December 1, 1959 : STAN FREBERG records the two-sided single "The Old 
Payola Roll Blues" (Capitol 4329, first week of 1960). Side 1 is subtitled
"Like the Beginning" and features Jesse White as Barney Schlock, the owner
of Obscurity Records, and Freberg himself as Clyde Ankle, a teenage idol.
On side 2 ("Like the End") Barney Schlock visits a deejay (Freberg) who
refuses to play Ankle's record, in spite of several payola bribes. 
The disc spends only one week on the Billboard charts, at # 99.
Backing by Billy May and his orchestra (with "The Toads" on side one).
Overdubs on December 4.
Produced by Ken Nelson at the Capitol Tower in Hollywood.

December 1, 1959 : At Hall Recording in Chicago RON HAYDOCK and the
Boppers have their third session this year. "Maybelline"/"Baby Say Bye
Bye" becomes their next single (Cha Cha 704, January 1960). "I Stand
Alone" will end up on the B-side of "Rat Fink" of a single credited to
Lonnie Lord (Cap 075, 1965). "Crazy Suzy" stays in the vault until the
release of the CD "99 Chicks" (Norton CED 247, 1996). 
Personnel : Ron Haydock (vocals / guitar) ; Joe Kadlubowski (guitar) ;
Wayne Lark (bass) ; Danny Hayes (piano) ; Al Eck (drums).
Produced by Don DeLucia.

December 1-3, 1959 : During three days of sessions, THE BROWNS record
11 tracks for their LP "Town And Country" (RCA LPM 2174, March 1960) and
the single "The Old Lamplighter"/"Teen-Ex" (RCA 47-7700, February 1960,
a # 5 hit). The album tracks are : "My Adobe Hacienda", "Red Sails In 
the Sunset", "Streamlined Cannonball", "Cool Water", "The Enchanted Sea", 
"Billy McCoy", "The Old Lamplighter", "Am I That Easy To Forget", "That 
Little Boy Of Mine", "Scarlet Ribbons" (recorded on September 24, 1959), 
"Halfway To Heaven" and "True Love".
Personnel : Jim Ed Brown, Maxine Brown, Bonnie Brown (vocals) ; John D.
Loudermilk, Hank Garland (guitars) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Floyd Cramer
(piano) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ; The Anita Kerr Singers (vocal chorus).
Produced by Chet Atkins at RCA Victor Studio in Nashville.

December 2, 1959 : Four-track session for HANK BALLARD at the King
Studio in Cincinnati, with his Midnighters, of course. "The Coffee
Grind"/"Waiting" is selected as the next single (King 5312, January
1960). "I Love You, I Love You So-o-o" ends up on the B-side of the
Top 10 hit "Finger Poppin' Time" (King 5341, from a later session).
"Don't Go, I Love You" is included on the LP "Finger Poppin' Time"
(King LP 700, August 1960), along with the other three tracks.
Personnel : Hank Ballard (lead vocals) ; Lawson Smith, Henry Booth,
Norman Thrasher (background vocals) ; Billy Davis (guitar) ; Navarro
Hastings (electric bass) ; Hank Moore (tenor sax) ; Jimmy Johnson
(piano) ; Emile Russell (drums) ; Unidentified (female vocal chorus).
Produced by Syd Nathan.

December 2, 1959 : Last ABC session for THE PONI-TAILS. Two singles are
the result : "Before We Say Goodnight"/"Come Be My Love" (ABC-Paramount
10077, January 1960) and "Oh, My, You"/"Who, When and Why" (ABC-Paramount
10114, May 1960). Location is New York City.
The Poni-Tails are : Toni Cistone, Patti McCabe and LaVerne Novak.

December 3, 1959 : WILLIE DIXON cuts his first LP, "Willie's Blues", at
Rudy Van Gelder's studio in Englewood Cliffs, NJ. Released on Prestige's
Bluesville label (LP 1003) in March 1960.
Tracks : "Nervous", "Good Understanding", "That's My Baby", "Slim's
Thing" (instrumental), "That's All I Want Baby", "Don't You Tell Nobody", 
"Youth To You", "Sittin' And Cryin' the Blues", "Built For Comfort", 
"I Got A Razor", "Go Easy" (instrumental) and "Move Me".
Personnel : Willie Dixon (vocals / bass) ; Wally Richardson (guitar) ;
Harold Ashby (tenor sax) ; Memphis Slim (piano) ; Gus Johnson (drums).
Supervised by Esmond Edwards.

December 3, 1959 : Final Mercury session for BEN HEWITT, in New York
City. Six tracks are laid down, but only "My Search"/"I Want A New Girl
Now" has been released (Mercury 71577, February 1960). The unissued songs
are : "Teardrops From My Heart", "Because I Love You", "The Story Of
Mandy Lee" and "My Little Sandra".
Background vocals by the Cookies, more personnel details unknown.
Arranged and conducted by Belford Hendricks. Produced by Clyde Otis.

December 4, 1959 : PAUL ANKA records his big hit "Puppy Love" (# 2)
and its flip, "Adam And Eve" (# 90). Released on ABC-Paramount 10082
in February 1960. The third track from this session, "I'm Just A Fool
Anyway", will be used as the B-side of "Tonight My Love, Tonight" (ABC-
Paramount 10194) in February 1961.
Don Costa has moved to United Artists and is succeeded in the producer's
chair by Sid Feller, who also acts as arranger/conductor. The location
is Bell Sound Studio in New York City.

December 4, 1959 : First of two December sessions by LaVERN BAKER. On
this day she records three tracks : "Eternally" (first issued on the LP 
"Saved", Atlantic LP 8050, June 1961), "Must I Cry Again" (Atlantic 2137,
February 1962) and "Half Of Your Love" (Atlantic 2186, April 1963).
Personnel : Mundell Lowe, Bucky Pizzarelli (guitars) ; Abie Baker (bass) ;
Sticks Evans (drums). Other instruments plus 4-piece chorus overdubbed
on December 18.
Arranged and conducted by Richard Wess. Produced by Ahmet Ertegun and
Jerry Wexler in New York City. See also December 11.

December 6, 1959 : BENNY SPELLMAN makes his debut as a recording artist,
at Cosimo's Studio in New Orleans. The single "Ammerette"/"Life Is Too
Short" is released in January 1960 on Minit 606. "Ammerette" will be
reissued in 1963 on Minit 664, with a different flip-side ("Talk About
Love", from a session on April 19, 1963).
Produced by Allen Toussaint.

December 7-8, 1959 : AL TOUSAN (as Allen Toussaint was credited then)
is at Cosimo's Studio in New Orleans to record instrumentals for the
New York-based Seville label. Four singles will be released : "Chico"/
"Sweetie Pie" (Seville 103, February 1960), "Naomi"/"Back Home In Indiana"
(Seville 110, December 1960), "Moo Moo"/"A Blue Mood" (Seville 113, July
1961) and "Real Churchy"/"Twenty Years Later" (Seville 124, February 
1963). "Sweetie Pie" and "Twenty Years Later" are the same song.
The remaining six tracks from this session ("Second Liner", "Up Right",
"Cow Cow Blues", "You Didn't Know, Did You", "Al's Theme", "A Lazy Day")
will first appear on the CD "The Complete Tousan Sessions" (Bear Family
BCD 15641) in 1992, after a three-year search for the master tapes.
Personnel : Allen Toussaint (piano, organ) ; Red Tyler (baritone sax) ;
Nat Perrilliat (tenor sax) ; Melvin Lastie (cornet) ; Justin Adams 
(guitar) ; Frank Fields (bass) ; Charles 'Hungry' Williams (drums).
Produced by Danny Kessler.

Tuesday, December 8, 1959 : LLOYD PRICE arrives at Bell Sound Studio in 
New York City to record his next two singles, "Lady Luck"/"Never Let Me 
Go" (ABC-Paramount 10075, January 1960) and "No If's - No And's"/"For Love" 
(ABC-Paramount 10102, April 1960). All four sides will chart, with "Lady 
Luck" peaking at # 14.
Arranged and produced by Sid Feller. 

December 9, 1959 : MARVIN RAINWATER is in Nashville, recording at his 
usual studio (Bradley Film & Recording Studio), with his usual producer
(Jim Vienneau) and the usual backing musicians from the Nashville A-team.
The two tracks recorded, "The Pale Faced Indian (Lament Of the Cherokee
Nation)" and "Wayward Angel" will make up his next single (MGM 12865) in
the last week of January 1960. "The Pale Faced Indian" will be revived by
Paul Revere and the Raiders in 1971, under the title "Indian Reservation",
a # 1 hit.

December 11, 1959 : Second LaVERN BAKER session this month. "Shake A
Hand"/"Manana" is chosen as her next single (Atlantic 2048, January
1960). "Shadows Of Love" is the subsequent single (Atlantic 2059, April
1960, c/w "Wheel Of Fortune" from a later session).
Personnel : Mundell Lowe, Bucky Pizzarelli (guitars) ; Abie Baker (bass) ;
Doc Severinson (trumpet) ; Phil Bodner, Romeo Penque (saxes) ; Moe Wechsler
(piano) ; Sticks Evans (drums) ; Stephen Berrios (percussion) ; Jose
Martinez (congas). Plus a six-piece mixed vocal chorus.
Arranged by Richard Wess, produced by Ahmet Ertegun and Jerry Wexler in
New York City.

December 11, 1959 : JOHNNY RIVERS does his second and last session for
Cub Records, resulting in the single "The Customary Thing"/"Answer Me,
My Love" (Cub 9058, January 1960). Reissued in July 1964 on MGM 13266.
Location is Bradley Studio in Nashville, Tennessee.

December 11-12, 1959 : Less than a month after finishing his third LP
(which hasn't even been released yet), DUANE EDDY starts to record
material (old folk songs) for his fourth album, "Songs Of Our Heritage"
(Jamie LP 3011, May 1960). On the 11th, he records "In the Pines", "John
Henry", "Old Joe Clark" and "The Prisoner's Song", followed by "Riddle
Song", "Cripple Creek" and "Mule Train" on the 12th. The raw tracks will
be overdubbed during January 1960 and the LP will be completed soon after.
The original mastertapes were re-discovered in 2003 and the album has
been released on CD (Jamie 4028, 2004) with brilliant soundquality, plus
eight bonus (alternate / undubbed) tracks.
Personnel : Duane Eddy (Spanish guitar, banjo) ; Corki Casey, Donnie Owens
(guitars) ; Al Casey (bass) ; Jim Horn (flute) ; Larry Knechtel (vibes) ;
Jimmy Troxel (drums).
Produced by Lee Hazlewood and Lester Sill at Audio Recorders in Phoenix,

December 14, 1959 : Another Nashville session by JOHNNY CASH. "Second
Honeymoon" is released in June 1960 (Columbia 41707), "Going To Memphis"
in September 1960 (Columbia 41804). "Johnny Yuma Theme" stays in the vaults
until 1991 when it is included on the CD boxset "Man In Black 1959-1962"
(Bear Family BCD 15562). The fourth song from this session, "The Ballad Of
the Harpweaver", was never issued in this version, but Cash would re-record
it in 1963.
Personnel : Johnny Cash (vocals / guitar) ; Luther Perkins (electric
guitar) ; Marshall Grant (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Buddy Harman
Produced by Don Law at Bradley Studio in Nashville.

December 15, 1959 : First EVERLY BROTHERS session outside of Nashville.
At Bell Sound Studio in New York City they record their next single, "Let
It Be Me"/"Since You Broke My Heart" (Cadence 1376, released at the end of
December). According to one source, work on "Since You Broke My Heart"
was started on December 13 in Nashville and finished in NYC two days later.
Personnel : Howard Collins, Barry Galbraith (acoustic guitars) ; Mundell
Lowe (electric guitar) ; Lloyd Trotman (bass) ; Hank Rowland (piano) ;
Jerry Allison (drums). Plus a string section conducted by Archie Bleyer.
Also produced by Archie Bleyer.

December 15, 1959 : A busy day for BILL DOGGETT and his combo at the
King studio in Cincinnati. Not only does he cover the Bill Black's Combo
hit "Smokie, Part 2" (King 5310, late December, c/w "Evening Dreams" from
an earlier session) and cut the two-part single "Night Train" (King 5878, 
October 1965), Doggett also manages to record an entire LP on this day,
"For Reminiscent Lovers : Romantic Songs" (King LP 706, May 1960).
Personnel : Bill Doggett (organ / leader) ; Clifford Scott, Ray Felder,
Candy Johnson (tenor saxes) ; Billy Butler (guitar) ; David Horne (bass) ;
Calvin Shields (drums).

December 15, 1959 : At Bradley Studio in Nashville, JOHN D. LOUDERMILK 
records his signature song, "Tobacco Road", and its flip, "Midnight Bus". 
Release in January 1960 on Columbia 41562.
Personnel : John D. Loudermilk (vocals / guitar) ; Bob Moore (bass) ;
Buddy Harman (drums).
Produced by Don Law.

December 15-17, 1959 : Marathon session for HANK THOMPSON at the Capitol
Tower in Hollywood. He records twelve tracks for the LP "This Broken Heart
Of Mine" (Capitol T 1469, November 1960) and seven songs that will appear
on singles : "A Six Pack To Go" (Capitol 4334, January 1960), "She's Just
A Whole Lot Like You"/"There My Future Goes" (Capitol 4386, June 1960),
"Will We Start It All Over Again?"/"It's Got To Be A Habit" (Capitol 4454,
September 1960), "Teach Me How To Lie" (Capitol 4556, April 1961) and "Too 
In Love" (Capitol 5008, July 1963). 
Personnel : Hank Thompson (vocals / guitar) ; Billy Gray (guitar / band
leader) ; Merle Travis (guitar) ; Pee Wee Whitewing (steel guitar) ; Billy
Stewart (bass) ; Jimmy Pruett (piano) ; Billy Armstrong, Harold Hensley,
Billy Wright (fiddles) ; Gwin 'Junior' Nichols (drums).
Produced by Ken Nelson.

Thursday, December 17, 1959 : During a split session with Roy Hamilton and 
Bobby Vinton, ERSEL HICKEY covers the UK Adam Faith hit "What Do You Want" 
for his next single (Epic 9357, January 1960, c/w "Love in Bloom" from a 
September 29 session).
Personnel : Everett Barksdale, Bill Suyker (guitars) ; Dolores Dickens
(bass) ; Hank Jones (piano) ; Bobby Donaldson (drums) ; Maurice Bialkin,
Sidney Edwards (cellos). Plus a team of eleven violins.
Produced by Chuck Sagle at Columbia Studio in New York City.

December 17, 1959 : First solo session for BEN E. KING. "Show Me the Way"/
"Brace Yourself" is selected as his first single without the Drifters (Atco 
6166, April 1960). "I Promise Love" will be included on the LP "Don't Play 
That Song" (Atco 33-142) in May 1962. A fourth track, "Hearts Of Stone", 
remains unissued.
Personnel : Al Caiola, Bucky Pizzarelli (guitars) ; George Duvivier (bass) ;
Stan Webb (sax) ; Urbie Green, Frank Rehak (trombones) ; Ernie Hayes (piano) ;
Shep Shepherd (drums) ; The Malcolm Dodds Singers (vocal chorus). Plus an
unidentified string section.
Arranged by Stan Applebaum, produced by Jerry Wexler at Bell Sound Studio
in New York City.

December 17, 1959 : GEORGE MORGAN records the single “You’re the Only 
Good Thing (That’s Happened To Me)”/“Come Away From His Arms” (Columbia 
41523, December 29). A # 4 country hit. Also recorded is “One Empty Chair”,
which will be coupled with “It’s Best You Know” (from a session on May 4,
1960) for release on Columbia 41794 in September 1960.
Personnel : Hank Garland, Grady Martin (guitars) ; Joe Zinkan (bass) ;
Fred Shumate (piano) ; Buddy Harman (drums). Plus a violin section.
Produced by Don Law at Bradley Studio in Nashville.

December 18, 1959 : FRANKIE MILLER records four tracks at Bradley Studio
in Nashville, released on two singles. First released is "The Money Side
Of Life"/"Reunion (With Dinner On the Ground)" (Starday 481, February
1960), followed by "Baby Rocked Her Dolly"/"Rain Rain" (Starday 496) in
May 1960. The latter single peaks at # 15 on the Billboard country charts.
Personnel : Tommy Hill (guitar / producer) ; Grady Martin (guitar / banjo) ;
Jimmy Day (steel guitar) ; Junior Huskey (bass) ; Hargus Robbins (piano) ;
Buddy Harman (drums).Come Softly To Me"/"I Care So Much", at the Joe Boles
Studio in Seattle, Washington. The single was first released on Dolphin 1 in 
the last week of January. After legal action by John Dolphin’s widow, the 
name of the label was changed to Dolton and repressed on Dolton 1. In April 
the single was leased to Liberty and reissued on Liberty 55188. A # 1 hit.
The Fleetwoods are : Gary Troxel, Gretchen Christopher and Barbara Ellis.
Arranged by Bonnie Guitar, who also plays guitar. Produced by Bob Reisdorff
(the label owner) and Bonnie Guitar.

December 17, 1959 : GEORGE MORGAN records the single "You’re the Only 
Good Thing (That’s Happened To Me)"/"Come Away From His Arms" (Columbia 
41523, December 29). A # 4 country hit. Also recorded is "One Empty Chair",
which will be coupled with "It’s Best You Know" (from a session on May 4,
1960) for release on Columbia 41794 in September 1960.
Personnel : Hank Garland, Grady Martin (guitars) ; Joe Zinkan (bass) ;
Fred Shumate (piano) ; Buddy Harman (drums). Plus a violin section.
Produced by Don Law at Bradley Studio in Nashville.

December 20, 1959 : One-track session for CLIFF RICHARD at EMI's Abbey
Road Studio in London. "A Voice In the Wilderness" becomes the A-side of
his next single (Columbia DB 4398, January 1960, a # 2 UK hit). The reverse
is "Don't Be Mad At Me", recorded on November 19.
US release on ABC-Paramount 10093 in March 1960.
Produced by Norrie Paramor.

December 20 (or 29), 1959 : CARL SMITH waxes his next single, "Make the 
Water Wheel Roll"/"Past" (Columbia 41557, January 11, 1960). It will 
become his 42nd entry on the country charts, peaking at # 30.
Personnel : Hank Garland, Grady Martin, Sammy Pruett (guitars) ; Joe 
Zinkan (bass) ; Buddy Harman (drums).
Produced by Don Law at Bradley Studio in Nashville.

December 21, 1959 : Second Top Rank session for JACK SCOTT, at Bell Sound
Studio in New York City. Only two tracks are recorded : the future # 3 hit 
"Burning Bridges", released in March 1960 (Top Rank 2041, c/w "Oh Little
One" from the first session on November 25) and "My Heart Would Know", the
first track to be laid down for the album "I Remember Hank Williams" (Top
Rank International 319, April 1960).
Vocal support comes from the Chantones.
Arranged by Bill Sanford, produced by Sonny Lester.

December 22, 1959 : BOBBY HELMS's next single is "Someone Was Already
There"/"To My Sorrow", recorded on this day. Released in February 1960
on Decca 31041.
Personnel : Hank Garland, Grady Martin, Ray Edenton, Harold Bradley
(guitars) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Buddy Harman
(drums) ; Unknown (vocal chorus).
Produced by Owen Bradley at Bradley Studio in Nashville.

December 22, 1959 : GUY MITCHELL has the # 1 record in the country with
"Heartaches By the Number". The follow-up is recorded on this day : "The
Same Old Me"/"Build My Gallows High" (Columbia 41576, February 1, 1960). 
Peak position will be # 51. A third track, "Cry Hurtin' Heart" is also
released as a single (Columbia 41653, April 18, 1960, c/w "Symphony Of
Spring" from a session on March 5, 1958).
Arranged and conducted by Joe Sherman. Produced by Mitch Miller at the
Columbia Recording Studio, New York City.

December 23, 1959 : In Cincinnati, LITTLE WILLIE JOHN records material
for his next two singles : "My Love Is Everything"/"Loving Care" (King 
5318, February 1960) and "A Cottage For Sale"/"I'm Shaking" (King 5342,
May 1960). ("I'm Shaking" will be revived by the Blasters in 1981.)
Personnel : John Faire (guitar) ; Edwyn Conley (bass) ; Sonny Thompson
(piano) ; Philip Paul (drums) ; Unknown (sax, strings, vocal chorus).
Produced by Henry Glover.

December 23, 1959 : BUCK OWENS also records his next two singles on 
this day, both Top 3 country hits : "Above And Beyond (the Call Of Love)"/
"Till These Dreams Come True" (Capitol 4337, February 1, 1960) and "Excuse 
Me (I Think I've Got A Heartache)" (Capitol 4412, August 1, 1960, c/w 
"I've Got A Right To Know" from a session on June 16, 1959). A fourth 
track, "Take Me Back Again", is included on Buck's first album, simply 
titled "Buck Owens" (Capitol T 1489, February 1961), as are the other 
three tracks from this session.
Personnel : Buck Owens (vocals / guitar) ; Rollie Weber (guitar) ;
Ralph Mooney (steel guitar) ; Al Williams (bass) ; George French, Jr.
(piano) ; Don Rich (fiddle) ; Pee Wee Adams (drums).
Produced by Ken Nelson at the Capitol Tower in Hollywood.

December 23, 1959 : Three-track session for THE DRIFTERS at Bell Sound 
Studio in New York City. "This Magic Moment" is selected as their next 45
(Atlantic 2050, February 1960, c/w "Baltimore" from a session on March
6, 1959). "Lonely Winds" (Atlantic 2062, May 1960) is also coupled with
a track from that March session ("Hey Senorita"). Unissued from this
December session is "Temptation". Peak chart positions : # 16 for "This
Magic Moment", # 54 for "Lonely Winds".
The Drifters are : Ben E. King (lead baritone), Charlie Thomas (tenor),
Dock Green (baritone) and Elsbeary Hobbs (bass).
Billy Davis plays guitar, more details unknown.
Arranged by Stan Applebaum, produced by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.

December 26, 1959 : SANDY NELSON records three tracks for his first LP,
"Sandy Nelson Plays Teen Beat" (Imperial LP 9105, March 1960) : "Boom
Chicka Boom", "Party Time" and "The Wiggle". The latter two are coupled
for release as a single (Imperial 5648, February 1960).
Arranged by Ernie Freeman at an unknown studio in Hollywood.
Produced by Eddie Ray.

December 28, 1959 is the recording date of the PERRY COMO hit "Delaware"/
"I Know What God Is" (# 22 USA, # 3 UK). Release on RCA 47-7670 in 
January 1960. Vocal support comes from the Ray Charles Singers.
Arranged and conducted by Mitchell Ayres. Produced by Charles Grean at
Webster Hall, New York City.

Tuesday, December 29, 1959 : RAY CHARLES holds the first session for his 
new label, ABC-Paramount. "My Baby (I Love Her Yes I Do)"/"Who You Gonna 
Love" is selected as his debut single for ABC (10081, January 1960). "Them 
That Got" is saved until December 1960 for release on ABC-Paramount 10141
and will peak at # 58. Unissued from this session is "I Wanna Know".
Personnel : Ray Charles (vocals / piano) ; Marcus Belgrave, John Hunt
(trumpets) ; Bennie Crawford (alto sax) ; Dave Newman (tenor sax) ; Leroy
Cooper (baritone sax) ; Edgar Willis (bass) ; Milton Turner (drums) ;
Margie Hendrix and the Raelets (vocal chorus).
Produced by Sid Feller in New York City.

December 29, 1959 : For a change, we switch to Copenhagen, Denmark, where
blues singer / pianist CHAMPION JACK DUPREE spends the day to record 12
tracks for the LP "Champion Of the Blues" (Atlantic LP 8056), which will
be issued in November 1961. Track listing : "I Had A Dream", "Roll Me
Over, Roll Me Slow", "Reminiscin' With Champion Jack", "That's All Right",
"Daybreak Stomp", "House Rent Party", "Snaps Drinking Woman", "One Sweet
Letter From You", "New Vicksburg Blues", "When Things Go Wrong", "Johnson
Street Boogie Woogie", "Misery Blues".
All tracks feature Dupree only, on vocals and piano.

December 1959, unknown date : BROOK BENTON records the future # 24 hit
"Fools Rush In". It is first released on the LP "Songs I Love To Sing"
(Mercury MG 20602, September 1960), then as a single in October 1960
(Mercury 71722). The lower deck is "Someday You'll Want Me To Want You"
from a session in June. Three other songs from this December session -
"May I", "In A Dream" and "This Bitter Earth" - end up on various LP's.
Arranged and conducted by Belford Hendricks. Produced by Clyde Otis at
Fine Recording Studio in New York City.

December 1959, unknown date : DORSEY BURNETTE records his first single
for the Era label in Los Angeles : "(There Was A) Tall Oak Tree"/"Juarez
Town" (Era 3012, January 1960). It will give him his first hit (# 23).
Produced by Herb Newman.

December 1959, unknown date : LATTIE MOORE starts his second term at
King Records with a four-track session in Indianapolis. "Cajun Doll"/
"Mine Again" appears on King 5370 in July 1960. "Out Of Control" is saved
until March 1963 for release on King 5723. A first attempt at "If the
Good Lord's Willing and the Creek Don't Rise" remains in the vaults until
it is included on the CD "I'm Not Broke But I'm Badly Bent" (Westside
WESF 109) in 2000. Moore will return to the song in 1961.
Produced by Lattie Moore himself.

(Probably) December 1959 : PAUL EVANS records the LP "Paul Evans Sings the
Fabulous Teens" (Guaranteed LP 1000, January 1960) in New York City.
Tracks : "I'm In Love Again", "Hambone Rock", "Over the Mountain, Across the
Sea", "Tutti Frutti", "Butterfly", "Midnite Special", "Slippin' And Slidin'",
 "Honey Love", "I'm Walkin'", "Since I Met You Baby", "60 Minute Man" and 
"The Fool".
"Midnite Special"/"Since I Met You Baby" is rush-released as a single
(Guaranteed 205) and will peak at # 16 on the Billboard charts.
Personnel : Everett Barksdale (guitar) ; Sam 'the Man' Taylor (tenor sax) ;
more details unknown.

(Probably) December 1959, unknown date : JERRY LEE LEWIS is in the Sun
studio (639 Madison Avenue) to record three tracks, all of which will stay
in the can for quite some time. "Billy Boy" sees its first release on the 
album "Rural Route No. 1" (Hilltop JS 6120) in 1972. "My Bonnie" will be
included on the Dutch LP "Jerry Lee Lewis Collectors Edition" (Sun NY-6) 
in 1975 and "The Wild Side Of Life" is first issued in 1979 on the LP 
"Rockin' Jerry Lee Lewis" (Mule 201).
Personnel : Jerry Lee Lewis (vocals / piano) ; Roland Janes (guitar) ;
Leo Lodner (bass) ; Ace Cannon or Martin Willis (sax) ; Jimmy Van Eaton 
Produced by Charles Underwood.

With thanks to Bill Daniels, Steve Walker, Mike Thompson and Henk Gorter.

Additions and corrections welcome.


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