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Graphic Resources
images made while musing

All images and resources were created with
Paint Shop Pro 7.04, 8, 9, X and/or Animation Shop 3
PSP Scripts and Resources Except where stated otherwise
all content on this site is property of J.A.C. Backer
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text scripts
calendar scripts calendar generating scripts and suggestions
text rough bevel script text effect script and psp 9 suggestions
multi-sigtagmaker one image, batch name addition
satin mint text script brief psp 8 instructions

scrapbooking and embellishment scripts
pattern extend single row or column seamless-pattern tiling script
resolution200 scrapbooking utility - read all about it at dizteq
multiplaider demo plaid generator, option to buy full version
yarns&ribbons user color input ribbon script and free pattern
yarns&ribbons1 user color input ribbon script pack
yarns&ribbons2 user color input ribbon script pack
yarns&ribbons3 user color input ribbon script pack
yarns&ribbons4 user color input ribbon script pack
yarns&ribbons5 user color input ribbon script pack
12x12 backgrounds layered backgrounds, user material input
12x12 base layouts layered bases, user material input
12x12 base xmas layout layered base, user material input
ribbons & bows bows with the plugin pagecurlpro 2.1
ribbons & bows1 bows with the plugin pagecurlpro 2.2
ribbons & bows2 bows with the plugin pagecurlpro 2.2
ribbons & bows3 bows with the plugin pagecurlpro 2.2
ribbons & bows4 bows with the plugin pagecurlpro 2.2
tartan 4 demo tartan plaid and elements, option to buy full version
tartan 6 tartan & elements generator, user color input
denim denim scripts and free pattern
patchwork patchwork scripts, user material input

materials scripts
gingham collection gingham generators using user color input
tartan collection tartan generators using user color input
tartan 5 tartan & gingham generator, user color input
tube scripts
tubes from script six instant tube scripts, user material input
tubes from script stars instant tube scripts, user material input
tube from script pearl1 generate & save, user material input

image and object scripts
watercolor luminance photo effect, watercolor glow on dark bg
outlines collection of edge and outline scripts
netting netting pattern, user fill input
sepia photo frame semi-drawn sepia frame/background from a photo
rippling rainbow animation with PSP 8 beginner instructions
fancy badge generator fun badge generator
flower generator 1 tweak a colorful flower
bracelet generator play with this multiple bracelet
the pillowcaser pattern spinner, with directions
coloringbaby color & dress a comic style baby shape
earring fixed model earring creator, user fill input
xmas ornaments 3 ornament scripts, user input

Direct Downloads Restricted:
wayback paint sixties photo paint effect, user editable 8&up
translucent frames 3 scripts for simple inner borders on photos 9&up
Direct Downloads Trusted:
black&white script turns color photo into a realistic b&w 8&up

pattern scripts
circles and polkadots collection of polkadot scripts
abstract retro bg's beginner script instructions, 2 free scripts
wavolette seamless wavey bands creator
stripomatic stripe creator with brief suggestions
various I
'how did i do that image?' 9 & up
method to save & recreate tool & effect settings
shading on pins in materials most PSP versions - tutorial
changing vector properties beginner instructions & 3 free files
quick vector drop shape beginner level
drawing a bezier curve
using scripts tutorial on using the scripts on this site
symmetric shape star absolute beginner tutorial
ideas for psp 8 and/or up
halftone play a simple idea to put the halftone effect to playful use
object remover tool description and some unconventional uses
animated tags free for personal use
smileys on the buses
brushes free for personal use
steps to convert X brushes to 9 or 8
happy tiles brush X, 9 - with brief descriptions and examples
patterns free for personal use
seamless patterns four handmade-paper patterns and some
tubes free for personal use
pearly lace inset tube with 9, 8, 7 beginner tube instructions
various tubes PspTube format new
vector shapes free for personal use
eyeglasses 9 & up - 3 pspimage vector objects
discodancer dress-up bodies XI, X - 4 pspimage vector objects
knots 9 knot drawings for layouts
various II
various recreative - not free unless stated otherwise
midi gif pages
dance miniatures (1999)
everetta's birthday page with gifs to 'snag'
newyear 2004-5 our cats in 2004
happy newyear digital handdrawing
season's greetings 07-08 devon rex reindeer
selection of psp & graphics related links