"i created the jams board in september 1997. but what with life occasionally coming between me and ub40 from time to time, there are now 3 of us who manage to keep it together. sometimes it's good to have someone back me up too! it's been something we had talked about for months, a place for all fans to meet and discuss the band. and we are all addicted, which is kinda cool!"


"they are a wonderful part of what makes music great. they've been together forever and they still play live together, work on each other's projects. this is the band who made me wanna know more about reggae music. at the point in my life that i really found them, it was good to know that all sorts of rhythms make this big world go round."


"since that day at heathrow airport, it's only been up. i've made so many friends, learned so much and been proud of it. every song brings out an emotion, a time of my life, a place i was or wanna be. without a doubt, i became who i am from meeting them, singing their songs and wanting to do more."


"'music is the key to my heart', it's what makes the day dawn and the sun set, it calms a fussy child and makes a memory. it's everywhere. categories ruin it. for me, it's about the feeling and mood i am in. ub40, harry connick jr, rabbitt, tom petty, eagles, t-rex, glenn miller, jennifer lopez, no doubt, van morrison, backstreet boys, marc anthony; reggae, dance, R&B, soul, jazz, big band, pop, 70s rock, glam; everything and nothing."


"difficult to chose just three, from ub40 i'd have to say "tyler", "promises and lies" and "hurry come up", though there a dozen more i could name that are not ub40 songs, especially songs by t-rex, van morrison and the eagles. there are amazing songs and music everywhere!"


"we came from the four corners of the globe and met in one place.... these are the people i feel privileged to call my friends. after some of us met in brum in spring 1998, it was a high i don't wanna forget. a fabulous feeling understood by all of us who met. all those hours at the E&T, all our hours online, the plans, all culminating in that one weekend. even without the DEP part, it was a buzz. and then to have the fanfest continue, year after year, it's very cool!" "


"another idea borne of months of emails, a weekly chat for all the jams posse. some fun in the cyber sun with laughs, general silliness, news, and a chance to catch up in between all the splits and the reality of life."

A PERSONAL QUOTE from sistah*e

"take advantage of every opportunity you are given, you never know what the future has in store, but use your brain too!"

Sistah*E hails from the USA and says, "usually i only use sistah_e in the jams chat, but i am also pinksis on the dep bb; on the island i am now just SIS or *e to my friends."