Tuesday, August 1, 1961 : At Reco-Art Sound Recording Co. in Philadelphia, 
DANNY AND THE JUNIORS cut five tracks. "Back To the Hop"/"The Charleston
Fish" is chosen as the new single (Swan 4082, mid-August). A # 80 hit.
"Just Because"/"Your Hair's Too Long" follows in September (Swan 4084)
and "Some Kind Of Nut" will be used as the B-side of "Twistin' All Night 
Long" (Swan 4092, with Freddy Cannon, December) from a later session.
Backing by Frank Slay and his orchestra. Produced by Frank Slay and Bob

August 1, 1961 : Four-track session by LOWELL FULSON in Los Angeles.
"Hung Down Head"/"So Many Tears" is released as a single in November
(Checker 992). "Why Don't You Write Me" and "Pay Day Blues" are first
released on the double LP "Lowell Fulson" in the Chess Blues Masters
series (Chess 2ACMB 205) in 1976.
Personnel : Lowell Fulson (vocals / guitar) ; Irving Ashby (guitar) ;
Billy Hadnott (bass) ; Lloyd Glenn (piano) ; Earl Brown (alto sax) ; 
Big Jay McNeely, Louis Williams (tenor saxes) ; Big Jim Wynn (baritone 
sax) ; Robert Sims (drums). 

August 4, 1961 : BUZZ CLIFFORD does a two-track session at the Columbia 
Studio in New York City. "Moving Day" will become the A-side of his next
single (Columbia 42177, November, c/w "Loneliness" from a session on
July 19, 1960). "Magic Circle" is released on January 19, 1962 (Columbia
42290), coupled with "Forever" from a later session (January 4, 1962).
Produced by Tony Piano.

August 4, 1961 : First Smash session by HOWARD CROCKETT. "Deep Elm Dave"/
"Going Down To Soldier" is released on Smash 1721 in November. The Johnny
Horton numbers "Honky Tonk Man" and "All Grown Up" stay in the vaults 
until they are saved by Bear Family for release on the CD "Out Of Bounds"
(BCD 16794) in 2007. "All Grown Up" was prepared for release on Smash 1793 
in 1963, but was withdrawn.
Personnel : Jerry Kennedy (guitar) ; Buddy Killen (bass) ; Ray Stevens
(piano) ; Buddy Harman (drums).
Produced by Shelby Singleton at Bradley Studio in Nashville.

August 6, 1961 : BRAD SUGGS is at the Sun Studio in Memphis (639 Madison
Avenue) to cut the instrumental single "Elephant Walk"/"Like, Catchin' Up"
for release in November on Phillips International 3571.
Personnel : Brad Suggs, Scotty Moore (guitars) ; Larry Muhoberac (piano /
organ) ; Ace Cannon (tenor sax) ; Vinnie Trauth (sax) ; Al Jackson (drums) ;
Unknown (high voices on "Like, Catchin' Up").

(Probably) August 6, 1961 : 14-year old TONY ROSSINI records in the same 
studio on this day, his first session for Sun. "Well I Ask Ya" is a cover 
of Eden Kane's # 1 UK hit. It will be coupled with "Darlena" from the same 
session for release on Sun 366 in the third week of August. Four other 
tracks are laid down : the future single "Just Around the Corner"/"(Meet 
Me) After School" (Sun 378, April 4, 1962) and two unissued numbers, "Love 
You With All My Heart" and "Vacation Time".
Tony Rossini died on March 18, 2014, in Edgewood, Kentucky, aged 67.
Personnel : Brad Suggs, Scotty Moore (guitars) ; Al Jackson (bass) ;
Robert McGhee (bass) ; Larry Muhoberac (piano) ; Ace Cannon, Terry James
(saxes) ; Robert Alexius (drums).
Produced by Sam Phillips and / or Scotty Moore.

August 7-9, 1961 : AL DEXTER re-records twelve of his old hits for Capitol
during a three-day session. The result is released as the album "Al Dexter
Sings And Plays His Greatest Hits" (Capitol T 1701, May 1962). The tracks
are : "Pistol Packin' Mama", "Triflin' Gal", "Down At the Roadside Inn",
"New Broom Boogie", "Wine, Women and Song", "Guitar Polka", "Rosalita",
"Texas Waltz", "Honey, Do You Think It's Wrong", "Too Late To Worry",
"I Learned About Love From You" and "So Long, Pal".
"Pistol Packin' Mama"/"Rosalita" will be issued as a single in 1972 on
Capitol Starlight 6171.
Produced by Paul Wyatt at the Capitol Tower in Hollywood.

August 9, 1961 : SAM COOKE cuts his new single, "(Don't Fight It) Feel 
It"/"It's All Right" (RCA 47-7927, September). Both sides will enter the
charts, reaching # 56 and # 93. "Frankie And Johnny" is saved until July
1963 for release on RCA 47-8215 (c/w "Cool Train", recorded on June 15,
1963). A # 14 hit.
Ernie Hayes plays piano, more details unknown.
Orchestra conducted by Ralph Burns. Arranged by Stan Applebaum. Produced
by Hugo & Luigi at RCA Victor Studio A in New York City.

August 10, 1961 : Three-track session by BUDDY KNOX in Hollywood.
"All By Myself" is his next single (Liberty 55366, September 1, c/w
"Three-Eyed Man", recorded in October 1960). "Open (Your Lovin' Arms)"/
"Chi-Hua-Hua" is the subsequent 45 (Liberty 55411, January 12, 1962).
Vocal support comes from the Johnny Mann Singers.
Arranged by Ernie Freeman, produced by Snuff Garrett.

August 10, 1961 : RICK NELSON records two tracks at United Recording
Corporation in Hollywood. "Poor Little Heart" is unissued and lost.
"Thank You Darlin'" will be released on the LP "Album Seven By Rick"
(Imperial LP 9167, March 1962) and later as the B-side of "Today's
Teardrops" in November 1963 (Imperial 66004).
Personnel : Rick Nelson (vocals / guitar) ; James Burton (lead guitar) ;
Joe Osborn (bass) ; Allen Harris (piano) ; Richie Frost (drums) ; Glen
Campbell, Jerry Fuller and Dave Burgess (vocal chorus).
Produced by Jimmie Haskell.
Another three tracks will be recorded on August 14 ("Swingin' On the Golden
Gate", "Nelson Family Theme", "What'd I Say"), but these are all unissued
and lost. Most probably they were tracks for the TV show "The Adventures
Of Ozzie And Harriet".

Saturday, August 12, 1961 : CONNIE FRANCIS records two John D. Loudermilk 
songs, "(He's My) Dreamboat" and "Hollywood" for her next 45 (MGM 13039,
September). A double-sided hit (peak positions # 14 and # 42 respectively).
"Pretty Little Baby" is first released on the LP "Connie Francis Sings
Second Hand Love" (MGM SE 4049, May 1962) ; in the UK it is also issued 
as a single (MGM 1185, December 1962, B-side of "I'm Gonna Be Warm This 
Winter"). "He's Just A Scientist" has to wait until 1987 for release on 
a Polydor double LP ("The Rock Sides, 1957-64").
Personnel : Bob Moore (bass) ; Boots Randolph (sax) ; The Jordanaires
(vocal chorus). More details unknown.
Arranged by Cliff Parman. Produced by Jim Vienneau at Bradley Studio in

August 14-15, 1961 : MERLE TRAVIS cuts an album of re-recordings at the
Capitol Tower in Hollywood. Released as "Travis!" in January 1962 (Capitol 
T 1664). Tracks : "So Round, So Firm", "Cincinnati Lou", "Sweet Temptation",
"Lawdy, What A Gal", "Three Times Seven", "No Vacancy", "Divorce Me C.O.D.",
"Fat Gal", "Kentucky Means Paradise", "When My Baby Double Talks To Me",
"I Like My Chicken Fryin' Size" and "Kinfolks In Carolina".
Produced by Ken Nelson.

August 17, 1961 : One-track session by DONNIE BROOKS, who records the
A-side of his next single, "Up To My Ears (In Tears)", which appears in
September on Era 3059. The flip-side, "Sweet Lorraine" was recorded on
January 16, 1961. Another version of "Up To My Ears In Tears" is recorded
on August 28 by Milton Kirkpatrick, for release on Capitol 4634.
Arranged by Hank Levine. Location : Gold Star Studio, Hollywood.

August 17, 1961 : First of four August sessions for PATSY CLINE, all in
Nashville (Bradley Studio). On this day she records four tracks for the LP
"Patsy Cline Showcase" (Decca DL 4202, November 27) : "San Antonio Rose"
(also released as a single, Decca 25673, July 1965), "True Love" (also on
Decca 25724, December 1967), "The Wayward Wind" (also on Decca 25747, March
1969) and a new version of "A Poor Man's Roses".
Personnel : Harold Bradley, Grady Martin, Randy Hughes (guitars) ; Bob
Moore (bass) ; Walter Haynes (steel guitar) ; Hargus 'Pig' Robbins (piano) ;
Buddy Harman (drums) ; The Jordanaires (vocal group). Plus a violin section.
Produced by Owen Bradley.
See also August 21 and August 24-25.

August 18, 1961 : A future number one pop hit is recorded on this day.
JIMMY DEAN cuts the single "Big Bad John"/"I Won't Go Huntin' With You,
Jake" (Columbia 42175). Released on September 22, it reaches the top
spot in Billboard on November 6. A third track, "Abilene" is saved until
1968, when it is included on the album "Dean's List" (Columbia CS 9677).
Personnel : Grady Martin, Harold Bradley, Ray Edenton (guitars) ; Walter
Haynes (steel guitar) ; Joe Zinkan (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Buddy
Harman (drums) ; Unknown (vocal chorus).
On "Big Bad John", Floyd Cramer hits an iron door-stopper with a hammer.
Produced by Don Law at Bradley Studio in Nashville.

August 20, 1961 is the recording date of the SHEB WOOLEY single "That's
My Pa"/"Meet Mr. Lonely" (MGM 13046, November). It will top the country
charts for one week and also reaches # 51 on the pop charts.
Produced by Jim Vienneau in Nashville (probably Bradley Studio).

August 21, 1961 : NAPPY BROWN's penultimate Savoy session yields four
tracks, which stay in the can for some time. "I've Had My Fun" will be
issued in January 1963 on Savoy 1616 (c/w "Didn't You Know", recorded
on December 27, 1962). "The Lock On the Door"/"So Glad I Don't Have To
Cry No More" follows in August 1963 (Savoy 1621). "Never Too Late" has
never been released.
Location is New York City.

August 21, 1961 : PATSY CLINE records one of her most famous numbers,
Willie Nelson's composition "Crazy", released on Decca 31317 on the 
16th of October. It reaches # 2 on the country charts and # 9 on the 
pop charts (her only Top 10 pop hit).
Personnel : Grady Martin (electric guitar) ; Randy Hughes (acoustic 
guitar) ; Harold Bradley (6-string electric bass) ; Walter Haynes (steel 
guitar) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ; The Jordanaires 
(vocal group).
Produced by Owen Bradley at Bradley Studio in Nashville.

August 22, 1961 : THE AL CASEY COMBO cuts the single "Jivin' Around"/
"Doin' the Shotish" (Stacy 936, July 1962). Also recorded is "Theme 
From Huckleberry Hound", which will be kept on the shelves until the
release of the CD "Jivin' Around" (Ace CDCHD 612) in 1995.
Personnel : Al Casey (guitar / organ) ; Corky Casey (bass) ; Brad Bauder
(sax) ; Bob Taylor (drums). 
Produced by Al Casey at Audio Recorders in Phoenix, Arizona.

August 22, 1961 : FRANKIE LYMON records his last single for the Roulette
label, "I Put the Bomp (In the Bomp Bomp Bomp)"/"Young" (Roulette 4391, 
first week of September). The A-side is of course an answer to Barry Mann's 
hit "Who Put the Bomp".
Produced by Henry Glover in New York City.

August 22, 1961 : THE MIDNITE RIDERS are an instrumental group about whom
very little is known. On this day they record "Tiger Lily"/"Danger, Soft
Shoulders", which will be released in December on Imperial 5799. Probably
the only record they ever made. Location unknown.

Wednesday, August 23, 1961 : YOUNG JESSIE records four tracks at an
unknown studio in Los Angeles. The single "My Country Cousin"/"Teacher 
Gimme Back" is released on Mercury  71895 in November. "Party Invitation" 
and "Sweet Talk" have never been issued.
Billy Riley is probably the harmonica player. Vocal backing by the
Rivingtons. More personnel details unknown.
Orchestra conducted by Dick Hazard. Arranged by Jerry Long. Produced by
Bumps Blackwell and Quincy Jones.

August 24, 1961 : BARRY MANN records three of his own compositions in
New York City. "Bless You" will be used as the B-side of "Teenage Has-
Been" (from a later session, October 29, 1962) in December 1962 (ABC-
Paramount 10380). "Footsteps" and "The Way Of A Clown" will be included
on Barry's LP "Who Put the Bomp in the Bomp, Bomp, Bomp" (ABC-Paramount
399, October).
Produced by Barry Mann himself.

August 24-25, 1961 : More PATSY CLINE studio dates. On the 24th she cuts
"Who Can I Count On" (the B-side of "Crazy", see August 21) and four tracks
for the LP "Patsy Cline Showcase" (Decca DL 4202, November 27) : "Seven
Lonely Days", "I Love So Much It Hurts" (these two also coupled for single
release on Decca 25686, November 1965), "Foolin' Around" (also Decca 25707,
December 1966) and "Have You Ever Been Lonely" (also on Decca 25718, July 
1967). The next day she records four more tracks, two for the "Showcase" 
LP : a remake of "Walkin' After Midnight" and "South Of the Border" (also
on Decca 25673, July 1965). "Strange" is first released on Decca 31354 in
January 1962 and "You're Stronger Than Me" (in this first version) on the
double-LP "The Patsy Cline Story" (Decca DXL 176, June 1963).
Personnel, producer and studio are the same as on the "Crazy" session
(August 21), but Floyd Cramer plays organ this time, and Hargus Robbins

August 28, 1961 : WYNN STEWART is at the Capitol Tower in Hollywood to
record four songs. "Big Big Love"/"One More Memory" becomes his new 45
(Challenge 9121, September). "Wall To Wall Heartache" gets a place on 
the LP "Wynn Stewart" (Wrangler WR 1006). "Girl In White" will stay in
the can until the release of the 12-CD box set "Wishful Thinking" (Bear
Family BCD 15886) in 2000.
Personnel : Wynn Stewart (vocals / guitar) ; Bobby Austin, Dale Norris 
(guitars) ; Ralph Mooney (steel guitar) ; Donald Duffy (bass) : Helen 
Price (drums).
Produced by Joe Johnson.

August 29, 1961 : DON HOSEA cuts his only single for the Sun label,
"Uh Huh Unh"/"Since I Met You" (Sun 368, October 9). He had previously
recorded for Sun in May 1958, but these tracks remained unissued until
1978 and 2006.
Personnel : Elbert Adair (guitar) ; Billy Wood (bass) ; Bobby Wood
(piano) ; Charles Chalmers (sax) ; Eugene Ben Keller (drums).
Produced by Stan Kesler, probably at Echo Recording Studio in Memphis.

August 29, 1961 : JOHNNY MAESTRO is in a New York studio to record his
next single, "The Way You Look Tonight"/"I.O.U." (Coed 557, September).
He is backed by an unknown vocal group (not the Crests).

August 29, 1961 : The second Capitol session of NED MILLER yields four
tracks. "Dark Moon"/"Go On Back You Fool" is chosen for single release
(Capitol 4652, December). "The Big Lie" and "Heart Without A Heartache"
are first released on the CD "From A Jack To A King" (Bear Family BCD
15496) in 1991, along with the other two tracks.
Produced by Paul Wyatt at the Capitol Tower in Hollywood.

August 29, 1961 : JOE MELSON records material for two singles at the
RCA Victor Studio in Nashville. "Wake Up Little Susie"/"Take It Like 
A Man" is released in October (Hickory 1155) and "Dance"/"Love Is A 
Dangerous Thing" in June 1962 (Hickory 1175). The A-side of this latter
single was co-written with Roy Orbison, who already recorded two versions
of this song during May and June.
Personnel : Grady Martin, Harold Bradley (guitars) ; Bob Moore (bass) ;
Charlie McCoy (harmonica) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Boots Randolph (sax) ;
Buddy Harman (drums).
Produced by Wesley Rose.

August 29-30, 1961 : BRENDA LEE is also in Nashville, at Bradley Studio.
On the 29th she records "Here Comes That Feeling" (Decca 31379, April 16,
1962, c/w the # 6 hit "Everybody Loves Me But You" from a session on 
March 7, 1962), as well as two tracks - "Time Is Not Enough" and "Just 
Forget" - that are first released on the double LP "The Legends Of Rock,
Vol. 2 - Rare Items" (MCA Coral COPS 7292). The harvest of the next day
is good for two singles, "Fool # 1"/"Anybody But Me" (Decca 31309, 25th
September) and "So Deep"/"Break It To Me Gently" (Decca 31348, December).
All four sides will chart. "Fool # 1" reaches # 3, "Anybody But Me" # 31, 
"So Deep" # 52 and "Break It To Me Gently" # 4.
Personnel : Grady Martin (guitar) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Harold Bradley
(electric bass) ; Boots Randolph (sax) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Buddy
Harman (drums) ; The Anita Kerr Singers (vocal chorus). Plus 3 trumpet
players (August 30 only) and 10 strings.
Produced by Owen Bradley.

August 29-31, 1961 : Three days of sessions (four days actually, to be 
continued next month with September 1) for THE EVERLY BROTHERS. They 
record material for the LP "Instant Party" (Warner Bros W 1430), due 
for release in January 1962. "Bye Bye Blackbird" and "True Love" are
recorded on the 29th, "Jezebel", "Autumn Leaves" and "Ground Hawg" on
the 30th, and "The Party's Over" and "Long Lost John" on August 31.
Also laid down on the 31st is "The Sheik Of Araby", with a solo vocal 
by Don Everly. This track is first released on the LP "Susie-Q" (Magnum
Force MFLP 052, UK) in 1987.
Personnel : Harold Bradley (guitar) ; Marvin Hughes (piano) ; more
details unknown.
Engineered by Bill Porter.
Location is the RCA Victor Studio, 1610 Hawkins Street, Nashville.

(Probably) August 1961, unknown date : In New York City, BROOK BENTON
records four tracks for two future singles. "Revenge"/"Really, Really"
is a November release (Mercury 71903) and a # 15 hit. "Walk On the Wild
Side"/"Somewhere In the Used To Be" appears in February 1962 (Mercury
71925) and will peak at # 43.
Arranged and conducted by Stan Applebaum. Produced by Clyde Otis.

(Circa) August 1961, unknown date : DORSEY BURNETTE records four tracks,
all of which will appear on the LP "Dorsey Burnette Sings" (Dot DLP 3456,
November 1962) : "The Creator", "Cry For Your Love", "Sad Boy" and 
"Feminine Touch". The latter two titles are also coupled for single
release (Dot 16265, late August).
Produced by Randy Wood in Hollywood, California.

Late August 1961 : LITTLE RICHARD is now signed to Mercury Records and
this is his first session for the label. Seven tracks are recorded, all
of them released on the album "It's Real : King of the Gospel Singers"
(Mercury MG 20656, December) : "The Captain Calls For You", "Do You 
Care" (also released as a single, Mercury 71911, December), "In Times
Like These", "He's Not Just A Soldier" (also issued as Mercury 71884,
September), "He's My Star", "My Desire" and "It Takes Everything To
Serve the Lord".
Vocal chorus support is supplied by the Howard Roberts Singers.
Produced by Quincy Jones, who also conducts the orchestra.
Location is New York City, unknown studio.

August 1961, unknown date : GENE McDANIELS records his second biggest
hit, "Tower Of Strength"/"The Secret" (Liberty 55371, September 8).
Peak position is # 5. It is possible that one or two other (LP) tracks 
were recorded at this session.
Backing vocals by the Johnny Mann Singers.
Arranged by Ernie Freeman, produced by Snuff Garrett in Hollywood.

August 1961, unknown date : FREDDIE NORTH records the single "Don't
Make Me Cry"/"Someday She'll Come Along" (Phillips International 3574,
October 16). The third track from this session, "Blue Skies", will
eventually be released on a mp3 collection ("Sun Records - Doo Wop")
in May 2012.
Personnel, studio and location unknown.

August 1961, unknown date : Five-track session by THE PLATTERS, at an
unknown location. "Song For the Lonely" becomes the B-side of the remake
of "You'll Never Know" (recorded in September 1960), which is issued in
November on Mercury 71904. "Reaching For A Star" is another B-side,
on the reverse of "It's Magic" (also from that September 1960 session)
and appears on Mercury 71921 in January 1962. "All the Things You Are"
and "How Will I Know" are included on the album "Song For the Lonely"
(Mercury MG 20669, December), which also contains the four songs that
are mentioned above. "Say A Prayer" is first issued on the Bear Family
9-CD box-set "Four Platters And One Lovely Dish" (BCD 15741) in 1994.
The Platters are : Sonny Turner (lead vocal) ; David Lynch (tenor) ;
Zola Taylor, Paul Robi (baritone) and Herb Reed (bass).
Arranged and conducted by David Carroll.

August 1961, unknown date : DEL SHANNON takes another trip from Michigan
to New York City (Mira Sound Studio this time), to record his new single,
"So Long Baby"/"The Answer To Everything" (Bigtop 3083, late August).
A # 28 hit (# 10 UK). 
It is a split session with MAX CROOK, who cuts the instrumental single 
"The Twistin' Ghost"/"The Breeze And I And Theme From Peter Gunn" (Bigtop 
3095, January 1962). The record is credited to MAXIMILLIAN (with double L 
this time).
Personnel : Del Shannon (vocals / kazoo) ; Al Caiola (guitar) ; Milt
Hinton (bass) ; Max Crook (piano / musitron) ; Bill Ramal (sax / arranger) ;
Joe Marshall (drums / tympani) ; Unidentified (tambourine, vibes, female
vocal chorus).
Produced by Harry Balk.

August 1961, unknown date : MIKKIE WILCOX records the single "I Know
What It Means"/"Willing And Waiting" at the Sun studio in Memphis. It
is released on September 1 (Phillips International 3573).
Strings and arrangement by Vinnie Trauth. Produced by Cecil Scaife
and / or Stan Kesler.

With thanks to John Klompenhouwer, Bill Daniels, Mike Thompson, Steve
Walker, Tony Wilkinson and Henk Gorter.
Additions and corrections welcome.

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