"I've only had access to the internet since about Christmas 2002 and found the DEP board fairly quickly. Then from the links page I made my way to the Jams Board and started posting. As an internet Virgin I didn't know what to make of it before. I'm still amazed at the impact it can have on you, the friendships that I've made and the stuff I've learnt about UB40."


"I was a fairly late starter when it came to UB40. I was only born in 1981 so missed all of their early years. At the age of around 13 I guess was the first time I listened to them and knew who they were. The group of people I hung around with at the time seemed to listen to them quite a bit. So at the first opportunity I nicked one of their CDs (The Best Of Volume 2), and basically I couldn't stop listening to it. It's funny how addictive their music is. I then went on a mission to collect all their other CDs and videos and stuff and soon had them all."


"Before I had the internet, me being a fan went pretty much as far as listening to their CDs and watching them on any TV show they were on. However, apart from the odd article about them in the local paper, I wasn't very up to date on them. Then when I started chatting to all the other loonies I soon became an addict. I've made some really close friends and had some great times. When there's other people involved we seem to encourage each other so it makes you more of an addict than ever. No sooner had I joined the board I was meeting up with other loonies, attending the fests, and quickly made sure I had met the band. I've got so many memories of gigs, fests, and meetings with the band already that are going to live with me forever, and hopefully there will be many more to come. And I'm certain that some of the friendships I've made will last forever."


"Apart from UB40 I have quite a wide range of music I listen to. My favourite bands and artists are Ocean Colour Scene, James, Robbie Williams, Oasis and Take That. I'm very passionate about music and am never happy unless I'm playing something in the background."


"Sing Our Own Song"

"Guns In The Ghetto"


(but they change all the time)


"What can I say -- love em all. As I have already said - I've made some really close friendships that will last forever. In general I'd say they're a completely barmy lot -- but that's probably why I fit in nicely."


"Must confess I don't get into chat as much as I'd like. Juggling work, a house, and a family means I only get to log on for a quick peek whenever I get a spare minute."


"Erm, can I come back to you on that?"

HELENA was born and bred and still lives in Birmingham.



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