"after at last getting on the internet in oct 2000, i was soon searching the net for ub info & came across the dep site. was addicted right away, was using the chatroom, then one day discovered the jams site on the links. i was amazed at how more relaxed it was. no tit -for-tat & petty squabbling, just fun, friendship & total ub40. i was made welcome straight away by the hosts & other users & haven't looked back since. used the jams site more & more & the mirc chat more than ever since recent probs on the dep site."


"discovered the band when my older sister was mooching around the house singing 'food for thought'. she bought the single. when my tape recorder chewed my more specials album by the specials, i took it back to the shop, but they were out of stock so i took signing off instead. the rest is blissful history...."


"i've never been ashamed to admit i'm a ub fan & been there since the start & the original ub fan club (ub40 infoco). i've taken some stick along the way by others who thought it was weird that a white boy (& now man) could possibly be into reggae. but somehow that mirrors the band's early derision by music critics. since i've found other people just like me, with so much in common on this site, its nice to know that this wasn't such a lonely struggle, lol."


"very much into early 80's music, esp ub40, madness & the jam. i do like plenty of other stuff, also enjoyed the mid 80's jazz-funk & soul era, bands like imagination, level 42 & shakatak..."


"hate to do this & it changes all the time. but the 3 i've probably played the most are, 'i wont close my eyes', 'the pillow', & 'guns in the ghetto', with 'cover up' catching up very fast!"


"an incredible bunch of folks with a wikkid sense of humour. can relate to them all so much, even more so in the mirc chat. was funny when i met version girl & ogm for the 1st time in real life.... it really was like we had known each other for years...."

A PERSONAL QUOTE from Singerman

"don't judge anyone until you have been judged yourself"

Rick is better known on the board as Singerman & was born & still lives in Lincolnshire, UK.


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