August 1, 1962 : One-track session by DUANE EDDY at Audio Recorders in
Phoenix, Arizona. "Twangsville" will get its first release on the album
of the same name in July 1965 (RCA LPM 3432).
Personnel : Duane Eddy (guitar / leader) ; Donnie Owens (guitar) ; Dave
Campbell (bass) ; Don Robertson (piano) ; Jim Horn (sax) ; Jimmy Troxel
or Bob Taylor (drums). Plus an unknown vocal chorus and handclaps. 
Produced by Lee Hazlewood.

August 2, 1962 : ROGER MILLER records "If You Want Me". After a 3-year stay
on the shelf it will be released twice during August, 1965 : as a single
(RCA 47-8651, b/w "Hey Little Star", recorded on August 8) and as a track
on the album "The One And Only Roger Miller" (RCA Camden CAL 903).
A first attempt at "Hey Little Star" will remain unissued.
Personnel : Roger Miller (vocals) ; Jerry Reed and Velma Smith (guitars) ;
Henry Strzelecki (bass) ; John Greubel (drums) ; Charlie McCoy (harmonica) ;
Floyd Cramer (piano).
Produced by Chet Atkins.
Location : RCA Victor Studio in Nashville.

August 6, 1962 : Pianist FLOYD CRAMER records his next single, "Swing Low"/
"Losers Weepers" (RCA 47-8084, September). "Piano Roll Rock" will be used
as a track for the album "Swing Along With Floyd Cramer" (RCA LPM 2642,
January 1963). A second version of "Zambesi" (previously recorded for the
"In Suid Afrika" LP) remains unissued.
Arranged by Anita Kerr. Produced by Chet Atkins at the RCA Victor Studio
in Nashville.

August 6, 1962 : WARNER MACK has resigned with Decca, after being with the
label already from 1957 thru 1958. It's the beginning of a new (10-year) 
affiliation, with 10 Top 10 country hits between 1964 and 1969. "Afraid To
Look Back"/"I Wake Up Crying" becomes his first single for the company 
(Decca 31436, October). Unissued from this session is "The Heart You Break".
Produced by Owen Bradley at Columbia Studio in Nashville.

August 7, 1962 : Time for a new single by THE CHAMPS. "Limbo Dance"/"Latin
Limbo" appears in the third week of August, on Challenge 9162. The A-side
features overdubbed vocals by the group members and will spend one week at
# 97 on the Billboard Hot 100. The undubbed version (without vocals) will 
later be released on the 2-CD set "The Challenge Album Collection" (One Way 
OW 34488, 1997). "Fandango" is an alternate version of "Latin Limbo" and is 
eventually released on the 5-CD set "Much More Tequila" in 2008.
Produced by Dave Burgess in Hollywood, California.

August 8, 1962 : Three-track session by THE BEACH BOYS at the Capitol
Tower in Hollywood. "Ten Little Indians" is chosen as the A-side of their
next single (Capitol 4880, November 26) and will reach # 49 in Billboard's
Hot 100. The flip-side is "County Fair", which will be recorded on 6th
September. "Chug-A-Lug" and "The Shift" are tracks for their first LP,
"Surfin' Safari" (Capitol T 1808, October).
Personnel : Mike Love (lead vocals) ; David Marks, Carl Wilson (guitars) ;
Brian Wilson (bass) ; Dennis Wilson (drums). All members contribute harmony
and backing vocals.
Produced by Nik Venet.

August 8, 1962 is the recording date of the ROGER MILLER single "Trouble
On the Turnpike"/"Hey Little Star" (RCA 47-8091, September). "I'll Be
Somewhere" is held in the can until August 1965, for release on the LP
"The One And Only Roger Miller" (RCA Camden CAL 903, August 1965). 
Personnel : Jerry Reed, Jerry Kennedy (guitars) ; Henry Strzelecki (bass) ;
Hargus Robbins (piano) ; Bill Pursell (vibes) ; Bill Ackerman (drums) ;
The Anita Kerr Singers (vocal chorus). Plus a violin section.
Produced by Chet Atkins at Nashville's RCA Victor Studio.

August 8-9, 1962 : MARTY ROBBINS records the LP "Devil Woman" (Columbia
CL 1918, September), except for the title track which was laid down on
April 10. Titles : "Ain't Life A Crying Shame", "Time Can't Make Me Forget",
"In the Ashes Of An Old Love Affair", "Hands You're Holding Now", "Worried",
"Little Rich Girl", "Progressive Love", "I'm Beginning To Forget", "Love 
Is A Hurting Game", "Kinda Halfway Feel", "The Wine Flowed Freely". 
Personnel : Grady Martin (lead guitar / arranger) ; Jack Pruett (guitar) ; 
Walter Haynes (steel guitar) ; Jerry Byrd (bass) ; Bill Pursell (piano) ; 
Louis Dunn (drums) ; The Jordanaires (vocal chorus).
Produced by Don Law and Frank Jones at Columbia Studio in Nashville.

August 9, 1962 : BRENDA LEE cuts six tracks, also at Nashville's Columbia
Studio. Her new single is "All Alone Am I"/"Save All Your Lovin' For Me",
released on September 24 (Decca 31424). The A-side reaches # 3 in Billboard,
the B-side # 53. The subsequent single is "Your Used To Be" (Decca 31454,
January 28, 1963), which peaks at # 32. The reverse is "She'll Never Know",
laid down on December 8, 1962. "He's So Heavenly" will be used as the
B-side of "I'm Losing You" (Decca 31478, April 8, 1963) and charts in its
own right (# 73). Unissued from this session are "Anyone For Love" and
"Just Half A Love".
Personnel : Grady Martin, Harold Bradley, Ray Edenton (guitars) ; Bob
Moore (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Boots Randolph (sax) ; Buddy Harman
(drums) ; The Anita Kerr Singers (vocal chorus).
Produced by Owen Bradley.

August 9, 1962 : Probably the final Sun session for CHARLIE RICH. (Some
of his session dates are unknown.) "Sittin' and Thinkin'"/"Finally Found
Out" is released on Phillips International 3582 (October 18) and "There's
Another Place I Can't Go" on Phillips International 3584 in April 1963.
(Flip is "I Need Your Love" from an unknown session date, probably 1959.)
"Gentle As A Lamb" and "Goodbye Mary Ann" are first released in 1971 on 
the LP "A Time For Tears" (Sun International LP 123).
Personnel : Charlie Rich (vocals / piano) ; James Wilkerson and Kelso
Herston (guitars) ; Lightnin' Chance (bass) ; Boots Randolph (sax) ;
William Ackerman (drums). Plus four violin players.
Produced by Billy Sherrill at Sam Phillips Recording Studio in Nashville.

August 13, 1962 : Four-track session by SOLOMON BURKE in New York City.
"Stupidity" will be used as the B-side of the # 66 pop hit "Can't Nobody
Love You" (from a session on March 15, 1963). Release on Atlantic 2196 in
June 1963. "Send Me Some Lovin'" is included on the LP "If You Need Me"
(Atlantic SD 8085), also released in June 1963. The two other songs,
"Poppin'" and "Let's Face It", are still lingering in the vaults.
Backing vocals by The Van Dykes (who will record their own version of
"Stupidity" the next day, for release on Atlantic 2161). 
More details unknown.
Arranged by Garry Sherman. Produced by Jerry Wexler and Bert Berns.

August 13, 1962 : HOWARD CROCKETT is at Columbia Studio in Nashville to
record three tracks. The single "Trail Of Tears"/"Jessie And the Glendale
Train" is released in October on Smash 1782. "The Great Titanic" stays in
the vaults until 2007, when it is included on Crockett's CD "Out Of Bounds"
(Bear Family BCD 16794).
Personnel : Jerry Kennedy (guitar) ; Buddy Killen (bass) ; Ray Stevens
(piano) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ; The Stephen Scott Singers (vocal chorus).
Produced by Shelby Singleton.

August 13, 1962 : VINCE EVERETT's second session for the ABC-Paramount 
label yields the great rocker "I Ain't Gonna Be Your Low Dog Down No More", 
c/w the Cleveland Crochet number "Sugar Bee" (ABC-Par. 10360, September). 
Two other tracks, "Baby I Don't Care" and "Mean Old Frisco" are consigned 
to the vaults.
Personnel : Jerry Kennedy, Joe South, Wayne Moss (guitars) ; Joe Zinkan
(bass) ; Ray Stevens (piano) ; Charlie McCoy (harmonica) ; Buddy Harman
Produced by Felton Jarvis at Columbia Studio in Nashville.

August 14, 1962 : ROY ORBISON pays another visit to the RCA Victor Studio
in Nashville. On this day he records "Leah" and "Workin' For the Man", which 
are coupled for release in September (Monument 467). Both sides will enter 
the charts, peaking at # 25 and # 33 respectively. The third track from 
this session, "(I Get So) Sentimental" is saved until July 1965 for release 
on the LP "Orbisongs" (Monument MLP 8035). 
Backing by Bob Moore's orchestra and chorus. Produced by Fred Foster.

August 15, 1962 : BRIAN HYLAND records the A-sides of his next two singles.
"Warmed Over Kisses (Left Over Love)" will be released in the first week of 
September (ABC-Paramount 10359, c/w "Walk A Lonely Mile", recorded on 26th
September, 1961). A # 25 hit. "I May Not Live To See Tomorrow" follows in 
November on ABC-Paramount 10374 (c/w "It Ain't That Way At All", from a 
session on September 25, 1961). That single will peak at # 69. Unissued from 
this session is a first attempt at "I Wish Today Was Yesterday". Hyland will 
return to the song in January 1963.
Arranged by Stan Applebaum in New York City.

August 15, 1962 : CLAUDE KING records the follow-up to "Wolverton Mountain",
"The Burning Of Atlanta" (Columbia 42581, September). A # 10 country hit,
# 53 pop. The B-side, "Don't That Moon Look Lonesome" is recorded the next
day, along with "I've Got the World By the Tail" (Columbia 42630, November,
# 11 country). The B-side of the latter is "Shopping Center", laid down on
June 26, 1962. 
Personnel : Grady Martin, Harold Bradley, Ray Edenton (guitars) ; Joe
Zinkan (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano on August 15) ; Bill Pursell (piano on
August 16) ; Rufus Long (flute on August 15) ; Boots Randolph (sax on August 
16) ; Buddy Harman (drums). Plus a violin section on August 16.
Produced by Don Law and Frank Jones at Columbia Studio in Nashville, 

August 15, 1962 : TOMMY ROE spends all day at a New York studio to record
eleven tracks for his first album, "Sheila" (ABC-Paramount 432, November).
Titles : "Little Hollywood Girl", "Think About the Good Times", "There's
A Great Day A-coming", "Blue Ghost", "There Will Be Better Years" (also a
single, ABC-Paramount 10515, January 1964), "Look At Me", "I Found A Love",
"Heartbeat", "Maybellene", "Susie Darlin'" and "Piddle de Pat". The latter
two numbers are coupled for single release in September (ABC-Paramount 10362).
"Susie Darlin'" will peak at # 35. Unissued from this session is "Katy Did".
Produced by Felton Jarvis.

August 15, 1962 : RAY SMITH does a one-off session for Smash Records at
Columbia Studio in Nashville. "Those Four Precious Years"/"Room 503" is
issued in October on Smash 1787. A third track, "He's Got A Window On the
World", remainseauin the vaults.
Vocal support is provided by the Stephen Scott Singers.
Produced by Shelby Singleton.

Monday, August 20, 1962 : JIMMY DEAN records his next 45, "Gonna Raise A 
Ruckus Tonight"/"A Day That Changed the World" (Columbia 42600, October 26). 
One other track is recorded, "When I Grow Too Old To Dream" (unreleased / 
Personnel : Grady Martin (guitar / arranger) ; Harold Bradley, Ray Edenton
(guitars) ; Joe Zinkan (bass) ; Bill Pursell (piano) ; Karl Garvin (trumpet)
; Buddy Harman, Doug Kirkham (drums). 
Produced by Don Law at Columbia Studio in Nashville.

August 21-22, 1962 : Recording activity at the Columbia Studio in Nashville
continues with a two-day session by JOHNNY CASH. On the first day he records
the single "Busted"/"Send A Picture Of Mother" (Columbia 42665, December, a 
# 13 country hit), "Were You There (When They Crucified My Lord)" (Columbia 
42615, October) and the LP track "Another Man Done Gone" ("Blood, Sweat And
Tears" LP, Columbia CL 1930). During the evening of August 22, Cash waxes 
four further tracks for the "Blood, Sweat And Tears" album (released in 
February 1963) : "Tell Him I'm Gone", "Roughneck", "Chain Gang" and "Nine 
Pound Hammer". "I'll Be All Smiles Tonight" is held in the can until Bear 
Family releases the LP "The Unissued Johnny Cash" (BFX 15016) in 1978.
Personnel : Johnny Cash (vocals / guitar) ; The Carter Family (vocals) ;
Maybelle Carter (autoharp) ; Luther Perkins (electric guitar) ; Marshall
Grant (bass) ; Bob Johnson (five-string banjo, and acoustic 12-string guitar
on August 22) ; Bill Pursell (piano) ; W.S. Holland (drums).
Produced by Don Law and Frank Jones.

August 22, 1962 : Don Law is a busy man. Preceding Johnny Cash's evening 
session, he supervises an afternoon session by DR. FEELGOOD (Piano Red),
who records his next single : "The Same Old Things Keep Happening" /"Let's 
Have A Good Time Tonight" (OKeh 7161, October). Two other tracks, "I Feel 
Good" and "It's A Sin To Tell A Lie", stay in the can until the release 
of Bear Family's 4-CD set "The Doctor's In!" (BCD 15685) in 1993.
Personnel : Willie Perryman (vocals / piano) ; Curtis Smith, Roy Lee
Johnson, Beverly Watkins (guitars) ; Long John Hobbs (bass) ; Boots
Randolph (sax) ; Bobby Lee Tuggle (drums).
Produced by Don Law at Columbia Studio in Nashville.

August 23, 1962 : PAT BOONE records at Radio Recorders in Hollywood.
Selected for the new single are "Ten Lonely Guys" and "Lover's Lane"
(Dot 16391, rush-released). A # 45 hit. "Mexican Joe" is also released 
as a single (Dot 16416, October, c/w "In the Room", recorded on October
17, 1961). Five other songs are laid down, four of them originally
unissued, but now available on the Bear Family box-set "The Sixties :
1960-1962" (BCD 16776).
Personnel : Al Henderson, Alan Reuss, Howard Roberts (guitars) ; Larry
Breen (bass) ; Gene Garf (piano) ; Carl Fortina (accordion) ; Richie
Frost (drums). Plus unknown horns and strings.
Arranged and conducted by Jimmie Haskell. Produced by Randy Wood.

August 23, 1962 : SAM COOKE is at Hollywood's RCA Victor Studio to record
the A-side of his next single, "Nothing Can Change This Love" (RCA 47-8088,
September). A # 2 R&B hit, # 12 pop. Flip is "Somebody Have Mercy", from a
session on February 15, 1962. One other track is laid down, "I'm Gonna
Forget About You", which will be included on the LP "Three Great Guys :
Paul Anka, Sam Cooke, Neil Sedaka" (RCA LPM 2720, February 1964).
Personnel : Rene Hall (guitar / arranger) ; Edward Beal (piano) ; Earl
Palmer (drums). More details unknown.
Produced by Hugo & Luigi.

August 23, 1962 : Two-track session by saxophonist KING CURTIS. "Slow
Drag" is eventually issued as a single in August 1965 on Capitol 5490 
(c/w "The Prance" from a session on March 12, 1965). "New Dance" will
see its first release on the CD "Blow Man Blow!" (Bear Family BCD 15670)
in 1992.
Produced by Dave Kavanaugh.

Friday, August 24, 1962 : PHIL SPECTOR assembles a cavalry of musicians
at Gold Star Studio in Hollywood for a recording of "Zip-A-Dee Doo-Dah"
from the 1946 Walt Disney movie "Song of the South". He credits the final
result to BOB B. SOXX AND THE BLUE JEANS. The reverse is the instrumental
"Flip And Nitty", recorded at a later date. The single is released in the
last week of October (Philles 107) and will peak at # 8 on the Billboard 
Personnel : Darlene Wright (lead vocal) ; Fanita James, Bobby Sheen
(backing vocals) ; Billy Strange (electric guitar) ; John Anderson (acoustic
guitar) ; Jimmy Bond (upright bass) ; Wallick Dean (Fender bass) ; Carol
Kaye (Danelectro bass) ; Al DeLory, Nino Tempo (piano) ; Steve Douglas
(tenor sax) ; Jay Migliori (baritone sax) ; Hal Blaine (drums) ; Frank
Capp (percussion).
Arranged by Jack Nitzsche. Produced by Phil Spector. Engineered by Larry

August 24, 1962 :" RUFUS THOMAS records his first (solo) single for the
Stax label : "It's Aw' Rite"/"Can't Ever Let You Go" (Stax 126, September).
Personnel : Steve Cropper (guitar) ; Lewis Steinberg (bass) ; Al Jackson,
Jr. (drums) ; Unknown (trumpet, tenor sax, baritone sax).
Produced by Jim Stewart at the Stax studio in Memphis.

August 24, 1962 : SHEB WOOLEY cuts another single for MGM : "Give the
Ball To Willie B."/"The Legend Of Echo Mountain" (MGM 13094, September).
Backing by unknown members of the Nashville A-Team.
Produced by Jim Vienna at Columbia Studio in Nashville.

August 25, 1962 : DAVID BOX records the single "Waitin'"/"I Do the Best
I Can" (Joed 717, March 1963), at Ben Hall's studio in Big Spring, Texas.
Personnel : David Box (vocals / guitar) ; Doug Walding (bass) ; David Box
and Ray Rush (overdubbed backing vocals). More details unknown.
Arranged by Ray Rush.

August 27, 1962 : BOOKER T AND THE MG's record ten tracks for their first
album, "Green Onions" (Stax LP 701, October) : "Rinky-Dink", "Twist And
Shout", "I Can't Sit Down", "Comin' Home Baby", "A Woman, A Lover, A Friend",
"I Got A Woman", "Stranger On the Shore", "Mo' Onions" (also a single, Stax
142, December), "Lonely Avenue" and "The One Who Really Loves You".
Personnel : Steve Cropper (guitar) ; Lewis Steinberg (bass) ; Booker T.
Jones (organ) ; Al Jackson Jr. (drums).
Produced by Jim Stewart at the Stax studio in Memphis.

August 27, 1962 : SUE THOMPSON records one of her biggest hits, "James
(Hold the Ladder Steady)". Released in September on Hickory 1183 (c/w
"My Hero", from a session on February 2, 1961). Peak position : # 17.
Also issued as singles are "Suzie" (Hickory 1217, May 1963) and "Looking 
For A Good Boy" (Hickory 1270, July 1964). "Fan Club" is first released 
on the LP "Paper Tiger" (Hickory LPM 121) in January 1965.
Produced by Wesley Rose at RCA Victor Studio in Nashville.

August 29, 1962 : Second Chancellor session by JOHNNY BURNETTE. Both
"I'm Losing My Mind" and "The Old Man In the Country" stay in the can
until 2003, when Bear Family releases the 9-CD box "The Train Kept-A
Rollin' : Memphis To Hollywood" (BCD 16438).
Produced by Jimmy Bowen at Western Recorders in Hollywood.

August 30, 1962 : At Radio Recorders in Hollywood, ELVIS PRESLEY cuts
two tracks for the LP (and film) "It Happened At the World's Fair" :
"Happy Ending" and "Relax" (RCA LPM 2697, April 1963).
Personnel : Scotty Moore, Billy Strange (guitars) ; Ray Siegel (bass) ;
Dudley Brooks (piano) ; Don Robertson (electric piano / celeste) ;
Clifford Scott (sax) ; D.J. Fontana (drums).
Produced by Leith Stevens.

August 30, 1962 : NEIL SEDAKA records the A-side of his new single
"Next Door To An Angel" (RCA 47-8086, September). A # 5 hit. The B-side,
"I Belong To You" (recorded on March 4, 1959) is a track from Neil's 
first LP. A first attempt at "Bad Girl" goes unissued.
Produced by Al Nevins and Don Kirshner at RCA Victor Studio A in New York 

August 31, 1962 : COWBOY COPAS has a recording session in Nashville. At
the Starday Sound Studio he records 9 tracks which will be selected for
3 future albums: "In The Jailhous now" (Various Artists LP "Prisoners Songs",
Starday 207, December), "I'm Gonna Change Everything", "Call Me Mr. In-
Between", "Wolvertown Mountain", "Cow Town", "Big Fool Of The Year" and 
"Silver Threads And Golden Needles" (LP "Country Music Entertainer No.1",
Starday 208, December), "Devil Woman" and "After Loving You" (LP "Star Of
The Grand Ole Opry", Starday 247, August 1963).
Produced by Tommy Hill.

August 1962, unknown date : BO DIDDLEY is at the Chess Studio in Chicago
where he records five tracks for his next album, which is simply titled
"Bo Diddley" (Checker LP 2984, October). Titles : "Mama Don't Allow No
Twistin'", "Babes In the Woods", "Who May Your Lover Be" and two instru-
mentals, "Give Me A Break" and "Diddling". "Bo's A Lumberjack" will be 
included on the subsequent LP, "Bo Diddley And Company" (Checker LP 2985, 
January 1963). Three numbers from this session remain unissued : "Place Of 
Business", "Original Man" and an untitled instrumental.
Personnel : Bo Diddley (vocals / guitar) ; The Duchess (second guitar on
"Diddling") ; Chester Lindsey (bass) ; Unknown (harmonica) ; Jerome Green
(maracas) ; Billy Downing or Edell Robertson (drums) ; The Bo-ettes (vocal

August 1962, unknown date(s) : Sax man ACE CANNON records the LP "Looking
Back" at Royal Recording Studio in Memphis (Hi HL 12008, October 18). The
twelve tracks are : "Looking Back", "Harlem Nocturne", "Someday", "My Blue
Heaven", "Jealous Heart", "Blue Prelude", "I Love You, Yes I Do", "Volare",
"Lazy River", "September Song", "Night Life" and "Foggy River". Selected
for single release is "Volare"/"Looking Back" (Hi 2057, also October).
Produced by Joe Cuoghi.

August 1962, unknown date : ESTHER PHILLIPS (formerly known as Little
Esther) makes a big comeback after several years of absence from the 
studio. "Release Me"/"Don't Feel Rained On" is released on Lenox 5555 
in October and will reach the number one position on the R&B charts in 
December (also # 8 pop).
Backing vocals by the Anita Kerr Singers. More details unknown.
Arranged by Cliff Parman. Produced by Bob Gans in Nashville.

August 1962, unknown date : First recording session by DIONNE WARWICK,
at Bell Sound Studio in New York City. "Don't Make Me Over"/"I Smiled
Yesterday" is released in October on Scepter 1239. "Don't Make Me Over",
originally the B-side, reaches # 21 on the Billboard pop charts (# 5 on 
the R&B charts).
Arranged by Burt Bacharach. Written and produced by Burt Bacharach and
Hal David.

With thanks to Phil Davies, Mike Thompson, Steve Walker and Henk Gorter.

Additions and corrections welcome.

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