October 1, 1962 : THE EVERLY BROTHERS record a seasonal album, "Christmas
With the Everly Brothers" (Warner Bros W 1483, November), over pre-recorded
tapes of The Boys Town Choir and backed by a church organ. Tracks : "Adeste 
Fideles", "Away In A Manger" (Boys Town Choir only), "The First Noel", "God 
Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen", "What Child Is This" (Don solo), "Silent Night",
"Hark! The Herald Angels Sing", "Angels From the Realm of Glory" (Boys Town
Choir only), "Deck the Halls With Boughs Of Holly", "Bring A Torch, Jeanette, 
Isabella", "O Little Town Of Bethlehem" (Phil solo), "We Wish You A Merry
The location is Nashville, more details unknown.

October 2, 3, 5 : DUANE EDDY is in the RCA Victor Studio in Nashville
on eleven (!) days in October 1962. His current hit, "Dance With the
Guitar Man" will be complemented by 11 other tracks for an LP of the same
name (RCA LPM 2648, February 1963). On October 2 he records "The Climb",
on October 3 "Limbo Rock" and "Creamy Mashed Potatoes" and on October 5
"Wild Watusi", "The Scrape" and "New Hully Gully".
Personnel : Duane Eddy (guitar) ; Ray Edenton (rhythm guitar) ; Bob Moore
(bass) ; Harold Bradley (Danelectro bass on "The Climb") ; Floyd Cramer
(piano) ; Jim Horn (sax) ; Buddy Harman (drums) ; The Anita Kerr Singers
(vocal chorus).
Produced by Lee Hazlewood.
See also October 8/9/11 and October 14-18.

Friday, October 5, 1962 : JERRY REED records material for his next two
singles at the Columbia Studio in Nashville : "Overlooked and Underloved"/
"Too Old To Cut the Mustard" (Columbia 42639, November) and "I Want To Be 
Loved"/"I'll See You In My Dreams" (Columbia 42704, February 1963, label
credit goes to "Jerry Reed and the Hully Girlies").
Produced by Don Law and Frank Jones.

October 8, 1962 : Drummer SANDY NELSON records the remaining six tracks 
for the LP "Teenage House Party" (Imperial LP 9215, November) : "Night 
Train", "Day Train", "Limbo Rock", "House Party Rock", "Junior Jive" and 
"Teenage House Party". "Day Train" and the title track will be coupled 
for single release on Imperial 5884 in late October. The other six tracks 
were recorded on September 25.
Plas Johnson is the sax player, more details unknown.
Produced by Eddie Ray and Sandy Nelson in Hollywood.

October 8, 1962 : NINO TEMPO AND APRIL STEVENS record five tracks in Los 
Angeles : their next single, "Paradise" (Atco 6248, December), the future 
chart topper "Deep Purple" (Atco 6273, August 1963), the LP tracks "One 
Dozen Roses" and "It's Pretty Funny" (Atco 33-156) and an unissued first
attempt at "Tweedle Dee Dee".
Personnel : Glen Campbell (guitar) ; Ray Johnson (piano) ; Earl Palmer
(drums) ; plus a 4-piece female backing group. More details unknown.
Arranged and conducted by Jimmie Haskell. Produced by Ahmet Ertegun.

October 8, 9, 11, 1962 : DUANE EDDY continues to work on the album
"Dance With the Guitar Man". On October 8 he lays down "Spanish Twist"
and "Loco-Locomotion", on October 9 "Waltz of the Wind" and "The Last
Dance" (not on the LP, unissued until 1980) and on October 11 "Popeye
(the Hitchhiker)" and "Nashville Stomp".
Personnel is the same as on October 2, 3, 5, minus Harold Bradley.
Boots Randolph replaces Jim Horn on sax on October 9. Floyd Cramer
plays harpsichord on "Spanish Twist".

October 9, 1962 : BOBBY VEE records one of his biggest hits, "The Night
Has A Thousand Eyes"/"Anonymous Phone Call" (Liberty 55521, November).
Will peak at # 3. "All You Gotta Do Is Touch Me" will be issued in the 
UK only, on the EP "Just For Fun" (Liberty LEP 2084, 1963), credited to 
Bobby Vee and the Crickets. "His Shadow" is first released in 1999, on 
the EMI double CD "The Essential And Collectable Bobby Vee".
The drummer is Earl Palmer, more details unknown.
Arranged and conducted by Ernie Freeman. Produced by Snuff Garrett at
United Recording Corporation in Hollywood, California.

October 9 and 11, 1962 : CONWAY TWITTY pays another visit to the Columbia 
Studio in Nashville. On the 9th he records two songs ("City Lights" and
"Faded Love") that are held in the can until 1969, when they appear on 
the LP "You Can't Take the Country Out Of Conway" (MGM SE 4650). Also on 
that album are "Don't Let the Stars Get In Your Eyes" and "Ages and Ages 
Ago", recorded on October 11. "The Pickup"/"I Hope, I Think, I Wish" 
becomes the new single (MGM 13112, December). "Hound Dog" does not see 
a release until 1972, on the LP "Conway Twitty Sings the Blues" (MGM SE 
Personnel (probably) : Al Bruno, Ray Edenton, Grady Martin (guitars) ;
Lightnin' Chance (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Buddy Harman (drums).
Plus brass and a string section.
Produced by Jim Vienneau.

October 14-18, 1962 : Still in Nashville, DUANE EDDY records the LP
"Twang A Country Song" (RCA LPM 2681, April 1963). Tracks : "Making
Believe", "Weary Blues", "The Window Up Above", "Have You Ever Been 
Lonely", "Please Help Me I'm Falling", "Crazy Arms", "Fireball Mail",
"Wildwood Flower", "A Satisfied Mind", "Peace In the Valley", "Precious
Memories" and "Sugarfoot Rag".
Personnel : Duane Eddy (guitar) ; Ray Edenton (rhythm guitar) ; Buddy
Emmons (steel guitar) ; Unidentified (bass) ; Tommy Jackson (fiddle) ;
Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Hargus 'Pig' Robbins (piano on some tracks) ; 
Buddy Harman (drums) ; The Anita Kerr Singers (vocal chorus).
Produced by Lee Hazlewood, who also contributes the "oldtimer" voice
on "Fireball Mail".

October 15, 1962 : Guitarist RICHIE ALLEN (real name Richard Podolor) 
records three instrumentals in Los Angeles. "Kick-Off"/"Undercurrent" 
is released on Imperial 5885 in the first week of November. The B-side 
sounds suspiciously like "Rumble" by Link Wray. "Butterscotch" will 
appear in February 1963 on Imperial 5917, coupled with "Sunday Picnic" 
from a session on April 18, 1962.
The sax player on "Kick-Off" may be Jackie Kelso. More details unknown.

Tuesday, October 16, 1962 is the day of SKEETS McDONALD's only session 
of 1962. Two singles are the result. "I've Gotta Show You"/"Dear John 
(I've Sent Your Saddle Home)" hits the market in December (Columbia 
42655). "This Old Broken Heart"/"Call Me Mr. Brown" follows in May 1963 
(Columbia 42807).
Personnel : Harold Bradley, Ray Edenton, Grady Martin (guitars) ; Joe
Zinkan (bass) ; Walter Haynes (steel guitar) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ;
Buddy Harman (drums).
Produced by Don Law at Columbia Studio in Nashville.

October 17, 1962 : SOLOMON BURKE does another session for Atlantic in 
New York City. "Go On Back To Him"/"I Said I Was Sorry" is selected as 
his next single (Atlantic 2170, December). "Words" is the subsequent 45,
released in February 1963 (Atlantic 2180, c/w "Home In Your Heart" from 
a session on June 25, 1962). "Without Love" remains unissued.
Personnel : Bill Suyker, Everett Barksdale (guitars) ; Jimmy Lewis (bass) ;
Dick Hyman (organ) ; Paul Griffin (piano) ; Ernie Royal, Jimmy Maxwell 
(trumpets) ; Tom Pace (tenor sax) ; Jerome Richardson (baritone sax) ; 
Panama Francis (drums) ; Ted Sommer (percussion). Plus a mixed vocal group.
Arranged by Claus Ogerman. Produced by Bert Berns and Jerry Wexler.

October 17, 1962 : Three-track session by THE CRICKETS at Pacific Enter-
prises Studio in Hollywood. Their next 45 is "My Little Girl"/"Teardrops
Fall Like Rain" (Liberty 55540, January 25, 1963). "Lookin' All Over Town" 
will get its first release on the CD "Ravin' On From California To Clovis"
(Rockstar RSRCD 002, UK) in 1991.
Personnel : Jerry Naylor (lead vocals) ; Sonny Curtis (vocals / guitar) ; 
Glen D. Hardin (vocals / piano) ; Ernie Freeman (piano) ; Red Callender 
(bass) ; Jerry Allison (drums).
Produced by Snuff Garrett.
See also October 22.

October 17, 1962 : LLOYD GEORGE (who also recorded under the name Ken
Marvin) cuts his second and last single for Imperial : "Come On Train"/
"Frog Hunt" (Imperial 5896, November). It will also appear on Imperial's
Post subsidiary (10006). Unissued from this session are "Hold Me Close" 
and "Forever More". Location unknown.

October 17, 1962 : JOHNNY KIDD and the Pirates cover the Arthur Alexander
number "A Shot Of Rhythm and Blues" for their next single (HMV POP 1088,
November 9, a # 48 UK hit). The lower deck, "I Can Tell", is also recorded
on this day.
The Pirates at this time are : Mick Green (guitar), Johnny Spence (bass)
and Frank Farley (drums).

October 17-19, 1962 : Three days of sessions by pianist FLOYD CRAMER, at
RCA Victor's Nashville studio. Two tracks ("Rockin' Rhapsody" and "Floyd's 
Piano Blues") remain unissued. The remaining eight numbers will all be
included on the LP "Swing Along With Floyd Cramer" (RCA LPM 2642, January
1963) : "A Swingin' Safari", "Georgia On My Mind", "Moonlight Serenade",
"Canadian Sunset", "Melissa", "The Glory Of Love", "Stranger On the Shore"
and "A Taste Of Honey". "Melissa" is first released as the B-side of "Java"
(recorded on April 24, 1962) on RCA 47-8116 in November.
Arranged by Anita Kerr. Produced by Chet Atkins.

October 18, 1962 : The instrumental group THE PILTDOWN MEN records their
final single, "Night Surfin'"/"Tequila Bossa Nova", at the Capitol Tower
in Hollywood (Capitol 4875, November 12). 
The session personnel is quite different from that on the earlier Piltdown 
Men recordings and includes Dave Burgess on guitar and Leon Russell on 
Produced by Nik Venet.

October 18, 1962 is the date of the American Folk Blues Festival 1962 in
Hamburg, Germany. A 	12-track selection from the event is released on an
LP (Polydor LP 46397, early 1963) and has been in print (on vinyl or CD) 
ever since. Artists include MEMPHIS SLIM ("We're Gonna Rock", "Stewball", 
"Bye Bye Baby"), JOHN LEE HOOKER ("Let's Make It Baby", "Shake It Baby", 
"The Right Time"), T-BONE WALKER ("I Wanna See My Baby", "I'm In Love"), 

October 19, 1962 : Three-track session by THE FALCONS. "Take This Love
I've Got"/"Let's Kiss and Make Up" will be released on Atlantic 2179 in 
February 1963, while "Alabama Bound" is consigned to the vaults.
The Falcons are : Wilson Pickett, Eddie Floyd, Mack Rice and Ornette 
Personnel : Robert Ward, Lance Finnie (guitars) ; Marshall Jones (bass) ;
Joe Hunter (piano / arranger) ; Ralph Middlebrook (alto sax) ; Clarence
Satchell (tenor sax) ; Cornelius Johnson (drums).
Probably recorded in Cincinnati, Ohio.

October 19, 1962 : TIPPIE AND THE CLOVERS record the original version 
of "Bossa Nova Baby", which will be covered by Elvis Presley in 1963. 
The other side is "My Heart Said (The Bossa Nova)". Released in November 
on Tiger 201. 
Lead vocal by Roosevelt "Tippie" Hubbard. The group also includes Harold
Lucas from the previous Clovers incarnation.
Arranged by Alan Lorber. Produced by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller in
New York City.

October 20, 1962 : OTIS REDDING records his first single for the Volt
label : "These Arms Of Mine"/"Hey Hey Baby" (Volt 103, November).
A # 20 R&B hit (# 85 pop). 
Personnel : Johnny Jenkins (guitar) ; Steve Cropper (guitar / piano) ;
Lewis Steinberg (electric bass) ; Booker T. Jones (organ) ; Al Jackson,
Jr. (drums).
Produced by Jim Stewart at the Stax studio in Memphis. 

Sunday, October 21 : Also at the Stax Studio in Memphis, RUFUS THOMAS 
cuts his second single for Stax, "The Dog"/"Did You Ever Love A Woman" 
(Stax 130, December). It will give Thomas his first chart hit since 
"Bear Cat" (1953) : # 22 R&B, # 87 pop.
Personnel : Steve Cropper (guitar) ; Lewis Steinberg (bass) ; Booker T.
Jones (organ / piano) ; Gilbert Caple (tenor sax) ; Floyd Newman (baritone
sax) ; Unknown (trumpet, trombone) ; Al Jackson, Jr. (drums). And an 
unknown male vocal group on the B-side.
Produced by Jim Stewart.

October 22, 1962 : Second October session for THE CRICKETS. They record
two tracks for the LP "Something Old, Something New, Something Blue,
Something Else!!" (Liberty LRP 3272, January 1963) : "Pretty Blue Eyes"
and "Love Is Strange". 
Personnel is the same as on October 17.
Produced by Snuff Garrett at Western Recorders in Hollywood.

October 24, 1962 : MARV JOHNSON records four tracks for two singles. 
"Keep Tellin' Yourself"/"Everyone Who's Been In Love" is released on 
United Artists 556 on November 27. "Another Tear Falls"/"He's Got the 
Whole World In His Hands" will follow on April 22, 1963 (United Artists 
Produced by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller in New York City.

October 25, 1962 : SONNY JAMES records his second and last Dot single :
"On the Longest Day"/"The Only Cure" (Dot 16419, November). The location
is the Gold Star Recording Studio in Hollywood.
Personnel : Ray Pohlman (guitar) ; Melvin Pollan (bass) ; Al DeLory
(piano) ; Herb Alpert, Virgil Evans (trumpets) ; Hal Blaine (drums).
Produced by Randy Wood.

October 25, 1962 : In Los Angeles, JIMMY McCRACKLIN records "Bitter Pill"
(aka "Take the Bitter Like the Sweet"), for release on Imperial 5892 in
November. The reverse, "Head Over Flip", although credited to McCracklin,
is by Don Wilson (recorded in 1961 and originally released on Gedison's

October 26, 1962 : BOB DYLAN records "Mixed Up Confusion" and "Corrina 
Corrina", which are coupled for release as his first single (Columbia 
42656, December 14). Also laid down is the Arthur Crudup classic "That's 
All Right Mama", which is first released on the CD "The Freewheelin' Bob 
Dylan Outtakes" (Vigotone VIGO 115) in 1993.
Personnel : Bob Dylan (vocals / harmonica) ; Bruce Langhorne, Howie
Collins (guitars) ; Leonard Gaskin (bass) ; Dick Wellstood (piano) ;
Herb Lovelle (drums).
Produced by John Hammond at New York's Columbia Studio A.

October 29, 1962 : At Nashville's RCA Victor Studio, DON GIBSON lays
down four tracks for the LP "God Walks These Hills With Me" (RCA LPM
2878, April 1964) : "Old Ship Of Zion", "Then I Met the Master", "I'd
Rather Have Jesus" and "Be Ready". (The other eight tracks will be
recorded on November 21-22, 1963.)
Personnel : Don Gibson (vocals / guitar) ; Chet Atkins, Jerry Reed
(guitars) ; Roy Huskey (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Buddy Harman
(drums) ; The Jordanaires and the Anita Kerr Singers (vocal backups,
each 2 sides).
Produced by Chet Atkins.

October 29, 1962 : BARRY MANN records the single "Teenage Has Been" for
release in November on ABC-Paramount 10380. The reverse is "Bless You", 
recorded on August 24, 1961, and previously released on Mann's "Who Put 
the Bomp" LP. Unissued from this October session is "He Cried All the 
Way To the Bank".
Produced by Barry Mann.

October 29 and 31, 1962 : WANDA JACKSON records six tracks for the album
"Love Me Forever" (Capitol T 1911, May 1963) : "Funny How Time Slips Away",
"These Empty Arms", "How Important Can It Be", "I May Never Get To Heaven",
"The Things I Might Have Been" and "Little Things Mean A Lot". Also laid 
down (on October 29) are the single tracks "But I Was Lying" (Capitol 4917, 
February 1963) and "We Haven't A Moment To Lose" (Capitol 4973, May 1963).
Personnel : Harold Bradley (guitar) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; more details not
Produced by Ken Nelson at Columbia Studio in Nashville.

October 1962, unknown date : ARTHUR ALEXANDER records his next single, 
"Go Home Girl", for release on Dot 16425 in November. It will bubble
under the Hot 100, peaking at # 102. The other side, "You're the Reason",
is lifted from his first LP and was recorded in March.
Produced by Noel Ball in Nashville.

October 1962, unknown date : DORSEY BURNETTE does a session at an unknown
Los Angeles studio, which results in the single "Darling Jane"/"I'm Waiting 
For Ya' Baby" (Reprise 20121, late October).
Produced by Steve Venet.

October 1962, unknown date : The vocal group THE CASCADES records their
first single, "Rhythm of the Rain"/"Let Me Be" (Valiant 6026, November).
A # 3 hit in the USA, also a major hit in many other countries. 
The Cascades are : John Gummoe (lead vocals), Eddie Snyder, David Szabo, 
Dave Stevens and Dave Wilson.
Personnel : Glen Campbell (guitar) ; Carol Kaye (bass) ; Hal Blaine (drums).
More details unknown.
Arranged by Perry Botkin, Jr. Produced by Barry De Vorzon at Gold Star 
studio in Hollywood.

(Circa) October 1962, unknown date : PAUL PEEK does his first session for
Mercury. "Young Hearts"/"A Miss Is As Good As A Mile" is issued in November,
on Mercury 72064. "Fire And Ice" is consigned to the vaults.
Backing vocals by the Merry Melody Singers.
Arranged by Ray Stevens. Produced by Jerry Kennedy at the Columbia Studio
in Nashville.

October 1962, unknown date : TEDDY REDELL (vocals / piano) does a one-off 
session for the Razorback label in Newport, Arkansas. The single "Poor Ole 
Me"/"Between Midnite And Dawn" is released on Razorback R-105 in February 
Backing by Bobby Crafford and the Pacers.

October 1962, unknown date : RAY STEVENS records a Christmas single, 
"Santa Claus Is Watching You" (Mercury 72058, November). A # 45 hit. The 
other side is "Loved and Lost", recorded on January 24, 1962. Also laid 
down is the LP track "Soap Opera", which will be included on "This Is Ray 
Stevens" in August 1963 (Mercury MG 20828). Unissued from this session is
"Adults Only".
Backing vocals by the Merry Melody Singers.
Produced by Shelby Singleton at Columbia Studio in Nashville. 

With thanks to Mike Thompson and Henk Gorter.

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