October 4, 1961 : First recording session by THE BEACH BOYS under their 
new name. As the Pendeltones they cut "Surfin'" and "Luau" in September
(originally unreleased). Both songs are now re-recorded and coupled for 
release on the tiny X label, owned by the producers (X 301, November). 
A few weeks later, both tracks are licensed to Herb Newman who releases 
them twice, first on Candix 301 (December 8), then on Candix 331 (January 
1962). That second Candix pressing reaches # 75 on the Billboard charts.
The Beach Boys are : Mike Love (lead vocals) ; Carl Wilson (guitar) ;
Al Jardine (string bass) ; Brian Wilson (snare drum) ; Dennis Wilson 
(not present at the session).
Produced by Hite and Dorinda Morgan at World Pacific Studio in Hollywood. 

October 4, 1961 : BARRY DARVELL has his first session for Atlantic, in 
New York City. Two songs will be issued as singles : "Lost Love" (Atlantic 
2128, November, c/w "Silver Dollar" from a session on November 2) and 
"A King For Tonight" (Atlantic 2138, February 1962, c/w "Adam and Eve", 
recorded in January 1962). Two other tracks ("Irresistable" and "Little 
Billy") remain in the vaults.
Personnel : Al Caiola, Everett Barksdale (guitars) ; George Duvivier (bass) ;
Kelly Owens (piano) ; King Curtis, Jerome Richardson (tenor saxes) ; Chauncey
Welsh (baritone sax) ; Gary Chester (drums) & 6 strings.
Arranged and conducted by Claus Ogerman.

Thursday, October 5, 1961 : NEIL SEDAKA cuts his new single at RCA Victor 
Studio A in New York City. "Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen"/"Don't Lead Me 
On" is released on RCA 47-7957 at the end of October. A # 6 pop hit.
Personnel includes Al Caiola on guitar and Gary Chester on drums. More
details unknown.
Arranged and conducted by Alan Lorber. Produced by Al Nevins and Don

October 9, 1961 : DALE HAWKINS is now contracted to Atlantic and does his 
first session for the label. "Stay At Home Lulu"/"I Can't Erase You (Out 
Of My Heart)" is chosen for single release (Atlantic 2126, November). 
"Mumbly Peg" (aka "The Peg") will see its first release in 1997, both on 
LP and CD ("Daredevil", Norton 256). "The First To Know" remains unissued 
from this session.
Personnel : Larry Taylor (guitar) ; Charlie McCoy (harmonica) ; more
details unknown.
Arranged and conducted by Charles Calello. Produced by Bob Crewe in New
York City.

October 10-11, 1961 : CONWAY TWITTY pays another visit to Bradley Studio
in Nashville. "Portrait Of A Fool" is selected as the next single (MGM
13050, late November, c/w "Tower Of Tears, recorded on March 9, 1961).
"There Is Something On Your Mind" also gets a single release, in July 1962
(MGM 13089, c/w "Unchained Melody" from a session on July 17, 1961). "Turn
Around" and "Walk On By" end up on the LP "Conway Twitty Sings Portrait Of 
A Fool And Others" (MGM SE 4019, January 1962). An overdubbed version of
"Walk On By" is released on MGM 14408 in June 1972.
Personnel : Al Bruno, Ray Edenton, Grady Martin (guitars) ; Harold Bradley
(electric bass) ; Lightnin' Chance (acoustic bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ;
Buddy Harman (drums) ; Unknown (vocal chorus).
Produced by Jim Vienneau.

October 11, 1961 : SONNY JAMES re-records his 1956-7 hit "Young Love" 
at Nashville's RCA Victor Studio. The lower deck, "Broken Wings", comes 
from the same session. The record is released on RCA's sub-label Groove
(G4-1) in November.
Personnel : Grady Martin (guitar) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Floyd Cramer
(piano) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ; The Anita Kerr Singers (vocal chorus).
Produced by Chet Atkins.

October 12, 1961 : THE CLOVERS are back at Atlantic for one last session.
"The Bootie Green"/"Drive It Home" is released in December on Atlantic 2129.
"Salty Tears" and "Travel On" remain in the vaults until today.
The Clovers are : Buddy Bailey (lead vocals), Billy Mitchell, Harold Lucas,
Matthew McQuater and Harold Winley.
Personnel : Allen Hanlon, Don Arnone (guitars) ; George Duvivier (bass) ;
Robert Mosely (piano) ; Jesse Powell (tenor sax) ; Taft Jordan, Ernie Royal
(trumpets) ; Sol Gubin (vibraphone) ; Gary Chester (drums). Plus strings.
Arranged and conducted by Claus Ogerman in New York City.

October 12, 1961 : One-track session by THE IKETTES, who record "I'm Blue
(The Gong Gong Song)", for release on Atco 6212 in November (c/w "Find My
Baby" from a November session). A # 3 R&B hit (# 19 pop).
The Ikettes are : Josephine Armstead, Eloise Hester and Delores Johnson.
Produced by Ike and Tina Turner in Los Angeles.

Friday, October 13, 1961 : Last Fraternity session for BOBBY BARE before 
his move to RCA. "Brooklyn Bridge" is yet another variation on "All American 
Boy". It will be released on Fraternity 890 in December (coupled with "Zig-
Zag Twist" from a session on December 23, 1960). "Great Big Car" stays in 
the vaults until the release in 1994 of the 4-CD box-set "All American Boy" 
(Bear Family BCD 15663).
Rusty York plays guitar, more details unknown. Location is the King Studio
in Cincinnati.

October 13, 1961 : BARRETT STRONG is in NYC for his first Atlantic session.
Three songs are recorded, all Pomus-Shuman compositions. "Seven Sins" and 
"What Went Wrong" are coupled for release on Atco 6225 in May 1962. A third 
track, "Spanish Lace", remains unissued.
Personnel : Mickey Baker, James Mitchell. Al Casamenti (guitars) ; Leonard
Gaskin (bass) ; Moe Wechsler (piano) ; Clark Terry, Ernie Royal (trumpets) ; 
Bob Asher (trombone) ; Jerome Richardson (alto sax) ; George Berg (tenor
sax) ; Abe Rosen (harp) ; Herb Lovell (drums) ; Gary Chester (percussion) ;
The Helen Way Singers (vocal chorus). Plus 11 strings.
"A Pomshu production" says the label, so Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman probably
also produced the session.

October 15-16, 1961 : First of two October sessions for ELVIS PRESLEY. The
future single "Good Luck Charm"/"Anything That's Part Of You" (RCA 47-7992,
February 27, 1962) is recorded on October 15. The A-side will reach the top
spot of the Billboard charts on April 21, 1962, the B-side peaks at # 31 on
its own strength. "Night Rider" will be included on the LP "Pot Luck" (RCA
LPM 2523, June 5, 1962). "I Met Her Today" and "For the Millionth and Last
Time" are first released on the album "Elvis For Everyone" (RCA LPM 3450,
August 10, 1965). 
Personnel : Scotty Moore, Jerry Kennedy (guitars) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; 
Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Boots Randolph (sax / clarinet) ; Gordon Stoker
(accordion on one track) ; D.J. Fontana, Buddy Harman (drums) ; Millie
Kirkham, the Jordanaires (backup vocals).
Produced by Steve Sholes at RCA Studio B in Nashville.
See also October 26-27.

October 16, 1961 : Three-track session by RICK NELSON at United Recorders
in Hollywood. All three songs will be included on the LP "Album Seven By
Rick" (Imperial LP 9167) in March 1962 : "Baby You Don't Know", "History
of Love" and "There's Not A Minute" (also released as a single, Imperial
5985, in August 1963, coupled with "Time After Time" from a session on
April 5, 1960).
Personnel : Rick Nelson (vocals / rhythm guitar) ; James Burton (lead
guitar) ; Joe Osborn (bass) ; Ray Johnson (piano) ; Richie Frost (drums) ;
Glen Campbell, Jerry Fuller, Dave Burgess (vocal chorus).
Produced by Jimmie Haskell.
See also October 30. 

October 17, 1961 : PAT BOONE is at Radio Recorders in Hollywood, where he
records seven songs. His next single is "Johnny Will"/"(If I'm Dreaming)
Just Let Me Dream" (Dot 16284, late October). A # 35 hit in the USA and 
# 4 in the UK. Also released as a single is "In the Room (Where I'm Missing 
You" (Dot 16416, November 1962, c/w "Mexican Joe", from a session on August
23, 1962). Three other tracks end up on various LP's - "Deep Are the Roots",
"It Sure Looks Lonesome Outside" and "Just Out Of Reach". "I Never Knew You
At All" is first released on the 6-CD box-set "Sixties (1960-1962)" in 2006
(Bear Family BCD 16776).
Personnel : Carol Kaye, Tommy Tedesco (guitars) ; Larry Breen (bass) ; 
Frank Scott (piano) ; George Field (harmonica) ; Nick Fatool (drums) ;
Elmer Schmidt (percussion). Plus strings.
Arranged by Billy Vaughn. Produced by Randy Wood.

October 17, 18 and 21, 1961 : At Bradley Studio in Nashville, JIMMY DEAN
cuts eleven tracks, eight of which will appear on the LP "Big Bad John"
(Columbia CL 1735, November) : "Gotta Travel On", "Sixteen Tons", "Make
the Waterwheel Roll", "Oklahoma Bill", "Grasshopper MacClain", "Night Train 
To Memphis", "Smoke, Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette" (also a single, Columbia 
42259, December) and "To A Sleeping Beauty" (also on Columbia 42282, January 
1962, a # 26 hit). Also recorded are two B-sides of future hits, "Walk On
Boy" (Columbia 42338, March 1962, flip of "P.T. 109") and "Little Bitty Big
John" (Columbia 42483, June 1962, B-side of "Steel Men"). "The Lonesome
Road" remains in the vaults until the release of the CD "Big Bad John"
(Bear Family BCD 15723, 1993), which also contains the other ten tracks.
Personnel : Grady Martin (guitar / arranger) ; Ray Edenton, Harold Bradley
(guitars) ; Joe Zinkan (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano on October 17-18) ; 
Bill Pursell (piano on October 21) ; Bill McElhiney (trumpet on October
17) ; Buddy Harman (drums).
Produced by Don Law.

October 18, 1961 : THE TROPHIES are a vocal group, consisting of Dave
Burgess, Glen Campbell, Jerry Fuller and Rick Nelson. On this day they
record the single "Doggone It"/"Desire", for release on Challenge 9133
in January 1962. Previously they cut a Challenge single under the name
The Fleas (April 13, 1961).
Backing by Glen Campbell (lead guitar), Dave Burgess (rhythm guitar /
producer) and members of the Champs.
Location is Gold Star Recording Studios in Hollywood.

October 18, 1961 : GENE VINCENT records his new single, "Lucky Star"/"Baby 
Don't Believe Him" (Capitol 4665, first week of December) at the Capitol 
Tower in Hollywood (Studio A).
Personnel : Glen Campbell (guitar) ; Jerry Cole (electric bass) ; Jim
Pierce (piano) ; Jesse Sailes (drums).
Produced by Nik Venet.

October 19, 1961 : DUANE EDDY's final Jamie session results in the (non-
charting) single "The Avenger"/"Londonderry Air" (Jamie 1206, November).
Personnel : Duane Eddy (lead guitar) ; Red Callender (bass) ; Bill Pitman, 
Howard Roberts (guitars) ; Larry Knechtel (piano) ; Jim Horn (sax) ; Earl
Palmer (drums). Rebel yells on "The Avenger" overdubbed the next day.
Arranged by Bob Thompson. Produced by Duane Eddy at United Recorders in

October 20, 1961 : The second and last Capitol session of THE EDSELS results
in two singles : "Shake Shake Sherry"/"If Your Pillow Could Talk" (Capitol
4675, December) and "Don't You Feel"/"Shaddy Daddy Dip Dip" (Capitol 4836, 
September 1962). Location is New York City.
The Edsels are : George Jones, Jr., Larry Green, James Reynolds, Harry Green
and Marshall Sewell.
King Curtis plays sax, more details unknown.
Arranged and conducted by Teacho Wiltshire. Produced by Manny Kellem.

October 20, 1961 : THE FOUR PREPS record another single for Capitol : "The
Seine"/"Once Around the Block" (Capitol 4659, release date November 20).
The Four Preps are : Bruce Belland, Ed Cobb, Marvin Inabnett and Glen Larson.
Arranged and conducted by Lincoln Mayorga. Produced by Voyle Gilmore at the
Capitol Tower in Hollywood.

October 20, 1961 : First Hickory session for BOBBY LORD, at the RCA Victor
Studio in Nashville. Two singles are the result. "I'll Go On Alone"/"My
Heart Tells Me So" is released on Hickory 1158 in November, followed by
"The Precious Jewel"/"The Trail Of Tears" (Hickory 1169) in June 1962.
Ray Edenton plays guitar, more details unknown.
Produced by Wesley Rose.

October 21, 1961 : AARON NEVILLE is at Cosimo's Recording Studio in New
Orleans to record material for his next two singles. "I'm Waiting At the
Station"/"How Many Times" will be released on Minit 639 in December. 
"Humdinger"/"Sweet Little Mama" follows in June 1962 (Minit 650).
Personnel includes the cream of the New Orleans session musicians :
Roy Montrell (guitar) ; Chuck Badie (bass) ; Allen Toussaint (piano /
producer) ; Alvin 'Red' Tyler (baritone sax) ; Nat Perilliat (tenor sax) ; 
Melvin Lastie (cornet) ; John Boudreaux (drums).

October 23, 1961 is the date of RUTH BROWN's first post-Atlantic session,
in New York City. Eight tracks are recorded, but only "If You Don't Tell
Nobody"/"He Tells Me With His Eyes" gets a release, and not until January
1963 (Philips 40086). "If You Don't Tell Nobody" is reissued later in 1963
on Philips 40119, with a different flip-side ("Satisfied", from a later
1961 session).

October 24, 1961 : RAY SMITH returns to Sun Records for a one-off session.
All four tracks will be released, on two singles. "Travlin' Salesman" (sic)
/"I Won't Miss You (Till You Go)" is released on November 21 (Sun 372).
"Candy Doll"/"Hey, Boss Man" follows on February 9, 1962 (Sun 375).
Personnel : Stanley Walker (guitar) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Hargus 'Pig'
Robbins (piano) ; Unknown (guitar, brass section, drums, vocal chorus).
Produced by Bill Justis and / or Billy Sherrill at Sam Phillips Recording
Studio in Nashville.

October 25, 1961 : PAUL ANKA does one of his last sessions for the ABC-
Paramount label. "Loveland" is released in November on ABC 10279 (c/w
"The Bells At My Wedding" from a session on July 19, 1961). "Fools Hall
Of Fame"/"Far From the Lights Of Time" follows only a few weeks later, in
December (ABC 10282).
Arranged and conducted by Sid Feller in New York City (probably Bell Sound

October 25, 26 and 29, 1961 : BRENDA LEE records ten tracks for the album
"Sincerely, Brenda Lee" (Decca DL 4216, February 12, 1962). An uninteresting
LP, from which no singles are drawn. On October 29, Brenda also cuts two
snappier titles, "Organ Grinder's Swing" (for the LP "Brenda, That's All",
Decca DL 4326, October 1962) and "Let the Four Winds Blow", which is held
in the can until 1974, when it emerges on the German double-LP "Legends Of 
Rock, Vol. 2" (Coral 7292).
Personnel on these two tracks : Grady Martin, Ray Edenton (guitars) ; 
Harold Bradley (electric bass) ; Bob Moore (acoustic bass) ; Floyd Cramer 
(piano) ; Boots Randolph (sax) ; Charlie McCoy (harmonica) ; Buddy Harman 
(drums) ; The Anita Kerr Singers (vocal chorus).
Arranged by Grady Martin. Produced by Owen Bradley at Bradley Studio in

October 25, 1961 : TOMMY SANDS records one of his better songs, "The Wrong
Side Of Love" (written by Paul Anka), for release on Capitol 4660 in the 
last week of November. The other side, "Jimmy's Song" (from the pen of John 
D. Loudermilk) was laid down on October 23, along with three unissued songs.
Vocal chorus support is supplied by the Jordanaires.
Produced by Ken Nelson at Bradley Studio in Nashville.

Thursday, October 26, 1961 : DONNIE BROOKS cuts his new single, "Your Little 
Boy's Come Home"/"Goodnight Judy" (Era 3063, November) at the RCA Victor 
Studio in Hollywood.
Arranged by Hank Levine.

October 26, 1961 : THE DRIFTERS are at Atlantic Recording Studios in NYC, 
where they record three tracks. "Jackpot" becomes the B-side of the non-
charting single "Sometimes I Wonder" (recorded in May 1960 with Ben E. King 
on lead) in July 1962 (Atlantic 2151). "When My Little Girl Is Smiling" will 
be issued in February 1962 on Atlantic 2134 (c/w "Mexican Divorce" from a 
session on July 13, 1961). A # 28 pop hit. "She Never Talked To Me That Way" 
remains in the can until it comes out on the UK compilation "Saturday Night
At the Club" (Pickwick LP SHM 3029) in 1972.
Personnel : Rudy Lewis (lead), Charlie Thomas, Dock Green, Tommy Evans
(vocals) ; Billy Davis, Allen Hanlon, Phil Spector (guitars) ; Al Chernet 
(mandolin) ; Gordon Mitchell (bass) ; Ernie Hayes (piano) ; Ted Sommer
(drums) ; Martin Grupp, Bradley Spinney (percussion). Plus 9 strings.
Arranged by Claus Ogerman. Produced by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.

October 26-27, 1961 : ELVIS PRESLEY does a soundtrack session for the movie
"Kid Galahad" at Radio Recorders in Hollywood. The six songs - "King Of the
Whole Wide World", "This Is Living", "Riding the Rainbow", "Home Is Where
the Heart Is", "I Got Lucky" and "Whistling Tune" - will be released on an
EP ("Kid Galahad", RCA EPA 4371) in August 1962. It peaks at # 30 on the
Billboard Hot 100. 
Personnel : Scotty Moore, Neal Matthews (guitars) ; Tiny Timbrell (rhythm
guitar) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Dudley Brooks (piano) ; Boots Randolph (sax) ;
D. J. Fontana, Buddy Harman (drums) ; The Jordanaires (vocal chorus).
Produced by Jeffrey Alexander.

October 28, 1961 : At New York's Atlantic Studio, BEN E. KING lays down
"Ecstasy" and "Yes", for release on Atco 6215 in January 1962. A # 56 pop 
hit. The third track from this session, "Jamaica", stays in the can until
1965, when it gets a place on the LP "Seven Letters" (Atco 33-174).
Personnel : Allen Hanlon, Phil Spector, Al Casamenti (guitars) ; Gordon
Mitchell (bass) ; Ernie Hayes (piano) ; Gary Chester (drums) ; Martin
Grupp, Phil Kraus (percussion). With 11 strings.
Produced by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.

October 30, 1961 : Second RICK NELSON session of this month. (Third if
you include the Trophies session.) "Mad Mad World" is first released on
the LP "Album Seven By Rick" (Imperial LP 9167, March 1962) and later as
a single (Imperial 5958, May 1963, c/w "A Long Vacation", recorded on
June 16, 1959). "Sweet Little Lovable You" stays in the vaults until 
the release of the "Legacy" 4-CD box-set in 2000 (Capitol CDP 29521).
Personnel : Rick Nelson (vocals / rhythm guitar) ; James Burton (lead
guitar) ; Joe Osborn (bass) ; Ray Johnson (piano) ; Richie Frost (drums)
; Glen Campbell, Jerry Fuller, Dave Burgess (vocal chorus).
Arranged and produced by Jimmie Haskell at Master Recorders in Hollywood.

October 30-31, 1961 : A two-day session by WANDA JACKSON results in eight
tracks, six of which will appear on the LP "Wonderful Wanda" (Capitol T
1776, August 1962) : "Seven Lonely Days", "Don't Ask Me Why", "I Need You
Now", "Is It Wrong", "We Could" and "You Don't Know Baby". "This Should
Go On Forever" is released as a single in May 1963 (Capitol 4973, c/w
"We Haven't A Moment To Lose" from a session on October 29, 1962). Finally, 
"Before I Lose My Mind" gets its first release on the Bear Family box-set 
"Right Or Wrong" (BCD 15629) in 1992.
Personnel : Harold Bradley (guitar) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; more details not
known. Produced by Ken Nelson at Bradley Studio in Nashville.

October 31, 1961 : BOBBY DARIN records three tracks in Los Angeles, all 
released as singles. "Irresistible You" becomes his new 45 (Atco 6214,
November, c/w "Multiplication" from a session on November 8, 1961) and
reaches # 15 on the Billboard charts. "Jailer Bring Me Water" will be
used as the B-side of "Things" (recorded on June 19, 1961) in June 1962
(Atco 6229). "Baby Face" is released in September 1962 (Atco 6236, c/w
"You Know How", recorded on July 22, 1959). A # 42 hit.
Personnel : Alan Reuss, Tommy Tedesco, Nino Tempo (guitars) ; Ray Siegel
(bass) ; Dudley Brooks or Gene Garf (piano) ; Plas Johnson (tenor sax) ;
Harold Diner, Marshall Cram (trombones) ; Julius Wechter (French horn) ;
Richie Frost or Earl Palmer (drums).
Arranged and conducted by Jimmie Haskell. Produced by Ahmet Ertegun.

October 31, 1961 : Four-track session by the ERNIE FREEMAN COMBO in Los
Angeles. "Shine On Harvest Moon" is the B-side of the new 45 (Imperial
5793, November, c/w the # 93 hit "The Twist", recorded on September 29, 
1960). "Down By the Old Mill Stream" will be included on the album "The
Stripper" (Imperial LP 9193) in May 1962. Unissued from this session are
"El Cid" and a track listed as "Untitled Original No. 1".

October 1961, unknown date : WILLIAM BELL records his first single, "You
Don't Miss Your Water"/"Formula Of Love" (Stax 116, December). It will
spend one week at # 95 on the Billboard Hot 100.
Personnel : Steve Cropper (guitar / producer) ; Lewis Steinberg (bass) ; 
Booker T. Jones (organ) ; Marvell Thomas (piano) ; Ron Capone (drums) ; 
Unknown (tenor sax, baritone sax, trumpet).
Location is the Stax Studio in Memphis.

October 1961, unknown date : BRUCE CHANNEL records his future number one
hit single "Hey! Baby"/"Dream Girl", in Fort Worth, Texas. It is first
released on Le Cam 953 in November, then (first week of 1962) on Smash 1731 
and reaches the top spot in Billboard on March 10, 1962. (Also a # 2 hit in 
the UK.)
Personnel : Bob Jones, Billy Sanders (guitars) ; Jim Rogers (bass) ; Ray
Torres (drums) ; Delbert McClinton (harmonica).
Produced by Major Bill Smith and Marvin Montgomery.

With thanks to Tapio Väisänen, Steve Walker, Mike Thompson and Henk Gorter.

Additions and corrections welcome.

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