Bush Budgies



The new aviary of Hans (Budgie)

Really, new. Not just a cage of aluminium and wire netting, but mostly stone. It even needed a permission of the municipality to build it.

The garden is as wide as the house, 6 meters. In the back was a shed of 3,5 m. wide and 3 m. deep. Next to that a passage went to the road, but that passage was not efficiently used. So I changed it by expanding the shed to what I now proudly call my workshop, over the full width of the garden, with a window frame of 2 x 1,8 m. on the side of the house. Behind that 'window' with wire netting my Budgies have about 1 m. deep at their disposal.

On the photo all is rather bare, that's because it's winter period and there are no flowers yet. The wall has to be grown with the grape that grows left on the fence (it's really there, I'll have a better nice green photo in the summer) and the rose from the right. Below the opening surely will be more plants.

Now from the house we have direct sight in the main part of the aviary, that city garden is only 7 meters long. From my shop I can feed, clean, check eggs and do all other odd jobs. The door is so small that my body covers the opening, so the Budgies keep away when I open it. If one can escape he or she will be caught in the shed.

Well visible are the six openings to the breeding blocks. These hang inside against the plywood wall. I glued them together from some plywood, two long boxes with three breeding holes each. The bottom area is 15 x 15 cm., height 20 cm.. Inside first an entrance of 10 cm., with a partition separated from the breeding area. Eggs will be laid, I hope, on a 3 cm. thick block pinewood. With a fibre disk on the sander it is no problem to hollow out a bit.


Those round entrance holes I had filled in with some cork. And you bet them hens had that gnawed away in no time. A private hole for each hen, but yes, after some row in the house.

Clearly I changed to breeding from the flock in the aviary, in stead of pairs chosen (forced !?) by me.


The outside. The original shed ended about in the middle, where there is the right side of the window frame now.




What I call my 'shop'. That calendar hangs against the door. Behind that you see two horizontal cabinets with three breeding blocks each.


in kooi

And we live happily with six pairs our new house.

No, not a mirror. There's a hen inside.