November 1, 1960 : THE EVERLY BROTHERS are back in the RCA Victor Studio
in Nashville to record four tracks. "Ebony Eyes" is released as a single
on January 13, 1961 (Warner Bros 5199, c/w "Walk Right Back", recorded on
September 17, 1960). A # 8 hit. "Temptation" will be released on May 12,
1961 (Warner Bros 5220, c/w "Stick With Me Baby" from a session on July
27, 1960). A # 1 hit in the UK, but only # 27 in the USA. "Lonely Island"
sees its first release in January 1965, on the LP "Gone, Gone, Gone" 
(Warner Bros WB 1585). "Why Not" stays in the vaults until the release
of the LP "The New Album" (Warner Bros K 56415, UK) in 1977.
Produced by Wesley Rose.

November 1, 1960 : The instrumental group THE HOLLYWOOD VINES (aka The
Rebels) records the single "When Johnny Comes Slidin' Home"/"Cruisin'" 
for release on Capitol 4511 in January 1961. Three tracks from this 
session remain unissued : "Twangy-Ten-Nine", "Cherie" and "Greensleeves". 
Produced by Nik Venet at the Capitol Tower in Hollywood.

Wednesday, November 2, 1960 : At Bradley Studio in Nashville, JOHNNY CASH 
records "Five Minutes To Live" and "The Losing Kind", both of which are 
first issued on the LP "The Unissued Johnny Cash" (Bear Family BFX 15016) 
in 1978.
Personnel : Johnny Cash (vocals / guitar) ; Luther Perkins, Johnny Western
(guitars) ; Marshall Grant (bass) ; W.S. Holland (drums).
Produced by Don Law. See also November 26.

November 2, 1960 : H-BOMB FERGUSON does what will turn out to be his 
last recording session, for Federal in Baltimore. Two singles are the
result : "Midnight Ramblin' Tonight"/"Boo Hoo (I'm Crying Boo Hoo Home)"
(Federal 12399, January 1961) and "Mary, Little Mary"/"I'm So Lonely"
(Federal 12411, April 1961). Also recorded are "The Mess Around" and
"Lady Queen", which end up on the LP (along with the other four tracks)
on the rare Various artists LP "A Little Rock and Roll For Everybody" 
(Audio-Lab LP 1567) in 1961.

November 4, 1960 : Four backing tracks are recorded by FATS DOMINO's
band in New Orleans (Cosimo's Studio), but only "Just A Little While
(To Stay Here)" will be overdubbed with Domino's vocal (at an unknown
date). The track will be released on the LP "Let's Dance With Domino"
(Imperial LP 9239) in May 1963. The other three unissued titles are : 
"Angel Child", "This Heart's On Fire" and "Love Don't Love Nobody".
Personnel : Clarence Ford, Buddy Hagans (tenor saxes) ; Roy Montrell
(guitar) ; Jimmie Davis (bass) ; Unknown (piano) ; Cornelius Coleman
(drums). See also November 14 and 18.

November 7, 1960 : Pianist FLOYD CRAMER cuts five tracks for the album
"Last Date" (RCA LPM 2350, late November) : "Too Young", "Moments To
Remember", "Mood Indigo", "I Need You Now" and "Tennessee Waltz". "Mood
Indigo" will also be used as the B-side of the future hit "On the Rebound"
(RCA 47-7840, January 1961, recorded on December 10, 1960).
Arranged by Anita Kerr, produced by Chet Atkins at RCA Victor Studio in

November 7-8, 1960 : ELVIS PRESLEY records songs for the film "Wild In
the Country" at Radio Recorders in Hollywood. The title song becomes the
B-side of "I Feel So Bad" (from a later session, RCA 47-7880, May 1961) 
and charts in its own right (# 26). "Lonely Man" is used as the B-side
of "Surrender", recorded on October 30 (RCA 47-7850, February 7, 1961)
and peaks at # 32 ("Surrender" # 1). "I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell"
appears as the closing track of the LP "Something For Everybody" (RCA
LPM 2370) in June 1961. "Forget Me Never" and "In My Way" are first
released in 1965 on the LP "Elvis For Everyone" (RCA LPM 3450).
Personnel : Elvis Presley (vocals / guitar) ; Scotty Moore and Tiny
Trimbell (guitars) ; Meyer Rubin (bass) ; Dudley Brooks (piano); Jimmie
Haskell (accordion on "Lonely Man") ; D.J. Fontana (drums) ; The 
Jordanaires (vocal chorus).
Produced by Urban Thielmann.

November 7-8, 1960 : At Bradley Studio in Nashville, JOHNNY PRESTON
records two singles, "(I Want A) Rock and Roll Guitar"/"A New Baby For
Christmas" (Mercury 71728, rush-released) and "Leave My Kitten Alone"/
"Token Of Love" (Mercury 71761, January 1961, a # 73 hit). The latter
two tracks will also appear on the LP "Come Rock With Me" (Mercury MG
20609, January 1961), along with "The Angels Gave You To Me", "Sitting
Here Crying", "Do What You Did", "That's All I Want" and "Just Little
Boy Blue", all from this two-day session. Originally unissued, but now
available on Bear Family are "Chosen Few", "I Played Around With Love"
and "Over and Over".
Personnel : Hank Garland, Kelso Herston and Grady Martin (guitars) ;
Bob Moore (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Boots Randolph (sax) ; Buddy
Harman (drums) ; Willie Ackerman (percussion) ; The Jordanaires (vocal
Produced by Bill Hall.

November 8, 1960 : Guitarist CHET ATKINS records three songs associated
with Elvis Presley. "Heartbreak Hotel" and "It's Now Or Never" will be
released on the LP "Chet Atkins, The Guitar Genius" (Camden CAL 753) in
July 1963. "Blue Moon Of Kentucky" sees its first appearance on the 
7-CD box-set "Mr Guitar : 1955-1960" (Bear Family BCD 16539) in 2003.
Personnel : Chet Atkins (guitar / producer) ; Velma Smith (guitar) ;
Junior Huskey (bass) ; Unknown (vocal chorus).
Location : RCA Victor Studio, Nashville.

November 9, 1960 : JO ANN CAMPBELL records her next single, "Crazy Daisy",
for release in the last week of November (ABC-Paramount 10172, c/w "But
Maybe This Year", from a session on July 11, 1960). Also laid down is a
remake of Joe Turner's 1955 recording "Boogie Woogie Country Girl", but
Jo-Ann's version stays in the vaults until it is included on the Various 
artists LP "Rockabilly Classics" (MCA LP 25088) in 1987.
Personnel : Al Caiola (guitar) ; Ernie Hayes (piano) ; more details not
Produced by Sid Feller in New York City.

November 9, 1960 : In Chicago, DEE CLARK records his next single, "Your
Friends"/"Because I Love You", for release on Vee-Jay 372 in January 1961.
Peak positions in Billboard : # 34 pop, # 30 R&B.
Produced by Calvin Carter.

November 10, 1960 : JACK SCOTT is at Bell Sound Studio in New York City
to record "Is There Something On Your Mind" and "Found A Woman" for his
next Top Rank single (TR 2093, December).
As usual, the Chantones provide vocal support, more details unknown.
Arranged by Bill Sanford, produced by Sonny Lester.

November 11, 1960 : THE JOHN BARRY SEVEN do another session at EMI's
Abbey Road Studio in London. The result is the instrumental single 
"Black Stockings"/"Get Lost Jack Frost", which is released on December 2
(Columbia DB 4554). A # 27 hit in the UK.
Arranged and composed by John Barry, produced by Norman Newell.

November 14, 1960 : LaVERN BAKER records two duets with JIMMY RICKS,
"You're the Boss" and "I'll Never Be Free", which are released back to
back in January 1961 (Atlantic 2090). A # 81 pop hit.
Personnel : Chuck Wayne (guitar) ; George Duvivier (bass) ; Seldon Powell,
Phil Bodner (saxes) ; Jimmy Nottingham, Ernie Royal, Joe Wilder (trumpets) ; 
Urbie Green, Dick Hixson (trombones) ; Ernie Hayes (piano) ; Gary Chester 
Produced by Ahmet Ertegun and Jerry Wexler in New York City.

November 14, 1960 : As on November 4, four backing tracks are laid 
down intended for FATS DOMINO, but only one track is actually overdubbed : 
"I Don't Want To Walk Without You" (Imperial LP 9239, LP "Let's Dance
With Domino", May 1963). The other (unissued) tracks are : "New Orleans 
Shuffle", "I Never Knew What Hit Me" and "You Little Rascal".
Personnel is the same as on November 4. Location is Cosimo's Studio in
New Orleans.

November 14, 1960 : Another Imperial session on this day, by ERNIE
FREEMAN and his combo, in Hollywood. "Hawaiian Eye"/"Heartbreak Hotel"
is selected as the new single (Imperial 5716, December). Unissued from
this session are "White Cliffs Of Dover" and one other untitled number.

Tuesday, November 15, 1960 : RONNIE SELF does his third session for Decca, 
at Bradley Studio in Nashville. None of the three tracks - "Ugly Stick",
"Some Other World", "Go Go Cannibal" - was released at the time. Bear
Family included them on Ronnie's CD "Bop-A-Lena"  (BCD 15436) in 1990.
Personnel : Hank Garland, Harold Bradley (guitars) ; Bob Moore (bass) ;
Hargus 'Pig' Robbins (piano) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ; The Anita Kerr
Singers (vocal chorus).
Produced by Owen Bradley.

November 15, 17 & 30, 1960 : THE VENTURES have three sessions this month,
all in Los Angeles. On the first day they record the single "Ram-Bunk-Shush"/
"Lonely Heart" (Dolton 32, December 29). A # 29 hit.
"The Shuck", "Torquay" and "Wailin’" (from the second session) plus "Harlem
Nocturne", "Blue Tango" and "Lonesome Town" (from the third session) will
all be used for their second LP, "The Ventures" (Dolton BPS 2004, February

November 16, 1960 : DAVE BARTHOLOMEW cuts his next single, "Yeah Yeah"/
"People Are Talkin'" (Imperial 5724, January 1961), at Cosimo's Studio
in New Orleans.
Personnel : Dave Bartholomew (vocals / trumpet / producer) ; Clarence
Hall, Warren Payne (tenor saxes) ; Meyer Kennedy (alto sax) ; Justin
Adams (guitar) ; Frank Fields (bass) ; James Booker (piano) ; Robert
French (drums).

November 16, 1960 : BOBBY CHARLES's final Imperial session results in
three tracks that have never been released : "Dog House", "Last Date"
and "Little Rascal".
Produced by Dave Bartholomew at Cosimo's Studio in New Orleans.

November 16, 1960 : RUTH BROWN is in New York City to record her new
single, "Sure 'Nuff"/"Here He Comes" (Atlantic 2088, December). Still
unissued from this session are "Wishful Thinking" and "Change Your
Personnel : King Curtis, Budd Johnson, George Berg (tenor saxes) ;
Danny Moore (trumpet) ; Abie Baker (bass) ; Joe Venuto (vibraphone) ;
Phil Spector (piano) ; Gary Chester (drums) ; Sticks Evans (percussion).
Arranged by Howard Biggs and Abie Baker. Produced by Jerry Leiber and
Mike Stoller.

November 16, 1960 : PATSY CLINE's first session under her new Decca
contract results in one of her biggest hits : "I Fall To Pieces"/
"Lovin' In Vain" (Decca 31205, release date January 30, 1961). A # 1
country hit (also # 12 pop). Also recorded is "Shoes", first issued 
(posthumously) on the LP "That's How A Heartache Begins" (Decca DL 4586, 
November 1964) and also as a single (Decca 25694) in March 1966.
Personnel : Hank Garland (electric guitar) ; Harold Bradley (6-string
electric bass) ; Randy Hughes (acoustic guitar) ; Ben Keith (steel
guitar) ; Bob Moore (acoustic bass) ; Hargus 'Pig' Robbins (piano) ;
Doug Kirkham (drums) ; The Jordanaires (vocal chorus).
Produced by Owen Bradley at Bradley Studio in Nashville.

November 17, 1960 : STAN FREBERG starts work on the comedy LP "Stan 
Freberg Presents the United States Of America, Vol. 1 : The Early 
Years" (Capitol W 1573, March 1961) with the track "The Discovery 
Of Electricity" (not on the original LP, first released on the 1989
CD version, Capitol 7 92061 2). "The Declaration Of Independence" 
follows on November 30. The latter features Stan Freberg as Benjamin 
Franklin, Coleen Collins as Sylvia, Byron Kane as Thomas Jefferson
and Paul Frees as narrator. Overdubs on December 21.
Music arranged and conducted by Billy May.
Location is the Capitol Tower in Hollywood.

November 17, 1960 : CLIFF RICHARD pays another visit to EMI's Abbey
Road Studio in London. All four tracks from this session will be 
released on the "Listen To Cliff" LP (Columbia SX 1320, April 1961) :
"We Kiss In A Shadow", "Idle Gossip", "Blue Moon" and "Temptation".
Produced by Norrie Paramor as usual.

November 17, 1960 : WARREN SMITH is at Radio Recorders in Hollywood
to cut his new single, "Odds And Ends (Bits And Pieces)"/"A Whole
Lot of Nothin'" (Liberty 55302, December 29). Also recorded is a first
attempt at "Call Of the Wild", later included on the CD of the same 
name (Bear Family BCD 15495, 1990). Warren would return to the song
in May 1961.
Produced by Joe Allison.

November 18, 1960 : For the third time this months, backing tracks
are recorded for FATS DOMINO. Only one of the four tracks is overdubbed
with Domino's vocal, "When You're Smiling", which is eventually issued
on the LP "Let's Dance With Domino" (Imperial LP 9239, May 1963). The
unissued tracks are "Don't Get Around Much Anymore", "Sugar Blues"
and "You Made Me Love You". Location : Cosimo's Studio, New Orleans.
Personnel is the same as on November 4 (plus a female chorus).

November 18, 1960 : ROBIN LUKE is at United Recording Corporation in
Hollywood to record four tracks. "All Because Of You"/"So Alone" is
released as a single in December (Dot 16170). "It Had To Happen" and
"Don't Cry, For You I Love" are first issued on the CD "Susie Darlin'"
(Bear Family BCD 15547) in 1991.
Backing vocals by the Johnny Mann Singers, more details unknown. 

November 20, 1960 : DUANE EDDY records his next single, "Pepe"/"Lost 
Friend", for release in December (Jamie 1175). A # 19 hit in the US 
and # 2 in the UK. The studio is Audio Recorders in Phoenix, Arizona.
Personnel : Duane Eddy (guitar / producer) ; Donnie Owens (guitar) ;
David Campbell (bass) ; Jim Horn (sax, flute) ; Larry Knechtel (piano) ;
Jimmy Troxel (drums).
Rebel yells (on "Pepe"), chorus and strings (on "Lost Friend") are
overdubbed on the next day, arranged by Larry Knechtel.

Monday, November 21, 1960 : THE PLATTERS have a productive session, 
completing nine tracks. However, only two of these were considered worthy 
of release at the time by Mercury Records. The other seven were first 
issued on the 9-CD Bear Family box-set "Four Platters and One Lovely Dish" 
(BCD 15741) in February 1994.
The titles are : "I Love You Truly", "Love Is" (LP track for Mercury MG
20669, "Song For the Lonely", 1961), "Love Is the Sweetest Thing", "Love
Is A Many Splendored Thing", "Don't Let Me Fall In Love", "True Lover"
(B-side of the next single, "If I Didn't Care", Mercury 71749, December),
"Rear View Mirror", "I Miss You So" and "I Just Got Rid Of A Heartache".
Location unknown.

November 21-22, 1960 : CONWAY TWITTY records ten tracks for the LP
"The Rock 'n' Roll Story" (MGM E 3907, March 1961), at Bradley Studio
in Nashville. "Blue Suede Shoes", "Great Balls Of Fire", "Jailhouse
Rock", "Treat Me Nice" and "Handy Man" are laid down on the 21st, 
"The Girl Can't Help It", "Shake, Rattle and Roll", "Diana", "Splish
Splash" and "Reelin' and Rockin'" on the 22nd.
Personnel : Al Bruno, Grady Martin, Ray Edenton (guitars) ; Lightnin'
Chance (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Boots Randolph (sax) ; Jack 
Nance (drums).
Produced by Jim Vienneau.

November 22, 1960 : BOBBY VEE is at United Recording in Hollywood for a
four-track session. "More Than I Can Say" will be released as a single in
February 1961 (Liberty 55296, c/w "Stayin' In" from a later session). 
A # 61 hit (# 4 in the UK). The other three tracks, "Long Lonely Nights", 
"Angels In the Sky" and "Mister Sandman" will be included on the album
"Bobby Vee" (Liberty LRP 3181) in March 1961.
Arranged by Ernie Freeman, produced by Snuff Garrett.

November 23, 1960 : CHARLIE RICH cuts four tracks at the new Sun studio
in Memphis, all unissued : "Darlena", Love You With All My Heart", 
"Tomorrow Afternoon" and a first attempt at "Who Will the Next Fool Be".
The tapes have not been found and are probably lost. Produced by Sam 
Phillips and / or Scotty Moore.

November 26, 1960 : Second November session for JOHNNY CASH, who cuts
his next single, "The Girl In Saskatoon"/"Locomotive Man", for release
on Columbia 41920 in December. No chart success this time.
Personnel : Johnny Cash (vocals / guitar) ; Luther Perkins (electric
guitar) ; Johnny Western (guitar) ; Marshall Grant (bass) ; Floyd Cramer
(piano) ; W.S. Holland (drums) ; The Anita Kerr Singers (vocal chorus).
Produced by Don Law and Frank Jones.

November 28-30, 1960 : Three days of sessions for JOHNNY BURNETTE, at
United Recording Corporation in Hollywood. "Little Boy Sad"/"Down To the
River" is chosen for the next single (Liberty 55298, January 3, 1961).
Peaks at # 17 in Billboard. "I Love My Baby" is a track for the album
"Johnny Burnette" (Liberty LRP 3183, December 15). "That's the Way I 
Feel"is first released on the CD "The Best Of Johnny Burnette" (EMI CDP
792924, UK) in 1989. Four tracks for LRP 3183 follow on November 29 :
"Singing the Blues", "Let's Think About Living", "It's Only Make Believe"
and "Oh Lonesome Me". "Dream Lover" and "You're So Fine" from November
30 also end up on LRP 3183, but "Blue Blue Morning" and "Pledge Of Love"
(the UK B-side of "Little Boy Sad") will appear on the LP "Johnny Burnette 
Sings" (LRP 3190, April 12, 1961). 
Personnel varies, but Bobby Gibbons (guitar), Red Callender (bass), Ernie
Freeman (piano / arranger) and Jerry Allison (drums) are present on all
three days.
Produced by Snuff Garrett.

(Probably) November 1960, unknown date : JOE BARRY records the single
"I'm A Fool To Care"/"I Got A Feeling" at Cosimo Recording Studio in
New Orleans. First released on Jin 144 in January 1961, then on Smash 
1702 about two months later. A # 24 pop hit, also # 15 R&B.
Personnel : Joe Barry (vocals / guitar) ; Cliff Fonseca (guitar) ; Leroy 
Martin (bass) ; Pat Curole (trumpet) ; Lloyd Toups, Don Stevens (tenor 
saxes) ; Lanny Boudreaux (piano) ; Sherril Rivet (drums).
Produced by Huey Meaux.

November 1960, unknown date : SLIM HARPO records seven tracks at Jay
Miller's studio in Crowley, Louisiana. "Rainin' In My Heart" will be 
released on Excello 2194 in January 1961 (c/w "Don't Start Cryin' Now" 
from a session in June 1960). A # 34 hit (# 17 R&B). Three tracks will 
be included on the LP "Slim Harpo Sings Rainin' In My Heart"(Excello 8003, 
August 1961) : "My Home Is A Prison" and the instrumentals "Moody Blues" 
and "Snoopin' Around". "Wild About My Baby" is first issued on the Various 
artists LP "Rockin' Fever : The Legendary Jay Miller Sessions, Vol. 15" 
(Flyright FLY 540, UK) in 1978. "That's Alright Baby" and "Lover's 
Confession" have to wait even longer for a release : on the CD "I'm A 
King Bee" (Ace CDCHD 510, UK) in 1993. 
Personnel : Slim Harpo (vocals / harmonica) ; Rudolph Richard, James
Johnson (guitars) ; T.J. Kitchen (bass) ; Willie "Tomcat" Parker (tenor
sax) ; Lazy Lester (harmonica) ; Sammy K. Brown (drums).
Produced by J.D. Miller.

November 1960, unknown date(s) : MEMPHIS SLIM records the LP "Chicago
Blues : Boogie Woogie And Blues Played And Sung By Memphis Slim" (Folk-
ways FG 3536, early 1961). Tracks : "Boogie Woogie Piano Styles", "Alberta", 
"Scandinavian Boogie", "Between Midnight And Dawn", "46th Street Boogie 
(Fast Boogie)", "The Big Race", "Chicago Rent Party" and "Down South".
Personnel : Memphis Slim (vocals / piano) ; Arbee Stidham (guitar) ;
Armond 'Jump' Jackson (drums).

November 1960, unknown date : First Starday session for MOON MULLICAN,
at Starday Sound Studio in Nashville. At least eight tracks are recorded
(possibly during two separate sessions). Four tracks are released on two
singles : "New Jole Blon"/"Farewell" (Starday 527, December) and "Ragged
But Right"/"Bottom Of the Glass" (Starday 545, April 1961). "Sweeter
Than the Flowers", "I'll Sail My Ship Alone", "Mona Lisa" and "Magnolia
Rag" (instr.) will be included on the album "Moon Mullican Playin' And 
Singin' : The King of the Hillbilly Piano Players" (Starday SLP-135, 1961),
along with the other four tracks.
Personnel : Moon Mullican (vocals / piano) ; Pete Drake (steel guitar) ;
Junior Huskey (bass) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ; Unknown (guitar, fiddle).
Produced by Tommy Hill.

With thanks to Bill Daniels, Tony Watson, Jarle Jensen, Steve Walker and
Henk Gorter.

Additions and corrections welcome.

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