June 1, 1962 : BAKER KNIGHT does an afternoon session at United Recorders
in Hollywood. Selected for single release are "House Next Door" and "Hungry
For Love" (Checker 1023, August). The other two tracks, "Can I Depend On 
You" and "I Can't Get You Out Of My Mind", remain unissued.
Personnel : Irving Ashby, Rene Hall, Bill Pitman (guitars) ; Alfred McKibbon
(bass) ; Ernie Freeman (piano / arranger) ; Earl Palmer (drums). Plus four
violin players.

June 4, 1962 : THE SHADOWS record two tracks for their second LP, "Out Of
the Shadows" (Columbia SX 1458, October) : "1861" and "Kinda Cool". The
latter features Hank Marvin on piano.
Personnel : Hank Marvin (lead guitar / piano) ; Bruce Welch (rhythm guitar) ;
Brian Locking (bass) ; Brian Bennett (drums).
Produced by Norrie Paramor at EMI's Abbey Road Studio in London.

June 4-5, 1962 : JIMMY DEAN is at Nashville's Columbia Studio where he
records nine tracks for the LP "Portrait Of Jimmy Dean" (Columbia CL 1864,
August). Of these, "Please Pass the Biscuits" is also released as a single
on August 10 (Columbia 42529, B-side of "Little Black Book, from a session 
on May 17, 1962). A tenth track, "Cajun Joe" (recorded on June 5), stays 
in the can until the release of Bear Family's "Big Bad John" CD (BCD 15723) 
in 1993.
Personnel : Grady Martin, Harold Bradley, Ray Edenton (guitars) ; Joe Zinkan
(bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Bill Pursell (organ) ; Charlie McCoy 
(harmonica on June 5) ; Buddy Harman (drums).
Produced by Don Law.

Tuesday, June 5, 1962 : OTIS BLACKWELL records the single "Kiss Away"/
"Granddaddy  Of Them All" (MGM 13090, August). Unissued from this session 
is "The World's Biggest Fool".
Location is Nashville, more details unknown.

June 5, 1962 : DALE HAWKINS records "Ookie Dookie" for Atlantic in New York
City. Tapio Všisšnen writes : "Ookie Dookie" was written by Dale Hawkins.
Michel Ruppli's Atlantic Discography shows "Ookie Dookie" under matrix 6222
from a session under Dale Hawkins' name, dated 5th June 1962. However, Dale's 
recording wasn't ever released. "Ookie Dookie" was released (with matrix nr 
6222) on the flip of Leon Martin's "Turn On Your Lovelight" (Atlantic 2154), 
which was recorded exactly one week later under matrix 6245 at Leon Martin's 
own session.

June 5, 1962 : JERRY LEE LEWIS is back at Madison Avenue 639 in Memphis for
another session. "Sweet Little Sixteen" is chosen as his new single (Sun 379,
July 7, c/w "How's My Ex Treating You" - see June 14). Peak position is a 
disappointing # 95 on the Billboard Hot 100. "Hello Josephine" is another
attempt at the Fats Domino song, not the version that was previously included 
on Jerry's second Sun LP ; it will appear on the "Rockin' Rhythm & Blues" LP 
(Sun LP 107) in 1969. One of two versions of "Waiting For A Train" (aka "All 
Around the Watertank") is first released in July 1970, on the album "Ole Tyme 
Country Music" (Sun LP 121) and then as a single (Sun SI-1119) two months 
later. The fourth number, "Set My Mind At Ease" gets its first release on 
the Dutch LP "Jerry Lee Lewis Collectors Edition" (Sun NY-6, 1975).
Personnel : Jerry Lee Lewis (vocals / piano) ; Scotty Moore, Roland Janes
(guitars) ; J.W. Brown (bass) ; Shirley Sisk (organ) ; Al Jackson (drums).
Produced by Sam Phillips and / or Scotty Moore.
See also June 14.

June 5-6, 1962 : KING CURTIS records his first Capitol album, titled
"Country Soul" (Capitol T 1756, July). Tracks : "Tennessee Waltz", "Wagon 
Wheels", "Anytime", "Beautiful Brown Eyes", "Raunchy", "Your Cheatin' Heart", 
"Home On the Range", "Night Train To Memphis", "I'm Movin' On", "Tumbling 
Tumbleweeds","High Noon" and "Walking the Floor Over You". Selected for 
single release is "Beautiful Brown Eyes"/"Your Cheatin' Heart" (Capitol 
4841, September). The location is New York City, studio unknown.
Personnel : King Curtis (tenor sax / vocals on some tracks) ; Billy Butler,
Carl Lynch, Charles Massey (guitars) ; Jimmy Lewis (bass) ; Paul Griffin,
Ernie Hayes (piano / organ) ; Harold 'Money' Johnson, Taft Jordan (trumpets) 
; Ray Lucas (drums) ; Gary Chester (percussion) ; Unknown (female chorus).
Arranged by Leroy Glover. Produced by Manny Kellem and Lookapoo Productions.

June 6, 1962 : MEL TILLIS does a four-track session at Nashville's Columbia
Studio. "How Come Your Dog Don't Bite Nobody But Me"/"So Soon" is released
in December (Decca 31445). The A-side is a duet with Webb Pierce and peaks
at # 25 on the country charts. "Half Laughing, Half Crying" is the subse-
quent single (Decca 31474, February 1963) and "Couldn't See the Forest For 
the Trees" is released in August 1963 (Decca 31528). The latter two songs
will both be coupled with tracks recorded on January 22, 1963 : "Don't Tell
Mama" and "It's No Surprise" respectively.
Produced by Owen Bradley.

June 6-7, 1962 : LITTLE WILLIE JOHN cuts eight tracks in two days, all
released as singles. First issued is "She Thinks I Still Care"/"Come
Back To Me" (King 5667, July). "Big Blue Diamonds"/"Doll Face" follows
one month later (King 5681). "Heaven All Around Me"/"Don't Play With Love"
is a February 1963 release (King 5717). "My Baby's In Love With Another
Guy" is coupled with "Come On Sugar" (from a session on March 8, 1962)
for release on King 5744 in May 1963. Finally, "My Love Will Never Change" 
reaches the market in February 1964 (King 5850, c/w "Bill Bailey", waxed
on March 6, 1962).
Personnel unknown. Location is the King studio in Cincinnati.

June 6-8, 1962 : Three-day session for JOHNNY CASH at Columbia Studio in
Nashville. On the first day he records three Christmas songs, "Blue Christ-
mas", "The Christmas Spirit" and "Silent Night", which will be released on
the LP "The Christmas Spirit" (Columbia CL 2117) in November 1963. On June 
7th these are followed by "No One Will Ever Know" (issued in 1966 on the
album "Happiness Is You", Columbia CL 2537) and "The Legend Of John Henry's
Hammer", which becomes the opening track for the LP "Blood, Sweat And Tears"
(Columbia CL 1930, February 1963). Finally, on June 8, Cash records the
B-side of his next single, "Pick A Bale O'Cotton" (Columbia 42512, August,
c/w "Bonanza", recorded on April 23, 1962), "The Danger Zone" (first issued 
on Bear Family BFX 15016 in 1978) and "Hardin Wouldn't Run" (first released 
on the 5-CD set "The Man In Black, 1959-í62, Bear Family BCD 15562, in 1991).
Personnel : Johnny Cash (vocals / guitar) ; Luther Perkins (guitar) ; 
Marshall Grant (bass) ; Bill Pursell (piano) ; Joe Babcock (banjo) ; The
Carter Family (backing vocals, except on June 6).
Produced by Don Law and Frank Jones.

June 8, 1962 : Final Decca session by THE KALIN TWINS, at Columbia Studio
in Nashville. They cover Joe Brown's UK hit, "A Picture Of You" (Decca
31410, July). The other side, "Trouble", also comes from this session.
A third track, "It's Just Terrible", remains on the shelf until the
release of the Bear Family CD "When" (BCD 15597) in 1992.
Personnel : Herbie and Harold Kalin (vocals) ; Billy Grammer, Jerry Kennedy,
Harold Bradley (guitars) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Boots
Randolph (trombone) ; Don Sheffield (trumpet) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ;
Unknown (vocal chorus).
Arranged by Harold Bradley. Produced by Owen Bradley.

June 8, 1962 : First Capitol session by ex-Cricket EARL SINKS. "A Little 
Bit Of Heaven"/"Be Good" will come out on December 3 on Capitol 4885. 
Two other tracks, "Lovesick" and "Order Me A Clown's Hat" are consigned 
to the vaults.
Produced by Paul Wyatt at Columbia Studio in Nashville.

June 9, 1962 : EDDIE BO is at Cosimo's Recording Studio in New Orleans
to cut his new single, "You're the Only One"/"You're With Me". First
issued on Rip 156 in July, then on Chess 1833 in September. "I Just Keep 
Rollin'" is eventually released on the 3-CD set "The Instant And Minit
Story" (Charly SNAJ 731, UK) in 2005. Unreleased from this session is 
"Something's Working (And It's Holding Me)".

June 10, 1962 is the recording date of the LATTIE MOORE single "Heaven
All Around Me"/"I Told You So" (King 5685, September). Location is the
King Studio in Cincinnati.
Produced by Ray Pennington.

June 11, 1962 : GEORGE JONES is at Columbia Studio in Nashville, where
he records the forthcoming single "A Girl I Used To Know"/"Big Fool Of
the Year" (United Artists 500, August). Both sides will make the country
charts, peaking at # 3 and # 13 respectively. "Not What I Had In Mind"
is also released as a single (United Artists 528, October, a # 7 country 
hit), coupled with "I Saw Me" from a session on September 13, 1962). 
"Lonesome Life" will become the opening track of the LP "I Wish Tonight 
Would Never End" (United Artists UAL 3270, April 1963).
Label credit goes to "George Jones & the Jones Boys".
Produced by Pappy Daily.

Wednesday, June 13, 1962 : RICK NELSON records "It's Up To You", which
will be released in November on Imperial 5901 (c/w "I Need You", recorded
on November 15, 1962) and will peak at # 6 on the Billboard Hot 100. Also
laid down is the backing track for "I've Got My Eyes On You" (see June 20).
Personnel : James Burton (lead guitar) ; Glen Campbell (rhythm guitar) ;
Joe Osborn (bass) ; Allan Harris (piano) ; John Audino, Anthony Terran
(trumpets) ; Richie Frost (drums) ; Dave Burgess, Glen Campbell, Jerry 
Fuller (vocal chorus).
Arranged and produced by Jimmie Haskell at Western Recorders in Hollywood.

June 14, 1962 : Second June session for JERRY LEE LEWIS. "Good Rockin'
Tonight" is a slowed-down version of the classic, very different from 
Jerry's 1958 version and first released in 1969 on the album "Rockin' 
Rhythm and Blues" (Sun LP 107). "Be Bop A Lula" stays on the shelf until
1971, when the "Monsters" LP is issued (Sun LP 124). Yet another version
of "Hello Josephine" remains in the vaults for 27 years, until the Bear
Family label releases the "Classic Jerry Lee Lewis" 8-CD box-set (BCD
15420). The fourth number, "How's My Ex Treating You", becomes the 
B-side of "Sweet Little Sixteen" (recorded on June 5), which is issued
on July 7 (Sun 379).
Personnel, producer and studio are the same as on June 5.

June 14, 1962 : First Atlantic session by LITTLE RICHARD (vocals / piano), 
at Conway Studio in Los Angeles, with unknown personnel. Five tracks are 
recorded, but none of them has ever been released : "Hole In the Wall", 
"You'll Never Walk Alone", "Eliger Rock", "Jericho" and "If You Can't 
Take It, You Can't Make It". Richard will re-record "Hole In the Wall"
on February 14, 1963, and that version will be released on Atlantic 2181.

June 14, 1962 : Five-track session by JIM REEVES at Nashville's RCA
Victor Studio. "I'm Gonna Change Everything"/"Pride Goes Before A Fall"
is released in July (RCA 47-8080). The A-side will peak at # 2 on the
country charts (also # 95 pop), the B-side at # 18. "Little Ole You"
is used as the B-side of "Guilty" (recorded on February 27, 1963) and
released on RCA 47-8193 in June 1963 (# 11 country). "Where Does A
Broken Heart Go" will appear posthumously on the LP "Distant Drums"
(RCA LPM 3542, May 1966). A second version of "Welcome To My World" sees
its first release on the Bear Family box-set of the same name in 1994.
Personnel : Jim Reeves (vocals / guitar) ; Leo Jackson, Velma Smith
(guitars) ; Pete Drake (steel guitar) ; Junior Huskey (bass) ; Floyd
Cramer (piano) ; Marvin Hughes (vibes) ; Bill Ackerman (drums) ; The
Anita Kerr Singers (vocal chorus). Plus a string section.
Produced by Chet Atkins.

June 18, 1962 : CONNIE FRANCIS records her new single, "Vacation"/"The
Biggest Sin Of All" (MGM 13087, July). It will become her last Top 10
hit (# 9 US, # 10 UK). Unissued from this session are "Out Of This World"
and a first attempt at "You're the Only One Who Can Hurt Me".
Personnel : Grady Martin, Jerry Kennedy, Harold Bradley, Wayne Moss
(guitars) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Boots Randolph
(sax) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ; The Jordanaires (vocal chorus).
Arranged and conducted by Bill McElhiney. Produced by Danny Davis and
Jim Vienneau at Columbia Studio in Nashville.

June 19, 1962 : Two-track session by THE CRICKETS at United Recorders in
Hollywood. "Little Hollywood Girl" is released as a single on August 24
(Liberty 55495, c/w "Parisian Girl", recorded on March 19, 1962). The
other track is "Break It Easy", which is first issued in 1991 on the CD 
"The Liberty Years" (EMI CDP 7 95842).
At this time the line-up of the Crickets is : Jerry Allison, Sonny Curtis,
Glen D. Hardin and Jerry Naylor.
Produced by Snuff Garrett.

June 20, 1962 : RICK NELSON returns to Western Recorders in Hollywood to
cut his new single, "Teenage Idol"/"I've Got My Eyes On You" (Imperial 
5864, July). A # 5 hit. The backing track for the B-side was recorded on
June 13.
Personnel : James Burton (lead guitar) ; Tommy Tedesco (guitar) ; Leroy
Vinnegar (bass) ; Pete Jolly (piano) ; John Rotella (sax) ; John Anderson,
Holly Humphreys (trumpets) ; Marshall Cram (trombone) ; Richie Frost
(drums) ; Unidentified (male chorus on "Teenage Idol") ; Darlene Love and
the Blossoms (vocal chorus on "I've Got My Eyes On You").
Arranged and produced by Jimmie Haskell.

June 20, 1962 : BOBBY VEE does an afternoon session and an evening session
at United Recording Corporation in Hollywood. "Punish Her" is chosen as 
his next single (Liberty 55479, August, a # 20 hit). The flip is "Someday
(When I'm Gone From You)", lifted from the album "Bobby Vee Meets the
Crickets", which was recorded in late 1961. Four tracks will be included
on the LP "The Night Has A Thousand Eyes" (Liberty LRP 3285, April 1963) :
"Theme For A Dream", "It Might As Well Rain Until September", "What About
Me" and "If She Were My Girl". "Tears Wash Her Away" remains in the vaults
until 2011 when it comes out on the double CD "Rarities".
Arranged by Ernie Freeman, produced by Snuff Garrett.

June 21, 1962 : Another Nashville session by CLYDE McPHATTER (at Columbia
Recording Studio B). Two tracks are selected for the next single, "Maybe"
and "I Do Believe" (Mercury 72025, August). "I've Lost Again" and "Walking
Back To Baltimore" are first released on Bear Family BFX 15271 (LP 6), in
Vocal support by the Merry Melody Singers (Margie Singleton, Millie Kirkham,
Ray Walker, Gordon Stoker, Neal Matthews).
Arranged and conducted by Jerry Kennedy. Produced by Shelby Singleton.

June 21, 1962 : Four-track session by saxophonist RED PRYSOCK at the King
Studio in Cincinnati. "Harem Girl"/"Hide Away - 1962" is a July release
(King 5669). "Here Wo Again" follows in December (King 5704, c/w "Can't 
Sit Down", recorded on December 3, 1961). "Time After Time" has never seen 
a release.
Personnel : Red Prysock (tenor sax) ; Sonny Thompson (piano) : Gene Redd
(vibraphone) ; more details unknown.

June 23, 1961 : TONY ROSSINI records his fourth Sun single, "New Girl In 
Town"/"You Make It Sound So Easy" (Sun 380, July 10). Label credit goes
to Tony Rossini and the Chippers.
Personnel : Scotty Moore, Roland Janes, Steve Cropper (guitars) ; Lewis
Steinberg (bass) ; Booker T. Jones (organ) ; Larry Mohoburac (piano) ;
Floyd Newman, Robert Oldham, George Tidwell (horns) ; Al Jackson (drums) ;
Unknown (vocal chorus).
Produced by Sam Phillips and/or Scotty Moore at the Sun studio in Memphis.

June 24, 1962 : In Hollywood, drummer SANDY NELSON records six tracks 
for the album "Golden Hits" (Imperial LP 9202, August) : "I Want To Walk 
You Home", "Kansas City", "I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday", "Walking To New 
Orleans", "Splish Splash" and "Early In the Morning". With the exception
of "Kansas City", all tracks will also be included on the LP "Sandy Nelson
Plays" (Imperial LP 9249) in November 1963.
Produced by Eddie Ray and Sandy Nelson.

June 24-25, 1962 : THE EVERLY BROTHERS are at RCA Victor Studio in Nashville.
On June 24, they record a first version of "Nancy's Minuet", which is first
released in October 1977 on "The New Album" (UK). Wally Haynes plays steel
guitar, more details unknown.
The harvest of the next day is "What About Me" and "Nice Guy", both unissued
until the release of the Magnum Force LP "Nice Guys" (UK), in September 1984.
Buddy Harman plays drums ; no further details available.

Monday June 25, 1962 : First JOHNNY BURNETTE session for his new label, 
Chancellor Records. "The Giant" and "I Wanna Thank Your Folks" are chosen
for single release (Chancellor 1116, late July). The other two tracks,
"I Just Called Up To Say Goodbye" and "I'll Never Get Over You", remain
unissued until the appearance of Johnny's Bear Family box-set (BCD 16438)
in 2003.
Personnel : Tommy Allsup, John Gray, Alfred Viola (guitars) ; Red Callender
(bass) ; Robert Florence (piano) ; Sharky Hall (drums) + 7 strings.
Arranged by Ernie Freeman. Produced by Jimmy Bowen at Western Recorders in

June 25, 1962 : In New York City, SOLOMON BURKE records four tracks, all
released as singles. First issued is "I Really Don't Want To Know"/"Tonight
My Heart Is Crying" (Atlantic 2157, September). "Home In Your Heart" will
appear in February 1963 (Atlantic 2180, c/w "Words", recorded on October
17, 1962). "You Can Make It If I Try" is chosen as the B-side of the # 2 
R&B hit "If You Need Me" (from a session on March 15, 1963) and comes out 
on Atlantic 2185 in April 1963. All four tracks will also be included on 
the album "If You Need Me" (Atlantic LP 8085, mid-1963).
Personnel : Bill Suyker, Chauncey Westbrook (guitars) ; Jimmy Lewis (bass)
; Paul Griffin (piano) ; Dick Hyman (organ) ; Leon Cohen (alto sax) ; Herb
Wasserman (tenor sax, flute) ; Gary Chester (drums) ; Phil Kraus (xylo-
phone) ; The Helen Way Singers (vocal chorus).
Arranged, conducted and produced by Bert Berns.

June 25, 1962 : ROSCOE GORDON does his first session for ABC-Paramount,
in New York City. Two singles are the result, "A Girl To Love"/"As You 
Walked Away" (ABC 10351, August) and "I Want Revenge"/"A Little Bit Of 
Magic" (ABC 10407, April 1963).
Orchestra and chorus conducted by Sammy Lowe. Produced by Sid Feller.

June 26, 1962 : RAY STEVENS records eight tracks for his first LP. "1,837
Seconds Of Humor" (Mercury MG 20732, July). Two tracks are also released
as a single : "Further More"/"Saturday Night At the Movies" (Mercury 72039,
September). The other tracks are : "A Hermit Named Dave", "Julius Played 
the Trumpet", "PFC Rhythm and Blues Jones", "Popeye And Olive Oil", "The 
Rock and Roll Show" and "The Rockin' Boppin' Waltz".
Vocal support is provided by the Merry Melody Singers.
Arranged and conducted by Jerry Kennedy. Produced by Shelby Singleton at
Columbia Studio in Nashville.

June 27, 1962 : BO DIDDLEY records his new single, "You Can't Judge A Book
By the Cover"/"I Can Tell" (Checker 1019, July). It reaches # 48 on the
pop charts and # 21 on the R&B charts. Four other tracks are laid down. 
The instrumental "Sad Sack" will be issued on the LP "Bo Diddley" (Checker 
LP 2984, August). "Rock and Roll" stays in the vaults until the release of 
the 12-CD set "The Chess Years, 1955-1974" (Charly REDBOX 8) in 1993. "Get 
Away From Here" and a second version of "Aloha" have never been released.
Personnel : Bo Diddley (vocals / lead guitar) ; Peggy Jones (rhythm guitar/
backing vocals) ; Jerome Green (maracas / backing vocals) ; Willie Dixon
(bass) ; Frank Kirkland (drums).
Produced by Ralph Bass in Chicago.

June 27, 1962 : CARL PERKINS does his final recording session for Columbia
Records (10:00 - 13:00). Recorded are three tracks : the single "Hambone"/
"Sister Twister" (Columbia 42514, July) and "I've Just Got Back From There" 
(Columbia 42753, March 1963, c/w "Forget Me", recorded on March 9, 1962).
Personnel : Carl Perkins (vocals / guitar) ; Grady Martin, Harold Bradley,
Ray Edenton (guitars) ; Joe Zinkan (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Boots
Randolph (sax) ; Charlie McCoy (harmonica) ; Buddy Harman (drums).
Produced by Don Law at Columbia Studio in Nashville.
(He and Grady Martin stay in the studio, see below.)

June 27, 1962 : MARTY ROBBINS enters Columbia's Nashville studio after
Carl Perkins has left. He records four tracks for the LP "Return Of the
Gunfighter" (Columbia CL 2072, September 1963) : "San Angelo", "Fastest
Gun Around", "Tall Handsome Stranger" and "Red Hills Of Utah". Also two
songs for the album "Hawaii's Calling Me" (Columbia CL 2040, June 1963) :
"Hawaiian Wedding Song" and "Hawaiian Bells".
Personnel : Marty Robbins (vocals / guitar) ; Grady Martin, Jack Pruett
(guitars) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Bill Pursell (piano) ; Louis Dunn (drums).
Produced by Don Law and Frank Jones.

June 27, 1962 : HANK SNOW records what will become his first number one
(on the country charts) since 1954 : "I've Been Everywhere", coupled with
"Ancient History" (RCA 47-8072, August). Also a # 68 pop hit.
Personnel : Hank Snow (vocals / guitar) ; Harold Bradley, Velma Smith, 
Howard White (guitars) ; Junior Huskey (bass) ; Hargus Robbins (piano) ; 
Marvin Hughes (vibes) ; Chubby Wise (fiddle) ; Bill Ackerman (drums) ;
The Glaser Brothers (background vocals).
Produced by Chet Atkins at the RCA Victor Studio in Nashville.

June 27-29, 1962 : Marathon session for ETTA JAMES at the Chess Studio
in Chicago. She records her next single, "Stop the Wedding"/"Street Of
Tears" (Argo 5418, July, # 6 R&B, # 34 pop), the LP "Etta James Sings
For Lovers" (Argo LP 4018, September) and three unissued tracks. From 
the LP, two songs are released as singles : "Fools Rush In" (Argo 5424,
October, c/w "Next Door To the Blues" from a session in December 1961)
and "How Do You Speak To An Angel" (Argo 5430, December, c/w "Would It
Make Any Difference To You", recorded on November 15, 1962).
Arranged by Riley Hampton. Produced by Leonard Chess.

June 28, 1962 : THE DRIFTERS record three tracks at Bell Sound Studio in
New York City. "Up On the Roof"/"Another Night With the Boys" is a single
release in October (Atlantic 2162). A major hit (# 5 pop, # 4 R&B). Also
issued as a 45 is "I Feel Good All Over", the later B-side of "I'll Take
You Home" (recorded on April 12, 1963, Atlantic 2201), issued in August 
Personnel : Rudy Lewis (lead vocals) ; Charlie Thomas, Dock Green, Tommy
Evans (background vocals) ; Al Casement, Don Arnone, Bob Bushnell (guitars)
; George Duvivier (bass) ; Carole King, Ernie Hayes (piano) ; Jimmy Sedlar,
Jimmy Nottingham (trumpets) ; Jimmy Cleveland, Frank Sarocco (trombones) ;
Bobby Rosengarden, George Devens (percussion) ; Gary Chester (drums). Plus
five strings.
Arranged and conducted by Gary Sherman. Produced by Jerry Leiber and Mike 

June 1962, unknown date : The instrumental group BOOKER T AND THE MG's
records their first and biggest hit, "Green Onions"/"Behave Yourself" 
(Stax 126, July). A # 1 R&B hit (for four weeks) and a # 3 pop hit.
Personnel : Booker T. Jones (organ) ; Steve Cropper (guitar) ; Lewis
Steinberg (electric bass) ; Al Jackson, Jr (drums).
Produced by Jim Stewart in Memphis.

(Circa) June 1962, unknown date : Yet another instrumental group that cuts
its first and biggest hit this month : THE ROUTERS. Their debut 45 is
"Letís Go (Pony)"/"Mashy" (Warner Bros 5283, third week of June), which 
will peak at # 19 on the Billboard charts.
Personnel (probably) : Rene Hall (guitar / arranger) ; Mike Gordon (guitar) ;
Red Callender (bass) ; Ray Johnson (piano) ; Plas Johnson (sax) ; Earl
Palmer (drums).
"Letís Go" produced by Joe Saraceno, "Mashy" by Joe Saraceno and Mike
Gordon. Location is Los Angeles.

June 1962, unknown date : RUTH BROWN records the LP "Gospel Time" (Philips
PHM 200-055, September) in Nashville, with vocal support by the Milestone
Singers. Tracks : "Morning Train", "Will the Circle Be Unbroken", "Deep
River", "He's Got the Whole World In His Hands", "Milky White Way", "I've
Got Shoes", "Satisfied" (also released as a single, Philips 40119, May 
1963), "Just A Closer Walk With Thee", "Peace In the Valley", "Swing Low, 
Sweet Chariot" and "Walk With Me Lord".
Produced by Shelby Singleton.

June 1962, unknown date : JACKIE DE SHANNON records material for her 
next two singles, "Just Like In the Movies"/"Guess Who" (Liberty 55484) 
and "You Won't Forget Me"/"I Don't Think So Much Of Myself Now" (Liberty
55497, September). The latter will become her first UK release.
Produced by Dick Glasser in Hollywood.

With thanks to Tony Watson, Neil Slaven/Mike Leadbitter, Mike Thompson,
Steve Walker, Tony Wilkinson, Phil Davies and Henk Gorter.
Additions and corrections welcome.

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