited to "Jack Hammer and the Pacers". "Doggone That Moon" is reissued
in August 1962 (Milestone 2013), coupled with the third track from this
session, "You Are My Sunshine", and this time credited to Werly Fairburn.

(Probably) April 1959, unknown date : MARGARET LEWIS does a session for
the Ram label in Shreveport, Louisiana, resulting in two singles : "No,
No, Never"/"Cheaters Can't Win" (Ram 1548/9, May) and "Shake A Leg"/
"One Guy Today, Another Tomorrow" (Ram 1611-9, probably July 1959).
Personnel : Billy Sanford, Mira Smith (guitars) ; Shelton Bissell (sax) ;
prob. D.J. Fontana (drums). More details unknown.

With thanks to Steve Walker, Roy Simonds and Henk Gorter.

Additions and corrections welcome.


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