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Dear visitor,

A few years ago, in 1987, I started with my Yorkies.

In that time I was to young to have an own "kennel"so I started with my parents "kennel" name "V. Taraja's home"

. Since 1996 I've got my own "kennel" called "Royal Sensation's".

With the helping of my parents I'm working with my Yorkies. Who know what the future will bring us.

In 2007 I started to work together whit Hans v. Leeuwenkamp and his kennel

”My Precious Blue Stars”

This way with a selective number of yorkies we can work out the best for the breed.

Come and visit our site, don't forget to sign our guestbook.

Joop and Laura van Lieshout

lid van de erkende vereniging Nederlandse Yorkshire Terrier Club


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