Hey you rockin' "bastards" out there: Are you gonna shoot the rocks without letting them roll?

(smile.....the game below)


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  • The pictures with the ears have been made by Henri himself.
  • For the classic car freaks: the caddy on this page is a Cadillac Coupe Deville 1949.
  • Copyright exist in all pictures and information of this whole website, including all webpages.


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  • on this site you'll search in vain for boosted recordings as is common in modern music. this is true pure honest rock & roll, rockabilly , highschool rock, the way it should be!
  • this is music made, recorded, produced and released by true music lovers. here, rock & roll is still an art! back to the roots!
  • rock & roll has never been soooooo close !


Hi Sociabillies,

Welcome at the website, and in the musical family, of the King Of Sobiwop-rock, your rock & roll buddy Rockin' Henri, accompanied by the earcatcherz.

actually 'rockin' henri and the earcatcherz' is a sideproject of members of 'little john & the cadillacs', 'doc rock & The Restless Hearts' and 'smooth & the bully boys' together with singer/songwriter rockin' henri.

the side project band started way back in 2007 as 'the letzebillies', accompanying rockin' henri during his studio recording sessions at 'studio d' in folschette, luxembourg. in 2009 rockin' henri decided to rename the band's name into a more catchy one: 'the earcatcherz'.
the band is an international bunch of true rockin' greasers from germany, luxembourg and the netherlands.

the music they play is called sociabillywoprock (created by rockin' henri in 2006), shortened to sobiwoprock. it's a mixture of vintage styled rockabilly, vintage styled doowop and plain vintage styled rock & roll with a lyrical focus on social themes. ranging from ballads to wild uptemo rockers.
if it is doowop, highschool rock, rockabilly, hillbilly, teddyboy r&r or whatever vintage styled rock & roll.....you'll find it all at this bunch of guys!

pamper your ears and listen to their brandnew album "earcatchin' ". available at velvet music, see the discography section.

Take care and stay cool, your rock & roll buddy,


Rockin' Henri



Album Earcatchin' finally out, since 15 november 2011!