Friday, September 1, 1961 : LaVERN BAKER records "Hey Memphis", an answer 
song to Elvis Presley's "Little Sister". It will become the A-side of her 
new 45 (Atlantic 2119, late September, c/w "Voodoo Voodoo" from a session
on September 11, 1958). Also laid down is "Two Sides To Every Story", 
which has never been issued.
Personnel : Mickey Baker, Richard Ziegler, Bucky Pizzarelli (guitars) ;
Leonard Gaskin (bass) ; Mike Spencer (piano) ; Joe Venuto (vibraphone) ;
Gary Chester (drums) ; Unknown (backing vocals). Add King Curtis (tenor 
sax) and Leon Cohen (alto sax) on "Two Sides To Every Story".
Arranged by Fred Norman. Produced by Phil Spector in New York City.

September 1, 1961 : JOHNNY BOND's last session for the Republic label
results in the single "Buck's Private Lament"/"Sadie Was A Lady", which
is released on Republic 2022 in the third week of September.
The location is probably Radio Recorders in Hollywood.

September 1, 1961 : Following the studio dates of August 29-31, THE
EVERLY BROTHERS record the final tracks for the "Instant Party" LP
(Warner Bros W 1430, January 1962) : "Oh! My Papa (O Mein Papa)" and
"When It's Night Time In Italy, It's Wednesday Over Here". Two other
songs are committed to tape : "Gran Mamou" (first released on "The New
Album", UK, 1977) and "Hernando's Hideaway", first issued as a bonus 
track on the 2-CD "Both Sides Of An Evening"/"Instant Party" in 2001
(WB 9362-47870-2).
Location is the RCA Victor Studio in Nashville.

September 1, 1961 : BARRY MANN cuts the A-side of his next single, "Find
Another Fool" (ABC-Paramount 10263, October). The reverse, "Little Miss
U.S.A.", will be recorded on September 30. Also recorded on this first
day of September are "I Love How You Love Me" and "Sweet Little You",
tracks for the forthcoming LP "Who Put the Bomp in the Bomp, Bomp, Bomp" 
(ABC-Paramount 399, October).
Arranged and conducted by Alan Lorber. Produced by Al Nevins and Don

September 1, 1961 : THE MARCELS (Allen Johnson, Ronald Mundy, Fred Johnson,
Cornelius Harp and Walt Maddox) record their next single, "Heartaches"/"My
Love For You" (Colpix 612, late September). A # 7 pop hit (# 19 R&B). Also
laid down are "Flower Pot" (Colpix 640, May 1962, c/w "Hold On", a leftover
from April 11, 1961) and "Allright, OK, You Win" (Colpix 665, November 1962, 
c/w "Lollipop Baby", recorded on July 23, 1962).
Produced by Stu Phillips in New York City. 

September 5, 1961 is the recording date of the CLINT BALLARD single
"You Can't Get Enough Of A Good Thing"/"In the Middle Of A Puddle Of
Tears" (Imperial 5777, third week of September). It is a New York
session, with probably King Curtis on sax.

September 5, 1961 : First of two sessions this month for COWBOY COPAS. At
Starday Sound Studio in Nashville he records "Under The Influence Of Love"
for the various artists LP "The Fabulous Country Music Of Buck Owens" 
(Starday SLP 172, March 1962) and three tracks for his own LP "Mr. Country
Music" (Starday SLP 175, May 1962) : "Soft Rain", "How Do You Talk To A Baby"
and "I Dreamed Of A Hillbilly Heaven".
Personnel : Cowboy Copas (vocals / guitar) ; Kelso Herston (lead guitar) ;
Little Roy Wiggins (steel guitar) ; Junior Huskey (bass) ; Tommy Vaden and
Tommy Jackson (fiddles).
Produced by Tommy Hill.

September 5, 1961 : JIM REEVES cuts his new single, "Losing Your Love"/
"(How Can I Write On Paper) What I Feel In My Heart" (RCA 47-7950, October).
Both sides will chart, the A-side peaking at # 2 country and # 89 pop, the
B-side at # 7 country and # 92 pop. "I Never Pass There Anymore" will be 
included on the LP "Gentleman Jim" (RCA LPM 2605) in February 1963. 
"Missing Angel" stays on the shelf until Bear Family releases the 16-CD 
box-set "Welcome To My World" (BCD 15656) in 1994.
Personnel : Jim Reeves (vocals / guitar) ; Hank Garland, Velma Smith
(guitars) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Marvin Hughes 
(vibes) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ; The Jordanaires (vocal chorus).
Produced by Chet Atkins at the RCA Victor Studio in Nashville.

September 5, 1961 : LITTLE RICHARD records the final five tracks for the
LP "It's Real : King Of the Gospel Singers" (Mercury MG 20656, December) :
"Ride On King Jesus" (also released as a 45, Mercury 71911, promotional
copies only), "Peace In the Valley", "Joy, Joy, Joy" (also released as a
single, Mercury 71884, October), "It's Real" and "Do Lord Remember Me".
Vocal group backing is supplied by the Howard Roberts Chorale.
Arranged by Billy Byers, produced by Quincy Jones in New York City.

September 5-6, 1961 : SANDY NELSON records seven tracks in Hollywood. 
Three of them will be included on the LP "Let There Be Drums" (Imperial
LP 9159, November) : "Slippin' and Slidin'", "Tequila" and "My Girl
Josephine". "The Charleston", "Junior Jive" and "Mother-In-Law" remain
unissued ; Nelson will return to the latter two songs in 1962. The long
LP track "The Birth Of the Beat" (also for "Let There Be Drums") is the
only number recorded on September 6. An edited version will appear as a
single (Imperial 5809, January 1962, on the flip of "Drums Are My Beat",
recorded on December 26, 1961).
Produced by Eddie Ray.

September 6, 1961 : WEBB PIERCE is at Bradley Studio in Nashville to
record four tracks. "Cow Town" will be released as a single (Decca 31421)
in August 1962 (c/w ""Sooner Or Later" from a session on February 28, 
1962). A # 5 country hit. "Sands Of Gold" is another single (Decca 31488, 
May 1963, c/w "Nobody's Darling But Mine", recorded on December 28, 1962). 
This will also enter the country charts, peaking at # 7. "Tender Years" 
and "First To Have A Second Chance" are included on the album "Hideaway 
Heart" (Decca DL 4218, February 1962), which also features the first 
release of "Cow Town".
Produced by Owen Bradley.

September 6, 1961 : BOBBY VEE has several sessions this month, not all
of them worth mentioning. On this day he cuts the two-sided hit "Run To 
Him"/"Walking With My Angel" (Liberty 55388, late October). The A-side 
will peak at # 2, the reverse at # 53. Also recorded is "Go On", which 
will be included on the LP "Take Good Care Of My Baby" (Liberty LRP 3211,
January 1962), along with the other two tracks. 
Personnel includes Tommy Allsup and Howard Roberts on guitar, Earl Palmer
on drums. Backing vocals by the Johnny Mann Singers. More details unknown.
Arranged by Ernie Freeman. Produced by Snuff Garrett at United Recording
Corporation in Hollywood.

September 7, 1961 : COWBOY COPAS records another four tracks at the Starday
Sound Studio in Nashville. "A Thousand Miles Of Ocean" is the A-side of his
new single (Starday 573, November, c/w "Sal", recorded on November 8).
"Seven Seas From You" is the subsequent single (Starday 585, February 1962,
c/w "There'll Come A Time Someday", recorded on November 8). "Black Eyed
Susie" eventually gets a single release in January 1965 (Starday 708, c/w
"(Won't You Ride In) My Little Red Wagon", recorded for Dot on March 11,
"A Penny For your Thoughts" will be selected for the LP "Mr. Country Music"
(Starday SLP 175, May 1962), along with the other three tracks from this
Personnel : Cowboy Copas (vocals / guitar) ; Kelso Herston (lead guitar) ;
Little Roy Wiggins (steel guitar) ; Junior Huskey (bass) ; Tommy Vaden and
Tommy Jackson (fiddles).
Produced by Tommy Hill.

September 7, 1961 : JIMMY ELLEDGE records his best known number, "Funny
How Time Slips Away" (RCA 47-7946, October). A # 22 pop hit, but no
country chart action, surprisingly. The reverse, "Hey Jimmy Joe John Jim 
Jack" was also recorded at this session, along with the unissued "Poodle
Dog". In Europe, "Funny How Time Slips Away" will be coupled with Jimmy's
piano instrumental "Swanee River Rocket" (originally on RCA 47-7910).
Personnel includes Floyd Cramer on piano and Bob Moore on bass. More
details unknown.
Produced by Chet Atkins at the RCA Victor Studio in Nashville.

September 8, 1961 : Four-track session by SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON at the
Chess Studio in Chicago. "One Way Out" and a remake of "Nine Below Zero"
are coupled for single release on Checker 1003 in January 1962. The
other two tracks, "Too Old To Think" and "That's All I Want" are first
released on the LP "The Real Folk Blues" (Chess LP 1503) in 1965.
Personnel : Sonny Boy Williamson (Rice Miller) (vocals /harmonica) ;
Luther Tucker, Robert Lockwood, Jr. (guitars) ; Willie Dixon (bass) ; 
Otis Spann (piano) ; Fred Below (drums).

Monday, September 11, 1961 : FATS DOMINO records three tracks at Cosimo
Recording Studio in New Orleans : "What A Party"/"Rockin' Bicycle" (the
new single, Imperial 5779, rush-released) and "Did You Ever See A Dream
Walking" (Imperial 5875, September 1962, c/w "Stop the Clock", recorded
on January 5, 1962). All three tracks will chart (peak positions resp. 
# 22, # 83 and # 79) and will also appear on the album "What A Party!"
(Imperial LP 9164, October 1961).
Personnel : Fats Domino (vocals / piano) ; Roy Montrell (guitar) ; Lee 
Allen, Buddy Hagans (tenor saxes) ; Clarence Ford (baritone sax) ; Dave 
Bartholomew (trumpet / producer) ; Jimmie Davis (bass) ; Cornelius
Coleman (drums) ; Jimmy Donley, Pee Wee Maddux & one unknown other male
voice (vocal chorus).

September 11, 1961 : Three-track session by JOE DOWELL at Bradley Studio
in Nashville. "The Bridge Of Love"/"Just Love Me" (Smash 1717, October)
is chosen as the follow-up to the # 1 hit "Wooden Heart". This time the 
single stalls at # 50. The third track is "The Thorn and the Rose", for
release on Smash 1730 in January 1962. The other side, "Sound Of Sadness",
will be recorded on November 5.
Produced by Shelby Singleton.

September 12-13 1961 : CHRIS KENNER cuts seven tracks in two days at
Cosimo Recording Studio in New Orleans. Six of them will be released on 
singles : "Something You Got"/"Come See About Me" (Instant 3237, late 
October), "How Far" (Instant 3244, February 1962, c/w "Time" from a later 
session), "Go Thru Life (With You)" (Instant 3257, May 1963, c/w "Come 
Back And See", recorded on April 20, 1961) and "What's Wrong With Life"/
"Never Reach Perfection" (Instant 3263, January 1964). "Gonna Getcha Baby" 
is first issued on the LP "The Name Of the Place" (Bandy LP 70015, 1983).
Personnel : Roy Montrell (guitar) ; Nat Perilliat and others (saxes) ;
Allen Toussaint (piano / producer). More details unknown.

September 13, 1961 : RONNIE HAWKINS records five tracks in New York City,
which will eventually be released on the LP "The Best Of Ronnie Hawkins"
(Roulette SR 25255) in 1964 : "You Know I Love You", "Sexy Ways", "Come
Love" (also released as a single, Roulette 4400, in October), "Searchin'"
and "Honey Love".
Personnel : Robbie Robertson (guitar) ; Rick Danko (bass) ; Jerry Penfound
(tenor sax) ; Levon Helm (drums). Plus a female vocal chorus that probably
includes Dionne Warwick, Dee Dee Warwick and Cissy Houston (on "Come Love").
The Hawks (Robertson, Danko, Penfound and Helm) record "What A Party" on
September 15, which remains unissued until the release of the double CD
"Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks : The Roulette Years" (UK Sequel NED CD 266)
in 1994.
Produced by Henry Glover. See also September 18.

September 15, 1961 : In Hollywood, THE PENDELTONES record "Luau" and
"Surfin'" during a session at Hite Morgan's studio. Both tracks will remain 
unissued for more than 30 years. The members of the group are Brian, Carl 
and Dennis Wilson, Mike Love and Al Jardine, later to be known as The Beach 
Boys. The recordings are eventually released on the CD "Lost And Found" 
(UK Castle CD 022) in 1992 and are not the same versions that were released 
on Candix 301. 
The session is produced by Hite and Dorinda Morgan.

September 15, 1961 : Session pianist BOBBY WOOD cuts the single "Human
Emotions"/"Everybody's Searchin'" (Sun 369). DJ copies are released on
October 9, 1961, but the record was never commercially issued due to a
contractual dispute. In August 1962 "Everybody's Searchin'" is released 
on Challenge 59160, coupled with "The Day After Forever", which probably 
stems from the same session. Wood will re-record "Human Emotions" for 
the Joy label in 1964 (Joy 298).
Personnel : Bobby Wood (vocals / piano) ; Charlie Chalmers (sax) ;
Gene Chrisman (drums). More details unknown.
Produced by Stan Kesler at the Sun studio in Memphis.

September 18, 1961 : RONNIE HAWKINS and the Hawks continue their sessions
in New York City and record five more tracks, four of which will appear on
the album "Mojo Man" (Roulette SR 25390) in 1967 : "Susie-Q", "Matchbox", 
"Further On Up the Road" and "Nineteen Years Old". "I Feel Good" becomes 
the B-side of the new single, "Come Love" (see September 13).
Personnel and producer are the same as on September 13.

Tuesday, September 19, 1961 : ROGER MILLER does a three-track session 
for RCA at the RCA Victor Studio in Nashville. "Burma Shave"/"Fair Swiss 
Maiden" is released in October on RCA 47-7958. "Sorry Willie" comes out 
in April 1962 (RCA 47-8028), c/w "The Hitch-Hiker" from a session on 
February 7, 1962.
Personnel : Velma Smith, Jerry Kennedy (guitars) ; Junior Huskey (bass) ;
Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ; The Anita Kerr Singers
(vocal chorus).
Produced by Chet Atkins.

September 19, 22, 1961 : Saxophonist KING CURTIS records an 11-track
album, "Old Gold" (Tru-Sound LP 15006, December). Seven tracks are laid
down on the 19th : "Night Train", "You Came A Long Way From St. Louis",
"Honky Tonk", "Fever", "Tuxedo Junction", "Lean Baby" and "The Hucklebuck".
The remaining four tracks are cut on September 22 : "Soft", "Tippin' In",
"So Rare" and "Harlem Nocturne". Selected for single release are "The
Hucklebuck" (labelled "The Hucklebuck (Twist)" on the 45rpm issue) and 
"So Rare" (Tru-Sound 412, February 1962). 
Personnel : King Curtis (tenor sax / alto saax) ; Billy Butler, Eric Gale 
(guitars) ; Bob Bushnell (bass) ; Jack McDuff (organ) ; Willie Rodriguez 
(bongos / congas) ; Ray Lucas (drums).
Produced by Esmond Edwards in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey.

September 20, 1961 : FAYE ADAMS does a one-off session for Savoy Records,
probably in New York City. The single "Step Up And Rescue Me"/"Cry You 
Crazy Heart" is released on Savoy 1606 in October. "It Hurts To Be In
Love" will eventually be released on the CD "Faye Adams - Greatest Hits"
(Master Classics) in 2010. "Sunset, Sunrise Or Midnight" remains unissued.

September 21, 1961 : HAROLD DORMAN cuts his second single for the Sun
label, "Uncle Jonah's Place"/"Just One Step" (Sun 370, November 7), at 
Sam Phillips Recording Studio on Madison Avenue in Memphis.
Personnel : Scotty Moore, Roland Janes (guitars) ; O.T. Shaw (bass) ;
Bobby Wood (piano) ; Martin Willis, Vinnie Trauth (tenor saxes) ; 
Al Jackson (drums).
Produced by Sam Phillips and/or Cecil Scaife.

September 21, 1961 : JERRY LEE LEWIS also does a session at the Sun
studio on this day. A cover of the Barrett Strong hit "Money" is the 
first track to be released as a 45, on Sun 371 (November 21), coupled 
with "Bonnie B." from a session in January 1960. "Ramblin' Rose" ends 
up on the B-side of "I've Been Twistin'" (recorded on January 4, 1962) 
and is released on January 19, 1962 (Sun 374). "Rockin' the Boat Of Love" 
stays in the can until 1975 when it is included on the Dutch LP "Jerry 
Lee Lewis Collectors Edition" (Sun NY-6).
Personnel : Jerry Lee Lewis (vocals / piano) ; Jerry Kennedy (guitar) ;
Bob Moore (bass) ; Jerry Tuttle (organ) ; Boots Randolph, Karl Gavin,
Jim Hall (saxes) ; John Wilkin, Donald Sheffield (horns) ; Cam Mullins,
Bill McElhiney (trumpets) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ; Unknown (vocal chorus).
Produced by Sam Phillips and / or Billy Sherrill.

September 22, 1961 : HAWKSHAW HAWKINS records material for two singles
at Bradley Studio in Nashville. "Big Ole Heartache"/"Twenty Miles From
Shore" is released on Columbia 42223 in November and "Darkness On the
Face Of the Earth"/"I Can't Seem To Say Goodbye" on Columbia 42441 in
May 1962.
Personnel : Grady Martin, Harold Bradley, Ray Edenton (guitars) ; Walter
Haynes (steel guitar) ; Joe Zinkan (bass) ; Bill Pursell (piano) ; Tommy 
Jackson (fiddle) ; Buddy Harman (drums).
Produced by Don Law.

September 25, 1961 : At United Recording Corporation in Hollywood, JOHNNY
BURNETTE records his next 45, "God, Country And My Baby"/"Honestly I Do"
(Liberty 55379, October 2). A # 18 hit. The third track from this session,
the Carl Perkins composition "Fools Like Me", was supposed to be the new
single (55377), but it was cancelled in favour of "God, Country And My Baby"
and remained in the can until 1989, finally emerging on the UK CD "The Best
Of Johnny Burnette" (EMI CDP 792924).
Personnel : Tommy Allsup, Dick Glasser, Howard Roberts (guitars) ; Cliff
Hills (bass) ; Robert Florence (piano) ; Jerry Allison (drums) ; Emil
Richards (percussion) ; The Johnny Mann Singers (vocal chorus). Plus 8
violins and 2 violas.
Arranged by Ernie Freeman. Produced by Snuff Garrett.

September 25, 1961 : DORSEY BURNETTE records on the same day as his brother,
in the same studio, but not for the same label. "The Biggest Lover In Town"
and "No One But Him" are tracks for the LP "Dorsey Burnette Sings" (Dot DLP 
3456, November 1962). Another track for that album is "He Gave Me My Hands", 
recorded on the 26th, along with "Somebody Nobody Wants" and "Little Child". 
These last two songs stay in the can until Bear Family issues the CD "Great 
Shakin' Fever" (BCD 15545) in 1992.
Arranged by Billy Vaughn. Produced by Randy Wood.

September 25, 1961 : THE COASTERS are back at Atlantic Studios, 11 West
60th Street, New York City, where they lay down three tracks. ("Ain't That)
Just Like Me"/"Bad Blood" will become their new single (Atco 6210, November).
No chart success this time. "My Babe" is included on the LP "Coast Along 
With the Coaters" (Atco 33-135, June 1962).
The Coasters (Carl Gardner, Billy Guy, Will 'Dub' Jones and Earl Carroll)
are backed by members of Little Richard's band, The Upsetters.
Personnel : Milt Hopkins, Joe Richardson (guitars) ; Grady Gaines, Clifford
Burks (tenor saxes) ; Gary Bell (piano or tenor sax) ; Mike Stoller (piano /
arranger) ; Olsie Robinson (bass) ; Emile Russell (drums).
Produced by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.

September 25, 1961 : In New York City, THE DUBS cut the single "Lullaby"/
"Down, Down, Down I Go" (ABC-Paramount 10269, November). Unissued from this 
session are "Two Hearts Are Better Than One" and "You've Discovered Love".
The Dubs are : Richard Blandon (lead vocals), Cleveland Still, Billy Carlisle, 
Jake Miller and Thomas Gardner.
Arranged and produced by Sid Feller.

September 25-26, 1961 : BRIAN HYLAND records eight tracks for the LP "Let
Me Belong To You" (ABC-Paramount LP 400, October) : "Lonely Weekends",
"Bye Bye Love", "It Ain't That Way At All" (also a single, ABC-Paramount
10374, November 1962) , "All Shook Up", "I'm Sorry", "Are You Lonesome 
Tonight", "Love Me Tender" and "Walk A Lonely Mile" (also on ABC-Paramount 
10359, September 1962, flip of the hit "Warmed Over Kisses" from a later 
Arranged by Stan Applebaum in New York City.

September 26-27, 1961 : Two days of sessions by BUCK OWENS at the Capitol
Tower in Hollywood. On the first day he records five tracks for the album
"You're For Me" (Capitol T 1777, October 1962) : "Down On the Corner Of
Love", "Fool Me Again", "Blues For Life", "You're For Me" and "The House 
Down the Block". The latter two titles are coupled for single release on
Capitol 4872 (November 5, 1962) and reach # 10, resp. # 24 on the country
charts. Five songs are laid down on September 27. The instrumentals "Mexi-
can Polka" and "Country Polka" will also appear on the "You're For Me" LP.
"Bring It To Jesus" and "All the Way With Jesus" are eventually released
on the album "Dust On Mother's Bible" (Capitol T 2497) in May 1966. His 
first version of "King Of Fools" has to wait for the Bear Family 5-CD set
"Act Naturally" (BCD 16850) in 2008.
Personnel : Buck Owens (vocals / guitar) ; Ralph Mooney (steel guitar) ;
Don Rich (fiddle / guitar) ; Bobby Austin (bass) ; George French (piano) ;
Moose Stone (drums).
Produced by Ken Nelson.

Thursday, September 28, 1961 : THE CRICKETS record the single "He's Old 
Enough To Know Better"/"I'm Feeling Better" (Liberty 55392, November 13). 
On this occasion the Crickets are Jerry Allison, Bobby Vee and Cliff 
Tommy Allsup plays guitar, Earl Palmer drums, more details unknown.
Produced by Snuff Garrett at United Recording Corporation in Hollywood.

September 28-29, 1961 : DON GIBSON is at Nashville's RCA Victor Studio.
On September 28 he records "I Sat Back And Let It Happen" (first released
on Bear Family BFX 15089, 1982), "I Know the Score" (first released on
Bear Family BFX 15097, 1982) and "The Same Old Trouble" (RCA 47-7959,
November, B-side of the new single). The next day Gibson continues with
"Lonesome Number One" (A-side of the new single, # 2 country, # 59 pop),
"So How Come (No One Loves Me)" (RCA 47-8085, September 1962) and "Let's
Fall Out Of Love" (first released on Bear Family BFX 15097, 1982).
Personnel : Don Gibson (vocals / guitar) ; Grady Martin, Velma Williams,
Harold Bradley (guitars) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Joe Zinkan (bass, 28/9) ;
Henry Strzelecki (bass, 29/9) ; Charlie McCoy (harmonica, 29/9 only) ;
Buddy Harman (drums, 28/9) ; Morris Palmer (drums, 29/9) ; The Anita Kerr
Singers (vocal chorus, 28/8) ; The Jordanaires (vocal chorus, 29/9).
Produced by Chet Atkins.

September 30, 1961 : DAVE BARTHOLOMEW and his band record instrumental
versions of twelve Fats Domino numbers : "Let the Four Winds Blow", 
"Ain't That A Shame", "Troubles Of My Own", "Blue Monday" "So Long",
"Goin' Home", "I'm Walkin'", "Going To the River", "Blueberry Hill",
"I'm In Love Again", "The Fat Man" and "Honey Chile". The result is
released under the title "Fats Domino Presents Dave Bartholomew and
His Great Big Band" (Imperial LP 9162, October).
Personnel : Dave Bartholomew (trumpet / arranger / producer) ; Eddie
Nash, Clyde Kerr (trumpets) ; Waldron Joseph, Fred Doakes (trombones) ;
Meyer Kennedy, Warren Bell (alto saxes) ; Clarence Hall, Warren Payne
(tenor saxes) ; Clarence Ford (baritone sax) ; Bobby James (organ) ;
Frank Fields (bass) ; Smokey Johnson (drums).
Location is Cosimo's Recording Studio in New Orleans. 

September 1961, unknown date : JOEY DEE and the Starliters record the
single "Peppermint Twist, Parts 1 & 2", live at the Peppermint Lounge 
in New York City (Roulette 4401, October). Part 1 will reach the # 1 
position on the Billboard pop charts on January 27, 1962.
Personnel : Joey Dee (vocals) ; David Brigati, Larry Vernieri, Willie
Davis (background vocals / handclaps) ; Carlton Lattimore (organ) ;
Billy Butler (guitar) ; Jerome Richardson (sax) ; Don Martin (drums).
Produced by Henry Glover.

September 1961, unknown date(s) : JACKIE DE SHANNON records an album of
Ray Charles songs. It is prepared for release in January 1962 on Liberty 
LRP 3213 under the title "Hits Of the Genius", but subsequently cancelled.
Titles : "Ain't That Love", "Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying", "This
Little Boy Of Mine", "The Night Time Is the Right Time", "Swanee River
Rock", "I Got A Sweetie", "What'd I Say", "Georgia On My Mind", "Drown 
In My Own Tears", "Hallelujah I Love Him So" and "Yes Indeed".

September 1961, unknown date : BOBBY HENDRICKS records his third and 
final Mercury single, "I'm Coming Home"/"Every Other Night" (71881, 
October). "I'm Coming Home" was previously recorded by Carl Mann and 
Elvis Presley. "A Whole Lot Of Girls" and "Puddles Of Tears" from this 
session remain unissued.
Arranged and conducted by Chuck Sagle. Produced by Shelby Singleton in
New York City.

September 1961, unknown date(s) : The instrumental group THE MAR-KEYS
records ten tracks for the LP "Last Night" (Atlantic LP 8055, October) :
"Morning After", "Diana", "Alright, OK, You Win", "Sticks and Stones",
"Misty", "About Noon", "One Degree North", "Sack O'Woe", "Hold It" and
"Ebb Tide". "Morning After"/"Diana" is rush-released as a single (Stax
112, a # 60 pop hit). "About Noon"/"Sack O'Woe" follows in late October
(Stax 114). An edited version of "One Degree North" will be coupled
with "Foxy" (from a later session) for release on Stax 115 in November.
Personnel : Steve Cropper (guitar) ; Donald 'Duck' Dunn (electric bass) ;
Booker T. Jones (organ) ; Wayne Jackson (trumpet) ; Don Nix (baritone
sax) ; Charles Axton (tenor sax) ; Terry Johnson (drums). 
Produced by Jim Stewart in Memphis, Tennessee.

September 1961, unknown date : In Memphis GENE SIMMONS records his next
single "No Other Guy"/"The Shape You Left Me In" (Hi 2039, early October).
The other tracks from this session "Now That Love Is Done" and "Give Her
More Than You Take" remain unissued.
Location: Royal Recording Studio. 
Personnel : Gene Simmons (vocals / guitar) ; Reggie Young (lead guitar) ;
Mike Leech (bass) ; Carl McVoy (organ / piano) ; Ace Cannon (tenor sax) ;
Jerry Arnold (drums).  

With thanks to Stuart Colman, Bill Daniels, Michel Ruppli, Mike Thompson,
Steve Walker, Roy Simonds and Henk Gorter.

Additions and corrections welcome.

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