"I tried to find as much info as I could about the UBs on the internet and never had much luck until I came across JJ's Dubmobile site. It was from there I met Joris and through the Virgin message board I met Erica, aka "sistah*e". I started to correspond through emails with Joris and Erica, and soon I was learning so much about the band from them, plus I had made two of the best friends that one could ever ask for. About three years later, one day I get a mail from sistah*e saying, 'I think I did something kinda cool, go check out this address!' As soon as I got to the site I knew this was gonna be fun! She had created a message board dedicated to UB fans (the ONLY one at the time) to get together and talk about the band by posting questions, getting answers, and best of all meeting other fans around the world. "Our Little Island in the Sun" is what we call it. Today, me and Lisa K. (aka Pappa) help *e to keep it up and running, it's a real labour of love :-)."


"I've been a big fan of UB40 only since the early 90s. Living in the US, I'd never had that much exposure to them until the P&L Tour, when of course the only UB video MTV/US ever played was "Can't Help..."! But from that one video I was hooked and now I own just about everything the band has ever done."


"UB40 comes first and foremost, but there is so much other stuff ... mostly reggae like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, love the Pretenders, some old Green Day stuff, Everlast, Foo Fighters, Shaggy...I could go on and on, I'm very diverse. I love to dance a lot, so any so-called flava of the month club type songs are OK if *danceable*, as long as it's not Rap, Country or Metal!"


"It's too hard to have just three fave UB songs, but just off the top would be "Kingston Town", "Lisa", and "Higher Ground"... It totally depends on my mood.

And now comes Cover the list goes on."


"It was through the UB40 Jams board that I met *lifelong best friends*, U know who U are :-). We also chat in realtime once or twice a week on the IRC chat #UBJams channel. To make our friendship bond even stronger, in 1998 nine of us who were referred to as the "BBB Posse," got together from all parts of the globe and met in Birmingham, England. Now that was an experience this green one will never forget!! It was the 'First UB40 Fanfest' and it's such a good feeling to know that it has continued on and turned into a yearly event, with hundreds now attending."


"Throughout the week most of us talk on a daily basis, whether it's thru mails or IM's, most often it's not planned since we're all online at different times. The weekly Thursday #UBJams chat on IRC is like a commitment or special date. It's the one time of the week that we all know (hopefully) we'll be in the same place at the same time. LOL, sort of like going to granny's for Sunday dinner inna UB stylee...we hug...we chat...make advice...some of us even argue (hey what family doesn't?) and we're always welcome to bring guests :-). Anyone and Everyone is welcomed."


"If you didn't get it, it wasn't for you!"

GreenGirl hails from the USA and uses her own GreenGirl or GG~.