The JamsPosse meet regularly in mIRC in our own chatroom. ALL are welcome to join our chat, you must first download the mIRC programme available in many places in the web (search under mIRC). We meet weekly on Thursdays starting at 1630 Eastern time (North America) / 2130 UK time / 2230 European time. And on Sundays starting at 1600 Eastern time (North America) / 2100 UK time / 2200 European time. Server: EFNet (try: Channel: #UBJams

We also have a UBJams bravenet chatroom that can be used by anyone at any time for more impromptu chats. Occasionally we have Friday evening chats there. Look for announcements ON the JamsPosse Island for any change in dates/times.


If you are a regular or even a lurker on the JamsPosse Island, the JamsPosse Bio Pages NEED YOU! If you have not yet submitted your info, please consider adding your own bio to the ones already here! For a list of topics please EMAIL sistah*e and if you have the list and haven't sent it in yet, PLEASE DO!! **please note that while in the process of revamping this site some bios have been removed. if your bio was here OR if any items on your present bio are incorrect or you would just to resubmit some/all of your replies, email me and corrections will be made**


And as always, to give credit where credit is due -- for this we salute UB40, DEP International, everyone who's influenced us, the writers, producers, engineers, painters, designers, webpage creators, moms, dads, spouses, significant others, kids, friends, cats. . .! A special thanks to PIAM for editing and to Poesiemau for the NEW webspace, it is muchly appreciated!!!



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