June 1, 1960 : ERNIE BARTON does a session at the new Sun studio (639
Madison Avenue, Memphis), but all songs have remained unissued until now.
They are : "Have You Ever Been Lonely", "Have I Told You Lately That I
Love You", "Herd Of Turtles", "Hey Good Lookin'", "I Walk the Line",
"I Was Born For You", "No Good Without You" and "No Letter Today".
Personnel : Scotty Moore, Brad Suggs (guitars) ; Billy Riley (bass) ;
Larry Mohoberac (piano) ; D.J. Fontana (drums). And three violin players.
Probably recorded at the same session is a single by Ernie Barton's wife,
Bobbie Jean Barton. "You Burned the Bridges"/"Cheaters Never Win" is
released on Sun 342 on July 7, credited to Bobbie Jean.

Thursday, June 2, 1960 : At Bradley Studio in Nashville, BILLY BROWN 
records his next single, "Lost Weekend"/"Just Out Of Reach" (Republic 2007, 
August). (The booklet accompanying Billy's Bear Family CD from 2012 gives 
April 9, 1960, as the recording date, which is also possible.)
Personnel : Grady Martin, Hank Garland (guitars) ; Bob Moore (bass) ;
Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ; The Anita Kerr Singers
(vocal chorus).
Produced by Troy Martin for Joe Johnson. 

June 2, 1960 : PEE WEE CRAYTON records seven tracks at Gold Star Studio
in Hollywood. They stay in the vaults until they are released on side 2 
of the LP "Pee Wee Crayton Memorial Album 1948-1960" (Ace LP 177, UK) in 
1986. The titles  are : "Money Is All We Need", "Mistreated So Bad", "All 
Or Nothing At All", "Twinky" (instr.), "Blue Night", "Mojo's Blues" and
"Need Your Love So Bad". It is unclear for which company these tracks 
were recorded.

June 2, 1960 : Guitarist JOE MAPHIS records an instrumental single at
Radio Recorders in Hollywood. "Water Baby Boogie"/"Black Sombrero" is
released in July on Republic 2006.
Personnel : Joe Maphis (guitar / leader) ; Johnny Bond (rhythm guitar) ;
Bob Morris (bass) ; Bill Wardle (piano) ; Pee Wee Adams (drums).
Produced by Joe Johnson.

June 5, 1960 : JOHNNY CYMBAL makes his debut as a recording artist
with the single "It'll Be Me"/"Always, Always" (MGM 12935, August).
In the UK, the plug side is "Always, Always" (MGM 1106).
Produced by Jim Vienneau in Nashville.

June 6, 1960 : THE CHAMPS record one of their vocal numbers, "Alley Cat"
for release on Challenge 59086 in July (c/w the instrumental "Cocoanut
Grove" from a later session). Al Casey makes a guest appearance and some
sources mention him as the vocalist, but it is actually Dave Burgess, who 
has quit the touring group at this point, but still records with the group.
Personnel (probably) : Dave Burgess (guitar / vocals) ; Al Casey (guitar) ;
Bob Morris (bass) ; Jimmy Seals (tenor sax) ; Dash Crofts (drums).
Produced by Joe Johnson at an unknown Los Angeles studio.

June 6, 1960 : BRIAN HYLAND records the future number one hit "Itsy
Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini", released in the third week
of June. During the first two months of release, the record is pressed
on Leader 805, later on Kapp 342. The reverse, "Don't Dilly Dally Sally",
was recorded on June 1. Also laid down on June 6 are "Poor Little Fool"
and "I Don't Know Why", two tracks for Hyland's first LP, "The Bashful
Blond" (Kapp KL 1202, August).
Produced by Richard Wolfe in New York City.

June 6, 1960 : TEDDY RANDAZZO cuts four tracks in New York City, which
will be issued on four different singles : "Journey To Love" (ABC-Paramount
10131, July), "Happy Ending" (ABC-Paramount 10193, February 1961), "One
More Chance" (ABC-Paramount 10247, August 1961) and "Echoes" (ABC-Paramount
10377, November 1962).
Produced by Sid Feller.

June 7, 1960 : In New York City, LaVERN BAKER and BEN E. KING record two 
duets, "A Help-Each-Other Romance" and "How Often", which are released 
on Atlantic 2067 in July. 
Personnel : Everett Barksdale, Al Caiola (guitars) ; Wendell Marshall
(bass) ; Reggie Obrecht (piano / arranger) ; King Curtis (tenor sax) ;
Budd Johnson (baritone sax) ; Doug Allan (marimba) ; Ted Sommer (drums).
Produced by Ahmet Ertegun and Jerry Wexler.

June 7-8, 1960 : SONNY JAMES does his second session for the NRC label,
probably at Bradley Studio in Nashville. "Wonderin'"/"Gold in the Morning
Sun" is his next single (NRC 056, July), followed by "Bimbo"/"I Wish This
Night Would Never End" (NRC 061, November). A fifth track, "I'll Be There",
will also be released as a single, but not until 1965 (Hilltop G-22, also
coupled with "I Wish Tonight Would Never End").
Produced by Bill Lowery.

June 10, 1960 : FARON YOUNG is at Bradley Studio in Nashville to record
his next single, "There's Not Any Like You Left"/"Is She All You Thought 
She'd Be" (Capitol 4410, late July). A # 21 country hit. The A-side was
previously attempted on January 24, 1960.
Personnel : Hank Garland, Grady Martin (guitars) ; Darrel McCall (rhythm
guitar / harmony vocals) ; Lightnin' Chance (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ;
Marvin Hughes (vibraphone) ; Buddy Harman (drums).
Produced by Ken Nelson.

Monday, June 13, 1960 : First Imperial session by HUEY'PIANO'SMITH and 
the Clowns. "The Little Moron"/"I Need Someone To Love" is released on
Imperial 5721 in February 1961. "I Didn't Do It" is first issued on
the LP "The Imperial Sides, 1960-61" (Pathe Marconi 1546731, France) 
in 1983. "They Kept On Swinging" remains in the vaults.
Personnel : Curley Moore, Gerri Hall (vocals) ; Huey Smith (piano /
arranger) ; Justin Adams (guitar) ; George French (bass) ; prob. James 
Rivers, Robert Parker (saxes) ; Robert French (drums).
Produced by Dave Bartholomew at Cosimo's Studio in New Orleans.

June 13, 1960 : OTIS WILLIAMS and the Charms cover the Safaris' hit
"Image Of A Girl" (King 5372, July). Flip is "Wait A Minute Baby", also
from this session in Cincinnati.
The Charms are : Otis Williams (lead vocals), Rollie Willis, Winfred
Gerald and Matt Williams.

June 13, 1960 : At New York's Columbia Studio, LINK WRAY records "Mary
Ann", "Ain't That Lovin' You Baby", "Walkin' With Link" and "New Studio
Blues". The first two tracks (both vocal) will be used for a future single
(Epic 9419, October), while the other recordings (both instrumental) will
be kept in the can until 1992, when they see the light on the CD "Walkin'
With Link" (Epic / Legacy EK 47904). In 2002, the US label Sundazed will
release alternate versions of all four tracks on the 2-CD "Slinky - The
Epic Sessions '58-'61" (SC 11098).
Personnel : Link Wray (vocals / guitar) ; Shorty Horton (bass) ; Unknown
(piano) ; Doug Wray (drums).

June 13 and 15, 1960 : In New York City, THE COASTERS record the album
"The Coasters One By One" (Atco 33-123, October). Carl Gardner, the
initiator of the project, is allocated four songs : "Moonlight In Vermont",
"Moonglow", "Satin Doll" and "Willow Weep For Me". Cornel Gunter leads on
three songs : "Easy Living", Autumn Leaves" and "On the Sunny Side Of the
Street". Same with Will 'Dub' Jones : "You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To",
"The Way You Look Tonight" and "But Beautiful". Billy Guy sings only two
tracks on the LP, "Don't Get Around Much Anymore" and "Gee Baby Ain't I
Good To You".
Arranged by Stan Applebaum who also directs the orchestra.
Produced by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.

June 15, 1960 : GUY MITCHELL records with the Monty Kelly orchestra at
Columbia Studio A in New York City. "My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You"/
"Silver Moon Upon the Golden Sands" is released on Columbia 41725 in the
last week of June. It will become his last chart entry, peaking at # 45.
Also laid down is "Sunshine Guitar", which will be coupled with "Ridin'
Around in the Rain" (from a session on July 7, 1960) for release on 
Columbia 41853 at the end of October.
Produced by Mitch Miller.

June 15-16, 1960 : BOBBY DARIN records the live LP "Darin At the Copa"
at the Copacabana nightclub in New York City. Released in July on Atco
33-122. Will peak at # 9 on Billboard's album charts.
Produced by Ahmet and Nesuhi Ertegun.
On June 20, Darin records a cover of Edith Piaf's "Milord" (in French),
which stays in the can until May 1964 (Atco 6297, c/w "Golden Earrings",
recorded on May 25, 1961). A # 45 hit.

June 16, 1960 : In New York City, LITTLE ANTHONY and the Imperials cut
their next single, "I'm Taking a Vacation From Love"/"Only Sympathy" for 
almost immediate release on End 1074.
King Curtis is the saxophonist, more details unknown. The Imperials are :
Anthony Gourdine, Tracey Lord, Ernest Wright, Clarence Collins and 
Nathaniel Rogers. 

Friday, June 17, 1960 : THE SHADOWS record their first number one, the 
instrumental "Apache"/"Quatermasster's Stores" (Columbia DB 4484, July 15), 
at EMI's Abbey Road Studio in London, England. US release in August on
ABC-Paramount 10138.
The Shadows are : Hank Marvin (lead guitar) ; Bruce Welch (rhythm guitar) ;
Jet Harris (bass guitar) ; Tony Meehan (drums).
Produced by Norrie Paramor.

June 17, 1960 : During a British tour, CHAMPION JACK DUPREE records
an album in London, "Natural And Sinful Blues" (Atlantic LP 8045, early
1961). Tracks : "Seafood Blues", "Death Of Big Bill Broonzy", "Don't
Leave Me Mary", "Rampart Street Special", "How Long Blues", "Bad Life",
"Mother-In-Law Blues", "Slow Drag", "Dennis Rag", "Bad Luck Bound To
Change". Three songs remain unissued : "Shaking Mother", "When Things
Go Wrong" and "Jack Higgins Blues". An edited version of "Mother-In-Law
Blues" is released as a single (Atlantic 2095) in March 1961 (c/w "Evil
Woman", recorded on February 4, 1958).
Personnel : Champion Jack Dupree (vocals / piano) ; Alexis Korner
(guitar) ; Jack Fallon (bass).

June 17, CLYDE McPHATTER is at Fine Recording Studios in New York City
for a session with Jimmy Oliver and his orchestra. "I Just Want To Love
You"/"You're For Me" is released on Mercury 71692 in September. The third
track from this session, "I Ain't Givin' Up Nothin' (If I Can't Have
Something From You)" is coupled with "Ta Ta" (Mercury 71660, July), which
is recorded on June 20 (a # 23 hit), along with "I Need A Love Like Yours"
and "Who's Worried Now". These two tracks, as well as "Ta Ta", are included
on the LP "Ta Ta" (Mercury MG 20597, October).
Personnel : Everett Barksdale (guitar) ; Panama Francis (drums). More
details unknown.
Produced by Clyde Otis.

June 20, 1960 : DALE HAWKINS does a session at A&R Recording Studio in 
New York City. "Linda"/"Who" is selected for single release in October 
(Checker 962). "The Wind" stays in the vaults until Bear Family includes 
it as a bonus track on the "Dale Hawkins Rocks" CD (BCD 16826) in 2007. 
"Dogface" is unissued and probably lost.
Roy Buchanan plays guitar, more details unknown.
Produced by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.

June 20-23, 1960 : Former Blue Cap DICKIE HARRELL records the LP "Drums 
And More Drums" (Capitol T 1502, January 1961) at the Capitol Tower in Los
Angeles. Three tracks are recorded on June 20 : "Chocolate on the Rocks", 
"Hong Kong Hop" and "Rub A-Tub-Tub", followed by five tracks on the 21st : 
"Thumper Stumper", "Drum Safari", "Exotic Bird", "Swingeroo" and "Rocket 
Racket". The harvest of June 22 is "Goon Bat" and "Rock Rock Cha-Cha". 
Finally on the 23rd, Harrell cuts "Rock A Little Faster" and "Drivin' 
Around the Block" (as well as one unissued track with "holiday" in the 
Some tracks are overdubbed on October 4. There is a second drummer, Roy 
Harte, more personnel details unknown. All tracks are instrumentals.
Arranged by Don Ralke, Hank Levine and Jimmie Haskell. Produced by Ken 

June 21, 1960 : Another ABC session by GEORGE HAMILTON IV, at Bradley
Studio in Nashville. "It's Just the Idea" sees a release as a single in 
November (ABC-Paramount 10167, c/w "A Walk On the Wild Side" from a session 
exactly one month later). "The Wrong Side Of the Tracks" will get a place 
on the LP "His Big Fifteen" (ABC-Paramount ABCS 461) in October 1963.
Personnel : John D. Loudermilk (guitar / producer) ; Ray Edenton, Billy 
Byrd (guitars) ; Pete Drake (steel guitar) ; Lightnin' Chance (drums) ;
Buddy Harman (drums) ; The Anita Kerr Singers (vocal chorus)

June 21, 1960 : Saxophonist PLAS JOHNSON records four more tracks for
the album "Mood For the Blues" (Capitol T 1503, January 1961) : "One Mint
Julep", "Fool That I Am", "Blues In My Heart" and "Don't Let the Sun Catch
You Crying". The latter is also released as a single in September (Capitol
4436, c/w "Tanya", recorded on May 18). Four further tracks for the LP are
laid down on June 27 : "How Long Has This Been Going On?", "I've Got A
Right To Cry", "Please Send Me Someone To Love" and "I Wanna Be Loved".
Personnel : Plas Johnson (tenor sax) ; Rene Hall, Bill Pitman (guitars) ;
Red Callender (bass) ; Ray Johnson (piano) ; Ernie Freeman (organ) ; Earl
Palmer (drums). Plus a string section, arranged by Gerald Wilson.
The location is the Capitol Tower in Hollywood.

June 21, 1960 : Four-track session by JOHNNY PRESTON. "Charming Billy"/
"Up in the Air" is released as a single in September (Mercury 71691). It
reaches # 59 in Cash Box and # 34 in the UK. Also recorded are two tracks
for Johnny's second LP ("Come Rock With Me", Mercury MG 20609, January
1961) : "Please Believe Me" and "My Imagination".
Personnel : Hank Garland, Grady Martin, Kelso Herston (guitars) : Bob Moore
(bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Boots Randolph (sax) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ;
The Anita Kerr Singers (vocal chorus). Plus six violins.
Arranged by Kelso Herston, produced by Bill Hall at Bradley Studio in 
Nashville, Tennessee.

June 22, 1960 : THE CADILLACS (now billed as Speedo and the Original 
Cadillacs) record two tunes in New York City, both originally unissued.
"Louise" is first released on the Murray Hill LP box-set (M61285) in 1983,
and "Rock 'n' Roll Is Here To Stay" (not the Danny and the Juniors song)
on the Bear Family box-set ("The Complete Josie Sessions", BCD 15648) in

June 22, 1960 : HAWKSHAW HAWKINS records material for two singles, "My
Story"/"You Know Me Much Too Well" (Columbia 41811, September) and "The
Love I Have For You"/"No Love For Me" (Columbia 42002, April 1961).
Personnel : Hawkshaw Hawkins (vocals / guitar) ; Grady Martin, Harold
Bradley (guitars) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Tommy Jackson (fiddle) ; Floyd
Cramer (piano) ; Buddy Harman (drums).
Produced by Don Law at Bradley Studio in Nashville.

June 22, 1960: Earlier that day, Don Law produced another session at the
same studio, by CARL SMITH. His new A-side is "If the World Don't End
Tomorrow (I'm Coming After You)", also recorded by the Fairlanes on Argo
and Doug Warren & the Rays on Image. The reverse, "Lonely Old Room" is
also recorded at this session (Columbia 41729, July). The third track,
"Sweet Temptation", is eventually released on Columbia 43599 in May 1966,
c/w "Ring On Your Finger" from a session on February 21, 1964.
Personnel is probably the same as on the Hawkshaw Hawkins session (minus

June 23, 1960 : BOBBY FREEMAN does his first session for King Records,
at their studio in Cincinnati (1540 Brewster Avenue). "(I Do the) Shimmy 
Shimmy"/"You Don't Understand Me" is released in July (King 5373) and 
peaks at # 37 (pop) in Billboard. The other two tracks from this session 
have to wait much longer for a release : "Be My Little Chick-A-Dee" comes 
out in late 1964 on King 5962 and "There's Gonna Be A Change" on King 5975 
in early 1965.
Arranged by Bill Massey, more details unknown.

June 24, 1960 : At EMI's Abbey Road Studio in London, CLIFF RICHARD
records three tunes for his forthcoming "Me And My Shadows" LP (to be
released in October, Columbia SX 1261) : "Choppin' and Changin'", "I'm
Willing To Learn" and "We Have It Made".
Produced by Norrie Paramor.

June 24, 1960 : Meanwhile, in another London studio, BILLY FURY cuts
"I Got Someone", which is first released on the Various Artists double
LP "They Called It Rock and Roll" (Decca DPA 3087/8) in March 1980. It 
is now available on several Billy Fury CD's.

June 24, 1960 : BILLY LAMONT does a one-off session for King Records in
New York City. The resulting single, "Hear Me Now"/"Come On Right Now"
is released on King 5403 in October. 
Backing vocals by The Gibraltars. Arranged and conducted by Johnny Green.

June 24, 1960 is also the recording date of the BOBBY COMSTOCK single 
"Bony Maronie" (sic)/"Do That Little Thing" (Jubilee 5392, July). The 
sax player is probably King Curtis, other details unknown. Location is 
New York City.

June 25, 1960 : JOHN LEE HOOKER performs at the Newport Folk Festival
in Rhode Island. Three live recordings from this concert, "The Hobo"
(a.k.a. "Hobo Blues"), "Maudie" and "Tupelo" (a.k.a. "Backwater Blues")
will be released on the Various artists LP "The Newport Folk Festival, 
Vol. 1" (Vanguard LP 2087) in May 1961. "Tupelo" is also issued as a
single (Vee-Jay 366) in September 1960, c/w "Dusty Road" from a session
on March 1, 1960.
John Lee Hooker (vocals / guitar) is accompanied by Bill Lee on string

Sunday, June 26, 1960 : Third and final RCA session by JIMMY EDWARDS. 
"Silver Slippers"/"What Do You Want From Me?" becomes his last RCA single 
(RCA 47-7773, August). "Recipe Of Love" stays in the vaults until 2010, 
when Bear Family includes it on an 18-track CD by Jimmy ("Love Bug Crawl", 
BCD 16621).
Personnel : Jimmy Edwards (vocals / guitar) ; Hank Garland, Kelso Herston
(guitars) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Boots Randolph
(sax) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ; The Anita Kerr Singers (vocal chorus).
Produced by Jack Clement at RCA Victor Studio in Nashville.

June 27, 1960 : ALVIN AND BILL record their only single, "Typing Jive"/
"How Long" (Fernwood 124, August), at the Fernwood studio in Memphis.
Label credit goes to Alvin & Bill - The Invictors.
Dave Travis mentions the following personnel in his liner notes for the
"Fernwood Rockabillies" CD on Stompertime : Woodson Dixon (lead guitar) ;
Bill Collins (bass) ; Frank Tolly (piano) ; Johnny Bernero (producer /
drums). However, Alvin Holland was a guitar virtuoso and Bill Bennett a
fine pianist and it seems unlikely that they didn't play on their own 

June 27, 1960 : BOBBY CHARLES waxes his next two singles, at Cosimo's
Studio in New Orleans. "What A Party"/"I Just Want You" appears in July
on Imperial 5681, followed in September by "Four Winds"/"Nothing Sweet 
As You" (Imperial 5691). Both the A-sides will be recorded by Fats
Domino in 1961.
Produced by Dave Bartholomew.

June 28-29, 1960 : THE KALIN TWINS record eight songs during a two-day 
session at the Pythian Temple in New York City. All songs, except "True
Love", will eventually appear on the LP "When" (Vocalion VL-3771) in
January 1966 : "Canadian Sunset"*, "All I Have To Do Is Dream"*, "Vaya 
Con Dios", "I'll Never Be Free", "Cross Over the Bridge"*, "Crazy Arms" 
and "Tonight You Belong To Me"*. According to Bear Family, the tracks 
marked with * were first included on Decca DL 4063 in 1960, but this 
(Various artists?) LP was never released. "True Love" appears eventually 
on the CD "When" (Bear Family BCD 15597) in 1992.
Orchestra conducted by Jack Pleis. 

June 1960, unknown date : CHUBBY CHECKER records his version of Hank 
Ballard's 1958 recording "The Twist" (Parkway 811, July, c/w "Toot" from 
the same session). It will become the only record to top the Billboard 
pop charts during two separate chart runs, first in September 1960, then 
again in January 1962.
Personnel : Dave Appell (guitar / arranger) ; Joe Macho (bass) ; Buddy
Savitt (sax) ; Leroy Lovett (piano) ; Ellis Tollin (drums) ; The Dream
Lovers (vocal chorus).
Produced by Kal Mann at Reco-Art Sound Recording Studio in Philadelphia.

June 1960, unknown date : KING CURTIS cuts the single "King Neptune's
Guitar"/"Beatnik Hoedown", which is released on ABC-Paramount 10133 in
July. (Master numbers were assigned on July 7 in New York City.) 
These sides were not recorded by ABC, but purchased from Aldon Music 
and produced by Al Nevins. The guitar player is probably Bob Gallo. 

June 1960, unknown date : HOWLIN" WOLF does another session at the Chess
studio in Chicago. "Spoonful" is released on Chess 1762 in July, coupled
with "Howlin' For My Darling" (from a session in July 1959). "Wang Dang
Doodle" and "Back Door Man" are issued back to back on Chess 1777 in 
April 1961.
Personnel : Howlin' Wolf (Chester Burnett) (vocals) ; Hubert Sumlin
(guitar) ; Willie Dixon (bass) ; Otis Spann (piano) ; Fred Below (drums).

June 1960, unknown date : In spite of a hoarse throat, JERRY LEE LEWIS 
records five songs at 639 Madison Avenue in Memphis. "John Henry"/"Hang 
Up My Rock and Roll Shoes" is selected as his next single (Sun 344), 
issued on August 1. "C.C. Rider" is first released on the LP "Rockin'
Rhythm and Blues" (Sun LP 107) in 1969 and "When My Blue Moon Turns To
Gold Again" on the album "Rockin' And Free" (Sun 6467029, UK) in 1974.
A first attempt at "What'd I Say" is eventually released on Sun Box 102
(a UK 12-LP set) in 1982.
Personnel : Jerry Lee Lewis (vocals / piano) ; Roland Janes (guitar) ;
Billy Riley (bass) ; Martin Willis or Ace Cannon (sax) ; Jimmy Van Eaton
Produced by Sam Phillips and/or Charles Underwood.

June 1960, unknown date : JANIS MARTIN is back in the studio after an
absence of almost two years. Two singles are the result : "Hard Times 
Ahead"/"Here Today And Gone Tomorrow" (Palette 5058, July) and "Teen 
Street"/"Cry Guitar" (Palette 5071, January 1961). 
Personnel : Hank Garland, Grady Martin (guitars) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ;
more details unknown.
Produced by Jeff Kluger at Bradley Studio in Nashville.

(Probably) June 1960, unknown date : TEDDY REDELL records his next 45,
"Pipeliner"/"I Want To Hold You", at KLCN radio station in Blytheville,
Arkansas. It is first released on Vaden 301 in mid-June, but soon picked 
up for national distribution by Hi Records and reissued on Hi 2024.
Personnel : Teddy Redell (vocals / piano) ; Fred Dale Douglas (guitar) ;
Ray Molenick (bass) ; Jimmy Lamberth (sax) ; Kinky King (drums).
Produced by Arlen Vaden.

June 1960, unknown date : SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON (Rice Miller) does a
four-track session at the Chess studio in Chicago. "Lonesome Cabin" is
coupled with "Temperature 110" for release on Checker 956 in July.
"Peach Tree" will first appear on the LP "The Real Folk Blues" (Chess
LP 1503) in January 1966 and "Somebody Help Me" on the album "More Real
Folk Blues" (Chess LP 1509) in September 1966.
Personnel : Sonny Boy Williamson (vocals / harmonica) ; Luther Tucker,
Eddie King Milton (guitars) ; Willie Dixon (bass) ; Otis Spann (piano) ;
Fred Below (drums).

With thanks to Steve Walker, Mike Thompson and Henk Gorter.

Additions and corrections welcome.

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