The 12 Days of Christmas

(as created by the #UBJams all girls choir)

Sing along.....

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me. . .

12 hanging balls

11 licking fans

10 flavoured nipples

9 backstage passes

8 mickeys drinking

7 tarts a-singing

6 of astro's dreads

5 jummmmpiiiing normans

4 of bt's saxes

3 of robin's undies

2 jb's sticks

and an ali in a ub40 tree....

The Island Song

**sung to the tune of...well you'll get it :-)**

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale,

a tale of a fateful trip

That started from a jammin port

aboard a tiny ship.

The weather started getting rough,

the tiny shipped was tossed,

If not for the courage of the fearless crew

The Posse would be lost, the Posse would be lost.

The ship set ground on the shore

of this unchartered desert isle,

With five of them, some others too,

then more showed up, now we're huge,

We get some duds and some flamers too,

Here on our Sunny Isle.

So this is the tale of our castaways,

they're here for a long, long time

they'll have to make the best of things

it's an uphill climb.

The board hosts and their helpers too,

will do their very best,

to make the others comfortable

in this Tropic Island Nest!


**sung to the tune of Groovin' - song credit to UB40**

I get my kicks from watching Jams people..

partying to and fro

and if u ask them what they're drinking..

half of them don't know...

let the world think we're crazy...

but they don't realise

that we're just hoochin'.ooooooooohhhhhhh hoochin'...

hoochin' out on brum...


I see some Baileys flowin' by me,

heading for my seat ,

and I get a feeling deep inside me,

it's so good to be free.

And we got sunshine in the day time,

and loadz of Hooch at night,

cos we just hoochin'..ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh hoochin'

hoochin' out on brum. . .

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