"Being a UB fan from their beginning,( 40 in time, forever young in spirit, life, and soccer :] ), I have ardently and vociferously spread the reggae gospel, in every shape and form. Just getting online finally in the last year, UB40 was one of my 1st searches, of course, and this was by far the coolest, most friendly and egalitarian site for my favorite band, and all the people I saw posting have been a reflection of exactly what this "haven" and island", in a turbulent sea of life, are all about. Most friendly vibes, and the founders are certainly responsible for setting the tone. This 'Posse', makes it hospitable."


"The band struck a chord with me immediately upon 1st listening, in college in Isla Vista at UCSB in the late 70's, and into 1980. Listened to everything, being a 70's 'child', but the sweet rhythms and harmonies of this band really stood out, and I saw a LOT of reggae in Santa Barbara and L.A. back then (Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, Toots & the Maytals, Third World, Dennis Brown, Augustus Pablo et al). UB40 is quality music, original in itself and a part of the reggae circle. All the band members are complimentary and blend mellifluously, thru the Irie 'riddims', and Ali has tremendous soul in his voice. Their music has always moved me and made me happy."


"I always find positive vibrations when listening or talking about the band with those knowledgeable and those that don't. I have always thought that there were more of us around, but the internet has instantly bonded us all thru the musical thread that is the band UB40. I am enthralled when the mere mention of the group sparks an acquaintance or stranger into sharing their devotion to the music with me. And now, especially when 'younger' (than me LOL) aficionados and I chat the band up, it is gratifying to learn that interest has been sparked into the diverse world of reggae and Caribbean rhythms that move us all."

"God bless Ray "Pablo" Falconer, Bob, Dennis, Augustus, Jimmy and all the wonderful legacies they and others have left us in their music and in their footsteps on this Earth. Peace and thanks, brothers."


"My wife Robin and I love, collect and go to live music as much as we can. Our concert stubs fill a shoebox, we dated in high school, we have seen Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, you name it. We have diverse likings, as all music is pleasing to someone's soul. We have original Beatles albums, Sinatra on 78's, Turkish folk music, entire collections of artists from Zappa to Allman Brothers and everything in between. Almost a thousand Cd's and countless albums. We're serious about our tunes. Music moves the soul, makes one cry, smile or laugh in an instant and I know of no other aromatherapy, psychotherapy, hydrotherapy or any other 'therapy' that soothes the savage soul of man like music does. (Though playing footy, occasionally brings indescribable feelings of pleasure that I only find while surfing waves over 20 feet tall.) :] Like totally , mon. I find cultural music of any country or peoples the most interesting to listen to and collect as I have matured, because it speaks of the trials and tribulations of ones own surroundings and environment and history. Call it country, aboriginal, or just drumming on a hollow log. It all has a meaning to humans."


"Like choosing your favorite child I suppose, it is all excellent. But rather than go by one from say, each 6-7 year era, I will say that I like tremendously the way the sound and music has matured and seasoned and become 'tight' like all great bands become. But if a 'Penalty Kick' were forced on me to choose.......... ..............originals............these are them..........and probably fave albums, too, overall, as these are the most consistent, IMHO, of course:

'Smoke It'................Present Arms in Dub

'C'est La Vie'...........Promises and Lies

'Always There'.........Guns in the Ghetto

Too many honorable mentions to mention. :) That was hard. ;)"


"From my 1st contact with Erica, Sandra, Jane 1 and 2, Reza, bt, Ninja, Tanya, Joris, Joolz (Dang! left my crib sheet at the office) and basically everyone, the warmth and reciprocation of the good will felt in here, is, I must say, very unique. Too late for me to see you all at the Fanfest, but my 'ranch corral doors' remains open to any Posse members that venture to the Wild Wild West and Big Surf Zone. One day the margaritas, daiquiris and Pina Coladas will be on me, then you'll all be Irie fersure man, Turk-Mex style! :)"


"After being on the Mirc chats revolving around soccer and general interaction, this was an unbelievable 'diamond in the rough'. I thought I had a found a slice of heaven on earth. My favorite band, with an accommodating forum to exchange music, life, one's ups and downs with people of a common thread and link. It is not just the music, it is the people that make this world go round. Whether it is the boys in the band or one of the Posse, we are all unique creations with something to share with someone or everyone."


"I am the Eternal Optimist, My glass is always half full, Everything in moderation and positive vibrations, yeah! POSITIVE!!!"

Omar, aka Goalieo in the chats, "was born in Istanbul, American in Southern California locally, multiculturally globally connected and travelled, married with no kids and utterly happy while playing soccer like a demon, body surfing and knee-riding, Goalieo has been known to change nicks as the mood pleases, like the chameleon of a goalkeeper, that is moi."


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