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Film, Popcorn & Rock And Roll 1955-1965.

The book contains three languages: English, German and Dutch (except for film comments: English only).

The very first book in which all songs have been listed per rock and roll music film (no film musical like West Side Story or revival: Grease!) and all rock & roll songs per regular film for eight countries: USA, UK, Germany (including GDR and Austria), Italy, France and The Netherlands.

Although the focus is on vintage rock & roll songs, the book is more than just a basic mundane/banal listing of songs. The intension is with the help of snapshots, even when the quality might be dated due to the original film material, to bring you back to your youth or let you know how the 50s and early 60s were for teenagers of the time.
So not just the obvious snapshots of rock & roll-bands and -artists, but also rock & roll dancing, doing the Twist, jukeboxes, scopitones, mopeds, motorcycles, hot rods, turntables, tape recorders, youth clubs, arcades, music shops etc. etc. make the view on the 50s and early 60s complete. All snapshots have been taken directly from the original movies.
Most films are included with comments (only in English) to make the whole picture complete.
The author can rely on over 32 years of experience in the rock & roll scene. Since January 1981 (even when his first touch of rock & roll goes back to 1977) he is addicted to this first music for teenagers and the basis for modern pop music.

The teenagers of the 50s paved the way for the freedom of contemporary teenagers. The 50s 'greasers' and 'chicks' had to fight for the right to be a teenager, now it is taken for granted.
With this book the author has created a communis opinio, a standard work for the international rock & roll scene, for finding songs in (and an overview of) movies containing vintage rock & roll.
Read how different European countries picked up the American rock & roll.
See how international filmstars like eg. Romy Schneider, Elke Sommer, Horst Buchholz are dancing rock & roll. Or Jerry Lewis being a rock & roll clown. See non-rock & roll artists singing rock & roll.
Enjoy actors, actresses and artists who became famous in the 70s and onwards, way back when they just were teens. See rock & roll biggies as well as rocking 'nobodies'. They all made rock & roll happen plus you, the yesterday's teenager!

A book containing the following, some: 65000 words, 675 pages, 2050 songs, 350 films, 380 filmposters, 780 snapshots and 260 true rock & roll-artists/bands.
You can search on artist/band or film.

The book is available in colour and black/white.

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Color version

Title: Film, Popcorn & Rock And Roll

Author: Henri Smeets

Publisher: Mijnbeststeller

Pages: 676

Size: 17 * 24 cm


ISBN: 9789462549753


Black & white version

Title: Film, Popcorn & Rock And Roll

Author: Henri Smeets

Publisher: Mijnbeststeller

Pages: 676

Size: 17 * 24 cm

Black & White

ISBN: 9789462546240

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