January 3, 1960 : DON GIBSON records his next single, "Just One Time"/
"I May Never Get To Heaven" (RCA 47-7690, February) at the RCA Victor 
Studio in Nashville. Peak chart positions : # 2 country, # 29 pop.
Personnel : Don Gibson (vocals / guitar) ; Chet Atkins, Ray Edenton, Hank
Garland (guitars) ; Junior Huskey (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Buddy
Harman (drums) ; The Jordanaires (vocal chorus).
Produced by Chet Atkins.

Monday, January 4, 1960 : LITTLE WILLIE JOHN is at the King studio in
Cincinnati for a four-track session. "Night And Day" has never been issued
and the other three tracks will stay on the shelf for some time : "Flamingo" 
is released late April 1961 (King 5503), "Autumn Leaves" in November 1961 
(King 5577) and "So Lovely" in November 1963 (King 5818).
Personnel unknown.

January 4, 1960 : JOHNNY KIDD and the Pirates record their third single,
a cover of Marv Johnson's "You Got What It Takes" coupled with "Longin'
Lips" (HMV POP 698, January 22). A # 25 UK hit.
Location : EMI's Abbey Road studio, London, England.

January 4, 1960 : CAROLE KING records "Oh, Neil", an answer song to Neil 
Sedaka's "Oh Carol". The reverse is "A Very Special Boy", also cut during 
this session. Released on Alpine 57 in the third week of January.
Personnel : Everett Barksdale, Mundell Lowe (guitars) ; Doles Dickens (bass) 
; King Curtis (tenor sax) ; Neil Sedaka (piano) ; Sticks Evans (drums) ; 
Joe Venuto (percussion). Plus a 4-piece string section.
Produced by Chuck Sagle at Columbia Recording Studio, New York City.

January 5, 1960 : In Memphis saxophonist ACE CANNON records "Big Shot"/
"Rest" for his first single (Fernwood 117, March). The tracks ".38 Special"
and "Sugar Blues" will be purchased by former Meteor artist Wayne McGinnis,
who will release them in 1962 on his own label (Santo 503).
"Big Shot", originally credited to Johnny Cannon, will be re-issued twice,
first on Santo 506 (August 1962) and then on Fernwood 137 in 1964 (b/w 
"Tie Me To Your Apron Strings Again"), both times under the name Ace Cannon.
Personnel : Ace Cannon (sax) ; Scotty Moore (guitar / producer) ; Bill
Black (bass) ; Carl McVoy (piano) ; Jerry Arnold (drums).

January 5, 1960 : In Nashville (RCA Victor Studio), HANK LOCKLIN cuts his
biggest hit, "Please Help Me I'm Falling"/"My Old Home Town" (RCA 47-7692,
February). It will top the country charts for 14 weeks and peaks at # 8 on
the pop charts.
Personnel : Grady Martin, Velma Smith (guitars) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Floyd
Cramer (piano) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ; The Jordanaires (vocal chorus).
Produced by Chet Atkins.

January 5, 1960 : Second and last Imperial session by JESSE LEE TURNER.
The result is the single "I'm the Little Space Girl's Father"/"Valley Of
Lost Soldiers" (Imperial 5649, February). Location is probably Los Angeles.
More details unknown.

January 6, 1960 : RAYBURN ANTHONY is at the new Sun Studio in Memphis
to record the single "There's No Tomorrow"/"Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty
Little Feet" (Sun 339, March 30). 
Personnel : Rayburn Anthony (vocals / guitar) ; Eddie Bush (guitar) ;
Carl Mann (piano) ; The Gene Lowery Singers (vocal chorus). And probably : 
Brad Suggs (guitar) ; R.W. Stevenson (bass) ; Tony Austin (drums).
Produced by Charles Underwood.

January 6, 1960 : First WANDA JACKSON session since December 1958. Her 
next single is "Please Call Today"/"My Destiny" (Capitol 4354, March). 
"The Wrong Kind Of Girl" is first issued in 1969 on the LP "Leave My Baby
Alone" (Hilltop JS 6074). Also recorded is a first attempt at "In the 
Middle Of A Heartache", later included on the 4-CD set "Right Or Wrong" 
(Bear Family BCD 15629, 1992).
Personnel : Billy Strange (guitar) ; Buddy Emmons (steel guitar) ; Allen
Williams (bass) ; Jimmy Pruett (piano) ; Gordon Terry (fiddle) ; Pee Wee
Adams (drums).
Produced by Ken Nelson at the Capitol Tower in Hollywood.

January 7, 1960 : JOHNNY BURNETTE, still unknown outside a select group 
of rockabilly fans, records what will be his first chart entry, "Dreamin'", 
for release on Liberty 55258 on May 4 (c/w "Cincinnati Fireball" from a 
later date). A # 11 hit in the USA and # 5 in the UK. Also laid down by 
Johnny is "Kaw-Liga", which will be included on his first Liberty album, 
"Dreamin'" (Liberty LRP 3179, August). It is a split session with BOBBY 
VEE who does his first session for Liberty, "What Do You Want" (the UK
Adam Faith hit)/"My Love Loves Me" (Liberty 55234, March). Peaks at # 93
in Billboard.
Personnel includes Howard Roberts (guitar) and Jerry Allison (drums) ; 
more details unknown.
Arranged by Ernie Freeman, produced by Snuff Garrett in Hollywood. 

January 7, 1960 : BILL HALEY and his Comets do their first session for
Warner Bros Records, at Bell Sound Studio in New York City. "Candy Kisses"/
"Tamiami" (the B-side is an instrumental) is selected as their first 45 
for the label (Warner Bros 5145, January 22). Also recorded is "Happy 
Homer", which is first issued on the 6-CD set "The Warner Brothers Years 
And More" (Bear Family BCD 16157) in 1999. (Same goes for "Hot To Trot", 
recorded on January 26.)
Material for their first WB album, simply titled "Bill Haley And His 
Comets" (Warner Bros W 1378, April), is recorded on January 12, 13, 26 
and 27. Titles: "Rock Around the Clock", "I Almost Lost My Mind", "Blue 
Suede Shoes", "Blueberry Hill", "My Special Angel", "Whole Lotta Shakin' 
Goin' On", "Crazy Man, Crazy", "Kansas City", "Love Letters in the Sand", 
"I'm In Love Again", "Shake, Rattle And Roll" and "Stagger Lee".
Personnel : Bill Haley (vocals / rhythm guitar) ; Franny Beecher (lead
guitar) ; Billy Williamson (steel guitar) ; Al Rappa (bass guitar) ; Rudy 
Pompilli (tenor sax) ; Johnny Grande (piano) ; Ralph Jones (drums).
Produced by George Avakian.

January 7, 1960 : JOHNNY HORTON is at Bradley Studio in Nashville to 
record his next single, "Sink the Bismarck"/"The Same Old Tale the Crow
Told Me" (Columbia 41568, released on January 18). A big hit for Horton
(# 3 pop, # 6 country).
An earlier version of "Sink the Bismarck" (from December 30, 1959) can be
heard on the Bear Family box-set "Johnny Horton 1956-1960" (BCD 15470).
Personnel : Johnny Horton (vocals / guitar) ; Tommy Tomlinson, Hank
Garland (guitars) ; Grady Martin (guitar / banjo) ; Joe Zinkan (bass) ; 
Buddy Harman (drums) ; Unknown (vocal chorus).
Produced by Don Law.

January 8, 1960 : Unaware that this will be the last formal recording
session of his life, EDDIE COCHRAN enters Gold Star Studio in Hollywood
to record "Three Steps To Heaven"/"Cut Across Shorty" (Liberty 55242,
released shortly before his death on April 17, 1960) and "Cherished
Memories", which is first issued on London HLG 9362 in the UK in June
1961 (B-side of "Weekend", from a session on April 23, 1959). "Three
Steps To Heaven" does not register in the US, but goes to # 1 on the
UK charts.
Personnel : Eddie Cochran (vocals / guitar) ; Sonny Curtis (guitar) ;
Guybo Smith (electric bass) ; Jerry Allison (drums) ; Unidentified
(vocal chorus).
Produced by Snuff Garrett.

January 8, 1960 : GEORGE JONES records another single at Bradley Studio
in Nashville, "Have Mercy On Me"/"If You Believe" (Mercury 71615, April).
Personnel includes Floyd Jenkins on guitar and Hargus Robbins on piano,
more details unknown.
Produced by Pappy Daily.

January 8, 1960 : More recording activity at Bradley Studio, by CONWAY
TWITTY. "Trouble In Mind" and "Pretty Eyed Baby" will appear on the LP 
"Lonely Blue Boy" (MGM SE 3818, February), while a fine cover of Charlie 
Rich's "Rebound" remains unissued until the appearance of the 8-LP box-
set "The Rock 'n' Roll Years" (Bear Family BFX 15174) in 1986.
Personnel : Al Bruno, Grady Martin and (possibly) Ray Edenton (guitars) ;
Lightnin' Chance (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Jack Nance (drums) ;
Unknown (vocal chorus).
Produced by Jim Vienneau, as usual.

January 9, 1960 : RAY SHARPE does another session at Audio Recorders in
Phoenix, Arizona. "Gonna Let It Go This Time"/"Bermuda" is selected as the
next single (Jamie 1149, February). "For You My Love" will appear on Jamie
1155 in May (c/w "Red Sails In the Sunset", the original B-side of "Linda
Lu" on Jamie 1128 in 1959). "Give'n Up" is the subsequent single (Jamie
1164, August, B-side of "Kewpie Doll" from a session on May 18, 1959).
The backing track of "For You My Love" is overdubbed with a guitar solo
in 1964 and released on Park Central 2714 under the title "Dallas", with 
a mysterious label credit for 'Easy Deal' Wilson, who plays piano on the 
other side, "There'll Come A Day", from another 1960 (?) session by Ray.
Personnel : Ray Sharpe (vocals / guitar): Al Casey, Donnie Owens (guitars) ;
Larry Knechtel (piano) ; Jim Horn (sax) ; Jimmie Troxel (drums).
Produced by Lester Sill and Lee Hazlewood.

January 10, 1960 : OTIS WILLIAMS and his Charms (Robbie Willis, Matt
Williams and Winfred Gerald) are at the King Studio in Cincinnati to record 
their next two singles, "Chief Um (Take It Easy)"/"It's A Treat" (King 5323, 
late January) and "Silver Star"/"Rickety Rickshaw Man" (King 5332, April). 

Tuesday, January 12, 1960 : STEVE LAWRENCE records the future # 7 hit 
"Footsteps"/"You Don't Know" (ABC-Paramount 10085, February) and the B-sides 
of two later singles, "Why, Why, Why" (ABC-Paramount 10113, May) and "Come 
Back, Silly Girl" (ABC-Paramount 10146, September). 
Arranged and conducted by Don Costa. Location : New York City.

January 13, 1960 : THE CLOVERS record eight tracks on this day, all of 
which will appear on the LP "Love Potion Number 9" (United Artists UAL 
3099, July) : "You Said", "So Good, So Good", "Easy Lovin'", "That's
What's Worrying Me" (these four arranged by Jesse Stone), "I'm Confessin'
That I Love You", "One Mint Julep" (a remake of their 1952 hit), "Too 
Young" and "The Sheik" (the last four arranged by Teddy Randazzo).
"One Mint Julep" is also released as a single (United Artists 209, c/w
"Lovey" from an earlier session), at the end of January. The same goes for
"Easy Lovin'"/"I'm Confessin' That I Love You" (United Artists 227, May).
King Curtis plays tenor sax, more details unknown.
Produced by Don Costa in New York City.

January 13, 1960 : THE ROCK-A-TEENS complete their first LP ("Woo Hoo",
Roulette SR 25109, March) at Bell Sound Studio in New York City. Exactly
which tracks were recorded during the first session (November 18, 1959)
and which during the January session is not quite clear, but at least
"Janis Will Rock", "Offbeat" and "Story of a Woman" come from this 1960
Personnel : Vic Mizelle (vocals / guitar) ; Bobby 'Boo' Walke, Bill Cook 
(guitars) ; Eddie Robinson (sax) ; Paul Dixon (bass) ; Bill Smith (drums).

January 14, 1960 : JOHN BARRY records the single with which he will score
his first chart entry (# 10, UK) : "Hit & Miss"/"Rockin' Already" (Columbia 
DB 4414, release date February 12). Credit on the A-side goes to "The John 
Barry Seven Plus Four". "Hit & Miss" will be the signature tune of the TV 
show "Juke Box Jury" for many years. Vic Flick is the lead guitarist and 
the string / pizzicato section consists of Sid Margo, Alec Firman, Bernard 
Monshin and Charlie Katz. "Rockin' Already" (John Barry's arrangement of 
"Wimoweh") features a vocal chorus, the Rita Williams Singers.
Produced by Norman Newell at EMI's Abbey Road studio in London.

January 14, 1960 : Four-track session for THE CADILLACS in New York City.
"Tell Me Today"/"It's Love" (Josie 876) is chosen as their next single 
(Josie 876, February). "Let Me Down Easy" will appear on the album "The 
Cadillacs Meet the Orioles" (Jubilee JGM 1117, June). "I'm In Love" is
first released in 1983 on the 5-LP set "For Collectors Only: THE CADILLACS"
(Murray Hill M61285).
The Cadillacs are : Earl Carroll, Ronnie Bright, Kirk Davis and Roland

January 14, 1960 : JESSIE HILL is at Cosimo's Studio in New Orleans to
record the single "Ooh Poo Pah Doo, Parts 1 & 2" (Minit 607, February).
Part 2 is the hit side, peaking at # 3 R&B and # 28 pop.
Personnel : Jessie Hill (vocals / tambourine) ; Nat Perilliat, David
Lastie (tenor saxes) ; Clarence Ford (baritone sax) ; Roy Montrell
(guitar) ; Richard Payne (bass) ; Allen Toussaint (piano / producer) ; 
John Boudreaux (drums).

January 14, 1960 : BILL JOHNSON does his only session for Sun Records,
resulting in the single "Bobaloo"/"Bad Times Ahead" (Sun 340, March 30).
"You Better Dig It" (previously recorded for the Talos label in Augusta, 
Georgia) is first released on the Charly CD "Sun Rock 'n' Roll, Vol. 1" 
(CPCD 8277) in 1997. "Where There's A Will" will eventually be included 
on an mp3 collection called "Rock Classics : Science Fiction" (Charly) 
in 2006.
Backing by Johnson's own band : Bill Johnson (vocals / piano) ; John 
Winfield (guitar) ; Hubert Perry (bass) ; St. Clair Pinckney (tenor sax) ; 
Albrister Cook (baritone sax) ; Sammie Jackson (drums) ; The Gene Lowery 
Singers (vocal chorus).
Produced by Charles Underwood at the new Sun studio in Memphis.

January 15, 1960 : DUANE EDDY completes the recording of his fourth LP,
"Songs Of Our Heritage" (Jamie LP 3011, June). The final four tracks of
this 11-track album are "Scarlet Ribbons", "Streets Of Laredo", "Top of
Old Smokey" and "The Wayfaring Stranger". 
Personnel : Duane Eddy (Spanish guitar) ; Al Casey (bass) : Jim Horn
(flute) ; Unknown (harmonica).
Produced by Lee Hazlewood and Lester Sill at Audio Recorders in Phoenix,
Arizona. The LP was mixed and mastered by Eddie Brackett at United
Recorders in Hollywood on June 2, 1960.

January 15-16, 1960 : Another session by DON GIBSON this month. On the
first day he records "Lonely Street", "On the Banks of the Old Ponchartrain",
"Why Don't You Love Me", "If I Can Stay Away" and "Never Love Again".
On January 16 he lays down "The Streets Of Laredo", "My Love For You",
"My Hands Are Tied" and "It Only Hurts For A Little While".
All tracks will be included on the LP "Look Who's Blue" (RCA LPM 2184,
Personnel : Don Gibson (vocals / guitar) ; Chet Atkins, Ray Edenton, Leon 
Button (guitars) ; Junior Huskey (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Douglas
Kirkham (drums) ; The Jordanaires (vocal chorus). On January 16 Buddy
Harman replaces Douglas Kirkham.
Produced by Chet Atkins at Nashville's RCA Victor studio.

January 16, 1960 : Second RCA session for JIMMY EDWARDS. The harvest is
the single "Rosie Lee"/"Live And Let Live" (RCA 47-7717, March). A third
track, "Sorry I Lied" (previously recorded by Cliff Thomas) is consigned
to the vaults, until it is saved by Bear Family and included on Jimmy's
CD "Love Bug Crawl" (BCD 16621) in 2010.
Personnel : Hank Garland, Grady Martin (guitars) ; Bob Moore (bass) ;
Ed Thomas (piano / arranger) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ; James Cason, Hugh
Jarrett, Marijohn Wilkin, Richard Williams (vocal chorus).
Produced by Jack Clement at Nashville's RCA Victor Studio.

January 18, 1960 : In New York City, THE CRESTS cut their next single,
"Step By Step"/"Gee (But I'd Give the World)" (Coed 525, February, a
# 14 hit). "Journey Of Love" is released in August on Coed 535 (c/w 
"If My Heart Could Write A Letter" from a later session) and peaks at
# 81. Also recorded is "Say It Isn't So"/"The Great Physician" (Coed 527,
March), which is credited to Johnny Masters, a pseudonym for Johnny
Maestro, the lead singer of the group.

January 19, 1960 : THE DUBS are now contracted to ABC-Paramount and record
their next two singles on this day : "Don't Laugh At Me"/"You'll Never
Belong To Me" (ABC-Paramount 10100, April) and "For the First Time"/"Ain't
That So" (ABC-Paramount 10150, October).
The Dubs are : Richard Blandon, Cordell Brown, Billy Carlisle, Jake Miller
and Thomas Gardner.
Orchestra directed by Sid Feller. Location : New York City.

Wednesday, January 20, 1960 : CLYDE McPHATTER does a five-track session 
at Olmstead Studios in New York City. "Think Me A Kiss" becomes the A-side 
of his next single (MGM 12877, March, c/w "When the Right Time Comes Along" 
from a session on October 19, 1959). A minor pop hit (# 66). "One Right 
After Another" is also coupled with a song from the October 1959 session
("This Is Not Goodbye") and released on MGM 12949 in September. "Take A 
Step" follows in February 1961 (MGM 12988, c/w "The Glory Of Love" from 
a session on June 10, 1959). "Whisper Softly" and "I Know That Feeling
are used as tracks for the LP "Clyde McPhatter's Greatest Hits" (MGM SE 
3866, August), which will also include the other three tracks from this 
Arranged and produced by Ray Ellis. Orchestra probably includes King
Curtis on tenor sax.

January 21-25, 1960 : Marathon session for JERRY LEE LEWIS. Disguised as
"The Hawk", he cuts an instrumental single, "In the Mood"/"I Get the Blues
When It Rains" (Phillips International 3559, August). "Mexicali Rose" is
first issued on the LP "Rockin' and Free" (Sun 6467 029) in 1974. Jerry's
next single is "Old Black Joe"/"Baby Baby Bye Bye" (Sun 337, March, with an 
overdubbed vocal chorus, the Gene Lowery Singers). Also released as singles 
are "As Long As I Live" (Sun 367, September 1, 1961) and "Bonnie B." (Sun 
371, November 21, 1961). Seven other tracks - "Hound Dog", "Keep Your Hands
Off It" (aka "Birthday Cake"), "Don't Drop It", "The Great Speckled Bird",
"You Can't Help It", "Your Cheatin' Heart" and a first attempt at "What'd
I Say" - remain unissued for decades and will eventually appear on two LP's 
on the Zu-Zazz label (Z 2003, Z 2004, 1987-88) and/or on Charly Sunbox 109
("Into the Sixties", 1989).
Personnel : Jerry Lee Lewis (vocals / piano) ; Roland Janes (guitar) ;
R.W. Stevenson (bass) ; Jimmy Van Eaton (drums).
Location is the new Sun Studio at 639 Madison Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee.
Produced by Sam Phillips.

January 22, 1960 is the recording date of the TOMMY FACENDA single "Bubba
Ditty"/"I Don't Know" (Atlantic 2057, March). Location is New York City.
Personnel : Mundell Lowe, Bucky Pizzarelli (guitars) ; Milt Hinton (bass) ;
King Curtis (tenor sax) ; Bobby Byrne, Eddie Bert (trombones) ; Dick Hyman 
(piano) ; Joe Marshall (drums).
Arranged and conducted by Stan Applebaum.

January 22, 1960 : BOB LUMAN records at Gold Star Studio in Hollywood,
but all four tracks from this session are unissued and lost : "You're
My Top", "Come Completely To Me", "Blue Days" and "Lonely Road" (second
Personnel : James Burton, Billy Byrd (guitars) ; James Kirkland (bass) ;
Ernie Freeman (piano) ; Earl Palmer (drums).
Produced by Karl Engemann.

January 22, 1960 : In New York City, TEDDY RANDAZZO records four tracks,
all of which will be released as singles : "The Way Of A Clown"/"Cherie" 
(ABC-Paramount 10088, February, a # 44 hit), "But You Broke My Heart" (ABC 
10127, July) and "Broken Bell" (ABC 10228, June 1961).
Arranged and conducted by Sid Feller.

January 24, 1960 : FARON YOUNG waxes his next single, "Your Old Used
To Be"/"I'll Be Allright (In the Morning)", for release in March (Capitol
4351). A # 5 country hit. Also recorded is a first (unissued) attempt at 
"There's Not Any Like You Left", to which Faron will return in June.
Personnel : Hank Garland, Grady Martin, Darrell McCall (guitars) ; Bob
Moore (bass) ; Ben Keith (steel guitar) ; Marvin Hughes (piano) ; Buddy
Harman (drums).
Produced by Ken Nelson at Bradley Studio in Nashville.

January 25, 1960 : Three-track session for HANK SNOW. "Rockin' Rollin'
Ocean"/"Walkin' And Talkin'" is his next single (RCA 47-7702, February,
a # 22 country hit). "The Change Of the Tide" is the subsequent single 
(RCA 47-7748, June, B-side of "Miller's Cave" from a later session).
Personnel : Hank Snow (vocals / guitar) ; Velma Smith (guitar) ; Bob Moore
(bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Dutch McMillin (sax) ; Carl Garvin (trumpet) ;
Buddy Harman (drums) ; The Anita Kerr Singers (vocal chorus).
Produced by Chet Atkins at RCA Victor Studio in Nashville.

January, 25 and 28, 1960 : First RCA sessions for SAM COOKE. "Chain Gang"
is recorded on the 25th and released as his third RCA single in the last
week of July (RCA 47-7783, c/w "I Fall In Love Everyday" from a later
session). A # 2 hit, both pop and R&B. "Teenage Sonata" is first attempted
on the 25th and finished on the 28th. This becomes Sam's debut single for
the label (RCA 47-7701, February, a # 50 pop hit). The lower deck is "If You 
Were the Only Girl", laid down on the 25th. Sam's second RCA single is
"I Belong To Your Heart"/"You Understand Me" (RCA 47-7730, May), both sides
recorded on the 28th.
Personnel : Cliff White (guitar) ; Hank Jones (piano) ; Hugo Peretti (organ) ;
more details unknown.
Arranged and conducted by Glenn Osser. Produced by Hugo & Luigi at RCA Victor
Studio A in New York City.

January 25 and 27, 1960 : CONNIE FRANCIS records a single for the European
market : "Valentino"/"It Would Be Worth It" (MGM 1060, UK, March), as well
as "Teddy", which is issued as the B-side of Mama" (MGM 12878, February), but
still reaches # 17 on the Billboard charts on its own strength. Five other
tracks are laid down - "No One", "My Dream", "Cashin' In", "Swinging Medley"
and "I Think Of You" - all of which remain unissued until they are included
on the 5-CD box-set "Kissin', Twistin', Goin' Where the Boys Are" (Bear
Family BCD 15826) in 1996.
Orchestra conducted by Gus Levene. Produced by Ray Ellis and Jesse Kaye at 
Radio Recorders in Hollywood.

January 27, 1960 : PATSY CLINE records material for her next two singles,
"Lovesick Blues"/"How Can I Face Tomorrow" (Decca 31061, March 7) and
"Crazy Dreams"/"There He Goes" (Decca 31128, August 1).
Personnel : Harold Bradley (6-string electric bass) ; Hank Garland (guitar) ; 
Grady Martin (guitar / fiddle) ; Jimmy Day (steel guitar) ; Bob Moore (bass) ;
Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Buddy Harman (drums).
Produced by Owen Bradley at Bradley Studio in Nashville.

January 27, 1960 : THE MONOTONES record an answer record to their own
"Book Of Love" : "Reading the Book Of Love" (Hull 735), which will come
out in February, coupled with "Dream" from the same session. A third track,
"Forever Yours", stays in the can until the release of the Collectables CD
"Who Wrote the Book Of Love : The Hull Recordings, 1957-1962" (VCL 5427)
in July 1992.

January 27, 1960 : JACK SCOTT is at Bell Sound Studio in New York City
where he records eight tracks for the LP "I Remember Hank Williams" (Top
Rank RM 319, April) : "I Can't Escape From You", "Cold Cold Heart", "You
Win Again", "They'll Never Take Her Love From Me", "Crazy Heart", "Half
As Much", "I'm Sorry For You My Friend" and "Take These Chains From My
Heart". Three other tracks for the album were recorded earlier in the month :
"I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You" and "Your Cheatin' Heart" on January 4
and "May You Never Be Alone" on the 21st.
Vocal support by the Chantones. Produced by Sonny Lester and Bill Sanford.

January 27-28, 1960 : At Bradley Studio in Nashville, JOHNNY PRESTON cuts
nine tracks for his debut LP "Running Bear" (Mercury MG 20592, April) :
"Hearts Of Stone", "The Twist", "You'll Never Walk Alone", "Pretend",
"Danny Boy", "Dream" (all on the 27th) and "What Am I Living For", "Earth 
Angel", "Guardian Angel" on the 28th. Also recorded on January 27 is the
single "Feel So Fine"/"I'm Starting To Go Steady" (Mercury 71651, June).
Personnel : Hank Garland, Grady Martin, Kelso Herston (guitars) ; Buddy
Killen (bass) ; Hargus 'Pig' Robbins (piano) ; Boots Randolph (sax) ; Doug
Kirkham (drums) ; The Anita Kerr Singers (vocal chorus).
Produced by Bill Hall.

Saturday, January 30, 1960 : SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON is at the Chess Studio 
in Chicago to record his new single, "The Goat"/"It's Sad To Be Alone" 
(Checker 943), which is rush-released. "I Never Do Wrong" sees its first
appearance on the 2-LP set "This Is My Story" (Chess 2CH-50027) in 1972. 
"Cool Disposition" will eventually find a place on the LP "One Way Out" 
(Chess CHV 417) in 1975.
Personnel : Sonny Boy Williamson II (Rice Miller) (vocals / harmonica) ;
Robert Lockwood, Jr., Luther Tucker (guitars) ; Willie Dixon (bass) ;
Otis Spann (piano) ; Fred Below (drums).
Produced by Leonard Chess.

(Circa) January 1960, unknown date : BENNY BARNES records his next two
singles : "That-A Boy Willie"/"Token Of Love" (Mercury 71600, March) and
"Pretty Little Girl"/"Message in the Wind" (Mercury 71637, June), at
Bradley Studio in Nashville.
Produced by Shelby Singleton.

(Probably) January 1960 : BOYD BENNETT is in Nashville (Bradley Studio)
where he waxes his next two singles : "It's Wonderful"/"Amo, Amas, Amat"
(Mercury 71605, March) and "Seventeen"/"Sarasota" (Mercury 71648, June).
"Seventeen" is a remake of Bennett's big 1955 hit and has Al Henderson
as the lead vocalist. Bennett himself is the singer on the other three
tracks. The vocal chorus comes courtesy of the Anita Kerr Singers.

January 1960, unknown date : TEDDY REDELL records his best known single,
"Judy"/"Can't You See" at KLCN radio station in Blytheville, Arkansas.
First released on Vaden 116 in February, then picked up for national 
distribution by Atlantic and reissued on Atco 6162 in March.
Personnel : Teddy Redell (vocals / piano) ; Fred Dale Douglas (guitar) ;
Ray Molenick (bass) ; Kinky King (drums).
Produced by Arlen Vaden.

With thanks to Bill Daniels, the late Roy Simonds, Steve Walker, Tapio
Väisänen, Mike Thompson and Henk Gorter. 
Additions and corrections welcome.

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