Wednesday, February 1, 1961 : PAUL ANKA records his two biggest successes 
of 1961 : "Tonight My Love, Tonight" (ABC-Paramount 10194, late February, 
# 13) and "Dance On Little Girl" (ABC-Paramount 10220, May, # 10). The 
flip-sides of these hits, "I'm Just A Fool Anyway" and "I Talk To You (On
the Telephone)", were both recorded in 1959.
Arranged and conducted by Ernie Freeman. Produced by Sid Feller in Los

February 1, 1961 : THE DRIFTERS record four tracks at Bell Sound Studio
in New York City, which will be used as the A-sides of their next four 
singles : "Some Kind of Wonderful" (Atlantic 2096, March, # 32), "Please
Stay" (Atlantic 2105, May, # 14), "Sweets For My Sweet" (Atlantic 2117,
August, # 16) and "Room Full of Tears" (Atlantic 2127, November, # 72).
The Drifters are : Rudy Lewis (lead tenor) ; Charles Thomas (tenor) ;
Dock Green (baritone) ; Tommy Evans (bass).
Personnel : George Barnes, Alan Hanlon (guitars) ; Abie Baker (bass) ;
Ed Shaughnessy, Gary Chester (drums) ; Bobby Rosengarden, Ray Kessler
(percussion) ; Marcia Patterson, Marion Bye, Lois Winter (background
vocals) ; Unknown (strings).
Arranged by Stan Applebaum, produced by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.

February 1, 1961 : The biggest pop hit of 1961 is recorded on this day 
(7 weeks at # 1) : "Tossin' and Turnin'" by BOBBY LEWIS (Beltone 1002,
mid-February). The lower deck, "Oh Yes I Love You", is also laid down 
at this session. Location is New York City (unknown studio).
Personnel : Ritchie Adams, Eric Gale (guitars) ; Bob Bushnell (bass) ;
King Curtis (tenor sax mouthpiece) ; Haywood Henry (baritone sax) ; Paul 
Griffin (piano) ; Sticks Evans (drums) ; The Swanettes (vocal chorus).
Produced by Joe Rene.

February 1, 1961 : SHEP AND THE LIMELITES record their biggest hit,
"Daddy's Home"/"This I Know" (Hull 740), in New York City. Peak positions :
# 2 pop, # 4 R&B.
Produced by Hull's A&R man William Miller, who co-wrote "Daddy's Home"
with James Sheppard (Shep).

February 1, 1961 : Yet another New York session on this day : TITUS
TURNER cuts the single "Pony Train"/"Bla, Bla, Cha Cha Cha" (Jamie
1177, rush-released). Most pressings of this single are credited to 
THE CONDUCTOR, some to Titus Turner.
Produced by Mort Garson, whose orchestra also supplies the backing,
with the ubiquitous King Curtis on tenor sax.

February 3, 1961 : Three demos by DORSEY BURNETTE, recorded in Los
Angeles in the autumn of 1959, are overdubbed with bass, piano, drums 
and an extra guitar. "Circle Rock"/"House With A Tin Roof Top" is first 
issued on Imperial 5756 in June, then again on Imperial 5987 in August 
1963. "Water Boy" stays in the can until 1994, when the song is included 
on the CD "Johnny and Dorsey : The Burnette Brothers" (Rockstar RSRCD 005).
Studio unknown, probably in Hollywood.

February 3, 1961 : ERNIE FREEMAN and his combo cut the instrumental 45
"Swamp Meeting"/"That's All", for release in the last week of February
(Imperial 5732). Unissued from this session is "C.C. Rider, Parts 1 & 2".
The location is Los Angeles.

February 4, 1961 : at the RCA Victor Studio in Nashville ROGER MILLER
records "Every Which-a-Way"/"When Two Worlds Collide" for his next single
(RCA 47-7878, May).
Personnel : Roger Miller (vocals) ; Hank Garland and Velma Smith
(guitars) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Buddy Harman
(drums) ; The Anita Kerr Singers (vocal chorus).
Produced by Chet Atkins. 

February 4, 1961 : First Nashville session by GUY MITCHELL, at Bradley
Studio. "Follow Me"/"Your Goodnight Kiss (Ain't What It Used To Be)" is 
his next single (Columbia 41970, March 6). A Top 10 hit in New Zealand. 
Four other tracks are consigned to the vaults ("Breakin' In A Broken
Heart", "I'm Learnin'", "Slip Out of the Window", "I Can't Forget Your
Personnel : Scotty Turner (guitar / arranger) ; Grady Martin (guitar) ;
Harold Bradley (electric bass) ; Pete Drake (steel guitar) ; Boots 
Randolph (sax) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ; The Anita Kerr Singers (vocal 
Produced by Mitch Miller or Don Law.

February 6/7/8/10, 1961 : DUANE EDDY records the final tracks for the
"Girls! Girls! Girls!" LP (Jamie LP 3019, July) : "Patricia", "Tammy"
and "Carol". Also laid down are the basic tracks for "Drivin' Home"
(overdubbed in Nashville on February 22 and released on Jamie 1195 in
July, a # 87 hit) and "Runaway Pony" (overdubbed in Hollywood on April
30, 1962, and issued on Jamie 1224 in May 1962). These two singles are
coupled with LP tracks from 1959 ("My Blue Heaven" and "Just Because"
Personnel : Duane Eddy (guitar / producer) ; Al Casey, Donnie Owens
(guitars) ; David Campbell (bass) ; Larry Knechtel (piano) ; Jim Horn
(sax) ; Jimmy Troxel (drums).
Location : Audio Recorders, Phoenix, Arizona.

February 7, 1961 : FRANKIE FORD is at Cosimo's Studio in New Orleans
to record his next two singles : "Seventeen"/"Dog House" (Imperial 5735,
March) and "Saturday Night Fish Fry"/"Love Don't Love Nobody" (Imperial
5749, May).
Produced by Dave Bartholomew.

February 7, 1961 : LEFTY FRIZZELL does his only session of 1961, at
Bradley Studio in Nashville. "Heaven's Plan"/"Looking For You" is
released on April 3rd (Columbia 41984) and "I Feel Sorry For Me" on
December 15 (Columbia 42253, c/w "So What! Let It Rain", recorded on
May 26, 1960).
Personel : Grady Martin (guitar / arranger) ; Hank Garland, Harold
Bradley (guitars) ; Joe Zinkan (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Dale
Potter (fiddle) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ; Unknown (vocal chorus, poss.
the Anita Kerr Singers).
Produced by Don Law.

February 7, 1961 is the recording date of the # 3 hit by THE JIVE FIVE,
"My True Story"/"When I Was Single" (Beltone 1006, April).
The Jive Five are : Eugene Pitt (lead singer), Jerome Hanna and Billy
Prophet (tenors), Richard Harris (baritone) and Norman Johnson (bass).
Location : New York City, unknown studio.

February 8, 1961 : GEORGE JONES cuts eight tracks on this day, all
released as singles. "Tender Years"/"The Battle Of Love" (Mercury 71804,
April) will spend 7 weeks at the top of the country charts (also # 76
pop). "Did I Ever Tell You" (# 15 country) and "Not Even Friends" are 
duets with Margie Singleton, released back to back in August (Mercury
71856). "Aching Breaking Heart"/"When My Heart Hurts No More" is the
subsequent single (Mercury 71910, January 1962, # 5 country). "Waltz
of the Angels" (another duet with Margie Singleton, # 11 country) is 
released in May 1962 (Mercury 71955, c/w "Talk About Lovin'" from a 
session in July 1961). "I Want To Be Where You're Gonna Be" is saved 
until October 1962 for release on Mercury 72034 (c/w "When Two Worlds 
Collide", also from the July 1961 session).
Personnel : Kelso Herston, Ray Edenton (guitars) ; Hal Rugg (steel
guitar) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Shorty Lavender (fiddle) ; Hargus 'Pig'
Robbins (piano) ; Buddy Harman (drums).
Produced by Shelby Singleton at Bradley Studio in Nashville.

February 8, 1961 : HANK SNOW records material for two singles : ""Beggar 
To A King"/"Poor Little Jimmie" (RCA 47-7869, April, a # 5 country hit)
and "The Restless One"/"I Know" (RCA 47-7933, September, # 11).
Personnel : Hank Snow (vocals / guitar) ; Gene Martin, Howard White
(guitars) ; Junior Huskey (bass) ; Chubby Wise (fiddle) ; Doug Kirkham
(drums) ; The Glaser Brothers (backup vocals).
Produced by Chet Atkins at RCA Victor Studio in Nashville.

Thursday, February 9, 1961 : JERRY LEE LEWIS is the first artist to 
record at Sam Phillips's new Nashville studio on 7th Avenue. The result
is excellent. His new single is "What'd I Say"/"Livin' Lovin' Wreck", 
released on Sun 356 on February 27. A # 30 pop hit. "Cold Cold Heart" 
follows on May 26 (Sun 364, c/w "It Won't Happen With Me" (from a future 
session, June 12) and will peak at # 22 on the country charts. "I Forgot 
To Remember To Forget" is first issued in 1975, on the Charly LP "Rare 
Jerry Lee Lewis, Vol. 2" (CR 300 007, UK). 
Personnel : Jerry Lee Lewis (vocals / piano) ; Hank Garland, Kelso Herston
(guitars) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ; Unknown (vocal
Produced by Sam Phillips.

February 9, 1961 : Also in Nashville (Bradley Studio), on the same day,
MELVIN ENDSLEY has his second and final Hickory session. Two singles are
the result : "I Wish I Knew"/"Every Time I See the Sun Go Down" (Hickory
1141, March) and "Started Out A-Walkin'"/"How Lonely Can You Get" (Hickory
1152, September).
Personnel : Hank Garland, Harold Bradley (guitars) ; Don Helms (steel
guitar) ; Lightnin' Chance (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Buddy Harman
Produced by Wesley Rose.

February 9, 1961 : Meanwhile in New York City (Atlantic Studios), THE
COASTERS record "Little Egypt" for their next single (Atco 6192, April,
c/w "Keep On Rolling" from a session on February 26, 1960). A # 23 pop 
hit (# 16 R&B). "Girls, Girls, Girls" is a two-part single (Atco 6204,
July). Part 2 reaches # 96 on the pop charts. "Wedding Days" has never
been released.
Personnel : Carl Gardner, Billy Guy, Cornel Gunter, Will 'Dub' Jones
(vocals) ; Sonny Forriest and Alan Hanlon (guitars) ; George Barnes
(banjo) ; Abie Baker (bass) ; King Curtis (tenor sax) ; Mike Stoller
(piano / arranger / sped-up vocal at the end of "Little Egypt") ; Gary
Chester and Bob Rosengarten (drums).
Produced by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.

February 9, 1961 : Three-track session by LLOYD PRICE in New York City
(Bell Sound Studio). "One Hundred Percent" is the A-side of his next
single (ABC-Paramount 10197, March), coupled with "Say I'm the One",
which was recorded on October 5, 1960. The other two tracks from this
session, "Burning in My Heart" and "For You And Me", have never been
Arranged by O.B. Masingill, produced by Sid Feller.

February 9, 1961 : JACKIE DE SHANNON has a session at United Recording
Corporation in Hollywood. "Think About You" ends up as the B-side of
"Heaven Is Being With You" (from a later session) in June (Liberty
55342). "Go On Your Way" and "Take Me Tonight" are first released on 
the LP "This Is Jackie De Shannon" (Imperial LP 9286) in August 1965,
and "Try To Forget Him" on the album "You Won't Forget Me" (Imperial
LP 9294) in late 1965.
Personnel : Bill Pitman, Al Viola (guitars) ; Red Callender (bass) ;
Ernie Freeman (piano / arranger) ; Milton Holland (vibes) ; Earl Palmer
(drums) ; Dick Glasser (unknown instrument). Plus a string section.
Produced by Snuff Garrett.

February 11, 1961 : CHARLIE RICH is the next Sun artist to record at
the new Nashville studio. "Who Will the Next Fool Be"/"Caught in the
Middle" is selected for the new single (Phillips International 3566),
released on February 24. "Just A Little Bit Sweet" is the subsequent
single, in September (Phillips International 3572, c/w "It's Too Late",
recorded on May 27, 1960). A fourth track, "The Next Time", has never
been released and is probably lost.
Personnel : Charlie Rich (vocals / piano) ; Hank Garland, Kelso Herston
(guitars) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Jerry Tuttle (organ) ; Buddy Harman
(drums) ; The Anita Kerr Singers (vocal chorus) ; Unknown (sax, strings).
Produced by Sam Phillips.

February 12, 1961 : Also in Nashville, BOB LUMAN records his next 45,
"The Great Snowman"/"The Pig Latin Song" (Warner Bros 5204, March).
Also laid down is a first attempt at "Private Eye" (unissued / lost).
Luman will return to the song in June.
Backing by members of the Nashville A-team and the Anita Kerr Singers.
Produced by Wesley Rose.

February 12, 1961 : Two-track session by BOB MOORE and his orchestra,
at Nashville's RCA Victor Studio. "Hot Spot" will be used as the B-side 
of the international hit "Mexico" (to be recorded  on June 19) (Monument 
446, July). "Fireball Mail" is shelved until Bear Family releases the LP 
"Mexico" (BFX 15288) in 1989.
Personnel : Harold Bradley, Hank Garland (guitars) ; Bob Moore (bass /
leader) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Marvin Hughes (organ / marimbas) ; Boots
Randolph (sax) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ; The Anita Kerr Singers (vocal
chorus). Plus six violin players.
Produced by Fred Foster.

February 13, 1961 : GLEN GLENN does a session for the Dore label at 
Gold Star Studios in Hollywood. "I'll Never Stop Loving You" will be
issued on Dore 717 in 1964, credited to Glen Trout. "Wait Wait (One
Year Longer)" and "The Beginning of the End" will get their first
release on the Various artists LP "California Rockabillies" (Sunjay 
SJLP 582, Sweden) in 1989, credited to Gary Lambert.
Personnel : Gary Lambert (lead guitar) ; Bobby George (rhythm guitar) ;
Guybo Smith (bass) ; Unknown (sax, possibly Plas Johnson) ; Joe O'Dell
(drums) ; Jean Lambert, Glenda Smith, Joan Mosby (background vocals).

February 14, 1961 : First RCA session for SONNY JAMES, at Nashville's
RCA Victor Studio. A vocal version of the Shadows hit "Apache" is coupled 
with "Magnetism" for release on RCA 47-7858 at the end of February.
Personnel : Sonny James (vocals / guitar) ; Hank Garland, Velma Williams
(guitars) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Buddy Harman
(drums) ; The Anita Kerr Singers (vocal chorus).
Produced by Chet Atkins.

February 15, 1961 : Guitarist AL CAIOLA records his biggest hit, "Bonanza"/
"Bounty Hunter" (United Artists 302, released on February 28). Credited to 
Al Caiola and his Orchestra, it will peak at # 19 on the Billboard Hot 100.
Produced by Don Costa in New York City.

February 15, 1961 : BURL IVES cuts five tracks in two days. "Long Black
Veil"/"Forty Hour Week" is released in April on Decca 31248. "A Little 
Bitty Tear"/"Shanghied" follows on November 13 (Decca 31330). "A Little
Bitty Tear" will become the biggest hit of his career : # 2 country, # 9
pop, also # 9 UK. "The Almighty Dollar Bill" is included on the LP "The 
Versatile Burl Ives" (Decca DL 4152, March), along with the other four 
tracks. Location : Bradley Studio, Nashville.
Personnel : Grady Martin, Hank Garland, Harold Bradley (guitars) ; Bob
Moore (bass) ; Owen Bradley (piano / producer) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ;
The Anita Kerr Singers (vocal chorus).

February 15, 1961 : THE MARCELS cut seven songs at RCA Studios in New
York City. "Blue Moon" and "Goodbye To Love" are rush-released as a 
single (Colpix 186, a # 1 hit in the US and UK) and together with four
other tracks ("Peace Of Mind", "I'll Be Forever Loving You", "Most Of 
All" and "Sunday Kind Of Love") they will appear on the LP "Blue Moon"
in July (Colpix LP 416). A future single from this session is "Loved
Her the Whole Week Through" (Colpix 651, August 1962, c/w "Friendly
Loans", recorded on July 23, 1962).
The Marcels are : Cornelius Harp (lead) ; Richard Knauss (baritone) ;
Ronald Mundy (first tenor) ; Fred Johnson (bass) ; Gene Bricker (second
Produced by Stu Phillips. 

February 16, 1961 : BUZZ CLIFFORD records the follow-up to "Baby Sittin'
Boogie", a song called "Three Little Fishes" (Columbia 41979, March, c/w 
"Simply Because" from a session on January 23, 1961). Also recorded are 
"I'll Never Forget" and "The Awakening", which will be coupled for the 
subsequent single (Columbia 42019, June).
Produced by Tony Piano at Columbia Recording Studio in New York City.

Saturday, February 18, 1961 : THE SHADOWS record the A-side of their 
next single, "The Frightened City" (Columbia DB 4637, May 5, a # 3 UK 
hit). Flip is "Back Home", recorded on September 5, 1960. One other 
track is laid down, "Blue Star", which will be included on their debut 
album, "The Shadows" (Columbia SX 1374, September).
Personnel : Hank Marvin (lead guitar) ; Bruce Welch (rhythm guitar) ;
Jet Harris (bass) ; Tony Meehan (drums).
Produced by Norrie Paramor at EMI's Abbey Road Studio in London.

February 19, 1961 : RONNIE HAIG records four tracks at WIBC Radio in 
Indianapolis, Indiana, but they had to wait three decades for a release. 
"Open House"/"Unforgotten Love" is eventually released on Silverball 101 
in October 1992 and "Mucho Fine"/"Go On, Go On" on Silverball 105 in
February 1995.
Backing by The Crowns : Bill Stewart (guitar) ; Jack Scott (bass) ; 
Marden Baker (saxophone) ; Larry Goshen (drums).

February 22, 1961 : WEE WILLIE WAYNE does a session in Los Angeles
for Imperial. "I Got To Be Careful"/"Woman I'm Tired" is released on
Imperial 5737 in March. A new version of "Tend To Your Business" will 
appear on the Various artists LP "A World Of Blues, Vol. 1" (Imperial
LP 9210) in October 1962. (Wayne's earlier version was a # 2 R&B hit in
1951 (Sittin' In With 588)). "All I'm Asking Of You" remains unissued.
Personnel includes Plas Johnson on sax and Earl Palmer on drums, more
details unknown.

February 23, 1961 : JOHNNY PRESTON cuts the B-side of his next single,
"I Feel Good" (Mercury 71803, April) ; the A-side is "Willy Walk" from
a September 1960 session. A first version of "Four Letter Word" will be
selected for the CD "Running Bear" (Bear Family BCD 15473) in 1989, and 
a second version plus "Lucky In Love" are released on the CD "Johnny
Preston : The Stereo Recordings" (Bear Family BCD 16234) in 1998. 
Personnel includes Ray Edenton (guitar), Bob Moore (bass) and Buddy 
Harman (drums), more details unknown.
Produced by Bill Hall at Bradley Studio in Nashville.

February 23, 1961 : Another Mercury session at Bradley Studio on this
day. EDDIE NOACK records the single "Shotgun House"/"Where Do You Go
(When You Say Goodnight)", for release on Mercury 71805 in April. 
"Invisible Stripes" and "Same Old Mistakes" are first released on the
3-CD set "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" (Bear Family BCD 17142) in 2012
(at least in the versions recorded at this session).
Personnel : Eddie Noack (vocals / guitar) ; Johnny Mathis (harmony 
vocals) ; prob. Grady Martin (lead guitar) ; Unknown (steel guitar) ;
Lightnin' Chance (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Curley Herndon
(fiddle) ; Budddy Harman (drums).
Produced by Shelby Singleton.

February 23, 1961 : THE TOP NOTES record two singles in New York City :
"Hearts Of Stone"/"The Basic Thing" (Atlantic 2097, March) and "Twist
and Shout" (the original version!) c/w "Always Late (Why Lead Me On)" 
(Atlantic 2115, August). 
Personnel : Derek Martin, Howard Guyton (vocals) ; Bucky Pizzarelli and
Alan Hanlon (guitars) ; Abie Baker (bass) ; Ernie Hayes (piano) ; King
Curtis (tenor sax) ; Phil Kraus (xylophone) ; Panama Francis (drums) ;
Gary Chester (percussion) ; Unknown (strings, female background vocals).
Arranged by Teddy Randazzo, produced by Phil Spector.

February 23, 1961 : TIMI YURO makes her debut as a recording artist with 
the single "Hurt"/"I Apologize" (Liberty 55343, June 23). The A-side will
reach # 4 on the Billboard charts. "I Apologize" charts in its own right,
peaking at # 72.
Arranged and conducted by Belford Hendricks in Los Angeles.

February 24, 1961 : JO-ANN CAMPBELL cuts her next single, "Motor Cycle
Michael"/"Puka Puka Pants" (ABC-Paramount 10200, March). It will become
her only UK chart entry (# 41). Also recorded is "Mama Don't Want No
Twistin'"(ABC-Paramount 10258, October), which will be coupled with
"Duane", to be recorded on April 27.
Produced by Sid Feller in New York City.

February 24, 1961 : The backing tracks are recorded for two future
JOHNNY CASH singles, at Radio Recorders in Hollywood. "Forty Shades Of 
Green" is released as the B-side of "The Rebel - Johnny Yuma" (recorded 
on August 14, 1959) in April (Columbia 41995). "The Big Battle" appears 
in February 1962 (Columbia 42301, c/w "When I've Learned", see February 
27). A # 24 country hit. Cash's vocals are overdubbed on March 23, over
the vocals of Johnny Western.
Personnel : Johnny Western (vocals / guitar) : Billy Strange (guitar) ; 
Buddy Clark (bass) ; Hubert Anderson (vibes) ; Irving Kluyer (drums); 
possibly B.J. Baker Group (background vocals). Plus an 8-piece string 
Arranged by Billy Liebert, produced by Don Law and Frank Jones.
See also February 27.

Monday, February 27, 1961 : Second King session by BOBBY FREEMAN, at 
the King Studio in Cincinnati. "Fever" stays in the can until October 
1964 when it is released on King 5953 (c/w "What Can I Do", recorded 
on March 2, 1961). "Come To Me" follows in February 1965 (King 5975, 
c/w "There's Gonna Be A Change" from a session on June 23, 1960). 
"Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight" is eventually included on the Various 
artists CD "Hunky Dory : King Vocal Groups, Vol. 3" (Ace CDCHD 1048) 
in 2005. "Bony Moronie" gets its first release on Bobby's CD "Give My 
Heart A Break : The Complete King Recordings" (Ace CDCHD 1232) in 2009.
Arranged by Bill Massey.

February 27, 1961 : ROY ORBISON is back in Nashville (RCA Victor Studio)
to record four tracks, all of which will appear on his second Monument LP, 
"Crying" (M 4007, January 1962) : "Running Scared", "Love Hurts", "Let's 
Make a Memory" and "Night Life". Prior to that, the first two titles are
released as a single in March 1961 (Monument 438). "Running Scared" will
become Roy's first # 1 hit.
Accompaniment by "Bob Moore's orchestra and chorus", according to the
label. Producer : Bob Moore ; executive producer Fred Foster.

February 27, 1961 : More backing tracks are recorded for material by
JOHNNY CASH. "Tall Man" is issued as a 45 in September (Columbia 42147, 
B-side of the # 11 country hit "Tennessee Flat-Top Box" from a later 
session). "When I've Learned" becomes the flip of "The Big Battle" 
(see September 24). "He'll Understand And Say Well Done" and "God Must 
Have My Fortune Laid Away" are tracks for the LP "Hymns From the Heart" 
(Columbia CL 1722, June 1962). Also laid down is a second version of 
"Forty Shades Of Green", which stays in the vaults until Bear Family 
releases the 5 CD-set "Man In Black 2 : 1959-1962" in 1991 (BCD 15562). 
Again, Johnny Cash's vocals will be overdubbed (replacing Johnny Western's 
vocals) on March 23.
Personnel : Johnny Western (vocals / guitar) ; Luther Perkins (electric
guitar) ; Marshall Grant (bass) ; Jimmy Wilson (piano) ; Randolph Hansell
(vibes) ; W.S. Holland (drums) ; B.J. Baker Group (background vocals).
Arranged by Billy Liebert, produced by Don Law and Frank Jones at Radio
Recorders in Hollywood.

February 27, 1961 : The vocal group THE WANDERERS records the Coasters-
styled single "Sally Goodheart"/"For Your Love" (Cub 9089, March), in New 
York City. Unissued from this session is "Miss Fine". The sax player may
be King Curtis.
The Wanderers are : Ray Pollard, Frank Joyner, Sheppard Grant and Robert 

February 28, 1961 : JOHNNY BURNETTE cuts his next single, "Big Big World"/
"Ballad of the One-Eyed Jacks" (Liberty 55318, March). Two other tracks,
"Gimme Gimme Lovin'" and "You'll Learn To Cry" are held in the can until
1989, when they appear on the CD "The Best Of Johnny Burnette" (EMI CDP
792924, UK).
Arranged by Ernie Freeman. Produced by Snuff Garrett at United Recording
Corporation in Hollywood.

February 28, 1961 : JOE TURNER records in New Orleans, for the first time
since 1953. "I Get the Blues", "You Busted My Bubble", "Good Loving" and
"Lucille, Parts 1 & 2" have never been issued by Atlantic, for reasons
unknown. Personnel not known.

February 1961, unknown date : ROD BERNARD cuts another single for Mercury,
"Lonely Hearts Club"/"Who Knows?" (Mercury 71767, last week of February).
Unissued from this session are "Little Mama" and "Have You Ever".
Produced by Shelby Singleton in Nashville.

(Circa) February 1961, unknown date : JIMMY ELLEDGE records four tracks 
at the RCA Victor Studio in Nashville. The piano instrumental "Swanee River
Rocket" is coupled with the vocal number "Send Me A Letter" for release on
RCA 47-7910 in June. Two other songs are consigned to the vaults : "The 
Great Believer" and "I'd Have To Get A Little Better To Die".
Produced by Chet Atkins.

February 1961, unknown date : DICK LORY (aka Dick Glasser) covers the Faron
Young hit "Hello Walls" (Liberty 55319, March). The reverse, "City of Love",
comes from the same session.
Background vocals by the Johnny Mann Singers.
Produced by Snuff Garrett in Hollywood, probably at United Recording

February 1961, unknown date : CLARENCE "FROGMAN" HENRY cuts four tracks
for his first LP, the title of which will be "You Always Hurt the One You
Love" (Argo LP 4009, July) : "I Want To Be A Movie Star", "Steady Date",
"Oh Why" and "Little Suzy". The last-named is also released as a single
(Argo 5388, May) on the B-side of "You Always Hurt the One You Love" 
(from a later session).
Personnel includes Allen Toussaint (piano / arranger) and Roy Montrell
(guitar), more details unknown. Produced by Paul Gayten at Cosimo's 
Studio in New Orleans.

With thanks to Michel Ruppli, Jarle Jensen, Tapio Väisänen, Roy Simonds,
Bill Daniels and Stuart Colman.

Additions and corrections welcome.


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