Save Instructions

To save your memory items, you must save this page. When you save the page, you can use MemorizeNow even while you are disconnected from the Internet.

To save this page on your computer, open the Save as (Internet Explorer) or Save page as (Firefox, Chrome, Safari) dialog box on your computer - Ctrl-s (or Cmd-s for Mac) is a good shortcut - and save the file.

When you want to memorize, open the saved file with your browser. (Ctrl-o is a handy shortcut.)

To add, edit or delete items, click Reconnect to return to the MemorizeNow web site.

Note: You use this tool entirely at your own risk.

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try to remember the item, then click show answer and indicate whether you were right or wrong

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p6 x 7 =42
p4 x 7 =28
p9 x 7 =63
p2 x 7 =14
p5 x 7 =35
p1 x 7 = 7
p8 x 7 =56
p3 x 7 = 21
p10 x 7 =70
p7 x 7 = 49