October 1, 1960 : SAM COOKE records the A-side of his next single, "Sad
Mood" (RCA 47-7816, November, c/w ""Love Me" from a session on April 13,
1960). A # 29 pop hit (# 23 R&B). Also cut is "Tenderness", which sees its
first release on the LP "Three Great Guys : Paul Anka, Sam Cooke And Neil
Sedaka" (RCA LPM 2720) in March 1964. And one other, unknown title.
Arranged and conducted by Sammy Lowe, produced by Hugo and Luigi at
RCA Victor Studio A in New York City.

October 1, 1960 : MEL TILLIS does another session for Columbia. His new
single is "Walk On Boy"/"Say" (Columbia 41863, November). "If I Lost Your
Love" is also released as a single (Columbia 42262, April 1961, c/w 
"Party Girl" from a session on March 13, 1961). 
Produced by Don Law at Bradley Studio in Nashville.

October 4, 1960 : Only six days after his last session, JAMES BROWN is
back in Los Angeles to record another four tracks. "The Bells" is chosen
as the next single (King 5423, November, c/w "And I Do Just What I Want"
from the week before). "Hold It" and "The Scratch" (two instrumentals) are
released on King 5438 in January 1961. "Tell Me What Cha Gonna Do" is held
in the can until mid-1964 for release on King 5922.
Personnel : J.C. 'Billy' Davis, St. Clair Pinkney (tenor saxes) ; Al Clark
(baritone sax) ; Bobby Roach (guitar) ; Bernard Odum (bass) ; Bobby Byrd
(piano) ; Nat Kendricks (drums). 

Tuesday, October 4, 1960 : The instrumental group THE CHAMPS records 
"The Face" for their next single (Challenge 59097, November, c/w "Tough 
Train" from a session on August 25, 1960). Location is Hollywood, probably 
Gold Star Studio.
Arranged by Dave Burgess, produced by Joe Johnson.

October 4, 17, 1960 : RONNIE HAWKINS records the LP "Ronnie Hawkins
Sings the Songs Of Hank Williams" (Roulette R 25137, December) during 
two days of sessions at Bradley Studio in Nashville. The tracks are: "Cold
Cold Heart", "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry", "Hey Good Looking", "Jambalaya",
"I Can't Help It", "Your Cheating Heart", "You Win Again", "Weary Blues 
From Waitin'", "Lonesome Whistle", "Nobody's Lonesome For Me", "Ramblin'
Man" and "There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight". Two tracks are issued as a
single : "Cold Cold Heart" and "Nobody's Lonesome For Me" (Roulette 4311,
Personnel : Hank Garland (lead guitar) ; Harold Bradley (guitar) ; Bob
Moore (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Owen Bradley (piano) ; Levon Helm
(drums) ; The Anita Kerr Singers (vocal chorus).
Produced by Joe Reisman.

October 5, 1960 : Another session by LITTLE ANTHONY and the Imperials.
"Limbo, Part 1"/"Limbo, Part 2" is rush-released on End 1080 and "Formula
Of Love" also sees a release before the end of 1960 (End 1083). The flip
of that single, "Dream", is recorded on October 26, along with the album
tracks "If You Are But A Dream", "I Couldn't Sleep A Wink Last Night" and
"I've Got A Crush On You" (End LP 311, "Shades Of the 40's", December).
Produced by George Goldner at Bell Sound Studio in New York City.

October 5, 1960 : LLOYD PRICE cuts his next single, "You Better Know What
You're Doing"/"That's Why the Tears Come And Go" (ABC-Paramount 10162, 
November, a # 90 hit). "Say I'm the One" is saved for a later single (ABC-
Paramount 10197, March 1961, c/w "One Hundred Percent", from a session on
February 9, 1961). "I'm A Stagger Lee Man" remains unissued.
Arranged, conducted and produced by Sid Feller in New York City.

October 6, 1960 : JACKIE DE SHANNON is back at Liberty Records. Her new
single is "Lonely Girl"/"Teach Me" (Liberty 55288, October 25). "Shed A
Tear" and "I'm Gonna Search" have never been issued and are probably lost.
Personnel : Bill Pitman, Howard Roberts, Irving Ashby (guitars) ; Red
Callender (bass) ; Ernie Freeman (piano / arranger) ; Dick Glasser (unknown
instrument) ; Frank Capp (percussion).
Produced by Snuff Garrett at United Recorders in Hollywood.

October 6-7, 1960 : JOHNNY KIDD and the Pirates do a four-track session
at the EMI Studio in London (Abbey Road). Covers of "Linda Lu" and "Let's 
Talk About Us" are released as a single (HMV POP 853) on March 24, 1961. 
The other two tracks, "Big Blon' Baby" and "Weep No More My Baby" (cut
on October 7) will be included on the Various artists LP "Saturday Club" 
(Parlophone PMC 1130), which is released on December 2.
Personnel : Johnny Kidd (vocals) ; Alan Caddy (guitar) ; Brian Gregg
(bass) ; Clem Cattini (drums).

October 7, 1960 : At Radio Recorders in Hollywood, ELVIS PRESLEY records
the title song of the movie "Flaming Star". It is first released on the EP
"Elvis By Request" (RCA LPC 128, February 1961), which peaks at # 14 on the
Billboard Hot 100.
Personnel : Howard Roberts, Tiny Timbrell (guitars) ; Meyer Rubin (bass) ;
Dudley Brooks (piano) ; Jimmie Haskell (accordion) ; Bernie Mattinson
(drums) ; The Jordanaires (backup vocals).
Produced by Urban Thielmann. See also October 30-31.

October 7, 1960 : THE SHADOWS are at EMI's Abbey Road studio to record
the follow-up to their # 1 hit "Apache". "Man Of Mystery"/"The Stranger"
is released on November 4 (Columbia DB 4530) and will peak at # 5 on the
UK charts. Also recorded is "Theme From Giant", which will come out on an
EP called "The Shadows" (Columbia SEG 8061) in December.
The Shadows are : Hank Marvin (lead guitar) ; Bruce Welch (rhythm guitar) ;
Jet Harris (bass) ; Tony Meehan (drums).
Produced by Norrie Paramor. See also October 26.

October 12, 1960 : The final United Artists session of THE CLOVERS yields
four tracks that will make up their last two 45s on the label. "Burning 
Fire"/"Yes It's You" is released in November (United Artists 263) and 
"Have Gun (Will Travel)"/"The Honeydripper" in April 1961 (United Artists 
The Clovers are : Buddy Bailey, Billy Mitchell, Matthew McQuater, Harold
Lucas and Harold Winley. King Curtis plays tenor sax, more details unknown.
Produced by Lou Krefetz and Jesse Stone in New York City.

Thursday, October 13, 1960 : FRANKIE FORD's second Imperial session results 
in two singles : "My Southern Belle"/"The Groom" (Imperial 5706, November) 
and "Let 'em Talk"/"What Happened To You" (Imperial 5776, September 1961).
Produced by Dave Bartholomew at Cosimo Studio in New Orleans.

October 13, 1960 : At the new Sun studio in Memphis, backing tracks are 
recorded for three songs by JERRY LEE LEWIS : "When I Get Paid"/"Love Made
A Fool Of Me" (issued on Sun 352 on November 14) and "No More Than I Get"
(first released in October 1975 on the LP "Rare Jerry Lee Lewis, Vol. 2",
Charly CR 300 007, UK).
Personnel : Scotty Moore, Brad Suggs (guitars) ; Billy Riley (bass) ;
Larry Muhoberac (piano) ; Fred Ford, Ronnie Capone, Robert Alexius (horns) ;
Jimmy Van Eaton (drums). Jerry is temporarily banned from playing piano
on Union sessions. His vocals are overdubbed at a later date in October.
Produced by Scotty Moore and/or Charles Underwood.

October 13, 1960 : BOOTS RANDOLPH records a vocal single, "Big Daddy"/
"Bongo Band", for release in January 1961 (RCA 47-7835). Location is the
RCA Victor Studio in Nashville.
Personnel : Boots Randolph (vocals / sax) ; James Rich, Hank Garland,
Grady Martin (guitars) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Unknown (banjo) ; Floyd Cramer
(piano) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ; The Anita Kerr Singers (vocal chorus). 
Produced by Chet Atkins.

October 18, 1960 : Fresh out of the US Army, RUSTY AND DOUG have their
first session since December 1958. "Louisiana Man"/"Make Me Realize" is
selected as their next single (Hickory 1137, January 1961). "Diggy Liggy
Lo" will be released in July 1961 (Hickory 1151, c/w a rerelease of "Hey
Mae"). The fourth song, "(Our Own) Jole Blon" is used as an LP track 
(Rusty and Doug Sing Louisiana Man And Other Favorites, Hickory LPM 103, 
1961), but is eventually released on a single, as the B-side of a reissue 
of "Louisiana Man" (Hickory 1575) in July 1970.
Personnel : Doug Kershaw (vocals / fiddle) ; Rusty Kershaw (vocals) ; 
Hank Garland, Ray Edenton, Chet Atkins (guitars) ; Pete Drake (steel
guitar) ; Lightnin' Chance (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Buddy Harman
Produced by Wesley Rose at RCA Studio B in Nashville.

October 18, 1960 : Six-track session by CONNIE FRANCIS in New York City.
Three future Top 10 hits are laid down : "Many Tears Ago" (MGM 12964, 
October, # 7), "Where the Boys Are" (MGM 12971, January 1961, # 4) and
"Breakin' In A Brandnew Broken Heart" (MGM 12995, March 1961, # 7).
"Happy New Year Baby" is first released on a Polydor LP ("The Rock Sides,
1957-1964") in 1987 and "On the Outside Looking In" on the 5-CD box-set
"Kissin', Twistin', Goin' Where the Boys Are" (Bear Family BCD 15826)
in 1995. Also recorded is a German-language version of "My Heart Has A
Mind Of Its Own".
Arranged and conducted by Stan Applebaum.

October 20, 1960 : BUDDY KNOX records five tracks during his first
session for Liberty, in Hollywood. "Lovey Dovey"/"I Got You" is his
first single for the label, released on November 1 (Liberty 55290, 
a # 25 hit). "Ling-Ting-Tong"/"The Kisses" is the next single (Liberty 
55305, January 31, 1961, peaks at # 65). "Three-Eyed Man" will be saved 
until September 1961, for release on Liberty 55366 (c/w "All By Myself" 
from a later session).
Arranged by Ernie Freeman, produced by Snuff Garrett.

October 24, 1960 : PHIL PHILLIPS does a session at Bradley Studio in 
Nashville. His next single is "No One Else But You"/"I Love To Love You"
(Mercury 71746, December). "Betray" is also released as a single
(Mercury 71817, May 1961, c/w "Sweet Affection" from a later session).
A fourth track, "Love Is Wonderful" remains unissued.
Personnel (probably) : Phil Phillips (vocal / guitar) ; Jerry Kennedy 
(guitar) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Buddy Harman (drums).
Produced by Shelby Singleton.

October 24, 1960 : CHARLIE RICH is at 639 Madison Avenue in Memphis
(the new Sun studio) to record four tracks. "Red Man" is an instrumental,
released as Sun 354 on December 10, credited to 'Bobby Sheridan' and
coupled with another instrumental, "Sad News", from a February 1959 
session. "Now Everybody Knows" is first issued on the LP "Those Midnight
Blues" (Hallmark SHM 861, UK) in 1974. "Lonely Hurt Within" stays on the
shelf until the release of the 3-CD set "Lonely Weekends : The Sun Years
1958-1962" (Bear Family BCD 16152) in 1998. The fourth song from this 
session, "One Thing You Should Know", is eventually released in 2000 on 
the CD "Beyond Your Wildest Dreams" (on the Dressed To Kill label!).
Personnel : Charlie Rich (vocals / piano) ; Sid Manker (guitar) ; Fred
Ford (tenor sax) ; R.W. Stevenson (bass) ; Jimmy Van Eaton (drums).
Produced by Sam Phillips and / or Charles Underwood.

October 24, 1960 : NEIL SEDAKA records his next 45, "Calendar Girl"/
"The Same Old Fool" (RCA 47-7829, December) at RCA Victor Studio A in 
New York City. A # 4 hit.
Personnel : Al Caiola, Bucky Pizzarelli, Art Ryerson, Bill Suyker
(guitars) ; George Duvivier (bass) ; Ernie Hayes (piano) ; Jerome
Richardson (sax) ; Panama Francis (drums) ; Joe Venuto (percussion).
Plus six violins. 
Arranged by Stan Applebaum. Produced by Al Nevins and Don Kirshner.
On October 10, 12 and 20, Neil recorded the 12 tracks for the album
"Circulate" (RCA LPM 2317, 1961), aimed at an adult audience.

October 25, 1960 : LITTLE WILLIE JOHN is in Cincinnati to record "You
Hurt Me", the B-side of his next single (King 5428, November, c/w the
# 21 R&B hit "Walk Slow", recorded on July 8, 1960). Willie shares the
vocals with HANK BALLARD on "I Like To See My Baby", which is first
released on the LP "Sure Things" (King LP 739) in March 1961 (and a few
months later on the Hank Ballard LP "Let's Go Again", King LP 748).
Personnel unknown. Produced by Syd Nathan.

October 25, 1960 : Guitarist ROY MONTRELL (from Fats Domino's band)
records an instrumental single, "Mudd"/"The Montrell" (Minit 619,
January 1961) in New Orleans. The B-side features a string section.

October 26, 1960 is the recording date of the VARETTA DILLARD single 
"Mercy Mister Percy"/"A Little Bitty Tear" (Cub 9083, December). "You 
Don't Know What You're Missing" stays on the shelf until it is released 
by Bear Family (CD "The Lovin' Bird : Complete Recordings 1958-1961,
Vol. 1, BCD 15432) in 1989.
King Curtis is the saxophonist, more details unknown.
Produced by Otis Blackwell at Regent Sound Studios in New York City.

October 26, 1960 : At Master Recorders in Hollywood, RICKY NELSON
records his next single, "You Are the Only One"/"Milkcow Blues", for
release on Imperial 5707 in November. Both sides will chart, peaking
at # 25 and # 79 respectively.
Personnel : Ricky Nelson (vocals / rhythm guitar) ; James Burton
(lead guitar) ; Joe Osborn (bass) ; Ray Johnson (piano) ; Richie Frost
(drums) ; Unidentified (vocal chorus).
Arranged and produced by Jimmie Haskell.

October 26, 1960 : Second October session of the British instrumental
group THE SHADOWS. Two tracks are laid down this time. "Midnight" will
become the B-side of "FBI" (recorded on September 13) in February 1961
(Columbia DB 4580). "Gonzales" will be issued as a single in several
European countries in 1961, but not in the UK, where it sees its first
release on the EP "The Shadows, No. 3" (Columbia SEG 8166) in June 1962.
Produced by Norrie Paramor in London.

October 26-28 and 30, 1960 : Busy times for WANDA JACKSON at Bradley
Studio in Nashville. An entire LP is recorded, "There's A Party Goin'
On" (Capitol T 1511, January 1961), as well as two singles. The album
tracks are : "Kansas City", "Fallin'", "Sparkling Brown Eyes", "Hard
Headed Woman" (all recorded on the 26th), "Bye Bye Baby", "It Doesn't
Matter Anymore", "Lonely Weekends", Tweedle Dee" (all recorded on the 
27th), "Tongue Tied", "There's A Party Goin' On", "Lost Weekend" and
"Man We Had A Party" (all recorded on October 30). The two singles are
cut on the 28th : "Riot In Cell Block # 9"/"Little Charm Bracelet"
(Capitol 4520, February 1961) and "Right Or Wrong"/"Funnel Of Love"
(Capitol 4553, April 10, 1961, a # 29 pop hit, also # 9 country).
Personnel : Roy Clark (electric guitar) ; Marvin Hughes (piano) ; more
details unknown.
Produced by Ken Nelson.

October 27, 1960 : Historic session by BEN E. KING, his second solo 
session after leaving The Drifters. The single "Spanish Harlem"/"First
Taste Of Love" is released in late November (Atco 6185) and reaches # 10
on the pop charts (# 15 R&B). "Stand By Me" follows in April 1961 (Atco
6194, c/w "On the Horizon" from a session on March 27, 1961) and is an 
even bigger hit (# 4 pop, # 1 R&B). Re-released in 1986, "Stand By Me"
hits the Top 10 again (# 9 US, # 1 UK). "Young Boy Blues" ends up on the 
B-side of "Here Comes the Night" (also recorded on March 27, 1961) in
September 1961 (Atco 6207). 
Personnel : Al Caiola, Charles McCracken (guitars) ; Lloyd Trotman
(bass) ; Ernie Hayes (piano) ; Romeo Penque (reeds) ; Gary Chester 
(drums) ; Phil Kraus (percussion) ; Elise Bretton, Lillian Clark, Myriam 
Workman (backing vocals) ; Unknown (strings).
Arranged by Stan Applebaum. Produced by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.
Location : Bell Sound Studios, New York City.

October 27, 1960 : The last Imperial session by THE SPIDERS results in 
the single "Tennessee Slim"/"You're the One" (Imperial 5714, December). 
The B-side is a remake of their first Imperial single from 1954.
The Spiders are : Leonard 'Chick' Carbo, Issacher Gordon, Bill Moore and
Oliver Howard.
Produced by Dave Bartholomew at Cosimo Studio in New Orleans.

October 27, 1960 : First Imperial session for EARL KING, also at Cosimo
Studio. He records material for two singles. "Come On, Parts 1 & 2", will 
be released in December on Imperial 5713. "Love Me Now"/"The Things That 
I Used To Do" follows in March 1961.
Personnel : Earl King (vocals / guitar) ; George Davis (bass) ; Leroy 
Derbigny (trumpet) ; Morris Bechamin, James Rivers (tenor saxes) ; Edward
'Kidd' Jordan (baritone sax) ; James Booker (piano) ; Robert French (drums).
Produced by Dave Bartholomew.

October 27, 1960 : Yet another Imperial session on this day, probably in
Los Angeles, by pianist RAY JOHNSON. He records the vocal single "Miss 
Marty"/"Lost In the Night" (Imperial 5709, November). Label credit goes 
to "Ray Johnson And His Music".

October 30-31, 1960 : ELVIS PRESLEY is in RCA Studio B in Nashville
to record the gospel LP "His Hand In Mine" (RCA LPM 2328, rush-released
on November 10). Tracks : "His Hand In Mine", "I'm Gonna Walk Dem Golden 
Stairs", "In My Father's House", "Milky White Way", "Known Only To Him", 
"I Believe In the Man In the Sky", "Joshua Fit the Battle", "He Knows 
Just What I Need", "Swing Down Sweet Chariot", "Mansion Over the Hilltop", 
"If We Never Meet Again", "Working on the Building". Also recorded are 
the future hit singles "Surrender" (RCA 47-7850, February 7, 1961, # 1)
and "Crying In the Chapel" (RCA 447-0643, April 6, 1965, # 3 USA, # 1 UK).
Personnel : Elvis Presley (vocals / guitar) ; Hank Garland, Scotty Moore
(guitars) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Boots Randolph (sax) ; 
Buddy Harman, D.J. Fontana (drums) ; Millie Kirkham, The Jordanaires
(background vocals).
Produced by Steve Sholes

Monday, October 31, 1960 is the recording date of the BUZZ CLIFFORD 
single "Baby Sittin' Boogie"/"Driftwood" (Columbia 41786, November). 
An international hit is the result, but it would remain Clifford's 
sole chart entry. Peak position in the USA : # 6.
Produced by Tony Piano at Columbia Recording Studio, New York City.

October 31, 1960 : THE LOUVIN BROTHERS record their next two singles
at Bradley Studio in Nashville. "I Love You Best Of All"/"Scared Of the
Blues" is released in January 1961 on Capitol 4506 and "I Can't Keep
You In Love With Me"/"Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow" in April 1961 on
Capitol 4559.
Personnel : Charlie Louvin (vocals / guitar) ; Ira Louvin (vocals /
mandolin) ; Jimmy Capps, Ray Edenton (guitars) ; Hank Garland (bass
guitar) ; Grandpa Jones (banjo) ; Junior Huskey (bass) ; Floyd Cramer 
(piano) ; Owen Bradley (vibraphone) ; Bill Ackerman (drums).
Produced by Ken Nelson.

October 31, 1960 : THE VIBRATIONS record six tracks in Chicago. Their
new single is "The Watusi"/"Wallflower" (Checker 969, January 1961), a 
# 13 R&B hit (also # 25 pop). "I Had A Dream", "Time After Time" and 
"People Say" will be included on their LP "Watusi!" (Checker LP 2978, 
spring 1961), along with the two tracks from the single. "Everlasting 
Love" stays in the can until 2004, when the double CD "The Vibrations 
Out Of Sight!! The Checker Years" is released.
Personnel : Jimmy Johnson, Carl Fisher, Dave Gowan, Don Bradley, Ricky 
Owens (vocals) ; Matt Murphy (guitar) ; Reggie Boyd (bass) ; Lafayette
Leake (piano) ; Johnny Board (tenor sax) ; Phillip Thomas (drums).

October 31, 1960 : JERRY WALLACE is at Radio Recorders in Hollywood
to record his next single, "There She Goes"/"Angel On My Shoulder"
(Challenge 59098, November). A # 26 hit. "I Can See An Angel Walking"
will be used as the B-side of "Life's A Holiday" (recorded on February
15, 1961) in April (Challenge 9107).
Produced by Joe Johnson.

October 1960, unknown date : DORSEY BURNETTE records another single
for the Era label, "This Hotel"/"The River And the Mountain" (Era 3033,
Produced by Joe Saraceno at United Recording Corporation, Hollywood.

October 1960, unknown date : THE DIAMONDS do a four-track session at
Mercury Sound Studio in New York City. "You'd Be Mine"/"The Crumble" 
is selected as their new single (Mercury 71734, November). "I Sho 'Lawd 
Will" is the subsequent single (Mercury 71782, February 1961, c/w "You 
Sure Changed Me" from a February 1960 session). Unissued from this 
session is "My Babe".
The Diamonds are : John Felton, Evan Fisher, Dave Sommerville and Mike

October 1960, unknown date : RAL DONNER cuts four tracks in Orlando,
Florida. "The Girl Of My Best Friend"/"It's Been A Long Long Time" will
be released on Gone 5102 in February 1961. It will give Ral his first 
chart entry, peaking at # 19. The other two tracks from this session, 
"Loneliness Of A Star" and "And Then" will appear in June 1963, on the
small Tau label (# 105) from West Palm Beach, Florida. "And Then" was
originally planned for release on Gone 5108 in 1961 (c/w "To Love"),
but this single was withdrawn.
Produced by Prewitt Rose and Jan Hutchins. Backing credit goes to "The

October 1960, unknown date : ETTA JAMES does a four-track session in
Chicago. Three of the four songs will be issued on three separate 45s :
"At Last" (Argo 5380, December, # 2 R&B, # 47 pop), "Trust In Me" (Argo 
5385, February 1961, # 4 R&B, # 30 pop) and "A Sunday Kind Of Love" 
(Argo 5393, May 1961, B-side of the # 6 R&B hit "Don't Cry Baby",
recorded in March 1961). "Stormy Weather" is a track for the LP "At
Last!" (Argo LP 4003, August 1961), which also contains the other three
tracks from this session.
Arranged and conducted by Riley Hampton, produced by Leonard and Phil

October 1960, unknown date : THE MIRACLES, 'featuring Bill "Smokey" 
Robinson' (as the label says), record "Shop Around"/"Who's Loving You" 
(Tamla 54034, October 15) in Detroit. An earlier version of "Shop Around" 
was released in Detroit on September 27, but producer Berry Gordy decided 
that the song needed to be re-recorded in order to be more commercially 
viable outside of Detroit. Peaking at # 1 R&B (for 8 weeks) and # 2 pop, 
this was Motown's first million seller.
The backing includes Marvin Gaye on drums and Berry Gordy on piano.

October 1960, unknown date : RAY PETERSON does his first session for 
the new Dunes label. It results in the hit single "Corrine, Corrina"/"Be 
My Girl" (Dunes 2002, November, # 9 pop).
Arranged and conducted by Bob Mersey, produced by Phil Spector at Bell
Sound Studio in New York City.

(Probably) October 1960, unknown date : GENE PITNEY's first session for
the Musicor label results in two singles : "(I Wanna) Love My Life Away"/
"I Laughed So Hard I Cried" (Musicor 1002, November) and "Take Me Tonight"
/"Louisiana Mama" (Musicor 1006, March 16, 1961). "(I Wanna) Love My Life
Away" will provide Gene with his first chart entry, peaking at # 39.
Produced by Aaron Schroeder at Dick Charles Recording Studio in New York

With thanks to Tapio Väisänen, Steve Walker, Peter Stoller, Mike Thompson
and Henk Gorter.

Additions and corrections welcome.

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