"I think it was April '99 that I first discovered the JamsBoard and kept sticking around ever since. It is great coming to a place where you can exchange messages/opinions with people who won't always see the things the way you do, but still have one major thing in common… the love for UB40. And eventhough the official UB40 website has 'stolen' a lot of visitors, my every visit to Jams feels like coming home to me…."


"13 september 2001: UB40 plays their 21st Birthday Concert AND I WAS A MEMBER OF THE CHEERING AND SCANDERING CROWD!!! Sorry… I am still on a high from that gig. As I am everytime after I've been to one. UB40 is around now for over 21 years and I loved almost everything they did in that time. Sure, there will always be a couple of songs you don't fancy, but that is only a matter of opinion. Starting UB40 meant starting a band that would become one of the best ones in this day and age. I mean, how can they not be if even after all this time they still play sold-out gigs visited by young and old people??"


"Being around for about 12 years longer as the band exists means I got to know them from the start. And loved them ever since. Besides having their albums, videos and some pics/posters, I'm not a fan that collects everything there is about them and I don't know all the bandmembers personal details by heart. But I do enjoy listening to their music or seeing them in a video and have an especially great time at their live gigs. Most memorable moments of being a fan is meeting Brian, Astro and Norman at my first fanfest and almost the complete band at their Night of the Proms tour in Rotterdam (Netherlands) and Antwerp (Belgium). Never expected them to be so down to earth and friendly. Really amazing…."


"Like for most people this changes all the time. At this moment definitely the best 3 UB40 ones are: 1) 'Cover Up', 2) 'Sardonicus' and 3) 'Bring me your Cup'.

"Best 3 songs of other artists: 1) 'Dad' (K's Choice), 2) 'Woman in Chains '(Tears for Fears) and 3) 'Childrens Song' (Live)."


"Meeting people of this posse even tops meeting the band. Visited a fanfest for the first time in May 2000 and never expected to meet such a bunch of great people. So good to see that the people I met in chat were the same people I got to meet in real life. Can't wait to see if the USA JamsPosse will have that same impact on me… but somehow I am sure they will ;-) I will always treasure what the founders of this chat (and the JamsBoard, you know who you are!!) gave to me, some true friendships and a feeling of being loved."


"Still one of my most favorite chattimes of the week. Try to be there whenever I can and eventhough I sometimes also am in DEP chat at the same time. The Jams chat gets the most attention and usually after a while I give up being in both chats and continue with 'only' Jams. Why? Take a look at what I said under the Jams Posse topic. How could I ever put that beside me??"


"'{{{KNUFFELS}}}'. No explanation needed. ;-)"

Poesiemau tells us: "Besides being nuts about UB40 and all that comes with it I am completely nuts about my two cats, Lotje and Snoes, and about cats in general. Big ones, small ones, wild ones and tame ones… it really doesn't matter. The nick I use comes from a nursery-rhyme and it's sort of a diminutive for Poes (=Cat). It's pronounced as 'pooh-sy-mow'… I think… lol… :-)"

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