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Rockin' Henri & The earcatcherz is just a side project. It's an occasional/'virtual' band recording Rockin' Henri's songs. the members actually play in other bands.



  • "Rockin' Henri" Smeets (The Netherlands) Rockin' Henri, vocal catcher, songwrite catcher.
    People always seem to feel the need to compare a rock & roll artist with those greats from the 50's, even if the artist is no tribute artist at all!
    However Rockin' Henri is unique, actually like all other artists (every artist is a human being and thus is unique), He's no Elvis, no Buddy Holly or whatever, he's just Rockin' more, no less.
    Please give him, like all the other artists, the credits he deserves! So please compare Rockin' Henri just with.....Rockin' Henri!

    He has been in rock & roll since he has decided to become rock & roll fan in January 1981 (but the love for that cool music started way back in 1977 after watching the TV-special because of Elvis' death).

    Since then he has done lotsa things: author of rock & roll encyclopedia 'Rock & Roll Rond De Wereld' (rock and roll around the world)(2001) and book 'Van Koempelrock Tot Klompenrock' (2011), radio deejay, festival presenter, consultant (for film director Martin Koolhoven (Winter In Wartime, 2008, nearly missing Oscar nomination), author/ documentary film maker Constant Meijers, American rockabilly band Al & The Black Cats, who included Rockin' Henri's song White Cadillac on their debut album The Fabulous Sound Of, 2005) and launcher for Hackensacks (Germany) who'd got a record deal with a subsidiary of EMI Records, promoter (he promotes rock & roll (he also collects rock & roll from around the globe (by now has rock & roll from over 60 countries), but also promoted passed away artist Rick Hardy (true founder of Cliff Richard & The Shadows, resident at the famous coffee bar 'The 2 I's' in London and the pioneer for the Beatles in Hamburg in 1960 with his band The Jets (with Tony Sheridan)), editor/writer for 50's lifestyle magazines 'Boppin' Around' (Dutch) and occasionally 'Dynamite' (German), background actor in short movie 'Dancing With Travolta' (Belgium, 2010), translator (wrote the subtitles for the first offficial dvd by Dutch professional rock & roll-duo Rene Shuman & Angel-Eye (four national hits)), songwriter (writes songs in English, German and Dutch), singer.

    Rockin' Henri is member of the International Songwriter Association, the Dutch songwriter association PALM and the Dutch copyrights organisation BUMA/STEMRA.
  • Sergej "Little John" Gamza (Germany) Sergej: guitar catcher, background vocals.
    He also plays in his main act 'Little John & The Cadillacs' (rock & roll), 'Grandma's Lunchbox' (country) and solo as 'Wanted Man' (a Johnny Cash tribute act).
  • Yves "Deville" Ditsch (Luxembourg) Yves: drums catcher.
    He is the youngster of the band, however most active in music of them all.
    He takes part in several bands: 'Little John & The Cadillacs' (rock & roll), 'Carl Wyatt & The Delta Voodoo Kings' (blues), 'Dave White & The Bad Luck Cats' (blues) and Smooth & The Bully Boys (rockabilly).

    Previously 'Ten Strike' (rockabilly) and 'The Grease Monkeys' (rockabilly).
    He's also owner of Studio-D and his own record label "Deville Records".
  • Aleks Skull (Germany) Aleks: stand up bass (doghouse fiddle) catcher.
    He previously played with 'The Grease Monkeys', but now is part of 'Doc Rock & The Restless Hearts'.