January 1, 1962 : THE BEATLES do an audition for Decca in London, but they
are turned down by Dick Rowe. In three hours (11:00 a.m - 2:00 p.m.) they 
perform fifteen songs, five of which are eventually released on the 2-CD 
"The Beatles Anthology, Vol. 1" (November 21, 1995) : "Like Dreamers Do", 
"The Sheik Of Araby", "Hello Little Girl", "Three Cool Cats", "Searchin'".
Personnel : John Lennon (rhythm guitar / vocals) ; Paul McCartney (bass /
vocals) ; George Harrison (lead guitar / vocals) ; Pete Best (drums).
Produced by Mike Smith.

Tuesday, January 2, 1962 : ERNIE K-DOE records four tracks at Cosimo's
Recording Studio in New Orleans : "Pop Eye Joe"/"Come On Home" (Minit 641,
late January), "Be Sweet" (Minit 661, February 1963, c/w "Easier Said Than 
Done" from a session on July 5, 1961) and "Wait For Me" (unissued).
Producer / pianist : Allen Toussaint, more details unknown.

January 3, 1962 : BRIAN HYLAND records his new 45, "Ginny Come Lately"/
"I Should Be Gettin' Better" (ABC-Paramount 10294, February). A # 21 hit
(# 5 in the UK). "Remember Me" is saved until January 1963 for release
on ABC-Paramount 10400 (B-side of "If Mary's There", from a session on
January 3, 1963, exactly one year later). A fourth track, "Get Along",
has never been issued.
Arranged and conducted by Stanley Applebaum in New York City. Produced 
by Pogo Productions.

January 3, 1962 : The instrumental group THE PILTDOWN MEN cuts the single
"A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody"/"Big Lizzard" (Capitol 4703, February).
Two other titles stay in the vaults until 1998 : "Agricultural Twist" and
"Flint Stomp". In that year they are included on the CD "The Piltdown Men 
Ride Again" (Ace CDCHD 681, UK).
Personnel : (probably) Tommy Tedesco (guitar) ; Bob Bain (electric bass) ;
Jackie Kelso (tenor sax) ; Unknown (second sax player) ; Lincoln Mayorga 
(piano / co-arranger) ; Earl Palmer (drums).
Co-arranged by Ed Cobb. Produced by Voyle Gilmore at the Capitol Tower in

January 4, 1962 : At Starday Sound Studio in Nashville, COWBOY COPAS records
five tracks for forthcoming albums: "Walk On By", "Little Bitty Tear" and
"Nobody's Fool But Yours" (Various Artists LP "Hitparade Of American Country
Music Hits", Starday 184, summer), "Alla My Love" and "Tennessee Flat Top Box"
(LP "Country Music Entertainer No.1", Starday 208, December) and "Cowboy's
Prayer" (LP "Gone But Not Forgotten-Patsy Cline, Johnny Horton, Cowboy Copas",
Hilltop 6030, June 1965).
Produced by Tommy Hill.

January 4, 1962 : GEORGE JONES begins his tenure at United Artists by
recording an entire LP, "The New Favorites of George Jones" (United Artists
UAL 3193, March). Tracks : "Three's A Crowd", "Poor Little Rich Boy", "Root
Beer", "What Am I Worth", "She Once Lived Here", "Imitation of Love", "Open
Pit Mine", "Beggar To A King", "She Thinks I Still Care", "Running Bear",
"Best Guitar Picker" and "Sometimes You Just Can't Win". Picked for single
release is "She Thinks I Still Care" (United Artists 424, March, c/w 
"Sometimes You Just Can't Win"), which will top the country charts for six
weeks. "Open Pit Mine" is the subsequent single (United Artists 462, May,
c/w "Geronimo", recorded on March 13, 1962) and reaches # 13 country.
Personnel : Grady Martin (guitar) ; Unknown (bass) ; Hargus 'Pig' Robbins
(piano) ; Tommy Jackson (fiddle) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ; The Jordanaires
(vocal chorus).
Produced by Pappy Daily at Bradley Studio in Nashville.

January 4, 1962 : also  at Bradley Studio in Nashville, FARON YOUNG records
his next single, "Three Days" c/w "I Let It Slip Away" (Capitol 4696, March).
The A-side is Faron's second version of this Willie Nelson song (see also
June 1961) and it reaches #7 on Billboard's country charts (May).
Personnel : Grady Martin, Harold Bradley and Ray Edenton (guitars) ; Bob
Moore (bass) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ; Marvin Hughes (piano) ; Jordanaires
(vocal chorus).
Produced by Ken Nelson. 

January 4, 1962 : Three-track session for CONNIE FRANCIS in New York City.
"Don't Cry On My Shoulder" is initially only released in Europe. In the
UK it becomes the B-side of "Mr. Twister" (recorded on November 20, 1961),
released in February on MGM 1151. "Ain't That Better Baby" is a track for
the LP "Do the Twist With Connie Francis" (MGM SE 4022, February) and is
also released as a B-side in the UK (MGM 1157, April ; A-side is "Don't
Break the Heart That Loves You"). "Love Bird" is first released on the
5-CD set "Kissin', Twistin', Goin' Where the Boys Are" (Bear Family BCD
15826) in 1996.
Arranged by Stan Applebaum. Produced by Jim Vienneau.

January 4, 1962 : First of four 1962 sessions by JERRY LEE LEWIS. 
"I've Been Twistin'" becomes the A-side of his next single (Sun 374,
January 19, c/w "Ramblin' Rose", recorded on September 21, 1961).
"I Know What It Means" will be issued on Sun 396 on March 15, 1965
(c/w "Carry Me Back To Old Virginia" from a session on August 28, 1963),
by which time Lewis was recording for Smash. "High Powered Woman" is
first released (in this version) in October 1975, on the LP "16 Songs
Never Released Before, Vol. 1" (Charly CR 300 006). "Whole Lotta Twistin'
Goin' On" stays in the vaults until 1978, when it is included on the LP
"Golden Rock 'n' Roll" (Sun LP 1000).
Personnel : Jerry Lee Lewis (vocals / piano) ; Roland Janes, Brad Suggs
(guitars) ; Robert McGhee (bass) ; Al Jackson (drums).
Produced by Sam Phillips at the Sun Studio, 639 Madison Avenue, Memphis.

January 4, 1962 : GENE McDANIELS records material for two future singles.
"Point Of No Return"/"Warmer Than A Whisper" is released in July and peaks
at # 21 (Liberty 55480). "Spanish Lace"/"Somebody's Waiting" follows in
October (Liberty 55510) and reaches # 31.
Backing vocals by the Johnny Mann Singers.
Arranged by Ernie Freeman. Produced by Snuff Garrett at United Recorders
in Hollywood.

January 5, 1962 : Penultimate Imperial session by FATS DOMINO. "My Real
Name" is released on Imperial 5833 in May (c/w "My Heart Is Bleeding" from
a session on November 4, 1958). A # 59 hit. The other three tracks will be 
released on the LP "Just Domino" (Imperial LP 9208) in September : "Stop 
the Clock" (also a September single, Imperial 5875), "Teenage Love" and a
new version of "Goin' Home", which is also issued as a single, first on 
Imperial 5999 (August 1963), then on Imperial 66005 (December 1963), over-
dubbed with a female chorus.
Personnel : Fats Domino (vocals / piano) ; Roy Montrell (guitar) ; Jimmie
Davis (bass) ; Herb Hardesty (tenor sax) ; Clarence Ford (baritone sax) ;
Dave Bartholomew (trumpet / producer) ; Cornelius Coleman (drums).
Location is, as usual, Cosimo's Studio in New Orleans.

January 6-8, 1962 : Over three days, HANK BALLARD records twelve songs
that will be assembled on the album "The Jumpin' Hank Ballard and the
Midnighters" (King LP 973, February 1, 1963). Nine of the twelve tracks
are also issued as singles, often prior to the release of the LP. Titles:
"I'm Learning" (King 5821, November 1963), "Dream World" (King 5677,
August), "It's Twistin' Time" (King 5601, February), "What's Your Name"
(King 5931, August 1964), "I Want To Thank You" (King 5655, June),
"Good Twistin' Tonight" (King 5635, April), "Get Ready", "Your Lovin'",
"After School", "She's the One" (King 5703, November), "Autumn Breeze"
(King 5601, February) and "Excuse Me (I Think I've Got A Heartache)"
(King 5655, June).
Personnel : Hank Ballard (lead vocals) ; Henry Booth, Lawson Smith, Norman
Thrasher (background vocals) ; Dave Hamilton. Fred Jordan (guitars) ; 
Navarro Hastings (electric bass) ; Sonny Thompson (piano) ; Unknown
(organ) ; Elmer Yates (tenor sax) ; Unknown (second tenor sax) ; Gene
Redd (trumpet / vibraphone) ; Philip Paul (drums).
Produced by Syd Nathan at the King Studio in Cincinnati.

January 8, 1962 : BILLY FURY records four tracks at West Hampstead's
Decca Studio for his first movie, "Play It Cool". Titles : "Play It Cool",
"You're Swell", "Let's Paint the Town" and "The Twist Kid". They will be
released on an EP titled "Play It Cool" (Decca DFE 6708) on May 25.
Backing by the Tornados.
Arranged by Ivor Raymonde. Produced by Mike Smith.

January 8, 1962 : SONNY JAMES records the A-side of his final RCA single,
"The Day's Not Over Yet" (RCA 47-7998, March, c/w "The Brown Mountain
Light", recorded on January 23). Two other tracks, "No Lana" and "Time's 
Running Backwards For Me" will be included on the album "Young Love And
Other Songs Of Love" (Camden CAL 2140) in January 1967.
Personnel : Sonny James (vocals / guitar / leader) ; Grady Martin (guitar) ;
Bob Moore (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ;  Morris Palmer (drums) ; The
Jordanaires (vocal chorus).
Produced by Chet Atkins at RCA Victor Studio in Nashville.

January 9, 1962 : THE FALCONS record the single "I Found A Love"/"Swim" 
at the King Studio in Cincinnati, for release at the end of the month 
(Lu-Pine 1003). A # 6 R&B hit (# 75 pop).
Personnel : Wilson Pickett (lead vocals) ; Eddie Floyd, Joe Stubbs, Mack
Rice, Ben Knight (background vocals) ; Robert Ward, Lance Finnie (guitars) 
; Marshall Jones (electric bass) ; Joe Hunter (piano) ; Pee Wee Middlebrook 
(alto sax) ; Clarence Satchell (tenor sax) ; Cornelius Johnson (drums).
The backing group is credited as The Ohio Untouchables.
Produced by Robert West.

January 9, 1962 : JOHN D. LOUDERMILK is at Nashville's RCA Victor Studio
to record four songs. "Thou Shalt Not Steal" is chosen for single release
(RCA 47-7993, February, c/w "Mr. Jones", recorded on July 6, 1961). The
other three tracks will be included on the LP "Twelve Sides Of Loudermilk" 
(RCA LPM 2539, August) : "Google Eye", "All Of This For Sally" and "Every-
body Knows (Everyone But You)".
Personnel : John D. Loudermilk (vocals / guitar) ; Henry Strzelecki, Junior
Huskey (bass) ; Norro Wilson (piano / harpsichord) ; Buddy Harman, James 
Isbell (drums) ; Charlie MCoy (harmonica) ; Unknown (vocal chorus).
Produced by Chet Atkins.

January 9-10, 1962 : Two-day session for ROY ORBISON at RCA Victor Studio
in Nashville. On the 9th Roy records"Dream Baby", which is selected as the 
A-side of his new single (Monument 456, February) and will reach # 4 on
the Billboard charts. Also laid down on this day are "Evergreen" and "Love
Star", two tracks for the LP "Roy Orbison's Greatest Hits" (Monument MLP
4009, July), and "Party Heart", which stays in the can until 1989 (album
"The Rare Orbison, Vol. 2", Monument AK 45404). The next day yields three
tracks : "The Actress" (B-side of "Dream Baby"), "No One Will Ever Know"
(released on the LP "In Dreams", Monument MLP 8003, July 1963) and a first
attempt at "The Crowd" (unissued / lost).
Personnel : Fred Carter Jr., Grady Martin, Ray Edenton (guitars) ; Bob
Moore (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Boots Randolph (sax) ; John Greubel,
Buddy Harman (drums). Plus a string section and a female vocal chorus.
Produced by Bob Moore. Executive producer : Fred Foster.

Thursday, January 11, 1962 : JOHN BARRY and his orchestra are at EMI's 
Abbey Road Studio in London. Four tracks are recorded, "Blueberry Hill" 
(2nd version), "Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White", "I'll Be With You in 
Apple Blossom Time" and "Volare", all of which are first released in 1995 
on the EMI CD "John Barry : The EMI Years, Vol. 3 : 1962-1964".
Arranged by John Barry, produced by John Burgess.

January 16, 1962 : JOHNNY BURNETTE records seven tracks at United Recording
Corporation in Hollywood. Three of them are released as singles : "The Way
I Am" (Liberty 55416, February, B-side of "Clown Shoes", recorded on 16th
December 1961), "The Poorest Boy In Town" (Liberty 55448, April, c/w "The
Fool Of the Year", from a session on March 26, 1962) and "Lonesome Waters"
(Liberty 55489, August, c/w "Damn the Defiant", also from the March 26 
date). These three will also appear on the album "Roses Are Red" (Liberty
LRP 3255, August), along with "When Today Is A Long Time Ago" and "Roses
Are Red" from this same January session. "Let Me Be With You" and "Standing
On the Outside Of Her Door" are first issued in 1989, on the CD "The Best
Of Johnny Burnette" (EMI CDP 792924, UK).
Arranged by Ernie Freeman, produced by Snuff Garrett.

January 16, 1962 : GEORGE HAMILTON IV re-records "If You Don't Know I Ain't
Gonna Tell You" (previously recorded in 1956 for Colonial / ABC-Paramount),
which is coupled with "(I Want To Go) Where Nobody Knows Me" (also from 
this session) for release on RCA 47-8062 in July. A # 6 country hit. This
release is preceded by the single "China Doll" (recorded on January 4) /
"Commerce Street and Sixth Avenue North" (RCA 47-8001, March). "The Roving
Gambler" will get a place on the LP "Abilene" (RCA LPM 2778) in August 1963.
The fifth track from this session, a first attempt at "Oh So Many Years",
will eventually be issued on the 6-CD box-set "From You and Yours To Me
and Mine" (Bear Family BCD 15773) in 1995.
Personnel : Billy Byrd, Ray Edenton (guitars) ; Pete Drake (steel guitar) ;
Lightnin' Chance (bass) ; James Isbell (drums) ; The Anita Kerr Singers
(vocal chorus).
Produced by Chet Atkins.

January 16, 1962 : BEN E. KING records "Too Bad", which is issued as a 45
in July (Atco 6231). A # 88 pop hit. (Flip is "My Heart Cries For You", 
from a session on December 14, 1961). One other song is laid down, "Down 
Home", which gets a place on the album "Seven Letters" (Atco 33-174) in 
January 1965.
Personnel : Charles Macey, Danny Perri (guitars) ; Wendell Marshall (bass) ; 
King Curtis, Seldon Powell (saxes) ; Jimmy Buffington (French horn) ; Robert 
Mosely (piano) ; Gary Chester (drums) ; Willie Rodriguez (percussion).
Plus a 6-piece mixed vocal group and 9 strings.
Arranged by Claus Ogerman. Produced by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller at 
Bell Sound Studio in New York City.
See also January 23.

January 17, 1962 : CHARLIE RICH is back at the new Sun studio in Memphis,
after an absence of eleven months. "Midnite Blues" is released as a 45
(Phillips International 3576, April, c/w "Easy Money", laid down on March
20, 1962). "Time and Again" gets its first release on Sun LP 134 ("Sun's
Golden Treasures") in 1974. The instrumental "That's Rich" will come out
in the same year (1974), on the album "Charlie Rich : Early Years" (Sun
LP 132).
Personnel : Charlie Rich (vocals / piano) ; Scotty Moore, Brad Suggs
(guitars) ; Robert McGhee (bass) ; Floyd Newman (tenor sax) ; Al Jackson
Produced by Sam Phillips and / or Cecil Scaife.

January 17-18, 1962 : BOBBY VEE records seven tracks, four of which will
appear on the LP "A Bobby Vee Recording Session" (Liberty LRP 3232, July) : 
"My Golden Chance", "Teardrops Fall Like Rain", "Please Don't Ask About 
Barbara" and "I Can't Say Goodbye". Prior to the release of the LP, the
latter two songs are coupled for single release (Liberty 55419, February).
Both sides will chart, with "Please Don't Ask ..." peaking at # 15 and
"I Can't Say Goodbye" at # 92. "You Won't Forget Me" will be included on
the album "The Night Has A Thousand Eyes" (Liberty LRP 3285, April 1963).
"Just One More Time" is eventually released on the 2-CD "Rarities" in 2011
(EMI UK). A first attempt at "A Forever Kind Of Love" is unissued / lost.
Arranged by Ernie Freeman, produced by Snuff Garrett at United Recorders
in Hollywood.

January 18, 1962 : RICK NELSON records "Young World" at United Recording
Corporation in Hollywood. It will become the A-side of his new single
(Imperial 5805, February, c/w "Summertime" from a session on November 6,
1961). A # 5 hit.
Personnel : Rick Nelson (vocals / guitar) ; James Burton (lead guitar) ;
Glen Campbell (guitar) ; Joe Osborn (bass) ; Jim Pierce (piano) ; Richie
Frost (drums) ; Dave Burgess, Glen Campbell, Jerry Fuller (vocal chorus).
Produced by Jimmie Haskell.

January 18, 1962 : THE SHADOWS' original recording of "Wonderful Land"
(from May 12, 1961) is overdubbed with strings and brass for the final
take 19. Release on Columbia DB 4790 on February 23 (c/w "Stars Fell On
Stockton" from a session on December 19, 1961). It will top the UK charts 
for eight weeks. USA release on Atlantic 2146 in April.
Produced by Norrie Paramor in London, England.
See also January 26.
January 19, 1962 : In Los Angeles, ERNIE FREEMAN and his combo record four 
tracks for the LP "The Stripper" (Imperial LP 9193, May) : "What Am I Living 
For" (first released as a single, Imperial 5815, February), "Jambalaya", 
"I've Got A Woman" and "I Hear You Knockin'" (also issued as a 45, Imperial 
5841, May).

January 20, 1962 : The vocal group THE MAJORS record "A Wonderful Dream"/
"Time Will Tell" (Imperial 5855, end of May). A # 22 pop hit (also # 23 R&B).
The Majors are : Ricky Cardo (lead vocal), Ronald Gathers, Frank Troutt,
Eugene Glass and Idella Morris. Bobby Tate plays guitar, more details
Arranged and produced by Jerry Ragavoy, probably at a Philadelphia studio.

Monday, January 22, 1962 : JO-ANN CAMPBELL records an answer song to "Hit 
the Road Jack", called "I Changed My Mind, Jack" (ABC-Paramount 10300, 
February, c/w "You Made Me Love You" from the same session). "Amateur Night" 
will be issued on ABC-Paramount 10335 in June (c/w "I Wish It Would Rain All 
Summer", recorded on April 30, 1962). A fourth track, "Applause To You", 
remains in the vaults until 2014, when it is included on the CD "Boogie 
Woogie Country Girl", in Bear Family's Juke Box Pearls series (BCD 17320).
Arranged and produced by Sid Feller in New York City. 

January 22-23, 1962 : JOHNNY TILLOTSON records the A-side of his next 
single, "It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin'" (Cadence 1418, April, c/w "She
Gave Sweet Love To Me" from a session on August 9, 1960). A # 3 pop hit,
also # 4 country. Six other titles are laid down during this two-day
session, all for the album "It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin'" (Cadence CLP
3058, June) : "Lonely Street", "I Fall To Pieces", "Take Good Care Of
Her", "Four Walls", "Fool # 1" and "Hello Walls".
Ray Edenton plays guitar, more details unknown.
Produced by Archie Bleyer at the RCA Victor Studio in Nashville.

January 23, 1962 : The second January session by BEN E. KING results 
in three tracks, all released as singles and coupled with tracks from a 
later session (March 3, 1962) : "The Hermit Of Misty Mountain" (Atco 6222,  
April, B-side of the hit "Don't Play That Song), "Walking in the Footsteps 
Of A Fool" (Atco 6237, September, c/w "I'm Standing By"), and "Tell Daddy" 
(Atco 6246, December, c/w "Auf Wiedersehen, My Dear"). "Tell Daddy" will 
reach # 29 on the R&B charts.
Personnel : Al Caiola, Billy Mure (guitars) ; Wendel Marshall (bass) ; Pat
Bown, Carole King (piano) ; Gary Chester (drums) ; Bobby Rosengarden, Sol
Gubin (percussion). Plus a 6-piece mixed vocal group and 10 strings.
Arranged by Claus Ogerman. Produced by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller in 
New York City.

January 23, 1962 : LLOYD PRICE cuts an instrumental single, "Popeye's
Irresistible You"/"Twistin' the Blues" (ABC-Paramount 10299, February).
Credited to "Lloyd Price and his great orchestra".
Location is New York City.

January 24, 1962 : RAY STEVENS records his first big hit, "Ahab the 
Arab"/"It's Been So Long" (Mercury 71966, May). Peak position : # 5. 
"I've Loved and Lost" is used as the B-side of "Santa Claus Is Watching
You" (recorded in October, Mercury 72058) in November. The fourth track
from this date, "All Around the World", remains unissued.
Backing vocals by the Merry Melody Singers.
Arranged by Jerry Kennedy. Produced by Shelby Singleton at Bradley 
Studio in Nashville.

January 26, 1962 : CLAUDE KING records two tracks at Bradley Studio in
Nashville. "Wolverton Mountain" will become the biggest hit of King's
career : nine weeks at # 1 country, also # 6 pop. It is released in March
(Columbia 42352), c/w "Little Bitty Heart", recorded on the previous day.
"I Backed Out" will appear on Columbia 42688 in January 1963 as the flip
of the # 12 country hit "Sheepskin Valley" (recorded on June 25, 1962).
Personnel : Grady Martin, Harold Bradley, Gerald Tomlinson (guitars) ;
Joe Zinkan (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ;
Unknown (vocal chorus), possibly the Anita Kerr Singers.
Produced by Don Law and Frank Jones.

January 26, 1962 : THE SHADOWS record two tracks for their second album,
"Out Of the Shadows" (Columbia SX 1458, October) : "The Bandit" (with a
lead vocal by Hank Marvin) and the instrumental "Spring Is Nearly Here" 
(overdubbed with strings on June 18).
The Shadows are : Hank Marvin (lead guitar), Bruce Welch (rhythm guitar),
Jet Harris (bass), Brian Bennett (drums).
Produced by Norrie Paramor at EMI's Abbey Road Studio in London.

January 29, 1962 : EDDIE BOND records a gospel LP for Sun at Echo Studio
in Memphis. Titled "Eddie Bond Sings Greatest Country Gospel Hits", the
album is released on Philips International PILP 1980 in April. Titles :
"Hallelujah Way", "I Saw the Light", "If We Never Meet Again", "Just A
Closer Walk With Thee", "Letter To God", "Most Of All I Want To See Jesus",
"Precious Memories", "Satisfied", "When They Ring Those Golden Bells For
Me", "Where Could I Go But To the Lord", "Will I Be Lost Or Will I Be
Saved" and "Pass Me Not, Oh Gentle Savior".
Two other songs are recorded (not on the LP) : "I Thought I Heard You Call
My Name" and the instrumental "In My Solitude". Both are first released on
the double-CD "Rockin’ Daddy" (Bear Family BCD 15708) in 1993.
Personnel : Eddie Bond (vocals / guitar) ; John Hughey (steel guitar) ;
Tomstone Hawkins (bass) ; Jimmy Smith (piano) ; Gilbert Mickle (fiddle) ;
Morris Tarrant (drums).
Produced by Len Rossie and Eddie Bond.

January 29, 1962 : Four-track session by THE DEL VIKINGS in New York City.
"The Big Silence" is the A-side of their next single (ABC-Paramount 10304,
February, c/w "One More River To Cross", recorded on July 19, 1961). The
subsequent 45 is "Confession of Love"/"Kilimanjaro" (ABC-Paramount 10341,
June). Unissued from this session is "Tiny Little Ants".
Arranged and conducted by Chuck Sagle.

January 31, 1962 : Drummer SANDY NELSON records five tracks in Hollywood.
Four of them will appear on the LP "Drummin' Up A Storm" (Imperial LP 9189,
July) : "All Night Long" (also a single, Imperial 5860, July), "I'm In Love
Again", "Castle Rock" (issued as a single in July 1964, Imperial 66034) and 
"Sandy" (also used as the B-side of "Caravan", Imperial 5988, August 1963). 
The fifth track is "Just Bull", a single released in June 1963 (Imperial 
5965, c/w "Here Wo Go Again" from a session on March 15, 1962).
Produced by Eddie Ray.

Late January 1962 : NARVEL FELTS records two titles for the small Starline
label out of Flint, Michigan. "I Swear By Stars Above"/"Little Miss Blue"
is issued on Starline 1002 in September.
Produced by Bob Cloud.

January 1962, unknown date : SCREAMIN' JAY HAWKINS does a session for the
Enrica label in New York City. "I Hear Voices"/"Just Don't Care" is issued 
on Enrica 1010 in February. Hawkins plays organ on the A-side, piano on the
B-side (beside the vocals). Label credit goes to Screamin' Jay Hawkins and
the Chicken Hawks with Teddy McRae's orchestra. Two tracks from the session
remain unissued : "Wake Up And Live" and "Armpit No. 6". (Other versions of
"Armpit # 6" were released on Red Top in 1958 and on UK Polydor in 1980.)

January 1962, unknown date : The instrumental group THE MAR-KEYS records
the single "Pop-Eye Stroll"/"Po-Dunk", for release in March on Stax 121.
It will spend one week on the Billboard pop charts, at # 94.
Personnel : Steve Cropper (guitar) ; Donald 'Duck' Dunn (bass) ; Booker T.
Jones (organ) ; Packy Axton (tenor sax) ; Don Nix (baritone sax) ; Wayne 
Jackson (trumpet) ; Marvel Thomas (piano) ; Terry Johnson (drums).
Produced by Jim Stewart in Memphis, Tennessee.

January 1962, unknown date(s) : MEL ROBBINS (a.k.a. Hargus 'Pig' Robbins)
records the instrumental LP "Hully Gully To the Hits" at Bradley Studio in 
Nashville (Smash MGS 27012, May). Tracks : "Hey Baby", "(Baby) Hully Gully",
"Blueberry Hill", "Searchin'", "Lucille", "Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie
Woogie Flu", "Splish Splash", "I Know", "Mother-In-Law", "White Silver Sands",
"Young Blood" and "Stand By Me".

With thanks to Steve Walker, Phil Davies, Tapio Väisänen, Colin Kilgour,
Peter Stoller, Mike Thompson, Tony Watson and Henk Gorter.

Additions and corrections welcome.

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