December 3, 1962 : BOBBY DARIN records his second Capitol single, "You're
the Reason I'm Living"/"Now You're Gone" (Capitol 4897, December 31).
A # 3 hit. Also laid down is "If You Were the Only Girl In the World", 
which has never been issued.
Arranged and conducted by Jimmie Haskell. Produced by Nick Venet at the
Capitol Tower in Hollywood.

December 4, 1962 : JOHNNY "GUITAR" WATSON has a session in Los Angeles
with the Johnny Otis Orchestra. Recorded are "Cold, Cold Heart"/"That's
the Chance you've Got To Take" (King 5716, February 1963), "I Say I Love
You"/"You Better Love Me" (King 5833, January 1964) and, as the fifth 
track, "In the Evenin'" (King 5774, August 1963, c/w "Gangster Of Love" 
from a later session).

Wednesday, December 5, 1962 : DUANE EDDY records his next single, "Boss
Guitar" (RCA 47-8131, January 1963) in Phoenix, Arizona (Audio Recorders).
The B-side, "The Desert Rat", is recorded the next day. "Boss Guitar"
will peak at # 28 on the Billboard charts.
Personnel : Duane Eddy (guitar, producer) ; James Gray (rhythm guitar) ;
Donnie Owens (guitar) ; Jimmy Wilcox (bass) ; Al Simmons (string bass) ;
Jim Horn (sax) ; Howard Crook (piano / organ / harmonica) ; Bob Taylor
(drums). "Boss Guitar" will be overdubbed by the vocal group The Blossoms
(Darlene Love, Fanita James, Gracia Nitzsche) in Hollywood. They are 
billed as the Rebelettes on the label.

December 6, 1962 : JACK CLEMENT records a single for the Hall-Way label 
in Houston, Texas : "My Voice Is Changing"/"Time After Time After Time". 
First released on Hall-Way 1912 in the third week of December, then on 
Smash / Hall-Way 1796.
Produced by Bill Hall.

December 6, 1962 : BOB DYLAN (vocals / guitar / harmonica) records three 
tracks for the album "The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan" (Columbia CL 1986, May
27, 1963) : "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall", "Oxford Town" and "I Shall Be
Free". Two other songs, "Hero Blues" and "Whatcha Gonna Do" stay in the
vaults until the release of "the 4 CD-set "The 50th Anniversary Collection" 
in December 2012.
Produced by John Hammond in New York City.

December 6, 1962 : DR. FEELGOOD and the Interns do another session for
OKeh Records, in Nashville (Columbia Studio). Only "My Gal Jo" (not the
same song that Piano Red recorded in 1950) has survived from this session
and is released on OKeh 7167 in January 1963. The reverse is "Bald-Headed
Lena", from a session on April 3, 1962. The other three tracks, "The Double
Twist", "Rock Me" and "Jumping the Boogie" are unissued and considered as
Personnel : Willie Perryman (aka Dr. Feelgood, aka Piano Red) (vocals / 
piano) ; Roy Lee Johnson, Curtis Smith (guitars) ; Howard Hobbs (bass) ;
Grady Martin (organ) ; Boots Randolph (sax) ; Bobby Lee Tuggle (drums).
Produced by Don Law and Frank Jones.

December 6, 1962 : CLIFF RICHARD records three tracks at EMI's Abbey Road
studio in London : "Carnival", "Where the Four Winds Blow" and "I'm in the
Mood For Love". They will be released on three different EP's between May
1963 and February 1965. On December 12, Cliff waxes "Moonlight Bay" and
"Some Of These Days", for the EP "Holiday Carnival" (Columbia SEG 8246,
May 1963), which also includes "Carnival". Also laid down on the 12th is
"I Found A Rose", which is eventually issued on the LP "Cliff Richard"
(Columbia SX 1709) in April 1965.
Backing by the Norrie Paramor orchestra and the Mike Sammes Singers.
Produced by Norrie Paramor.
See also December 28.

December 8, 1962 : In New Orleans, TOMMY RIDGLEY records material for
two singles : "Heavenly"/"I Love You Yes I Do" (Ric 993, February 1963)
and "I've Heard That Story Before"/"Honest I Do" (Ric 994, May 1963).
Personnel : Justin Adams (guitar) ; Chuck Badie (bass) ; Lee Allen (tenor 
sax) ; Red Tyler (baritone sax) ; Melvin Lastie (trumpet) ; Leo O'Neil
(vibraphone) ; Mac Rebennack (piano) ; Cornelius Coleman (drums) ; 
Unknown (strings, female vocal chorus).
Produced by Joe Ruffino.

December 8, 9, 12, 1962 : BRENDA LEE records eleven songs for the album
"All Alone Am I" (Decca DL 4370, February 18, 1963) : "My Prayer", "By
Myself", "I Hadn't Anyone Till You", "All By Myself", "It's All Right With 
Me", "I Left My Heart In San Francisco", "Lover", "My Coloring Book",
"What Kind Of Fool Am I", "Come Rain Or Come Shine" and "Fly Me To the
Moon". (The twelfth track is the title track, recorded on August 9, 1962).
Also recorded (on December 8) is "She'll Never Know", which will be used
as the B-side of "Your Used To Be" (also waxed on August 9), for release
on Decca 31454 on January 28, 1963.
Personnel : Grady Martin, Harold Bradley, Ray Edenton (guitars) ; Bob
Moore (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Boots Randolph (sax) ; Buddy Harman
(drums) ; The Anita Kerr Singers (vocal chorus).
Produced by Owen Bradley at Columbia Studio in Nashville.

December 10, 1962 : On this day THE SHADOWS record the LP version of
"Foot Tapper", which will be included on the LP "Summer Holiday" by Cliff
Richard and the Shadows (Columbia SX 3421, January 1963). The hit single 
version will be waxed on January 8, 1963. On December 13 the group records 
two tracks, the future # 2 hit "Atlantis" (Columbia DB 7047, May 31, 1963)
and "Geronimo" (Columbia DB 7163, November 1963, a # 11 UK hit). A third 
session on December 21 yields the B-side (of "Shindig") "It's Been A Blue 
Day" (Columbia DB 7106, September 1963).
Personnel on all three occasions : Hank Marvin (lead guitar) ; Bruce Welch 
(rhythm guitar) ; Brian Locking (bass) ; Brian Bennett (drums).
Produced by Norrie Paramor at EMI's Abbey Road Studio.

December 11, 1962 Following the success of "Don't Go Near the Eskimos", 
MGM wants Sheb Wooley to record an entire LP of parodies, as his alter ego
BEN COLDER. On this day he records eight tracks : "Ballad Of A Mean Ole
Queen", "I Walk the Line No. 2", "Hello Wall [sic] No. 2" (also released 
as a single, MGM 13122, February 1963, a # 30 country hit), "Walking the 
Floor Over You No. 2", "Don't Take Your Cash To Town, John", "A Little 
Bitty Steer", "The Real Me" and "Devil Woman No. 2". All tracks are released 
on the album "Spoofing the Big Ones!" (MGM SE 4117, January 1963).
Produced by Jim Vienneau at Columbia Studio in Nashville.
See also December 14.

December 12, 1962 : One-track session by THE KINGSTON TRIO. "Greenback
Dollar" will be released in January 1963 (Capitol 4898) and reaches # 21
on the Billboard Hot 100. The lower deck, "The New Frontier", comes from 
a session on September 24, 1962. An earlier version of "Greenback Dollar"
was recorded on September 25 and issued as an LP track.
Personnel : John Stewart (vocals / guitar / banjo) ; Nick Reynolds (vocals
/ guitar ) ; Bob Shane (vocals / guitar) ; Jack Marshall (guitar).
Produced by Voyle Gilmore at the Capitol Tower in Hollywood.

December 12-14, 1962 : THE PLATTERS record the LP "The Platters Sing All
Time Movie Hits" (Mercury MG 20782, June 1963). Only one of the twelve
tracks is also released as a single : "Here Comes Heaven Again" (Mercury
72129, June 1963, c/w "Strangers" from a later session).
The Platters are : Sonny Turner (lead vocals), David Lynch, Zola Taylor,
Herb Reed and Paul Robi.
Arranged and conducted by David Carroll. Produced by Buck at United
Recording Corporation in Hollywood.

December 12, 15, 1962 : DION is now signed to Columbia Records and has his
first recording session for the label on December 12. "Will Love Ever Come 
My Way" will be released on the Ruby Baby" LP in March 1963 (Columbia CL 
8810). On December 15, Dion records his first single for the new company, 
"Ruby Baby"/"He'll Only Hurt You" (Columbia 42662, January 1963). A # 2 hit. 
Arranged, conducted and produced by Robert Mersey in New York City.

December 13, 1962 : The instrumental group THE CHAMPS records five tracks
in Hollywood. Selected for the new single are "Mr. Cool" and "3/4 Mash"
(Challenge 9180, January 1963). "Last Night" and "Honky Tonk" are first
released on the CD "Tequila : The Very Best of the Champs" (Music Club 
MCCD 283) in 1996, "Peter Gunn" as a bonus track on "The Champs : The Album 
Collection" (One Way OW 34488, a double-CD) in 1997.
Personnel unknown. Arranged and / or produced by Dave Burgess.

December 14, 1962 : BEN COLDER (Sheb Wooley) records the final three tracks 
for the album "Spoofing the Big Ones" : "Don't Worry No. 2", "Shudders And 
Screams" (also a single, MGM 13122, February 1963) and "Release Me No. 2". 
Wooley also cuts three tracks under his own name : "Little Bitty Bilbo 
Abernathy Nathan Allen Quincy Jones" (MGM 13125, February 1963), "Don't 
Talk To Strangers" (first released on the Sheb Wooley CD "Wild and Wooley, 
Big Unruly Me", Bear Family BCD 16150, in 1997) and "Good Time Charlie" 
Produced by Jim Vienneau at Columbia Studio in Nashville.

December 14-16, 1962 : SAM COOKE records seven tracks for the LP "Mr. Soul"
(RCA LPM 2673, February 1963) : "All the Way", "Cry Me A River", "Smoke
Rings", "I Wish You Love", "Drifting Blues", "Little Girl" and "These
Foolish Things".
Orchestra conducted by Horace Ott. Produced by Hugo (Peretti) & Luigi 
(Creatore) at RCA Studio 1 in Hollywood.

December 15, 1962 : LOUIS JORDAN does a session with Chris Barber's Jazz
Band in London, England, but the results stay in the vaults for years.
"Is She Is Or Is She Ain't Your Baby"/"Fifty Cents" is released as a
single in 1967 (Melodisc 1616, UK). These two tracks will also appear on
an LP ("Louis Jordan Swings!", Black Lion 30175) in 1976, along with nine
other tracks from the 1962 session : "A Man Ain't A Man", "No Chance
Blues", "I'm Gonna Move To the Outskirts Of Town", "Jazz Lips", "Don't 
Worry 'Bout the Mule", "Choo Choo Ch' Boogie", "I Wish I Could Shimmy Like 
My Sister Kate", "Black And Tan Fantasy" and "Back Home In Indiana". One
track was rejected : "T'ain't Nobody's Business".
Personnel : Louis Jordan (vocals / alto sax) ; Eddie Smith (banjo) ; Dick
Smith (bass) ; Ian Wheeler (clarinet / alto sax) ; Chris Barber (trombone) 
; Pat Halcox (trumpet) ; Graham Burbidge (drums).

Saturday, December 15, 1962 : JACK SCOTT records four tracks which will be
released on his next two singles : "Strangers"/"Laugh And the World Laughs
With You" (Capitol 4903, January 1963) and "All I See Is Blue"/"Meo Myo"
(Capitol 4955, April 1963).
Produced by Nick Venet at Columbia Studio in Nashville.

December 17, 1962 : JAMES BROWN is at Bell Sound Studio in New York City. 
He records four tracks, which will be released on four different singles :
"Prisoner Of Love" (King 5739, March 1963, # 6 R&B, # 18 pop), "These
Foolish Things" (King 5767, June 1963, # 25 R&B, # 55 pop), "Again" (King 
5876, April 1964) and "So Long" (King 5899, June 1964). The latter two 
songs are first released on the LP "Prisoner Of Love" (King LP 851) in 
August 1963.
Personnel : Billy Butler, Walter Richardson (guitars) ; Lloyd Trotman
(bass) ; Ernie Hayes (piano / organ) ; Panama Francis (drums / tympani).
Plus 11 strings and 9 background vocalists.
Arranged and conducted by Sammy Lowe. Produced by James Brown and Hal 

December 18, 1962 : BILL ANDERSON records his biggest hit, "Still"/"You 
Made It Easy" (Decca 31458, January 28, 1963). It reaches # 8 on the pop
charts and # 1 on the country charts (for seven weeks). Also laid down is
the LP track "I Wish It Was Mine".
Personnel : Ray Edenton, Jerry Kennedy, Grady Martin (guitars) ; Pete Drake
(steel guitar) ; Bob Moore (bass) ; Floyd Cramer (piano) ; Buddy Harman
(drums) ; The Anita Kerr Singers (vocal chorus). Plus four violins.
Produced by Owen Bradley at Columbia Studio in Nashville.

December 19, 1962 : Four-track session by BOBBY VEE at United Recorders
in Hollywood. "Bobby Tomorrow" will be used as the B-side of "Charms"
(Liberty 55530, March 1963), which was recorded two days earlier. The
other three tracks, "Lover's Goodbye", "Dry Your Eyes" and "Silent Partner"
will be included on the LP "The Night Has A Thousand Eyes" (Liberty LRP
3285) in April 1963.
Arranged by Ernie Freeman. Produced by Snuff Garrett.

December 22, 1962 : BARBARA GREENE covers both sides of a Little Richard
single from 1956 : "Long Tall Sally"/"Slippin' and Slidin'" (Atco 6250,
January 1963). Her real name is Barbara Grossman.
King Curtis plays the sax, more details unknown. The location is New York

December 27, 1962 : In New York City, TARHEEL SLIM & LITTLE ANN record 
the single "Goodnight Irene"/"Two-Time Loser" (Atco 6259, March 1963).
A third track from this session , "Got You On My Mind", is still lingering 
in the vaults.
Personnel : Billy Butler, Napoleon Allen (guitars) ; Abie Baker (bass) ;
Ernie Hayes (piano) ; Leroy Glover (organ) ; Buddy Lucas, Sam Taylor
(tenor saxes) ; Dud Bascomb (trumpet) ; Panama Francis (drums). Plus an
overdubbed 4-piece vocal chorus.
Arranged and conducted by Doc Bagby.

Friday, December 28, 1962 : ELMO LEWIS (Jerry Lee's father) tries to follow 
in the footsteps of his son by doing a session for Sun Records. Four titles 
are recorded, "Waiting For A Train", "Seasons Of My Heart", "Mexicali Rose"
and "You're the One Rose That's Left In My Heart", but nothing has ever
been released.
Personnel : Elmo Lewis (vocals) ; George Webb (guitar) ; William Ray Felts
(organ) ; Luke Wright (sax) ; John Guthrie (drums).
Produced by Sam Phillips at his studio in Memphis.

December 28, 1962 : CLIFF RICHARD records the future # 2 UK hit "It's 
All In the Game" (Columbia DB 7089, August 16, 1963). The US release on
Epic 9633 will reach # 25 in Billboard, his biggest US hit up to that 
point. The B-side (in the UK, at least) is "Your Eyes Tell On You", from
a later session (April 10, 1963). One other song is recorded on the 28th,
"I Only Have Eyes For You", which will be released on the EP "Love Songs"
(Columbia SEG 8272) in November 1963.
Backing by the Norrie Paramor orchestra and the Mike Sammes Singers.
Produced by Norrie Paramor at EMI's Abbey Road studio in London.

December 31, 1962 : On New Year's Eve JOHNNY AND THE HURRICANES start a
live session in Hamburg, Germany : "You Can't Sit Down", "Red River Rock",
"Mashed Potatoes", "Ja Da", "Black & Blue", "The Sheik Of Araby", "Buckeye",
"The Kid", "The Paris Jam" plus seven vocal tracks will stay in the can
for more than thirty years until the release of the CD "Johnny and the
Hurricanes Live volume 1" (Atila 1034, 1995). 
Personnel : Johnny Paris (sax / vocals) ; Billy Marsh (guitar) ; Bobby
Cantrell (bass) ; Eddie Waganfeald (organ) ; Jay Drake (drums).
Arranged and produced by Johnny Paris.
Egineered by Adrian Barber at the Starclub, Große Freiheit 39, Hamburg.
December 1962, unknown date : Former Sun artist ED BRUCE records material
for two singles : "It's Coming To Me"/"The Greatest Man" (Wand 136, May
1963) and "See the Big Man Cry"/"I Won't Cry Anymore" (Wand 140, August
Arranged and conducted by Bill Justis. Produced by Peter Paul at an unknown
Nashville studio.

December 1962, unknown date : The instrumental group THE CHANTAYS records
the single "Pipeline"/"Move It" at Wenzel's Music Town in Downey, California. 
Both songs were previously recorded as demos in the summer of 1962. The
single is first released on Downey 104 in the last week of December, then 
leased to Dot Records, for release on Dot 16440 in January 1963. A # 4 hit 
and a surf classic.
The Chantays are : Bob Spickard (lead guitar) ; Brian Carman (guitar) ; 
Warren Waters (bass) ; Rob Marshall (piano) ; Bob Welch (drums).
Produced by Bill Wenzel.

(Circa) December 1962, unknown date : JOHNNY CYMBAL records his biggest 
hit, "Mr. Bass Man"/"Sacred Lovers Vow" (Kapp 503, January 1963). Peak
position in Billboard : # 16. "Mr. Bass Man" also features the voice of
Ronnie Bright. The third track from this session will become the A-side 
of the subsequent single, "Teenage Heaven" (Kapp 524, April 1963, c/w 
"Cinderella Baby" from a later session). This one also enters the charts,
peaking at # 58.
Arranged by Alan Lorber. Produced by Allen Stanton at Mira Sound Studio 
in New York City.

Mid-December 1962, unknown date : Saxophonist BOOTS RANDOLPH re-records
"Yakety Sax", previously cut for RCA in 1958 under the name Randy Randolph.
That version didn't chart, but this new one will, reaching # 35. The other
side, "I Really Don't Want To Know", is laid down at the same session.
Released on Monument 804 in January 1963.
Personnel : Boots Randolph (sax) ; Jimmy Wilkerson (guitar) ; Henry
Strzelecki (bass) ; Bill Pursell (piano) ; Jack Greubel (bass).
Produced by Fred Foster at the RCA Victor Studio in Nashville.

With thanks to Bill Daniels, John Klompenhouwer, Jarle Jensen, Steve Walker
and Henk Gorter.

Additions and corrections welcome.

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