Bush Budgies



Why this site.

With many animals that are in one way or another useful for the humans, there is special breeding to improve those useful qualities. That can be the provision of products or services to man, like with cows breeded for maximum milk or meat, horses for maximum race speed, chickens for many big eggs.

But very often it's only what people think is beautiful. Like dogs, such as a well groomed poodle; or cats, like the Chinese bold cat. Also plants are much "rebuilt" to the taste of humans.

On the other hand there is an always bigger group people who think that with those breedings there remains nothing "natural" on those animals and plants. That often very beautiful qualities are spoiled. Compare the vivid violet and yellow of the wild violets with the just a bit duller colours of the cultured flowers.

A pair of Budgies

That is the first reason for Bush Budgie Breeders to work together to get stocks of Budgerigars that still have as much as possible the properties of the Australian budgerigars as they live in the bush, the original Budgerigars or Budgies. Not only in colour, but also in size and posture.


The second reason is that those lovers of the "wild" budgerigars of course really admire all breeded colours, but actually have much more admiration for those little budgies that let it all happen to them. Anyhow, the green ones with their undulation and yellow mask and deep blue tail feathers surely are not less beautiful than the big English TT budgies.

Some colourfull feathers

The little Budgerigar still carries its name, given by the Aborigines, very proudly. It is a strong lively bird, also in the aviary. That's why we will bring back the small Budgie in the interest, just as that's going to the English budgerigar, with shows on exhibitions and publications.

Competitions are less easy. As soon as we pay special attention to "who has the most beautiful spots round the throat" we start to breed with human ideas. That opposes to the idea of Bush Budgies. A characteristic of "wild" birds is that they have so much differences.

Those are two clear reasons for this site.

The group still searches for amateurs or professionals that like to see Bush Budgies, so together we can much better experience the hobby for these nice birds.